Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 7 - full transcript

Now on "Bering Sea Gold"...

Shawn: Mega Dredge
is gonna get me

more gold than I can spend
in a lifetime.

It's gonna set my family up
for generations.

I want my kids to benefit,

and I want their kids
to benefit from all this.

Whatever it takes,
it's getting built.

Are you guys at the stage
for a $6 million investment,

or is it going to stay
the Steve and Shawn show?

Kris: Right now I have nothing
but debts in town to pay,

and a lot is riding
on this right now.

I need to just
get under the water.

It's been five hours at this.
- Shut up!

Five hours!
You're nothing but a [Bleep]

- Just shut up!
- [ Grunting ]

We don't have much time.

We have to work smarter,
not harder.

We don't have the luxury
of just working hard.

I've never used
this particular dredge.

It's brand-new.

See, this is the main jet.
Makes suction right here.

Oh, yeah.

That should be able
to bust up the bedrock.

Emily: Going to bluff,
it was a gamble,

but I have a good crew
and I want to make that money

and I want them
to make me money.

I want to have pillars
and pillars of gold.

Those guys are just gone.

They're not in their camp.
They're not here.

All of our equipment is gone.

[ Bleep ]

Damn it, how did this happen?

I owe $14,000,
and I can't pay any of it.

- Awesome. Thank you, bud.
- Yeah.

Oh, bull[Bleep]
that's an excuse, Jesse.

I'm done with you.
You are worthless to me.

You're nothing but [Bleep]
you really are!

Brad: Andy, let him go!

Narrator: Nome, Alaska.

It's the final week
of the winter mining season.

At midnight on April 15th,

the government-mandated
ice-mining moratorium

will slam down on the fleet.

All dredging must stop,

and all operations
must leave the ice.

With the end looming
and the ice softening,

one mistake or misstep
could spell disaster,

as they scramble to make every
second of every dive count...

...before the bell tolls
on the season.

[ Respirator hissing ]

80 miles east of Nome.

At the Bluff...

That beach right there --
400,000 ounces of gold and sand.

That's like billions of dollars.

...Nome's mad scientist
Zeke Tenhoff

and his brother, Sam,

are all-in to make the most
of the season's final days.

It's hard to get out of here.
I'll just carry it.

Glad it survived the trip.

After weeks of prospecting,

they're out to put gold
in the box

for the first time this year,

and the pair have set up
100 yards north of Mr. Gold

in hopes of
hitting pay dirt fast.

What I've heard from Shawn,

when he's running around
drinking top-shelf whiskey

and bragging his ass off
to everybody,

is that there's just
unbelievable amounts of gold

everywhere at bluff.

It's a gold dredger's paradise.

You get down to the wire,

and you got to kind of
just make some money.

Earlier this season...

- What?
- That's gold.

High five! Bam!
- Yeah.

...after a potentially
life-changing gold discovery

at Hastings Creek...

There's a big, greasy crack
just opening up right there!

...Zeke's entire plan
went down the drain.

We might be [Bleep] floating
away as we speak.

After the ice sheet broke off
and headed for Siberia...

We need to get
[Bleep] dredging done,

and we need to get some gold.

We got to go to bluff.

...forcing him
to follow the crowd

in order to keep his season


We have to get underwater,
work as efficiently as we can,

move around as much as possible,

but get on that good gold

and get as much of it
as we possibly can

in the short few days
that we have left

to mine out here.

We don't have much time.

We have to work smarter,
not harder.

We don't have the luxury
of just working hard.

Zeke's new plan to work smarter

and get on the gold
as fast as possible...

I'm going to melt as many holes
as I can

and I'm gonna dredge
in as many places as I can

as quickly as I possibly can,

and if there's good hot spots
full of nuggets to find,

I'll be able to find them
really quick.

Narrator: He's going to
quickly cover more ground...

I'm strapping everything,
consolidating everything

on a really easily moveable sled

so I can make jumps,

in just like 15 minutes,
from one hole to the next.

...with a lean and mean
operation and pre-cut holes.

We'll be able to get on the good
[Bleep] by the end of the day

if everything works right.

The centerpiece...

I've never used
this particular dredge.

