Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Plan and Execution - full transcript

Jimmy and Kim deal with a last-minute snag in their plan.

Previously on
"Better Call Saul"...

Is there any reason he'd
need that much cash?

No legitimate reason.

We need him to be recognized.
That's the whole point.

The Jackson Mercer Foundation.

The only thing is,
the lunch is on D-Day.

- This is about Fring.
- Aaah!

You and I are gonna have a talk.

Saul: You're not
gonna believe this,

but I just ran into Casemiro.

He broke his arm.

Do your thing in Santa Fe,

and we'll regroup when
you get home tonight.

It happens today.



"I'm not afraid of death.

What can death bring
that I haven't faced?

I've lived.

Life is the worst.

Listen to me, I'm
a philosopher."

"Listen to
me, I'm a philosopher."

to me, I'm a philosopher."

"Listen to
me, I'm a philosopher."

to me, I'm a philosopher."

to me, I'm a philosopher.

Joe. You must do this.

You must must must.

Love, that's a

Get in!
We need to reshoot!

300 bucks for 90
minutes! C'mon!

Uh, I
have a break an hour.

Or maybe... No,
you're not hearing me,

400 bucks if you get
in the car right now.

And... And I will set
your boss straight

if he gives you
any grief.

I-I will sue his ass
for wrongful termination

and age discrimination
if he fires you.

Hey, hey, hey, come
here, come here.

How often do we get a chance to
use our craft and shine, huh?

To really slide inside the
skin of yet another human being

and make the kind of magic that
other people only dream of?

Now, listen!

Seize the day. Carpe diem.

Don't live with regret.

"Let nothing stand
in your way."

There's the spirit that
takes people places.

Come on. But buckle up.

I don't wanna lose you
through the windshield.

This... is a Canon XL2.

Three CCD, top-of-the-line,
the crème de la crme.

20-time optical zoom,

but also has interchangeable
XL lens capability.

Image stabilization,
built-in filters...

Variable frame rates, multiple
aspect ratios, your choice.

Well... it wouldbe
your choice,

if any of you were
allowed to use it.

This here is what professional
videographers use.

This is for art.

This... is not for you.

Thisis for you.

340 lines of so-called

suitable for recording your
sister's second wedding,

local community board meetings,

or porn mit-out plot.

Yeah, hello. Excuse me.

Professor Tanis said that we'd
have access to the good cameras.


Professor Tanis said that.

Well, Professor Tanis does
not represent the views

of the equipment center.

Irepresent the views of
the equipment center.

Okay? So... the
"good" cameras?

Those are for the few.

The proud.

The auteurs.


Okay, these are, uh,
depth-of-field charts.

Study them.

Don't get lost in the
Circle of Confusion.

Can't tell your story if you
can't keep things in focus.

And, uh, I have some very
important responsibilities

elsewhere on campus,
but I'll be back.

And, fair warning, there's
gonna be a quiz later.


Don't touch the
equipment! I'll know.

What are you
doing teaching a class?

I told you, we have zero time.

You have time to discuss my fee?

"Discuss your fee?"
Your fee is your fee.

That's right, and in this
emergency situation where I'm...

Where I'm pulled from
my collegiate duties,

my fee's $500.$500?! What?!

We did the same job
last week for $100.

If you think this is the same,
feel free to go find someone else.

What? No. $500! Fine! Jesus.

Five. Pinky promise?

Pinky, all the fingers.

Just... don't tell the others.

Right choice. You're
paying for the best.

The best ass reaming.
That'd be extra.

Okay. We're gonna
shoot over here,

trees in the background,
throw it out-of-focus.

That work? I'll make it work.

How's my boy looking? Oh,
I-I-I think better today.

I used a foundation that's a
little closer to his skin tone,

and I found a spirit
gum that isn't so gunky,

so it makes the moustache
look more natural.

I like it, looks
good... Yeah, hold on.

You wander too far
from the Shire?

We're in rehearsals.

It's a live action musical
tribute to "The Dark Crystal."

I'm Kira, the Gelfling.

Pretty sure it's
pronounced "Barf-ling."

Okay. Leave her alone. Just
set up what you gotta set up.

Gotta go get my stuff, chief.
No, it's taken care of.

- I'm here! I'm here!
- That's the face. Look serious.

