Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Wiedersehen - full transcript

Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process; Nacho is forced to make the rounds with Lalo; Mike has cause to worry.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Excuse me.

- May I help you?
- Oh, I really hope so.

What can I do for you?

My firm submitted plans
for Mesa Verde Bank...

we're building a branch here.

Sure, I think I saw that come through.

As I was cleaning up,
refiling all our plans internally...

I realized I was missing
one of the old versions.

We had some late changes
to the conference room dimensions...

so different versions floated around.

Things got complicated, sorry.

So long story short,
I think it's possible the wrong version...

ended up in our proposal.

- Oh, dear.
- Yeah.

So I have the correct plans here...

and I was hoping to just take a look
at the approved plans to compare them?

- Just to make sure.
- Okay.

But if they're wrong, you have to—

Refile. Yeah, I know.

I just wanna make sure
they're the wrong ones...

before I get into it with my bosses.

No problem.

- Mesa Verde?
- Yes.

- Do you have the address?
- 8783 Baylor Street.

- I'll be right back.
- Thank you.

Here we go.

- Oh, I'll come around to you.
- Oh, good, thanks.


Yup. Dates match. That's a good start.

All right, conference room is
on sheet A 1.1.

And room dimensions should
be 15-foot-6 by 12-foot-6.

Fifteen-foot-six by 12-foot-6.


Break or sprain?

Your foot.

A sprain. I started trail running
a couple months ago.

Went for a run last week,
wasn't paying attention...

got my foot snagged in one of the roots.
Just twisted my ankle.

Do you have a setback
for that conference room wall...

at 2 feet, 10 inches?

Yes, the wall is set back
2 feet, 10 inches.

So far so good.

It hasn't been that bad
except I have an 8-month-old, so...

Oh, congratulations.


Been, you know,
kind of doing it on my own.

My brother's been helping
since I'm a little limited.

- Driving me around and whatnot.
- It's nice to have family around.

Yeah, for the most part.

He tries.
That's the important thing, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I think these are the same.

Am I missing anything?

- They look the same to me.
- Great.

- Yes!
- No refiling.

Thank you. Thank you, Shirley. God.

- You're welcome.
- You saved my life.

I am telling you,
my bosses would've murdered me.

I understand.

You're the only person in charge
of organization...

and suddenly
everything's your fault, right?

I assume you would know
all about that.

Yo, Lizzie.


Where's Aidan?

Hey, lady.

He's fine. But he's very hungry.

- And he's like a little eating machine.
- Bill. Bill.

- Can you sniff this for me?
- Bill. Where is Aidan?

He's fine. He's in the Wrangler.

- Take a smell...
- What?

- ... because it's a little funky.
- You left my child in your Jeep?

Yeah, I cracked the window.

- Bill.
- Just— What?

- Check this.
- Give me the keys. I'm not gonna check.

- Where are you going?
- To get Aidan.

You can't leave a baby in a car.
What the hell is wrong with you?

Oh, man.

- Go get the baby, Bill.
- What? What did I do?

- Help her.
- It's only been a minute.

I didn't know.


What am I supposed to do?

You're supposed to watch a baby
for five minutes. How hard is that?

Slow down, I'm wearing flip-flops.

- How's Aidan?
- Oh, he's fine.

He was only alone for a minute,
thank God. Wait.

What happened?

- Your milk. It kind of went everywhere.
- What?

- What are you talk—?
- I am so sorry.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

- I— I—
- No, no, no!

- Shirley, I can't show this to them.
- All right, all right.

This is what we're gonna do.
This is what we're gonna do.

You're gonna give me your copy...

and I'll trade them out.

Won't you get in trouble?

They're exactly the same.
No one has to know.

Are you sure?

- Are you sure?
- Go on.

- Okay. Okay.
- Get them.

Okay. If you're sure.


Thank you so much.


I can't tell you
how much this means to me, really.

- You're a lifesaver.
- We need to stick together.

Being a mom is hard enough.

All right.

All right.

Let's make this official.

We have returned, welcome back
to The Newlywed Game.

Gentlemen, we've recorded
your predictions on cards on your laps.

Remember, each time your prediction
matches your wife's answer...

you get five points. The one couple
with the most points at the end...

wins a great second honeymoon.
So, ladies, we are thrilled...

you came back.
Your first question for five points.

Tell me, ladies, if you were a boat,
does your husband think you've been...

taking the most water lately,
on your stern...

on your port side,
your starboard side...

or on your bow?

- Where you taking in that water?
- My stern.

