Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Magic Man - full transcript

Now doing business as Saul Goodman, Jimmy unveils an unorthodox strategy that tests Kim's tolerance of his new legal persona. Lalo searches for the mysterious "Michael."








MAN 1 [OVER RADIO]: Black Ford Mustang
on sidewalk at Barnham Hill.

Nine juveniles with spray cans,
uh, took off on foot.

Asian male, no visual, officer.


MAN 2:
Noise complaint, 61352 Harrison.



French toast didn't work out, huh?

Oh, yeah.

That's fine.

I can warm it up for you.

It's... It's okay.

Well, I can get you something else.
We're serving lunch now.

I'm good. Really.

Can I at least freshen that for you?

Yeah. Um...


Hi, Molly. It's, uh, me, Gene.

This is your cell number.
I'm sorry about that.

Yeah, I'm fine. It was a false alarm.

You know, um,
turns out I was just dehydrated.

So, heh, can you believe it?

Yeah, I definitely will.

Um, hey, uh, I won't be back for...

Well, till Thursday.

Can you and Frederica open?

Oh. Good.

And, um, also I think you're gonna have
to sign for a delivery this afternoon.

Oh, you did already. Great, thank you.
Um... Oh.

And has anybody been asking about me?

You know, I mean, like, any customers
come to the store looking for me?

Somebody hanging around or...?

No, no. Nothing wrong. I just...

I got some calls
from an insurance salesman.

You know, pushy type, so, heh...

So nobody at all?

No? Well, that's it, then. Um...

Yeah, sure. I will.

And, uh, I will see you in a few days.

Thanks, Molly. Yeah.


MAN 1:
Nine-fifty three down at the warehouse

on our fourth report of a civilian,
two blocks...

District is 1094 Aurora Drive.

MAN 2:
Ten-23. James and Woll...

MAN 1: Vehicle parking complaint.
Grey Chevy Astro van blocking driveway.


MAN 2: There's a juvenile.
White male, about 4'8", 70 pounds.

Ten-28 arrived home. That'd be 0700.


Gunshot on Sixty-fifth and Seventieth.

Our callers may or may not make it...


♪ Welcome to my world ♪

♪ Won't you come on in? ♪

♪ Miracles, I guess ♪


♪ Still happen now and then ♪

♪ Step into my heart ♪

♪ Leave your cares behind ♪

♪ Welcome to my world ♪

♪ Welcome to my world ♪♪



It is you. I thought it was you.

I wasn't all the way sure,
but now that I'm seeing you up close,

sure, it's you.

Aw, aw... Come on, man.
I just want to say hi. I'm a big fan.

Back in the day, when I lived
in Albuquerque with my ex,

I used to see you everywhere.

You were on the billboards, on the TV,
I used to have one of your matchbooks.

You got me mixed up with someone.

My name is Takavic, Gene Takavic.

Um, sorry, I'm gonna...
I got to get back to work.

Come on, man. That is not cool.

I know who you are. You know who you are.
Let's just get past that.

Don't worry about him. He's cool.
Heh, heh. He just wanted to come along.

Hey, you know who I had in my cab once?

Sammy Hagar. Ha-ha-ha.

He's even more famous than you.

What do you want?

I just want you to admit it.

- I don't know what you're...
- Sure you do.

Just say it.

I... I really don't know what...

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, man.

Say it.

Better call Saul.


I... I can't even hear that.

Better call Saul.

Once again and do the point.

Better call Saul.

There we go.

Little rusty, but, heh,
you'll do better next time.


You didn't ask, but the name's Jeff.

Any time you need me,

you just call up Omaha United Cabs.

You ask for me, they'll find me,
no matter where I'm at.

Never more than five minutes away.

Oh, man. It's great to meet you.

It's an honour.

All right, I'll see you.






Please deposit an additional 50 cents.


Best Quality Vacuum, how may I help you?

