Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - All Hail the Queen - full transcript

Motor yacht Sirocco braces for its most exclusive charter guest yet: The Queen of Versailles. Joao faces his old demons after a drunken night out as well as an increasingly defiant deck ...

- Previously on
"below deck med"...

- I have to let you go.
I'm really sorry.

Do you think you could
fill in as chef?

- These are good to go.

- Killing it, dude.
- Mm.

- That's amazing.
- You know what you're doing.

Can you not see that from...
- No, I can't.

I can't believe
I just did that.

- Watch your hands.

- Stop! Stop!

- That, that, that and that.

- Hannah's pretty sexy,
you know.

And then also rack city.

- Oh, that works pretty well.
- Yeah, bud.

- Anastasia's good.
I don't think she's good enough.

- We've had one deckhand
leave us and go into the galley,

one deckhand
who can hardly work...

Anastasia thought with her ego
when she took the position.

I'm getting my ----ing
deckhand back.

- $27,000.

[ cheering ]
- holy sh--!

- 50% of that charter is what
I ----ing put on that plate.

- No! Bullsh--.

You have a choice.
- Say no?

- Yes!

You don't have to do
what you don't want to do.

No, you're not.

- Where are you going?
Want me to come?

- Why does being honest
[bleep] me over?

Don't mention it to her.

- Babe, you okay?

- It's just so intense, like...

I just needed
a little pep talk

and he's like,
"blah, blah, blah, blah!"

read my face, dude.
Tell me I'm great.

- Look how much you just
bossed that last charter.

You got this, man!

- I actually think that joao's
kind of right about this.

But you don't need to tell her
she's not a seven star chef.

- We're telling
her not to be stressed.

- All right, babe?

- Don't [bleep] off again,
you little mouse.

- No more work sh--.
- Don't talk about work no more.

- It's annoying that
the honest person

is the bad person.

- Hi!
[ shrieking ]

- three tequila, yeah?

Can you have a shot with me?

- We're going to have a shot.
- I don't drink.

Another one. Tequila.

- Oh my gosh.

- Just wants to make everyone
feel smaller than him.

And just wants to
be billy big balls

when he's just a
----ing dickhead.

- Yeah, nice, mate.

- Oh, my gosh.

- If joao wants
to be disrespectful...

- I think it's time to go.

- Well, let's go back
to the boat.

- This is so much fun.

- Hey, hey!

- Hey, hey! Don't do that.

- Get off me!
- Just relax.

- Get off me, then.

- Joao, you go over there.

- I'm gonna go back to the boat.

- Go over there.
- Just relax.

- Bullsh--!

- This is embarrassing.
I live here.

- Everyone's ----ing
annoying me, man.

- Get in.
- Why is he so angry?

- Because he's an asshole.

- Why was travis throwing sh--
at the ----ing enclosed gate?

- Why did he act like [bleep]?

- Honestly, [bleep] him...

- These guys need to
----ing wake up, man.

- You're better than them.
You know that.

- Don't you ----ing scoff at me.

I can dance however
the [bleep] I want.

- I just think they all need
to grow up, that's all.

- Okay.

- Get outta here!

- Calm.

- [bleep], man.
You first.

- [bleep].

- 10:00 wakeup, eh?

- You don't get up at 10:00,

you're not coming
back to work, mate.

- Lovely.

- But if you have an attitude,
you're fired.

- My girls.

[ alarm clock sounds ]

- could use just like
29 more hours of sleep.

- ? bonjour ?

- hey, dude, did I lose my sh--
with travis last night?

- Um, a little bit.
- You know what the story was?

- Travis was trying to throw
a chair at a closed gate.

And then you were like
holding him like this.

Then we tried to
like break you guys up

and you guys were yelling.

- That's not good.

I've really disappointed
myself right now.

It's amazing how you
can spend a year

changing something that you
don't like about yourself.

- What's jazabub?
- Jazabub is my alter ego.

- Pop for a minute?
For a minute? Oy!

- And all it takes is
one moment to bring back.

- Right. Give me
like two seconds.

- Okay, cool.

- If I lose control
of myself on a night out,

then I lose control of my team.

- Can I lie with you?
- Yes.

- I wonder what
the new girl's gonna be like?

I kind of don't want
a new person to come.

- Yeah.

- I thought it was a really fun
night, though, in general.

- He wants you so bad.

- I'm definitely not looking for
a boyfriend or anything serious.

But travis is like
a cute puppy to play with.

He's there.

- A lot.

- We gotta sort the lines out.
- Yeah.

- Pull it as I feed it to you.
- Need a little bit more.

- You ready?
- Yeah, go ahead.

- [bleep] mates.
There's so much sh-- there.

