Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 9, Episode 2 - Cold War - full transcript

Shawn and Kris square off when the Kelly family invades Shawn's turf at the Bluff. Emily hits the ice with a crew of veteran miners as she attempts to reclaim her hotspot at Hasting's Creek.

Narrator: On this episode
of "Bering Sea Gold"...

Shawn: I gold mine because
I love to gold mine,

and that's how
I've supported my family.

I want to take care of the
people I love and care about.

Here we go.

Nice, heavy material.


Kris: Shawn started to gold
rush, but that's not his goal.

We're desperate people,
and my family needs this money.

Here, all that's here
underneath this one rock!

I think I'm on my way!
[ Laughs ]

Shawn is not going to stand
in my way of doing this.

If Kris gets within
an arm reach of me,

I'm going to strangle
his little neck.

You're going to have to kill me
to stop me now.

Pop his head off like a grape.

[ Imitates squish ]

[Bleep] Hit me then.
Go for it, John.

Nah, I'm scared of you!
Yeah? You better be.

Yeah, I'm [Bleep] scared of you,
you little mother[Bleep]

These men pound their chests
and say, "the gold is mine."

The gold belongs
to whoever mines it first.

Oh, wow.
This looks phenomenal.

You know what?
I'm freezing my ass off here.

Man: If we don't get this fixed,
there's no diving.

If what he wants is a little
competition, well, he's got it!

Kris: All right, here we go.
How can I be so good?!

Narrator: In the winter mining
season, every second counts,

and with a new gold rush raging,

focus is everything.

One moment of distraction,
one deviation from the gold,

and someone else
will snatch it away.

In Nome...

I know hitting it big at Bluff
will push this company

into mega-dredge status.

Narrator: ...Mr. Gold,
Shawn Pomrenke,

is on a mission to fund the
$6 million mega-dredge project

that he believes will finally
turn his family business

into a golden dynasty.

We were already into the mega
dredge for damn near $1 million,

and it's going to take
a million more to finish it.

To make up the difference,

he's counting on
incredibly rich ground

of his own discovery 80 miles
east of Nome at the Bluff.

Yeah, when they say
"Bluff" this whole time,

dad doesn't like it because
it adds too many variables.

Narrator: But today,
Shawn has been called to Nome

for an unexpected meeting
with family patriarch

and business partner
Steve Pomrenke.

Shawn: Really screwed
my plans up for today.

And given his dad's past
lack of faith in the Bluff...

Shawn: He's always arguing with
me about any decision I make.

That's the way he is, and
that's the way he's always been.

Narrator: ...There's no telling
what the old man has in store.

Dad built quite the empire off
of a little $30,000 investment

and borrowed and had loans here
and loans there

and credit cards maxed out here

and credit cards
maxed out there,

and it was all off of a dream,

but it's going to be my job
to continue it into the future.

Narrator: For years...

We just hit 1,000!

Oh, broke the scale!

And what a bad problem we have.

We're gonna need a bigger scale!

Narrator: ...The Pomrenke empire
has flourished

under the leadership
of Steve and Shawn.

I'm proud of you.

But as the old man
passes the torch...

Because it really is up to you.

to expand the company...

They didn't accept our offer.

...have failed.

They sold Nome gold
to somebody else.


I've had more than my fair share
of failures but not this time.

The Bluff can't fail.

The future of the family
is at stake.

I have to make money
on gold mining no matter what.

Hi, son.
Hey, Dad.

How's it going?

Not too bad, I guess.

Well, you know I'm heading
home here tomorrow,

so I can leave and not worry
about this joint, you know,

because at the point
of heading towards retirement,

I'm not supposed to have
all these things to worry about.

I'll make it happen.

I don't know
if there's anything I can do

to get dad to trust me,

but sooner or later,
he's just going to have to.

You know, all my buddies my age,
they're all retired now.

I'm telling you,
it's going to be up to you

to keep all this stuff running

and keep it all moving,
keep it making money.

I worry a little bit about me
leaving this whole outfit

and how will everything proceed

without me being
in the background.

I can't oversee
everything you do.

It's up to you.

You're the boss.

I'm giving you
the serious look, too.

Oh, I see it.
You don't need to be here.

But I'm just telling you
the pressure's on you.


