Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Lantern - full transcript

Kim resolves to take some time off from work, while Jimmy does his best to make amends; Nacho takes a major gamble with his future; Hamlin applies pressure on Chuck to finally make a decision.

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Previously on aMC's
Better Call Saul...

Should I settle?

Hector Salamanca.

- Turn the lights on.
- I'm back to normal.

You'd rather tear down
HHM than retire.

You think I'm trouble now?
Imagine me as your enemy.

It's a new client, and
if I mess this up, it's a former client.

Sandpiper is settling.
This is the solution to everything!

I'll be back in a few hours.

"It was very still
except for the tree-toads

and the frogs in the brook
peeping mournfully,

and every little while

Mabel could hear strange
rustlings in the leaves.

tried to remember the way home,

but the woods
looked so different now

that she couldn't think
which way to go.

She began to be frightened.

'What's that?' Said Mabel.

'Oh, I'm...
I'm so frightened!'

in a minute or two
she heard the howl again...


a long, wild cry.

She began to run, but the poor
thing had lost her way."

Is she gonna be okay?

She'll be fine, Jimmy.
How do you know?

Just listen.
You'll see.

"It was so dark
that she stumbled

over the bushes and the roots
of the trees..."


Season 03 Episode 10
Title: "Lantern"



I know.

Does she need
to spend the night?

Once this is Done,
she'll be discharged.




This is a situation
no firm ever wants to be in.

It's... Well, it's embarrassing.

I know we all want
a swift resolution here.

So what are our options?

Take it to trial.


And extremely damaging
for HHM's reputation.

Not my first choice or yours,
I imagine.

The firm could choose
to buy me out

for an amount that is
almost certain to bankrupt it.

I spent decades
building this firm.

I Don't want to be the agent
of its destruction.

There is a third option.

There's no reason

we can't put all this
unpleasantness behind us

and continue on as we have been.

I'm willing
to let bygones be bygones.

And if you agree,

I think we can settle all this
right now

with a simple handshake.

Would you all give us the room
for a moment?

17 years.

18 in July, actually.

All those years
we built this place together.

And all that time
I've supported you.

Looked up to you,

deferred to you.

Because I always thought

you had the best interests
of the firm in mind.

I have...

You did.

For a long time.

But you've let
personal vendettas

turn your focus away
from what's best for HHM.

You've put your needs first.

To our detriment.
I Don't think that's accurate.

And the moment
that I mildly suggest,

with empathy and concern,

that maybe it's time for you
to consider retirement...

the first instinct you have
is to sue me?!

To sue the firm...?

Well, I... I-i Don't even know...

I- in what world is that anything
but the deepest betrayal

of everything we worked so hard
to accomplish?

In what world is that anything

but the deepest betrayal
of our friendship?

Howard. I could argue that
you're the one who betrayed me.

That's bullshit.

And you know it.

This is pointless.


Just take this.

$3 million?

The first of three payments,

as per
the partnership agreement.

The firm can't afford this.

Are you...

You're not shutting down,
are you?

I would never endanger the firm.

This is mostly
from my personal funds.

And a few loans.

You're paying me
out of your own pocket.

You won.

There's one last thing...


Thank you for gathering.

I have some bittersweet news
to share.

I'm sorry to say, but our
fearless leader, Charles McGill,

will be leaving HHM.

Effective immediately.

I wanted to take this moment
to thank Chuck

for everything he's Done
for HHM.

We started off
with six employees.

And Chuck helped grow us

into one of the largest firms
in the state.

We will be forever grateful
for his dedication.

Do you have anything
you want to say?

Alright, then.
Let's give him a hand!





You need electrolytes.

You hungry?

I'll make you somethin'.

Be right back.
Just finish that.


I said I'd bring it to you.

I needed to stretch my legs.


This is, uh, twisted.

Oh, thanks.

This one-handed crap is gonna
get real old, real fast.

Is there coffee?

But, uh, more gatorade first.

Alright, your, uh,
two options are...

Good ole' ibuprofen

which, uh, you know,
should take the edge off.

Or the proverbial
"good stuff."

The answer is always
"the good stuff."

But food first.

You're not feeding me, Jimmy.

There are lines we do not cross.

I was looking into our lease
on the office.

Um, we'd definitely take
a haircut if we broke it.

But we are allowed to sublet.

Might be our best option.

Furniture's mostly rented
month to month.

So that's not an issue.

For you, I think you need
a desk, some file cabinets.

A westlaw terminal...

And, uh, haven't figured out
Francesca yet.

That's another conversation.

All that sound okay?

Are you sure about this?

