Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Breaking Point - full transcript

Narrator: Nome, alaska.

You ready to go?

Ready to go.
I'll cast us off.

We're halfway through
the season.

What we've produced so far
has been pretty pathetic.

I haven't lost my hope
that we can make a turnaround.

In every summer mining season,

There is always
a turning point...

We've been spending money
like crazy, not going anywhere.

We're gonna
push the envelope here.

We need to really
get this thing going.

Narrator: ...A time when
high hopes...

We're on the bluff,

...Meet cold, hard facts.

Things have not gone exactly
the way I wanted them to go.

No, I'm not excited.

I'll be excited when I see them
[bleep] lit up with gold.

Narrator: The trick of it all
is to not let the turning points

Become the breaking point.

-Then, who's in the wrong? You?

Yeah! Ask everybody!



Oh, you gonna [bleep]

Are you gonna
[bleep] hit me?

[bleep] hit me.

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Just west of nome harbor,

On the all in...

This is "d" day
for the sub-dredge.

I put it down and hopefully get

First gold for the summer
through the box.

Narrator: ...Captain
vernon adkison

Is a man on a mission.

Got a lot of money riding on it,

A lot of time and effort put
into it, a lot of engineering.

Everything that we've been
working for for a year --

It's coming to a head today.

But it's been
a long time coming.

Narrator: So far this year...

Oh! Damn!

Come meet your competition.

...Vernon has sunk
over 150 grand...

Going down!

...Bringing to town
a state-of-the-art sub-dredge.


It killed the competition
in the winter,

But come summer...

No! [bleep] damn it!

...He's only managed
one misfired launch.


They've got to see some results,

Or they're gonna
get very damn frustrated.

Narrator: ...To keep
his beloved golden sea horse,

He's gonna have to
get it on the gold.

Vernon: And this company that
manufactures this dredge,

The deal I've got
set up with them is

They'll get a percentage
of the gold as payment

For the sub-dredge.

And if they're not getting
any gold,

Then they're not gonna
keep it on the job.

So we need to get it out there
and get it producing,

And that way,
we make sure we've got it.

We've got a flotilla here.

We've got several vessels --
four of them all together.

Narrator: This time,
leaving nothing to chance,

Vernon has enlisted an armada,
including the all in,

A suction dredge
called the phoenix,

A pontoon launching raft,
and a skiff.

Everybody got that?

Bobby: I'm at the bottom.

Yep. 10-4.

Phillip: From now until
it hits the bottom --

Bad choice of words.

From now until it softly touches
down is the highest risk.

Narrator: With diver bobby lowe
under water

And operator phil rhyner
at the steering wheel,

The sub-dredge
starts its descent.

Vernon: All right,
everybody stand clear.

All right,
everything's clear.

Vernon: In gold production,
we're way behind the curve.

This was the season
that I was supposed to start

Making a profit.

We're getting down
to vapors here.

We need to start
turning some gold.

Yep, I got a visual on it.

Standing clear.

I can see the bottom
from the camera.

It's pretty close.
Everything's holding together.

Bobby: Looks like
they got about two feet.

Okay, we got touchdown.

On bottom.

Okay. We're on the bottom.

Bobby: A lot better
than last time.

I got a cobble line
on this side,

Sand going south,
and that's usually a good sign.

You can see cobbles coming up
out of the sand up here.

I'm pretty excited
to see what's underneath this.

Let's get this thing in action.

Fire it up.

Fire it up.

Got rotation.

Got a lot of material
going up that nozzle.


Vernon: There's been
a few sub-dredges --

The vast majority of them
have failed.

To get one that works properly

Will be a major game changer
here in nome.

We got some good material
down there.

We should be making
lots of gold today.

Finally, moving material for
the first time in five months.

Right on, brother.

Now we're getting dirt.

For vernon, the race is on to
get the gold or lose the dredge.

I do get excited when I see
the gold. I'll admit that.

That gets me off.

Narrator: Six miles to the west

On the tomcod claim...

Derek: I probably have enough
fuel money at this point

To give us five days before
I have to start

Rethinking my strategy.

...Captain derek mclarty
is $500,000 in debt

With just 21 ounces of gold
recovered on the season...

