Bering Sea Gold (2012–…): Season 14, Episode 2 - Snow Man's Land - full transcript

[Vernon] We got a blizzard
blowing this morning.

It's just another hurdle.
I mean, it's one thing
after another.

[narrator] One storm
is passing.

But another one,
is set to roll in,

as Captain Vernon Adkinson
starts his ice-mining season.

Just about ready
to get out on the ice.

I'm going down here
to take a look

and see
what the ice looks like,

to make sure
that we'll be able to pull
our gear out there.

We chose to start the season
a couple of days late

because of the big storm
that passed through.

Now there's already
another one setting to strike.

The whole damn winter
probably going to be this way.

But we can't wait any longer.
I got big plans
for this season,

so we need to get a move on.

[narrator] This summer,
Vernon's big gamble,

buying Claim 56 paid off big.

[man] I'm seeing gold, Ver.

That's the stuff of dreams,
my friend.

[narrator] Now, this winter,
as he heads back
to his cash cow,

he's aiming for
the biggest season haul
of his career.

We're basically
using the same rig
as we use last

winter, except we've made
lot of improvements.

Every single beat
we've set for an eight inch

versus what we were using
last winter was a six inch.

We've put twice
the material through the box.

I'm thinking based on the fact
that our gear
is so much better,

plus the fact that we know
where the gold is,

there's a possibility
that we could get up to
200 ounces.

The spot we were working
the end of the summer
is about a half a mile

out on the ice, to the south.

And it's a spot
we were marked as
super gold on our chart.

We got some
really good gold there.

We have the coordinates
where we found absolutely
killer gold.

We're ready to go.

We got to pull
these two units out first.

In winter,
you can't go willy-nilly
and mine anywhere.

You got to find
a spot that's got
the right ice conditions

and has gold underneath.

Right now,
we're behind the curve.

Starting late
with another storm on the way.

There's no room for error.
We got to get on it.

We got to get on it, quick.

This is damn near perfect.

A wide, wide expanse
of flat ice.

Right there, underneath that.

It's super gold.

Okay, let's drop that camera.

See if we can
see any gold down there.

All right,
we're coming into sight.
come up a little bit.

Back and forth. No, not down.

Little bit more down.

All right, hold it.

Take a look at this, Gary.

What does that look like?

Cobble, there it is.

-[man] Now, that looks good.
-[man 2] It does, doesn't it?

-[man] Look at how
the rocks are laying.
-[man 2] Yeah.

We're right on top of it.

Looks good, man.

This is the sweet spot.
Smooth ice. Good cobble.

And, right where we hit some
major gold, last summer.

Even the thickness
of the ice is perfect.

About three and a half feet.

I couldn't ask
for anything better.

In addition to
improving our setup,
my ice team is second to none.

My top guy from last summer,
Gary is suiting up again.

I'll going into that hole,
working the bottom.

That's where I prefer to be.

And then the ace up my sleeve,
Gary Panos also is back.

He's been the rock star
of the operation for years.

[Gary] Getting diver down.

I'm going to make
some money today.

Well, that's the game plan,
you know?

As long as we can
stay ahead of mother nature,

everything ought to be
coming up Vernon.

All right, water is flowing.

[Vernon] I've got to put
going down first.

Ice mining
is dangerous as hell.

So much can go wrong.

So, I want my best man,
my strongest man,
Gary Panos on top

keeping an eye
on the operation.

[diver] First dive
of the season, boys.

I'm glad to be back down here.

[Gary] How's it
going down there?

[diver] Yeah, good, good.

I just want
to look around a little bit.

Hey, Gary, does it look like
that ground has been
mined already?

Oh, definitely not. No.

[Vernon] Okay, does it
remind you of
where we were last summer?

You think it's
the same type of material?

[diver] It looks like
the same type of material.

When we were on super gold,
right now, I'm just trying
to get down to the clay.

Clay layer,
then we go from there.

[Vernon] Yeah, okay.

[diver] Boy, this stuff looks
good down here.

Yeah, there's gold.

[Vernon] I see it, I see it.

Yeah, yeah, that's nice.

[diver] There's more gold.
Hey, baby.

[Vernon] I want to get into
what we were seeing last year

when it was just flowing
into the nozzle.

[diver] I can see gold
into the nozzle,
so that is a good sign, right?

[Vernon] It is.

