Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Episode #6.9 - full transcript

Previously on
"Better Call Saul"...

[Bell dinging]

You done?
Not yet.



Mike: In a few days,
Howard Hamlin's car

will be found several states

There will be cocaine in
the upholstery.

That's the story you were
setting up for this guy, yeah?

So, you two are gonna
go about your day,

same as ever.

You keep telling the lie
that you've been telling.

[Dresage X Slow Shiver's
"Perfect Day"plays]

♪ It's the
per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y

♪ To end
a per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Da-a-a-a-a-y

♪ It's the
per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y

♪ To end
a per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Da-a-a-a-a-y

♪ Ride with me

♪ Glide with me

♪ Stay by my side with me

♪ Through the night

♪ Ride on the wings

♪ Of the angels of love

♪ Who are on our side

♪ Ahh, ahh, ahh,
ahh, ahh ♪

♪ It's the
per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y

♪ To end
a per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Da-a-a-a-a-y

♪ Ahh, ahh, ahh,
ahh, ahh, ahh ♪

♪ Ahh, ahh, ahh

♪ It's the
per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y

♪ To end
a per-r-r-r-fe-e-e-e-ct ♪

♪ Da-a-a-a-a-y

♪ Ride with me

♪ Glide with me

♪ Stay by my side
through the night ♪

♪ Ride on the wings

♪ Of the angels of love

♪ Who are on our side

♪ Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

♪ To say

♪ I

♪ Love

♪ You


[Fire crackling]

[Crackling continues]

[Crackling intensifies]

[Air conditioner rattling]

One day, we'll, uh...

...we'll wake up
and brush our teeth

and we'll go to work...

...and at some point
we'll suddenly realize...

that we haven't thought
about it at all.

None of it.

And that's when
we'll know.

We'll know
we can forget.

[Rattling continues]

[Turn signal clicking]

[Gearshift clicks]

[Engine shuts off]

[Insects chirping]

[Seatbelt clicks]

[Car door opens]

[Car door closes]

[Insects chirping]

Gus: Don Eladio.

Don Juan.


Don Hector.

[Speaking Spanish]


[Insects chirping]

[Breathing heavily]

[Breathing heavily]


[Breathing heavily]

[Insects chirping]

[Bell dinging]

[Dinging continues]

[Dinging fades]

"Ding! Ding! Ding!
Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

Ay, ay, ay.



[Breathes deeply]



[Insects chirping]

[Breathes deeply]

[Glass clinking]

[Birds chirping]

[Chirping continues]

[Door opens]


The doc left these
for you,

in the event
that you made it back alive.

Tell me about
the lawyers.

Well, they spent a full
afternoon with the cops.

Played it as they were told.
Maybe a bit better.

The APD consensus is

he walked into the ocean
and killed himself.

Without a body,
they can't close the file,

but for all practical purposes
it's over.

When can construction

We need to find
a new engineer

and a crew
to do the work.

That could take
some time.

Start today.

[Locks engage]

[Door opens]

[Ted Gioia Trio's
"A Sunday Waltz"playing]

[Indistinct conversations]

Mr. Fring. Welcome back.

Well, thank you, Brett.

What can I get you?

Wine, to start.

Yes, sir.

A glass of the
Dressler & Vaughn, please.

Right away.

[Conversations continue]

Mr. Fring.

It's so good to see you.

It's been a while.

Yes. Too long.

What are you drinking?

The Dressler & Vaughn.

How is it?

Enough said.


Can you get that bottle
from before?

Now, normally,
we would never have this open,

but a couple hours ago,
I smelled cigar smoke.

And I look up

and this Cadillac cowboy
is rolling in,

puffing on
a Monte Cristo.

And, I mean,
we're talking the full deal.

You know, Stetson
and ostrich skin boots,

the belt buckle
the size of Utah.

On his arm, there's a...
a young woman

who somehow poured herself
into the tightest dress

that I have ever seen...

Anyway, he clearly
wants to impress his date,

so he orders this.

He takes one sip,

and sends it back.

For a rum and Coke.

Diet Coke.
What can I say?

But his loss

is definitely
your gain.

