Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Carrot and Stick - full transcript

Harsh realities dawn on Nacho. Gus investigates his suspicions.

Previously on
"Better Call Saul"...

Hamlin: Where did it
come from?

Didn't it just fall
out of your locker?

I don't see how...

Lalo Salamanca is dead.

Ignacio Varga is a rat.

Don Eladio has put a price
on his head.

The kid deserves your respect.

He has it.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Bell dings]

Tyrus: We're working on
getting you out.

It's gonna take
a couple of days.

What happens
between now and then?

Stay out of sight.

[Magazine clicks]

Ricki Lake: Why'd you break up with
him to begin with? What happened?

Woman: Okay, well, first I got
to start off with how we met. Okay.

I met him in August of 2002on
Black Planet. A beautiful, sunny day.

[Laughs] It was!
You saw him from across the horizon.

Yeah! [Laughs]

And I'm like, "Okay,
I got to make sure

this is
all the way safe."

So I wait from August to April
to go see him in person, so...

You met on the Internet. Yeah.

So, I take myself, 23-hour bus tri...

Bus trip from...

[Dominoes clattering]

Come on. Come on. Come on. [Gasps]

I was like, with everything...

You bathed him.

Everything... I think I'm...
I think I'm getting really...

Really good at this.

But wh-wh-what do you...
What do you think the...

What the record is?
Love him!

I stayed up...

I-It's got to be like a I...
Like a lot,

but wh-what
do you think it is? Yeah.

Wh-What do you think
the record is?

...get the paper,

The record?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I-I don't... I don't know.

The girlfriend of the century.

Like... Like... I...
Hundreds. Hundreds. Hundreds.

At least hundreds.

Like, I-I would...
I would need more dominoes.

I... You know,
I just... I just think

I can get [Laughing]
really good at this.

You know, and, like, you just...

You just... you have...
You have to set it up

and then... you just...
You have to set it up,

and the people come...

They come up
and they count them.

That's just how that...
That's how it works.

But if you knock it over
before they come over here,

it doesn't count anymore.
It doesn't count. Right?

If I just set it up correctly and
then they would set the whole...

[Keys jingling, lock disengages]

...come over, and then they would come
in... and so, then, you know, but...

...kind of like
over the phone...

Nacho's not here.
If I knock it over before they...

We haven't heard
anything from him. doesn't...

Jo: Ahh!
Oh, my God!

We don't know where he is.
He's been gone a long time.

Please don't... We...
We haven't heard anything.

We don't know anything.
Please, please, please, please.


Please, please, please,
please, please, please...


Pay attention.
...please, please, please...

[Breathing heavily]

...considering I got
a lot of...

I got demand and...

I have a message
from Nacho. Exactly.

He won't be coming back.
He sends his regrets.

So... here's what's
going to happen.

You're going to take
what's yours,

and you're going to leave.

Jo: But we...

You... You... You...
You want us to leave?

Amber: Wait. That...
That man... where is he going?

He's helping you
gather your things.


But we like it here.

Well, now you're going to
like it someplace else.

You're going to take this.

Get on a bus.
Go to your families.

You don't have a family,

then you go to a friend.

You don't have friends...

then make some.

But I strongly suggest
you do whatever you can

to get back on your feet.

But do it far away from here.

[Clicks tongue]

This goes back in my pocket
in five seconds.

You won't like
what happens next.

You never come back.


Two-and-a-half deep.

Two-and-a-half wide.

Three-and-a-half high.

Tuthill, dial lock on the left.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Metal squeaks]

[Hammer drill whirring]

[Whirring continues]

[Cup clatters]

[Whirring stops]

[Door creaks]

[Flashlight thuds]

[Money thudding]

[Engine rumbling]

[Brakes squeal]

[Engine shuts off]

[Truck door opens]

[Truck door closes]

[Metal clanking]

[Button clicks]

[Door rattling]

[Machinery whirring]

[Handle clicks]

[Money thudding]

[Door creaks, slams]

I was a hard worker.

I was a company man.


20 years
and I didn't miss a single day.

[Exhales sharply]

They even gave me
a plaque for it.


It was a gold plaque.

Perfect attendance.

But when they handed it to me,
I wrenched my back.

I was in so much pain,
I couldn't do my job,

[Sighs] which meant I couldn't
put food on the table.

I didn't want to sue,

but with a family to support,
what choice did I have?

