Ben 10: Alien Force (2008–2010): Season 2, Episode 12 - War of the Worlds: Part One - full transcript

Paradox and Azmuth arrive with grave news. The DN Aliens are ready to make their move. While Gwen and Kevin gather help, Azmuth reveals some secrets of the Omnitrix and its true purpose.

come with me there's no point time

the hybrid armada caught us totally by

galvin's planetary defenses are down we

don't have a chance
and without the galvan no other race in

the galaxy has a chance either
but, and I hesitate to say this to the

smartest being in the universe
that's where you're wrong explain

we do have a chance the chance you made
for us that is not what the omnitrix is

the boy has proven more than once that

it can be used for purposes
beyond what you intended perhaps

come with me to earth i'm not leaving my
home not now

and I'm not going back without you

I sincerely hope you'll reconsider in
the next three seconds also

Ah! I'm all warmed up, It's game time
I'm afraid the time for games has passed

my friend
professor paradox and one other

come with me

what's so important that i have to miss
the auto show the imminent destruction

of your primitive world and all who live

but if you'd rather go look at a new
convertible by all means

professor the hybrid attack has
already begun

we know we've been fighting them for
weeks the situation has escalated

they have conquered my homeworld the
only planet with the technology to fight

them head-on
and their next target earth

the hybrid attack plan has worked on a
dozen worlds

they send a small number of hybrid to
the target planet

then infiltrate the locals by turning
them into dna alien slaves

and use the slaves to build a jump gate

a hyperspace jump gate is an
interstellar shortcut allowing the

hybrid to send warships across the

in a matter of seconds the three of us
could barely take down one of their

the ship you defeated wasn't a warship

it was a small cruiser
that's encouraging no force on this

planet could stand against even a single
hybrid warship

they will send hundreds yeah okay we get

we're hozed unless we stop them before
they complete the hyperspace jump gate

it should be simple enough to find
even if they cloak it it would have to

be someplace with an enormous supply of
quartz crystal

to stabilize the matter transmission

you mean like the abandoned quartz mine
in los soledad where we saw dn aliens

building a giant arch
so we know where we gotta go and we know

what we gotta do
direct approach sure direct

but not stupid we've met a bunch of
plumbers kids with superpowers and a lot

of them owe his favors
i say we call them in may i suggest you

send your teammates out for that job
why i would have a word with the wielder

of my omnitrix
in private right like i'm gonna miss

this see you when you get back gwen hey
kevin ethan levin you come with us right

ethan your name is kevin eleven

you just lost all remaining pretense of
cool you promised you'd never tell

yeah whatever so you want to go a couple

just give up

my reputation precedes me

yeah yeah tell us the sheriff nice work

but if you really want to make a dent in
the alien problem you should come with


humans are not the brightest species in
the galaxy

so i ask you again do you fully
understand the risks you are taking

of course the hybrid want to take over
the earth

the hybrid want to destroy the earth if

lose this war it's the end of humanity
so i won't lose your foolish disregard

of the enormity of the odds against you
is precisely why i cannot allow you to

take the omnitrix into battle
i have told you that the secret of the

omnitrix is it allows you to walk a mile
in the shoes of other life forms

this is not the complete truth

here goes nothing
works like a charm cooper

gwen how'd you get in here i don't care
it's great to see you uh oh

intangibility glove still experimental

i can use it to create an exception
field to three-dimensional physics

maybe you can tell me about it later i

need a favor
anything for you gwen you hear that gwen

anything give him a break kevin we're
asking him to risk his life

kevin's juvenile teasing doesn't bother
me in the least

my adoration for you is far too pure and
strong to

risk my life we're going back to los
soledad to fight the hybrid

you don't have to go if you don't want
to if you're going

and so am i

you lied to me

i withheld portions of the truth from
you until such time as you were

ready and i'm ready now no
but circumstances forced my hand the

omnitrix is the last hope of alien
species destroyed by the hybrid

how is it supposed to i have stored
within it dna samples of every

intelligent life form in the milky way
galaxy ten thousand of them

i know as i'm continually forced to
point out

you know very little there are over one
million samples encoded in the omnitrix

a million and with the omnitrix you have
the power to return to life

any species that the hybrid exterminates
including the human race i will not let

the hybrid
if you are destroyed with the omnitrix

there is no hope
not for humanity nor for any other race

the hybrid extinguished afterwards
the omnitrix is noah's ark and you

are noah i cannot allow you to
participate in the final battle

how long is that going to take almost

sure you want me to do this ben said all
the help we could get

okay switching on


save yourself the trouble dark star you
don't get out of there unless we say so

kevin levin and the lovely gwen tennyson
to what do i owe this

unexpected pleasure we're here to free
you from the null void

why you put me in here in the first

much as i'd like to take the credit ben
gets the glory on that one

there's a threat to the earth ben needs
your help

we all do and if i promise to help you
we let you out simple as that then we

have an agreement
lovely gwen let him out

i don't like the way he talks to you we
need him cooper

why would you trust me i don't but now
that you're on earth

if you don't help us you won't survive

sorry azimuth but i don't buy your
argument the earth needs to be saved and

i'm going to do it
i won't allow it how could you stop me

i'll take the omnitrix from you you'll

very well if you insist on this

perhaps it's best if you have the full
power of the omnitrix

access master controller
master control unlocked everything's

unlocked how many aliens can i turn into
1903 genetic samples available

the omnitrix's menus are arranged in
sets of 10

for simplicity's sake but with voice

you can got it
get out of my seat tennyson we brought

some help

hi ben julie what are you doing here
you need help and you can help help

oh okay

why are we stopping here

it's a cloaking field once we go inside
it's on okay

nothing fancy we go in we destroy the
hyperspace jump gate

we capture any hybrid we can find that's

one more thing whatever we were before
today we're a team we look out for each

we win or lose together

haven't seen him for a while what can i
say i'm feeling nostalgic

they've been busy

snow the aliens like it cold
i should have brought a jacket i've got

a feeling it's going to get
pretty hot in here


well that's just






yes no
stop hurting them this is a battle we do

what we must to survive
these are human beings michael they're

under alien control
we take them down not out understand

you're a fool ben what would you do cure

actually that's not a bad idea our

reverting aliens to humans

genetic damage repaired again

as many as we can

warning energy reserves depleted cycling
to recharge mode

ben are you okay wake up as much as you
need your beauty sleep

now's not a good time what happened
you misused the power of the omnitrix

i was helping people you were wasting
power in a pointless exercise

good intentions ben but in matters like
this timing is

everything what do you mean
it will come to you are you saying i

can't use the omnitrix to cure the dna

now that i've seen how you do it maybe
you don't have to

where are those

oh i like that one shot will revert a
dna alien to human

and it won't hurt them they'll wake up
with a little headache



it's impossible that fairmen must not be
allowed to reach us

our forces are routed master i do not
think we can stop them

very well we must accelerate our plans
activate the jump gate now

as you command

guys the jump gate's powering up what do
we do now

we break it
ah not a scratch what's it made of

neutronium carbon alloy dude that was

what's that word rhetorical yeah
that everybody get it together

on three one two three

nothing we're too weak
maybe not


it's working ben keep trying

back away, It's about to...


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