Pretty sure he'll do just fine,
you know, but if he doesn't,

he's got to learn
from his own mistakes.

Don't worry about nothing.

I think his biggest
problem is knowing

that he won't be in control

and be able to have
his mitts into everything.

Well, I'm going to head
back to Bluff.

All right, well,
find that big pile

of damn gold down there, son.

I will. I will.
We need it.

Love you.

Love you, too.

Be good.
I will.

Stay out of trouble.

Get the job done.
Oh, I'll get her done.

This took me away
from half a day of mining,

and some people
won't understand,

but family is the reason I mine.

It's the glue
that holds us all together

and puts food on our tables,
keeps the roof over our head.

Time to head back out.

Last couple of things here.

[ Engine starts ]

It's time to kill it at Bluff.

80 miles east...

At the Bluff...

Kris: We made it.

...Captain Kris Kelly
is willing his plan

to become a millionaire
into reality.

When he shows up and sees
us here working, it'll be like,

"yeah, you shouldn't
[Bleep] underestimate me.

We're the reaper, and
we come here to do business."

He's already
accomplished step one --

follow Mr. Gold
to the gold.

Shawn [Bleep] stop
telling everybody about this.

His divers went around showing
their friends their gold,

and I found out about it.
That's what happens.

It's state land,
and it's open to anybody.

He started the gold rush.

So far this season...

We're going
on this crazy adventure.

This is the first day of it. of the gold strike
at the Bluff

inspired the captain to action.

I promise you if we pull this
out of our asses,

we'll get 500 ounces, for sure.

But not everyone
is 100% on board.

Just going to be
a cluster [Bleep].

And despite their signature
lack of planning...

Oh, my God.

We made it.

We barely made it.

...The young captain's plan
has at last got them this far.

Now, leaving absolutely
nothing to chance,

Kris has set up camp
right next to Mr. Gold.

So, this is a truce right now.

Supplies are dangerously low,
dangerously low.

We're desperate people,

and, you know, my family
needs this money.

Sort on cash and supplies...

Hey, this is the closest thing

I've had to a shower
in four days!

It actually [Bleep] feels great.

Narrator: ...And personal
hygiene, it's time for part two

of Kris' master plan --
get all the gold.

Holy [Bleep] that's dark.


Andy, are you on the comms?

Yeah, I'm here.

Just rocks everywhere.

They look like they're
stuck in the clay.

First dive of the season,

it was a real struggle
to get here,

but we made it.

Ready to do some damage.

Are you ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.


Fire it up!

Okay, let's go to work.

Oh, it's really hard
to punch through, initially.

We got to find one
of these 10-ounce pockets

I hear that's around here.

Let's see the mother lode.

What is this?

There's some
real weird [Bleep] here.

I found yellow clay.

It's very weird. Let me
check this out, for sure.

That's weird.

Is that gold?

But I definitely hit
another layer of rocks.

I don't know.

I don't know if there's
gold down here.

Maybe a little mine gold.

Just keep working.
You'll find it.

That's [Bleep]

I want the nuggets
that I hear Shawn is getting.

Oh, whatever.

We'll make it work.

Yeah, but I want
to have some gold,

so less talk, more work!

No, I know.
I'm trying.

You don't get awesome gold
the first day, by the way.

It takes hard hours
of prospecting and moving --

Oh, [Bleep], man!

I found 1,000 flakes.

1,000 flakes!

All in here! All in here!
All in here!

All underneath this one rock!

That's good.
Keep on going.

You're going in something good.

Dude, this might be
my 10 ounces!

I think I'm on my way!

Narrator: The good news...

This place is loaded!

...there's nothing like it
when a plan comes together.

The Bluffs are paying off.

This was a great decision.


Who the hell is this?

The bad news...
Oh, Shawn, right?

What's up [Bleep] idiot?

What's up, stupid mother[Bleep]

I don't think that there's
anything women cannot do.

Beautiful place but you got ugly
people like that ruining it.

They want to play dirty,
we'll [Bleep] play dirty.

Narrator: 80 miles
east of Nome... At the Bluff...

What's up [Bleep] idiot?

What's up, stupid mother[Bleep]

This place is loaded!

...Captain Kris Kelly's plan
to become a millionaire...

Are you [Bleep] with me?


