Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Sunk Costs - full transcript

Jimmy decides to represent a new client, much to Kim's dismay. Meanwhile, Mike meets a formidable ally who presents him an enticing offer.


Man: May I assume
that you are armed?


I do not wish
to see your gun.

And if I don't,

I promise
you won't see mine.

Are we
in agreement?

We are.

Expect two cars

You care
to elaborate?

It's not in my interest
for Hector salamanca to die...

At this time.

Who is he to you?

An associate
of an associate.


How very specific.

Who is he to you?

We had
a disagreement.

He threatened
my family.

I'm not gonna
let that go.

But you had
let it go.

You'd taken his money.

Your family
was no longer in danger.

And yet, still,
you robbed his truck.

Shouldn't that
have settled the matter?

Most men
would have walked away,

but instead...

You made an attempt
on his life.


I understand that a civilian
found the driver

after you robbed
the truck.

Hector murdered
this civilian, correct?

He wasn't in the game.

I can't allow you
to kill Hector.

However, I am not completely
unsympathetic to your...

Sense of justice.

You hurt Hector
when you robbed that truck.

You hurt
his business,

his pride.

Quite effectively.

And if you were to hurt him
in the same manner again,

I would not
stand in your way.

You want me
to rob another truck.

If you feel
so inclined.

I'm done with that.

Then our business here
is finished.

That's it?

That's it.

No more tracker,

no more of your minions
following me?

Just like that?

Just like that.

Of course...

I trust that you are done
with Hector salamanca?

Mr. ehrmantraut.


You want
his trucks hit

because you want
to disrupt his supply line.

your competition.

Why do you ask?

Because I'm not done
with Hector salamanca.

Offices of Jimmy mcgill.
How may I help you today?

Hey. It's me.
Oh, hey, Jimmy.

Listen, um, something's come up,
and, uh, I need you

to reschedule all
my appointments for tomorrow.

Oh, okay.

When do you want me
to reschedule for?

Let's talk about it

Sure thing.

Oh, and, uh,
do me a favor --

tell Kim
i won't be back in tonight.

Will do.

That's it.

Have a great night!


Chuck: You know
you can wait inside.

You won't want
to hear it,

but this is
for the best.

Please, Jimmy...

Whatever you think
of me,

whatever colorful names

you're calling me
in your head right now,

please understand
I'm trying to help you.

Here's what's
going to happen.

The police
will arrest you,

and I'm sorry,
but I will be pressing charges.

I told you
there would be consequences.

But I
have to believe

that you'll face
those consequences

and you'll come out
the other side a better man.

I know it's hard
to see right now,

but, Jimmy,
this is an opportunity.

That's why
I'm doing this.

Not to punish you.

To show you --
truly show you --

that you have to make a change
before it's too late.

Before you
destroy yourself...

Or someone else.

And I believe
you can change.

You'll find your path.

And when
you're ready,

I will be there
to help you walk that path.

Here's what's
gonna happen.

One day,
you're gonna get sick...Again.

One of your employees
is gonna find you curled up

in that space blanket,
take you to the hospital,

hook you up to those machines
that beep and whir and...Hurt.

And this time,
it'll be too much.

And you will...
Die there.


There's my ride.

officer: Sir, I need
all your personal property --

belts, ties, phone,
rings, wallet.

need your socks and shoes
placed in that bag.

put these on your feet.

Turn to the right.

Turn to the left.

Face me.

Left hand.

Right hand.
Ho. Ly. Hell.

I thought
they were bullshitting me.

How the mighty
have fallen.

What the hell happened,

Just family trouble.

You're married?

No. Disagreement
with my brother.

That hardass?

I don't blame ya.

So who you got
representing you?

I'll be
representing myself.

Sign here.

i knew that

when you left
that sa-weet Davis & main gig.

This way.

Hey, speaking of...

They, uh, still trying
to replace you over there?

Arms out.

How's, uh, Omar?

Why? You looking
to make a change?

Well, leave all this
glamour behind?

Hey, who do you think's
gonna catch this?

Eh, it depends on who's
available when it comes in.

Face me.
You think
you might be available?

Run your hands
through your hair, please.

Don't you wanna

throw the book at me
for old times' sake?

Mmm, I'll see
if I can work some magic...

But those decisions
are really above my paygrade.

Oh, yeah? When did they
start paying you?
Right this way.

Sit here.

I gotta run,
Left hand.

Just had to
see it for myself...

...Jimmy mcgill,

getting fingerprinted
with the hoi polloi.

Well, I'm glad
you enjoyed the show.

I'll check and see

if I can get your
first appearance moved up.

Thank you.

It's pretty late.

Chances are,
you're spending the night.

You, uh,
gonna be okay?

Beats the back
of a nail salon.

I do not doubt that, my friend.

Oh, pick the biggest guy.

Punch him
as hard as you can, okay?

Show dominance.

Right. Got it.

You, uh, do know
how to throw a punch, right?

Yeah, all right.

hey, Kim.

Can I talk to you?