[diver] Feels great man.
Warm down here, perfect.

I mean everything is good.

[Vernon] All right, all right.

This is the way
to start the season.

We're going to
stay on this spot
as long as we can.

And get as much gold
we possibly can,
before the next storm hits.

Mother nature is going to
have to drag us away,
kicking and screaming.

[diver] Couple little pieces,
right there.

[Vernon] All right.
That's what
I want to hear Gary.

So, fingers crossed,
knocking on wood,

we'll make a good a payday.

[narrator] Seven-miles west...

[Shawn] It is cold.

Whoo, it is 20 below...

[narrator] Despite
the Arctic conditions...

Storm just blew through.

We're back on our way out.

[narrator] Shawn Pomrenke
is back on his quest,
to find a pot of gold

on an ancient river bed.

At 20 below just
keeping things running is...

It's a struggle.

Hopefully, the generator
fires right up.

Then we ought to get
water flowing.

Pump running.
Air compressor running.

I'm looking for something
almost mythical.

I'm looking for that jackpot
on that ancient riverbed
on the Tomcod.

There's hints of it,
from the material I'm seeing.

Now, that it's winter,
I can actually get down
on the bottom

and put my eyes on the gold
and follow it.

I'm going to find
that motherlode,
whether it's 20 below or not.

Today, we're going to
get some gold.

I've a good
feeling about this haul.

The harder it is to get,
the better the gold
is going to be.

I can feel it in my bones.

Need a 120 ounces
to make my payments
this season.

I have the Tomcod payment.
The upgrades to the myrtle.
And the inland mine.

Just as soon as
we got started ice-mining,

we got hit with the worst
blizzard I've ever seen.

We got absolutely dumped on.
And it's supposed to be
like this all winter.

They're predicting
this to be the worst winter
of 100 years.

But that doesn't stop
the bills from coming.

Everything came out.

Worked out perfect.

Nothing in the snow grips,
anymore, till the next storm.

Last time on,
I cleaned up this hole.

So, we're going to go ahead,
cut a new whole
and follow this pastry.

Hopefully, that's where
the jackpot is.

I'm going to get
changed outside, 20 below.


Hot water is working great.

Get the air compressor
fired up,
then we're in business.

I'm going to go down lose,
some of my COVID weight.


All righty, how's it feeling?

Air is good, water is good?


[Shawn] You know, it's good
to be back under the ice.

Yeah, this cold is just
another ten variables.

[man] How you doing
down there Shawn?

[Shawn] Doing good.
Just making my way down
to the bottom.

Pretty dark down here.

I'm at the nozzle now.

He's liking what he's seeing.

He likes it, I'm happy.



There's a lot of magnetite,
lot of iron, iron is the horse
the gold rode in on.

So, we found the horse,
now we just
need to find the rider.

[Shawn speaking]

Sounds like he's seeing
a little gold down there.

[Shawn speaking]

[narrator] One blizzard
may have passed.

But just 30 miles
outside of town,

another one
is quickly gathering strength.

Chris, I'm going
to follow you.
Your trail is what I need.

[narrator] As more
harsh weather looms.

Kris Kelly, is racing
to finally get on the ice.

We really try to
do this professional.

You know, proper,
commercial grade.

Now we have to do,
what we have to do.

This is what
we're good at though.
Making it get done.

Plan is,
Chris is going to pull
my sleuth box down.

I'm going to pull my sled.

I have made
this speed before but
not with this snow machine.

I hope it works out.

This summer was a disaster.

So, I'm placing this winter
to make up for it.

I went into huge debt buying
a top-of-the-line operation.

I have no time to wait around.

You know,
I'm freezing right now.

I gotta put my damn
snow pants on, cold.

Oh, it's really cold.

-[Chris] Get it done.
- Okay buddy, come on.
Let's rock and roll.

Yeah, baby. Yeah.

Oh, [bleep].





[Kris] This snow machine
I have, has no business

towing anything
out on the ice.

But, I'm a little desperate.

I'll try anything right now
cause I'm feeling
the pressure.

I owe $15,000 and I'm not
even on the ice yet.

Everything is going
to [bleep] today.

[narrator] Two-miles west...

The snow looks like
it's setting up nicely,

[narrator] The brothers
Tenhoff are hoping to stay,
one step ahead

of mother nature.

The blizzard started.
We were unable to actually
pull anything to shore at all.