I think you're [Bleep] with me.

How am I [Bleep] with you?

...may have just hit
a little snag.

Did you guys come find this?!

Did you find this?!

Did you find it?!

Hey, dude, I deal with
him yelling in my face all day.

Did you find it?
Oh, what?

What are you going to do,
you [Bleep] idiot?

You're [ Bleep ]
a little follower!

I'm going to follow you
wherever you go!

There's a lot of gold here.
[ Laughs ]

[Bleep] Hit me then.
Go for it, John.

Nah, I'm scared of you!
Yeah, you better be.

Yeah, I'm fucking scared of you,
you little mother[Bleep]

You guys are a couple cowards!

He's the [Bleep]

And got to leech off
of other [Bleep] people.

Anyway, dude,
have a good day, Shawn.

Little punk bitch came over,

talked [Bleep], got in my face.

Little bitch
wouldn't even [Bleep] push me

or swing or anything.

He's a coward.
Don't worry about it.

Keep going to work.

Who is it?

Shawn Pomrenke.

Beautiful place out here

and you got ugly people
like that ruining it.

"We don't know how to find gold,
so we follow people that do

and try to steal what they find
and all their hard work."

[Bleep] Kellys and all this
gets my blood boiling

because they're
not real gold miners.

They're [Bleep]
crooks and scammers,

and all these guys that [Bleep]

Didn't do a [Bleep]damn thing
to deserve it

are going to go down there and
benefit off of all my hard work.

They want to play dirty,
we'll [Bleep] play dirty.

Narrator: 80 miles west...
On the outskirts of Nome...

It's time to do some ice mining.

It's time to explore
and to find new ground.

I'm looking forward
to this ice season.

...Captain Emily Riedel,

Nome's only female dredge owner,

is itching to get out
on the ice.

Last summer, Zeke and I left off
with some really good gold.

You know, we went everywhere,

all over the Bering Sea
looking for it,

and we finally
found it at Hastings.

But Zeke's not including me
in his operation, so, you know,

he just kind of conveniently
dropped me once we found it.

But you know what?

Zeke's definitely not
the only gold miner in Nome,

and we're going to go
tear it up down in Hastings.

Last summer, while prospecting
with ex-boyfriend

and occasional business
partner Zeke tenhoff...

Zeke: It is definitely 100%
undoubtedly here.

Zeke: Whoa.
Emily: That's over 6.


...they uncovered
uncommonly promising ground

at Hastings Creek...

I don't really know what
our future is going to mean

exactly as far as
a business partnership

if there is to be one.

...only to have Zeke
dissolve the partnership

shortly thereafter.

Emily: I'm definitely not going
to walk away from Hastings.

I mean, the gold is too good,

and I'm going to need to get a
part of it with or without Zeke.

Not working with Zeke anymore
is going to be a fresh start.

In a lot of ways,
he was kind of holding me back.

We're both out at Hastings.

There's a good chance
we won't even see each other.

It's a large area.

The Hastings Creek estuary
extends over 2,000 acres.

Zeke and Emily have
a miner's agreement

not to step
on each other's toes.

Zeke is focused on
deeper waters far offshore

while Emily is chasing gold

on shallow grounds,
closer to land.

You know what? He can be off
doing his own thing,

and I'll be off getting a lot
of gold doing my own thing.

Yeah, I'm excited about today.

We're going to get a dive in,
find some gold hopefully.

To help her get that gold,

she's bringing on
new muscle, veteran divers

Jesse Strickling
and Ricky Larson.

Ricky's going to dive first.

Hopefully, it's really good.
We're excited.

Hopefully, everything runs
and fires up good.

Should be a good season.

Yeah, that's going to hold
a lot of gold right there.

We call this pump
"another Shawn Pomrenke"

because it gets lots of gold,
but it's old and broken.

Comm check, you copy?

Yeah, I got you, too.

Okay, go ahead and fire it up.

All right.

We'll see if we can find a nice
little pile here...


I have something
to prove to Zeke.

I have something to prove
to everybody up here.

I'm a woman
who has no background

in this business whatsoever,

and nothing short
of absolute success

in gold mining
will justify me being here.

I can't be average.

I have to be
something exceptional.

Otherwise, nobody will
take me seriously.

How is it going down there, man?

