Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Rock and Hard Place - full transcript

Still on the run, Nacho is forced to choose where his loyalties lie. Jimmy must decide whether he wants to remain a "friend of the cartel" after his reputation is called into question. Gus and Mike ready the team for a meeting.

Previously on
"Better Call Saul"...

I think there's a way
to get Sandpiper settled

and leave him standing.

Maybe the trick is,
we're not working on Howard.

Not at first.

You've got
two dozen lawyers up there,

and it's my fault
you can't keep track of Lalo?

I meant De Guzman.

Varga's alone
in foreign territory.

He's gonna get caught.

You're not doing that.

He wants to talk to you.


Un campesino.

Tal vez lo vio.




A to Z Fine Upholstery.



It's me.


Sí, Papa.






It's me.


You knew.

You knew that I was going
to Mexico to die,

that I was never supposed to
make it out of that motel.

And you
let it happen.

Not my call.

What happens now?

That's up to you.

Is that bastard
with you?

Put him on.


He wants
to talk to you.


You are screwed.

You want the cartel
to blame me for Lalo.

But if they catch me,
make me talk --

that is not good for you, is it?

Even if I disappear,

everyone's gonna smell
your stink all over it.

The only way that this works
for you is with me dead.


Whatever bullshit way
you want the story to go,

I will make it go.

But...I need one thing.


My dad.

I need to know
that he'll be safe.

If you are true
to your word,

there will be no reason
for anyone to harm your father.

You are not the one
that I need to hear it from.

Your dad's
gonna be okay.

How do you know?

Because anyone
who goes after him

is gonna have to
come through me.


All set.

What's up?

Well, I'm just thinking
about the timeline.

Let me.

Everything has to go off
by the 18th.

That's the target date,

And before that,
just for the driving work,

we're saying we want, uh,
the right year and model --

mint condition,
no less.

And then
get it painted.

Plus we want to get
the custom plates...

So not enough time?

That's what
I'm wondering.



Here you go.

What if...

What if we used
the real car?

I mean, like,
his real car.

His car?

That's a bit direct.

I think the word you're
looking for is "audacious."

That, too.

But it's a real risk,
'cause, uh,

we're exposed
when we take it,

and then, what?

Just --
Just put it back?

Pretend some kids
took it for a joyride?

I mean, there's a dozen ways
we tip our hand.

I got it.

Valet scam.

How does that work?

it wouldn't be me.

This has got Huell's name
written all over it.


He knows Huell
from your hearing.

but if we do it right,

Huell will be invisible.

Oh, yeah?

Like a ghost.

That's pretty slick.

I think the word you're
looking for is "audacious."

Thank you for that.

Try talking...

Oh, hey, Suzanne!


Glad I s-spotted you.

I have some new info
on Caldwell.

Am I
reading this right?

This is an out-of-state
misdemeanor arrest report.

On your client.

This is
six years old, Kim.


There's no way we ever
would've chased this down.

Why are you
giving this to me?

We're in discovery,
and I discovered it.

I'm supposed to
turn it over.

Besides, we are going to
beat you on the merits.

You can keep
that copy.

I'll see you.

Kim. Kim.

Do you have
a minute?

I'm sure
you recognize this man.

He's a client of Jimmy McGill's,
one Jorge de Guzman.

This -- This is
Eduardo Salamanca.

Same person.


And who is
Eduardo Salamanca?

A major drug trafficker.

We got this photo
from Federales in Chihuahua.

Seems Salamanca jumped the
seven million he posted in bail

and fled to Mexico.


That's news to me.

How did this
come to light?

He died in a massive firefight
at his compound.

Over a half dozen people
were killed.

That's terrible,

but where are you going
with this?

Bear with me.

Let me explain how this looks
from where I stand.

A couple years back,
Jimmy McGill represented

Ignacio Varga,
a local dealer.

Now, Varga is a known associate
of Tuco Salamanca.

Jimmy was involved
in getting Tuco

a reduced sentence
on an assault and battery charge

shortly after
he represented Varga.

And now here he is,
representing Eduardo Salamanca

under the assumed name
"De Guzman."


What are you
getting at?

Are you building some kind of
case against Jimmy?


No one is,
at the moment.

"At the moment."

Gina Khalil thinks
Jimmy knew who De Guzman was.

That Jimmy helped Salamanca
even after he knew.

I'd like
to believe he didn't.

I don't think Jimmy
ever intended

to become
a cartel lawyer.

It's not a suit
that fits him.

I think maybe
he got in over his head

and couldn't get out.

And if that's true --
if Salamanca duped him,

then the lawyer-client privilege
was obtained in bad faith.

You want Jimmy
to rat on a client?

Even if Salamanca's dead,
his privilege survives.

You know that.

If the privilege
was clean.

But if he wasn't in
on the De Guzman deception,

Jimmy could talk to me.

And tell you what?
You just said Salamanca's dead.

His accomplices aren't.

Salamanca was in deep,
and I want to know

what his people are doing
here in Albuquerque.

And Jimmy could help.

I'll make sure
anything he tells me

won't blow back.