[Fish tank bubbling]

Wait. Who are you
supposed to be again?


I... The back story
is just a placeholder.

I'm gonna polish the script
once we cast.

But a personal injury suit?

Best case scenario,

that gets them in
with an associate...


[Clears throat]

[Midwestern accent] When I took
that job at the shoe factory,

I had no idea
I was risking my life.

Now I can't stop coughing.


[Normal voice]
Right? Come on.

Hey, a mesothelioma class action

built Clifford Main
his vacation house.

He hears "mesothelioma,"
his eyes pop!

Well, sure,
but then he takes the case.

What happens when he asks for
a medical evaluation, right?


And how does Howard come up?

Ask me why I'm here.

What brings you
to Davis & Main today?

I am sick.
I'm really sick. Good.

It's not mesothelioma,
but it's not good,

and I need a lawyer.

And the pickings are slim.

I already went to HHM.

I met with their top guy.

Howard Hamlin.
And, uh, uh...

I've got a brother-in-law,

and he's got
a pretty nasty coke habit,

very similar energy.

Just put me off.

Anyway, I need a lawyer,
blah, blah, blah.

Okay, but you got a bad feeling

from just one meeting?

Yeah, well, the brother-in-law
with the coke.

Yeah, but you were only
in the room with him once. Okay.

So it's got to be someone
with a history with Howard.

But Cliff has to want to take the meeting,

but not the case.

[Sighs] It's gotta be good,
but not too good.

There's a sweet spot.

You know, like a magnet.

We... We pull Cliff in,
and then repel him...


[Inhales sharply]



You are going to hate this.


Incident report.

Autopsy report.

Site map.

It all checks out.

Dental records, too.


This is everything?

Everything the Federales have.

[Knock on table]

How did the fire start?

It began at the kitchen stove.

They think, uh,
someone was cooking

when it all went down.

[Cellphone keypad beeping]


Don Juan.

I have had another thought

about how we might
keep the peace...

[Birds chirping]

[Vehicle approaching]

[Metal creaks]

[Electricity crackling]

[Gearshift clicks,
engine shuts off] Wow.


[Breathes deeply]

[Car door opens]

[Car door closes]

[Insects chirping]

[Air rushing]

[Air rushing continues]

[Breathes sharply]

[Printer whirring]

[Chill Wills'"Battle Hymn
of the Republic"plays]


[Paper rustling]

Just take
these little bits off for you.

We recycle,
so you can feel good about that.


That's $246.73
for you!

But first, we need
a few little signatures...

Just here...

[Pen clicks]

[Pen clicks]

[Door opens, bell dings]

Be right with...

[Door closes]

Um, and one more right here.

And that's all there is to it.

Here you go.

They'll cash this
over at the casino for me?

They sure will.

Thank you. Thank you for choosing
Sweet Liberty Tax Services.

Thank you. Tell your friends!

I sure will.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Hello, Betsy.

Long time no see.

Get out.

I have something very exciting

I want to discuss with you
and your husband.

We are not interested.

I am asking you nicely

to leave our place of business.

This, you're gonna want to hear.

If you don't leave right now,

my husband
is going to remove you

from this establishment.


A golden opportunity like this
only comes... Craig?

Mr. Kettleman, may I see you up front?

Mr. McGill!


Good to see you.

It's Goodman now, actually.

Saul Goodman.
Long story. Okay.

But, hey, you're looking fit.

I see, uh,
County didn't do you any harm. Oh.


Y'know, they have a surprisingly
good exercise program, yeah.

It's aerobics mostly,
or do they... Um...

Craig. Honey.

Maybe we should discuss this
in private?


Excuse us for a second.

We have a little
tax emergency...



Okay, just...

Just get away from here.

You've got some nerve
coming here after what you did.

Listen... Thief!

[Breathing heavily]

Because of you,
we lost everything.

Our kids are in public school.

So why don't you go crawl back

under whatever
slime-covered rock you came from

and leave us the heck alone!

Okay. I... I sense
some anger here.

But, uh, that's... that's
perfectly understandable.

But since you brought it up...

I came here today
because I was curious

if you two
wanted your lives back.

There's actually
a legal term for it.


Oh, y'know, we actually did
look into that.


We went to a number
of lawyers and...

Real lawyers.

They were all terrific.

But they said
that it was impossible.


Okay, but those lawyers
don't know what I know.

What's that?
No, Craig.

