Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Black and Blue - full transcript

While business booms for Jimmy, the vise tightens on the cat-and-mouse game between Gus and Lalo.

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Previously on
"Better Call Saul"...

Wasn't that...Howard?

The word is out! I need a new
place to do business pronto.

Might be a diamond in the rough.

Lalo Salamanca
is dead.


Most likely
he'll know who to reach out,

he's got bigger fish to fry.

All due respect, the rest of the
world thinks the guy is dead.

Lalo, he's alive.

And where is he?


♪ In stiller Nacht♪

♪ Zur ersten Wacht♪

♪ Ein Stimm' begunnt zu klagen♪

♪ Der naecht'ge♪

♪ Wind hat suess und lind♪

♪ Zu mir den Klang getragen♪

♪ Von herben Leid
und Traurigkeit♪

♪ Ist mir das Herz zerflossen♪

♪ Die Bluemelein♪

♪ Mit Traenen rein♪

♪ Hab' ich sie all' begossen♪

♪ Der schoene Mond
will untergahn♪

♪ Fuer Leid nicht
mehr mag scheinen♪

♪ Mit Traenen rein♪

♪ Hab' ich sie all' begossen♪

♪ Der schoene Mond
will untergahn♪

♪ Fuer Leid nicht
mehr mag scheinen♪

♪ Die Sterne lan
ihr Glitzen stahn♪

♪ Mit mir sie wollen weinen♪

♪ Kein Vogelsang
noch Freudenklang♪

♪ Man hoeret in den Lueften♪

♪ Die wilden Tier'♪

♪ Trauern auch mit mir♪

♪ In Steinen und in Klueften♪



Everything okay?

Can't sleep. Figured
I'd get a jump on work.

I was hoping
it was just me.

He never would've
been here if I had...

If I had just...


The nuns back in Cicero

would send me to hell
for saying it, but...

...thank God he's dead.

You want some coffee?







To-go order?

Got your six-piece bucket
right here.

Thank you.

Can I take your order?

Ah. Sir, I would be happy
to help you here.

Good afternoon.
May I take your order?


I'd like a 12 piece bucket.

May I suggest
our signature spice curls?

Gimme a large on that.

Also, two cokes
and a side of coleslaw.


Sorry, Mr. Fring.




We are currently in the middle
of a process called "discovery."

What is "discovery,"
you might ask?

It's one of the most important
parts of any case

because it's when both parties

are able to "discover,"
if you will,

information that is relevant
to the claims at issue.

Now this brings us to another
key term... "relevance."

If a document or a piece
of evidence is "relevant,"

that means it has a tendency

to prove... or disprove...
an element in the case.

This whole thing is just
takin' so darn long.

Unfortunately, high-stakes
class actions like these

often move on
a protracted timeline.

Well, okay,
but some of us don't have

a "protracted timeline,"
if you know what I mean.


My son thinks I should
get my own lawyer.

You have every right
to pursue

legal representation.

- Having said that...
- Uh, absolutely.

It's great to see
the next generation stepping up,

isn't it?

Thank you, Ms. Brill.

Hi, everyone. I'm so glad
to be with you today.

For those of you
who don't know me yet,

I'm your lead attorney...
Howard Hamlin.

Just call me Howard.

And this is my co-counsel,
Cliff Main.

Listen. I know you all want
to get to the finish line.

Boy, I-I sure do.

But I'm gonna level with you.

Truth is,
we still have a ways to go.

Why? Because we want
the maximum from Sandpiper.

We're pushing to get an extra
30% on top of the penalty.

Uh, not because
we're greedy, no.

Because it's what you deserve.

Now, to get your due,
it may take a little extra time.

Is it worth it?

I think it is.

Because this isn't
just about money.

It's about people.

It's about you.

Sally, right?

Right. Sally.

And you, sir.

We're sending a message...

we're not gonna let
big corporations

pick the pockets
of hard-working folks.

I-I want to live in a world

where people
can trust each other.

And I bet you do, too.