What are you thinking?
We're at 23 feet right now.

It's a crapshoot.

I mean,
it's needle in a haystack.

...Down to nothing
but the gas left in the tank,

It's do or die
for the rookie skipper.

Oh, look at that
little something.

There's a rock for sure.

This is basically
me using my lifeline.

Got enough fuel to go out once,
maybe twice.

All we need is to go out
and have one good run.

There's another rock.

Well, I think we come off of
the sandbar is what's going on.

Looks pretty interesting.

It does.

You want to set anchor?

Yeah, I'll set anchor.


Got a 12-inch hose
and 3 anchors.

With two anchors, tide can
move you left and right.

With three,
you're pretty much triangulated

Your spot in the middle.

It's a straightforward strategy,
it's go get gold.

We're gonna go get it.

Fire in the hole.

I've got 500 grand-ish
in this boat.

I need to put as much gold
in the box as possible --


Man, today's a big day.

We need to get something
real good out of spenser.

Hopefully he can go down there
and get us on it,

Not spend all day looking
for it, start mowing ground.

If we can get on some
two-, three ounce-an-hour stuff,

We can make up
for some lost time.

I can buy a new sweatshirt then.

Hi, mom.

So, yeah, I'm getting ready to
go down there and tear it up.

Season's about to turn around.

All right, I'm going.

Good luck, brother.

Narrator: With underwater
currents destroying visibility,

Dredging with
the massive high noon

Is extremely dangerous.

I mean, you got to have
more than a foot,

'cause things that are two feet
away from you are coming to you.

If you can't see what's coming
at you and it's a flat rock,


Narrator: Running on fumes
and desperate for gold...

Ah, you'll be able
to figure it out. I got faith.

Narrator: ...Derek can't afford
to be cautious.


I mean, he can't even see
what's down there, really.

He's just telling
by touch and go.

He's basically
mining by braille right now.

He's moving some big, old rocks,

So time will tell,
but it's looking good.

Boxes are ripping.

Narrator: While the high noon
dredges blind,

Seven miles to the east
in nome harbor...

Shawn: I can't wait.

I've been wanting to go
all summer.

Narrator: ..."mr. Gold"
shawn pomrenke is finally

Gearing up
to chase down a dream.

Shawn: Got to get the razor on

So we have a set of wheels
while we're on shore.

Pretty much ready to go.

Just got to unload all our gear
and head to bluff.

Feels great.
I'm looking forward to it.

I got high hopes.

It's nice to get away from dad,
get away from everybody,

And just focus on finding
some new ground.

I'm thinking big gold.

Big gold.

For nearly two months...

You get 300 ounces, then maybe
you can go to bluff -- maybe.

...Shawn has been digging
through scraps

On the tomcod claim...

Shawn: Yeah, this sucks.

Starting to piss me off.

...To fulfill a promise
to his old man.

Now with his quota met...

Little more.

Go ahead. Stick in.

...It's all systems go.

Getting ready to go to bluff.

I'm taking
brent, cody, and myself.

And, I mean, we need
everything from gold pans

To the kitchen sink.

Let's get this thing
ready to go.

We'll go mining -- go down there
and kick some ass.

I mean, it's definitely gonna be
a big adventure

Going down there.

It'll be a big risk bringing
the dredge down there, too,

But, I mean, hell,
I'm excited about it.

I could go down there

And find $500,000 or $1 million
in a week.

You never know until you go try.

Steve: You guys
can't go to bluff yet.

You got to help me get
the inland going, shawn.

Narrator: In nome harbor...

...On the cusp
of heading for the bluff

And following his dream...

Shawn: What's up?


You can't go to bluff.

...Shawn pomrenke
has hit a major roadblock.

I need help.

I got -- d9's down,

Got the water line to get laid
and put down and buried.

I can't do it
all by myself.

I mean, I've been
really looking forward

To going down there and seeing
what the hell's down there.

Shawn: Dad made a deal.

I don't know where
he gets off thinking

That he can do that [bleep]

I don't know.

I don't know what to say.

It's starting to piss me off.

I got to work on
the sluice box.

The d9's down.

We got to get
that thing running.

And, I mean,
there's all kinds of things

That we need to do out there
to get going, so...

