Besa (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Buka - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We will record the conversation.
Is that a problem? -No.

Why would they film?
-Marija. I do not understand.

Let people do their jobs.

Mr. Perić, we are on your side.
If you do not want this

the conversation goes here, we can
always get an arrest warrant.

Please feel free to record.

Thank you. Mr. Perić, did you hear
that David Bay was killed last night?

I am.

We believe it was a professional murder.

Why are you telling me that then?

Two weeks ago, Boro Zamović was also
killed in Ulcinj. Someone bit him

testicle and beat him to death.
Not necessarily in that order.

Really, what does that have to do with me?

Dardan Berisha is behind these murders.

There is a high possibility that
you are his next target.

What do you mean?

Mrs. Perić, both of those
killed have direct

connections with the death
of Besian Beriš.

Only one more left.

They won't touch me.

Excuse me, why are you so sure?

The night I was released from custody,

I was kidnapped by Dardan's men.

They wanted to kill me.

And? What happened next?

He gave up. He found
out that my daughter

was driving under the
influence of drugs.

It is a bit unusual that Dardan
Berisha let you go just like that.

What do you mean, "Just like that?"
They killed the God in him.

Didn't think it was necessary
to report it?

What should we report? They are
mobsters, we are ordinary people.

Dardan Berisha parted company with
David Bey very amicably.

Just a day after that,
David Bay was killed.

So it's terribly important that you
understand that people like Berisha,

they liquidate entire families
without any problem.

Is that all?

If you wish, the MUP can
assign you security.

It won't be necessary.
-What does that mean?

Police officers who would monitor
your house 24 hours a day.

-There's really no need.

-Maria, there is no need.

Mr. Perić, thank you.

I will see you off.

If you do change your mind.

Let's stay in touch, Mr. Perić.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a nice day.

Something is wrong with this guy.

Get into position. Start.

I think we should accept
that police protection.

And then what?

What, "Then what?"

Do we have to live with that
police protection all our lives?

What do you suggest?

Should I take the children to
my family in split

and wait there for them to
kill you here? Is that?

Did Shiptar leave?

A replacement arrives, some gray
Citroen is parked here.



My good Mement,
How is it in Rovinj?

Nothing new.

Sun, sea...

And Adam's ice cream and lemonade,
God, you're enjoying yourself.

As if Tito is still a language.
Brotherhood and unity.

You know that the tender will
be announced soon.

for that mountain and ski
resort in the south.

I want you to apply on my behalf.

Isn't that reserved for your

He was

Iljir will send you all the documentation.

I want you to repackage it for your
company and contact the German.

I invest money. you five post
from the income.


Is it possible to wake up at five
after being dead?

Agim, please...

don't involve me in it.

And this is how I have problems in Croatia.

Did we talk like that when
you needed help?


Massage salon, Karađorđeva 19.
For half a chukka.

I can't right away.

You will have to.

Rajko Lalić, head of the Montenegrin
MUP, general, old school, tough.

Relatively spotless. Political ambitions.

Good afternoon.

Thank you for coming.
-Sit please.

As you probably already know,
things get really complicated.

Yes. So, in the past three weeks, there
have been several murders for which

we believe that they were ordered or
carried out by the Dardana Berisha clan.

We know about the murder, but we haven't
heard anything about the evidence yet.

General, you know very well
that the Berisha clan

carries out its murders
very professionally.

We almost never have any witnesses,
and even when we do, it's--

They become unavailable. That's why I
have a new idea.

I got support from Lyon.

Koci, sorry. Since Rajko and
I have a game tonight,

we are watching Partizan,

we have some socializing
afterwards in Grafičar.

How long is this going to take?

It won't be long, I promise.

General, the problem is that I can't
do it without your help.

I'm listening.

I want the MUP of Montenegro to
carry out an action to arrest

Dardan Berisha and his main people.

On what basis?

Taking DNA samples. Hopefully
someone left some clues.

That seems like a desperate
move to me, Inspector.

