Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Winner - full transcript

Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus's operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision.

My name is Kenneth Kazanjian,
partner with the firm Reeves & Green.

I'm here before you today
to vouch for Daniel Stark.

Your Honors, my name
is Joseph Adamson.

Adamson, Field & Wright.
It's my pleasure to stand before you...

...and vouch for Gina Robles.
Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm Charles McGill.

Senior partner
at Hamlin Hamlin McGill.

I stand before you to vouch
for my brother, James Morgan McGill.

Your Honors, Nathaniel Scott,
solo proprietor...

...and I have the pleasure to stand
and vouch today for Frances Yu.

♪ Forever's gonna start tonight ♪

♪ Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I'm only falling apart ♪


♪ Nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart ♪

- That one. Do it.
- Hmm?

- This one.
- I'm not doing that. Pick something else.

- Yes, you are singing that.
- I'm not doing "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Besides, you're doing your own song
after Ernie.

I'm gonna do one by myself.

- No. This is my night.
- Yeah.

I'm a lawyer now.

All right? I've been barred
for a whole three hours.

- You don't sing that with me, I sue you.
- Okay, well, I'll just sue you right back.

- I double sue you.
- That is not a thing.

It could be, you know,
once my full powers are unleashed.

You wanna risk that?

♪ Turn around, bright eyes ♪

♪ Every now and then I fall apart
Turn around ♪

- Ernie's really going for it.
- Yes, he is.



Chuck's gonna bail.

Well, yeah.
It's not really his kind of place.

Yeah, but, like, the guy
never has any fun.

I was hoping tonight he might,
you know, mingle with the lady folk.

Oh, he will, when he's ready.

♪ We can take it to the end of the line ♪♪

- I'm going in.
- Okay, good luck.

Pick a good one. Not from this decade.

Chuck, hey.

Hey, you're not leaving already,
are you?

Yeah. Yeah. Jimmy,
it's been great fun, really, it has.

- But I got early meetings.
- Come on, 10 minutes.

- Just 10 more minutes. Ten.
- Jimmy.

- You can do that.
- Jimmy.

- You cannot leave. I'm up next.
- Oh...

Yeah, me. If you leave now,
tomorrow you're gonna go to work...

...people will tell you
about my great performance.

You'll never forgive yourself
for missing it.

All right, Jimmy. I'll stay.

- A little longer.
- You won't regret it.

Now, come on, this is me.




♪ I don't wanna talk ♪

♪ About things we've gone through ♪

♪ Though it's hurting me ♪

♪ Now it's history ♪

- Get up here.
- No.

♪ I played all my cards ♪

♪ And that's what you've done too ♪

Chuck McGill, everyone.

Let's hear it.

♪ Nothing more to say ♪

♪ No more ace to play ♪

♪ The winner takes it all ♪

Oh, that's you.

♪ The loser standing small ♪

JIMMY: Yes. Let's go, let's go.
- No.

♪ Beside the victory ♪


♪ That's her destiny ♪

- Whoo!
- Ha-ha-ha.

♪ I was in your arms ♪

♪ Thinking I belonged there ♪

♪ I figured it made sense ♪

♪ Building me a fence ♪

♪ Building me a home ♪

♪ Thinking I'd be strong there ♪

♪ But I was a fool ♪

♪ Playing by the rules ♪

♪ The gods may throw the dice ♪

♪ Their minds as cold as ice ♪

♪ And someone way down here ♪

♪ Loses someone dear ♪

♪ The winner takes it all ♪♪

Okay. Watch it.
Watch your step, Jimmy.

All the way. That's it.

- That's it.
- McGill and McGill.

- The brothers McGill.
- Yeah. Yeah.

I'm a lawyer.

- Yeah.
- And you're a lawyer.

Two lawyers. How about that?

CHUCK: How about that?
- M&M.

- Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
- Yeah.

Heh. Hey, you gotta tell Howard... add another M to the firm.

