Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Turf War - full transcript

While Shawn Pomrenke prepares to head to the Bluff, his old rival, Derek McLarty, attempts to pull one over on a distracted Mr. Gold. As for Steve Pomrenke, the first cleanup of the inland ...

Narrator: Late September,
nome, alaska.

Sign that the windows
are closing

When you got snow
on the mountain.

[suspenseful music plays]
the clock is ticking

On the 2015
summer mining season.

Well, right now,
it's emergency mode.

Dad and I have
over $1 million

Into this whole setup.

And desperation
is setting in.

We haven't really made
that much money.

Hope to god
we get a lot of gold.

That's kinda
what we're here for.

What started
as a gentleman's game --

Mr. Gold is about to be
mr. Fool's gold. [chuckle]

Is about to become
a turf war.

No such thing
as a fair fight.

This is gold mining.
This is as close

To being modern-day pirates
as you can get.

Amen to that.

And the gloves

Are coming off.

I don't know who the [bleep]
he thinks he's attacking,

But I'll break his jaw.

thank you, mr. Gold.

That's what you get when
you [bleep] with the reaper.

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[ suspenseful music plays ]

Narrator: On the outskirts
of town,

It's nearly judgment day.

The mining season's
comin' to an end.

I've been workin' probably
18-hour days.

It's do or die.

The pomrenkes are grinding
around the clock

As months of hard labor,

A year of prep,
and over a million bucks

All come down
to the next 24 hours.

Seems we got 45, 50,
in the box right now.

And tomorrow's scheduled

First-ever inland
mining cleanup.

this sluice box

Is gonna liven up
and make us all rich!

My nerves are completely shot,
goin' into the first cleanup

And wonderin' how much gold is
in that sluice box.

I just spent money
and spent money

And the christine rose
crew's gonna be here

And my family's gonna
be here also.

I have my doubts
about the whole thing

And if there's
any gold here or not.

It's been a lot of work to get
this thing up and runnin'

And gettin' it
to where it needs to be.

Narrator: For father and son,
this cleanup

Will also mark
a fork in the road.

Shawn wants to take a chance
and go to bluff.

I wanted to take a chance
and go back inland mining.

I think I got a better chance

Of making gold here
than he does down at the bluff.

Narrator: For over a year --

The dozer: $125,000,
right off the bat.

Hopefully, I can keep up

And make more gold
than what he can spend.

Shawn has supported and funded
his dad's bucket-list dream.

But I appreciate you guys
all showin' up

For the groundbreaking
ceremony here

For our our new inland
mining operation.

-Narrator: Putting his own

Ambitions for the
christine rose on hold.

I wanna go down
to the bluff.

-You get 300 ounces,

Then maybe you can go
to bluff, maybe.

And again.

You guys can't go
to bluff yet.

You gotta help me get
the inland going, shawn.

All for the sake of his pops.

Let's get her done.



Now --

Getting ready
for the bluff trip

That's been put off,
put off, put off

Because I've been
out here, helpin' dad.

Shawn needs this cleanup
to be the end of a promise

And the start of a journey.

the gamble pays off.

The reason I'm putting off
going to the bluff is

Because I need the inland mining
to be successful

And, otherwise,
it's gonna be another year

Of being skinny
and not havin' a lot of money.

Inland doesn't start
producing gold soon,

We're gonna have to start
sellin' equipment.

We got all
the overburden off,

Which doesn't have
any gold in it.

We got into the first pay layer,

Which has a little bit
of gold in it.

And now, we're into the very
bottom: Bedrock.

We're at the bottom of the pay.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

All the flat rock
that's not washed is bedrock.

It's a solid rock.

You can't go any further.

There's no more gold.

Narrator: After hitting
the final pay layer.

Hope all this hard work
pays off.

This last pan could be
a look at the future.

Ho ho ho ho!

Yeah, we're gettin'
some gold now.

That's the good stuff,
right there.

