Benidorm (2007–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

Kate starts to feel broody and she and Martin spend the evening baby-sitting Chantelle's child Coolio. Everyone else goes to the hotel bar's karaoke where, after a very high-pitched rendition of 'Lonely Girl', Mel proposes to Madge.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

- Oh, that is lovely.
- You're very welcome.

- Another satisfied customer.
- Oh yeah.

Who else have you been rubbing
with suncream?

That's for me to know
and you to find out.

- It's a joke.
- Yeah.

Like your dodgy claim for disability.

That was for you to know
and the DSS to find out

and they bloody did, didn't they?

Yeah. well, it's all sorted now.
Not a care in the world.

Not a care in the world.
We're up to our eyeballs in debt.

We've got an 8 year old with ADD

and a 17 year old
with a 9-month-old baby.

Yeah. well, that's the beauty
of a holiday in the sun, isn't it?

Forget all your cares and worries.

Like these two.
Black and white minstrels.

Look at the state of them.
They couldn't give a shit.

- Don't you go upsetting him today.
- Don't go upsetting him?

He could have an argument
in a phone box with no money, that one.

Mind you, he has paid for this holiday.

- Oh, Christ. And don't we know about it.
- A bit of gratitude wouldn't go amiss.

- He nearly died in that pool yesterday.
- And whose fault was that?

Nobody told him to have a diving
competition with Fatty Arbuckle.

Anyway, it was me that gave him
the kiss of life.

I know. It's no wonder he looks so ill.

Hiya, mam.


Hiya, Mel. How are you feeling?

- Lucky to be alive.
- Yeah.

But I'd rather not talk about it
if it's all the same to you.

We had a terrible night.

Madge ran me a bath
and I started having flashbacks.

I think it were the sound of the water.

But to be honest,
I'd rather not talk about it.

Probably best if you don't.

Doing the old karaoke tonight, Mel?

Its terrible when your whole life
flashes in front of you like that.

I couldn't even see it properly
because I didn't have me glasses on.

Still, I'd rather just forget about it
if it's all the same to you.

Yeah. We could deal
with that no problem.

Can I get you a drink, Mel?

I can still feel the chlorine in
the water ravaging me eyes.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

What's wrong with him?

Oh, we knew you'd be back,
the pair of you. Didn't we, Jacqueline?

Oh yes.

Well, actually it's a belated honeymoon.

Oh, lovely.

'Cause this is where you proposed,
isn't it?

Yes. We've returned
to the scene of the crime.

- How romantic.
- Yeah.

Plus 160 quid all inclusive for a week.

- Cost more to stay at home.
- Oh, exactly.

We've got a friend at our sauna,
Big Donna,

she's been banned from most of the
all-you-can-eat restaurants

- in our area, isn't she?
- She's a big girl.

But she comes to Benidorm

and they just let her get on
with it here, don't they?

It's buffet heaven.

She even got caught
smuggling pancake rolls

in her knickers from Mr Woo's,
but they just gave her a doggie bag.

It's as if we never left.


No wonder he's crying.
You're shaking him too much.

- You're gonna make him puke.
- Michael, I won't tell you again.

- He's giving me a headache.
- Well, go somewhere else then.

- I wanna stay with you.
- Then stop asking stupid questions.

- Why did you have a baby?
- What've I just said to you?

Well, that's not a stupid question.
Why did you have a baby?

Because I just did.

Do you think nana and Mel
will have a baby?

- No, I don't.
- Why not?

Because they're too old.

- I wish they would have one.
- Why?

Because then we'd have a brown baby
and an orange one as well.

Oh, hello there. What's wrong with you?

- Can I pick him up?
- Yeah.

- Do you want to look after him tonight?
- Hello. My name's Kate.

Hiya. Do you wanna look
after him tonight?

Do you really think it's wise to be
asking someone you don't know

-to babysit for you?
- Well, I know who you are.

You were here last year when our Michael
dropped a log in the pool.


- What's your baby's name?
- Coolio.

- Coolio?
- After the rapper.

Oh, I see.

-I don't think I know any of his songs.
- Gangsta's Paradise?

Sticky Fingers? Ugly Bitches?

- Hiya.

Just spoken to the hotel in Altea

and they said they might
be able to have us back tomorrow.