I mean, even with
the sandpiper money...?

After, uh...


I Don't give a shit
about the office.

So can I start looking
for a tenant?



I could've killed someone,

Yeah. Yourself.

I worked most of last week
on maybe six hours of sleep.

And then I...

I crossed three lanes
of traffic,

and I Don't remember
any of it...

Look, you were just doing
what you thought you had to do.

Because of me. You didn't
make me get in that car.

That was all me.

I'm an adult.
I made a choice.


All I can say is,

I am gonna fix things.

Okay. So, we're gonna
do everything around back.

It's mostly commercial around
here, so it's quiet at night.

♪♪ "Dinero sucio" plays on radio...
We pull the trucks up to the doors.

We unload right into the shop.

We can break down
the stuff in here.

There's space in the back
for storing scales

and, uh, supplies
when the shop's open.

Should be able to process
everything overnight.

I'd be here
to see it gets Done right...

where's, uh, papi?

I'll be taking care of all this.

But he's good.

Once we get everything packed,

Arturo will pick up
and supervise distro,

uh, make sure
everything is clear.

Here's papi!





Don Hector...




He's old-fashioned.
He'll come around.

Don Hector.

I'll talk to him.

He'll come around.

I Don't trust him.

These are from Kevin and Paige.

Well, I guess they're
from everybody at mesa verde.

Oh! And there's a card.

Somewhere in here.

Ah, here!

You brought the book?

Um, sure.

Mr. gatwood.

The card wasn't clear,

but I'm pretty sure
you're getting steaks, too.



He wishes you a speedy recovery.



You are so lucky.

I, um, I used to drive
that highway every weekend

to visit my brother
and his kids,

and I saw an accident
almost every single time.

People die on that road
all the time.

I-I already rescheduled
everything you had this week.

But I didn't touch that meeting
with the regulator.

I know that whole Utah timeline
is delicate, so...

It's next Wednesday, right?

Yes. And there's still a lot
of prep that we pushed

so you could focus
on getting Mr. gatwood up

by the end of the quarter.

Which isn't happening now.

I talked with Colleen,

and she said everyone's fine
doing that meeting Monday.

So, you know, that means
we could still slide in

just under the deadline...


Did you bring a breakdown

of the documents I'll need
for next Wednesday?

I would...
i would have to figure out...


how long that'll take me.


That's four, six.

Go to 11.




found it.
Here you go.

And Paige's timeline's
on the top.



Y-You okay?
I-i can always come back...

I'm gonna need you
to cancel gatwood

and push everything else.



Uh. Okay.

But first,
could you give me a ride?

Where to?

Ms. Wexler sends her

apologies, Mr. Gatwood.

A-and she feels terrible
about this,

but with her accident
and the recovery...

she's just not gonna be able to
finish her work for you in time.

Oh, of course, I'll tell her.

A-and again,
she is very sorry,

and I know she'll be giving you
a call herself soon.

Well, yes.

Ms. Wexler did ask me
to tell you

she strongly recommends
schweikart and cokely.

They're an exceptional firm.

Okay. Well, I will send
that info over today.

A-and Ms. w-Wexler
will follow up herself shortly.

"Thanks for the meat." Uh. A-and
she says thank you for the steaks.

She's so excited
to fire up that grill.

Thank you.

How many do I have?




It's Jimmy.

I know you Don't wanna see me,

but, uh, I just want
to know you're okay.

C'mon, Chuck.
I just want to see your face.

C'mon, Chuck.
I just need a minute.

I just need to know
you're alright.

I'm alright, Jimmy.

Oh, hey.

I mean, I'm glad you're alright.


Uh... Can I come in?

Just talk for a minute...?

♪♪ "It never entered my mind"








as you can see,
I'm more than alright.

I'm very well, in fact.




I always told you
I'd get better.

You just never believed me.


sure I did.


but, Chuck
This is great!


how did you do it?

What was it you wanted?

Beyond "proof of life"?



S-something happened,

and it made me
think about what ha...

went down between you and me.


I wanted to say, in hindsight,

I could've
made different choices.

Is that so?

I mean, I'm not saying
it's all on me.

It's not.

But if I had to do it
all over again

I would maybe
do some things differently.

And I just thought
you should know that.

That you have regrets?

I have regrets.



'Cause you're my brother.

There aren't that many
of us McGills left,

and, uh, I think we should
stick together.

Why have regrets at all?

What's the point?

What do you mean?

Well, look at you.
You're in so much pain.

Why are you putting yourself
through all this?

'Cause I wanted to tell you...

that you have regrets.

And I'm telling you:
Don't bother.