He's got an angle.
I do have an angle, Craig.

It's an angle called justice.

Uh, let me put it this way.

[Clears throat]

I think
that within Craig's case,

I have found the grounds
for a civil suit.

A big one.


Okay, then.

Let's hear it.

Let's hold your horses

because we've been
down this road before,

and the last time
I gave you two advice,

you went straight
to the competition with it.

So I just need some assurances

that all my hard work
isn't gonna end up

in the hands of, uh,
Clifford Main

or some other asshole

at some pretentious
Santa Fe white shoe law firm.

So, before we talk turkey...

Letters of Engagement.

Yeah, you remember these.

I made some updates.

Just closed a few loopholes
and whatnot.

So, uh...
We're not signing anything.

You're gonna have to sign

if you want to know
what I know, so...

We're not signing.

You're sure?



Thanks anyway.

[Pen clicks, paper rustling]

Alright, well, um...

Sorry we couldn't
work something out.

I'm sure you are.

Are you crazy?

He has something
that could exonerate me.

No, he doesn't.
He is a crook.

He is a crookedy crook.

[Air rushing]

Mr. Goodman?

[Pen clicks]

Best decision you've ever made.

Here you go.

What do you know?

You got one, too, Betsy.

[Paper rustling]

Oh, come on.

That's not... Ow.

Alright, well, we are
officially in business.

[Clears throat]
I have it on good authority

that Craig here was not
given proper counsel.

We already knew that.

But did you ask yourselves why?

No. Why?

What if I told you
that in your hour of need,

the person who was supposed to
be on your side was impaired.


A... [Clears throat]

A "person of substance."

[Conversing indistinctly]

A person of substance...
The substance in question

being a certain
illegal white powder.

That awful woman with the ponytail

is a cocaine addict?

No, not Kim Wexler.

Craig's lead attorney.

Howard Hamlin.


But he was so professional

And... energetic.



"Ooooh" is right.

So upbeat is bad...?

In this case,
it's textbook malpractice.

I believe the magic phrase

is "ineffective
assistance of counsel."

If your guy wasn't nose deep
in the devil's dandruff,

well, Craig's case would have
turned out completely different.

Oh, my God.

Don't we need
some kind of proof?

All the dirty laundry
comes out in discovery.

Just the trips to rehab...

...secret drug deals.

All we got to do
is get the ball rolling.

So I say we get started
on your affidavits.

Yes. Yes.
About that...

We happen to know a thing or two

about our rights,
Mr. McGill.

And it doesn't matter
what you force us to sign.

We don't have to work with
any lawyer we don't want.

And that means you're fired.

I am not fired!

Oh, yes, you are. No. No!

He's fired?
I thought...


I thought we were so...
No, you can't fire me.

I found this case.
It's mine.

Hey... Hey, you want
to hear about rights?

The second you say where
you got this information from,

guess who automatically
gets a cut?

So go ahead!

Go ahead and see what happens!


[Insects chirping]

[Breathing heavily]

[Birds chirping]

[Dog panting]

[Air conditioner rasping]

[Pounding on air conditioner]

[Air conditioner powers down,

[Breathing heavily]

[Switch clicking]

[Breathing heavily]

[Dog barking in distance]

[Fist pounds]

[Faucet turns on, water runs]

[Exhales heavily]


[Footsteps approaching]

[Safety clicks]


[Knock on door]

[Footsteps departing]

[Door opens]

[Door closes, lock engages]

[Dog barking in distance]

[Curtain rattles]


[Air conditioner rattling]

[Water dripping]

[Guitar playing
Dave Paul's "End of Day"]

[Footsteps approach]

[Knock on door]

[Music stops]
Hey, do you have a sec?

Of course.
What's up?

I've got a prospective client
in my office

and I wanted to check with you

before I officially
turn him away.

Who is it?

Remember the old
Bernalillo County treasurer?

The one who embezzled...

I think it was something like
two million dollars?


Craig Kettleman.

Now Mr. Kettleman's here
with his wife

because they want to sue
his former lawyers.

They're saying
he didn't have proper counsel.

Didn't HHM handle that case?

We didn't get into the details.

They said they wanted
to talk to someone in charge

and I'm just a, quote,
"pre-pubescent intern."

What's the basis of their claim?


Howard Hamlin?

Oh, you don't see it right away.

He is very high functioning.

He is living a life
outside his life... Mm-hmm.

