Ben X Jim (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Third Party - full transcript

Things were going right for Ben and Jim, but then Yana, Jim's girlfriend arrives. Ben is once again brushed to the side. As Ben watches Jim and Yana with jealous eyes, he feels he is running out of time to have the chance to be with Jim.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

[gentle music playing]

[Ben] Just when you're drowning in joy,

that moment when you're burning
with the bliss of love,

a sudden reminder that everything
that could end, will finally arrive.

["Stars Align" by Swavesound playing]

♪ I know you have your dreams
I have my stories ♪

♪ I know that we're both far
From yesterday ♪

♪ I know it won't be easy ♪

♪ I know it's not so simple ♪

♪ But I know we have a reason ♪

♪ To fall in love ♪

♪ To fall in love tonight ♪

[machine whirrs]


Wow, thanks, babe! New kicks!

So, he really made her come
to our tree house.

Our tree house!

- Do you like it? I'm so glad!
- Super!

[mimics] "I like it." Meh.

- [Jim's girlfriend] I'm glad you like it.
- That's not even the style he likes.

- Did you miss me?
- I did. So much!

I missed you a lot.

- I can't even sleep anymore.
- [Jim] You're exaggerating, babe.

- Ew.
- [Jim's girlfriend] Seriously.

You know what?
I repaired this tree house for you.

- [Jim's girlfriend] Really?
- What?

[Jim's girlfriend] Oh. I love it!

Babe, let's eat!

[Jim] Go ahead.

- [Jim's girlfriend] Here, have a taste.
- [Jim and Jim's girlfriend laugh]

- [Jim's girlfriend] Is it good?
- [Jim] Yeah!

- Where did you buy this?
- At a food place on my way here.

- You want more?
- Sure!


Mmm! How does it taste?

[Jim] It tastes the same as before.

How about you? Why don't you eat?

You've suddenly been brushed aside.

I thought you were super close
to the whole wide world of the universe?

So, why is it that
when Miss Girlfriend arrived,

you're suddenly being ignored?



I was thinking
I could finally be introduced to him.

[Jim] Ben!

Meet my girlfriend, Yana!

Oh yeah! I met him already.

He's kind. He helped me check
your address this morning. Hi!

[Jim] Of course, he's my best friend.

Ben, come here, let's eat.
Bring your friend with you.

Flo! My name is Flo!

No, no, no. We don't want to.

What? I'm starving,
I haven't had lunch yet.

- No, we are full.
- I'm starving. I haven't eaten yet.

- We're full. Thank you so much, though.
- Ow!

- Sure?
- [Flo] Ow. Yes.

- Of course we're full.
- Super full.

- We'll go ahead. See you later.
- Okay, bye.

- Bye!
- Come on.

[Yana, laughing] Perhaps, I think...

Let me fix your hair.

- There.
- [Jim] Go on, I'm liking it.

[Yana] So you can be more handsome.

- [Jim] So, you think I'm handsome?
- [Yana] Of course.

- Fishing for compliments!
- [Jim] I believe you! [laughs]

[phone dings]









[light music playing]

[Ben] Hi, viewers! I'm back!
Your struggling student seller.

And welcome back
to another session of my live selling.

Today, we are doing a collaboration
with a very famous makeup reviewer.

The one and only, Ms. Flo Guimary!

Gimme! Flo Gimme!

Flo is with us today
because what we are selling is...

[both] Makeup!

Of course, the recommendations should come
from the legit makeup guru herself.

So, are you guys excited?

Our first item is...


The 24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette.
What is this about, Flo?

Actually, this one

is a limited edition,

and I've already posted
a review of this on my vlog.

Please watch that. And...

[mobile ringing]

[mobile stops ringing]

Um, as you were saying, Flo?

Yeah, as I was saying,
this is a limited edition.

So, it's the same company that makes
Magic Star Setting Powder.

- And of co...
- [mobile ringing noisily]

- Um, yeah.
- [mobile stops ringing]

Guys, it's only 3,000 pesos,

but, but, but, because of the quality,

it's already worth the price.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Oh my God. This is crazy.