I just grabbed everything. Hi.

I got three rolls
of Tri-X and Plus-X

'cause I didn't know which one you'd want...
Wait, wait, wait... You touched my stuff.

Nobody touches my stuff but me!
Truer words were never spoken.

Okay. Get it in gear.
We're on a deadline.

Thank God...

You're sure of this?
Absolutely sure?

We want it to look right, right?
Yeah, I know, but Ican do it.

I mean, I was around your cast
almost as much as you were.

Here, gimme the bag.
You get back in the car,

bust the speed limit, and you'll
still make that lunch.

Jimmy. This is where
I need to be.

- Is my light meter in here?
- It's in there.

Hello, Lenny, can
I have your, uh...

Left arm. Left arm?

Of course. What's...?

Your character has
a broken arm now.

- It's not here. It's not here.

The plot thickens. This changes
everything. Nothing changes.

- Did you grab my NDs?
- I grabbed everything.

Well, I-I must have
a new backstory.

Can you just hold your
arm still, though?

- I don't see them.
- Check the side pocket.

Think of the broken
arm as symbolic.

- Ahhhh, I see. Symbolic.
- Got 'em.

- Going with the Plus-X.
- Try not to talk, Lenny.

Your character motivation
remains exactly the same.

You're on a covert mission to
accept a very important package,

and you want to play it casual,
okay, but knowing, you know?

An air of mystery,
intrigue, conspiracy...

You know what? Probably best
if you just look sleepy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.

That supposed to be a cast?

Jimmy: C'mon, guys,
clock's running. Let's go.

- Hey. Hands.
- Thanks.

Are you kidding
me? Dude, c'mon,

that's a $36 cloth
camera tape from Rafik.

Bill us.

Almost there. Keep it steady.

Keep it steady! Morning light!

Aces on the foli-áge.Okay.



No, guys, we can't see it!

You have to turn
so you can see it!

You have to... No, turn
it so that we can...

No, the envelope... When you...

What?! Turn!

What? Is she...
What is she saying?

Camera Guy: Camera reload!

Okay, um, Lenny, just...

Okay, um, Lenny, why
don't you try, um,

walking behind the bench, and,
Jimmy, pass it back to him?

Right, but, yeah, keep
the envelope like...

No, more like flat. Flat?

You know, to the
camera. Okay, yep.

But not too obvious. Got it. Go.

Shoes! Shoes in the shot!


Okay. Okay.

Okay. All ready?

Okay, action again!

What are we looking at here?

Can't rush the process.

As long as there's an image,
it doesn't have to be perfect.

Can't rush the process.


That one? Uh-huh.

That there? And this one.Okay.

That one. That one.

Yeah. Looks good.



Ooh. Got it.

What's that?

Don't worry about it.

You're "need-to-know"
on this one.



Oh, God, God, oh, God.

Go! Go!


excuse me, Mr. Hamlin.

I-I was told I should restock
the fridge before the meeting.

No worries.


Mm. Let me give you a hand.

Thank you.

Uh, you're... Gary?

Cary. Anderson.

Mm. Of course. Cary.

Cary, what happens when you
drop or shake a can of soda?



I'm sorry, I-I'm, uh...

Here. Let me show
you a little trick.

Something about the
centrifugal force.

It pulls the bubbles from
the inside of the can,

stops it from exploding.

Don't want our clients to
get a surprise, now, do we?

That works?

Oh. Alright.

You know who taught
me that trick?

He used to do it, out of habit.

Any time he opened a can,
almost unconsciously.

I asked him about it once.

Just his way of being
prepared for anything,

accidental or otherwise.

Um. I'm sorry, I'm
kinda new here.

I have to ask...
who... who is that?

Hamlin: Charles McGill.

The "M" in HHM.

The greatest legal
mind I ever knew.


I hope someone says
that about me someday.


maybe there are more
important things.

Mr. Genidowski is here.

Now? I told him
you have a meeting.

All the parties are here? Rich
Schweikart and his team are running late.

They just phoned,
about 10 minutes out.

Genidowski say what he wants?

Just that there's
been a development.

Said you'd know what he means.

Sorry about that. They're
fresh out of the bath.

What am I looking at?

Took those about
7:00 this morning.