It's brand-new.

...a custom-built,
state-of-the-art sub dredge

Zeke had planned to use
at Hastings Creek.

Oh, I love this moment.

What sets the 10-foot
submersible dredge apart

is the sluice box.

With a closed circulation system

that sends material through
multiple layers of mats,

coarser gold is trapped below,

and fine gold,
that typically slips through,

gets trapped up top.

But the most important advantage
for Zeke is mobility.

The sub dredge is connected
to surface systems

by an umbilical
that easily detaches,

enabling the dredge
and surface systems

to be moved quickly
to the next hole,

where everything is reattached
and dredging continues.

There might be gold
in this hole.

If there's not,
i bet there'll be gold

in one of the other three holes
that we already have ready

and we can pull to
in a matter of minutes.

[ Engine running ]

- Yeah!
- Okay. Ready?

Zeke: Everything look like
it's running good?

- Yeah, man.
- I got to hustle.

I guess we got to get on
some gold tonight.

Crank it on up.

[ Engine sputters, starts ]

All right, I'm just gonna
dig a hole right here.

I just -- I want to find
a nugget, Sam.

I want to find a nugget.

Narrator: 300 feet south.

Emily: Everything's running,
which is cool.

You know what, we might -- we
might really make it out here.

We're mining.
Everything's going well.

This might really be happening.

In the final days of winter
mining, captain Emily Riedel

is making a run at turning
her ice season around

to ensure a smooth
transition to summer.

The winter season is either
gonna set up your summer

or completely detract
from it --

Like, wear you out, burn you
out financially and mentally.

And it's really the worst
time to go to bluff.

The snow has started to melt.

The trail is pounded out.

Nothing short of
absolute success

will justify me being here.

I'm gonna go check in with Ricky
and see how it's going.

Narrator: So far...

Oh [Bleep] Ricky!
Pump motor's dead, dude.

...her Hastings Creek plans
have fallen through.

Oh, my god.

I can't believe
I'm freaking in bluff.

So Nome's only female dredge
owner rallied her

exhausted crew
and launched a hail Mary

to save her season at the Bluff.

And after a rough start...

There's gold all over
the bottom right here.

...she found
some promising gold.

Holy mother of [Bleep]
there's more!

Dude, that's so beautiful!


Hey, Ricky,
what's the ground looking like?

Are you seeing any gold?

...she's got just days

to suck up
a season's worth of gold.

Yeah, I'm seeing great gold.

It looks like the spot
you put us on paid off.

When I hear a good report
from my crew, and they're like,

"we're on the gold and
everything's running great,"

and I'm like, "yeah!"

And it's like
I'm super-happy and high,

and it feels wonderful.

I mean, truly, the only thing
that really makes me happy

is knowing that my boat
is succeeding

and that we're making money

and that we're
overcoming obstacles.

Oh, yeah, here's a pile.

There's a pile of gold

[ motor sputtering ]

[ Motor stops ]

[ Bleep, bleep ]

The choke always has to be out?


This is running really badly.

Reese, tell him to come up.

Just minutes into the dive,

the pump motor has given out.

I don't know what to do, man.

Wait, what?

Oh, Jesus.
I just...

Captain Emily brought the wrong
fuel drum to the Bluff --

Diesel instead of gasoline.

Diesel fuel has a much higher
flash point than gasoline.

When you put diesel
into a gasoline engine,

it'll run until the gas
remaining in the fuel line

is used up, then not so much.

The slip-up has put
a quick end to her day

and further frayed the nerves
of her already-strained crew.

It's always one thing
after another in gold-mining,

but then at bluff,
it's so much worse.

To get the motor running,
the crew will embark

on an hours-long process --

Drain the motor, disassemble it,
clean each part,

put it back together,
and then see if it'll fire up.

Far from a guaranteed result.

The motor repair
and round trip to Nome...

...will take at least
10 hours.

I'll do it.

At the end of the ice season,
every second counts,

and time off the gold is time
that Emily can't afford.

Emily: I was informed
that I was bringing gas,

and it actually
ended up being diesel.

I mean, it just --
I have to go back

to get a barrel of gas
so we can [Bleep] run.