We should go dig out a hole
and dig out all that stuff
and open the hole back up.

Let's good to dig them out.


[Stormy barking]

[Zeke] This last storm
really worked us over.

We were off to a good start,
but we had to bail
because of the blizzard.

Now, we have to dig
a whole operation
out of the snow.

And we got to do it fast

because there is
another storm right
around the corner.

This winter is
going to be brutal.
I can tell.

And I need to be
up to the challenge.

[Zeke] Well,

dive pool's there.

This is
one night's worth of snow.

[Gabe] Well,
nothing blew away.

That's a good sign.

We have to move
this entire snow drift.

-[Zeke] Earning
my money today.
- Yeah.

[Zeke] Gotta get after it,
you know.

[Gabe] I'll start on
this side, I guess.


Glad the ice didn't go out.

Because we didn't
lose any gear.
It's all still here.

If I get everything
running today, I'm going to go
under water and...

I just want to go
and smash out
a bunch of more hours.

Move as much ground as I can

before we move.

Dig Stormy, dig.

Last summer, I spent
the whole season building
a sailboat, right?

It was cool but I didn't get
a whole lot of gold.

This winter isn't going
a whole lot better.

Realistically, I need
at least eight ounces
out of this winter,

just to keep my summer time
operation going forward.

I'm beginning to wonder
if getting back into

ice-dredging was
the right call.

That's the question
that I've got to answer
this season.

I think, we still got
to clear more snow.

[Gabe] Sometimes,
that's what you got to do.

Pizza delivery.

-[Stormy howling happily]
-[Steve] Hey.

[Zeke] Hi, Steve,
how's it going?

I'm hungry too.

[Zeke] Here you go, man.
Thanks for the pizza.

Yeah man, oranges too.

Oh, baby.

Oh, my God, shrimp.

You know, I was thinking
of you guys out here,

and I'm thinking,
"Maybe they don't have food."

And they're burning energy
because the big snow storm
left a ton of snow everywhere.

So, I came out with pizza.

-[Zeke] This is so good.
- Yes. This is amazing.

The deal with Zeke is,
I get a slice of
every gold he gets.

I don't know how to put this.

So far he's got diddly squat.

But I'm a team player.

I have faith
that this will way off,


The price of pizza in Nome,
was not cheap.

I got a receipt here.

[Gabe] We'll pay you back.

Oh no no,
this is part of being
on the crew here.

[Steve] A large pizza
in Nome is $38.

Plus tip.
I counted up the slices.

I paid five bucks a slice
for this pizza.

If I can clean up some gold,
then we'll have money.

We can go from there.

I appreciate you bringing
it up for us.

[chuckles] This'll
keep us going.

Super cool that Steve
showed up with
some pizza for us.

We were hungry.

I hope that we can get
enough gold to justify
keeping Steve around.

For now,
if he is going to bring
pizza out here, I'll take it.

Made me thirsty, too.


You are so busted.

He got into the box of pizza.

- Oh, he was go for it.
-[Gabe] Oh yeah,
he got all of it.

Come here, Stormy.

[Zeke] Stormy!

[narrator] Another blizzard
creeps ever closer to Nome.

But just outside of town...

[narrator] The Kellys
are determined
to get to the promised land.

We get her from the icy grave,
go beyond the ice today.

[narrator] So, they turn
to their pal, Diesel Don

and his track truck.

[Kris] So, right now
the plan's simple.

We'll take this out.

And hopefully,
we'll get this dealt today
pull my sleds to the water.

Because I got to get it
in the water, man.

I got to get there.

We're going to use
Diesel Don's track truck.

The problem is,
it's under, like,
seven-feet of snow.

This is a huge pain the ass,
waste of time,

but if this is what I have
to do to make it work,

then this is what
we're going to do.

[Kris] Push it.

Come on, baby.


Yeah! Ha!

Oh man, I feel much better.
I was a little whiny, five
minutes ago, but I'm back.

You said, the shows
about to begin.

[Kris] Let's get going.

The day is not over yet.

And we're not done yet.

Dad, you take
the suction nozzle.

I'll take the pump shack.

Whatever happens,
let's just keep going until
we make this work.

[Kris] Right now, I've got
too much crap
for Don to take out.

I'm going to have to
all haul something.

It just has to
get out there in one piece,

which I think we'll be
able to handle.

[Brad] What the [bleep].