- Because it'll make it more symmetrical.
- Mm-hm.

- People love symmetricality.
- Can't argue with that.


Oh, no, no. Come on. Sit. Yeah.

- Okay.
- That will do.



That's why God gave us two eyes.

- Oh?
- You know, more pleasant to look at.

Hands and two feet.

Thumbs and nipples.

We could get by with one nipple.

Yeah. Am I right?

You may be more right about this
than anything...

-'ve ever spoken about before.
- Thank you, Chuck.


I mean, four or six nipples,
that's interesting...

...but I submit to the court, it's...

It's overkill.

Hmm. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

See, that's better. HHM is just: Hm.

- No? Are you writing this down?
- Yeah.

Jimmy, I put a trash can
by the bed, just in case.

- Eventuality.
- You think of everything.

Very smart, Chuck.

- I have some water here for you.
- Thank you.

What do you feel like in the morning,
eggs or pancakes?


- Make those pancakes you make.
- Pancakes it is.

All right, get some rest, Jimmy.

- You've had a big day.
- Yeah.

- A big day.
- Yup.

- Good night, Chuck.
- Good night.

♪ The winner takes it all ♪

♪ The loser has to fall ♪

♪ Beside the victory ♪

- ♪ That's her dest... ♪
- ♪ That's her destiny ♪

♪ I was in your arms ♪

♪ Thinking I belonged there ♪

- ♪ I figured it made sense ♪
- ♪ It made sense ♪

♪ Building me a fence ♪

♪ Building me a home ♪

♪ Thinking I'd be strong there ♪

♪ But I was a fool ♪

♪ Playing by the rules ♪♪



MIKE: He's got a three-and-a-half hour
jump on us...

...but he started out on foot,
which gives us a fighting chance.

He doesn't have his passport,
so he's probably not headed to the airport.

Doesn't know his way around town.

But if he gets to a bus or a taxi,
that's not gonna matter much.

Most likely ran off towards the highway.

You two head north and south,
see if he's got his thumb out.

You two, go to the train and bus stations,
use the cover story.

You, you stay with the crew.
You keep them on lockdown.

You got it.



Yeah, I need the number for Travel Wire.

Just connect me.

Hi, I was wondering
if you could help me.

I arranged for my wife to wire me money
from Frankfurt, Germany, to the U.S.

The problem is,
she didn't tell me which branch.

Margarethe Ziegler.

Yeah. Albuquerque branch on Fourth,
I should've known. Yeah.



Watermelon pickles.

Watermelon pickles.

One thousand one, 1002.

One thousand three.

Oh, hi.

It's very nice of you to come.

Of course. You're Chuck's brother?

That's right. I'm Jimmy.

Ken Greenfield.

This is Emily Reed.


We knew Chuck back in our time with
the Native People's Education Council.

Oh, yes. I remember.

He spoke of you both quite fondly.

That means a lot.

I feel bad we lost touch for so long.

Well, you're here today, so...

We saw the notice about the law
library dedication this weekend.

And that today was the anniversary of...

I can't believe it's been a year.

It still doesn't make any sense.


So nice to meet you.

- God bless.
- Bless you.

Very thoughtful.


KIM: Hey. You need some water?
- Hey.

Coffee. And give me one of these
bear claws, please.

You better pace yourself, though.
It's gonna be a long day.

Yeah. But, hey,
we got customers already.

That's a good sign.

I was afraid no one would show up.

How'd it look?

How'd it feel?

Felt like I looked sad.

- What's the headstone like?
- Oh, Howard picked a big one.

But it's tasteful.




All right, just sign here.


Okay, let me give you...
This is your receipt.

Just make sure your party
has valid ID when they pick up.

Anything else?
MAN: No.

All right. Have a good day.

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

It'd be wonderful if you could.

I'm looking for Werner Ziegler.

Has he been in here
in the last few hours?

I'm sorry, even if he was here,
it's not company policy...