Yeah, I need an adaptor for a Hoover
MaxExtract Pressure-Pro, model 60.


We've delivered to you before, haven't we?

Yeah, I'm in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mr Takavic...

That will be a very difficult part
to obtain.

And I wanna warn you it's gonna be
more expensive than the original.

- How expensive?
- Double the price.

And we are still in
a cash-on-delivery situation. Uh...

Will that be a problem?

No, no, it's fine.

- How hot are you?
- I got made.

You got made? All right.

- Any official involvement?
- No, not yet.

Pickup is going to be
in the same place you were dropped off.

Do you remember where that is?

Yeah, I do.

All right, Mr Takavic.



Seven a.m.

Same spot.

You know the rest, am I right?

Mr Takavic?

Still there?

I've changed my mind.

- Changed your mind?
- Yeah.

To be clear,
you are not going forward with this?

I'm gonna fix it myself.




- Jimmy.
- Kim.

- What are you...?
- Listen.

I know this seems fast.
It is fast, but I can see it.

- You're changing your name?
- No!

- Well, yes, but it's for my clients.
- You're gonna call yourself Saul Goodman?

I'm already calling myself Saul Goodman.
We've talked about this.

The skells who've been buying my phones,
sure as shooting, sooner or later,

every last one of them is gonna find
themselves in the back of a squad car.

How do I get them to call Jimmy McGill?
I don't.

I stay Saul Goodman,
they call the guy they already know.

I thought I was wasting a year of my life.

It wasn't a waste. It was for this.
This is it.

- When did you decide...?
- Just now! Back there! Boom! It hit me!

This is the way. Kim, it's gonna work.

- I...
- I know, I know.

All of a sudden, I've got it
all figured out. But I... I do.

This is right.

So let me just... I'll get this done,
and then we can talk about it, okay?

I mean...

unless, is there some angle
that I'm not seeing here?

If you want me to slow my roll,
I can come back and do this another day.

- If this is how you're really feeling...
- It is.

- I say sure.
- Great. Five minutes max.

Okay, where were we?

Just that you need to sign the documents
with your legal name.

- You got it.
- All that's left is the notice of entry.

Jimmy Saul Goodman...


- Thank you, honey.
- Mm-hm.


Werner Ziegler. Werner Ziegler.

Werner Ziegler.


You know how many Werner Zieglers
there are in Germany?


Twenty-six now, according to Mrs Ziegler.

I told you, I never heard of the guy.

What about "Michael"?

Like I said, I only know the names
of two guys over there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Victor and Tyrus.


- Yeah?
- Werner Ziegler, ever heard of that guy?

Werner Ziegler?

Uh... No.

LALO: What about Michael?
He's a bald gringo. He's in the game.



- You're good.
TURK: Okay.

South wall pouring concrete?

What's he up to, man? What's he doing?

So there's nothing new going on, huh?
Nothing different?

- Like what?
- Like anything.



It's nothing.

It's nothing, man.

Couple of skells on Fourth have been
complaining that this stuff is stepped on.

- Stepped on?
NACHO: Mm-hm.

You hear that too?

They say it's different.

- Different how?
- Skells complain. It's what they do.


Show me.


Arlo, my man!

- Yeah?
- Three.

Let's see what you got.



Wait! Whoa, whoa!

Yo, vato! Yo!

Yo, vato, where you going?

You're not going in there.



Mouse, it's okay.

So where's the stuff?

It's in the chair.

What, this chair?

This about the count?
Because the count is good.

You're holding cash?

Yeah, I got it all right here.

If you're holding my cash...

what are you doing up here with my stuff?


No one's stepping on it, man.

We pick the stuff from the chicken farm,
we cut it, we split it and it lands here.

I'm with it all the way.

At his chicken farm...

you pick it up how?

He puts out 10 keys, I pick six.

How do you pick them?

I just pick different ones each time.
They're all the same.


Okay, so these...

These are okay.

But these...


This shit's not ours, man.