I'm so pissed off.

- I can't start it.
- You guys are just doing

something wrong.
- This sucks.

Definitely gold.
Oh, I see some more.

Got on the gold!

Narrator: In Nome...

Well, the last three moves
have been dead,

so it's not looking good.

...Mr. Gold, Shawn Pomrenke,
is shifting gears.

Shawn: I know there's a fortune
at the Bluff.

There's a big, huge pile of gold
out there somewhere,

but the season's ticking away,

and the mega dredge
has to happen this summer.

With the season end in sight,

he's exploring other options

to fund his $6 million
mega dredge.

We've had plenty of ups
and downs, that's for sure.

But just because he's
looking doesn't mean

he's scrapping his plan.

Adapt and overcome.

I'm gonna make it happen
one way or another.

- Last year...
- How's it look up there?

How's that deck looking?
- A little rusty.

...Shawn found
a 160-by-40-foot,

633-ton river barge...

Well, we're used to old,
rusty junk, aren't we?

...the future
base of his mega dredge.

Think of the stress that comes
along with something this big.

With more stress
comes more profits.

To date, he's put over
$1 million into the project.

Taking this business
to the next level.

Bluff is the key to that.

And he'll need $2 million more
just to start construction.

This is the spot. It's gonna
get us -- make us all rich.

He's been searching the Bluff
all season to get back

on a multi-million-dollar
pay streak he found last summer.

There's some gold here,
but not as much as the rock

I want to find.

And he did find gold.

Successful? Yes.

Did we hit the mother lode?

But it hasn't been mega gold.

You got to spend
money to make it.


5, there's 10.

There's a $2,000 one
right there.

We got to cover expenses
and cover wages,

but there ain't a whole lot
gonna be left over after this.

I'll have to find some
more money somewhere else. secure
his mega-dredge dream...

Gonna look for some money
from some investors.

...Shawn's making
his biggest gamble yet,

with the company at stake.

I'm gonna head down
to Vegas to see

if I can raise enough money
to build the big dredge.

I got a couple meetings

and hopefully can get
one of these guys

to put up some money
to help fund this thing.

The las Vegas gold convention's
the biggest gathering for miners

and investors of the year.

I know they'll be interested in
being part of the mega dredge.

A project of this size is,
i mean, multi-millions.

And without it, there's
no getting this built.

It's gonna set my family
up for generations.

It's all about family
'cause without family,

you have nothing.

Narrator: For the first time
in his mining career,

Shawn is looking outside
the family business

for cash to back his operation.

There's a lot of gold left.

I want to be able to go out,
and I want to mine all of it.

I want to get it all.

So Shawn is leaving his crew
to work the Bluff

while he heads to the lower 48
to roll the dice in las Vegas.

I would never leave my crew
at the end of the season.

And the season being so short,
every day counts.

But this is an opportunity
i can't miss.

I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to make the mega dredge happen.

It's gonna be a change
in the way we mine here in Nome.

The potentials are endless.

Narrator: Five miles east...

[Bleep] Loading
this barrel of fuel,

it could not have gone worse.

...captain Emily Riedel
is at the mid-point

of a 10-hour gasoline run
to Nome.

I'm bringing these guys
a 55-gallon drum of gasoline

so we can keep
mining in the Bluff.

[ Grunts ]

With the season shutdown looming
and her crew

scrambling to make repairs
at the Bluff...

We have a couple days left
to make money out of this whole

[bleep] Thing.

...all Emily wants to do is
get her diver back under the ice

and put gold in the box.

Emily: This season, I've lost
thousands of dollars,

but, like, the one thing
i do know about myself

is that I will do whatever it
takes to make something happen.

I know we can find
some good gold

before the state shuts us down.

We need things to be running
as smoothly as possible

from here to the end
of the ice season.

Otherwise, I just
financially ruined myself.

Narrator: 75 miles east...

Okay, team meeting. the Bluff...

This is our spot that's gonna
save our entire season

right here.

...captain Kris
and Kelly united

are gearing up to make
the final week of mining count.

You know what, there's no way
physically possible

that we can make $1 million.

But we're just too
stupid to quit.

