Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Axe and Grind - full transcript

Kim and Jimmy enlist a knowledgeable contact; Howard scrutinizes Jimmy's business practices.

Previously, on
"Better Call Saul"...

Did I mention
the signing bonus?

I got a name.
Rand Casimiro. Retired judge.

And what about your husband,

He must have said
something to you.

All roads lead back
to you.

I'd like to think
that this ends it.

Probably not.

I need to know
everything he does.

I let him suck me
into his game.

Because you know
what's coming next.

And here she is.
Oh, my God.



What is going on
with you?

She's never done anything
like this before.

She's a straight-A student.

She's always got her nose
in a book.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you, ma'am.

She was caught

A thief.

You know better
than this, Kim.

I-I'd say
I'm disappointed,

but that doesn't even begin
to cover it.

What happens now?

Well when
the merchandise in question

is over $20 in value,

it is company policy
to call the police.

The police.

You know what?
Maybe that's for the best.

Nip it in the bud.

I mean,
protecting her

from the consequences
of her own actions...I do have
some discretion here.


Our main concern
is we just don't want to see

the same faces
over and over.

So if you can promise me that
this was a one-time thing...

Well, Kim.
You heard Mr. Pearson.

Are you going to do it


I'd like
to believe that.

And what was so wonderful
that you just had to steal it?


I-I can't even hear you.

and a necklace.

and a necklace.


It's part of our new
Starlight Collection.

It's priced at $34.50,
but that one is unsellable.

The chain was broken when she
tried to hide it in that purse.

My God. $34.50?
What about tax?

No, I-I don't expect you

I'm not paying for it,

This is coming out
of your allowance.

I don't care
if it takes 10 years.

She's going to wish
we called the police.

Well, including sales tax,
it's $35.53.


Uh, i-it's...
it's really not necessary.

This is...

I can... I can give you $13 right now.

And we'll come back
with the rest.

Really, i-it's fine.

You've been
very, very kind.

Well, Kim,
what do we say?

Thank you.

Y'know, you got
a fine mother there.

You don't want to
disappoint her again.

Thank you
for being so understanding.

my pleasure.

Best of luck.

"Nip it in the bud..."

I didn't know
you had it in you.


I got you something.


Your mom's good
for something, hm?

Hey, kiddo, relax.

You got away with it.

♪ Why don't you use it?

♪ Try not to bruise it

♪ ...lucky clover

♪ Isn't that bizarre?

♪ And every little thing
the reflex does ♪

♪ Leaves you answered
with a question mark ♪

♪ Climb aboard a butterfly

♪ An' take off on the breeze

♪ Let your worries flutter by

♪ An' do the things
you please ♪

♪ In a land where dollar bills

♪ Are fallin' off the trees

♪ On a dreamer's holiday!

♪ Every day for breakfast

♪ There's a dish
of scrambled stars ♪

♪ An' for lunchin'
you'll be munchin' ♪

♪ Rainbow candy bars

♪ You'll be livin' a la mode

♪ On Jupiter and Mars

♪ On a dreamer's holiday!

♪ Make it a long vacation

♪ Just bring along
the one you love ♪

♪ Help yourself
to happiness ♪

♪ An' sprinkle it
with mirth ♪

♪ Close your eyes
an' concentrate ♪

♪ An' dream
for all you're worth ♪

♪ From a dreamer's holiday!



How'd you sleep?

Good. And you?

Alright, I think.

Didn't you say something

about replacing the mattress
out there?

It's fine.

That is for you.


We should talk about
the Abramson fundraiser.

Is that coming up?
Next Friday.

I can't believe
it's been a whole year...

How do you want
to handle it?

Well, however you want.
You can go, or I can go.

Or, if it's easier,
we could both go.

I'll go.


Probably for the best.

Uh, actually, t-there is
something you should know about.

A situation
I'm dealing with.

Y-You remember what was going on
with Chuck's brother, Jimmy?

You mean with the bowling balls on?

That's not over with?

I think it's getting worse.

In fact, it's possible
you might hear or see something.

I couldn't say what.

Just know that, if you do...
whatever it is...

I'm handling it.

I will put an end to this.