We need to get it hauled
out of here.

Hit the mother lode.

Hopefully, by the end
of the day,

We'll have this corner
all cleaned out.

This is all about movin' dirt
and movin' it efficiently

And keeping control
of the grade of dirt

That you're bringing out
of the pit.

We need to keep
that wash plant runnin',

Tryin' to put as much gold
in the box as possible.

While the grind is on...

7 miles to the southwest...

[ irish tune plays ]

On the reaper.

We haven't had a really
successful season.

But we're about to.

Narrator: The fightin' kellys
are ridin' a hot streak.

I got a tip on this grout.

We're turning our season around

Because we're finally getting
our system dialed in.

The rec area is paying off
and we're starting

To work together a little bit
better 'cause we're seeing gold.

My family's great
when you throw money at 'em.

Narrator: This summer --

You [bleep] sandbar
piece of [bleep].

After striking out on their big
solomon river adventure

Far east of town --

There's no --
on this entire claim.

The kellys managed to pull
themselves out of the fire.

Oh, my god!

Bringing in over 29 ounces

From the west beach
public mining area.

♪ go-o-o-o-ld ♪

♪ ye-e-s ♪

Now --

A smart person would keep
going right to here

And keep making
half an ounce an hour

And try to salvage
the season, but not us.

Instead of cashing in
on their hot spot,

Brad has a new plan.

See that point,
that whitish point?

Right there,
around that point,

Is where we're going.

Really, that's
where we're going.

Head 10 miles west of town

To an unexplored area
known as state land.

You're gonna go down,
you're gonna say,

"dad, there's so much
gold down here.

You gotta
check this out."

Plan to go to state land,
where does it come from?

Like all my plans,
they come from god.

You know, he bestows
these thoughts into my head

And I run with it.

Kris: So, we're moving
to stage 3

Of our cluster[bleep] year.

We're gonna call it
the hail mary pass.

Everything's [bleep]
a hope and a dream.

We hope to god,
when we catch it,

There's something gold in there.

Narrator: The only problem?

The reaper itself,

Not exactly built
for a sea cruise.

These 4-foot rollers, man.
We just got it put together.

We got an awesome system.
I'm not risking it.

We got a 20-horse engine.

You know, we shouldn't be
10 miles from anywhere.

We have, basically, something
you use for a fishing boat,

Not a big dredging operation.

Dad hates to go to tomcod
because it's too far away

And, now, we're gonna be going
-[brad laughs]

3 miles past
where dad hates to go.

You want to know why?

Because I'm gettin'
better at this game,

This ocean-dredging

And I know
that there is gold.

It's that way
and it's that way.

You gotta go to the extreme.

Narrator: While the kelly boys
battle the waves...

3 miles to the west...

On claim 44.

Oh, my god!

That's what
I'm talking about.

Oh, there's little pieces
of gold right there.

They're just
blowing up, dude.

We're gonna get a huge
cleanup, straight up.

Captain zeke tenhoff is wrapping
a 7-hour dive on the gold.

Dude, I want to send you
down here to dredge it up.

All right.

I'll [bleep] mop around.

[ laughs ]

Honestly, the gold
I'm seeing on lease 44,

It's damn good.

It's as good as anything
I've ever seen, anywhere.

I really wish
that I'd made the discovery

Earlier on in the season,
with the havilah, 'cause,

Honestly, seeing the gold that
I'm seeing out on lease 44 now,

It would've been
a 500-ounce season, easy.

Narrator: This summer --

Welcome aboard
blue water gold.

All right. Well,
I'm glad I could help ya.

Zeke took on the mantle
of corporate dredge captain.

I'm totally suspended
in the air.

I'm takin' a ride.

We are no longer
on the ground.

And, after a season
of struggles --

28, dude.

Finally landed on the mother
of all hot spots.

That's a sexy little pile
of gold right there,

If I do say so myself.

Narrator: Unfortunately
for the chief gold officer --

How's that? Amazing.
Amazing, dude.