We have nothing better at the moment,

and this will be an opportunity
to listen to them all.

Maybe someone spills.


When do you think we should do it?

Tomorrow. We have international
support for action, you have people,

the only thing missing is the account.

Who will sign that order?

Judge Baždarević, your brother-in-law.

Are you asking me to make my
sister's husband suffer?

General, in Lyon they are
very disturbed by the fact

that the latest victim of the
Berisha clan is an English citizen.

Can I tell you something in confidence?

Of course, here you go.

I don't care about Lyon and
you as much as Europe.

It's in trust?

Thank you for easing my soul right
before the end of your mandate.

From what I hear, you are targeting
the position of Minister of the Interior.

A recommendation from the Interpol center
would be very useful for you, General.

We are going to Montenegro
in the morning.

Okay. I'm going to finish something.


What does the cop who visited you say?

He says I'm in danger because of
the accident I was involved in.

He questioned me about--

Hey, come on. No name.

He asked me about your friend.

I said that I met him and
that he forgave me when

he found out that my daughter
was driving on drugs.

Then why are the police following you?

What kind of police?

Pay attention to the silver Citroen.

A package is waiting for you at work.

When you open, call me.

Did you open it?
-Why passports?

One for the border, one for the hotel.

You don't carry your phones.

The one you found in the package,
carry the Bosnian card in it.

Tell your wife that you are
going to Banja Luka.

You're leaving tonight. You'll
see, their roll is great.

Take a bath for me too. I kiss.

Thank you.

One question.

Why me?

Because you have balls.

That balls thing will be a good story
for my kids when they blow me up.

That will not happen. From now on,

Mr. Lekić is responsible for
your personal safety.

He is no longer in the Interpol team
and can absolutely devote himself to you.

Yes. That's what I was afraid of.

If something happens to
Mr. Bajdarević or his people,

I will hold you personally responsible.

Well, you told me.

How many times have I told you
to never take that into rivers?

You think that makes you a man? Not.

This makes you an animals.

Stop, police.
Drop the gun.

Hands in the air. Drop the gun.

Drop the gun.

Father, we should not give up.

Leave the gun.

No, we're not pussies, let's surrender.

Listen to your father. Give
me the gun. Here is.

The little one has to come with us.

The kid isn't going anywhere.

He pulled a gun on us.

If you touch it, blood will fall, you
know that.

And should I go quietly?

What did you handcuff?

Do you feel sorry for them?

Shit, it's not legal.

I will keep them for half a day and
then I will let the lab workers go.

Think about what Enver and
Hashim will say

when someone whispers to them
that this is your idea.

Are you not paid enough?

Are you going somewhere again?

I have to go to Banja Luka.

I have a meeting with the director
of the clinical center.

When are you coming back?

In two days.

Can I go with you?

I have never been to Banja Luka.

At work?

I'll be looking for time off.

I can't lead you.

I have a lot of work. I don't know
those people. I can't lead you.

I'm sick of the fucking
police and the mafia

and you going all the time
and coming back beaten.

I don't feel like it.
I will not live like this.

I've had enough of this life.
I've had enough. I've had enough.

Calm down, Maria.

I will not. Let me. Yes.

Calm down. Maria, calm down. Calm down,
hey. Hey. Calm down, I have to.

I have to go for us, for the
company. Be patient, please.

Hello, Dardan.

This is Doctor Petrović.

Five doctors refused to do
something good for society.

They are afraid of you.

Now the doctor will take samples for
DNA analysis from you and yours.

It's impossible that you left no trace.

Look at this.

Do you recognize him?

Can you open your mouth.

I hear you want to switch
to legal affairs.

The biggest European skiing potential.

Adnan Braha will manage your affairs.

Hold out your hand.

It's easy for you. Drug addict daughter,

future criminals sons.

You look alike.

You look a lot like your father.

And he's just like you. Until
Skander killed him.

They say I look alike too.

Only my father didn't believe
in blood revenge.