- What's up, boys?
- What's up?

- Need to get
cracking on work.

- What time is it?
- It's 10:00.

- Cool, man.
- Cool.

- Yeah.

- I want to maintain a
relationship with my crew.

And in doing so, I'm being
slightly lenient with them.

- Where are they?
- In bed.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

I can't come down
with an iron fist

if I'm not leading by example.

I wish I could trust them

as much as I trust myself
in doing jobs.

- Are they awake?

- Yeah, they're getting up.

So ----ing frustrating.

- Joao, hannah, anastasia,

crew mess for a
pref sheet meeting.

- Copy.
- Copy.

- This isn't like an,
"ooh, you're just

helping in the galley
a little bit."

like, "nope, you're chef now."

- it was good. Nice charter.
- Very nice.

- Thank you.

- Jackie siegel is a socialite.

She and her husband were
featured in the documentary,

"the queen of versailles",

about the 90,000
square foot mansion

they've been building
for over a decade.

Jackie is eager to take
a trip with her friends.

Also joining jackie
will be jackie's son, steven,

and his wife, janessa.

- For her son's birthday,
the primary would like

blow-up dolls as a joke.

- We can do that.

- She'd like a picnic
at the top of eze.

That's gonna be gorgeous.

Eze is one of
the most beautiful places.

It's on a clifftop
overlooking the entire med.

The views are just priceless.

The primary would like
a "celebration of life" dinner

the second night to honor

the life of her late
daughter, victoria.

Oh, my gosh.

- I actually know who they
are because I'm from florida.

- Yeah.
- They're very philanthropic.

They give back to the community.
- That's good.

- That's fantastic to know.

- Now I know that
we're down a crew member.

We're getting a new crew member.
- Is she joining this morning?

- Yeah. You know, with travis,
you got him on deck.

He doesn't need to be
in the galley all the time

unless she requires him.

Are you ready?

- Mm-hmm.
- She's fine.

[ laughs ]

- okay, cool.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- [bleep].

I love sausages.

- Very dusty.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

- I would really like
to apologize for last night.

That was so stupid.
I should never have done that.

- Thank you.
- Sorry. I really am sorry.

- Thank you for apologizing.

I really don't like people
who are judgmental

because I grew up with
a mother with addiction.

I saw a lot of people
judging her.

And it's like
you don't know her.

She's actually the most
amazing mother in the world.

Now she's come
out the other side,

and she's doing really well.

- Thank you.
Sorry about that.

- For now, I'll play nice.

But if he tries to do it again,

then it's gonna be
something different.

[ whistling ]

- do you want a coffee
or something, my fam?

- You look so pretty.

- I'm gonna do a
little bit of shopping.

- You ass looks good
in those shorts.

- I am so nervous, but right
now this galley is mine.

I need to know what's out there.

- Can we see her mansion?

Who needs a house that big?

- Ugh, it's so tacky.

- You could build so much cooler
sh-- for that much money.

- What are you doing?
- Writing jack a list.

I'm learning that there is
no one way to manage any person.

So I need a different approach.

Let's beat this after
breakfast, mate.

- This is a bit long.

- You've been in here
the whole time and not working.

- Okay.
- Yep.

- I'm gonna take all day
doing that, the whole day.

- What's this?
- Oh, hello.

[ laughs ]

- captain sandy? Colin.

Looks like our new stew's
walking down the dock.

- Coming up...

- Am I supposed to
like unpack myself?

'cause I don't know
where hannah is.

- Hannah, hannah, can you
please come to the bridge?

- Looks like our new stew's
walking down the dock.

- Captain sandy up here?
- Yeah.

- Hi.
- So you are...

- June.

- June. I know your name.
- Oh, okay.

- I'd just like...
- Oh, deck and stew.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- I don't really need
anyone on deck.

I need them more
in the interior.

- Perfect. I've always been
a bartender or server.

But also, I love traveling,
so I put

two of my favorite roles
together and got into yachting.

- Your qualifications
look great.

- Oh, good.

I've been working the south
of France for four months.

I can't speak a lick of french,
but I don't think I ever will.

[ laughs ]

- fine dining.
That's awesome.

- Yeah.
- All right, great.

- Hi. Hannah.
- Hello. I'm June.

- This is joao...

- Hi. How are you?
- The bosun.

- Good. I'm June.
- Perfect.

Okay, we pick up charter today.

- Okay.
- Good luck.

- Okay, awesome.

- Come with me.
I'll show you your cabin.

It's definitely not an ideal
situation to have a stewardess

come onboard like two hours
before we pick up charter.

- Welcome, homes.
- Hi, how are you?

- Hi. Aesha.
Nice to meet you.

- You too.