[ominous music plays]
to his corporate masters,

Too little, too late.

Zeke: Honestly, as I see it,

The corporation
that owns the havilah

Just lost faith in me,
lost hope in my ability

To produce big numbers
with the havilah,

So they're pulling the havilah
out of the water.

It grieves me, definitely.

Narrator: Now,
with his captaincy ending

When the gas
in the tank does --

I really want to leave corporate
a nice little cleanup.

Zeke is looking
to make a graceful exit.

If we can hit 100 ounces,
I'll feel like it was a success

'cause I talked a big game
to take over the havilah

And captain it and,
if I'm not producing,

I'm gonna be regarded
as somebody who is all talk,

And that sucks.

Looks like zeke
found some good [bleep],

Put a little bit of gold
in the box, so,

[suspenseful music plays]
keep at it.

We're gonna get
that bitch painted.

Really, the most money
I've ever made dredging is just

Following little strips of gold
like this that are really rich

And if we got a lot
of reefs like this on lease 44,

Just clean 'em out.
Straight up.


Hey, gabe, you ready
for some suction yet?

Fire me up.

Sounds good.

Apparently, word
got around there's some gold

Out in this direction.

Looks like the reaper's trying
to find its way down here.

The reaper has no business
being this far out at sea.

Big waves.

Big, strong currents.

Definitely not okay.

It's not advisable.

Narrator: Just a few
hundred yards away --

We have another hour
to keep going,

Or we can turn around
with our tails between our legs

And go home.
-I say go for it.

I'm not doing
nothing today.

Narrator: The fightin' kellys
and their rinky-dink reaper

Are now nearly 10 miles
from the safety of port.

Lookit. It's getting
rougher out here.

And captain brad --

We're not going to be able
to dredge [bleep].

Finally having
a moment of clarity.

Thought it was gonna be great

And then, all of a sudden,
the weather's changed.

Uh --

Yeah, it's depressing 'cause,
you know, when you get stupid,

You make mistakes.

This is [bleep].

I said it [bleep]
last [bleep] spot.

I'm sorry, boys.

Made my money for the day.
-I'm sorry.

You're embarrassing, man.
This is [bleep].

They're gonna see us drive
right back into shore.

It's a rough day and
no one else is out here now.

We come about.

Come about?
-I'm trying to come about.

That means turn around.
-I know what it means.

Hey [bleep] there's a boat
right there in front of us.

Yeah, it's called the havilah.
That's the havilah.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

The reaper's incoming.

They're headed straight for us.

Crazy irish bastards, trying
to [bleep] close in on our gold,

Comin' all the way down here
to -- us.

The hardest part about mining
in nome is finding gold.

On one hand,
I tell myself that the kellys

Are not a huge threat
to the minerals of nome.

But, on the other hand, if the
kellys got my gps coordinates,

They could sober up

And they could clean out
the spot that I found.

I can't let that happen.

Let's fire some warning shots.

I don't want anyone
to get anywhere near us.

What's all that smoke
going on over there?

It's definitely not okay

For the irish to figure out
where this gold is.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

Oh, almost got 'em.

I told you,
he's shooting [bleep]

They know we're on good gold
out here, dude.

They're coming out
with their gps probably

Just to mark our spot for later.

[ suspenseful music climbs ]

[ giggles delightedly ]


Does he not understand
we're gonna [bleep]

Kick him in he head
if he pisses me off?


Narrator: 10 miles
from nome harbor.

Narrator: While his baby
brother is on hot gold --

Kick him in the head
if he pisses me off?

Zeke tenhoff
has found himself --

There's more
where that came from!

With some unwelcome guests.

I would prefer not to have
to start some kind of

Gold war with the kellys

Because they're scrappy
and they're dirty.

But if you find a good spot
and you find some gold

To have it scalped
by somebody else

Just because it's convenient
for them is a huge problem.

I think that
scared 'em off.