No matter what,
my family will stick together.

Narrator: And while the captain
may be postponing

operation millionaire,

he's not giving up
on the season just yet.

Kris: This is the 11th round
right now.

We can still pull this together.

All we got to do is push hard
and finish strong

for the 12th
and win by decision.

Hopefully we get
on that ounce an hour.

Narrator: This winter...
Kris: Come with us.

Man: This is the farthest you've
ever taken us out of Nome.

...Kris bet it all
on the Bluff

for a chance to hit it big.

You guys are a couple
coward pieces of [Bleep]

That suck and got to
leech off of other

[bleep] People.

But the stress of
the opportunity...

You -- you got
my property right now.

I come to get it back.

...and a less-than-inviting

You can't break up the team!

...left the Irish bent...

I'm willing to come back
if you'll have me back.

...but not broken.

Kris: I'll tell you
what I don't see.

I don't see
these 10-ounce pockets.

I don't see those for sure.

And the young captain
fought through the strife...

[ Laughs ]

There's gold here.

...putting the family
back on pay dirt.

Amazing gold.


As soon as we get
underneath the water,

everything will be just fine.

We're running out of time.
Season's almost over.

It's our last chance to make it.

Let's go.
Start the engine.

[ Engine sputtering ]

Come on, baby.
[ Engine clicking ]

Andy: I can't start it.

Hang on. Hang on.
Do me a favor.

Right here. It's this wire.
It's garbage.

Kris: You guys are just doing
something wrong.

Something's going on.
- We're not. We're not.

All the wires are [Bleep]
all eroded off,

and we have to change
all the wiring system.

That's what the problem is.

Narrator: With the clock
ticking, a 25-cent ground wire

has shut the Kellys
down for repairs,

putting them off
the gold yet again.

Everything was going really
good, and what happens --

My [Bleep] bad luck.

You know, it seemed like there
was just something

all season long,

like, trying to put their hand
on me to keep me down.

Like, every time I'd, like,
get away from it, it would just

[bleep] Put its hand
right back on me.

This sucks.

The sand is so deep here.
We don't have much time,

and we got to make
magical money right now.

We only have a day left.

I've had enough
of listening to you.

- You're nothing but [Bleep]
- just shut up!

- You really are!
- Andy, let him go!

80 miles east of Nome... the Bluff...

[ Respirator hissing ]

The sand is so deep here

there's not even any point in
trying to dredge it right now.

I mean, there might be some
gold somewhere under it,

but we basically need
to find some gold

that's right on the rock.

...Zeke Tenhoff
and his brother, Sam,

are using a submersible dredge
to speed-prospect the grounds...

We don't have much time,

and we got to make
magical money right now.

...hoping that covering
more ground faster

will put them on pay dirt
in half the time

and lead to a strong finish.

Yeah, it's time
to find the cobble.

I'm gonna move the dredge
over towards our next hole.

And maybe I'll find
some cobble along the way.

How does that sound?

That sounds great.

Cobble is the holy grail
of gold sign.

The densely packed rocks
often indicate

an ancient riverbed
or beach line,

which are both known
to aggregate gold.

I think that Ridge is directly
to our south, not far.

I'm coming up.

We're gonna have to move
the operation

over to this hole.

We're testing the edge where
the cobble meets the sand,

and we found it.

It's only the second hole
down, and we got five.

[ Engine stops ]

We just need to pull this pump
over to that hole,

pull that utility sled
over to that hole,

and we're back in business.

Prospecting takes too long
to move your operation

around and cut those holes nice.

Instead of pumping material
to a surface sluice box,

a submersible dredge
pumps the material

into an underwater
recovery system.

It makes you, like,
move faster and faster.

If our first move is 30 minutes,

it's only gonna get
easier from there.

All right!
Where are we?

There's the dredge!

I want to find those
nugget pockets

that everybody's
been talking about

'cause it sounds like that's
how you get paid out at bluff.

I don't even know what the hell
I'm looking at here.

This isn't anything
like anything

I've ever dredged in before.

It would be good to be
making ounce-an-hour gold

with a six-inch dredge.

You can't be going too deep
because I suspect

that these nugget pockets
must be relatively shallow.