- give out customer information.
- Even if he just walked in?

- I don't care about what he did.
- Well, I really can't.

He is my brother-in-law,
we're very worried about him.

He has early-stage dementia,
and on top of that, he's a diabetic.

He doesn't have his medicine.

- My wife is beside herself.
- Oh, no.

Well, we talked long distance
to their sister Margarethe...

...back in Germany. She said Werner
called ranting and raving...

...wanted her to send money,
and, well...

She said she did.

To this branch.

I have his insulin in a cooler
out in the car...

...and I was hoping
I would get here ahead of him.

Look, yeah, he was here.

But you missed him.
He left about an hour ago.


Oh, no. Damn.

Just took the money and left?


Well, not right away. He made
a couple calls on the pay phone.

Picked up his money, then left.

Then what,
he just wandered off on foot?

He got in a car. Um...

I think one of his calls was for a cab.

You see what company?
Was it a regular taxi...

- ...a car service?
- I didn't.

- I'm sorry.
- Mm-hm.

Any chance that...

...I might have a peek
at your security videos?

See who got him?

Heh. No.

Oh. I get it. Not company policy. Yeah.


...could you tell me
where the nearest hospital is?

He was here a good half hour or so...

...before his money order
came through.

He asked if his money came,
but not yet.

- You mind?
- Oh.

Well, that's bad luck.
You can't see the car.



Thanks for your help.

Sure. Good luck. Hope you find him.


Can I see it?

For what it's worth, I believe him.

He said he'd be gone four days,
he's not gone to any cops.

This is about him wanting to see his wife,
plain and simple.

She's on a Lufthansa flight.

Landing in Denver
nine hours from now.


And your men will be there.

And they'll follow her from the airport
to wherever he's holed up.

And then?

There's another way to play this.

If I can find him
before the wife gets here...

...let me bring him in
and finish what he started.

His crew can't do it without him.

Ziegler disappears, you are left with
the most expensive hole in the ground...

...this side of the Mississippi.

You can find him?

This is on me, I'll fix it.


Yeah. You get everybody back in.

Get them on the phone to every
cab company and car service... make up a story.

Find out who picked Ziegler up
at Travel Wire on Fourth.

Start calling hotels.

Here, Colorado, Arizona.

He had to register
under his own name or his wife's.


Pull the transcript
on the last call to his wife.

Read it to me.

What'd they talk about?

No, after that.

After the dog.

They were gonna go on vacation.


Natural springs.

Hey there. Did you find
your brother-in-law? Is he okay?

Yes, I'm calling for one of your guests.

Werner Ziegler.



You're sure? And there's no
reservation under that name?




I won't lie, it's been a tough year.

But I'm proud to say
Hamlin Hamlin McGill... back and going strong.

It's his lasting legacy.

Which is why this
couldn't be more appropriate.

I know this would've meant
the world to him.

A good and proper memorial
for a man who was...

...many things.

But always a lawyer first.

MAN: On behalf of the whole school,
we wanna thank you.

Me? I... No, I didn't donate any of this.

I'm just a guest.

- Really?
- I'm pretty sure...

- ...I heard someone say you paid for it.
- Yeah.

Well, I didn't. I wish I could
take credit for it, but I can't.

The invitation says "anonymous donor."

I assumed that meant HHM. Huh.

- Baked brie?
- Don't mind if I do.

Actually, I happen to know
Mr. James McGill paid...

...for the reading room himself.

Really? The brother did this?

I saw him write the check.

KIM: Hi, Rich.
- Hey.

This is quite an event.

Looks like half the attorneys
in the Southwest are here.

- Yeah. They all came for Chuck.
- Hmm.

I heard someone say that Jimmy
paid for all this himself?


...prefer to remain anonymous.

Oh. Hmm.

Well, where is he?
I was hoping to say hello.

He's around here somewhere.

Oh, isn't that him?

Out there.