This is old-school beautiful.

Yeah, you deserve it.

- But, uh, JMM.
- Yeah.

Sorry about that. I didn't know.
I got it for Jimmy McGill.

Yeah, well, Jimmy loves it.

And don't worry, I'm using it.

If, uh, anybody says anything,
I'll just say JMM is my motto.

- Your motto?
- Yeah.


matters most.

- That's nice.
- Heh.

There's also this.


Oh, yeah.

"World's second best lawyer. Again."

That's the real mistake.
"World's second best lawyer."

Because Saul Goodman is gonna give you
a run for your money.

Bet he will.

Thank you.

For everything.


You know what?

The real trick is gonna be
to get my clients to know

that the cell-phone guy is now a lawyer.

- Their lawyer.
- Yep, that'll be a trick.

What I'm thinking is,

see, I've still got almost a full pallet
of cell phones left,

so why not run a promotion?

I'll make a real event out of it.
I'll give them away, okay?

And, uh, for added sweetener,

limited time only,

um, non-violent felonies, 50 percent off.

You know, just like, uh, commit
four felonies, you get the fifth one free.

And there will be friends and family too,
so you can share them around.


Yeah. I mean, it's just...

Get people in the door,
once they're hooked, I will upsell them.

Doesn't that sound like you're encouraging
these people to commit crimes?

Ha, ha. They don't need encouragement.
Believe me.

- One scoop or two?
- One.

Kim, you don't know these assholes
like I do.

Rain or shine, these morons
will be out there doing stupid shit

and getting arrested for it.

Little discount won't make
a bit of difference.

Do you want sprinkles?
Because I'm having sprinkles.

Uh, sure.

I'm just worried
about how this reflects on you.

You know what, when you're right,
you're right.

What am I doing cutting prices?
Discount is a desperation move.


This is why this works.
I go too far, and you pull me back.

Don't you think
you're selling yourself short?

You worked so hard
to get your licence back.

We worked.

We worked, so why be...?


Why...? Why this?

It's perfect.

They already know me, I know them.
What's not to love?


Kim, I can't go back
to being Jimmy McGill.

Jimmy McGill, the lawyer, is always
gonna be Chuck McGill's loser brother.

I'm done with that. That name is burned.

This is a fresh start.
This is how I move forward.

And I like it.

Sorry, it's... I just can't see it.

It's okay.

You will.




Did I keep you waiting?

I was admiring Gustavo's establishment.

It's tremendous.

So many trucks.

Are all those buildings
really full of chickens?

Please sit.

There's a serious matter to discuss.

Of course, Don Juan.

You may have noticed
that some of the product is altered.

Gustavo will explain.

I have a confession to make.

A man was working for me
on the legitimate side of my business.

He was supervising a construction project.

A German engineer.

I think you know his name.

Werner Ziegler.

But through an oversight, Ziegler
became aware of our other activities.

The temptation was too great
for him to resist

and he stole two keys of product.

I believe you know the rest of the story.

You know of Ziegler's escape,
you know that my man tracked him down.

My shame...

is not simply that I allowed this
to happen...

it's that I hid the truth.

When I discovered what Ziegler had done,

I replaced the stolen product
with methamphetamine I purchased locally.

Some of this inferior product went
to your organisation.

And for that...

I must apologise.


What construction project?

I mean, you said
the German was building something.



It would be simpler for me to show you.


When finished,

this will be the most advanced
in-line chilling system in the Southwest.

BOLSA: A chicken freezer?
GUS: Chiller.

Our product is never frozen.

These are Ziegler's men,
working from his plans.

As far as they're concerned,
their leader has gone home.

BOLSA: Nothing was keeping you
from sharing all this.

A lot of trouble could have been avoided.

GUS: Yes, there were any number
of misunderstandings.

My man didn't know who was following him,

and as a result, he went to great lengths
to conceal his activities.

Your man...

"Michael," is that right?