[Inhales deeply]


I thought
you'd like it.

It is from the birthplace
of Syrah, Côte-Rtie.

This one is Rene Rostaing's
La Landonne.

So, I'm in college.

And I make it to Europe,
my first time.

And I got a little enthusiastic
with my Eurail pass.

Long story short,
I get lost.

And I mean really lost.

It is the middle of the night,
pitch black.

I'm standing on
this cobblestone street

with my backpack
and there's no one around.

I mean, I have absolutely
no idea where I am.

Finally, I get to
this stand of cedar trees

and I just go ahead and roll out
the sleeping bag.

And the next morning
I wake up


I'm in paradise.


It's... It's...

It's this perfect little village
in the southeast.

It's... It's surrounded by
vineyards, everything'

They call it the ancient gateway
to the Rhône Valley.

They've been making wine there
since Roman times.

Am I talking too much?

No, not at all.



The vineyards
are so steep

they can't get tractors
up there, so they use horses.

Still, to this day.

Do you get that,

that meaty... it's
almost bloody flavor?

The soil is all iron oxide
and manganese.

You can taste it
in the glass, right?

I have a confession
to make.

About a year ago,

you mentioned a rare vintage
from the same region.

Yes. Exactly.

And I must say, you paint
a compelling picture.

I went home that night,
and I bought a bottle.

A 1978 Côte-Rtie?


Mr. Fring,
that must...Gustavo.


I'm saving it
for a special occasion.

Well, I would love
to hear about it...

when you have
that occasion.

Hold on. There's something
I have to show you.

The owner bought a bottle
of Guigal.

I can't open it.Of course.

But the bottle itself

You'll appreciate this.
I'll be right back.

[Dinnerware clinking]


[Glass scrapes]

[Inhales deeply]


Would you let David know
that I've been called away?

Of course, Mr. Fring.

Have a good evening.Thank you.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Door closes]

[Mail thuds]

[Insects chirping]

[Baseball game plays on TV]

[Lock disengages]


[Sewing machine rattling]

[Rattling fades, stops]

[Scissors snip]

[Rattling resumes]

[Rattling fades, stops]

[Rattling resumes]

[Telephones ringing]

[Rattling fades, stops]

[Ringing continues]


Mike: Mr. Varga,
you don't know me,

but I'd like to talk
about your son.

My son?

What happened?

Maybe we could talk

I'm outside.

[Footsteps approaching]

[Insects chirping]

[Dog barking]

Who are you?

It's not important.

I saw you here before.

Chrysler Fifth Avenue.

What about my son?

I'm sorry.
He won't be found.

It was over fast.

No pain.

You were there?

I was there.

Your son
made some mistakes.

He fell in
with bad people.

But he was never like them,
not really.

He had a good heart.

[Vehicle passing]

One more thing.

You won't have to worry
about the Salamancas.

Their day is coming.

There will be justice.


I'm sorry.
My Spanish.



What you talk about
is not justice.

What you talk of
is revenge.

It never ends.

My boy is gone.


[Speaking Spanish]

[Insects chirping]

[Footsteps departing]

[Elevator clanking]

Oh, they got
a new trashcan.

[Breathes deeply,
clears throat]

We'll just put in
an appearance.

Twenty minutes tops.

We can get through
twenty minutes of anything.

[Chime plays]

[Indistinct conversations]

There's Julie
and Francis.

Hey, Kim.
Hey, guys.


[Conversations continue]

I always admired him.

Even when...

I mean, nobody could relate
to a client quite like he could.

And it wasn't an act.
He genuinely cared.


I never saw it coming...

Addiction is a disease.

He was a good lawyer
and a hell of a guy.

What else is there
to say?

It still
doesn't seem real.Mm.

I mean, I...

expect to see him
charging down those stairs

with a big grin
on his face.

You know,
this is probably the last time

any of us will be
in this building.

Why is that?

Uh, HMM is downsizing.


They're gonna take
half a floor downtown.Hmm.

And they're changing
their name.

Changing their name
to what?

Uh...Brookner Partners?

Something like that.

End of an era.


Have you spoken
to Cheryl?

Um, not yet.