Dad just snapped off
about eight feet
of my suction hose.

Not only did that cost me
a lot of money.

But I really needed
those eight extra feet.

It could get us through
the router and get us
more gold.

This is only going
to make things harder.
And everything sucks already.

Thanks, dad.

We broke the suction hose.

But, you know what,
I just have to get there.

And hope to god,
everything is going
to be fine.

I just hope
my machine makes it there.

And we're out here.
Whoa! We're here.

[Kris] Hey, it wasn't
the prettiest job.
But our stuff's on the ice.

Are we behind? Yes.

Is that bad? Yes.

Did we need that hose?
Hell, yes.

But right now, I just got to
focus on the task at hand.

Setting up our operation
and getting some gold.

You know,
the beauty about being me,

is I don't remember
all the bad [bleep]
that happens to me.

You know, that's why
I'm always in a good mood.


[Kris] You know, I don't know
what else to say.

Ignorance is bliss.

[narrator] One mile west...

How's everything going?

[Shawn speaking]

Oh, yeah.

[narrator] In
sub-zero conditions,

Shawn Pomrenke's
hot on the trail
of a golden jackpot.

[Shawn speaking]

[narrator] He's leaving
no stone unturned.

[Shawn speaking]

It's likely that the gold
is around those bigger rocks.

[Shawn speaking]

Be right back.

[Joe] All right,
how's that, Shawn?

[Shawn speaking]

[Shawn speaking]

[Joe] Hell, yeah.

[Shawn speaking]

On to the next hole, eh?

[Shawn speaking]

With all these winter storms
coming in on top
of each other,

we got to move
fast to stay ahead of them.

You never know
when the next one's
going to hit.

Maybe we clean up this area.

- See what's here?
- Maybe I got old eyes, Joe.

My eyes getting old.
Maybe I just can't see
the gold anymore.

- I think so.
- The cleanup will...

- Clean up
will save everything.
-[chuckling] Yeah.

I'm going to wrap up this
and wait for the storm to pass

because I don't want
everything to get
buried again.

But I'm feeling good about it.

I feel like, we're right
on track to get that jackpot.

Nothing ventured,
nothing gained.

[narrator] Six miles east...

[Zeke] It needs to warm up.

Trying to get
this tether blown out.

all the air...
all the water blown out,
before it freezes off.

It turns out
when it's this cold,

really hard to make
a lot of hot water.

It's a cold winter.

[narrator] Despite early signs
of the coming blizzard...

[Zeke] We got
a big storm coming in.

So, I'm going to dive for
as long as I have energy
to do it today.

[narrator] Zeke Tenhoff's
making the call
to push ahead with the dive.

It's just one thing
after another,
this cold weather.

It's not ideal to be
exhausting yourself,

moving giant piles
of snow by hand.

And then to have to dive
just right before another big
storm is supposed to hit...

But you know, I don't really
have a choice here.

At least that's how I see it.

I'm a gold miner.
That's who I am.

And I need gold.
And I need badly.

[Gabe] We're going to
tie Zeke off a safety line

that he can see,
it's bright red.

If anything happens,
he's got a line
right through the hole.

So I'm going to dive.
That's what's going
to happen today.

[Steve] It's pretty nasty.

But we're going for it.

[Zeke] Here we go. Here we go!

All right, it's beautiful
down here today.

Wonderful, I'm so happy
to be home.

It's all clear.

[Steve] What you got
going there, Zeke?

[Zeke] There's no stress
out here at all.

Everything's perfect
down here.

I like the ground.

Just any cobble...

That I'm seeing, uh...

Yeah, money!

[screams excitedly]

[Zeke] I really appreciate
you guys sticking with me.

It makes me so happy
that we were able to
accomplish this today.

Yeah, there was grind
getting him down there.

I just wanna, like,
put in a bunch of hours

and just move all of
this stuff that's mounted up.

There's a big storm coming in
so we got to get some gold

and get out of here
before the storm comes.


[Zeke] Just do
a hole right there.

All right.

[narrator] The next storm
is looming.

[Kris] It was really rough
getting out here.

But you know what,
that's why we had
to push through.

So, we can get out here
today and kill it.

Fingers crossed.

[narrator] And Kris is rushing
to set up camp
before it strikes.

Get our ice box,
we dunk it under the water
and push it under the ice.

[Kris] We're behind.