That's not him, is it?

It is.

Well, I'd love to say hello
if that's permitted.

Most certainly.



Michael, please meet
my associate, Eduardo.

What a pleasure.
I've heard so much about you.

- That right?
- Oh, yes.

I'm gonna get back to it.

Thank you, Michael.


That explains everything.

- I'm glad you are satisfied.
BOLSA: Listen to me.

There must be no more trouble.

You two must coexist.
This is non-negotiable.

Gustavo, there can be no more secrets.


Don Eladio is not happy.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

I do.

Then we're done.

You know, it's gonna be
a very nice chiller.

South wall's gonna look beautiful.

Why are you in the North?

To protect my family's interests.

Following Gustavo's men? Spying on him?

And this business at TravelWire. Messy.

This is not how we conduct ourselves
this side of the border.

Look. I apologise.
It's my uncle's influence.

You know what Hector's like.

So suspicious, so unreasonable.

Hector has this crazy idea in his head

that somehow, the chicken man

might carry a grudge after he
shot Fring's boyfriend in the head.


You don't understand Gustavo.
With him, it's all business.

All business?

Like what happened in Santiago?
Was that business too?

I need to know that this is done with.


You trust Fring?

He'll never be one of us, but he earns.

As long as he brings in the dollars,
Eladio is happy.

That's all that matters.

Then there's nothing more to say.

- Give my best to your uncle.
- I will.




Come on. Let's just go.




MAN 2:
I see you.

There's plenty of phones for everyone.

Just take it easy.

Whoa! Whoa.

Back up.

There are plenty of phones.

Plenty of phones.

Sorry, can't help you, ladies.

Everybody got to wait their turn.


Here you go, buddy.


Welcome, welcome. Take a load off.

Before we talk phones, let's talk you.

I'm guessing from our brief acquaintance

that you are a fella who, occasionally,
through no fault of your own,

finds yourself in a donnybrook or two.

Yeah, a, uh, knuckle-duster. A fistfight.

I'm thinking you might be
someone who partakes

of the herb of the earth.

I'm guessing that you ladies
are popular with the fellas.

And this could lead to a misunderstanding

with the boys in blue.

Say hello to my little friend.

See right there, circled in red?
It's pre-programmed. Ready to go.

Number one on the speed dial
goes directly to me.

You press that, and poof! I'm there.

Next! Why call the cell-phone guy?

Because I'm not just the cell-phone guy,

I'm the lawyer who's gonna fight for you.

You might find yourself
in possession of a few pieces

of military ordnance, you know?

RPGs, maybe a couple
of claymore mines in the trunk. Heh, heh.

Before you know it, the other guy
is bleeding out on the pavement

and the cops are giving you the evil eye.

It's just that people are always
looking over each other's shoulder.

And you're not hurting anyone,
you know? Who doesn't wanna be...

Next. Big fella outside,
his name's Huell Babineaux.

Go ask Huell about me.
He was facing three years.

He was facing six years.

Eight years, down in Guadalupe.

He was facing 25 years.
Didn't do a single day.

That's why he calls me the "Magic Man."

I asked him not to call me that,
but he insists. Heh, heh. Next!

Number one on the speed dial,
that's your lifeline.

Cops pick you up, threaten you,
look at you sideways,

you press that button and I'm there.

Press number one...

Zip your lip and press the button.

Keep your mouth shut and press number one.
Keep it charged. Poof! Poof!

Poof! I'm there. number one on the speed dial.

It's your panic button.
Press one on the speed dial.

Ask him about the Magic Man.

Speedy justice.

Your friend Saul is there,
I got your back.

Twenty-four hours a day,
seven days a week,

365 days a year. Press number one.
Speedy justice for you.

Just press one.

Here's your lifeline.

Use in good health.


Press number one and poof!
Saul Goodman is there.



Folks, folks.
Ladies and gents, boys and girls.

Due to popular demand,

I'm very sorry to say
we've given out our last phone.

