Ben X Jim (2020-…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Strangled - full transcript

Though Jim tries to deny it, he begins to get closer to Val, who has an entirely different perception and views from Ben. Ben on the other hand, begins to reconnect with his old self, something Roy has been fearing in a long time.

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[rooster crows]

["Stars Align" instrumental
by Swavesound playing]

[Jim in Tagalog] Good morning!

[Jim] I will never make it without you.

I will never get used to being alone.

[woman] Good morning!

[Jim] All of this is temporary.

Because I know that one day
I will go back to you

and hold you in my arms again.

["Stars Align" by Swavesound
playing in English]

♪ I know you have your dreams
I have my stories ♪

♪ I know that we're both far
From yesterday ♪

♪ I know it won't be easy ♪

♪ I know it's not so simple ♪

♪ But I know we have a reason ♪

♪ To fall in love ♪

♪ To fall in love tonight ♪

[song ends]

[in Taglish]
Sir, thank you for lending me the shirt.

- [in Tagalog] Don't worry.
- I'll wash it before returning it to you.

[in English]
No, you can have it if you want.

[in Taglish] But statement shirts
only look good on certain people.

This will be a double kill.

Dad, I mean Kevin, will definitely be mad
if he sees me in this.

[in English] Sorry about that.

[in Taglish] But seriously, Sir Val.

[in English] Thank you.

[in Tagalog]
After we've bathed in the sea together,

splashed water on each other,

[in Taglish] and you've worn my shirt,

you'll still call me "Sir Val"?


But, seriously,

I didn't realize that I needed that.

I felt relief after that.

[in English] Thank you, Sir...

Thank you, Val.

You're welcome, Jim.

You'll get there.

I know.

[mellow music playing]

[mellow music continues playing]

[Ben laughs]

[Roy in Tagalog] What?


[both laugh]

[in Taglish] Do you want me
to cook breakfast this time?

[in Tagalog] I know how to.

All right.

- All right.
- [both laugh]

[phone dings]

When will I be discharged from here?



[phone dings]

I can no longer remember
how long I've been here.


[phone dings]

It's really painful
spending the whole day lying in bed.


[phone dings]

All right! All right!

You win! I'm alone!

[in Taglish] I'm sorry.


[phone dings]

[downbeat music playing]



[music fades]

Why are you looking at me like that?

Is there something you want to talk about?

Why, is there something
we need to talk about?

You can talk to me about anything.


Yes. Anything.

But not the explicit stuff.

Roy, thank you for what you did.

Which one?

About the stars,

or the explicit stuff?


[in Taglish] Roy, I'm sorry that

[in Tagalog] I have been here for so long,

and yet I didn't know that you were

like that.

That we're the same.

What do want to know about me?

I know what I am.

I know myself.

How about you?


I feel like I'm ready
to come back to the ground again.

And when I come back,

I will collect everything
that matters to me.

Such as?


[in English] Baking.

[in Taglish] You know, I miss kneading,


and the smell of powdered sugar.

And making tall frosting.

[in Tagalog]
But I don't know if I still can.

It's been a long time since I did those.

How about you?
What do you want to return to?

I'll be going into town later.

Do you need anything?


Really? Nothing?

I'm all you need?

[phone dings]

[phone ringing]

[in English] Hi, BFF! Look who's with me!

[Amber in Taglish] Hi, baby.
How has your day been so far?

[in Tagalog]
Why don't you pick up Burn, too?


[Yana laughs]

What are you doing?

[in English]
We're hanging out exclusively.


[Yana in Taglish]
What's "exclusively" in Tagalog?

[Amber] "Eksklusibo."

[Yana] Eksklusibo.

[in English] You mean date?

[mouths] Yes.

[in Taglish]
What about our checklist for today?

Are we not doing it?

All right, BFF, take care.

- [Yana in Tagalog] Take care.
- [call drops]

[downbeat music playing]

[man in English on laptop] We should
continue to call out those congressmen

[in Taglish] who continue to release
statements against the SOGIE Bill,

especially Alcantara from Davao City.

Yes, that's right.

[in English] But we should also continue
to spread education,

[in Taglish] especially on social media.

Avoid unnecessary fights
as much as you can.


[in English] Educate, not hate.

[woman in Taglish] True.
We can create more allies with that.

It's getting more toxic...

[customer] Can I have one mocha frappé
and one chocolate-based drink?

- [in English] What do you suggest?
- [Jim in Taglish] Chocolate?