Just kind of hopping around,
prospecting away,

but... Nothing
that's going to pay us yet.

It's been a long haul to get
out here, a lot of uncertainty.

It's just a matter of him
finding something

that's really going
to make us money.

Holy [Bleep]

Yeah, what's up?

I just found a nice
streak of gold down here.


Oh, yeah?
That's awesome!

What's it looking like?

Looks like gold
on the ocean floor.

And just like that...

Oh, there's some more
right there.

...Captain Emily has
her crew on the gold.

Emily, this looks phenomenal.

Oh, yeah?
Well, just grab it further.

Wow, that's awesome, dude.

Yeah! Whoo!

It's all real fine though,
but, I mean, it's there.


Everywhere I punch a hole,
I'm seeing gold.

I got the torch!

Success means a lot
to me up here.

All right, what is it?

Narrator: 80 miles
east of Nome...

At the Bluff...

Tweedly-Dee, tweedly-dum,
and a thief.

Great combination of people.

Shawn Pomrenke's personal
gold rush is under siege.

Yeah, there's a special place
in hell for those mother[Bleep]

Narrator: Captain Kris Kelly's
bold move to the Bluff

is disrupting Mr. Gold's plan
to dominate the Nome mining game

by funding
a $6 million mega dredge.

That's where we'll
move in the dive tent.

The dredge is going
to go up here.

I've blocked
these fucking idiots off

from coming any closer.

Shawn's plan for payback --
abandon his current search

for a boulder that marked
big gold last season

and move his dive hole
closer to the Kellys'

to suck up the gold
before they can.

10 years ago,
I would have punched the guy

right in the face.

I would've just made
a bloody mess out of them.

For them to benefit off
of somebody else's hard work,

it's just bull[Bleep]

I had to fight and kick
and scratch

for everything that I have.

I don't know.

Bad things could happen...
Especially to the Kellys.

Well, let's get
this thing mining.

As Shawn attempts to head
the Kellys off at the pass...

Shawn Pomrenke is moving holes
and is coming closer to us,

diagonal to where we are.

Narrator: ...The Kellys' plan
is right on track...

We know where to go now.

We'll just keep meeting him
in the middle.

...follow Shawn
wherever he goes.

[ Laughs ]

That's what he wants,
a little competition?

Well, he's got it, right?

Brad: We're not afraid to get
our hands dirty, gossip or not,

so Shawn better
welcome us with open arms

because he won't like the wrath.

I don't give a fuck
who he thinks he is.

You know what I mean?
Mr. Gold?

He doesn't have his
big excavator out here.

Now it's just our little six
against his little six,

and I've got nothing to lose.

And people that have nothing
to lose have everything to gain.

Hey, thanks, Shawn,
for spending all that money

going down there
and finding that gold for us.

Yeah, we'll come down there
and help you get it.

You know what I mean?
[ Bleep ]

Time to go diving.

Here I come.

Good vis.

Oh, there's some
big boulders right here.

Lots of big rocks.

We're gonna go ahead and, uh...

Idle the pump up.

Man: Roger.
Full throttle on the pump.

Oh, yeah.

Gonna pop a hole right here,
see what I see.

See if I can
snoop something out.

What's the ground
looking like down there?

Nice big rocks...

Lots of seashells,

a little bit looser material

but... Nice tan clay,

nice heavy material.

Could help it get
a little better.

Let's see. Maybe it'll turn
into something here.

Oh, what the [Bleep] is going on
with my hot water already?

Oh, yeah, ice cold.

What's going on
with the hot water?

I'll go have a look at it.

Narrator: The arctic waters
of the Bering Sea

can fall as low
as 27 degrees fahrenheit.

It's like somebody hit the
valve or something up there.

Without a constant
hot water supply

to combat the frigid conditions,

hypothermia will set in
within minutes.

Don't want to freeze
my ass off here.

Did you turn the valves?

Need a new propane regulator
now. [Bleep] Broke.


Coming up.

[ Grumbles ]

You broke the regulator
off the tank.

Ah [Bleep]

Narrator: In the rush to move
and cut off the Kellys,

the valve that fuels
the hot-water system broke.

The $20 parts will cost Shawn
thousands in lost time.

The propane bottle fell over,

and it broke
the regulator right here.