Sure, Ernie.

What's going on?

Uh, Mr. mcgill
fired me.

What happened?
I don't...

It doesn't matter.

I just...

Is Jimmy okay?

I feel bad,
like it's my fault.

I didn't mean
for this to happen.

What happened
to Jimmy?

Man: Mcgill?
Guard: Yeah.

You're up.

We've got cr-2003113081.

James mcgill.

Yes, your honor.

Not how I'm used to
seeing you in here, Mr. mcgill.

Not how
I'd like to be seen.

Well, you had
quite the day yesterday.


Mr. mcgill,
you've been accused

of fourth degree felony
breaking and entering,

which carries
a maximum sentence

of 18 months
and a $5,000 fine.

We've also got
petty misdemeanor assault --

maximum six months' jail time
and a $500 fine.

Plus, criminal damage
to property --

also misdemeanor
with a maximum sentence

of six months
and a $500 fine.

Victim is...

Your brother Charles?


I assume you're prepared
to enter a plea at this time.

your honor.

I wish to enter a plea
of not guilty.

The court accepts

and enters the defendant's plea
of not guilty.

Now, Mr. mcgill,
have you secured counsel?

Kim: Yes.

Uh, your honor,
Kim wexler.

I'll be representing Mr. mcgill
in this matter.

Just in time.

Let's enter Ms. wexler
as the attorney of record.

Your honor, if I may, um,
I'll be representing myself.

I strongly advise against that,
Mr. mcgill.

You know what they say about
a man who represents himself.

Oh, i-I'm aware,
but as you know,

I've defended many people
in the criminal justice system.

Your honor, may I have a moment
to speak with my client?

Sounds like
he's not your client.

Mr. mcgill, would you like
to take a moment

to discuss this with your...
Potential counsel?

No, your honor.
I'm all set.

I'm gonna
represent myself.
Your honor --

not your client,
Ms. wexler.

I'm sorry.
I'm moving on.

You two can work this out
on your own time.

I'm sorry.
I was gonna call you,

but then I thought
I'd tell you in person.

Mr. mcgill.

So, on to
the issue of bond.

You have no priors
and no outstanding warrants.

And where are you currently
practicing law?

I haven't seen you
in my court in a while.

Elder law.

What a noble pursuit.

One I hope
you get back to very soon.

Now, given your ties
to the community,

I see no reason
to deny you bond,

which I set now
at $2,500.

I Up.

Chuck bamboozled me

That tape?

He made sure
that Ernie heard it -- right? --

'cause he knew Ernie,
bless him,

would tell me about it
and I would come over

to try to destroy it
or steal it or whatever.

Howard was there --

and a p.I.,
if you can believe that,

just waiting for me

to lose my shit
and bust in.

Chuck played me
like a fiddle!

And schmuck that I am,
i fell for it!


I'm sorry.

And then,
i didn't call you,

which is stupid,
and I'm sorry about that, too.

But I didn't call you
for a reason, okay?

'Cause this
is my screw-up.

I own it, okay?

It's my responsibility
to fix it.

And I know
you want to help.

Of course you do,
'cause you're wonderful.

But y-you're up to your ears
in mesa verde.

And I can't --

I won't
load this onto you, too.

We have worked too hard
to let Chuck's bullshit vendetta

threaten everything
that we're building!

I won't allow him
to endanger our business!

I will fix this.

Myself. Me.
Jimmy mcgill.


You have gotta let me
do this on my own.


Thank you.

I, uh,
i finished it.

I-i mean,
i just touched up the edges.

A little.

Is --
is that okay?


Uh, sure.

It looks nice.

You mind
driving me to my car?

No problem.

just so you know,

this isn't a typical week
around here.


I...Didn't think
that it was.





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Mr. Clark?

The doctor is ready.

Doctor: And how may i
help you today, Mr. Clark?

I believe our mutual
acquaintance called ahead.

He told me what,
but not how much.

Well, I need a package...

Yea big.

And what's that
in grams?

Unh. This big.


Was somebody
sitting here?


So, how was it?

How was what?

Your night in mdc.

I caught up
with a few old clients.


Want one?


This whole thing
is a...

Big misunderstanding.


There's absolutely no way
it's going to trial.

Who wants that hassle?
Not me.

Whichever lucky soul at the
d.A.'S office catches this --

looking at
an easy clear.

There's a felony
in there, right?

That would be a cla--
go ahead --

classic case
of overcharging.

No offense.

Happy to have
a civil conversation,

and I'm always ready
to make a deal.

Just call me
monty hall.

So you're looking to plea out
on this, then, monty?

If it's
the right plea.

I'm not perfect.
Made mistakes.

I'm willing
to own up to them

in a way that is satisfying
to both myself and the state.

Mm-hmm. Mm.

good luck with that.

"Good luck with that" as in,
"i wish you well,"

"i accept your challenge"?

I wish you well.

Play your cards right --
they may go for it.

"They"? Not you?

Prosecuting your case?

Nah, man.
It's not me.