Lord only knows how much time
we have left to mine.

You know, I should've been
running dirt

A month ago already,
but I'm so tired right now,

I can't hardly do --
I'm not even functional.

I could sure use the help
out there, I'm telling you.

Right now, you need help.

We got your back.
We'll come help.

Thank you
for coming out and help.

I love you.

Yeah, we got your back, dad.

There just better be some
damn gold on that ground.

Shawn: Even though he's been
a pain in my ass,

You got to put your emotions
and your feelings aside

And just focus on the job.

He ain't
the easiest guy to help,

'cause he wants help, but he has
a hard time accepting it.

But he needs help,
so we're gonna go help him.

Eight miles to the west

On the high noon...

How's that thing working,
working by yourself down there?

Narrator: For five hours,
derek has kept his lead diver,

Spenser mccleskey,
dredging blind.

Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

It's an emergency.

We're down to one batch of fuel

We got left to go out
and make some money.

Everything comes down to whether
or not we can make enough money

Right now to keep this operation
up and running.

He can't see what's
in front of him real well,

But he said
it's going real fast, so...

Roger that.

We'll be able to see in the box

How he's doing since
he can't see on the bottom.

So, the good part of this sluice
is that you can really see

What you did almost immediately.

I mean, basically,
we just shut down,

So what he was just on,
we'll see in the box.

Yeah, check that out.

Derek: That's what
you were just on. See it?

We definitely got some
gold going on here.

Yeah, we're definitely
on nice ground.

Hell, you might've just put
an ounce of gold in the box.

Yeah. [bleep]

Maybe more.

I'll warm up a little bit
and I'll get ready

To go back down there,
see if vis cleared up.

We're gonna go ahead
and mark it up here.

We'll know where we're at.

"spens gspot."

There it is.

There's the "g"-spot.

Now we're gonna make some money.

11 miles up the coast...

...On claim 14...

Hey, are you seeing any small,
yellow objects down there?

Nick: I haven't
been seeing much gold.


It's news
I'm very fond of hearing.

...With just over
37 ounces worth 45 grand

Collected on the season...

Just dig a couple more holes

And see what you find
down there.

...Eroica captain emily riedel
is running a skeleton crew.

Nick doesn't really inspire
the same sort of confidence.

But daryl's in colorado
visiting his wife.

You know, nick is really
all I've got right now.

Nick's learned a lot,
and he was taught by the best,

But he's still -- you know,
this requires years and years

Of experience
to really get a handle on.

Nick: I think we moved
a little bit from last night.

I'm just trying to find
the place that I was working at.

Just want to see
some sign of gold

Before I start
working this ground.

I definitely don't want to
be...You know, wasting time.

Right now, I'm just hoping to

Salvage this season
as best as I can.

Narrator: This summer...

When it came to working
on my boat, you were like,

"no, I'm never gonna throw away
my gold to some owner."

...Emily set a simple goal.

I [bleep] guarantee you

We're gonna get
more gold than that guy.

Narrator: ...Out-dredge her
ex-partner zeke tenhoff.

I am so glad I don't have to see
emily on a daily basis.

Narrator: But so far...

[ crash ]

This box is falling off!

Narrator: ...For both sides...

Zeke: Now I'm totally
suspended in the air.

I am taking a ride.
We are no longer on the ground.

Narrator: ...It's been
more comedy than competition.


Nick: There's probably like

Four, five inches
of gravelly cobble,

And then it hits
a dark, grayish black clay.

And I haven't really found
the bottom.

Nick should know enough
about what he's doing now

To be able to, you know,
follow the gold

And find the gold
while daryl's gone.

But daryl needs
to get back here soon,

Because I don't know

If the dredge is making any
progress unless daryl's here.

Nick: It just looks like
some of this been worked already

Or there's just, like,
tailings of topsoil.

I don't really know
what that means.

With her greenhorn struggling
and her ace diver out of town,

Emily's hope of trouncing zeke
are taking a hit.

He doesn't really know what good
paying ground looks like, so...

My goal at the beginning
of this season

Seems like a faraway dream
right now.

There's just no way.

Frankly, I'm astounded that
zeke has managed to last so long

With corporate,
but zeke always manages

To surpass my expectations.