Hang on.
I gotta gps this spot.

He may be on some gold.

So there we are,
about 10 miles away from nome.

We have no [bleep] idea,
really, where we are,

But the only boat anywhere
near there is the havilah.

Well, zeke, if he
would've played it off

And told us there was nothing
there and played it cool.

No, but come on, man.
He started defending his spot

Like there was no tomorrow.

That basically tells me
they're on something hot.

Hey, we got zeke's
little spot.

If he's on gold,
we'll find it this winter.

[ chuckle ]

[ laughter ]

Don't do this [bleep]!

You're bringing it
on yourself!

Dude, that scared 'em
right off.

That's right,
keep goin'.

Put yellow egg
all over my boat.

Do we have anything
to throw at these [bleep]?

My fists.
-Oh, no, that coke.

Shake the coke up.

Get ready to launch the coke
in the cabin.

We're gonna circle the wagons
on this [bleep] havilah.

[ irish tune plays ]

Oh, [bleep].
They're coming back around.

Coming back for more?

Sink one
right on his windshield.

I'll handle this.

Hey, don't [bleep] around.

Ah, yeah! Nice one.

Warn you guys,
you're gonna be sorry.

Okay, shake 'em up.
Two cans ready to go.

I'm gonna pull us in,
right in,

And bust their windows
out of their boat.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

What are those things?
Oh! They got sodas?


Launch and go!

[bleep] smash 'em now.

[ laughter ]

[ laughing ]

Want some more eggs?

[ laughter ]

Did you get one in the cabin?

Come all the way out here
and throw beverages at us?

kris: [bleep] zeke.

He doesn't know what
the [bleep] he's doing.

I'll smash him in the face
and laugh.

The kellys know
what we're up to.

Came all the way out here
just to gps our gold.

That's about the greasiest
move you could possibly pull.

That's why you gotta be
real quiet

When you find
some gold, dude.

It gets around to the
irish pretty quick.

Crazy bastards, seriously.

No respect out here for decent
gold-getters like ourselves.

While the little reaper

May be unfit
for a battle at sea --

He threw a projectile,
trying to harm us.

For the fightin' kellys,

Nothing is over
until they say it's over.

And that's a sign of war.

8 miles to the northeast,

On the outskirts of town.

First season of an almost

Operation is looking
dismal, at best.

After breaking the bank
to build his dream megadredge,

Rookie skipper derek mclarty
is feeling the pinch.

That makes me
feel better,

But that doesn't equate
to half-a-million bucks.

I know that.

I'm having
some first-season woes.

I thought I'd built
the dragon slayer.

I wanted to go
against the christine rose

To beat shawn at his own game.

I was gonna take him down
with this nasty ax,

But, in the end,

Found out there's a lot of stuff
that's unforeseeable.

Man, I hope there's
at least 20 in there.

Anything over 20, I'm happy.

Narrator: With time
running out on the summer,

Salvaging his season means
pulling more

Than an ounce of gold
for every hour spent mining.

Let's get it dried out
and get it weighed.

I'm counting on this cleanup
to be at least 20, 25.

If we could see 30,
that'd be awesome.

20, I'll be happy.

[ sigh ]

Moment of truth.
All right. Let's do it.

[ suspenseful music plays ]


First 6, 7, 8, 9.

Tell me there's
a lot more in there.

14, 15, 16, 17.




Narrator: Below
the ounce-an-hour mark,

17.2 ounces is worth
just over 20,000 bucks.

Well, at this point,
I would say, "let's do better."

Definitely gotta look
for some different ground.

let's jump on shawn.


He'd do it best.

Narrator: Looking
to boost production.

Just a little bit
of vengeance.

Derek has a plan that will also
help him settle an old score.

Shawn and I have
a love-hate relationship, so,

Shawn edging me out of
the inland thing with steve,

It got under my skin.

Going inland with steve,
that would've been ideal.