McGill sat on a bench
in Trumbull park,

then the subject you see there

passed by and collected
a package from McGill,

tucked it in his sling.

Didn't realize what it was
until I saw the photos up close.

Oh, my God.

Same envelope.

And the man with the moustache?

I was hoping you'drecognize him.

I don't, but...

What can you do
to find this man?

I know he drives a silver Miata,
and I got a partial plate.

Not perfect, but enough.

It'll take some extra man-hours,

and I might have to grease
some wheels over at MVD...

Do it.

Whatever needs to be done.

I'm on it.

Mrs. Landry: Now, the secret

to a really good
potato and leek soup...

It's not the potatoes,
it's the leeks.

You have to leave
them a little chunky.

Oh, well, I love leeks.

Oh, and garlic helps, too.

sounds delicious.

I really hope I get
a chance to try it...

Irene! How are you, my dear?

I'm very good, Mr. Hamlin.

Now, you know to call me Howard.

And you remember
Julie, of course.

Yes. I was just telling Irene

she doesn't have to
do or say anything,

and there's nothing
to be nervous about.

Well, Cliff is absolutely right.

Uh, uh, Julie,
can you pour Irene

a hot cup of chamomile
tea, a touch of honey?

That's how you like it,
right? Yes, thank you.

Irene, let me walk you through
what's going to happen.

You're going to meet

Mr. Schweikart and
his associates,

who represent
Sandpiper's interests,

and it's all going to be
very polite and professional,

and to make sure it stays polite
and professional... Mm-hmm.

An independent mediator is
going to keep things that way.

Kind of like a referee.

Yeah, a very nice retired
judge out of Santa Fe,

Judge Casimiro, I've known
for many, many years.

Oh, thank you. You're so
sweet. Thank you.

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my goodness.

I'm just so glad this is
all going to be over soon.

Well, we all know the saying,

"The wheels of justice
turn slowly..."

Things probably
won't be over today.

Uh, there's a chance, but
we're fighting very hard

to get you and your
friends what you deserve,

and the other side's fighting
hard for their clients,

so this is one very
big, very important,

and very slow step
towards justice.

Full disclosure, we're probably
looking at... what, Cliff?

Oh, I'd have to say 1
1/2 to 2 years, minimum.

Of course, you're the
class representative,

and if you hear a deal of your
liking today... Oh, no, no, no, no.

I-I am not going to do anything

that you don't tell me to do.

Well, we will advise you
to the best of our ability,

I can assure you of that.

the parties are here,

and Erin has the out-of-state
reps dialed in on the Polycom.

Main: Fantastic.
And Judge Casimiro?

In the waiting area,
ready to come in

once we're all assembled.

Excellent. Well,
this is it, then.

We'll freshen this up for you in
the conference room. Thank you.

Now, let's get you
down there in style.

Um, I'm fine walking.

Of course.

I'd feel better
making all of this

as easy for you as possible.

Thank you for
indulging me, Irene.

Now, is there anything else
to make you comfortable?

Are you hot?

No, I'm very comfortable.

Anybody else hot?

Ummm... I'm good.

And I believe we're
just moments away...

And here they are.

Good afternoon, everyone.
The team has entered room

along with your class
representative, Irene Landry.


Cliff, good to see you. Rich.

Yeah. You remember
Alvin and Phil... Hi.

And this is Daniela and
Edwina from Sandpiper.

Of course, great
to see you again.

Rich, I don't think
you'vemet Irene Landry.

No, I haven't, but it's nice
to put a face to a name.

Hello, my dear.
Rich Schweikart.

It is so nice to
meet all of you.

There are so many people.

Julie, I think it's time
to invite in the mediator.

Right away.

Hang tight, everyone,

now that all the
parties are here,

the mediator will
be invited in...


Hamlin: Congratulations are in
order, I hear. Whoops, hello?

I read the... Hello?
We still have everyone?

Schweikart: That was a bear
of a case. Terrific outcome.

Hello? Did we lose anyone?

Well, truth be told, I had
Alvin here do the heavy lifting.

Ms. Valco in Provo,
you still on the line?

Had a case before
O'Dwyer... Uh, copyright.

Smart guy. Can you
unmute and let us know?