I could really use
another diver right now.

I just don't want
to waste my time

With somebody that's mediocre.

I don't know
if I'm gonna be able

To get another diver
that's worth anything.

Nick: Hey, I don't know how
daryl was doing this.

With just nick diving on
the boat, it's not looking good.

Narrator: While emily's
operation is stuck in neutral,

Two miles to the east...

On the all in...

We can see gold
on the screen.

We got a hell of a haul.

All right.

That's good news.

...Vernon's golden sea horse
is on pay dirt

For the first time
in five months,

And he is finally closing in
on showing results.

Vernon: I need to see
at least 10 ounces out of this.

If the sub-dredge
doesn't produce,

Then they're right to take it.

Hey, phil, he said move it
forward about five feet.


Gets better with practice.

It's taken just four boats
and a huge pile of cash

For things to finally click
for captain vern.

are part of the process,

And you don't really fail
until you quit.

And I'm not quitting.

I mean, how many planes
did the wright brothers crash,

For crying out loud?

You don't just quit because

Something doesn't work
the first 100 times you try it.

Good. These guys are getting --
they're getting good at this.

Narrator: But on the bering sea,
good news doesn't last long.

The weather's kicking up.

When it starts
flopping around like this,

It's gonna make it
very difficult.

The weather can pick up
real fast around here.

We're way into the season,

And we really haven't gotten
any good dredging days at all.

The only thing we can do now is
just keep plugging away at it.

Yeah, it's sticking up.

Look! Look!

Oh [bleep]

Narrator: Off the coast of nome
on the all in...

Look! Look!

Oh [bleep]

...In the face of rising swells,

Vernon's dredging armada
is breaking apart.

Go! Go!

Turns out, the only problem with
lashing together four boats is,

Well, lashing together
four boats.


Pull it!


Hey, derek. Derek!

He doesn't know
how to do that!

Don't worry!

You're doing it wrong.

Down, push down on that.

No, no, no, no, no.

He doesn't know
how to do it.

Let go of that line.
Toss it to him.

You toss it up here.

There we go.

[ engine revving ]

All right.
It's good.

Finally in control of his fleet,
for the skipper...

The weather has kicked up.

...Enough is enough.

We got some time on the bot.

There comes a time
when you got to call it.

When that much is happening,
everything is breaking loose,

It's time to call it
and go back to the house.

And a fine time was had by all.

Narrator: Vernon is not
the only one feeling the waves.

With 30-knot winds kicking up
the seas to over 6 feet,

For the dredging fleets...

Hey, the weather's
getting pretty bad.

Why don't you go ahead
and come on up?

...It's time to turn tail
and run.

Nick: Okay, I'll come up.

Emily: Wind's blowing up
out of the southwest,

And it's time for us to get in

Before it gets too nasty
out here.

There's still a lot of gold
that we need to get.

Narrator: No matter
how bad they need the gold,

For every miner...

...There comes a time
to pull the plug.

Derek: Whe-e-e-e-e-w!

Make sure
we still got a dog.

He's good.

Trying to keep
his operation afloat,

Derek mclarty has kept his diver
down past the breaking point.

Derek: When we are
out there dredging,

I want to make sure
we're the last boat leaving.

That was the whole point
of the size.

But most winds are whipping
to 15, 20 miles an hour.

I don't care how big
your boat is,

You're not dredging.

Mother nature is a bitch.

You can't beat her.

Narrator: Now it's a battle
with the bering sea

To get all their gear

And the 2,000-pound hose
back on board.

You all right?

Oh, man.

Whoo! Yeah!


[bleep] getting real real.

This is not good.

We shouldn't
be out here at all.

Oh [bleep]
the line is stretching.

Aw, can't get a break.

Stay there. Little more.

More of that strap.
Grab all of it.

All right, cody,
I got it.

Hey, get ready.


Pull it up.


There we go.


I think we lost
by staying out the longest.

Let's get out of here,

This is not dredging weather
at all.

It's a little bit rough.

That sucked.

That's the roughest water

I've been in on
a dredge in my life.

We did it.
We kicked ass.

Yeah, we did good.

On the outskirts of town,

At the pomrenke family mine.