Narrator: Last summer --
[suspenseful music plays]

I heard this rumor
that a friend of mine

Was going inland
and, to me,

That just sounded like
an opportunity.

Derek nearly talked his way
into the pomrenke empire.

I want derek mclarty
to be involved in that.

I don't want to just be
[bleep] left behind!

But shawn laid down the law.

We'll just keep it
in the family.

That'll be the plan.

-If he's not there...

It's free game.
He doesn't own the lease.

If it's not us,
it's gonna be somebody else.

It's time
for a little payback.

If shawn's going to bluff,

He's gonna go
throw the dice, you know?

He thinks there's
something out there.

Sure, maybe there is,
but if he's gonna

Go down to bluff, I'm gonna go
see what he's leaving behind.

If he goes down to bluff

And he's already chewed up
a bunch of ground

And he's not there
to silt us out, we should go see

What kind of fingers
he's left everywhere

'cause you know
it's all chewed up already.

Yeah, he's just
breaking it up for us.

He already classified it
and did everything else.

We can go and not only go
through his tailings

And get
what he left behind,

But clean up
what he was gonna get.

I think that's
a little bit conniving,

But, at the same time,
I mean, like hey,

I learned it from watching
you, bro. [laughs]

I mean, I'm pretty sure
that, once upon a time,

Mr. Gold said, [as shawn]
"if the gold don't care,

I don't care."

And by god,
I don't care, so.

You sounded just like
shawn, just then.

Thank you.
I've been working on it.

Do you sit at home
in the mirror?

[as shawn] cody!


What are you doin', cody?

There's nothin'
over there, cody!

What are you doin'?

Now you broke a spud cable.

I'm gonna have to fix that!


That was kind of evil.

As the sun sets on nome,

[suspenseful music plays]
at the pomrenke inland mine.

Been working [bleep]

This hot pay streak
for the last 12 hours.

I want to make sure
that we find

That this is payin'
before I leave to bluff.

With d-day for the operation
in just hours

And a bluff trip to pay for,

Shawn pomrenke
is grinding to the finish.

We need this cleanup
to be a good one.

We've been working cleanup
to cleanup just to pay the bills

And just to keep
this operation runnin'.

Needs to prove itself and prove
that it's payin' for itself.

We're gonna
do a cleanup tomorrow.

Hopefully, it's a good one.

I'm counting on this cleanup
to be at least 100.

Before I go to the bluff,
I'm gonna be ready:

Extra fuel, make sure all
the tools I need are on there.

I mean, it's definitely

Gonna be a big adventure
going down there.

I'm excited about it.

[vehicle sputtering]
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

What the...?



Dad's gonna be [bleep] pissed.


Narrator: Just outside
the city of nome,

[suspenseful music plays]
at the pomrenke inland mine.

[ vehicle sputtering ]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Only hours away
from the first-ever cleanup.

What the...?

And the freedom to head
for the bluff.


Shawn has a big problem.


Dad's gonna be [bleep] pissed.

All kinds of metal
on the dip stick.

It's the tranny.

What's goin' on?

The [bleep] tranny blew.

Blew the transmission up
on my dozer.

No, [bleep] do nothing.

Damn it, shawn!

You had to
break it down

Where it shuts us down
for the night.

Worst place
you could be stuck.

We're ready
to run the plant.

We can't even run the plant
because it's down here.

Worst of all,
the 90-ton dozer

Is now blocking
the wash plant,

Bringing gold mining
to a screeching halt.

You know,
as well as I do,

If you ain't running dirt
through the wash plant,

You're not making money.

I'm startin' to think
that the inland mining venture

Is the gates of hell.

But, sometimes, you gotta suffer
before you can prosper.

Drag the blades.

Let's see if we can do

This part of mining inland,
big equipment,

Everything's always breaking.

Oh, here we go.

We gotta get this thing
outta here.

Hopefully, I can hook on
to it with my own motor,

Try and get it out of
the sand hole, at least,

So we can at least
run tonight.