Phil, didn't you second-chair
a trial in front of O'Dwyer

a month after you joined us?

Phil: More or less.
Thrown into the deep end.

Ms. Valco: Yes, I'm here, Miss Brill.
Hamlin: Good training for trials.

Great. Um, well, if any
of you get disconnected,

just dial back on the same
number you were provided,

followed by the access
code, then press pound...

And who rose through the ranks faster than
you, huh?...the little tic-tac-toe button,

and you'll jump right
back in.

And it looks like our
mediator has arrived,

so we'll get started. We've got you
right there at the head of the table.

Is there anything I can get you?

I'm absolutely fine, thank you.

I am a pencil and
notepad person.

All I need.


I know we're all anxious
to get things started,

but you'll have
to suffer through

my traditional
spiel, unfortunately.

My name is Rand Casimiro,

and I am your mediator
for these proceedings.

Now, I'm happy to be here,
but at the end, hopefully,

all of you in the room

and those listening
from various locations

won't be happy with me.

And why do I say that?

Because the best
solutions mean compromise.

It's compromise from both
sides. That's my goal.

But as my wife always says...

Compromising doesn't mean
I'm right and she's wrong.

So let us move forward
with the b... Shhhh-huh.


I, um...



I'm sorry.

I don't think we can proceed
with these negotiations today.

Schweikart: Why not?

Let's just say... circumstances
beyond any of our control.

Well, I'm going
to have to insist

that you be more specific.

Well, our mediator here keeps
using the word "compromise"

when he, in fact,
is compromised.

I beg your pardon?

I think you heard me.

Main: Howard...

You drive a silver
Miata, correct?

I do.

And this morning,
around 7:00 a.m.?

You walked across
Trumbull park in town.


You didn't stop at
the park this morning.

I didn't.

I got to Albuquerque
early, not at 7:00 a.m.

And I didn't go to
a park. You're sure.

Howard, if the judge
says he's sure, then I...

Of course I'm sure.

If it matters, I arrived
in town about 10:00.

I stopped at a gas station.

I went by a liquor
store and bought a gift.

I had a lunch salad
and a very nice latte

from the Flying Star on Menaul.

I read Barron's.

Then came here.

Hamlin: Mm.

So you weren't in town

to visit our mutual

James Morgan McGill.

Or maybe you know him
as "Saul Goodman."

I don't know anyone by
either of those names.

Okay. You want to go that way?

Julie, go to my desk, please.

There's an envelope...
with photos.

Bring it to me, quickly.


Howard, can we have a sidebar?

I'm sorry, these

These are photos
of me?

They show exactly
what I'm describing.

You were following me?

I had a private investigator
following Jimmy McGill.

You were photographed
receiving what I estimate to be

a $20,000 payoff this
morning in the park.

I-I'm sorry. I'm
sorry, this is just...

You recommended this judge
as a mediator, and we agreed,

and now... Jimmy...

Jimmy McGill, who... Who
originated this suit is...

What? A-Admittedly,

i-it all sounds a bit baroque,

but when you see the photos,
things will be clearer.

Well, I'm looking
forward to that.

Julie: I have
the pictures, Mr. Hamlin.

Hamlin: Thank you, Julie.

And now...

Take a look.

Is that supposed to be me?

I, uh...

This is...

This is not...

Julie, you got the
wrong envelope.

That was the only one on
your desk. Look again.

They... They've been switched.

Somehow he switched
them. Howard...

No, Jimmy, he snuck
in somehow, and...

These are not the
pictures I saw.

Mr. Hamlin, are you alright?

Your eyes... I am fine!

This is all something
that will be sorted out,

I am confident.

I think a recess is in order.

Nobody move!

Evidence has been tampered
with. Now, Howard. Please.

Is this how these usually go?

What are you doing?! I told you,

this is a campaign by Jimmy to take
me down... You are blowing this.

You need to take a
long, deep breath

and apologize to everyone for
what you just did. Of course.

I'll call my P.I. He has the

Listen to me... No, no, no. The
original photos will prove everything.

Howard... Just
wait. You'll see.

Okay. Uh, this isn't...

Alright, I'm going to figure
out what the hell is happening.


Judge... I...

I don't know what to say.

I suppose...

there really is nothing tosay.

Best of luck, Cliff.