Yes, he is. they sometimes say.


And... And what leads you
to believe this?

Well, we heard that...

I heard...
You... Yeah.

...certain things during my incarceration.

I mean, it was pretty much
common knowledge

out in the yard.
Out in the yard. Yeah.

Common knowledge.
Out in the yard. Yes.

Yeah. Those drug people can
spot each other a mile away.

They just know.

Did you have any evidence
to support this?

Well, it will all come out
in discovery. Discovery.

All his drug purchases,

his drug associates, mm-hmm...

All of that gets on the record
during discovery.



But, uh, you're the expert here.

[Both chuckle]

We are prepared
to give our affidavits anytime.

Today would even be
perfectly convenient for us.

Yes, we are ready when you are.

[Both chuckle]

Well, I want to thank you

for taking the time
to come see us.

Unfortunately, I don't think
we're gonna be able to help.

Our firm is partnering with HHM
on another case,

so this would be
a clear conflict of interest.

Partnering with them?

Well, surely that will change

now that you know the facts.

With the...

Can I give you some advice?

You're gonna have
a difficult time pursuing this

no matter who your lawyer is.

Overturning a conviction
in a case like Craig's

is extremely difficult.

Even if these allegations
were true...

And I got to tell ya,

it does not sound like
the Howard Hamlin that I know...

It is unlikely
that you will succeed.

So you won't represent Craig?

I'm afraid not.

Well, then we will take
our business elsewhere.

Sorry we couldn't
be of help. Bet you are.

Uh... okay.
[Mug thuds]

[Telephones ring in distance]

Woman: Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.

She's been expecting you
to call. One moment.

Man: We're gonna start
with the...

Man #2: Hi, Mr. Robertson.



I know
I don't need to remind you

everything we just heard
was privileged.

Of course.

And Howard Hamlin?

I tried to save you the time.

You did, Erin.

Thank you.

plays on the TV]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Don Hector.


[Breathing heavily, grunting]

[Breathing heavily]

[Breathing heavily]

We'll be in touch.

[Engine rumbling]


[Line clicks]

What did you learn?

Lalo Salamanca lives.

[Dominoes clatter]

[Crickets chirping]

[Lighter clicking]

[Exhales sharply]

[Objects clattering]

[Grunts] [Speaking Spanish]



[Metal clatters]

[Grinding continues]

[Die grinder powers down]

[Metal clattering]

[Plates thudding]


[Money thudding]

[Paper rustling]

[Keypad beeping]


[Air conditioner rattling]

[Water dripping]


[Breathing heavily]

Come on.

[Breathing heavily]

Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.


[Knock on door]

[Tray taps]

[Birds chirping]

[Footsteps departing]

[Locks disengaging]

[Door opens]

[Breathes deeply]



[Door closes]

[Tray, dishware clattering]

[Locks engaging]

[Cellphone closes]

[Box thuds]

[Grunting lightly]

[Exhales sharply]

[Air conditioner rattling]

[Foot thudding]

[Air conditioner thuds]

[Birds chirping]

[Dog barking in distance]

[Birds chirping]

[Man humming "Las Golondrinas"]

[Singing in Spanish]

[Air conditioner humming]

[Water dripping]

[Water dripping]

[Water splashes lightly]

♪ También yo estoy ♪

♪ En la región per did a ♪


Nacho: Don't.

Get up and turn around.

[Box thuds]

Slide your gun over.

[Gun scraping]

Who you working for?

No sé.

[Speaking Spanish]


[Speaking Spanish]

[Chuckles] Señor...

[Keypad beeping]


Tyrus: Yeah.

Something's not right, man.

Someone on you?
I-I don't know.

I got... I got a bad feeling.

I-I need to get outta here.

I wouldn't do that.
Just stay put...

I can't stay put, man.

I'm gonna find a way across
on my own.

Hey, you wanna get
through this, you listen to me.

It won't be much longer.

You go out on your own,
we can't h...