[ alert beeps ]

Well, this is getting
serious now.

The tracks won't turn.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

Pull the axle so we
can get it outta here.

Narrator: Unable to push it
out of the way,

There's just one more option.

Gotta pull the axles
out of the drive,

So the dozer will roll.

Remove the dozer's
central shafts.

First time
I've ever done this.

I don't know.

Hopefully, throwing the giant
behemoth into neutral.

There we go.

One side down.

I'm gonna hook on to it,
see if we can do something.

Dad's gonna bring
the loader back around.

We're gonna drag it
outta here.

One way or the other,

That thing's coming
out of there.

One to go.

[ alert beeps ]

There we go.
We got the axles out.

We should be able
to pull the thing back now.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

[ engine starts ]

Here we go.
One more time.

I just hope
this moves it now

It ought to.

I'm gonna go
give it a shove.

Here we go. Ready.


[ clunk ]

There we go.
We're rollin'.


[ laughs ]

There he goes.


We're done.

Time to start washin'

[ sputtering ]

[ chugging ]

[ suspenseful music plays ]

All right. We're back
in business again.

That's all that counts,

Keeping that
damn plant runnin'.

Well, at least we got
a bunch of pay uncovered.

All right.
Go shove that paydirt.

All right.
-Let's go home.

Let's look.

I've been here 16 hours.

I want to go home.

Dad gets to leave.

Narrator: While shawn drives
towards tomorrow's cleanup,

Over in nome harbor...

[ laughs ]

'twas the night before bluffs

And all through the house,
not a creature was stirring.

Mr. Gold's asleep.

Oh, man.
This is gonna be good.

This is gonna be
really good.

Narrator: Would-be rival
derek mclarty.

Dude, they're gonna
kill us.

Is out
for a little vengeance.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

It looks like mr. Gold
left his gps on

With a nice little
checkered flag

Exactly where
he's been digging.



I wonder what that means.

I'm pretty sure
that that says mother lode.

Got those coordinates
right about there.

Thank you very much.

Better get my phone out
for that one.

Next time, don't leave
your gps on, obviously.

Oh. Thank you, mr. Gold.


Yep. Good luck at the bluff.

[ engine starts ]

[ laughs ]


Narrator: As a new day
dawns over the bering sea...

[ squawking ]

[ suspenseful music plays ]

In the city of nome,
at the havilah cleanup shack.

This gold's heavy.

Oh, yeah.

Look at that.

So beautiful.

With the parent company
pulling the plug --


One more bucket.

It's zeke's final day
working for the man.

I really hope there's
20 ounces in here.

That'll take us
to 100 ounces.

You know what?
I'd be happy with 99.

[ laughter ]

That actually kind of sounds
better than 100 ounces.

Now, it's a matter of pride
to pull the season total

As close to triple digits
as possible.

I bet it's gonna be
20 ounces, dude.

There was a whole
bunch of gold

Down there
I was seeing.

When I started
my havilah adventure,

I had higher hopes, for sure,
but, honestly,

My whole saga in working
in the corporate world,

Well, I don't feel
like it was a mistake,

But it's not what
I'm gonna continue to do.

That's it, dude.

Those are
the last little specks.

Summer of the havilah,

Narrator: Speaking
of the havilah,

Over on belmont beach...

[ suspenseful music plays ]

So this is what you get
when you're an [bleep].

Hungry for some payback,
the kelly boys

Are cookin' up what can only
be described as.


A little spice.

One last
secret ingredient,

from the bering sea.

A bucket of gross.

It looks pretty nasty.

We got this ready.

Man, that's
some sick [bleep].

[ laughs ]

Home cookin'
at its best.

And the delivery method
for this awful brew?

Come on.

Kris, hold 'em up!

I can't get
the effect.

[ laughter ]


It's diapers.

See, it's making you
sick, just looking at it.

Imagine when zeke gets
this [bleep] in his face.