And you?

Do you believe?

Hey where are you?

I have a problem. I need your help.

It really surprises me.
-I'm going on a trip

I will need your car for two days.

Why don't you go in your car?

I can't explain it to you now.
I'll tell you later.

Dude, you're going to have to explain that
and a million other things to me. You know?

When I come to you. In
about 15 minutes, okay?

'Come on.

Holy shit, kidding, huh?

Totally. Pass me the towel.

What do you want my car for?

I have to cheer for Bosnia. I'm
in big shit.

No one should know.

I'm listening.

Micho, I can't tell you anything.
For your sake, trust me.

I will roar soon, I will take
your secret to the grave.

Let's say I killed a man.

Two. Ouch,

I'm lying, bro. I lie. Three. Just

I'm lying to you.

Please don't tell me anything until
you're 100% sure I'm going to roar.

Then I turn on, 'come on.
-There's your key over there.

See you in a few days. Beware.

Good evening.

How can I help you?

On what grounds were Mr. Berisha
and his associates detained?

Your clients have been detained
because they are criminals.

They are suspected of multiple serious
murders in the past few weeks alone.

Leave me alone with that speculation.

You know that you were not
allowed to interrogate them

without the presence of a lawyer.

Absolutely. If we were listening to them,

you would definitely be present,

this is how we just took samples
from them for DNA analysis.

So they can go?

Of course. Tomorrow morning. When the
law on the prescribed 24 hours expires.

Good evening, Mrs. Peric.

Good evening.

Maybe you have some time?

For what?

Can we have a coffee or something?
I need some of your time,

I want to show you something.

You know what? I've been
working all day,

I really don't have the energy
for any conversations.

Maria, it concerns Uroš.

What should I do?


Have you ever done this?


Like that, like that.
-No connection.

Do you care?

Not to me. Yes to you?

Yes to me.

Not to me. Yes to you?

Yes to me. Not to you?

Do you want to take my shirt off?

I'm listening.

Do you know where your
husband is right now?

Excuse me, how does that concern
you? I do not understand.

Don't want to answer my question?

What did you want to show me?

Your husband parked his car
in the Delta City parking lot,

went inside and disappeared.

My question is, do you know where he is?

He is on a business trip.

Without a car?

He was probably traveling in a
company van. I do not know.

Did he get back to you?

I don't understand what kind of
interrogation this is?

What do you care if he contacted me
or not? Maybe he has a lover.

Maybe he has seven mistresses
in seven different countries,

we have such a marriage, is that a problem?

That would be a much smaller problem
than the one you currently have,

and this concerns the safety of
you and your family.

Thank you for the coffee.

Maria, I am not your enemy.



Hello, it's me.

Hey. What is your number?

I forgot my cell phone in the
office so I had

to buy a number and a phone at the pump.

Where are you now?

Here I am, just turning to Banja Luka.

Are you in a van or something?

No, I drive our car. Why do you ask?

Nothing. Just asking.

Maria, is everything okay?

Is Vidan awake?
-He is sleeping

and she is at her friend's house.

Listen, I'll leave you a message as
soon as I get there. Kiss you.

Hey, bye.

Here we are.

I'm not going home.
-Okay. Now, watch out.

Give me the plow.

Will you call me tomorrow?

Are you really not going
to call me? You're lying.

I have nothing to call you.

You're lying.

Just kidding, I'll call you. Go to sleep,
what's wrong with you?

Here you go. Bye.

You know what time it is?

I was at Natasha's. Goodnight.

Nataša called you on the landline.
Your mobile is switched off.

Where have you been?

I bleated in the park.

Curfew for a week. Goodnight.

Okay. Goodnight.

Here you go.

Would you like something to drink?

If you give.

Someone has wine.

Dry. Black.

Where have you been?

With partners.

And? What were you doing?

Nothing. They watched football.

Football? Really?

What we said to the pledge

What are you doing only.

What the fuck are you doing?

1 more per week.