[Cellphone closes]

[Cellphone rings]

[Button clicks]

[Exhales sharply]

[Cellphone vibrating]


[Vibrating continues]

[Gun slams]

[Truck door opens]

[Truck door closes]

[Breathing heavily]

[Steering lock cracks]

[Vehicle approaching]

[SUV doors close]

[Vehicle approaches]

[Breathing heavily]

[SUV doors close]

[Breathing heavily]


[Foot thuds]
[Woman screams]

[Foot thuds, door cracks]


[Shouting in Spanish]


[Rapid gunfire]


[Shell casings clatter]

[Gunshots, glass breaks]

[Gunshots continue]


[Body thuds]

[Speaking Spanish]

[Wires zapping]

[Engine starts]

[Tires screech]

[Metal crunches]

[Magazine clicks, barrel snaps]

[Tires screech]



[Birds chirping]


Okay. [Sighs]
Look at this.

I got Judge Papadoumian
tomorrow at 11:00

and I want her
to see stars in her eyes.

I don't know about stars.

You might blind her.

No offense.

You don't know her like I do.


[Cellphone vibrating]


[Vibrating continues]

[Keypad beeps]
Saul Goodman, speedy justice for you.

Ho, wait.
Okay. Alright.

Just take a breath,
and then we can...

Okay, okay,
I can tell you're upset.

Just, uh... I...
I never advised that.

No. [Sighs]

No, I did not,
so let's agree to disagree.

Okay, I think you're gonna want

to meet in person
before you do anything rash.

So, how about...
How about we meet up

and we can hash this out?

Sure, sure. Tomorrow.
First thing. Uh, 9 a.m.

Uh, I can come to your office.

That work?

Okay. Okay.

[Keypad beeps]


I'm surprised
it took 'em this long.



[Groans lightly]

You, uh... you're gonna
use the stick, right?

The stick?

Yeah, well, it's a big stick.

It's huge.
But I know these people.

They're more carrot types.

Especially her.

A spoonful of sugar, y'know?

[Breathes deeply]


[Dog barking in distance]

I think maybe I'll come, too.

Tomorrow? Really?

I have time.

[Keyboard clacking]


[Engine rumbling]

[Birds chirping]


All quiet.

Stay sharp.

[Radio hisses]

Tyrus: They found the truck,
but no sign of Varga.

Salamancas have all hands
looking for him,

including the Federales.

He's still not
picking up his cell,

so no way to get a lock on it.

Now, as for Lalo, still missing.

Far as everybody
in the cartel is concerned,

top to bottom, Lalo is dead.

Mike: Oh.
May I offer a thought?

If Salamanca
were coming straight for you,

he'd be here already.

We've got guys watching

anywhere he might turn up
this side of Mexico,

wiretaps on any phone
he might call.

There is not a whiff of him.

Now, my guess is
he's smart enough to know

it's not in
the Salamanca family interests

to take you out without a reason

the bosses can get behind.

So the odds are,
he's searching for Varga.

Finds him alive,
gets him to talk...

Varga's alone
in foreign territory.

No one he can trust.

The kid's smart,
but he's not gonna last.

He's gonna get caught.

[Glass shatters]


[Glass clinking]


The best way to handle this...

I take four of our best guys

across the border
and track Varga down.

Let me find him,

bring him back before
the Salamancas sweep him up.

It's our only play.

[Glass clinking]

[Sighs heavily]

[Glass clatters]

[Breathes deeply]

[Horn honks in distance]


You're not doing that.

[Door closes]

[Lock engages]

You don't understand.

That's not happening.

Just say the word.

Whatever happens next,

it's not gonna go down
the way you think it is.

[Gun cocks]

[Cellphone ringing]

It's him.


I've been calling Varga
for hours.

He hasn't picked up once.

He's been trying to get me
since he left Salamanca's.

You want me to answer it?
[Ringing continues]

[Keypad beeps]



Not my call.

That's up to you.

He wants to talk to you.

[Cane tapping]

[Car doors closes]

[Birds chirping]

How the mighty have fallen, huh?

Lady Liberty's
a nice touch, though.


Sure you wanna go in?


Let's do this.

[Cane tapping]

[Bell dings]

Hello, folks.
Top of the morning.

In the flesh, as promised.

What is she doing here?

Anything you want to say to me,

you can say
in front of Ms. Wexler.

We're married.

Oh! Mazel Tov.

I'll talk in front of her.

I'll talk in front of anybody.

Everyone's gonna hear the truth
soon enough, anyway.

And what truth is that?

There is no case.
There never was a case.

We went to
four different lawyers...

Real, legitimate lawyers...

And they all said
the same thing.

There is not
a snowball's chance in Hell

there was ever money
or anything else for us

in this "insufficiency
of counsel" nonsense.

I didn't get it at first...
Why would you do this?