This looks like it might
not be a very good spot

because it's just a lot of rock,

and I'm not even seeing
any orange stuff.

Let's go ahead
and move everything,

and we'll go from there.

Just gonna keep moving around

until I get on some of
the chunks of gold.

I know it's out here.

Just across the ice...

Emily: What the [Bleep]?

Where the [Bleep]
are those guys?

...captain Emily Riedel
has returned to the Bluff

after a 10-hour run for fuel

ready to push through
the final days of the season.

Where's all of our [Bleep]?

But her operation is not
where she left it.

Those guys
are just [Bleep] gone.

Like, they're not --
They're not at their camp.

They're not [Bleep] here.

All of our equipment is gone.

I don't know what to do.
My dudes just went a.W.O.L.

[ Bleep ]

Can't make any gold.
Like, this is nuts.

Like, this is [Bleep] crazy.

I'm gonna find those guys,
and I'm gonna...

I'm not gonna be responsible
for my actions.

[ Engine starts ]

I don't know
why those guys quit.

It drives me insane
trying to theorize.

We spent all this time and money
and effort moving down there.

I'm furious about it.

I don't -- like, it doesn't --
It doesn't make any sense.

[ engine revs ]

We're --
We're headed back, and...

It is what it is.


Are you using my sled?

And I'm gonna need that
to transport my [Bleep] back.

So let's offload the sled,
and let's get going.

Like, you guys do your own
thing, but I need that sled.

It's mine.
- Okay.

[ Door closes ]

I just can't make
sense of it, dude.

Like, I thought we were
doing well on gold.

Like, I was gonna
bring more gas out.

We decided to wrap
everything out because,

well, simply put,
the gas wasn't there.

Stuff wasn't...

That's bull[Bleep]
the gas would have been there.

The only reason
why I came back --

It should have been there.

Oh, bull[Bleep]
that's an excuse, Jesse.

You [Bleep] gave up as soon
as you got out there.

You're giving me
a bull[Bleep] excuse.

The gas could have been there.
You could have had gas.

You're telling me bull[Bleep]
right now.

You went to all this effort
to get your [Bleep] down there,

and you didn't
even try to mine down there.

It's a tragedy, man.

I feel like you're
giving up too soon.

You know, it...

It was just --
It would have been easier

if we were just doing
everything by ourselves.

Like [Bleep] off.

Like [Chuckles]
thanks a lot, dude.

It's cool.

You know, blame other people
for your problems.

- I mean...
- I'm done with you.

You are worthless to me.

- All right.
- Oh, yeah, dude.

Looking forward to those nugs.

I will come and collect
upon those nugs.

Jesse: Kind of felt like we were
left hanging there a lot.


It was fun.

Are you guys at the stage
for a $6 million investment?

- It's [Bleep] over.
- What are you talking about?

I owe $14,500 right now,
and I can't pay any of it.

80 miles east of Nome,

at the Bluff...

You guys seem to have a real
ground problem all the time.

It's pretty [Bleep]
common-sense, too.

- Shut up, Kris.
- ...Desperate to make

the final days
of the season count,

a 25-cent wire has kept
the Irish high and dry

for the past five hours.

I need to just get
under the water.

And captain Kris' sweet blarney

is not helping
the repairs go any faster.

I just lose my Patience
and then you're gonna see

that other guy come out
and he's not that nice.

Then why don't you care?

- I do care.
- No, you don't.

We got to make
a few adjustments here,

and we'll get
this thing running.

It's okay.
- No, it isn't!

We only have a couple days left.

We got all the time
in the world.

You're a loser.

Shut the [Bleep] up

'cause I've had enough
of listening to you!

Every [Bleep] day I hear it!

It's been five hours of this!

- Shut up!
- Five hours!

Are you dumb?!
Just take the bolt off!

- You want to call me dumb...
- I don't care.

Go ahead and hit me, too!
- I'm not dad, buddy!

- Leave him alone!
- Go ahead!

You're nothing
but a punk [Bleep]

- You're nothing but a [Bleep]
- just shut up!