Hmm. I guess even a year out,
an event like this can be tough.

I better go check on him.

- Thanks for coming, Rich.
- Yeah.

Almost time to go back in.

Twenty-three thousand dollars.

I can't believe I wrote
a $23,000 check for this.

You know?

I don't even see anyone
from the Bar Association in there.

We still have almost a week.

Someone on the board will hear about this.
And they'll believe it, because...

...they heard it from a colleague.

Yeah, I know. Word gets around, but...

Try this on for size.

Judge Papadoumian
is in her chambers...

...she is working late.

Everyone else has gone home.

Suddenly she smells something.

Something burning.

She crosses to her door,
it's warm to the touch.

She opens it. Pfft. Wall of flames.

Her clerk's chamber's on fire.

She's trapped. But then,
through the fire and smoke...

...a figure emerges. It's Jimmy McGill.

See, I rescue a judge.
Now, that people are gonna talk about.

And it's too big.

And probably... It's not
how I come back from insincere.


Okay. Wanna go back in,
get your money's worth?

Yeah. I am starving.

Those little hamburgers
are looking good.

I'm allowed to pay for the food,
but I'm too sad to eat.


He is?

You don't know if he's
on the property at the moment?

No. No, I don't need
to talk to him right now.

No, no message.

No, thank you. You have a nice day.





Get out of the way. Go.

Sorry. It's just not working.


Excuse me. I'm at the north gate
and the machine is stuck.

MAN: Which gate?
DRIVER: The north gate.


All right, if everyone's ready.

Folks, this is Duncan Springer.

He's a senior from Mayfield High School
in Las Cruces.

Duncan, have a seat.

Duncan's editor of the school newspaper
and his model U.N. delegation...

...represents Kazakhstan.

In fact, Duncan's delegation
was selected to visit the real U.N... New York City. Duncan.

- What can you tell us about that?
- Well, it was...

This is Marcie Ramirez.
She's from Moriarty High.


She's captain of the debate team.

- What's your strategy gonna be, Marcie?
- I think...

This is Franklyn Pickett.

He's from Monzano High.
Please have a seat.

Franklyn is school president.

And he wrote a play.

- What can you tell us about your play?
- It's...

- How did you get interested in Ethiopia?
- Well...

- What's it like working with elders?
- It was...

- Raymond, how'd you manage that?
- I've...

All right. Things are becoming
much clearer now.

Can I let them go?

- Have they had lunch?
- Yes.

Unless there's any additional questions?

- Oh. Did they all get the...?
- Yes.

Great. Thank them again
before leaving.

- Of course.
- Here's where we are.

Raymond Chen, six votes.

Duncan Springer, six votes.

Marcie Ramirez, five votes.

Franklyn Pickett, Teodora Moon,
Tristan Bulger, three votes each.

And Kristy Esposito, one vote.

Well, looks like we have
three scholarships to give...

...and three front-runners,
so unless there's any disagreement...

- ...I think we can...
- Mm.

Uh, Jimmy?

Uh, yeah.

Uh... The one vote for Kristy Esposito,
that was me.

And for what it's worth,
I think we should give her another look.

Esposito, that's the shoplifter.

The shoplifter?

Yeah. That's right.

I mean, her grades are good.

Not quite as good as some
of the other kids, but they're good.

And her recommendations are solid.

And, yeah, she's had some trouble.

But she was new in town,
she made some bad choices.

That was sophomore year.

She's had two really strong years
since then.

And have you all read this?

Her essay is...

Well, that experience
is what got her interested in the law.

And it's really good.

It's really good.

And my point is that maybe someone
who's been in trouble...

...someone who doesn't have
a perfect record... know, who's made mistakes
and faced the consequences...

...maybe she brings something
that the others don't.

I think that deserves real consideration.

Jimmy, you make
a hell of an argument.

How about we take another vote?

Kristy. Miss Esposito. Hold up.