I'm still here for legal consultations.

Free legal consultations.

You know what? At least take a card.

You meet the law, you want the law
to meet me. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You know what? Uh, since none of you
are getting phones tonight,

how about a special discount?

Ahem. Yeah. Um...

For the next, uh, two weeks, um,

non-violent felonies,
50 percent off. Yeah.


- That's for you. Fifty percent off.
- I'll take one.

Yeah, all right, now we got some takers.

There you are.

Fifty percent off.

- Remember, 50 percent off. All right.
MAN: For real?

Heh-heh-heh. Very good. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Very good.

Well done, Magic Man.

We're just getting started.





If you were gonna die,
you'd be dead already.

Now step out of the truck,
we got things to do.

All right.

The job may only be half done,
but you're being paid in full.

Does it need to be said

that your cooperation is expected
to continue?


Not a word.

Not today, not tomorrow,
not next week, not ever.

You let your end down,
there will be consequences.

Is that understood by all?

All right.

Udo and Renke.

You're in the Cherokee. Keys are inside.

You're driving to Denver.

Flight for Zurich leaves at midnight.

You hang a right,

you'll hit the main highway in four miles.

Passports and tickets.


You're travelling solo in the red Pontiac.

You're flying out of Dallas.
It is a long drive.

Flight leaves at 9:40 direct to Berlin.

I will never say anything.


It had to be done.

He was a good man, but...

in truth he was...




You're headed to Phoenix,
10:15 to Vancouver,

then Vancouver to Budapest.


He was worth 50 of you.

Sebastian, Adrian.

The Civic.

You're driving to El Paso.

On the 7:25 to Chicago,
then Chicago to Vienna.




Last of them got on a plane for Zurich
an hour ago.

No problem.

Will they do as they've been told?

- You're asking my opinion?
- I am.

They know the consequences.

And the laundry?

The entrances to the site have been
sealed. Nobody's gonna stumble on it.

As long as Lalo Salamanca is
on this side of the border,

we cannot continue as we were.

So this is it?

No, this is not "it."

Once Salamanca is dealt with,
and he will be dealt with,

construction will resume.

Until then, you will continue to be paid.


Now, you're gonna pay me to do nothing.

Call it a retainer.

- Even after Ziegler?
- Yes.

What happened in Frankfurt?

The attorney spent
a full day with his wife.

She accepted the facts as presented.

As per your suggestion,
"a construction accident."

The funeral was yesterday.
And of course...

she has been compensated.


I would choose my next words

very carefully, if I were you.


You keep your goddamn retainer.




Mr Oakley, Mr Oakley.

Would you care to comment
on the Carl Gravenhorst case?

Oh, I...

As you know, the DA's Office has been
accused of misconduct

in the Gravenhorst case.

Would you comment on
the latest development?

The Graven what?

People are saying
you're prosecuting an innocent man.

Does the DA's Office
have something to hide?

- Well, um...
- Excuse me, excuse me.

Please let me through. Uh...

That's my client you're talking about.

- And you are?
- I'm Saul Goodman.

And Carl Gravenhorst is
100 percent innocent.

The Albuquerque DA's Office
is perpetrating

an outrageous miscarriage of justice.

- You're who?
- I'm Saul Goodman,

and we are counter-suing you
and the entire Albuquerque DA's Office

for malicious persecution,

unlawful detention
and abuse of process.


Yeah. We'll take this all the way
to the Supreme Court.

By the time we're through,

Carl Gravenhorst's name will be cleared
and we'll receive a settlement.

A cash settlement.

All right, enough.
I've got to be in court.

Go if you must. But know this:

We will meet again.

I'm sorry. What'd you say your name was?

I'm Saul Goodman,
and I make it my business

to defend the citizens of Albuquerque
against injustices of every kind.

- Wow, you must be really expensive though.
- Not at all.

I believe every man, woman
and child deserves speedy justice

at a price they can afford.