May I offer our bestseller,
the dark chocolate almond frappé?

[customer in English] Okay.
I'll order that.

[in Tagalog]
You won't regret what you chose.

[upbeat music playing]

[upbeat music intensifies]


You know what?
Sir Val is actually really nice.


[in Taglish] A bit extreme.

Too much to handle. But he's nice.



[in Tagalog] And he's a good person.


Snobbish at times. Like Ben.

[Dante typing]

He reminds me so much of Ben.

[Dante keeps typing]


I don't fully understand it, but he made
something good change inside me.

[in English] He seems to fill the void.



[Dante typing]

- [in Tagalog] Hey, are you even listening?
- Hmm?

Did you hear what I said?

Who are you chatting with?


[in English] Flo? Flo as in "Flo"?

Flo as in Baby Flo.


[in Taglish] It's true! Yesterday was her
birthday, too. You guys didn't know.

- But I have an idea, help me out with it.
- What?

- [in Tagalog] Help me...
- [knocking]

Hey! It's my turn. I'm starving.

[both] Did you hear that?

Help me, okay?

[machine whirring]

Hey! The meeting was over an hour ago.
Where were you?

[in Taglish] Sorry, but tomorrow is
my first appointment for this.

So? What's the problem with that?

[in Tagalog] I don't know. I'm scared.

[in Taglish] To be honest,
you don't need reassignment, honey.

We have trans sisters who are
fulfilled with their womanhood

[in English] without reassignment.

Womanhood does not always equate
to what's between your thighs.

[sighs and groans]

[Val] Mmm.

[in Tagalog] It's just that...

I don't get you.

[in Taglish] Flo's birthday was yesterday.
You didn't wish her happy birthday.


- [in Tagalog] Oh, you're right!
- Don't call her.

Calm down! I'm not calling her.

I thought you were going to call her.

[Francia in English] Hello, sorry.

[in Taglish] I won't follow through
with the appointment.

I'm really sorry. I have a cough.


[in Tagalog] See?

[in Taglish] I'm really sorry.

But I will still follow through
with the procedure.

I will just let you know when.

[in Tagalog] Thank you.

[grunts angrily]

Hey, what happened?

[in English] I canceled.


I mean,

[in Taglish]
I know it's been a lot of trouble already,

[in English] but...

I realized you were right all along.

I never said you were wrong.

But I think I am.

["Stars Align" instrumental
by Swavesound playing]


[in Tagalog] Wait, why?

[in Tagalog] I might be adding
to what's holding you back.

[in English] Remember,

[in Taglish]
I love you with or without surgery.

[in English] Thank you.

I love you.

[in Taglish] I'm okay now.

See? I'm okay.


By the way,
have you wished Flo a happy birthday?

Is it her birthday?

[in Tagalog] Don't!

[music fades]

[downbeat music playing]

[in Taglish] Hello.

[in Tagalog] This is Jimson Alcantara.

[in Taglish] I would like to follow up
on the Ben Mendoza case.

[in Tagalog]
The case I commissioned you to work on.

[man in Taglish] Yes. The last search unit
for the case was last month.

[in Tagalog]
If you want, we can try another search.

[in Taglish]
But we'd need additional funding.

[in Tagalog] That's the thing.

I might need to request a halt.

Let me update you when we can resume.

[in Taglish] Okay, sir. No problem.

This case has been ongoing
for quite a while.

This could be in the archives already.

You can also check with the task force.

[in Tagalog] Okay, thank you.

[in Taglish] Okay, sir, thank you.

[Val in Tagalog]
Here it is. I already spoke with Rica.

[in Taglish] Thank you, sir... I mean Val.

[in Tagalog]
This money will be a big help.

[in Taglish] The last search-and-rescue
operation was last month.

I am not asking where you'll use it.

[in English] Jim, I don't want to meddle
with your personal affairs.

[Ben in Tagalog] But don't you get tired?

Don't you want to take a rest?

To think...

that perhaps what you're doing is in vain?

Jim, I know that you are afraid
to start over.

But there is nothing to be afraid of.


[in Taglish]
I said, we need to go back to the beach.

[in Tagalog] It seems like there's more
that needs washing away.

Do you know about Amber and Yana?

[in Taglish] What? "Exclusivity"?

[in English] Whatever they call it.

[in Tagalog] So, you aren't mad?

[in English] No! Why would I?

[in Taglish] The truth is, we believe
that sex always needs consent.