Whatever it takes.

I thought you should know.

Duly noted.

I'm having dinner
with the Appels tonight,

so you've got the house
to yourself.

Tell them I said hello.

I will.

He saw clients
starting at 9:00 a.m.

One tried to bring a pet
cockatiel into the waiting room.

That caused
a bit of a ruckus.

Then it was more clients
until lunch at 1:15.

Takeout for him and the
receptionist... Taco Cabeza.

After that,
another four clients.

He left the office
around 2:00.

Made a quick stop for coffee...
same place as the day before.

2:30 to 3:20,
he was down at the courthouse

for a bail hearing.

Then back to the office.

Home at 10 after 8:00.

Wednesday was more
of the same.

Out at 8:30.

Got to the office
by a quarter-of.

Clients all day.

Uh, that takes
to the second composite,

case you want to
check them out for yourself.

He got lunch for himself
and his receptionist

at around 1:30.

The Vietnamese place again.

Then, in the... What's this?

Yeah, I was just
getting to that.

That was three days ago.
Only time he broke the pattern.

Stopped at Cradock Marine
over on Central

instead of going
straight to the office.

Looked like he made
a cash withdrawal.

I couldn't get a good angle
through the window,

but I counted four,
maybe five stacks?

I'd say somewhere
in the ballpark of 20 grand.

I'm not a lawyer,
but is there any reason

he'd need that much cash in
the normal course of business?

No legitimate reason.

Thank you so much, Doc.
Of course. Of course. Come on in.

We'll take a look.

It's gonna be okay.

Gonna be okay.

Come on.

Fernando's gonna be fine.

The shot I gave him
will settle his stomach.

But I want to keep him
for a few more minutes,

make sure he doesn't have
any reactions.

After that, you're all set.
That's such a relief.

We were so worried.We're lucky
you were able to see us.

Ah, it's no problem.

I was already here
with another patient.

- Alright.
- Be back.

How are we doing?

I dunno, um, I guess
my skin's a little dry

where you put that stuff on,
but otherwise...

Are you sure
you used enough?


Just give it
a little more time.

Look all the way
to the right.

Now to the left.

What's it gonna
feel like?

Depends on how
used to caffeine you are.

I mean, you're not gonna be
trippin' balls, but...

it's gonna feel like,
you know,

two Red Bulls
on an empty stomach.

And how long
is it gonna last?

Is the guy
roughly your size?


An hour or two.

And if there's
a blood test?

This stuff is not showing up
on any blood panel

they're running
in this town.

You're gonna do this,
this is the way to go.

Whoa, whoa.

Promise me
this has been sterilized.

It's brand new,

and for you,
it goes under the armpit.



I cannot wait to be done
with all of this.

I hear ya.
You know, I read somewhere

that vets are even more
depressed than lawyers.


No, no, no, no, no.

I love being a vet.

Look over there.

See that?

That's what
it's all about.

Animals are my life.

It's this other stuff
that's getting to be too much,

no offense.

Anyway, a guy's gotta know
when he's bagged his limit.

so you're closing up shop?

Yep. Leaving town.

Once I sell
my little black book,

it's gonna be all animals,
all the time.

Black book?

Yeah, the keys
to the kingdom.

You know, you call me up,
you're looking for a someone?

Keep all my "someones" in here.

Can I see it?

Knock yourself out.


Alright, yeah.
I think we, uh...

we found
the Zodiac Killer.

Well...I'm not keeping my
contacts in plain English.

"Best Quality Vacuum"?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let's give it another 10.

I'll be back.

What a waste.

You think?

Did you see how many
people he had in that book?

I mean, he's raking it in,
day in, day out.

It's passive income.
Minimal risk.

I can't believe
he's walking away from that.


he knows
what he wants.


Not really.

Oh, my God.



Hold on. Hold on.
Let's just cut to the chase.

Your client... who has, let's
call it a "checkered" past,

was pulled over for a clear
violation of traffic laws

and found in possession of
a felony quantity of marijuana.

And now you're asking me
to throw out this evidence?

In words of one syllable,

how does this pass
the smell test?

Your Honor

this is what
this is all about.

