Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Point and Shoot - full transcript

An unexpected visitor forces Jimmy and Kim to face the consequences of their actions.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No! Shh...

Let's talk.

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Focus.


Both of you, sit.

Come on. Sit.

I never turned on
you. I didn't. Never!

I only worked for
you in the desert.

I was on your side - the whole time.
- Shh.

I don't care.

You two.


You two and your mouths.

Dios mio.

Now, you listen.

My car's downstairs.

Press the clicker,
and you'll find it.

This is where you are going.

Don't speed, don't weave,

don't cut anyone off.

Just, you know, drive nice.

From here, at this hour,

I'd take Forty East.

Get off at Carlisle.

Take the third left.

The rest, I drew a little map

for you on the back.

It's not hard.

So, big white brick house
with a solid black door.

You can't miss it.

It's right at the end of the T.

Park a little down the
street, not out in front.

It's a quiet neighborhood, so
you'll have plenty of options.

Stating the obvious here, maybe,

but turn the car off, right?

So in the glove compartment,

I left you a present.

There's a camera.

And there's a gun.

And you're gonna need both.

A gun?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but don't worry.

I mean, it's...
it's very easy.

It's a revolver. It's
already loaded, no safety.

It's idiot-proof.

So you go up to that house,

you walk right up
to that black door.

Don't run, just be casual,
like a stroll, you know?

Keep the gun somewhere behind
you where they can't see it.

You ring the bell.
You count to three.

You step back.

They look through the peephole,

you're as innocent as can be.

Door opens,

you point and you shoot.

And you keep on pulling that
trigger until it's empty.


Y-You want me to...

I know, I know,

you're a lawyer
and not a killer.

But, look, you
can do this, okay?

This guy? He's a housecat.

Black, medium height.
Short hair. Glasses.

He kinda looks like a librarian.

But don't be fooled.

Even a housecat can scratch.

So, that's it.

Hard part's over.

Now you pull out the camera.

Same principle as the gun,

point and shoot.

Take a picture,

one where I can see the face.


And then you bring it back here,

where me and Mrs. Goodman

will be waiting for you.

And then you're done!

I'd say it's about a
twenty-minute drive over there,

twenty minutes back.

Maybe ten minutes
to do the job...

Let's call it an
hour all together.

So, you're back here
in an hour or...

Send her.

- What?
- She should do it.


Why her?

Don't do this.

- Don't do this.
- This guy, the, uh... The housecat.

Jimmy, please.

He looks through his peephole
in the middle of the night.

And he sees me?

this asshole?

"What's he doing here?"

Maybe... Maybe
he gets his gun.

Maybe he calls the cops.

Either way, that
door stays shut.

- Mmm-mmm.
- But, he sees a woman?

- Mmm-mmm. No.
- She looks like she's in distress.

- Maybe her car broke down.
- Mmm-mmm.

Phew. I mean, you'd open the
door for her, wouldn't you?

Stop. Stop.

Yeah, but...

She's really clever.

How do I know she's
gonna stick to the plan?

- She will.
- No, no, no, no.

- No, no.
- No cops.

- You know she will.
- No.

Look, this doesn't
even make any sense.

I-I've, uh...

I've never shot a gun before.

I've never even - held one.
- Like I have?

Jimmy, what are you doing?

You know she's the best choice.

No, I'm not! I-I-I can't!

- I can't do it.
- She can do it.

- You know she can do it.
- No, Jimmy.

- I'll stay. Stop.
- You know I'm right!

Just stop.
- Just stop it. - Listen...

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Oh, my God. Okay, fine, yeah. Her.

Whatever. Give her the keys.

Give her the
address. Let's go.

Don't. Don't.

You gotta go.


No, don't. Don't.

Come on.


Let's go.

Hold on.

You're gonna need
your shoes, right?

There you go.

Okay, so, one hour starting...


Clock's ticking, Mrs. Goodman.

How does a chichifo like you
land a girl like that, huh?


What to do with you?

Give me your hands.


You know, after I saw
you last, I went home.

My home.

Mi cielito lindo...

And you know what happened?

Men came.

Armed men,

in the middle of the night.

To my home.

Trying to get to me.

And you know what they did?