If we don't get this fixed,
there's no diving.

Great [Bleep] timing.

And less than 200 feet away...

Everywhere I punch a hole,
I'm seeing gold.

[ Laughs ]

...the glow of
a well-executed plan warms

even the coldest of hearts.

Brad: Our dreams are finally
going to come true.

Could this be, you know?

All our kindness throughout
the years to people,

helping and doing good

is finally paying off
for the Kellys.

I'm going to get a Mercedes
and drive around Nome,

let these people know some
[Bleep] class is in town, right?

10 miles east of Nome...

Jesse: Come on. Hastings Creek...

Emily: Hey, Jesse, how's it
going down there, man?

Oh, dude, this is
so bomb, Emily.

Captain Emily Riedel
and crew are three hours

into their first dive
of the season.

Oh, my goodness.

Are you still seeing some pretty
tasty gold flakes down there?

Yeah, this is crazy.

And the grounds
she and Zeke tenhoff

prospected last summer
are proving out.

Yeah! Oh, man, I'm so glad
we have a hole here.

I have evolved a lot
since I first came to Nome.

It was very, very difficult for
me the first couple of years.

You just kind of learn.
I learned to adapt and grow

and ultimately succeed.

I don't know if that is
what Nome taught me,

or is that just kind of, like,
what I taught me?

[ Chuckling ] I don't know.

Finding gold. Yeah!

That's really good news
that we're on it --

Really [Bleep] good news.
We're making money right now.

I think that ladies are capable
of doing magnificent things.

All of my female role models
when I was a little girl

were ladies being,
like, warrior princesses

and captains of pirate ships
and that sort of thing,

and all I can say to the ladies
and the girls of the world is

value your independence,
be strong,

and you're capable of anything.

Be a gold miner.

Be a warrior princess.

Be a captain of a pirate ship.

Be an entrepreneur
and a business woman

and a traveler and a nomad.

I just don't think that there's
anything that women cannot do,

and, you know,
do what makes you happy.

I had a feeling about this one.

[Bleep] Dude.

Yeah, I think something
is going on

with my suction
a little bit, Emily.

All right, dude. Hold on.
I'll check it out.

Ricky! Ricky!

Hey, Ricky!

The [Bleep] pump motor's
dead, dude.


With the pump motor down...

The crank ended up going out
on the pump. It's done.

Oh, no.
Are you serious?

Yep. Come up.

...The day is done.

Got to go get a new motor.

And a new pump motor in Nome

in the middle of winter
won't be cheap.

I don't know which is worse --
Your pump motor going out

on good gold or your pump motor
going out on bad gold.

Narrator: 70 miles east...

Kris: We are saved!
Praise Andy and everything!

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I'm a [Bleep] dumb ass.

Narrator: ...Captain Kris Kelly
and Mr. Gold, Shawn Pomrenke...

Blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah!

Narrator: ...Are having
a real meeting of the minds.

I feel so good.
I feel so good, Andy.

It's the mother lode!

God, his [Bleep]
annoying-ass voice

just bugs the [Bleep] out of me.

Shut down while he waits
for parts from Nome,

Shawn's entire operation
is on ice.

Kris: Whoo!

Shawn: I gold mine
because I love to gold mine,

and that's how I've supported
my family and my friends

and my workers for years.

Mega dredge is going to keep me
and my crew busy

for the next 30 years.

I care about my community.

I've grown up here.

I've lived here.

I want to take care of the
people I love and care about.

I love and care about Nome.

Oh, that's Cody.

Reinforcements are here.

With the arrival of the part,
Shawn is back in business.

Shawn: Hopefully,
we'll get it to work here

and can get back up and running.

Good enough for me.


It just sucks having thieves
and crooked people around here.

We should just be
focusing on mining,

and now everybody is
pissed off that they're here.

So, I don't know.

I go down, put a big pile
of gold in the box.

That'll change everybody's
morale right away.

With hot water operational,

it's now time for Mr. Gold
to get back under the ice

and cut off the Kellys
from his gold.

Man: How's it going down there,
boss man?

I'm doing all right.

How's the temperature
down there?

Temperature is feeling perfect.

Trying to... Get back on the
track of the mother lode here.

Not the mother lode yet, but
we're going to keep looking.

Just punched my first hole here.