Livelihood ruined.


[Jim] Ben! Hey!

Sorry, I didn't know you're busy.

That's why you weren't answering.

We're almost done anyway. Almo...

Um, what is it?

We are working here.

You're so grumpy.

I just wanted to ask for a favor.

Not grumpy.
Just in the middle of something.


As payback for the favor I did for you.

Don't tell me you don't remember.

[Jim]It was viral.

Fine. How can I help you?


Yana is coming tonight.

And it's our anniversary.

I'm already getting set up,
but I need some help from you.

I want to make something special for her.

But I'm running out of ideas.
Please help me.

Me! Me! I'm good at that!

Me, please! Me!


[hammering noisily]

You really are meant to be together.

You're into all the domestic chores,
he's an all-around man.

There, Jim! [laughs]

After you're done with the stargazing,

you'll come straight here.

Here, you will have your candlelit dinner.

Then, turn on your phone, and then...

[in robotic voice]
...Bluetooth device successfully connected.

[Jim laughs]

Do you think...

Yana will fall for this?

Of course. Yes!

How about you, Ben?

If someone did this for you,
would you fall for it?

Of course.

If it were done by the one I love,

I would fall for it.

Ah, but of course,
I don't know about Yana.

But I mean, you've put effort into it.


You used my plates,

my candleholders,

even my tablecloth.

Good thing you never thought
of my scented candles.

Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me.

This isn't enough yet. I'll be back.

[Ben muttering]

[Ben sighs]

Don't worry, I'll pay for everything.

Good. Because I don't want to be used.


I mean, I don't want items
that I need to sell being used.

But, in all sincerity,

thank you, wifey.

Don't worry,

I'll still be coming home to you.

[romantic music playing]


I said,

thank you.

[romantic music intensifies]

Yes! Yes! The plot thickens,
ladies and gentlemen.

I'll get back to work.
I'll pay for all those.

[Flo laughs]

[humming teasingly]

Ben, don't be too obvious

about your feelings
for your childhood friend.

Why don't you go home?

It's already curfew.

I'm just helping, you know.


Nanny Elma, may I have a glass of water?

Go ahead, Ben,
no need to ask for permission.

Oh, Nanny Elma, that's my favorite.

Really? Just wait.

I'll get this done.
I know you're starving.

No, thank you. That's for Yana.

[Elma] Really?

It's their anniversary dinner tonight.

Here, have some. There's a lot.

Yana won't be able to eat everything.

Go ahead, that's for you.

Thank you.

I don't know about Jim.

His father's already scolded him
because of that girl.

He gets distracted from his business
because of Yana.

His father didn't know
that he was flying back here.

That's why he was so mad at him.

He wanted to get him back,
but he can't because of the ECQ.

Why? Yana seems like a nice girl.

Why would his dad get mad?

Yana is pretty, kind, and a nurse.

Nurse? She's not a nurse,
she's not studying at all.

Then why was she wearing scrubs?

Because her dad owns
the St. Jude Medical Center.

Perhaps that's how she got
a quarantine pass.

That's just between us, okay?


Yana is doing a lot just for Jim.

Perhaps she loves Jim genuinely.

It's always like that, right?

When you love someone,
you gamble everything.

You take risks even if it's dangerous.

That's why Jim loves her
so much in return.

Who knows? He might propose to her soon.

[motorcycle revs]

Ouch! What's wrong with you!

Ma'am, are you okay?

- Okay?
- Sorry.

I almost died!
Because you weren't being careful!

I'm really sorry, I lost control.

If you don't know how to drive,
then stop riding around!

That's too much, ma'am.
I didn't mean to lose control.

I don't care!

You put others in danger!

I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to.

- Babe! What's going on here?
- This rider, he hit me.

- No, sir.
- What?

- What did you do?
- I didn't mean to.

"Didn't mean to"?
You almost killed my girlfriend!

- I'm really sorry, sir.
- You're sorry? What good does that do now?

Olan! What's happening?