They killed people I care about.

They killed my cook.

My gardener.

A seventeen-year-old kid I
knew since he was knee high.

Never hurt a fly.

Butchered my
housekeeper, Yolanda.

Una viejita, cabron.

They shot her in the back.

I'm sorry.

Now, how did these men

get into my home?

Do you know?

I have, uh, no idea.


Ignacio Varga.

He let them in.

And who did Ignacio
introduce me to?


Ignacio? Nacho?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I-I barely know Ignacio!

Whatever he did, he did alone!

Not with me!

Listen, you've
got to believe me.

Hand to God, I had
no part in this.

It wasn't me. It was... Aah!


It wasn't me!

Listen. Listen.

Save it.

I'm gonna come back.

And then you are gonna
tell me the whole story.

He's not so bad as
you think he is.


Hello, Harry. We were
just talking about you.

Yeah? That ain't
what I pay you for.

She knows enough
about me already.

Ford Taurus.


What do you mean, London or
England? That's the same thing.

It is?

London is in England. London's a city.
England... England's a whole country.

I forgot. Oh, brother,
you've got patience.

Take it easy. How can
anybody get to be so dumb?

Well, we can't all
know everything, Harry.

Who's Tom Paine, for instance?

I didn't read by him
yet, only about him.

But I made a list.

Who's Robert Maranville?

Who? Robert Maranville.

I don't know any Robert.

Think you're so smart, huh?

He used to play shortstop
for the Braves, didn't he?

What are you, some kind
of genius or something?


Come on.


I knew they had that fire

but I thought they'd fix it up.

I got all my fishing
shirts there.


The vented kind? Yeah.

You can get those at REI.

If I want to take out a
second mortgage, I can.

Yeah. Right.

Oh! Aah!

No, you don't understand.
I have to go back.

What... What are you doing?

I-I have go to...

I have to go back.

Ms. Wexler, I'd like
you to sit down.

He-He'll kill him! You
have to... You-y-y-y-you...

You sit there and be calm.

You have to let me go.
I have to get back.

I have to get back!

Sit still and stay calm.

Now, you take a deep
breath. A deep breath.

Nothing's gonna happen here
until you calm yourself.

All right?

Now. Who is killing who?

Lalo Salamanca.

Lalo is going to kill Jimmy.

He's there... H-He is
there with Jimmy now.

Salamanca's at your apartment?

Yes, he sent me!

He... He wanted to send
Jimmy, but then he sent me.

To do what, exactly?

Ms. Wexler, you stay with me.

What were you
supposed to do here?

Shoot him.

I'm... I'm supposed
to shoot him

and then take a photo and
then get back. That's it.

I only have 20
minutes left, please.

- He is alone with him.
- All right. You stay put. You stay put.

We'll handle this.
We will handle this.

You call Tyrus. Get
him to the condo. Now.

You said you were watching us.

Where were you? Huh?

Who are you people?

Remember what the man said.

You heard all that?

All right. You
hunker down here.

You two, you stay with him.

A dog barks too loud, you
are on the phone with me.

You two come with me.


Please. Tell me
what's going on.


Tell me!

Put her on.

For you.

Why did Lalo send you?

Who is this?

Answer him.

He didn't want to
send me. Not at first.

He wanted to send my husband.

But my husband
talked him out of it

because he wanted to
get me out of there.

He talked Lalo out of it.

That's right.

So now I've told you
everything I know.

Please. Tell me.

Tell me what's going on.

Come with me, both of you.

Can't get a clear look inside.

Blinds are down...


Something's moving
around in there.

Can't tell what.

Copy that.


North corner, clear.

MAN 1: Rear
stairwell, all clear.

Clear, east side.

MAN 2: West side, clear.

Street, clear.

Parking, all clear.

Clear on the south.

All right, hold the perimeter.

Everyone else, on
me. Eyes sharp.

Nice and easy.

We don't wanna
spook the neighbors.

All quiet, sir.

Is there something we
should be looking for?


Hey. Hey!

She's fine. She's safe.

Now, the gag is gonna come off,

and I need to ask
you a question,

and I need you to answer
it quietly. Got it?

- Mm.
- Huh?