We're getting ready to set
this damn wash plant finally.

It's my day I've been waiting
for all damn summer here.

We're into
over $1 million right now.

We need to get
some of that money back.

After once again putting
his bluff dreams on hold,

Shawn takes one for the team.

I'm gonna back up a foot.

Yeah, hop up in there.
We got it.

I've watched hundreds
and hundreds

Of thousands of dollars
roll out the door

And just putting off
all the things

I've wanted to do
to the christine rose

To see dad's dream
of inland mining come true.

We need this to be successful
to keep on building

What I want to build.

You know, I supported shawn
to build the christine rose.

I took a whole summer off,
spent all my money,

And I didn't get no wages
that whole summer,

Building that christine rose.

What goes around comes around.

I help you,
someday I might need some help.


Once we get this thing
up the hill

And on that platform
and mounted

And get a water line dug in
and a pump set,

We're gonna be moving
some damn dirt here soon.

You only got a short window here
for the summer time.

I mean, I got to pay
for all the equipment

That I got sitting
in the yard there.

But it's a grind to get
everything up and running.

The big thing
is to get this plant set up,

And, boy, sooner the better,

'cause we're running short
on money.

Still a lot of work to do before
this operation's up and running.

Burning the candle
on both ends right now.

We got the wash plant set.

I'm gonna work on
getting this pipe in the ground.

Let's get this operation
up and running.

Hopefully there's
some gold in it.

One step closer to making money
instead of spending it.

Get off.

God damn it.

Don't bury the pipe.
That's all I ask.

Why bury it before --

Why -- why are you yelling?

What the [bleep] are you
worked up about?

Whose idea
was it to bury it?


No, I didn't
tell them to bury it.

I told them to
get the pipe in the hole

And leave it like that,

Fire it up,
see if there's any leaks,

And then bury it.

He's always arguing with me
about any decision I make,

And what I've learned
in my time is,

If you want
to get something done,

You just start knocking it out.

Is everything gonna be done
the exact same way you do it?


But is it gonna be done
to where you can get up

And go mining?


It's very difficult
working with dad.

Man, oh, man.

You know, it ain't
that complicated.

As a new day dawns in nome...

Oh, yeah, that's nice.
That is nice.

...After rising swells
sent the sub-dredge

And the rest of his fleet
back to port,

Vernon is hoping
this cleanup will be enough

To keep him in the game.

I'm looking to get 10 ounces.

So there is other work
for this dredge.

I mean, I was gonna pay for it

By giving them
a share of the gold.

And so far, we haven't gotten
very much gold with it.

So unless I get them some money
pretty soon,

I think they're
serious about it.

I'm putting my money
on the line,

And I no damn well
a crawler is the way to go.

I'm gonna try my darndest
to make it work.

When the weather
starts turning bad,

With the right kind
of support equipment,

We'll be able
to keep the bot down there

When a diver
couldn't be down there.

-Nice little pile of gold.

So we might as well go
and do it at my place, huh?


Pretty damn stressful.

And there's different layers
of being broke.

One layer, I go
and cash in my retirement.

Another layer,
I pimp out my daughters.

I mean, I'm keeping on going

Until I can keep it
on going, you know?

Let's weigh this stuff.

Spenser: All right,
here it comes.

Three ounces.


-Come on, baby.
-Keep it coming.



Keep going.


Come on, 14.





Narrator: 14.12 ounces
is worth $17,000 --

Enough to keep the sub-dredge
and hopefully mount a comeback.

Dude, it killed it.

Vernon: That's the first gold
for the season.

It's a damn good feeling to get
back into the gold business.


good work, guys.

You guys are now
officially gold-getters.

Narrator: While vernon finally
has some good news,

On the other side of nome...

Emily: Yeah, we just moved
into this new place,

And I got an alaskan malamute
a couple days ago.

As a boat owner
who doesn't dive,

My success is defined
by my divers.

Narrator: With her lead diver
still out of town

And her greenhorn still green,

Emily riedel is treading water.

I know that what daryl can do,
there are maybe two other people

In nome that have the talent
that daryl has

To find, follow, and mine gold.

And if don't have that kind
of talent working on my boat,

I'm not going to succeed.