Oh, God.

He said you've been taking
a lot of water in on your bow.

- Bow?
- Top half's the bow?

- Yeah, but...
- Okay.

- Are you complaining?
- No, not at all.

You don't like her bow?

Uncle Hector...

It's Lalo.

You know me, don't you?

One means "yes"?

Nothing means "no."

Who's got the biggest set of balls
north, south, east or west of Michoacan?

Yes, indeed!

I knew you were still in there.

Uncle Hector.

You know what I was thinking about
this morning?

The smell of burning leather
and horsehair stuffing.

Do you remember?

Hotel Tulipan.

You were so polite to that guy.

And he turns his back on you?

Makes that big deal
to show he's not scared.

He was a professor
before he opened that place, remember?

He'd always bring that up.
The big college professor.

You took your time with him.

And his wife listening from the side.

That asshole was so proud
of his beautiful Spanish...

his books, his antiques.

But when it burned...

it all smelled like shit.

I never told you this, but...

I went back inside.

I went through the flames, the smoke.

It was so hot,
the rubber on my shoes melted a little.

Yes, I know it was very stupid, but...

I'm sentimental.

I wanted a souvenir.

I kept it all these years.

I brought it.

Do you want to see it?

Brings back memories, yes?

Remember that guy hitting this,
calling for his bellboy?

And you? Teaching the teacher!

There you go, Uncle.


Give it a try.

Again, Uncle.

That's it!


That's a Salamanca!

Hey, why don't you go get some Jell-O?

Uncle, let's talk about the Chilean.

Same old Hector.
Just wants to kill everybody.

The biggest pancake
is not the best pancake.

Or they would call it "the best pancake
that happens to be the biggest."

- Top off?
- But, no, it's the—

- Thank you.
- Can I get y'all anything else?

- No.
- We're good, thanks.

- You don't want a whole other burger?
- Whenever you're ready. No rush.

Okay, thanks.

You better take it easy with that stuff.

We've still got at least
an hour on the road.

Gotta stay awake.

Yeah, but you gotta be able to sleep
when we get home too.

- What time's your hearing?
- Eleven.

This time next week, I will once again
be James McGill, Esquire.


And I already got a jump
on my new practice.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Unexpected bonus
of the drop-phone business.

It turns out,
it's great for client development.

Yes, I guess that's true.

Sooner or later,
every last one of those idiots...

is gonna need an attorney.

Of course, they all know me
as Saul Goodman.

That's just details.

Gotta say, a lot of people
are gonna be begging...

for the old "Huell Babineaux" treatment.

What's that?

Our powers combined.

People would pay top dollar for us to
undo a potentially life-ruining sentence.

I think we should only use
our powers for good.

What are we considering good
as of 9:06 p.m. Tonight?

You know what?
It's like Potter Stewart said...

we'll know it when we see it.

We just drove 300 miles
to scam Lubbock, Texas...

so that your client can have
a 13-percent-bigger bank branch.

Don't get me wrong,
I loved every second of it...

but how is that using our powers
for good?

Okay, fine.

Yeah, "We'll know it when we see it."
I like it.

It's a plan I can get behind.


I'm in position.

We're almost ready here. Stand by.


What's up?

My apologies.
We have a small problem.

How small?

A red light.

It means there's no—

How do you say—?
Continuity in the circuit...

of one of the three charges.

The orange one.

There may be a loose or faulty wire.

I'll go in and check.

I thought you were the demolition expert.

It's my job, Michael.

Stand by.

Copy. Standing by.

Pull yourself together.

Pull yourself together, you idiot.

Try it now.

I think we're ready here, Michael.

All green.

We're good here.


Go. Call it.

On the go.







That's how it's done.

Oh, wait. We're missing one.

We're missing one.

No, no, no, I'm good.

- Thank you.
- No, we don't accept this.

You can't be always on duty, Mike.

Mike, Mike, Mike.

Good job.

What's on your mind?

Nothing, really.

I'm pleased the blasting went well.

No damage to the structure,
no unforeseen incidents.

You don't seem pleased.

I'm just tired.

I need to know what's going on.

Nothing is going on.

This work is taking longer
than I estimated.

- It is.
- And I appreciate the R and R.

The boys, they had fun.

But I'm...


you were married?

- I was.
- How long?

Twenty-two years.

Perhaps you will understand.

Twenty-six in April.


My wife.



Without her, I'm ad—

- Adrift.
- Yeah, adrift without her.

- You've been away before.
- Yes, of course. Not like this.