Erin Brill: If everyone
could just stay on the line,

that would be preferable.

The situation here is fluid,

and we will update you
as soon as possible.

Uh, we've, um...

we've reconsidered our position.

We're going back to
our previous offer.

That stands until end of day.

And tomorrow, we
reduce it by a million,

and then another million
the day after that.

Our best to Howard.

Did you call a doctor?

is on the way.

Hamlin: Cliff? Is that you?

I'm not crazy. And
I'm not on drugs.

Please, come in...

Now, somehow, someway,
that son of a bitch

gave me something that
dilated my pupils.

I don't know what, but
it's wearing off already.


You say that Jimmy
McGill drugged you.

How is that possible?

The photos, they were
wet with... something.

The missingphotos.

Yeah, my P.I., Genidowski.
He had to have been in on it.

He... He must have shown
me one set of photos,

and then switched them
after I left the office.

Howard... Three weeks ago,

Julie got a call from
our detective agency.

They wanted to update
their contact info...

So, of course, she changed
the number in the system.

But it turns out...
It wasn't them.

That was Jimmy.

So when I needed an
investigator to follow Jimmy,

I called hisfake
number and hisfake man.

She just dialed the old number,

and of course, got
the actual agency.

And, no surprise,

no one by the name of Genidowski
had ever worked there.

I hired a con man.

I got played...

every step of the way.

I know what it sounds like,
but you have to believe me.


It doesn't matter.

Rich went back to
the previous offer.

I'm going to recommend to
the class that we take it.


No way.

We do not let Jimmy win this.

Why would Jimmy even do this?

He's a profit participant, this
means less money for him...

Because he's a child.

He wants his money now.

He begged me months
ago to settle.

You know what he does.
Whatever the truth is,

we'll never get back to where
we were before mediation.

We have to settle.

I'm lead attorney.

And I won't sanction
that decision.

Then I'm obligated
to go to the partners

and explain
everything I've seen.

All of it.

You think you're going to
be able to convince them

it was all Jimmy McGill?

Okay, then, we go to trial.

Cliff, this case is
incredibly strong.

I put this thing in front of a
jury, then everybody will know...

I'm not thinking about you, Howard.
I'm not thinking about Jimmy.

I'm thinking about the time,
the expense, the uncertainty.

I'm thinking about our clients.

Main: Hello, everyone.

Thank you for your patience,
and sorry for the wait.

This is Clifford Main,
lead counsel, speaking,

and I'm here with
some good news.

An offer's been made and
accepted by Mrs. Irene Landry,

which is going to make all of
you, I believe, very satisfied.


Mother-of-All meth labs.


Casa Tranquila.

I'm sorry,

I'll have to find someone
who speaks Spanish to help...

Oh, no, it's fine. Just...

I'm looking to speak to
one of your residents.

Hector Salamanca?

I'm a relative.

Of course, just a moment.

Casa Tranquila.

Yeah, sorry, I think, um,
I lost the connection.

I'm trying to reach
Hector Salamanca.

Yes, sorry about that.

Let's try that again. Hold on.

Hello? Yes. Here's Hector.

Lalo: Hector?

Tío. Tío.


Reporter: and that's great,

if you can all scooch
in just a little more.

Mm-hmm. And look at my
hand, big smile, guys...

And that's great.
Thank you, everyone.

Executive Director: Oh, Gustavo,
we can't thank you enough

for being such a friend
to Youth Development.

Hey, it's not only me.

Every Pollos Hermanos
employee is committed

to giving these young
people the opportunity

to reach their
fullest potential.

Can you say more about why
you chose this organization?

I think of the guidance
that I had as a child.

If we can make an impact early,

we not only help the children,
but we help the world.

Uh, if you would excuse
me for just a moment.

Oh, of course.


20 minutes ago.

Now, you're gonna need
to cut this short.

Too many civilians, kids...

I've got guys sweeping
outside right now,

but this is an
uncontrollable situation.

He would not attack me here.


You wanna bet the farm on that?

We need home court advantage,

which is you in the safe house

and him thinking you're alone.

You need to get in your
car and drive calmly home,

business as usual.

We'll be hidden, but we'll be
on you every step of the way.

I've pulled guys off all
the low-priority targets

to cover you. The laundry?