- You really are!
- You want to call me a [Bleep]

I'm sick of this [Bleep]

- [Bleep] Let him go!
- [Bleep]

- Smarten up, both of you!
- [Bleep]

Let's get in the water!

It takes two [Bleep]
hours to do one plug!

We'll work on it.
Just go away.

Well, if you didn't know Kris,
I'd tell you,

"man, stay away from that guy.
He's nuts."

I owe $14,500 right now,
and I can't pay any of it!

Spontaneous combustion.
You know what I mean?

He's --
He's like a pile of gas,

and you just got to say
the wrong word.

That's the match.

You're gonna light him on fire.
You know what I mean?

Whoa, he's gonna --
Run for your life.

The Blaze is happening,
you know?

But at the end of the day,

when it's all over
and no one's around,

he'll come up to me
and say, "dad, I'm sorry.

I don't know why I do this.
I act like a freak.

I'm under stress."

There's a lot of ways to handle
stress, you know what I mean?

Not blame everybody,
not yell and scream.

It's going to his head.
He's got gold fever.

You know, he might have to get
some counseling after this.

I told him to solve it.

Is the captain solving it?

What's he going to do?

Go take a [Bleep] in his tent
or something, you know?

2,830 miles southeast of Nome...

[ Horns blaring ]

...on the las Vegas strip...

Route 66 gold raffle!

$1 tickets!
25 for $20.

Get your genuine gold nuggets!

...a gathering of vendors,
investors, and miners.

Well, sitting at a gold show,
it's nonstop action.

Narrator: The one and only
las Vegas gold show is underway.

Steve: Every person that comes
in the door is a fan of you.

So it's a lot of fun
sitting here.

- Awesome. Thank you, bud.
- Yeah, no problem.

Narrator: And amidst the glitz
and glamour...

- I'm good.
- [ Chuckles ]

...Shawn is on the hunt for
big money to complete his dream.

I'm meeting some investors

meeting quite a few people.

Hopefully they get
their checkbook out

and start writing me
some checks.

'Cause that's what I need.

Hopefully we can land some sort
of deal and get things moving.

We're in Vegas to hopefully
raise some funds

to get the mega dredge
up and running.

It's really important
for me and my family.

I need to make
this thing happen.

Man: So, today, what we're
trying to do

is trying to get some
information from you guys.

- Okay.
- So I can go back to my partners

and see where we can
all feel comfortable.

And then we can bring it up
to the next level.

Narrator: With potential
investors and business brokers

in the same room,

it's the moment of truth.

What we want to do
is give you the tools

to grow the company
beyond where it is.

- Mm-hmm.
- And what we've done is

we've partnered
with accredited investors

to look at an investment
in Pomrenke mining.

So tell me about
your operations.

Well, you know, last year we did
3 million bucks worth of gold.

So we want to at least
double that, right?

Yeah. Yeah.

With the Christine rose, we
averaged about 25 ounces a day,


With the new dredge,
it's about four times bigger.

I've estimated about three
times more production

just because of
the size of the barge.

I mean, it's gonna produce
75 ounces a day

for the next 20 years.

The overall success -- we
don't doubt the Pomrenke name.

The concern that we have
to back this

is really are you guys
at the stage

for a $6 million investment
where you're open to,

"hey, we're experts at mining.

These guys are experts
at growing companies.

Are we open to taking that
feedback in that direction

and building
our company that way?

Or is it going to stay

the Steve and Shawn show?"

The family's strong,
but can the family expand

out into a global position
with major investors?

There is room for expansion,

and it's gonna be
very profitable

for everybody involved in it.

We build one of these.

We can build five more of them.

I just need the tools
to do the job.

That's all I need.

Man: Once we can digest
some of the information,

I think we can get everybody
on the same page.

- That's great to hear.
- Mm-hmm.

I look forward to talking
to my partners.

- Mm-hmm.
- Very exciting.

The opportunity,
i think, is great.

The meeting went great.

So I'm getting really excited.

I'm looking forward
to doing business.

Me, too.

I mean, I didn't build an empire
on being a bad businessman.

I finally see this vision
of mine coming together.

I feel like we have
a deal in place.

We just need to iron out
all the details.

I think I might have the funding
i need to build my dredge.