What's the point?

You're just gonna
keep hurting people.

That's not true.
Jimmy, this is what you do.

You hurt people.
Over and over and over.

And then there's this show
of remorse...

it's not a "show"!

I know you Don't think
it's a show.

I Don't doubt your emotions
are real,

but what's the point
of all the sad faces

and the gnashing of teeth?

If you're not going to
change your behavior...

And you won't...

I can change... Why not just
skip the whole exercise?

In the end, you're going to
hurt everyone around you.

You can't help it.

So, stop apologizing
and accept it.

Embrace it.

Frankly, I'd have more respect
for you if you did.

What about you, Chuck?

You didn't do anything wrong?

You're just an innocent victim?

Let me put your mind at ease,

You Don't have to
make up with me.

We Don't have to
understand each other.

Things are fine
the way they are.


I Don't want to hurt
your feelings...

But the truth is you've never
mattered all that much to me.

Gold comforter.

Green chair.

Brown journal.














What a nice surprise.

As beautiful as ever!

Why Don't you come in?

Can I get you some tea?

Oh, I Don't want to be a bother.

I just have a couple things
to drop off.

w-what is all this?

Well, when we win, we celebrate.

That's very sweet.

Yes. And I didn't forget
about Oscar and Felix.

I've got some kitty toys
and catnip in there

for those two little rascals.

You shouldn't have, Jimmy.

Of course I should.

Now, have you given any thought

to how you want to spend
that settlement money?

I Don't know...

Well, I'll tell you what I'd do.

Alaskan cruise.

You can walk on a glacier
under the Aurora borealis.

And if Alaska's too cold,
maybe a European river cruise.

Float on down the Danube.

I bet you and the ladies
could split a deluxe suite.

Get into all sorts of trouble.

That sounds very nice,

but... I Don't think
they'd really want to.

Why not?

They're still... Upset.

They must be excited about
the settlement though, right?

But you can't let
one little misunderstanding

destroy years of friendship.

Oh, it's just not
the same, Jimmy.

She showed her true colors.

When it came to that settlement,

we were the furthest things
from her mind.

It just took her a bit

to realize what was important
to you.

She came around.

She just wanted

to get back on our good side...

How do you trust someone

who bends any way
the wind is blowing?

Where is her integrity?


well, I can't help
but blame myself.

You were just trying to help.

No. I stuck my nose in
where it didn't belong,

and I... stirred the pot.


Look, if you want
to blame someone,

you should blame me.


Jimmy, you're a good friend.

She doesn't deserve you.

No, she doesn't.


Yes. I've...
I've shut off all the breakers.

Yes, I have checked.
Several times.

The power meter
is still turning.

All I can think is that
there's something in the house

that isn't wired
through the breaker box...

and it's drawing power.

Well, I-I want you
to send someone over

to find it and disconnect it.



I can't wait that long.

Are you sure
there's nothing sooner?

Wednesday then.























Yes, hello?
T-this is Charles McGill.

I have a three o'clock
with Dr. Cruz today?

Uh. Yes, well,
w-would you tell her

that something's come up and
I'm not able to come in today?

No, no need to reschedule.
I'll just see her next week.

Thank you.



































♪♪ Music intensifies...





♪♪ Music slows...












♪♪ Music intensifies...



























You got my message.


You strapped?

They're coming.

Don Hector.

Don Eladio wanted me
to speak with you face to face,

so there's no misunderstanding.

From now on, there will be
only one route over the border

for our product...
the chicken trucks.

That is final.

But you must understand
this is for efficiency only...

there's no disrespect
to you or your family.

What's he doing here?

The boss wants you
to settle this.

I settle it right now, okay?

You have to work together.

It's what the boss wants.

The boss can suck me.

I'd watch what I say
if I were you.

Who you think you are?

You should be kissing my ass
right now.

Me and my family?

We built this whole business.

We all did.

No, no!
Salamanca did!

Salamanca money!

Salamanca blood!

You have to calm down.

That hacienda!
I paid for it.

And you treat us like dogs!

Hector, this isn't personal...

It is!
It is personal...!




call 911.
Stash the guns.


You should not be here
when they arrive.

I need an ambulance.

Ino te mueras cabrón!

Outside a garage at
the corner of aztec and girard.

My boss collapsed.
I think he's having a heart attack.


ino te mueras cabrón!


I think

Come on!



Does he have a history
of cardiac issues?


And was he taking
any medications?

He took these.


We're headed to lovelace,
if you'd like to follow.



How's, uh, relax-o-thon 2003
comin' along?

No complaints.
Join me.