Tyrus is there with his crew.

Aside from that,

it's all hands on
deck at your house.

The trap is set.

Salamanca shows up,

he goes down.

Man: Notthe pope...
Alexander Pope.

Woman: "The proper study..."

Man: "Of mankind is man."

"of mankind is man." 'Course,
that means women, too.

Yes. Yes, I know.

I've been doin' some studyin'
of a different mankind lately,

like the ones you told

Thomas Jefferson last week, and this week, Tom
Paine. Y'know, we don't have to get it.

We should probably
get this over with.

I'll get it.

Just in case Max Schmeling comes
in swinging.

Hamlin: Can I come in?

Yeah. Come in.



You doing okay?

I'm fine.

Sorry to, uh,
interrupt... this...

But I brought you a gift.

A gift? What's the occasion?

Your brother and I, we
always had a meeting

with "Mr. Macallan"
after a big victory.

Usually some brilliant
summation by Chuck...

That goes without saying.

So this...

Uh, this is for you.

You earned it.

You won.


Uh, what'd I win?

I get it.

Of course you... you both
have to play it this way.

You're both
so very good at it.

It's late, Howard.

Do you wanna tell us
what this is about?

I was wondering that, too.

What it's all about.

I mean, what do you
tell yourselves?

What justification
makes it okay?

"Howard's such an asshole
that he deserves it"?

We're good.


...what is it?

I sided with Chuck too often?

I took away your office,
put you in doc review?

All of the above?

Howard's daddy helped
him get to the top,

but you both had to struggle.

"Howie has so much,
and we have so little,

let's take him
down a peg or two"?

What allows you
to do this to me?

Because this isn't just a prank.


This goes beyond throwing
bowling bars on my car.

This took planning.


I mean, how many weeks?

O-Or was it months?

It couldn't have been easy.

So, tell me... why?

Why go through
this elaborate plot

just to burn me to the ground?

Burn you to the

Howard, come on.
Y-You'll be fine.

You always land on your feet.

Yeah, sure. The
Sandpiper settlement?

HHM's share will be
substantial, absolutely.

Even though I humiliated myself.

And my clients and
peers will whisper

that Howard Hamlin's a drug
addict... you're right.

I've worked my
way through worse.

Debt. Depression.

My marriage falling apart.

Oh, yeah.

I've been sleeping
in the guest house

for the better part of a year.

Ah, just one more thing good
ol' Howard has to work through.

But, yes, I
will land on my feet.

I will be okay.

But you? Far from it.

You two...

You two are soulless.

Jimmy, you can't help yourself.

Chuck knew it.

You were born that way.

But you?

One of the smartest and
most promising human beings

I've ever known... and this
is the life you choose.

Jimmy: Alright, you're
too tight to drive.

I'm calling you a cab. Oh,
good. Phony compassion.

Let's go. No, very, very
believable, but I'm far from done.

Oh, no, no, no. You
aredone, Howard.

Sorry, but you
need to stop this now,

and you need to go home.

You're perfect for each other.

You have a piece missing.

I-I thought you did
it for the money,

but now it's... it's so clear.

Screw the money.
You did it for fun.

You get off on it. You're...
You're like... Leopold and Loeb.

Two sociopaths.
Alright, that's enough.

No, you know it's true... you just
don't have the guts to admit it.

Great, now you need to go. I'm
going to make it clear to everyone,

because I'm going
to dedicate my life

to making sure that
everybody knows the truth.

Believe it.

You can't hide who you
really are forever.


Kim: H-Howard.


Howard, you need to leave.

Who are you?

Me? Nobody.

I just need to
talk to my lawyers.

Oh, is that right?
You want some advice?

Find better lawyers.

Howard, please. J-Just...
Just turn around.

No, no, no, no,
no. Take your time.

What's this about?


Ple... Uh...

Please, just tell
us what you want.

Well, like I said.

To talk.

I, uh...

think I'm in the
middle of something.


T-There's really no need to...

Oh, shit!

Kim: Howard! Aw, shit!

Oh, my God! Please, no!

Oh, my God! Shh.

No, no! Shh. Shh.



Let's talk.

Saul: The word is out.

I have actual paying clients.

Here it is, violence!
It always comes to this!

You know what's coming next.