I finish what I've started,
no question of that.

Still, I can't help but wonder...

No, of course not.

- What?
- It's impossible.


Kai could supervise work until I get back.

I don't wish to cause you hardship.

Even though I'd only be gone
for four days.

Five, maybe. Total.

You're talking about flying
to Germany for a weekend?

Just a quick trip.

I could leave detailed instructions.

The work would not be interrupted.

You want to see your wife?

More than anything.

Then finish the job.

Werner, you can do this.

You put your head down
and you push your way through.

When it's done,
from the money you've made here...

you'll never be away
from your wife again.

Of course.

Of course, you're right.

A flight of fancy.

All right. I tell you what.

We'll get you on the phone with her
for an extra call.

We'll do it tomorrow.

Thank you, my friend.

You hang in there.

Mr. Fring.

Yes, Lyle?

There's a man who just came in.

And I know it's been a while,
but I was just, like, "He is so familiar."

I think it's one of the guys
that made all the trouble last year.

Not the main guy,
which is why I'm not totally sure.

I see.

He's not doing anything.

He and the other guy ordered some food,
and they're just sitting.

- But I thought you'd wanna know.
- Thank you, Lyle. I'll take care of it.

Is everything to your liking?

Are you kidding me?

This is the best chicken I have ever had.

Well, I am delighted to hear that.

No, really, I'm serious. I mean...

it's crispy, but it's not dried out.

And the seasoning, it's so flavorful.

Well, thank you.
Is there anything else I can do for you?

Is there any chance—?

And I know the answer is probably no.

But is it possible for me
to meet the owner?

I'm the owner.


How lucky for me.

Would you be interested in franchising?

Because I would be eager to invest.

Well, perhaps we should go to my office,
where we can discuss it further.


- Don't waste that.
- This way.

Now, what may I do for you, Señor...?

Salamanca. Eduardo Salamanca.
But you can call me Lalo.

And you're Gustavo Fring.

I've been an admirer
of yours for many years.

You have how many restaurants?

- Seven.
- Seven.

And starting from nothing.
That's incredible.

What may I do for you?

I come here on behalf
of my entire family...

- ... to give you our deepest thanks.
- Well, for what?

For what?

For saving Don Hector's life.

I just visited him.

You know, seeing a man like that,
can't speak, can barely move—

I wanted to weep.

But it could have been worse.

Varga tells me that while everyone else
was picking their asses...

you rushed to him, struck him
on the chest and brought him back.

It was a simple instinct.

But still, with all the history
between you two...

What you did was a gesture of peace.

At least, that's how we see it.

I'm very pleased to hear that.

And here we are getting along.

You ever think, maybe Don Eladio
is one shrewd bastard?

Maybe he likes the bad blood
between us?

He sits by his pool, baking in the sun,
giving orders.

But your trucks move the product. And
Salamanca muscle keeps everyone in line.

I don't consider that there's bad blood.


Still, if we were to get along too well...

I'm sure Eladio wouldn't like that,
would he?

I am satisfied
with the current arrangement.

I'm just shitting you.

You would be crazy
to go up against Eladio.

Look, I'm gonna be in town for a while.

So, you know, we'll talk some more.

We owe you.

If you need a favor...

- ... I'm your man.
- Same. Naturally.

Oh, and I'll be back for that chicken.

It's too tasty to stay away from.

You say you pick up six keys a week?


- Where?
- He's got a chicken farm way out of town.

Show me.

Mr. McGill? We're ready for you now.


And it looks like you've completed
the Pre-Prosecution Diversion Program?

That's right.
Three and a half weeks ago.

I believe if you look
at the supplemental materials...

there's a letter from my supervisor,
Brad Markham.


He says he was impressed
with your commitment.

And for most of last year,
you've been employed at CC Mobile?

It's a cell phone store.

And, again, there's a letter
from my manager, Mr. Robert Finn.

It's also in the supplemental materials.

Says here you were part of something
called the Silver Circle?

- Three months in a row?
- It's a sales award.

Mr. Finn and the people at CC Mobile
have been very generous.

You don't have to sell many phones
to get in the Silver, believe me.

What made you choose
that particular field?

Honestly? Just to put bread on the table.

But I would say it's given me
a new outlook on client relations.

After dealing with cell phone contracts,
explaining statutes to my clients...

should be a cakewalk.

As the saying goes,
"The law is constantly changing."

Have you been keeping yourself
apprised of the latest developments?

I've been reading the Bar Journal.

What caught my eye recently
was Crawford v. Washington.