According to
Officer Connell's report,

this is the reason
Joshua Holcome was pulled over.

New Mexico statue 66-3-846.

Driving with
an obstructed window.

This morning,
I did an informal survey

of the courthouse parking lot.

And by my count,
over a third of the vehicles

had something similar hanging
from their rear-view mirrors.

I believe your car
was one of them, Your Honor.

So unless you
and 47 of our colleagues

have outstanding tickets,
I'd argue that this statute

is not...
regularly enforced.

Your Honor, this was
a perfectly reasonable,

routine stop for cause.

Uh, what's the point here?

The point is
that this was not routine.

Officer Connell
knew my client.

In fact,
he arrested him five years ago

when Joshua was a juvenile.

And Officer Connell's
record shows

that this is only
the third citation

he's written for this statute
in almost 20 years.

So either this is
an incredible coincidence

or Officer Connell
recognized my client

and used the dangler
as a pretext

to violate
his Fourth Amendment rights.

Your Honor, all I'm asking
is that you take another look

at the officer's statement.

Ask yourself
if the state's version of events

passes the "smell test."

That was nicely argued.

Thanks. We'll see
what the judge does.

Defense like that takes time
to pull together, doesn't it?

Whaddya think it took...
30 hours?

Oh, probably
more like 50.

50 hours. Huh.

And the contracts office...
they pay...?

$700 a case. Flat.

So you're making minimum wage,
more or less.


I've been meaning to ask,
if you don't mind...

how did you leave things
with Howard Hamlin?

I wouldn't be here today
if it wasn't for Howard.

I wouldn't be an attorney.
I wouldn't have met my husband.

I owe Howard and HHM a lot.

Have you heard of
the Jackson Mercer Foundation?

Of course.

They fund justice reform
programs on the East Coast.

I wish we had something
like that out here.

Well, it's a bit hush-hush
at the moment, but we will soon.

And that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

We're closed!


Oh, Kim!


It's good to see you.

You, too.
Jimmy was so, uh, thrilled...

...when you said
you would work for him again.

Well, so far, so good.
It's no Wexler-McGill.

They're... They're
still working in the back.

Oh, okay.
My God, look at this place!

Yeah, Jimmy...
Oh, sorry, "Saul,"

is letting me take
a free hand.

I'm going for a vibe
that's professional and refined

but, still,
you know, inviting.

it's definitely inviting.

It's... It's...

It's classy!


I don't know
if you saw it before,

but it's come
a long way.

That whole back wall
is brand new.

Um, everything
has been repainted.

I know
there's a lot of molding.

I-I found a contractor
who does it for a price...

so I just went for it.

I've also got a pair
of water features coming.

For serenity.

Wow, Francesca,
you really have an eye!

Well, it's still
a work in progress.

Well, I can't wait to see
the final product.

But I know
you were on your way out.

I don't want to
keep you.

I should get going.

Oh, yeah.


The wedding?

Uh, uh, y... Saul told me
you guys got married.

I, um...

C-Can I ask, are...
are you registered anywhere?

That is so sweet,
but, uh

no, it was all
very low key.

We have
everything we need.


it's great to see you...

Yeah, you, too....again.


Have a good night,


Where are
the extra batteries?

Black bag,
front pocket...

Umm. Well,
this could work, right?

No, our guy has more
of a curl on the ends.

Doesn't matter.
Nothing matters.

It's an action shot.

I'm gonna shoot
it 1/13 of a second.

Give it some blur.
Blur? No!

No blur, okay?

We need him to be recognized...
that's the whole point.

Kim, hey!

Hey, everyone.

We started late
because someone took forever

to get the equipment.

I don't control
when they do inventory.

Hey. I'm playing a man
of substance, am I not?

I see him as a man of means.
Of style.

Uh, no,
these are just stills, Lenny.

Just keep it simple.
Well, b-but just... just to ask, though,

wouldn't my character grow
something more like that?

It's docudrama.
Doc... reality, right?

Just keep it simple
and no improvisation.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

He's gonna be great.

Weigh in on this.

Okay. Uh...


Let's try this one.

Just trim it a little bit
and put wax on the ends.


That one...
trimmed and waxed.

You got it.

Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah.
I'll talk to you later.

Let's keep this going.
You wanna...?

10 minutes to set,

Oh. Thank you, 10.

You're doing great.
I am, aren't I?

Holy shit!
The Jackson Mercer Foundation.

That's like the Good
Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Well, it...
it's not a done deal.

Uh... Some of
the foundation board members

are flying in next week
to meet the Lieutenant Governor

at a luncheon
in Santa Fe.

So they are inviting
a select group of people with...

Cliff called them
"up and coming organizations."

And, uh, yeah,
Cliff thinks I have a good shot.

A good "shot"?
You have more than a shot.

They're gonna love you
on sight!

The only thing is,
the lunch is on D-Day.

So? What? That's...

You don't have to be there
on the day.

Was Eisenhower
on Omaha Beach? No!

Kim, this is great.

It's huge.

It is pretty great.
Kim, this is fantastic!

Yeah, sorry.
I don't speak any German.

Are you lost?

It's a beautiful place
you have here.

The air,
it's just so fresh.

Do I know you?

Well, I don't think
we've officially met.

Who are you?

Who are you?!


I'm not here for you...

T-This is about Fring.

I want to know.

I want to know
what he's building.

How did you find me?


M-Margarethe Z-Ziegler.

What have you done to her?

Nothing. Nothing.

You sent her...
a g-gift.

Was ist das?


I think you broke
one of my ribs.


Tie that off
before you bleed to death.

You and I are
gonna have a talk.

The last thing you want
is to look like

you're some kind of loner.

If someone
can come with you,

a boyfriend or girlfriend,
that's a good thing.

If you can convince your mom,
that's even better.

I mean, if granny's
still alive, jackpot.

Thank you, m'dear.

So, if you will just sign
on the dotted line...

...we'll have you back to
the Rusty Bucket by happy hour.

You made that call,

Uh...Try to
make it legi...

About that. I-I just had
a couple of questions.

Francesca, can we sidebar
in the law library?

What is the holdup?

I just... I-I don't know
if I'm comfortable.

Is this even legal?

I'm sorry, which of us
went to law school?

Because I could stand here
and go through the ins and outs

of what's quote, unquote
legal with you, uh,
but we're on a clock.

I just don't... Francesca, let's get
something straight, okay?

We can't be holding a graduate
seminar in Constitutional Law

every time I give you
something to do.

But I...
Uh, I-I'm not sure I feel...

You know what I'm paying you.
It is above market.

To whom much is given,
much is expected.

We're not gonna make a habit
of this, right?

Of course not. Absolutely.
No, no, no.

Here. Put it on speaker
and let me hear.

Hamlin Hamlin McGill.

Hi, um, there.

Uh, I'm calling because my...
my mother is... is...

Well, I guess
she's a-a client of yours.

She lives in the
Sandpiper Assisted Living...?

Sandpiper? Of course.

Let me transfer you.

- It's just a phone call.
- Good afternoon.

Do you have a question about
the Sandpiper Crossing case?

Uh, yes. My mother's out
at the facility in Amarillo.

Says she's supposed to call in
to some meeting on Thursday?

Yes, you're talking about
the mediation?
That's it.

Uh, thing is, she lost

her dial-in instructions.

I'm just looking everywhere
and can't find them.

I'd be happy
to help you with that.

It's very important to us
that all the class members

are fully looped in.

What's your mother's name?

Uh, Marnie Stuber.

That's S-T-U-B-E-R.

Bless your heart.

She'll be so relieved.

Okay. It's very simple.

The meeting is happening
at our offices,

so she just has to call
the main line,

the same number
you called just now,

press 7,
and then enter the passcode.

I can give that to you now.
Do you have a pen?


Yeah, yeah.
Yup. I-I'm ready.


It's 8-4-2-1-5-9.


That's right.

Uh, thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.

Of course. Take care.


Was that so hard?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

No, wait!
Don't turn around!

Finish what you're doing!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Uh, yeah.
Hey, where are you going?

Cleanup on aisle nine!

You clean it up.


Need something?

The boss sent me.

He wants to know why
you took guys off your house.

I haven't been home
for more than an hour

in the last three weeks.Still.