- Mm!
- Yeah.

All right. I need to
know where Salamanca went

and I need to know exactly
how long he's been gone.

Uh... I don't...

I don't know where he went.

He left right after she did.



Drumroll, please.


Wow! No?

Hoo, hoo!

I understand blood for blood.


I kept him alive.

Kept him broken.

I will save him to the last.

Before he dies, he will know

I buried every one of you.

Big talk.

You done?


Not yet.

♪ Pollos Hermanos
Pollos Hermanos

♪ Delicious chicken
grilled and fried

♪ Pollos Hermanos
Pollos Hermanos

♪ It will leave
you satisfied ♪

Mr. Fring!

I just walked through the door.

I'm not running late, am I?

No, Lyle. Punctual as always.

Oh, okay. Good. Uh, what
can I do for you, sir?

I won't be in today,
I'm sorry to say.

In fact, you won't be
seeing me all week.

I've been called out of town.

Family emergency.

Oh, no. I'm... I'm so sorry.

Uh, is there anything I can do?

Do you need a ride
to the airport?

Nothing like that.

I need you to act as
store manager in my stead.

Unfortunately, at
this late date,

this will require you to both
open and close today and tomorrow.

Sure. Yes. I can do that.

Would you be able to set next
week's schedule by close tomorrow?

I like to give the
employees time to prepare.

I'll take care of it.
Don't give it a thought.

I will adjust your pay for the
extra hours upon my return.

I hope that that is acceptable.

Of course. Not a problem.

Uh, if there's
anything else I can do,

like anything at all,
just please let me know.

I know I have nothing
to worry about.

The restaurant is in
your capable hands.

Well, safe travels, Mr. Fring.

Goodbye, Lyle.

Doc just crossed the border.

He'll be here in three hours.

Sir, you should remain prone.


You happy with the way
things went down tonight?

'Cause I'm not.

How'd you know Lalo
would be at the laundry?

I didn't.

Well, the next time you get a
wild hair to play detective,

tell me.

This could have gone down
a whole lot different.

It could have.


Okay. I'm on it.

What are you doing?

You're getting a
new refrigerator.

I'm assuming stainless will do.

- Arthur.
- Yeah, Mike?

Gloves on.


Green Jaguar, vanity plates.

It goes to the warehouse.


Lalo said he was coming back.

He's not coming.
- No. But he said he was.

He told me... You understand me.

He is not coming back.

Let's sit.


All right, here's
what's gonna happen.

In a few days, Howard
Hamlin's car will be found

several states
away, by the water.

The odometer will have rolled to the exact
number of miles it took to get there.

There will be cocaine
in the upholstery.

That's the story you were
setting up for this guy, yeah?

They'll call it a suicide,

hoping the body will
come washing up.

It never will.

At some point, you're
gonna hear about it.

Someone calls you, someone at
the courthouse mentions it.

The moment that happens,
you call the cops.

His car was here for
hours last night.

Good chance somebody noticed it.

That means you are the last
people to see him alive.

Cops are gonna
wanna hear from you.

You tell the cops you saw him.

He came here.

Seemed like maybe he
was chemically altered.

Didn't make a lick of sense.

Then he left.
That's all you know.

You keep telling the lie
that you've been telling.

Now, Ms. Wexler tells me
she has court at 10:00.

What's on your docket?

Hey. Listen.

Where do you need to be?

Uh... Office. My office.

Clients start showing
up around 9:30.

Oh, my car's gone.

No. It's on the way home.

You'll have it when you need it.

So, you two are gonna
go about your day.

Normal. Same as ever.

Today, you're Meryl Streep
and Laurence Olivier.

No staring into space.

Nothing out of the
ordinary. You cover.

Anybody talks to you,

it's just another day that
ends in "Y," that's all.

When you get home, we'll be gone

and everything will be
back the way it was.

Now, I need to
impress upon you...

None of this ever happened.

None of it.


Say it out loud.
I need to hear it.

We understand.

It never happened.

All right, I'm
gonna go out there

and you're gonna get ready.

Before I shut that door,

is there anything you
need from the other room?

Toiletries? Clothes?
Anything to start your day?


We're set.

Hold it.

Go ahead.