Uh, yeah.
Who's this?

Oh [bleep]

for letting me know.

Is he --
is he in intensive care,

Or what's going on?

All right, all right.

Um, hey, I'll --

I'll try to help you down
and track down his sister.

And, yeah, please just --
just keep me updated.

Okay, bye.

What's going on?

Um, daryl's been in a really
bad car accident in colorado.

Um, they medevacked him
to the hospital.

I felt confident
about this season

As long as daryl
was working on my boat.

This is not really good.
This is not good at all.

I'm concerned for him
and his ability to pull through.

And, in terms of my gold season,

The rest of my season
looks very bleak.

I hoped the last part
of the season

Would be our best run.

And after nick leaves,

I don't have anyone
working on the boat.

So I'm kind of
back to square one.

I've got a 10-inch dredge
and no crew.

On the outskirts of town...

It's not fun when you're not
appreciated at all...

...Shawn pomrenke has put his
bluff dreams aside

For his old man.

Shawn: And I'm putting off
going to the bluff

Because you have
to have inland mining up

And running and soon, otherwise,

I mean,
I may not make it to bluff.

My mechanics truck
is a strewn piece of -- tools --

Don't know
where the hell they are.

Look at the yard.

It's like
an atomic bomb went off.

Shawn -- his mind goes.

It gets a-cranking,

He starts doing this project,
he gets that half done,

Then he goes over
and does this project,

You know, which just bugs
the living hell out of me.

Very typical.

That's him and his disorganized

Bull [bleep] is bull [bleep]

Stuff all over the place,
and then I got to clean it up.

Started trying
to get this thing up and running

And so the yard's
in a little disarray,

But it's [bleep] when you
start getting [bleep] done,

You make a mess.

tools laying everywhere.

Clean up your damn mess
when you get done.

Alls I ask you --

All I ask you as a manager

Is to put
the [bleep] tools back.

You're [bleep] here all day.

I wasn't in charge
of the crew!

Oh, you're not in charge
of the crew out here?!

I was moving dirt!

I'm running this project!

My project! My project!

You're completely crazy.

You're completely crazy.
You're a complete ass!

Pay attention
to what you're saying.

You are a complete
[bleep] ass!

Yeah, all right.

You're a complete
[bleep] hole.

You asked an outsider

Looking in,
and who's in the wrong? You!

Yeah! Ask everybody
who was in the [bleep]

Why aren't you taking care of
your [bleep]

You know, you're ridiculous.

Oh, whoa, wait, wait! What?
You're ridiculous.

Oh, you gonna [bleep] go?
Are you gonna [bleep] hit me?

[bleep] hit me.

Emily: I mean, in a way,
thank god the weather's bad,

Because I don't have
a crew right now.

I have one guy.

Nick has to go back
to his real job,

And after nick goes,
that's my crew.

I started the season
with a plan.

I was gonna have daryl and zeke
and a greenhorn.

Daryl got into
a really gnarly car accident.

Ah, [bleep] the bering sea.

Just outside the city of nome...

You asked an outsider
looking in,

And who's in the wrong?

Yeah! Ask everybody!

Who was in [bleep]

Why aren't you taking care
of your [bleep]

You know, you're ridiculous.

Oh, whoa, wait, wait! What?
You're ridiculous.

Oh, you gonna [bleep] go?
Are you gonna hit [bleep] me?

[bleep] hit me.

Keep being a [bleep]

You keep being a [bleep]

You're the [bleep]


Open your [bleep] eyes!

Open your eyes!

I need the mechanics truck
to get the [bleep] job done,

And there ain't
no tools in there!

Where are they?!
Where are the crescent wrenches?

Maybe where they [bleep]
need to be.


Maybe there's [bleep] getting
done around here.

Yeah, walk away
because you're a [bleep] hole.

You're a you're a [bleep]

You're a [bleep]

And you'll always be.

Jacob: Great
father/son relationship.

He's just a [bleep]

And he'll always be a [bleep]

I'm glad
we don't fight like that.


I don't know what
the main reason behind it was,

But I don't think
it was the tools.

I think
he was just stressed out,

And he thinks he can
take it out on me,

But I ain't gonna
take his [bleep] anymore.