We're gonna launch these
over to zeke's boat.

[laughs] look it.
Andy's hungry.

You want some of that, eh?

I want you guys to grab
two each, plus eggs,

And we're gonna cover his boat.

Nobody [bleeps]
with the reaper.

If you do,
you get a baby bomb.

Derek: All right.
Let's weigh this up.

[ chuckle ]

There's 1, 2.

I really wish that the havilah
could be a huge, tremendous,

Crazy success,
but, most of the season's

Been me just kinda tryin'
to school up divers,

Tryin' to figure out how to run
the boat and what works,

A lot of pressure
that I've found out

That I really don't want.


But, now, it's the end
of the season.

What's pushing me forward
is the fact that

I know we finally found
some good gold.

-Ohh ohh.

18.9 ounces.

Good job.
-Good job.

Good job. That was
all right, dude.

That was okay.

Narrator: 18.9 ounces
is worth over 22,000 bucks,

Bringing zeke's total to...


I can always say,
walkin' away from the havilah,

away from my corporate gig,

I can put them on good gold

And they'll be
pulling good numbers

Because I feel
like I have to do them right.

And, so now,
I'm back to square one.

What am I gonna do next?

Well, I gotta go ice dredging
in a few months

And I didn't make that much
money working for corporate,

So I think I'm gonna have to go
make a little extra scratch

To continue my career
as a miner.

As for the dredge itself...

[ suspenseful music plays ]

What I'm gonna do is
I'm gonna swing around

And we'll come in
nice and quiet.

We'll come
right around them.

Get the tools ready
for the job.

Let's get in here
and do this quick.

We're good to go.

Fire when ready!

Look out, boys!

I got some special
baby's [bleep] diapers.

They're probably hiding inside.

Could you get a little
[bleep] closer?


Baby [bleep] specials.
-And that's what you get

When you [bleep]
with the reaper.

The reaper wasn't here.

Let's get outta here.

On the other side of nome,

At the pomrenke
cleanup shack...

Holy [bleep].

I think it's gonna be
a big one.

For shawn's bluff trip
and steve's inland mine --

The moment of truth
has arrived.


[ bleep ]

Ain't seen nothing
like that for a while.

I and shawn were both worried
about this piece of ground

That we started
mining inland here,

Wondering if it really
does have the gold,

You know,
in order to make ends meet,

Especially after we did
the groundbreaking ceremony.

We took a pan and we did not
get one color of it.

I got something to prove
to myself, first of all,

But shawn, too.

Holy [bleep].

That's 100 and...

Shawn: Since the end
of last season,

I've watched hundreds
and hundreds

Of thousands of dollars
roll out the door

And there's no return on it.

We need to get
some of that revenue back

Because I've been
putting off all the things

I've wanted to do
to see dad's dream

Of inland mining again
come true.

Narrator: Anybody with eyes
can see the gold.

All right. We done?

We done?
We done?

Let's weigh
this son of a gun.

The question is:
Just how much?

Shawn: Come on, baby.

That's 60 ounces, steve.

Wanna get the first 100
in there.




Narrator: At blue water gold

[ ring ]

[ suspenseful music plays ]

Hi, keith. Hey.
You got a minute?

After pulling in a grand total
of 98.9 ounces of gold --

Okay. Right on.
Well, we just finished

Cleaning out
and I really hope that,

You know, I always
keep you guys as allies.

Zeke is saying farewell
to the corporate life.

You know, I'll do what
I can to help you guys

Get going again
next spring as well.

-Be careful under the ice,

And I'll see you in the spring.

All right. Well, thanks
for everything, keith.

Got some gold. I didn't
totally fail to get gold.

I didn't totally fail
to do my job,

But, at the same time,

I'm definitely not looking
forward to having to deal

With any corporate bosses,
or keith, ever again.


Narrator: In the city of nome,

At the pomrenke
cleanup shack...

Let's weigh
this son of a gun.