To not even have a body
to put in the ground...

I heard she took a leave
from her practice.

Maybe we should go up there
and pay our respects.

[Clears throat]

good to see you.

I wish it was under
better circumstances.

You too, Kim.
Take care.

Jimmy...ah, Saul.

Bye, Rich.


[Indistinct conversations]


Kim. Jimmy.Kim, hi.

Hi, Cheryl.
Um, I'm Jimmy McGill.

You may not remember me.
I'm Chuck McGill's brother.

Of course.

Very sorry
for your loss.


I'm so sorry.

I can't even imagine
what you must be going through.

If Jimmy and I can do anything
for you or your family,

please just say the word.

There is something,

You two were the last ones
to see him, weren't you?

I guess so.

Um, that's what
the police said.

Howard told me
that you were harassing him.

Playing elaborate pranks
of some sort.

That you wouldn't
leave him alone.

I know
he thought that.

H-He told me,
as well.

Um, I think
he honestly believed it.

But you're denying it.

You know what?
[Clears throat]

I didn't leave here
under the best, uh, terms.

The past few years,
I could have, uh,

been more considerate
to Howard

instead of yitzing him
every chance I got.

I guess, uh...

there was a certain amount
of jealousy on my part

because Howard had the, uh,
respect of my brother.

Which I never did.

Tell me what you told
the police.

Okay. Um [clears throat] well,
I mean, it was 11:00 P.M.

Howard started
pounding on our door.

He was very upset,
going on about something,

uh, he thought
was my fault.

Uh, I guess it had to do
with the Sandpiper case,

but I-I couldn't make
head or tail out of it.

We tried
to calm him down...

but he just...
he just wouldn't.


Finally, he left.

That... That's it.

I'm not oblivious.

I know people are saying
he was on drugs.

Is that what
you're trying to tell me?

It just...

He just didn't
seem like himself.

Are you hearing
all of this?

Because none of it
makes sense to me.

Main: Cheryl,
maybe we should just...

I don't care
what people are saying.

I don't care
what the police think.

Howard was not on drugs.
That simply is not true.

There's something more
to this.

I don't know
if it's my place,


I... I...

just spit it out.


It was about
a year and a half ago.

I was still
an associate here.

Working late on a brief.

And I saw a light on
in Howard's office.

I assumed the cleaning crew
left it on by mistake.

And I was sure the office
was empty, so I didn't knock...



And Howard was there
at his desk,

head down,

and he was snorting


I looked at him.
He looked at me.

I didn't know what to do,
so I just walked out.

And the next morning
when we saw each other,

neither of us said
anything about it.

I never told anyone...

...but now I wish I had.

In all the years
that you worked with him,

have you witnessed
anything like this?

Even a hint?



Cheryl, this really isn't
the time or the place.

you were his wife.

You... You saw him every day,
you knew him better than anyone.

Maybe I misunderstood
what I saw...

You would have known.

[Voice breaking]
Please excuse me.

Her sister's here somewhere.
I'm... I'm gonna go find her.

[Chime plays]

I know that was tough,
um, but it's over now.

I mean really over.

Let the healing begin.

[Breathes heavily]

[Pen clicking rapidly]

Bailiff: All rise.

Court is now in session.

The Honorable Judge Dearden

Good afternoon.

We are here to discuss
a motion to exclude evidence

in State of New Mexico
v. Yarborough.

Your Honor,
if I may?

I submitted
an additional motion.

I'm assuming
you have not seen it yet.

Did we get that?It just came in,

I apologize.
It was a last minute addition.

Last minute is right.

Do I understand this

You're requesting to withdraw
from this case?

Yes, Your Honor.

My client
is fully informed

and I've already been in touch
with another attorney.

Paige Novick.

She's highly qualified
and familiar with the case.

She's prepared to step in,
if you'll allow it.

Ms. Wexler, Mr. Orenstein,
approach the bench.

Ms. Wexler, we are here today
at your insistence,

to consider your motion,
to exclude evidence.

And this is the moment
you choose to withdraw?

It was unavoidable.

May I ask why?

Personal reasons,
Your Honor.

Personal reasons.