Hey. Jimmy McGill, hi. We met inside.

Oh, hi.


You didn't get it.

You were never gonna get it.

They... They dangle these things
in front of you...

...they tell you you got a chance...

...but I'm sorry, it's a lie.

They had already made up their mind.

They knew what they were gonna do
before you walked in the door.

You made a mistake...

...and they are never forgetting it.

As far as they're concerned...

...your mistake is just... It's who you are.
And it's all you are.

And I'm not just talking about
the scholarship.

I'm talking about everything.

I mean, they'll smile at you,
they'll pat you on the head...

...but they are never, ever letting you in.

But listen. Listen.

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't.
Because you don't need them.

They're not gonna give it to you,
so what?

You're gonna take it.

You're gonna do whatever it takes,
you hear me?

You are not gonna play by the rules.

You're gonna go your own way,
you're gonna do what they won't do.

You're gonna be smart,
you are gonna cut corners...

...and you are gonna win.

They're on the 35th floor.
You're gonna be on the 50th floor.

You're gonna be
looking down on them.

The higher you rise,
the more they're gonna hate you. Good.

Good. You rub their noses in it.

You make them suffer.

Because you don't matter
all that much to them.

So what?

Screw them.

Remember, the winner takes it all.

I've gotta go get my bus.

Heh. You understand
what I'm trying to tell you, right?


I think I do.

All right. All right, go get them.


Goddamn it. Goddamn it.
Damn it. Damn it.





No. No.


- Can I help you?
- Hey.

My friend was here earlier. Um...

Bald fellow. About so tall.

Yeah. Did they find his
brother-in-law? Is he okay?

No, no.

No, we haven't found him yet.

We're really worried.

- I'm sorry to hear about that.
- Yeah.

So I was wondering if there's maybe
something that my friend missed.

I showed him everything I've got.

Show me what you showed him.

Maybe you should just call your friend.

I did and, you know...

...he told me to come back
and take another look.

I'd really appreciate it.

I can't. I'm sorry.

You better just call the police.

Sure. Sure.


Travel Wire, this is Fred.

Fourth Street.
Nearest cross street is Lomas.

10 p.m.

Yeah. Okay. Have a great day.

Thank you.




Is there a Mr. Ziegler here?

Mr. Werner Ziegler?

Yes. I am Ziegler.

There's a call for you.

Oh. Yeah. I will be right there.
Thank you.

Darling! Have you landed?

Is this Werner?


Who is this?

I'm calling on behalf of Gustavo Fring.

Ah, yes. I see.

Is Mr. Fring very upset?

- What do you think?
- Please let him know...

...the work will continue.
Did Michael show him my letter?

I explained everything.

Uh, no. Michael hasn't shared that
with Mr. Fring.

The letter has specific instructions.

My men will be able to continue
a few days without me.

- The work will go on. Ask Michael.
- Michael.

Michael's very busy
and he asked me to speak with you.

Do you remember
what your instructions were?

Certainly. They are to finish clearing
the debris...

...then begin the south wall.

That's the south wall?

The south wall, yes.

The concrete is standing by,
they can start pouring.

It's very straightforward.

Kai will know...

The concrete... Sorry, I didn't get
that last part. Could you repeat that?



Mr. Ziegler?


Is that you?

- I am so sorry...
- Get dressed.


I don't wanna hear
another damn word out of you.




- Hey.
- I think I got something here.

Take a look. The problem
might've been starting with remorse... I'm trying to work into it
more gradually. Uh...

The law, plans, then remorse...

...then brother, then legacy,
what do you think?

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

How'd it go?

We gave three very bright
young people scholarships.

Good. All right, we can work on this.

I know it's a lot, but this is one time
you do not wanna wing it.


Jimmy, the hard part's done.

Reading room, scholarship, cemetery.

They've got to have
heard about some of it.

We set up the dominos
and now you just knock them down.

I can say whatever I want.

To the board, I'm still "that guy."