Why send us down this road?

Then the clouds parted
on your sick little scheme.

You used us.

Us and our good name

to character assassinate
Howard Hamlin.

Somehow, some way,

it benefits you
to tear him down.

And we're... we're mad.

Okay, yeah... I'm hearing
a lot of unfounded accusations

being tossed around.

I don't know anything
about "schemes"

or "character assassination"
or whatnot.

But [Clears throat]
if you're feeling slighted,

um, we can make it right.



Money's not gonna
take care of this.

Money takes care of everything.

I... Isn't that the motto

stitched into
the Kettleman Family Crest?

We don't want money.

I am nonplussed.

I'm guessing you want something.

Do what you promised.

Do what I what?

Exonerate Craig.
Get his good name back.

Alright, well,
as you've been advised,

for a number of reasons,
that's not gonna happen.

It is gonna happen.

It is.

It's... You're just gonna
have to figure out a way.

If anyone can do this, it's you.

I know you don't want us
going to Howard Hamlin.

Because whatever it is
you're up to

I'm sure he would be
very interested.

Okay, let's just go easy
on the threats...

We want our lives back.

The way they were befo... before.

We lost everything.

And we didn't deserve
any of this.

Enough carrot.

[Clears throat]

[Keypad clicks, dial tone]

Dial 9 to get out.

Oh. Thank you.

We didn't give her permission
to use the phone.

[Keypad beeping]

She needed the phone.

Woman: Internal Revenue Service,

Hi, could you put me through

to Justin St angel
in Criminal Investigations?

One moment, please...

What are you doing?
Excuse me?

This is Justin.

Justin. Kim Wexler.
How are you?

Hey, Kim.
Good to hear from you.

How are Noreen and the boys?
Oh, hangin' in.

Noreen always talks about

having you by
for dinner sometime.

We should do that.
Tell her to call me.

I was wondering

who your CID officer is
these days.

You have something for us?

Oh, I just might.

Tax preparer fraud.

A lot of it.

I'm listening.

Well, it's this, uh, rundown
little mom and pop outfit

I've had my eye on for a while.

Don't ask me why...

Clearly, I need to get a life.

But from what I can glean,
their clients always end up

with smaller refunds
that they deserve.

Don't do this.

Do the clients sign over
third-party authorization?


So what I'm thinking
is these creeps

file legit returns
with you guys,

give the clients fake ones
that show

about half the proper amount,
and then pocket the difference.

Classic scam.

Well, I know just the guy
to go after these dirt bags.

Tony Oropallo.
A real bulldog.

I'll transfer you over.

Such a big help, Justin.

You got it.
Talk soon.

[Hold music plays]
You don't have to do this.

Don't I?

Betsy, you'll probably get
24 months...

maybe 18 with good behavior.

But Craig?
You are a two-time loser.

They will definitely
make an example out of you.

Each false return they discover

will be a separate felony.

What are we talking?
A hundred?

Two hundred?

[Music continues]

CID, Anthony Oropallo speaking...

[Receiver slams]

[Breathing heavily]


We'll do anything.

Just tell us.

Why would I believe you?

[Breathes deeply]


[Gasps lightly]



[Sighs] First, you contact
every person you've ripped off.

Tell them you made
an accounting error,

tell them you're crooks
who had a change of heart,

I don't care.

Give them
what they are legally owed.

Everything you stole.

And then, after that...
you're going to forget

you ever heard the name
Howard Hamlin.

I'm keeping my eye
on both of you.

You think
you've lost everything?

You have no idea.

[Door opens, bell dings]

[Door slams]

[Footsteps departing]

[Breathing deeply]


[Birds chirping]

[Door opens, bell dings]

You gave them the money,
didn't you?

[Car doors opening]

[Car doors closing]


Wolves and sheep.



[Engine starts]

[Tires screech lightly]

[Birds chirping]

[Engine starts]

Announcer: On the final season
of "Better Call Saul"...

You're the guy, right?

What guy's that?

Salamanca's guy.

Are you building
some kind of case against Jimmy?

That's a lot big talk.
Prove it.


What Colonel Sanders is
to chicken,

Saul Goodman is to the law.

It's just you and me.

Anyone who goes after
him is gonna have to come through me.

[Electricity clicks]

What happens now?

I need to know
everything he does

and everyone he talks to.

"I'm Saul Goodman. Pow.
I fight for you."