The very least,
we need the operation set up,
a dive pool ready

and everything tied down.

It's embarrassing
we're only at this stage.

But at this point,
we just need to hustle
and get this done.

So, this is like
an ice-cube in a drink,
except it's really big.

We, all together,
need to push it

underneath the shack,
that way.

- You guys got it?
-[man] Got it, yeah.

[Kris] Four corners,
four people, let's go.

Oh come on.
Don't come back up.

Well, I don't like that.

I don't know where it went to.

Did it already go?

I don't know. That was
the easiest chunk
I've ever done.

Hey, one chunk down.

This is done. That's done.

[man] Careful, get--

- Come on.
-[bleep] My foot's
wedged, too.

- Hold on. I got find
the [bleep] before...
- How did he find the hole?

Stupid is. Stupid does.

-[Brad] I knew you were
going to fall.
-[bleep] you.

-[Brad] You followed me here.
Come on.

[bleep] you again.

As you can see,
it's slightly dangerous.

Tip of the week,
don't fall in the hole.

Just in case,
you don't know that.

Maybe we should have
a "Kris' Guide to Mining"
right now.

[all laugh]

Always bring
extra socks for Kris.

Because he'll find the hole,
no matter what.


[Kris] Good job, everybody.

I wish I could get
a dive in today.

But there's no way
we're going to pull that off
before this storm hits.

But we're set to
hit the ground running
with this killer gear.

So I'm going to call
today a victory.

Now, we're back on track.

[narrator] As
the Kellys head in...

the storm has reached
Nome's coastline.

Two miles west...

Hey, bud. I heard
we're onto something good.
Tell me about it.

[Zeke] The gold here
is looking really consistent.

I'm stoked.

[narrator] Zeke Tenhoff,
is still under the ice.

I want to try to like,
ridge it for a while,

before the storm hits.

[Steve] You might as well
pound it as hard as possible,
until we got to leave.

[Zeke] That I can do.

It's what God put me here for.

It's [bleep] now.
It's just going to get
worse here soon.

- It's getting nasty out here.
-[Zeke] Yeah, I'm...

Well, yeah. [bleep].

Get your little ass up top.

Back into the cold.

Zeke put in a few hours.
He's coming up.
We're getting out of here.

I'm proud of us for pushing
as hard as we did today.

It's horrible up here.

We got a few
hours of diving in,
before the storm rolled in.

But, honestly, like,
this is not going to cut it.

We need a major sea change.
and we need it to happen soon.

I'm ready to go home.

- It's cold.
- Yeah, let's get out of here.
Let's go home.

[narrator] Four miles east...

one team
has yet to call it quits.

[Vernon] Okay. Gary,
everything working down there?
You seeing some good pieces?

[diver] Yeah, there's about
12 of them right here.

Look there's a bunch more,
right there.

Hell, we might be on,
better than super gold,
you never know.

All right, buddy.

We were hoping
to start the season out right.

And hell, yeah.

The gold is rolling in.

[diver] Look at that gold,
look at it. Whoo!

I think, we're going to do
really good here.

I want 200 ounces
this winter, and I'm pushing
as hard as I can.

When we're on gold like this,
come to daddy.

Gold daddy.

What the hell is it doing?

[bleep]. It's storming.

We got to go.

We got to go. We go to go.

Gary, I'm calling it.
We're going to pull you.

We got a big blow coming in.
The weather just changed.

All of a sudden we got
a damn mini blizzard
blowing out there.

[Gary] Coming up.

We need to get everything
shut down,

blown out for good.

And get on shore
while we still can.

Definitely nasty out.
Here comes the big storm.

It is what it is.

We're able to see
may be 30-yards.

And that's about it.

Hey, guys,
time to shut it down.

Better safe than sorry.

It's terrible.

Sun was shining earlier,
wasn't it?

An hour ago?

You want it right here?
Right here?

- Which exact point--
-[producer] Right over
the hole there.

And hood up or down?

-[cameraman] Already
on a roll.
- Okay, whatever.

Bam! Let's do it.

Hello, and welcome to another
episode of "Kris Kelly Secret
Guide To Successful Mining."

Today, we're going to
be talking about blizzards.

And how much of a pain
in the ass they are.

We're not snow removal
professionals, but in this
industry, yes you are.

Today, I'm going to bring in
my sexy assistant, Andy.