So it looks like we're stuck here
for a bit longer.

Well, at least tonight.

I'm sure we can find something to do.

You're all right, mam, on that scooter?
We can find you another sunbed.

I'm all right on here, thank you.
Got everything I need here.


You all right, Mel?

I'll survive.

Might be nice for Mel to use
the wheelchair for a couple of days

while he's not feeling too good.

Dick-A-Dum-Dum or Great Balls of Fire?

- You what?
- Karaoke for tonight.

Here we are. Fill your boots.

I might have a crack
at Wuthering Heights.

Yeah. I'll look forward to that.

Hey, you and Telle should do a duet.

What about Ebony and Ivory?

Why don't we have
a nice night in together?

You should be taking it easy.

What, with karaoke on the go? No danger.

Here we are, Madge. This round's on me.

I think you'll find
the drinks are on Mel.

It's all-inclusive.

I had little change from 900 quid
for this holiday.

- Not that I've had much thanks for it.
- What's that you're talking about?

Me saving your life yesterday?
Oh no. Don't mention it.

Cheers, Mel.

Oh, you won't get any thanks
out of that one.

I just said “thank you".

I've never understood that selfish,
ungrateful streak in my kids.

I said "thank you".

When she was a child,
she used to eat her sweets on the toilet

so she didn't have to share them
with anyone.

Now, do you actually believe
this stuff yourself, mother,

or you just enjoy making it up
as you go along?


What do you want?

Just wanted to see if you were all right
after yesterday.

I'm fine, no thanks to you.

- I beg your pardon?
- You heard me.

If it hadn't been for you,
I wouldn't have banged me head

-on the bottom of the pool.
- How do you work that out?

You've done enough damage.
Why can't you leave the man in peace?

- Leave him in peace?
- It's idiots like you get people killed.

Who are you calling an idiot,
you dickhead?

- All right, ladies. That's enough.
- Dickhead? Dickhead?

You can't talk to me like that.
My father fell at Normandy.

I don't care if he went arse over tit
in Scunthorpe, you're a dickhead.

Can we just all calm down?

Think yourself lucky.
You should be up for attempted murder.

- Fuck off.
- Right, that's it.

- Mel.
- Come here.

See you mum's coming.

JANICE: Mel, what are you doing?
Sit down...

MEL: Come on. Come on. Come on now, boy.


Break it up. Break it up now.

You, fat boy.
You caused problems here before.

- I remember. Hup!
- Yeah. Yeah.

Well, keep away from me. Did you hear?

-(SHOUTS IN ANGER) Keep away.
- On yer bike.

And that goes for Touché Turtle
in the wheelchair an'all.

- Go. Go with your mommy.
- I'm going.


Who the freak's Touché Turtle?

- Shut up!

Martin, turn the television off.
We can't have that on with a baby here.

Why not? He might like it.

Martin, please don't try to be funny.
It's very tiring.

And close the balcony door.
There's a draught.


That'll be the baby then.

And put some proper shoes on.

Hello. Come in.

Hiya. Right.
It's got a bottle in the front pocket.

If that runs out,
there's some powdered stuff in the bag.

He's got two dummies
in the side zip pocket.

If you drop them on the floor,
put them in boiling water.

If he cries, he's got a teething ring
in the inside pocket.

I shouldn't be too late.
Wet wipes are in the bottom of the bag.

- Hiya.
- Right.

- Okay.
- Anything else?

No. That's it.

Oh, and I think he might need changing.
Thanks a lot. I'll see you later.

Is it all right to open
the balcony door again?

- How's your chicken, mam?
- A bit bland.

I wish I'd gone for the beef curtains.

Beef medallions, mam. Do you mind?

- Beef curtains.
- You knew what she meant.

Oh, Jesus. Who needs cabaret
with your mother sat there?

- Shut up.
- Hiya, love. Did you have him sorted?

Yeah. They were dead chuffed
to have him.

Oh lovely. It's only
for a couple of hours, isn't it?

Yeah. Where's Mel?

He'll be here soon.
He was getting changed.

- Does Mel like beef curtains, Madge?
- Will you pack it in?

- What are beef curtains?
- Now look what you've done.

Oh, my God.

Everyone all right for drinks?

Vodka and orange, Madge?

No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Back in a minute.