Well, you've gotta say something.

What if...?

What if, um...?

What if Chuck does the talking for me?

Wait here.


GUS: Yes?
- I got him.

Where are you now?

Out by an old raceway off 55.

About eight miles north of San Ysidro.

Where was he?

Placed called Dulce Vega Hot Springs
up in Jemez.

It's gotta be where
his wife is headed.

Something else.


When I found him, he was on the phone
with an interested party...

...pretending to be one of your guys.

What did he tell them?

Nothing useful.

You're certain?


You have any idea who it was?

I do.

- All right. I'll bring him in now.
- No.

Keep him there.


I'd go another way.

That I know.

Let it be a mistake.

This discussion serves no purpose.

Wait where you are.

I'll take care of it.

Are you sure?


Goddamn it.


Get out.

I wanna know what your endgame was.

What did you think
was gonna happen?

I thought I would come back
and my friend Michael...

...would be very, very angry.

But in time,
he would understand and forgive.

It was never up to me.

Oh, Michael, look,
I know I've made trouble for you.

And I'm very sorry
for the damage I caused.

I will repair what I broke
with my own hands...

...but please,
Margarethe will land any minute.

Soon she will be at the motel, please.

Take me back there.

Let us be together for a little, huh?

Let her see me and know
everything is okay.

Ah, please, Michael.

I go back now,
I go back in the morning...

...what difference can it make?

It's not gonna happen.


Let me speak to Mr. Fring.
I will explain everything.

I will make him understand.

You're not gonna talk to Fring.

Oh, please. I know. If I...

Werner, nothing you can say or do
will make anyone trust you again.

I will go home.

I will never breathe a word of this ever.

The money?

I'll give all of it back.

I will tell no one, I swear.

It will be as if...

...none of this ever happened.

Please, Michael.

You know I will keep silent.
You know it, please.

Does your wife
have a cell phone with her?


I need you to call her now.

- She landed an hour ago.
- But she knows nothing.

And you need to keep it that way.

She's being followed.

She's followed?

She goes back to the airport,
nothing will happen to her.

- Surely, they could not... They would not.
- Hey, pull yourself together.

Give me the phone, I call her now.

- Give it to me.
- Calm down. Calm down.

She can't suspect.
It doesn't matter what you tell her... long as she goes back
where she belongs.




Hello. Yeah.


Oh, you're renting the car? Oh...

Yes, yes...

I have very bad news.

There is a problem at the site.

Yeah. I've been called back.

What? No...

No, no injured.
None, no. I know. I know. No.

Please, please listen to me.

I am...

I'm not at the motel.
I'm not even in New Mexico.

You're going to have to take
the next flight home.

Margarethe, listen to me.

Margarethe, listen to me.

Shut up, now!

You must go back home.

No! Out of the question.
This is my work. I must do it.

And I don't want to see you at all,
Margarethe. I don't want to see you.

So go back home! Immediately. Now!


Will she do it?

She was very angry, but yes.

She will go home.


If she doesn't hear a word from me,
she will ask questions.

She will go to the police.

There'll be a story. An accident.

Lawyers will visit. German lawyers.

Her questions will be answered.

This you swear?

This I swear.

And my men?

They're going home.

They'll be okay. They're trusted.

Is there no other way, truly?

There are so many stars
visible in New Mexico.

I will walk out there.

To get a better look.



I mean...'s incredible.

I feel like we've been
talking about this forever and now... it is.

An architectural feat.



This is...

This is...



I can work with this.

I mean, it's not exactly
what we talked about...

...but it has possibilities,
even unfinished.

Ventilation, at this point,
is the main hurdle.

But with a series of fans
and the right equipment...

...I am certain that I could do
a rudimentary cook at the very least.

Not until it is ready.


Of course.

We only wanna do it if it's done right.

I was just exploring possibilities.

I am gonna go up and check the...


Oh, hello.


Where do you have it?