Oh... Dip...
dip it in the sauce.

Seems like overkill.

Trust me.


So what's next?

Uh, monty python.

Solid choice.

Or... We could just watch
"to kill a mockingbird" again.

Again? Yeah, I watched
it this morning.

It was my favorite
when I was a kid.

I loved Atticus Finch.

All the girls were in love
with Gregory peck.

I wasn't in love with him.

Well, a little. But, no.
I wanted to be him.

Fight the good fight.
Change the world.

Didn't you?

That was more Chuck's thing.

But, I mean, the good news is
you made it!

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I am.

I'm changing the world
by helping a mid-size local bank

become a mid-size
regional bank.

Yay me.

So... No luck
with Ms. Landry?

No. Shoot.
That bridge is burned.


It's that bad?

T-there's no putting that genie
back in the bottle.

And I've tried everything.

I sent muffin baskets
to the gals.

I signed them from her.

They saw right through it.

"Oh, Jimmy, you're too nice.

she doesn't deserve you."

The more I try to make them
like her again,

the more they end up
lovin' me instead.

Wow. Well... Sounds like you've
exhausted all your options...

I mean, if muffin baskets
Don't solve it...

I Don't know what else to do.

I'm not good at building shit,
you know?

I'm excellent
at tearing it down.

Oh, rookie move.

What... the...

It's already cheese.
It's cheese on cheese.


You know, sometimes, you got to
play to your strengths.

You should stitch that
on a pillow.

Oh, I will.
All right. Screw it.

"Mockingbird" encore, it is.


Oh, shit.

What is it?

Mrs. Landry.

You figured it out.


But I really,
really Don't wanna do it.


Hello! Hi there.

- Jimmy!
- Jimmy.




Good morning.
All: Good morning.

I know that many of you
were expecting Sandy

for this morning's chair yoga,
but her daughter has a cold.

But she'll be fine.

Uh, the nice folks in front
said I could sit in.

So, you guys ready to get to it?



Let's wake up those spines with,
uh, cat/cow position.

Very good.


And then cow...

Sit up straight.
Very good, Jasper.


And cow...

Long, deep breaths.

Breathe in through the nose
and out through the mouth.

And cow...

And cat...

Mr. McGill.

Erin Brill!

You're just in time
for chair yoga.

I need to talk to you.

Uh, well, pull up a chair.

There's always room
for one more.

Now, Mr. McGill.

- What?
- You are unbelievable.

I could not, for the life of me,
figure out why on earth

Mrs. Landry would suddenly
change her mind

about the sandpiper settlement.

I had to practically drag
the information out of her

that you filled her head

and all of her friends' heads
with lies.

I never lied to anyone.

You drastically misrepresented
the reality of the case.



You took advantage
of poor Mrs. Landry.

Does she know how much money
you're gonna make from this?

And again I ask... so what?

These people trusted you, Jimmy.

Do you have any idea
how much time I had to put in

listening to their insipid
ramblings about their sciatica

or which grandchild
disappoints them the most?

Damn right they trust me.

I worked my ass off
earning their trust.

Then you betrayed it.

If the only thing standing
between me and a million bucks

is some old lady's tears,

then I'd suggest
investing in kleenex.

You've ruined her life because
you wanted your money faster.

Boo and hoo.

Besides, it's not like she's got
that much time left, anyway.

You're disgusting.

And rich.

Hey, everyone.

That was probably more like
20 breaths instead of 10.


I Don't see a lot of
forward folding... Going on.

Come on, girls.

Shame on you.


Like a charm, yeah.

She'll go back
on the settlement?

I imagine you'll hear from her
within an hour or so.


Well Done in there.

I meant every word I said.

I know.

Thank you.

You got the address?

Okay. I'll meet you guys there
in about an hour.

- We'll unload.
- Sounds good.

You guys about Done?


Listen, I, um...

I'm real sorry
that this didn't work out.

It's fine.

I already talked to
my old supervisor at the MVD.

Looks like
they can take me back.

- So...
- Oh.

That's great.
And, you know,

if we ever get another office
up, you'd be our first call.


Good to know.

Bye, Kim.

Oh. Bye.

She understands.

So, uh, what's left?

I think this is it.
This is all admin stuff.

Uh, appointment book.
Your rolodex.

Hey, why'd you do that?

Because no senior's coming
within 20 feet of me ever again.

I'm gonna need
a whole new business model

when I get my license back.

Kim. It's pointless.

They're smearing my name
across the tri-state area.

Sendin' telegrams
to everyone far and near.

You never know.

It's a good wall.

You think?


We'll get another.

A better wall.


Let's go home.