Thanks again, both of you.

Thank you for coming.
Thank you.

Oh, I feel better.

Thank you.


Bye, now.
Thank you.

You take care.

Well, I think we just
put out a major fire.

That was impressive.

Erin, I'll see you
back at the office.

Okay. Bye, Howard.


...I need a minute.

What's up?

I threw a woman
out of my car.

In the middle
of the street.

And I... Zip, I just drive
right past ya...

That's what you're saying.

No, I-I don't even...

I don't know
how to respond to that.

I'm not asking you
to respond.

I just need you to know
that I know.

It wasn't me, Cliff.
Whoever you think you saw...

Yeah, I'm sorry, but that's the
kinda thing my son used to say.

It was your Jaguar,
your "Namaste" plate.

It was you!

Howard, there's no harm
in asking for help.

You got a lot of people
in your corner.

So, there's the... the baggie
at the country club.

After that, some clients...

who you can't name because of
privilege... make insinuations.

Then, on Thursday,
you have a business meeting,

and you witness a Jaguar
speeding past.

Who were you meeting with?

I'm not sure why that's germane,
but...Kim Wexler.

She came to me
for career advice.



Of course.
Of course.

Cliff, I know
this wasn't easy for you.

You came to me as a friend.
I appreciate it.

You can start today, Howard.
Oh, I will.

Because you're right.
I do have a problem.

Just not the problem
you think.

I have a Jimmy McGill

J-Jimmy McGill?
You'll have to excuse me.


Cancel my week.

Yes. My whole week.


♪ 'Cause you're a waste of time
for me♪

♪ I'm trying to make you see♪









Whoa! Hold up!

Justice will be served
in four and a half minutes.

9:00 a.m. sharp.

I look forward to sitting down
with each and every one of you.

Morning rush.
So, that's your station.

Temporarily, of course.

But check it out.
Center stage.


That? That...

It's garbagio.

On its way
to the dumpster.

Ha! Ah.

I know that this place
needs a little TLC.

But this is just day one.

Two weeks from now,
you won't recognize it.

Where's Ms. Wexler?

Uh, you mean my wife?

That's right... made
an honest woman out of her.

She's blazing her own trail,
and I couldn't be prouder.

So it's just...

Me. Just me.
For now.

But think of it this way...

half the work.

What happened to the old folks?

Elder law?

Uh, I expanded the mission,
uh, to be more inclusive.

Here at Saul Goodman
and Associates,

we welcome all ages,
all creeds, all stripes.

And who is this
Saul Goodman?


You got it!

What Colonel Sanders is
to chicken,

Saul Goodman is
to the law.

Why me?

Because I trust you.

And what happened last time,
I-I-I wanna make it up to ya.

I will explain
at the end of the day.


You're just desperate
and need a warm body.

Good luck.

Where're you going?

Back to the MVD.

I took half a personal day
for this.

What if I double
your salary?

My salary at the MVD or
what you were paying me before?

Whatever's less.

No! Whatever's more.

"More" is the word
I'm looking for.

Did I mention...

...the signing bonus?

I get a say
in the decorating.

Open for business.
One at a time.

Thank you.
I'll be right out.

Oh, Viola.
Hey. O-Over here.


Thanks for meeting me.

Of course.


I wanted to apologize.

Leaving Schweikart...

I'm sure it looked sudden,

but sorry I left you
in the lurch.

You probably had to
clean up Mesa Verde,

that happened there.



I'm sure it's a lot.

Mesa Verde calmed down.

Rich moved me
over to Sandpiper.

Mm. Right.

I think I heard that.

How's it going?

it's pretty interesting
so far.

It's a deep dive
into class action.

Uh, we have our first mediation
session in a couple of weeks.

Oh. Already?
Who'd you get?

Hope it's not
Roger Patch.

Oh, God. Patch?
With the vegan patties?

What is in those things?

It's gotta be 80% garlic.

So healthy!

No. It-It's not...
It's a new guy.

A retired judge,

who lives up in Santa Fe...