And if it turns out
that Jimmy's made mistakes --

we won't
hold him accountable.

I'm talking to you
because I think

you'll be more willing
to hear what I have to say.

we had a monster in custody.

And we just let him
walk right out of jail.

We failed.

The whole system
just failed.

This guy
killed a 22-year-old kid.

In cold blood.

It's wrong.

You know it's wrong.

And I think
Jimmy does, too.


I'm sorry?

He practices now
under the name Saul Goodman.

I distinctly remember

you referring to him
as a "scumbag."

Uh, I admit I have had
my problems with...Saul.

That's true.

But I also believe
underneath it all --

underneath all of his...
showiness --

he's a lawyer.

And a human being.

And I think he knows
what's right.




Boss says
he looks too pretty.

Want me
to take care of it?


I'll do it.

Now get the hell
outta here.

Gotta make it look real,

Let's get it
over with.

First things first.

Tony, good to see you.

How's night school
treating you?

"A" in Econ,
Mr. Hamlin.

Ah, good for you.
Keep it up!

Oh, uh, sorry, sir.

'Scuse me.
My bad.

No worries.

'Scuse me.

Better get
a move on.

Kid looks quick.

[Beethoven's Piano Concerto
No. 5 in It Flat Major,
Op.- - 3 -

Let's go,

Prolly 'bout 45 seconds.

I'm just sayin'.

Heard you
the first time.

Smooth as glass.

Guy drove away
without a clue.


And, uh,
how does it work?

Press "four" for unlock.
"Five" for lock.

Rest'll take care
of itself.

Four for unlock,
five for lock...


What you asked for,
and a little extra.

Should cover you
and the "keymaster."

Can I ask you summin'?

Sure, go ahead.

Personal, kinda.

Okay. What?

You a lawyer.

You make good money,

Good days and bad,
but, yeah.

Legit money.

On the level.

Yeah. So?

Your wife's a lawyer.

A legit lawyer.


Why you do all this?

I gotcha.

I-I know,
from the outside,

this looks like
just another scam.


you're not seeing
the bigger picture.

A couple months from now,
there are people whose lives

are gonna be way better
because of this.

A-- We're making
a real difference.

Trust me.

We're doing
the Lord's work here.

If you say so.

Be seeing you.


Buckle your safety belts,
boys and girls,

because Huell
came through.

Huell says "hi,"
by the way.

Hu-- Glad to hear it.

What's going on?

I have news,

Lalo is dead.

Holy shit.

The D.A.'s office
put it together

that Lalo was calling himself
De Guzman.

They are pretty upset
they let him go.

I'll bet they are.

Ericsen seems to think
that if Lalo lied to you

and you didn't know
about the pseudonym,

that you could
break confidentiality.

She wants you
to talk.

She says it's "right."

Well, what do you think
we should do?

You...should do
whatever you want, Jimmy.

They don't have
anything on you.

It's just a fishing expedition
to see if you bite.

You think
I should do it?

It depends.

On what?


I guess
it's basically --

do you want to be
a "friend of the cartel"? you want
to be a rat?

Bolsa will want
to hear the truth from you

before the Salamancas
have you.

Their methods
take too long for his taste.

What will you say?

I'll say
it was Alvarez.

Working for Los Odios
out of Peru.

That, um...

I've been on the payroll
for almost a year.


Once you say it,
you get to your feet.

You start running
as fast as you can at Victor.

You'll be zip-tied,
he'll be ready.

Get past him
and keep running.

He'll handle it.

He puts me down,
you mean.

It'll be over quick.

You have
something more to say?

I wanna be there.

The Salamancas
know you.

They know
your face.

I'm not gonna be close enough
for them to eyeball me.

I should be there
for insurance.

There are a lot of ways
this can go south.

Turn around.

you are going to die.


There are good deaths,
and there are bad deaths.

Tell me
what I need to know --

I'll see
that your death is a good one.

Who put you
up to this?

One last chance.


It was Alvarez.

Los Odios,
out of Peru.

They paid me
to set up your nephew.

And I did.

Alvarez, we know.

Los Odios,
we know.

Was anyone else


You think...
the Chicken Man?

What a joke.

Alvarez has been paying me
for years -- years.

But you know what?

I would've done it
for free,

because I hate
every last one

of you psycho
sacks of shit.

I opened Lalo's gate.

And I would
do it again.

And I'm glad
what they did to him.

He's a soulless pig.

And I wish I'd killed him
with my own hands.

And you know what else,

I put you
in that chair.

Oh, yeah.
Your heart meds?

I switched them
for sugar pills.

You were
dead and buried,

and I had to watch this asshole
bring you back.

So when you are sitting
in your shitty nursing home

and you're suckin' down
on your jello

night after night
for the rest of your life,

you think of me,
you twisted fuck!

Es suyo.

Do it.

On the next episode of
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You ever feel like
you're being followed?

Who's here to see
Saul Goodman?

You're the guy, right?

I'm just getting
warmed up.

What the hell is going on?

It's just...wrong.

I need guys
in close.

Are. You.
Following me?