Welcome to Vegas.

It's time to get my ass
back up to Alaska,

get back out on that ice.

Definitely gold in the area.

That's what we're hoping for.


My biggest competitor
is Steve Pomrenke.

[ Chuckles ]

Sign my back.

Even though we're on
the same team,

that's the only competition
that I really have.

Nobody I can think of that's
as successful as we are.

- No.
- [ Laughs ]

Steve: Why should i
stake it easy on him?

I mean, all these
other yahoos...

Whatever you want, sir.

...they're not
really competition.

They're more of a nuisance.

Right there.

They just seem to get in my way
and frustrate me a little bit.

I blow the doors off
of all these guys.

[ Laughter ]

My bank account is glad.

[ Laughter ]

So the only guy i
have to compete with is my dad.

80 miles east of Nome,

at the Bluff...

Well, here's the [Bleep]

Last of our gold-mining
operation at bluff.

All that remains of something

that could have made
everybody a lot of money.

But screw those guys.

Narrator: ...Nome's only female
dredge owner, Emily Riedel,

is a captain without
a crew, or an operation.

Yeah, this is the end
of our operation right here.

Just me, my umbilical,
and my ice auger.

I am out there alone doing this.

I've genuinely wished I had
a good friend or a partner

that I could
undertake this with,

but ultimately, it's just me.

Probably some insanely good gold

that I'm standing over
right now under the ice.

Emily may be leaving the Bluff,

but that doesn't mean
she's abandoning her dream.

There's nothing I can do about
people who don't want to work.

So that's it for me out here.

I want to be the wealthiest
gold miner in Nome.

I want to have pillars
and pillars of gold.

I'm like a [Bleep] junkyard dog.

Like, I will not stop until
what I want to happen happens.

Back to the drawing board
and figure out my next move.

And just like that...

...captain Emily Riedel's
ice season is over.

250 feet across the ice...

Just gonna keep moving around

Zeke: Until I get on some
of that chunky gold.

I know it's out here.

Narrator: ...Zeke Tenhoff
and his brother, Sam,

are 12 hours into a marathon
prospecting session.

[ respirator hissing ]

They're using a submersible
dredge and pre-cut holes

to speed through the grounds

in hopes of hitting pay dirt
in half the time.

Zeke: Working in
the different ground.

Looking at the geology.

I see fine gold in here.

That's definitely a good start.

Definitely gold in the area.

That's what we're hoping for.

Oh, I see some more fine gold.

Yep, there's some gold.

We're on point.

All right, I'm coming up.

We got on the gold!

After 13 hours and five holes,
the fleet's mad scientist

has finally found
ground he likes...

Yeah! Yeah!


This looks like a place
that we need to get to work at.

There's something
worthwhile out there.

...And finally has hope

for the final days.

- [ Laughs ]
- Found it! Yeah!

With the end of the ice season
less than a week away

and signs of the spring
thaw everywhere,

for some, the page is turned.

For others...

When we tried to start it,
it was burning up the wire.

...a season of failures

can be redeemed
with a final push.

I know there's big gold there.

You know, I know it.

We can still do this.

We just need to get up
and running.

If the miners hit it right...

We're on the gold now.

Narrator: ...They can still bank
tens of thousands of dollars

in the final hours.

We don't have much time.

We have to move a lot of dirt
through the sluice box.

Narrator: It's time to batten
down the hatches

and push hard for the gold.

The guys are having some --

A little bit of hard time
getting back on the gold.

I need to make sure we're
all paid and paid well.

Time to get back
to that frozen ocean.

Narrator: For the fleet,
it's now or never.

With the season end looming,
a last mad dash for gold is on.

On April 15th, when the clock
strikes midnight,

it's game over.

We're running out of time.
It's our last chance to make it.

It's all coming down to today.

- The gold cops.
- We got to get out of here.

- [ Grunts ]
- I got to get down there,

and I got to see this gold
for myself.

- Come on.
- Aah!

[ Laughs ]

Kris: Now we're ready!

This is just incredible.
Fantastic news.


This is what I'm talking about.

I'm seeing the most gold I've
ever seen in my entire life.

This is gonna be fun!