Are we talking about
a health issue?

Something to do with
a loved one?


Would you rather discuss this
privately in chambers?

Thank you
for the consideration...

but no.

Would you care to supply
any detail at all?

Your Honor,
I'd prefer not to.


Mr. Orenstein,

is the state prepared
to discuss Ms. Wexler's motion?

We are, Your Honor.

You know what,
Ms. Wexler?

Mr. Orenstein is here.
I'm here.

We all showed up
for your party

and now you're taking away
the punchbowl?

I'm inclined to have you
argue your motion

and then I'll consider
late-arriving petitions.

I'm sorry for wasting
the court's time, Your Honor,

but it's impossible for me
to continue with this hearing.

And why is that,
Ms. Wexler?

Because I'm no longer
an attorney.

I'm sorry? What?

I gave notice to the bar
two hours ago.

[Breathes deeply]

[Insects chirping]

[Vehicle approaching]

[Tires screech]

[Tires screech]

[Engine shuts off]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Doorknob rattling]

[Door opens, slams]

You did what?!
Why... why?!

All right, all right.
I know why.

But, Kim,
you can't just... Jimmy, I-I...

Shh. Just let me
say my piece, okay?

Let's take a breath here.

Kim, after everything
that happened...

I mean, Jesus.
I get it.

You want to climb
out of your own skin.

That's natural.

But, Kim, you don't just
throw everything away.

Th-This is your life.
You're a lawyer.

Wh... uh, what about
your clients, huh?

What about, uh, that poor guy,
uh, Mr. Yarborough?

What about the kid
in foster care?

Huh? You give them
everything you've got.

Who are they gonna find
who's half as good as you?

No one!
They need you.

It's already done.Ugh!


What's done can be undone.

All I'm saying is
just... just...

let's take a week or two
to think it over.

For now, we're gonna take
some time off.

God knows we need it.

We're gonna find a new place.
We're gonna leave here.

We're never, ever gonna
come back here again, okay?

We're gonna...
We're gonna put it behind us.

Things will look brighter.
I guarantee it.

But first,
we have to fix this.

So we're gonna go back
to the hotel room,

and you're gonna
write letters.

You're gonna write a letter
to the bar.

You're gonna write letters
to your clients.

Y-You... You dictate.
I will type.

We're gonna roll
this thing back.

I'll order a pizza.
We'll pull an all-nighter

because we're in this
together, okay?

So, I'm gonna go get
your... your printer

and then we're gonna get
the hell out of here.

Look, Jimmy...

[Door bangs]

You asked
if you were bad for me.

Kim: That's not it.

We are bad
for each other.


Don't do this.

Kim, please.


I have had the time
of my life with you.

But we are bad
for everyone around us.

Other people suffer
because of us.

Apart, we're okay,

but together...

we're poison.

No. No.

Just tell me

what I need to do
to change, okay?

Just tell me what it is
and I'll do it.

No, Kim.

You make me happy.

We make each other happy.

How can that be bad?


I love you.

I love you, too.

[Voice breaking]
But so what?

No. No.

No, Kim, you're wrong!

This is about Howard!

Okay? What happened to him
wasn't on us.

It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't my fault!

It was that fucking
Lalo Salamanca!

That psychopath came back
from the dead

and he walked
through that door!

He did this.
Not us. Him.

I knew.

You knew wh-what?

I knew he was alive.

No, you didn't.

It was about a month ago.

I saw that car
following me again.

And it turned out
that Mike Ehrmantraut

had guys watching
both of us.

Watching for Lalo.

Mike told you

that Lalo was alive...

...and you didn't tell me?

[Exhales sharply]

Jimmy, I thought...
I thought it was

a one in a million chance
that he'd come for us.

I thought he would be caught
if he did.

And I told myself
I was protecting you.

But that's not the truth.


The real reason
I didn't tell you

was because
I knew what you'd do.

Wh... What would I do?

You'd blame yourself.

You'd fear for me.

You'd want us
to run and hide

until you were sure
I was safe.

You would pull the plug
on the scam.

And then...

And then, uh...

we'd break up.

[Voice breaking]
And I didn't want that.