It was just a simple request

From one business partner
to the other,

And when you get done
with the job,

Clean up the [bleep] yard

And put the tools away
in the mechanics truck.

That's all it was,

And then he flips out
and tells me

That I'm telling him
that he ain't doing nothing

And he ain't doing enough,
and he ain't doing this or,

You know, he wigs out
and goes goofy.

God dang kid needs lithium.

I don't need shawn.

I wish I wasn't
in business with him.

I could find a better partner

That pays more attention
to the little things.

I think it's coming
to a damn bitter end here.

I'm ready to
[bleep] can him all together.

Just a few hundred yards away

At the pomrenke cleanup shack...

Derek: Yeah, there's
a little bit in here.

That's the second run.

This is shawn's cleanup shack,
but it's mine.

Narrator: After starting his run

With just a few days
worth of fuel,

Derek needs spenser's
blind spot to pay off big.

One scoop at a time.
Look at that.

That's beautiful.

Made it down on to
spenser's "g"spot.

Lots of good gold over there.

This one here is really
to get the guys some money

In their pocket,
and I have mounted a few debts,

To say the least.

I mean, it took a lot
to build this boat.

I'm gonna
pan this out real quick,

And we'll see how we did.


Some nice chunkers in there.
We got some pickers.

Got a bunch of fine golds.

About to make some money.

This spot looked pretty good.

It's a 12, so it's
a lot harder to tell

What kind of material you're on.

I'm hoping ounce an hour.

That would just be awesome.

That is a pile of gold.
That's pretty awesome.

Holy crap.
That is a mountain.

Oh, lordy,
don't fail me now.

Don't miss.

There's two.


Holy cow.

There's 16.


Take it.

Oh, there's 19.

Get it.

Get it.

There's 30.




Does that really say 41?

41, bro.

Bro, 41.

Yeah, bro!

Narrator: Turns out,
dredging blind can pay off big,

With derek's team stumbling
into a ludicrous $49,000 payday.

Yeah, that's over
2½ ounce an hour.

High noon is coming up.

Derek: I was hoping
for ounce an hour.

We ended up doing
two-plus onces an hour.

Mother nature kicked us off,
but whatever.

We already stole
the bounty and got out.

That just
changed everything.

On the other side of nome...

I need a whole new crew

By the time
the weather gets better...

Narrator: ...Emily riedel
finds herself

In familiar territory...

I lost daryl to car accident.

I'm losing nick to
his prior crabbing obligations.

Narrator: ...Looking to recruit
divers late into the summer.

There's maybe
like four or five people

I would consider to dive
on my boat at this point,

And they're all employed
because they're good.

To salvage her season...

Emily: I don't want to be
emotional about this.

I just want to make
a business deal with somebody

Who has a lot
to offer my dredge.

Narrator: Emily's willing
to lose face to gain a crew.

[ knock on door ]

-Hey there, emily.
-Hey, hey.

-Hey, emily.
-It's really nice in here.

[bleep] yeah, it is.

You want a cerveza?

[ laughs ] wow,
you guys are all laid out.

How --
how are you doing?

I lost daryl,

And daryl got into
a gnarly car accident.

Is daryl okay?

He is. He's just in for
a long recovery.

He can't put any weight
on his leg for three months.

So, um, how's everything
on your boat?

How's mr. Corporate?

I don't know
what to say about it.

So it's like, essentially,
I'm doing the same thing

That I was doing on my six

And making about
the same amount of money.

It's okay, but I don't like
my success in mining

To be in the hands
of other people.

It's nice having
gabe here, you know?

Well, emily, generally,
when you come down here,

You want something, so just,
like, just, you know --

Maybe you're just
down here just to chill.

Maybe I just wanted a beer
and conversation.

I don't believe you, though.
What do you want?

Uh, I need a new crew
to finish out the season.

So I was gonna see
if you guys

Wanted to come
and dive on my boat.

Narrator: While emily
looks to make a deal,

The pomrenkes are on the rocks,

And vernon is finally
on the board.

Derek: We need a lot
of gold today, man.

Thank you, mr. Gold.

Son of a bitch!

I feel like I can't breathe.


Shawn: It's all about
the treasure hunt.