And he's going to be
taking care of
all the snow removal,

while I stand there
and "supervise"
the situation.

Come on.
It's your [bleep] cue.

Thank God, we can edit this.

[cameraman] Is there any,
like, special technique
to removing snow around?


So, as you can tell,
Andy moves
a lot of snow very fast.

Andy understands
that we don't make
any money moving snow.

I'm almost done.

[cameraman] So, what else
can you say about...

Not a [bleep] thing.
Can't say [bleep]
more about snow removal.

Everybody has done it at home.
If you haven't seen it at home
you've seen it in the movies.

There you go. Come on.

And there you go
with another episode

of "Kris Kelly's Secret Guide
To Successful Mining."

I'm going to get out there
and kick his [bleep]
ass right now.

Get working.

Just get to work.

-[Andy] We are.
-[Kris] Get to work.

[narrator] In Nome, Alaska,...

[Vernon] How we doing?

[Gary] Getting little chunks.

Oh, yeah. Look at that
one right there.

[Vernon] Yeah,
that's some gold there.

[narrator] For
Vernon Adkinson,
it's time to see

if his super gold spot
is still super.

[Vernon] Down
to the bottom, huh?

[Gary] I'm liking it.

[Vernon] So far,
we've definitely got gold
in the gold cube.

I wish the storm
didn't kick us out.

But Gary put in
some serious hours
on the box.

[Gary] Yeah, not too bad,
not too bad.


There does seem
quiet a bit in the top.

I'm anxious to see
how well we do
on this clean up.

I'm looking to set
a personal record.

I'm thinking it's going
to be loaded with a capital L.

[Gary] Well, yeah,
what do you think?

- I'm going to go with nine.
Nine ounces. Yeah.
- Nine?

-[Vernon] Oh, there's one.
-[Gary] One.

[both] Two.

Come on baby.


Four, five.

Six, seven.


Eight point nine five.

[narrator] 8.95 ounces

is worth over $17,000.

[Gary] Nice.

We're getting
our bearings, we're getting
things dialed in.

And, hey, we're on the gold.


How sweet it is.
First hole. First dive.

And, in the money already.

As long as, mother nature
stays off my back,

we got a good shot
at getting our
200 ounces of gold.

Yeah, let's get back out there
and get some more.

Let's get it all.

Remember, we leave
no gold behind.

[narrator] On the other side
of town...

Nothing easy about mining
in this winter.

Get everything out,
get ready to mine,
next day, storm.

If it was easy,
the gold would be gone
a long time ago.

[narrator] As the snow
piles up outside...

We're definitely on the trail.

Definitely close to
something big.

It's just a matter of,
if we can get enough time
at the bottom

to suck it up.

[narrator] The gold
is piling up.


We haven't hit
the jackpot yet.

But so far, we've been doing
pretty good.


Still warm, still warm.

Let's see what
we got here, Joe.

[Joe] She's looking good.

[Shawn] Seven, eight, nine,




We're on the trail
of something.

Oh, yeah.

[narrator] 13.4 ounces
is worth over 25 grand.

And Shawn is right on pace,
to hit his 120 ounce
goal for winter.

It wasn't showing
but it was worth it.

Yeah, I mean, we're seeing it.

Seeing it, but I think,
we can get on
something better.

Yeah, I think so too.

With these numbers
and this type of material,

we're right on the cusp
of something amazing.

I can feel it.

Got to find it.
And find it fast.

So, I can rock it this summer.

We need to fill up this jar.

-[Joe] Hell yeah.
-[Shawn] Not this one.

[Joe] Mmm-hmm.

[Shawn] We're on
the trail now.

We need to keep it up.

[narrator] Next time,
onBering Sea Gold...

[man] First tide of
the season.

My chance to go make
the gold and see what
we're standing on right now.

[Shawn] Gonna be
a beautiful day for diving.


[Vernon] We're getting
Michael suited up

It'll be his first dive
with us.

We'll see how he does.

[Michael speaking]

I think I heard him say,
"Pay day."

[Zeke] Everything's set up
for a long, awesome
dive day today.

Couldn't be happier.

Okay, this won't do.

He just needs a longer hose.

I'm sure his girlfriend's
told that lots of times.

[diver speaking]

Oh, [bleep] dammit.

[diver] Yeah, man,
I'm seeing good gold.

[bleep] dang.


Are you okay?

It's me.