He seems fine,
smells fine.

Well, then,
you dodged a bullet.

I'm glad you called.

Um, I've been wanting
to tell you.

Everyone was so shocked
when you walked away.

I mean,
you were a partner.

I'm sure it seemed

It did at first.
But I get it now.

What you're doing to help
the little guy.

It's incredible.

I'm just getting started.

I really admire you, Kim.

Changing direction
like that.

I question all of it, but... make me feel better
about the law.


Hit and run, 15 minutes.

I can, uh, knock that out in 10.

Yeah, 10.

This ain't fine dining, okay?

Our business model
is turning tables.

So, Francesca, I'm here.

Remind me again
why I'm making a house call.

Sounds like money.
Okay. Great.

Great work.

Mr. Ward!


I'm an attorney.

I have an appointment
with Mr. Ward.

So, are you Mr. Ward?

Well, good evening to you,
whatever your name is.

Hello, Jimmy.

Mr. Ward, I presume.

As in, H.O. Ward.

That is really cute,

So, wait.
That means, uh...

you're the guy who
"shanked some dude

in a rumble
near Central Penn"?

That's very street of you.

I thought it sounded like
a Saul Goodman kind of case.

Alright, so,
what're we doing here?

I'm tired, Jimmy.

You and me. Us.
I'm tired of this.

Aren't you?
It's exhausting.

Let's punch it out.

Are you kidding?
I'm dead serious.

Hoping you might get it
out of your system.

Do I think it'll work?
I don't know.

Call it a Hail Mary.

I have the gear.
I rented the ring.

It's just you and me.

And Macky, to ref.

I am sorry, but have you
lost your mind?

Actually, I'm as clear-headed
as I've ever been in my life.

You didn't even try
to hide your tracks.

The baggie of drugs
at the country club.

The clients you sent
to discredit me.

Another prostitute.

Okay, once again, as usual,
I have...

I could go on.

All roads
lead back to you.

It's Psych 101.
You want to get caught.

So, what, is this...
It's like pistols at dawn?

I'm trying to give you
what you want.

What I want?
I don't...

I think this
is what you want...

you want to beat the t
out of me, legally?

I think you can
hold up your end.

You must have gotten
into a few good scrapes
in the old neighborhood.

Yeah, right.
I coulda been a contender.

Indulge me.

Let's see what we see.

Thanks for the laughs.

Mr. Ward.


Come on. Right.
Let's go. Come on.

I need you to keep your
mitts up, protect your face.

Tap gloves.

Come on.



Come on, Howard.
Come on.

I'm the champ!

Hey! Look at me!

Come on.

Here we go, here we go.


Hit me.

Hey. Take a shot.

Come on.
Take a shot.



alright, alright.



Here we go.



Okay, okay.




You've mistaken my kindness
for weakness.

I'd like to think that
tonight made a difference.

I'd like to think
that this ends it.

Probably not.

How'd it go?

Pretty much as expected.

So...we're on?


Anything in particular
you want me to look for?


I need to know everything he
does and everyone he talks to.

You got it.

Okay, then.

See you Friday.

Ow, ow, ow.

What are you doing?
Put the ice back on it.

Well, I gotta see
if this will work.

I got court first thing
in the morning.

I can't show up
looking like Leon Spinks.

Why not?

I'd say you'd
be missing a bet.

"I'm Saul Goodman... pow!...
I fight for you."

How'd it go with Viola?

I got a name.
Rand Casimiro. Retired judge.

You wormed it out of her.

Nice work.

I don't know him,

but I found a pice
in the Bar Journal.

Ah, love the 'stache.

That's a lot less face
to worry about.

Unless he shaves.

Are you kidding?

Those handlebars?
No, that's years of grooming.


"I'll fight for you,"


I should've left Howard
standing there like a yutz.

Instead, I let him
suck me into his game.

Why'd I do that?

You had your reasons.

I did?

Like what?


you know.

I know?

You know
what's coming next.