Do you have a card?
Not for me. For a friend.

Yes. And please tell your friend
that, uh, I make no judgements

and I'm available 24 hours a day.

- Can I get one of those, sir?
- Oh, yeah.

- What about me?
- Oh, sure.

Okay. Wow.

Yeah, I, uh...

I just don't know.

Five months.

With overcrowding,
you'll probably do less than two.

Yeah. Yeah.

Considering your priors,

sentencing guidelines
would have you looking

at two to four years in custody, so...

Five months is really good, Bobby.

Are you worried about being there
when Lois delivers?


Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, so, um...

So if I go to trial,
you'll be my lawyer, right?

- Bobby, you do not want to go to trial.
- But you'll be my lawyer?

Yes, but going to trial
would be a mistake.

Trials are always unpredictable.

At trial,
the DA will throw everything at us.

- You'll be rolling the dice.
- Yeah, roll the dice.

Yeah, I don't mean to tell you
your business, Miss Wexler,

but you put me up there,
I give the people the big eyes,

they see Lois here and the kid.

- They're gonna believe me.
- I'd believe you.

Bobby, there are a million reasons
not to go to trial.

But it's up to me, right?

Yes, it is, but I'm advising you not to.

Odds are, you would end up going away
for more time, not less.

And I'm talking about years of your life.

But I might not. Right?

- You don't want to take that risk.
- Maybe I do.


Whatever Bobby says.


Excuse me a moment. Please...

think this over carefully.

Both of you.

You ready for lunch?

There's a new sandwich vending machine
down by family court.

I've heard good things.

Sorry, I'm stuck here.

Really? What's up?

- He's not taking the deal.
- Who? That guy?


Isn't he the punk who tried to sell

a flatbed of hot mini-fridges
to an undercover cop?

What'd you get him?

- Five months.
- Five months? With his priors?

Well, he should be on his knees
thanking you.

I'm trying to talk him out of trial.

No! Seriously?


You know what?



No, we can fix this.

I'm from the DA's Office, okay?
I'm giving you what for.

You're giving me what for. We'll be loud.

We will go over there,
we will make a scene, okay? Uh...

New evidence has come to light,

and I'm pulling his deal
with extreme prejudice.

I'm pissed!
I want to put him away permanently.


They're talking about you.


You fight me, I will push back hard.

We'll have that punk on his knees,
begging for the five months.

- I don't think so.
- Come on, Kim. We can do this.

- Lead-pipe cinch.
- He's the client, it's his decision.

What good is it gonna do,
you put that dweeb away in Los Lunas? Huh?

You think he's a jackass now?

Wait till he gets back
from that clown college.

Jimmy, uh, no.

What about his wife and kid?
That's them? What about them?

If this isn't using our powers for good,
I don't know what is.

- We're not doing that.
- But, Kim, we could do it!

- I'm not scamming my client.
- It worked for Mesa Verde.

Jimmy. Back off.

We can't...




Yeah, I'll see you at home.


who was that?

Is everything all right?

He's from the District Attorney's Office.

They're taking the deal off the table.

So what? I mean, we weren't
gonna take it anyway, so...

Miss Wexler,
why are they taking it off the table?


don't know for sure.

It's possible they have new evidence.

Like... Like what?
Like cameras or witnesses? Or...?

I really couldn't say.

We'll find out soon enough.

Bobby, I'm sorry.

It looks like they want
to make an example out of you.


All right, well...

We better go tell the judge
that we're taking this to trial.

Yeah, you know what? Um...

Are you sure
we still can't get the five months?

The DA took that off the table.

You mean if you...
Even if you ask real nice?

I could try.

- Are you sure that's what you want?
- Yeah, I thought about it,

just like you said, and...

I could do the five months.

Miss Wexler, please.


Wait here.

I can't promise anything, but...

- I'll look into it.
- Sure, sure.

You do that.

We'll be right here.