After spending
nearly $1 million --

Shawn: Come on, baby.

The first cleanup of the new
inland operation is underway.

60 ounces, steve.

Wanna get the first 100
in there.




100 ounces.


[ suspenseful music plays ]

Pour it in there.



Ohhh, 160.

Woman: But for real, though.


[ clanging ]



-woman: Yeah!


[ laughter ]



Narrator: 176 ounces
is a massive

$211,000 payday.


That's a big pile of gold.
-You bet.

Good job, dad.

That's why we --

About a million.

[ laughs ]

You still got it, man.

1/5 of the way of gettin'
our million back.

All this hard work's
paying off.

Just the beginning.

Just the beginning.

After all the crap
we went through this summer,

It's a relief that there's
gold in that ground.

It was a good feeling

To see my dad really
succeed in the inland mine.

Now that that's producing,
I can go pursue somethin'

I've wanted to pursue
for a long time

And head to bluff.

-Not bad.

Cheers, davy.
Cheers, joe.


It works.

Now, it's gonna be easier for
shawn to take this bluff trip,

With both me and him knowin'
that the inland will pay for it.

It turned out to be
a damn good cleanup,

But I'm looking
for the next one to be better.

I've been through
the bad days of minin'.

I'm hopin' I learned my lesson,

But I don't know if I did
or not, yet. [chuckle]

Give me another beer.

Narrator: Back
in the small boat harbor.

[ suspenseful music plays ]


Is that eggshell?

[ chuckle ]

This is the kellys' doing.

Dude, is this dirty
diapers with poo?



No, it can't be poo.

They come all the way out to
like coordinate my coordinates

And then like
I throw some eggs at 'em,

So, then, they come back
and then,

They cover my dredge with poop.

My responsibility is
to return the havilah

To corporate
in pristine condition.

This is not pristine condition.

There's poop on the window,
poop there, poop --

Oh, my god.

Dude, they should be
ashamed of themselves.

Low-class. Well,
I gotta go get some windex.

Narrator: On the other side
of the docks...

Let's go-o-o!
I'm excited.

It's snowing out.

Miles to go.

I think I can still
hit 1,000 ounces.

I could go down there and find
$1 million in a week.

You never know until you go try.

Narrator: For shawn pomrenke,

It's finally time
to chase down the dream.

All right.
I'm clear.

I'm gettin' ready
to head on out.

Headin' to bluff.

We're gonna navigate our
way out of the harbor.

All right, buddy.

Go ahead full,
full throttle.

Let's go to bluff.

Bluff, bluff.
Let's go!


As the long journey
to the bluff begins --

Good luck, boys.

To derek mclarty,
while the cat's away,

The mice will play.

They need all the luck
they can get.

F you're gonna pounce
on somebody, you really have to

Pick the perfect timing.

That was the perfect time.

I mean, mr. Gold
can be as mad as he wants.

I don't care. You know?
I mean, whatever.

It's an ocean.

We've got rights, just like
he's got, to be out there.

Maybe we checked out some,
ahem, coordinates,

But that's beside the point.

If he's gonna leave known,
proven ground,

Good gold sittin'
right down there, I mean,

We might as well go ahead
and babysit it while he's gone.

Ah! Nothin'
like a good parting gift.

Good luck, fellas.

[ suspenseful music plays ]

Shawn: It's all
about the treasure hunt.

When you put this much
time and money

Into a expedition like this,
it's scary.

I'm going to a place that
nobody's ever mined out here.

There might be a ton of gold
out in the ocean.

And I'd love to be the one
to find it.

Narrator: While zeke ends
his corporate gig

Just shy of 100 ounces,

Shawn is headed
into the unknown.



Holy crap.
That's a pile of gold.

We have to take you up
on your offer.

Oh, yeah?
-It's cobble!

The way it's been goin',
it's just not profitable.

He looks pissed.

Wanna dive on my spot?
[ laughter ]