Jesus, looks like we're getting
cabaret after all.

Well, hello Saturday Night Fever.

Is that the bloke who was wearing
a thong yesterday?

Yes. Quite a natty dresser.

I've got a swimsuit with a thong.

It's very summery,

but it can ride up a bit,
if you know what I mean.

Excuse me, could you cancel
my order for the blancmange?

# Supermart... dig it in the fast lane

# Listen to the countdown
They're playing our song again

# I can't get, Jumpin' Jack
Just wanna hold, Get Back

# Moonlight Muzak
Knick knack, paddywhack

#Talk about Pop Muzik#

- He won't stop.
- Yes. I have noticed.

Well, don't just stand there.
Do something.

- What on earth are you doing?
- I'm dancing.

Why on earth do you think
a nine-month-old baby would want...

He likes it.


Well, don't stop.


# Talk about Pop Muzik

#Talk about Pop Muzik#

What is he wearing?

# Everybody made it #

I suppose you could say
he's made an effort.

You should try it sometime.

Not if I end up looking like that.

# Moonlight Muzak
Knick knack, paddywhack

# Talk about Pop Muzik

#Talk about Pop Muzik#

I mean, he's actually not a bad mover.

# It's all around you #

Right. It might help us
if you define the word "bad".

# Munich, everybody talk about Pop Muzik

# Talk about Pop Muzik

# Talk about Pop Muzik

# Pop, Pop, Pop Muzik, Pop #

He's quite sexy in some ways, isn't he?

# Talk about #

I'm sorry.
Are we all looking at the same thing?

Don't get me wrong.
He's not conventionally attractive,

but I have been known to go
for some unusual types in my time.

You don't say.

# Loud and clear #


I'm getting tired. Can you take over?

-I can't do that.
- Of course you can.

It's all in the hips.


It's no good.
He likes it when you dance.

Martin, what are you doing?
Martin, don't pick him up.

He liked your dancing.

It's not your dancing.

He likes you.

# I'm on the hitline goin' home

# Oh no #


Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

You're my oxygen.

There you go.
That's Geoff with Pop Muzik.

Cracking straight on
we've got Mel singing Lonely Girl.

Let's hear it for him. Yaaah!

MAN: All right, Mel.

Come on, Mel.


Thank you very much.

I'd like to dedicate this
to a very special lady,

who over the last few weeks has
made me feel like a very special man.


# Hey there, lonely girl

# Lonely girl

# Let me make your broken heart like new

# Hey there, lonely girl

# Lonely girl

# Don't you know
this lonely boy loves you

# Ever since he broke your heart

# You seem so lost

# Each time you pass my way

# Oh how I long to take your hand

# And say "Don't cry"

# "I'll kiss your tears away"

# Hey, lonely girl

# Lonely girl #

It's not natural.

Well, at least it's in tune, sort of.

I think his thong might
be a bit too tight.

You don't think he put yours on
by mistake, do you, Madge?

# This lonely boy loves you #

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I just wanted to apologise
for my son

having a go at your husband today.

Oh, he's not me husband.
He's... He's just a friend.

Well, an acquaintance really.
I hardly know him.

Oh, right. I just didn't want it
to spoil your holiday.

No, don't be daft.
It were just a misunderstanding.

Well, he can get a bit out of control

When he was little, he had one of them
leather crash helmets,

you know, to stop him nutting the wall.

But it don't fit him any more.

Well, they grow so fast, don't they?

Bye, bye.

# Lonely girl

# Don't you know
this lonely boy loves you #


Thank you.
Just before I hand the mic back,

there's a small announcement
I'd like to make.

As some of you know,
yesterday I had an accident in the pool,

which nearly took my life.

It's times like this
that make you realise

that life is not a rehearsal.
This is it.

And, yes,
I've made a success of my life.

I've got five sunbed shops
in Manchester.

But I think it was
Charles Manson who said,

"You're not living life to the full
if you're living it alone.”

I know, my late wife, Nerys,

who died in a crazy paving accident
in 1979,

will be smiling down on me now,
as I say,

Madge Delilah Barron...

Will you marry me?

Fucking hell!


Yes. I'll marry yer.


Mel, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

Oh, Jesus. Mick! Mick!

- What are you doing?
- MICK: Mel, don't...