Any of you follow that?

It has to do with the admissibility
of ex parte examinations.

- That was a Supreme Court case?
- That's right.

How did it go? "The only indicium
of reliability sufficient to satisfy...

constitutional demands
is the one the Constitution...

actually prescribes: confrontation."

It's classic Scalia.

I can't help but think about victims forced
to confront their assailants in open court.

But on the other hand, the Sixth
Amendment is pretty controlling—

I'm sorry. I just—

I get rolling on constitutional questions.

Short answer,
I've been doing my level best.

Mr. McGill, is there anything you'd like
to tell us about the reasons...

you were suspended
in the first place?

This past year, that's pretty much
been the only thing on my mind.

And I'm humbled by the sheer stupidity
of my actions.

Remorse doesn't begin to cover it.

I'm not gonna make excuses,
because there's no excuse for what I did.

But as I sit here, I can assure you...

nothing like that
will ever happen again.


Well, all right.
That would seem to be satisfactory.

Meg? You have something?

Mr. McGill,
what does the law mean to you?

The law?

Yeah. Okay.

Listen, growing up...

becoming a lawyer was the last thing
on my mind.

Even if I wanted to,
I didn't have the smarts or the skills...

or the "stick-to-it-iveness."

But I happened to get a job
with some attorneys...

and I couldn't help but think,
"Maybe I could do that?"

And something inside me
made me wanna try.

Now, listen:

my diploma says the University
of American Samoa Law School.

And that's exactly what it sounds like,
that's a correspondence school.

I wish it said Georgetown...

or Northwestern.

But UAS was the only one
that would take me.

Because, let me tell you,
I wasn't a natural.

I mean, the classes,
the studying, trying to pass the bar?

Practically killed me.

I must have quit 10 or 12 times...

but I kept coming back to it.
And I'm really glad I did.

Because when I got to work
with actual clients...

there was nothing else like it.

Our legal system is complicated,
and sometimes it could feel capricious...

but it's the closest thing
to real justice that we've got.

And for it to work, it needs vigorous,
passionate advocates.

Helping my clients, you know...

arguing on their behalf...

that's the best thing I've ever done.

And this past year...

I've missed the hell out of it.

That was very eloquent.

Was there any particular influence
on your views?

Credit where credit is due.

The University of American Samoa.

Go, Land Crabs.

Anything else?

- No. Thank you.
- No. Good?

I think we have everything we need.

You'll be getting a letter
with our decision in the next few days.

All right.

Thanks for your time. All of you.

- I thought he was right up there.
- Yeah, he's part of the review process.

You've worked with him before.
Good guy?

Yeah. Really good guy.

- Hey. Hi.
- Hi.

- Mr. McGill.
- Yes.

I know they said I'd hear from them,
but just between you and me...

what'd they decide?

You've got to be kidding me.

No. No.

No, no, no.


Hey. Wait a minute.

Wait. You're denying me?

- What did I do wrong?
- Mr. McGill, this is not the place.

I did everything right. Please tell me.


These decisions are never easy.

Okay, come on, I deserve an answer.

- Please.
- Mr. McGill, I can't—

I did everything right.

It was a question of sincerity.

A what?

Some members of the committee
found you somewhat insincere.

You're free to apply again next year.

- Hey, Mike.
- Hey.

Well, how goes it
with the Dirty Half-Dozen?

Playing volleyball.

That guy Kai cheats.

Werner's still talking?

They've been saying goodbye
for about 20 minutes now.

Anything of note?

They got a new puppy
and it's peeing everywhere.

The dog, the house. Her back's acting up
so they wanna go to the springs...

- ... at Baden-Baden once he gets back.
- So like the usual.


Been at it almost an hour and a half.
Want me to give a 10-minute warning?

No. Let him go on
as long as he wants.

Wait, okay.

They're wrapping up.

She's gotta get to book club.

I'm gonna check the perimeter.

We have no problem
with that language and will adjust.

We do have a concern
on page 15, clause 4B.

Third paragraph. Begins:

"the right to indemnification,
payment, reimbursement."

- Everyone with me?
- Yes, I see it.

This is clearly
a pro-sandbagging clause.

Troy, it simply gives us the right
to indemnification...

- ... for breaches of representations.
- Of which there are none.

We feel it's necessary given the fast pace
of the negotiations thus far...

and the lack of time
to complete due diligence.

Mesa Verde set the pace here.

Further, you're overstepping by
requiring parts of the target payment...

- ... be put aside as collateral.
- Kim Wexler here.