Punched another hole.
Punched another hole there.

The equipment's working great.

Punching another hole here.

There's just one problem...

I just punched another hole. gold.

Son of a bitch.

Just punching holes, but not
seeing a whole lot of gold

in this particular spot
right here.

Narrator: In his haste to cut
off the Irish from the gold,

Shawn has allowed anger
to trump reason,

and now he's paying the price.

So, here we go.
Now we're moving again.

Chunky gold!
Chunky gold!

Emily: Look at that tasty
little pile of gold.

All right, what is it?

Next time you come over,

my brother's gonna
[Bleep] you up!

[ Laughs ]

Gold mining, it's gambling.

Sometimes, you succeed,
and you rake it in,

and sometimes, you're just
sitting at the table,

throwing your chips in
and losing,

and I see that happen
to people up here,

people who are otherwise
qualified and brave

and tenacious men.

I see that happening
over and over again,

and that's not going to be me.

It's my biggest nightmare
that I'll wake up one day,

and all my chips
will be off the table.

Actually, I don't really know
how gambling works

In terms of chips,

but so much for that metaphor.

Scratch that whole thing.

Narrator: 10 miles east of Nome
at Hastings Creek...

After having her first day
of winter mining cut short

by a broken pump motor...

Emily: All right, let's go.

...Captain Emily Riedel needs

her first cleanout of the season
to be a good one.

Emily: Any minute you're not
finding and recovering gold

during the ice season is a time
that you're losing money.

Success means a lot
to me up here.

I've seen a lot of failure,

and I've been a part
of a lot of failure,

and I'm at that point
where I want to be

a successful
businesswoman up here.

Let's go find some gold.

With a veteran crew to pay
and a new pump motor to buy,

she'll need the cleanup
to yield a minimum of $3,000

to keep the operation running.

That looks like two ounces.

I think it's over two.

I'm just guessing.
I got 2.3.

I say 2.5.


[ Dog whines ]

He's throwing out his bit.

He's like,
[Whining] "At least two!

It's two!"

What does the loser do?
How many push-ups?

The one who is the farthest off?

20 push-ups...

20 push-ups
barehanded in the snow?

in the snow.

Look at that tasty
little pile of gold.

Here we go.

What are we at here?

One ounce...

Ounce and a half...



Wait, what is it?
I can't see.

83 grams --
That's right at 2.7 ounces.

Narrator: 2.7 ounces is worth
just over $3,000,

a good return
for three hours of dive time.

But after the cost
of a new pump motor,

Emily is back to square one.

All right, all right,
I'll do the push-ups.

Then let's get out of here.

But she lives to fight
another day.

If you let yourself
be defeated by failure,

then you're going
to last for about a day.

You're going to
experience it constantly

when you're gold mining.

But failure isn't
going to stop us.

Failure's not going to stop me.





Narrator: 70 miles east...

Here he comes.

Can I?

Narrator: ...The fighting Irish
are sensing a little hostility

from their new neighbor.

These miners have it
in their head that if they find,

"oh, I found this!
This is all mine!"

They can go [Bleep] themselves.

And captain Kris' simple plan

to become a millionaire by
following Shawn to the Bluff...

Hey, [Bleep] You!

...setting up camp
right next to him...

Yeah. Want to get
in the ring with me?

You want to answer the bell?

...And mining the ground

that's taken him six seasons
of prospecting to find...

Hey, next time you come over,

my brother's gonna
[Bleep] you up!

Okay, thanks for the warning! escalating into
an all-out gold war.

If Kris gets within
an arm reach of me,

I'm going to strangle
his little neck,

pop his head off like a grape.

[ Imitates squish ]

Oh, he's so cool.

Narrator: With the boys beating
their chest down at the Bluff,

Nome's only female dredge owner,
Emily Riedel,

is first on the board.

Holy cow, Jay,
you should see all the gold

that I'm getting down here, man.

[ Laughs ]

You just want
to start grabbing them.

I didn't come here
for 1/2 ounce an hour.

We're still looking
for that 6 ounce an hour.

This is most definitely the most
terrifying diving experience

of my life so far.

The Kellys are
a bunch of thieves.


That is the best gold cleanup
we've ever had in our lives.

Just so overwhelmed by how
truly horrifying it really is.