Salamanca knows who you are.
He could show up there.

We're stretched thin.
I made a judgment call.

Yeah. Stretched thin.

You got guys at, uh,
the lawyers', the garage,

Varga's upholstery shop,
El Mich...
Your point?

Seems to me the most obvious
place to pull from

is Alameda Street.

My guys stay on Alameda.

Alameda is a long shot.

The boss has a problem,
he knows how to reach me.

If you have a problem...

I'm right here.

Hey, Bryan.

Thanks, Mike.


Hey, honey.

Just a sec, Mike.

Almost ready.

Want to know the star
closest to Earth?

Huh? Tell me.

It's the sun.

That's right.

Hi, Pop-Pop!

Hey, kiddo.

You ready
for some star-gazing?


How's your view?
Not too much light?

No, it's good.


I want you to start

by finding
the Big Dipper for me.


I've got it!

You see the handle
and the bowl?


Trace a line across
the bottom of the bowl

till you see
a bunch of stars

that look like
a backward question mark.

It's Leo the Lion!

I see him.

There's his head.

There you go.

What's that underneath?

The really bright one.

Is it a planet?

You know what?

That might just be


I think Jupiter
is my favorite.

Did you know it's the largest
planet in our solar system?

Is it?
Bigger than the Earth?

It's called a gas giant.


that's not very nice.

It's not that kind of gas.

Oh, oh, my mistake.

What's next?

Hey. Almost bedtime.

Let's say good night.

- But, Mom...
- Hey, hey, hey.

You do
what your mother says.

The stars will still be
in the sky tomorrow night.

I promise. Okay.

Good night, Pop-Pop.

Love you!

Love you, baby.

Thanks for doing this,

How's Chattanooga?

Oh, it's...fine.

I'm, uh...

going to have to stay here
longer than I expected.


Well, I hope
they're paying you overtime.

They're making it
worth my while.

That's good to hear.

G'night, Pop.

Good night, dear.

Same time tomorrow?

Wouldn't miss it
for the world.

We didn't miss anything.

Hey, let's go out.

Out where?

Omaha Beach.

Here's to tomorrow.


Hey. You got this.

Today is our day.

Victory in Santa Fe,
victory in Albuquerque.

That sounds good.

Don't worry about anything
except for your pitch. Okay?

I'll record the whole show,
and we can listen to it later.

It's a date.


I'm sorry. I don't think
we have it, sir.

Ah. You do.
I'm looking at it.

It's the wood box.
Upper left.

Oh! Right you are.

I didn't realize
we had any left.

Gotta warn you, though,
it's on the pricey side.

$495 for the bottle.

And worth every penny.

Oh, you've had it

'Cause I was gonna let you know
about the stopper here.

It's pretty sharp.

I'll be careful.

Well, drink it in good health.

Thanks. Come again.
Can I help you, sir?

I think you're holding
a bottle for me... Casimiro.

Let me take a look.

It's all paid for.

Great. Thank you.


Fuuuuuck! Unh!

it's about equal justice.

A system that works
for everyone.

A justice system
that works for everyone.

And what is more important
than that?


Hey, Jimmy. Flag on the play.

Uh, you're not gonna
believe this,

but I just ran into Casimiro.

The real one.
Oh, God.

Yeah, and before you ask,
he didn't shave his mustache...

He broke his arm.
Are you serious?

The guy has a giant cast
on his left arm.

And I just checked
all the pictures,

and you can see his arm
in every single one of them.

No cast. Clear as day.


Shit! I know! I know!

Uh, but, hey, hey, hey.

Look at it this way...
if... if I hadn't seen him,

I mean, that really...
that really could've sunk us.


So, we're gonna
pull the plug,

and we are going to live
to fight another day.

What other day?
Um, we'll figure it out.

I promise. Okay?

Just go.
Just do your thing in Santa Fe.

And we'll re-group
when you get home tonight.

Kim, are you still there?


W... Did you hear
what I said?

It happens today.

On the mid-season finale
of "Better Call Saul"...

We need
home court advantage.

I'm gonna figure out
what the hell's happening.


Seize the day, carpe diem,
don't live with regret.