If I may respectfully remind you,
Mesa Verde is allowing you...

to keep a clause that warranty breaches
must be "in a material respect."

It's standard language.

Yeah. As is ours.

Come on, guys, meet me halfway here.

Fine. Then we'd like to discuss
how we're defining "knowledge"...

- ... within the contract.
- Be my guest.

We feel that what we've established
is pretty reasonable.

- Our clients would like to propose...
- Hey there.

—"to the best
of the seller's knowledge."

- Slow down. Slow down.
- Fine. You have to give us a chance—

Insincere! Insincere!

- Jimmy, what happened?
- A goddamn year.

- What am I supposed to do for a year?
- Jimmy.

Guarantee I'm not selling phones
for a fucking year, I'll tell you that.

What did they say exactly?
How did they—?

Hard pass.

- All right.
- Don't tell me I can appeal...

because once the board hears
the word "insincere," I'm screwed.

How do you disprove insincere?

Jimmy, just take a breath
and start from the beginning. Please.

I was good, Kim.

I mean, I wasn't stuck-up,
but I knew my shit.

Right? "What have you been doing
during your suspension?"

And "have you been keeping up
with the law?"

All fine. And then one, out of nowhere,
comes up with this weird-ass question.

"What does the law mean to you?"

- That's a big one.
- Huge. And I nailed it.

I talked about the meaning of the law
and I was down-to-earth...

and I was humble, I was sincere.

And they loved it.

- So—?
- So they turned me down.

Well, there has to be more to it than that.

There's not.

I don't— What did they say
when you talked about Chuck?

What does Chuck have to do with this?

So you didn't even...?

Why would I?


Okay, listen, we will figure this out.

- And, yes, you will appeal.
- They're gonna rubber-stamp—

We won't let them. We'll find a way
to make you look sincere.

Kim, I was sincere.

I know that. I meant—

I might have been a little corny,
but I meant every word.

I know that.

You don't believe me.

- Of course I do.
- Jesus, it's right there on your face.

You think I'm some kind of lowlife,
some kind of asshole.

- What?
- The kind of lawyer guilty people hire.

- Jimmy, that's not—
- You look at me and see Slippin' Jimmy.

- I never said that.
- Yeah, but you thought it.

You wanna know why
the committee called you insincere?

Because you didn't mention Chuck.

What does that have to—?

They read the transcripts,
they know what happened.

They waited for you
to say something about him.

I'm supposed to make a hairy deal
about my dead brother...

at my reinstatement hearing?

How is that sincere?

I don't think about Chuck.

Okay? I don't miss Chuck.

Chuck was alive, and now he's dead,
and that's that.

Life goes on. So sue me.

See, there it is again.

That's why we don't have an office.

What? No.

Do not start in on that office.

I don't wanna hear another word
about that stupid office.

Stupid office? Okay, here we go.

Jimmy, I have been on your side
since the day we met.

Who comes running when you call?

Who cleans up your messes?

I have a job, but I drop everything for you.
Every single time.

You confess to a felony on tape,
I'm there.

You have a bar hearing,
I represent you.

Over and over again,
if you need me, I'm there.

But in your mind, the only measure
of my feelings for you is some office?

I'm good to live with, sleep with, but God
forbid you should have an office with me.

- What are you—? I just told you—
- You get bored with your life...

so you come roll around in the dirt,
have some fun...

- ... with Slippin' Jimmy, then back up.
- Fun?

Fun like lying to the ADA
to get your friend out of the shitter?

Fun like standing there
with a smile plastered on my face...

while you play mind games
on my law partner?

Oh, what a mistake it was
to take me up to your office in the sky.

- You'll never do that again.
- Maybe I won't.

Maybe next time you call, I won't come.

There you go.
Kick a man when he's down.

Jimmy, you are always down.

I messed it all up.

You still want to be a lawyer?


Well, we can start with that.

Hey, Mike.



- Thank you, sir.
- So, what do we got?

It's pretty quiet.

Kai was up late again.

About an hour after he went down,
Werner came out for a couple minutes.

Then Casper was up around 2:30,
watched some TV, headed back in.

What's going on with six?

There. What is that?

Oh, yeah.

- Dead pixels.
- Wasn't there yesterday.

Had a voltage spike earlier.

Camera flared for about 20 seconds,
but it came right back.

A voltage spike?

Any of the other cameras do that?

Yeah, 10.

Show me the outside cameras.

You, let's go.

Get the lights!

Up there.

You check that out.

What's going on?