This should do it.
Chuck wrote a good letter, huh?

Chuck wrote a great letter.

It's not just the words,
though, you know?

It's how you read them.

Jimmy, whatever happens in there...

...I'm with you.

Mr. McGill, we've reviewed all the facts,
the same facts as the hearing committee.

We've evaluated their findings,
all that's left is for us to hear...

...your prepared statement.
So whenever you're ready.

Thank you, Your Honor.
I don't have a prepared statement.

But I do have this. Um...

It's a letter...

...from my brother, Charles McGill.

He left it to me in his will.

And I received it last year
after he passed.


"Dear Jimmy...

...I have left many things unsaid
in our relationship through the years.

Rather than allow these unspoken
thoughts to die with me...

...I've chosen
to record them here for you.

I hope you will take my words
in the spirit in which they are intended.

I remember quite clearly the day
you came home from the hospital.

You can't imagine the joy
on Mom's face.

I can honestly say
I never saw her happier."

I'm sorry. I can't do this.

I was...

I was just gonna try to...

I was gonna try to move you all
with my brother's eloquent words.

You know, pull on your heartstrings,
but it's not right.

This letter's between me and him.

And it should stay that way.

Listen, my brother Chuck... knew him.

He loved me... his own way.

He loved me as a brother.

He did not love me as a lawyer.

Big reason I became a lawyer
was Chuck.

He was the most brilliant man
I ever knew.

And an incredible lawyer.

You know?
And he knew exactly who he was.


And all my life,
I wanted to make him proud.

And he was not an easy man
to make proud.

You know, like...

...climbing Everest without supplies.

If you were one of the lucky few
who reached that peak...

...even for a moment,
if you made him proud..., what a feeling.

And he let you know it too.

But if you weren't one of those people...

He was polite enough, but he did not
suffer fools, you know?

And he could be judgmental.

And difficult.

He knew how to get under your skin.


Could be a real son of a bitch.

Chuck was the one
who was always right.


And usually, he was.

You know, so for a guy like me, heh...

...I did lousy in school,
I lacked ambition...

...I always cut corners. I mean, for me... live up to the standards
of Charles McGill...


I mean, look at me.

I'll never be as moral as him...

...I'll never be as smart...

...I'll never be as respected.

I'll never be as good as Chuck.

But I can try.

I can try.

If you decide...

...and I get to be a lawyer...

...I'll do everything in my power
to be worthy of the name McGill.

And if you decide I'm not a lawyer...

...doesn't matter.

I'll still try to be
the best man that I can be.

I'm lucky...

...I got this letter.

I never had a chance
to write him a letter...

...and to tell him all the things
that I should've.

But I gotta believe that somehow...

Somehow, he knows.

Well, that's...

That'll have to do it for me.


Thank you.

- I knew you could do it.
- That was so great.

Yes. They... They have to reinstate you.

- Yeah. Did you see those suckers?
- They have to.

That one asshole was crying.
He had actual tears.

Jesus, Kim.

Listen, I started reading the letter
and I just knew it wasn't...

I could tell by their faces
it wasn't gonna be enough.

So I just went off on this flow,
you know?

I had this energy going through me,
it was like improv or jazz...

...and then boom, I sunk the hook in.

"I'm so lucky I have this letter."

God, I could see The Matrix, you know?

I was invincible.
I could dodge bullets, baby.

And you were right. You were right.
It was all about Chuck.

The whole time.

Oh, Mr. McGill, you're still here.

- There's some good news.
- Believe me. I already know.

Good. If you want to
come with me to the office...

- ...there's paperwork for you to sign.
- Absolutely. Let's do this thing.

Oh, and, sweetheart,
I'm gonna need one more form.

A DBA. Because I'm not gonna be
practicing under the name McGill, so...

Shouldn't be a problem.
Down the hall, we have all the forms.

Great, great.

Wait. Wait, Jimmy, what?

It's all good, man.