[Exhales heavily]

Because I was having
too much fun.


[Thud in distance]


[Tape stretching, ripping]

[Motor whirring]

[Birds chirping]

[Journey's "Any Way You Want It"
plays on the radio]

♪ Any way you want it,
that's the way you need it♪

♪ Any way you want it♪

♪ She loves to laugh♪

♪ She loves to sing♪

♪ She does everything♪

♪ She loves to move♪

♪ She loves to groove♪

[Sighs][Music stops]

Rise and shine,
time to go.

[Sniffs, sighs]

[Bluetooth beeps]


[Exhales heavily]
Hit me.

I'm hearing your report didn't
use the magic words, Doc.

Soft. Tissue. Damage.

Doesn't matter
what the X-rays show,

tissue damage
gets my client paid...

Hey, hey.
You're not listening.

My client isn't
just suing your company,

he's coming after you

[Sighs] Listen,
you have a choice, okay?

You can [exhales sharply]
pay up now

or, uh,
bleed to death in court.

So, I say be smart
and write that check.

You have till E.O.D.

I'm so sorry.
I'm getting another call.

[Hair dryer blowing]

Got it.
What else you got?

[Hangers clinking]Oh, that's my Xanax guy.

Uh, tell him yes
and today...

Another public masturbator?
Which one?

A new guy? Huh.

Everyone must be doing it...

What do you mean,
he hasn't paid?

I saw him give you the card.

A fake?
That sneaky little jackass.

Tell him he'll be spending
St. Patrick's Day in Los Lunas

unless he comes up
with the cash ASAP.

Wait. Shut up. Shut up.
I got a good one.

Did you see a bus went off I-40
up near Gates?

Eighteen people injured.

Uh, don't we know a kid,

an intern at the hospital
up there, had a bunch of DUIs?

What was his name?

Breakfast bar,
go ahead, take one.

I'm not...
I'm not talking to you.

Uh, Ramirez. Ramirez.
Yes. Call that kid.

Tell him I want the names
and numbers of all the victims.

I smell class action.

And then get the kid
with the camera.

Send him up there.

And then call the newspaper

and say that Saul Goodman
is outraged

at the
"Fiery Fiasco on the Forty."

That's what
we're gonna call it.

[Engine rumbling]

Move it to court day.[Radio chatter]

I'm... I'm not going down there
twice in one week.

That's their problem...

[Clears throat]
Send a messenger

with, uh, Beanie Babies
and an Edible Arrangement

with extra dipped pineapple.

It's... Shut up. Shut up.Saul on radio: Better Call Saul!

Auto insurance won't pay
for your fender bender?

Ripped off
by your brother-in-law?

Major or minor surgery
gone wrong?

I'm here for you, Albuquerque.

Better Call Saul!

Call 505-503-4...

Did you hear that?
It's in mono.

I'm not paying
for that muffled crap.

It's what The Beatles used.

It's ancient.

Look, I sound like
I'm in a well

inside of a cave
under a blanket.

I'm... Who wants a lawyer
who you can't hear?

Here's what you do.

Stop the check ASAP,

then call
the station manager.

[Gearshift clicks]

You tell them if the ad
doesn't make my ears bleed

the next time it plays,
I will see him in court.

[Sighs][Car alarm chirps]

Screw the FCC!

I'll go to the mat
with those pencil-pushers.



This is textbook
freedom of speech.

What could be more American
than that?

I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.[Car alarm chirps]

[Non-Stop Producers
"Battle Hymn"playing]

Get all that? Call the bank.
Cancel the check.

Call the station manager.
Tell him to crank it up

or I'll see him
in court.Got it.

[Person coughing]

[Baby wailing]


[Keys clatter]



[Exhales heavily]

[Cracks knuckles,
exhales sharply]


[Keypad beeps]


Francesca: What?

Alright. Let justice be done
though the heavens fall.

[Keypad beeps]

Jimmy: And ready, set, action!

Move, move, move!

Go, go, go!

One, Armani suits and run!

Two, Air Jordan shoes for you!

Three, linen shirts for free!

Four, cashmere sweaters
out the door!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!