♪ It's not your situation

♪ I just need contemplation

♪ Over you

♪ I'm not so systematic

♪ It's just that I'm an addict
for your love ♪


♪ I'm not the only one
that holds you ♪

♪ I never ever
should have told you ♪

♪ You're my only girl

♪ I'm not the only one
that holds you ♪

♪ I never ever
should have told you ♪

♪ You're my only world

Hey, Mike.

You good?

Yep. All quiet.

You guys get dinner?

Yeah, we ate.



Bike at 5:40?

Just a kid
dropping off menus.

It was legit.


He asleep?




You know, part of the reason
we set it up this way

is so you can get
some rest.

No news yet, I take it.

It's a waiting game.

Wherever he is now,
sooner or later,

he's gonna end up
right here.

He can't strike.

Not yet.

Tell your men
that we are going out.

The other end
of the tunnel is plugged

with 420 cubic yards of dirt,
topped with a cement pad.

No one's coming in
that way.

I can put more guys
on the place,

if that's what
you're thinking.

I'll be upstairs.



















Sally Ride...B.

Vodka or gin?

Gimme whatever you'd like.

You American?

I guess you can spot us
a mile away.

Yeah, I'm here
on business.

From California?

No, New Mexico.

It's, uh, another state.

I mean, it's like California,
just less traffic, ya know?

Thank you.

Little town called Jemez.


I almost
visited there once.


Mm-hmm. This close.

Well, I'm sorry
you didn't make it.

It's a beautiful place,
the hot springs.

Yes, that's what
I was wanting.

You know, the, um, hmm...
Oh, how do you say?


The "minerals"?

Well, it's similar.

So relaxing
for the muscles.

Well. Maybe you'll get
to go there another time.

No, I don't think so,

but it's a nice idea.


Maybe a trip to Karlovy Vary.
The baths there are wonderful.


Kar-lovy V-Vary?


Not far from Prague.

Oh. Prague.
Yes, there.

I've always wanted
to go visit there.

I'm Ben.


I'm Margarethe.

Well, it's very nice
to meet you, Margarethe.

I knew his work
was dangerous, but...

I never imagined
such a thing.

Well...I suppose
I tried not to.

That is terrible.

What kind of accident
was it?

A cave-in.

A cave-in?

He was able to save his men.
He got them out.

But then the structure

So your husband
was a hero.

He would never accept that.
My Werner was too humble.


What were they
building there?

My husband didn't talk much
about his work.

It was very secretive.


I'm sure they must have
told you something.

The lawyers
came to my house.

I asked questions.
They wouldn't say much.


They went through
Werner's things,

took anything
that they called, uh...

oh, how do you say it...


I'm sorry.
My English is...

Ah, it's excellent.

I didn't care about it...

all the boxes of folders,
his papers.

Why do I need
all that stuff?

And what about
your husband's men?

I mean, they must've said
something to you.

Werner loved "seine Jungs,"
his boys.

But I never even met them.

What do you mean...
not even at the funeral?

You'd think they'd want
to pay respect

to the man
who saved their lives.

They sent flowers, keepsakes,
and so on.

But not one of them
showed his face.


That is...

It's just not right.



Let's speak of
something else.

Tell me about New Mexico.

You would love it.

So, how do you say it?



Not bad.
Alright? That's...

Not bad.

People don't live in them

but for centuries,
they, uh...

Here we are.
My little cave.

It's nice.

So quiet.

Oh, yes, all quiet...

...except for Baerchen.


It means "Little Bear."

I'd like
to invite you in...

...but I have work
in the morning.

Of course.

No. That's not...

When do you fly home?


Well, in another life.

In another life, yes.

Good night.

Good night.












Shh, shh, shh.














On the next episode
of "Better Call Saul..."

I will put an end to this,
whatever it takes.


How did you leave things
with Howard Hamlin?

We didn't miss

Thank you so much, doc.
Of course.

Come on in.
We'll take a look.

To whom much is given,
much is expected.

It's just a phone call.

I'm right here.

Here's to tomorrow.