Do you know this person?

Yes. Olan, what's going on?

He was driving recklessly!
He almost killed my girlfriend.

I'm really sorry, sir. I didn't mean to...

"Didn't mean to"?
What if you'd killed her?

Jim, please, let me handle this.

Yana, I'm really sorry. Please forgive us.

"Us"? He's the one at fault.
What is he to you?

He's my courier.

Please let this slide.

We still have a lot to deliver.

- I'm really sorry.
- Be careful next time.

Okay. Let's go inside, babe.

[Ben] Be careful as well. Are you okay?

Where were you hit?


[Jim] You two seem really close.

You're more concerned about him than me.

That guy is too arrogant.

I'm more handsome than him,
he's just rich.

That's why you get those punches.
Be more careful next time.

It really hurts, here.


[romantic music playing]

[Jim] I love you.

[Yana laughs] I love you, too.

Thanks for making everything so special.

Of course.
You're the best thing that happened to me.

- You want to eat?
- Sure.

Here you go, madame.

Thank you.



Wow! Chicken pasta!

[laughs] It's my favorite!

[Jim] Of course!

It's all for you.

[Yana] Aw.

Whatever you want.

Here you go.

Actually, I have another surprise for you.

Really? There's more?


[crickets chirping]

[Jim] Ta-da!

[Yana] Oh, babe!

[Elma] That's why Jim loves her
so much in return.

Who knows? He might propose to her soon.

[Yana] What is it?

Oh, babe!

- Oh, it's so pretty!
- Really?

Really, I love it so much.

Thank you, babe, and I love you!

[Jim] I love you.

[Jim] Let me put it on you.

Babe, I didn't expect that
you would do all this for me.

- [Jim laughs]
- Really.

All this time,
I thought you were just playing around.

I thought you thought
what we had wasn't serious.

But now I see, you're different.

I told you before right? I can change.

Seriously, though. Thank you.

For all these efforts.

Actually, Ben helped me with all of this.

- Really?
- All of this.

Aw! Ben is so kind.

You're so lucky to have him
as a best friend.

I wish he would look out for you for me.

So you don't fool around.

[Jim] I won't. I'm a good boy.

[delicate piano music playing]

[crickets chirping]



Hey, drinking solo?

I'm almost done.

- I'll head inside.
- Wait, I just arrived.


What are you doing here?

Is your date with Yana over?

Yup! And I'm so happy.


Thank you, wifey.

Thank you for all your help.

Yana was so happy tonight.

Tonight is the best night ever.

[bitter laugh]

If you ever need something,

or like something,

just tell me.

Whatever it is.



I would like to tell you something.


I love you.



Yes, I heard you.

And I love you, too.

You're the best friend
to the whole wide universe.

Jim, it's not like that.

I love you.

As in love.

Since a long time ago.

Even now, I still love you.

If ever there's a chance

for the two of us...

For you to love me the way you love her...

I wish there was a world
where I loved you,

and you loved me,

and where we were accepted
without any questions.


[Ben laughs softly]

I was just kidding.

I was just carried away.

I was just kidding.

It wasn't true.


Are you making fun of me?


["Stars Align" by Swavesound playing]

♪ Still I want to love you more ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ The stars align for us ♪

♪ And every time I see your eyes
I fall in love ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ A promise shines for us ♪

♪ And every time I see you
You make me wanna dream ♪

♪ That we can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ I miss the time we had
When were younger ♪

♪ I miss the way you look me in the eye ♪

♪ I hope that this time
We both can be braver ♪

♪ To choose the love that's
In our hearts tonight ♪

♪ I know it won't be easy ♪

♪ I know it's not so simple ♪

♪ But I know we have a reason
To fall in love ♪

♪ To fall in love tonight ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ The stars align for us ♪

♪ And every time I see your eyes
I fall in love ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Every time I look up in the sky above ♪

♪ A promise shines for us ♪

♪ And every time I see you
You make me wanna dream ♪

♪ That we can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ We can fall in love tonight ♪

♪ We can fall in love tonight ♪