So, if they're still up for
our current setup,

[in English] I'm all for it.

[in Taglish]
But if not, it's fine with me.

[in Tagalog]
It's easy to find someone new.

[in Taglish]
I thought Amber was your girlfriend?


[in English] It's complicated, bro.

Sex binds Amber and me.

[in Taglish] But more than the pleasure,

[in English] we believe that
sex always needs to be healthy and safe.

Look, Olan.

[in Tagalog] I only believe in two things.

[in English]
Sex positivity and divine intervention.


Boom. Boom...


[in Tagalog] Are you jealous of them?


It's just that we're different.

When I love a person,

I make sure I only belong to that person.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Is that why you engage in orgies?

Don't tell me you love Yana. That's why
you're all over her when we do it?


[in Taglish] Hey, I was kidding!

Yeah, right.

[in Tagalog] You know what?
This motel is nice.

[in English] Hardcore.

[in Taglish] The rooms have themes.

Do you want to be my Tarzan today?

[laughs awkwardly] We're not allowed
to wear loincloths in our religion.

Orgies are allowed,
but loincloths are not?

Orgies are like fellowship, right?

[in Taglish] So, it's allowed.

[downbeat music playing]


- Flo...
- [in Tagalog] Yes?

Could you open the drawer for me, please?

All right.

- Here you go.
- [in English] Happy birthday!

[emotional music playing]

[in Taglish] I can't believe that
you remembered my birthday,

[in Tagalog]
when all of those close to me didn't.

[birds chirping]

Why are you planting that there?

[in Taglish]
Why? Sorry, is it not allowed here?

[in Tagalog]
Come on, let me show you something.

I've already seen that.

Not that. This one's bigger.


Come with me.

[laughs] What's this?

[in Taglish] I mean, why?

You said you wanted to bake.

So, here. Now you'll be able to bake.

[in Tagalog]
I didn't tell you to buy me this.

There you go.

[in Taglish] Instead of thanking me
for getting you this...

[birds chirping]

Uh... [laughs awkwardly]

[in English] Thank you.

[in Tagalog] There.


[in Taglish] This isn't brand new.

I'll add this to your "repay" list.

- [in Tagalog] Seriously?
- [in Taglish] Kidding.

Just let me taste your specialty.

[in Tagalog] Hmm. You've already had it.

[in Taglish] Kidding. Of course you're
the only one who can taste my cake.

- [laughs]
- Thank you.

Of course. Enjoy it.
Be sure to make everything taste good.

- [Amber in English] Why are you smiling?
- [Yana] Nothing.

I just,
I didn't know I had this side of me.




[in Taglish] Baby, everyone has this side.

[in English] Trust me.

[in Taglish]
Actually, it's not just one or two sides.

[in English] It's a spectrum.

[in Taglish] Others are just afraid
to embrace the idea.

[in Taglish]
Perhaps if things didn't happen...

[in English] If I didn't meet Olan...

Ready for a second round?

[phone dings]


Why? What's up?

I need to call someone.

[Flo in Tagalog] Gosh...

What's all of this for?
Why do we have to dress up?

[in Taglish] What's this
special announcement of Francia's?

We already know that she's
undergoing gender reassignment.

[in Tagalog] Is this a farewell party
for the part that will be gone?

[laughs in Taglish] You're so funny!

[in Tagalog]
Flo, I left my bag in the car.

- Can you get it for me, please?
- Me?

Yes. So you can do more walking
in your heels.

Okay, fine.

This is too much.

[crickets chirping]

[muttering] Olan really had the nerve
to make me get this bag,

even with this pretty outfit I'm wearing.

[emotional music playing]

[emotional music intensifies]

- [emotional music continues]
- [inaudible]

[upbeat emotional music playing]

- [emotional music continues]
- [inaudible]

[emotional music continues]

[in English] Happy 18th birthday.


[in Taglish] Make a wish.

[all] Wish! Wish!

[in Tagalog] You guys! This is why I
didn't get any birthday greetings at all?

You know, I'm too old for this wish stuff.

My birthday was yesterday.

Just do it.

[in Taglish] Okay, here's my wish.

My wish is for Ben.

[soft sob]

[in Tagalog] Ben...

wherever you are,

we hope that you're happy

[in Taglish] and safe.

[in Tagalog] We will wait for your return.

[emotional music continues]

[all laugh and clap]

[Flo] You guys!

- [Yana in English] Happy Birthday!
- [Flo] Thank you.