You never catch
a lucky break, do ya?

Bad timing?
No, conflicted out.

Conflicted out?

I mean,
i figured that'd happen.

You and I have
wheeled and dealed together

too many times.

There was no way the boss
was letting me run that one.

It's not ericsen,
is it?

The whole Albuquerque office
is out.

We all know you,

Well, who is it?
I don't know.

They're pulling in
someone from Belen.


Something hay,
i think.

I don't know.

Boss used the words
"tough but fair."


Gotta jam.

Good luck.

Burger's getting cold.

You want it?


It has
too many trans fats.


Those are
the best fats.

So they let you
keep the car?

Davis & main.

They let you keep
the, uh, German car?


That blows.

Ms. hay?

Mr. mcgill?
Chuck, please.

Meet me
at the front door.

Uh, they said to put my things
in the mailbox.

Yes, please.
Anything with a battery.

Did your brother ever
have a key to the house?

Before the recent trouble,
he did.

He brought me
my groceries and sundries.

But we had
a falling-out.

I have an employee
who does all that now.

You took away
your brother's key

when you hired
this employee?

I changed the locks.

Going -- going back
to the confrontation --

so I have it absolutely clear --
did he strike you?

nothing like that.

He backed me
into a cabinet.

Did he have
a weapon?

as I mentioned,

he used a fireplace poker
to break into my desk.

But he never
would have used it on me.

Did you feel
physically threatened?

My brother
is a lot of things,

but even he
has limits.

And you're willing
to appear as a witness

even though
he's family?

Unfortunately, yes.

If we continue
with this,

I'll need
your sworn testimony.

I've had situations
involving family members before

where the injured party
has ultimately been reluctant

to cooperate
with my office.

That won't happen.

I'm curious
about your strategy.


As officers
of the court,

I feel we should be held
to a higher standard.

I don't intend
to take it easy on your brother

just because
he's a lawyer.

Of course not.

The bone of contention

is going to be the felony
breaking and entering.

Your brother's gonna want
to plead down to a misdemeanor,

but I'll hold the line
on the felony.

Which means this could possibly
go to trial.

Now, i-i want
to be mindful

of your comfort
and well-being.

With --
with your condition,

are you able
to appear before the court?

In person?

I certainly appreciate you
accommodating me today

by coming here,

but don't worry --
I'm able to tolerate being out

for short periods
with a few minor adjustments.

Nothing that will
overly inconvenience the court.

I'll get started
on this.

U-unless you have
other concerns.

I just...

I just keep thinking.

You know,
Jimmy has a good heart.

I'm -- I'm sure he does.

It's not an excuse
for what he's done.

But he's my brother.

And I know...
Well, he...

Well, he's emotional.
He flies off the handle.

but this is more than
flying off the handle.

I'm not
going to defend his actions.

But I can't help wondering

if there's not
a better solution.

For everyone.

-You're good.
-Hold up.

Man: Okay, I can do that.

Looks like
we got a hit.

Get down on your knees!

How old is this?

I found it
in the glove box.

Best guess?

From back when
all the doors matched.

I got a deal offer
from the Ada today.


It's not
what I expected.

Bad not
what you expected?

It's just that...

It's different.

She's offering me
pre-prosecution diversion.


A ppd?

That's great,

Best I could hope for,


What does she want you
to confess to?

All of it.
The felony b and e.

Uh, misdemeanor petty assault
and property damage.

I never touched him,
but they got assault in there.

could be worse.

As long
as they never activate it,

it doesn't matter,

You gonna be able to keep your
nose clean for a whole year?

Keep "Viktor" with a "k"
on lockdown?

It's not a problem,

And if I don't,
it's instant jail, right?

Lucky break.

She must not want the hassle
of a trial.

Guess so.


This is good news.

And Chuck
is gonna be pissed.

It's a big check
in the "pro" column.

the ppd was Chuck's idea.



What's his game?

One condition of the ppd
is that my written confession

is immediately submitted to
the new Mexico bar association.

Your written
felony confession.

Yeah. I thought
he wanted me in jail.

He just wants
my law license.

What are you gonna do?


I knew the bar
was gonna be an issue, right?

So I figured
I'd plea the charges down

to a couple misdemeanors,
get a censure,

and maybe
a little suspension, but...

A confession
to a felony?

Grounds for disbarment.

Yeah. And if I take it to trial
and I lose,

I face the bar anyways
and jail time, most likely.

He's got me boxed in.

You can fight this.

The disciplinary board listens
to extenuating circumstances.

No, Chuck knows everybody
at the bar.

Hell, he made
half their careers.

It's gonna be him
and his cronies versus me.


Not alone.

Come on, Jimmy.

You need me.

You can't
argue this yourself.

You and i
both know that.

And I'm not gonna let you
fight this on your own.

Are you sure?

'Cause I don't --

Why would you...

Come on.

This guy?


Let's just call it
the fallacy of sunk costs.

So what now?


Now we, uh,
take that ppd,

and we shove it
right up Chuck's ass.