[Roy in Tagalog] What's that for?

[in Taglish]
It's my best friend's birthday today.

- [in Tagalog] My wish is that she's happy.
- I think she's happy.

Can I have one now?

[wistful piano music playing]

[Roy] Mm!

How is it?


I wish all of those were mine.

So I didn't have to share them
with anyone.


[wistful piano music continues playing]

Are you making up for your mistakes?

Did I make any?

Or are you about to make one?

Does there always have to be a reason?

Can't it be
that I just want this dance with you?

If Ben were here,
I know that you'd be more focused on him.

Why do you keep on bringing up Ben and me

even though nothing happened between us?

[in English] For once, Francia.

[in Taglish]
Accept that you deserve things

[in English] because you are you.

Not because you're insecure,

[in Taglish] or because it's a favor,

[in Tagalog] or because
something is expected in return.

[in English] But because you deserve it.

[wistful piano music continues playing]

[Val in Tagalog] I'm sleeping over.

I'm too tired to go home.

Why are you asking my permission?
You're the one who owns this place.

Yeah, you're right.


[in Taglish] Jim, I'm sorry.

[in Tagalog] For what?

[in English] For judging you.

I thought, "Like father, like son."

I was barking up the wrong tree.

[in Tagalog] I understand.

[in Taglish] I'm sorry.

[in Tagalog] Now that we have been talking
about things on a deeper level,

I feel like we get each other.

[in English] The feeling is mutual.

[in Tagalog]
Please don't make me your rebound.



[in Taglish] Kidding.

[in English] It's the alcohol talking.

[in Taglish] But, you know, sir...


[in Tagalog] I will never

hurt anyone again.

Because I learned from Ben.

If I ever love again,

I'll make sure that I never hurt anyone.

You're drunk.

[crickets chirping]

Thank you.

I told you, I can prove myself to you.

So, now you're full of yourself.

A little bit.

Not long ago, you couldn't even speak up.

So, you were waiting for me to?

[in Taglish]
Maybe you have a crush on me, too.

[in Tagalog] The nerve!


Here's the situation.

Just add a few years onto my age

and I could pass as your aunt.

[laughs] You're still a baby boy.

[in Taglish] Let's just be friends.


[in Tagalog] Okay, here.

[in Taglish] Aside from the fact that
I have other priorities now,

[in Tagalog] it's been a long time
since I had a boyfriend.

[in Taglish] It was way back in college.

[in Tagalog] I got hurt.

Badly hurt.

I will never hurt you.

Just give me a chance.

[gentle, wistful music playing]

[music fades]

[clock ticking]

[bed squeaks]

[in English] Sir Val...

Sir Val?




I've been thinking about what you said.

You're right.

[in Tagalog] I'm tired of being exhausted.

I've been empty for a long time.

I'm tired of being confused

and of waiting.

I'm scared,


everything is scary at the beginning.

[in English]
I'm comfortable when I'm with you.

[in Taglish] Your words make me feel safe.

[in English] Wait.

[in Taglish] Wait.

[in Tagalog]
Don't take this the wrong way.

[in English] But if you...

But if you're implying that you like me...

[in Taglish] I don't want to be a rebound.

[in English] Let's take it slow.

[phone vibrating and ringing]

[in English] Hello.

It's been a long time!

[in Tagalog] What's up, Roy?

["Stars Align" by Swavesound
playing in English]

♪ I know you have your dreams
I have my stories ♪

♪ I know that we're both far
From yesterday ♪

♪ But I don't want to grow apart
And worry ♪

♪ 'Cause I know you and I
Feel the same way ♪

♪ I've loved you for so long ♪

♪ Still I want to love you more ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ The stars align for us ♪

♪ And every time I see your eyes
I fall in love ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ A promise shines for us ♪

♪ And every time I see you
You make me wanna dream ♪

♪ That we can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ I miss the time we had
When were younger ♪

♪ I miss the way you look me in the eye ♪

♪ I hope that this time
We both can be braver ♪

♪ To choose the love that's
In our hearts tonight ♪

♪ I know it won't be easy ♪

♪ I know it's not so simple ♪

♪ But I know we have a reason
To fall in love ♪

♪ To fall in love tonight ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ The stars align for us ♪

♪ And every time I see your eyes
I fall in love ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ A promise shines for us ♪

♪ And every time I see you
You make me wanna dream ♪

♪ That we can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ We can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ We can fall in love tonight ♪

[song ends]