- I'm really hoping
that aesha can step in

and show her how it's done.

- So this is your cabin.
- This one?

- Yeah. Oh, up.
That one. Sorry.

I've got my sh--
like everywhere.

- This is like one of the
dirtiest girls I've ever met.

- I'll clean it up later.
- No worries.

- Bonjour.

Can I use this for lamb?

- "the queen of versailles",
I mean, like these people

come from a lot of
----ing money.

And they're used
to fine dining.

We are in the south of France.

You have the finest
ingredients in the world.

This is what I need to wow
the pants off of these guests.

Thank you so much.
- N'est cest pas.

- Have a great day.

- I'm just gonna show
you where everything is.

- Okay.

- Liquors, tea pots,
ice machine.

- This looks lovely, jackson.

Way better.

For some reason, joao's
written the same thing,

what he's been telling me
to do every day, on a list.

Like that's gonna
make a difference.

Don't be getting crumbs

[ chuckles ]

----ing get a plate.

- Can you help me
get two eggplants cut in half

and stabbed with forks?
- Yep.

- Sweet ass.

- Cheers.
- Thanks.

- I feel so off today.
- Feel off?

- Yeah. I'm just
like not organized. Ugh.

- So this is the master.

Primarily, you'll be
doing cabins and laundry.

- I mean, I'm comfortable
anywhere you put me.

It's a bit intimidating
walking on the boat

with everyone already
have formed relationships.

So I just want to learn
as much as I can

in this short amount of time.

I'm gonna be a sponge.

- So, apart from work,
have you got a boyfriend?

- Um...
- Kind of?

[ laughs ]

- I know that situation.

[ laughs ]

- no. At home, I'm always
traveling, so...

- Yeah. It makes
it hard, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- Dude, we've got like...
- Oh!

- Oh, wow.
- Sea urchins.

- All crew?
Everybody in their uniforms.

- If you have any
questions or anything,

don't hesitate to
ask anybody but me

because I don't know
what I'm doing.

[ laughs ]

- June's gorgeous.

I'm excited to have another
american to kind of talk to

because she's the only person
I can understand on the boat.

- Three charters already.
I feel like I missed a lot.

- We've got such
a cool crew and like...

- It seems just chill, yeah.
- Yeah.

- I think this is it right here.
- I don't know.

- Oh, we're gonna get crazy!

- They're gonna be
a lot of work.

- Hi!
- Welcome.

I'm your captain. Sandy.

- I thought I was gonna
get a guy captain.

You are beautiful.
- Thank you.

- It's a pleasure to meet you.

- This is the rest of my crew.
- Hi.

- Hello.
- Hi. I'm sandy.

- Sandy. Oh, my gosh!

- Nice to meet you, I'm joao.
- Nice to meet you.

- Welcome.

The deck crew's gonna
load your luggage

and then we're gonna take off.

- Sounds good.
- Woo!

- If you follow me,
I will show you

your home for the next few days.

- Champagne?
- Great.

- Gotta start it off right.
- Here's to the fun!

- So this will be where
we do all your meal service.

- Gorgeous.
- This is the most prettiest.

- This is where
the jacuzzi fun happens.

- Nice.
- Oh, here's the exercise room.

- Okay, I don't do exercise.

- Why would you want
to work out on holidays?

- Because for me, every day
is a holiday.

- Oh.
- Could you get me a radio?

- Yeah, ma'am.
- Thanks.

- This jackie's room,
this is the master suite.

- Wow!
- The queen.

- Boy, I feel like winded
running up those stairs.

Do you have an elevator here?
- No.

- Excited?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I'm pretty frothing.

- Hey, steve.
- Hey, jacqueline.

- This is one of
my favorite sons right here.

- Aw, thank you.

I married into acquiring him.

- A modern miracle.

- Let's do that sh--.

- Rail's in.
- Stand by to go.

- Let both ground
lines go, please.

- Copy.

- All bow lines in, cap.

- Starboard side all clear,
stern is all clear.

- Bon voyage!
- Bon voyage!

- Yay!
- Clearing the breakwater.

We are all clear all round.

- We'll do lunch
at like 2 or 2:30?

- Sure. That'd be great.
- Sure.

- Am I allowed up here?

- Oh, my god, yes!
- Oh my god. Look at this.

- Oh, you guys have a nice view.

- Isn't it great?

- Am I supposed to like
unpack myself?

I don't know where hannah is.

- Hannah, to the bridge.
- On my way.

- Our house is so big,
we have to use our cell phones

to call each other.
- Hi.

- Are we supposed
to unpack ourselves or...

- No. I can get one of
the girls to unpack for you.

- I just feel like
I'm missing out a little bit.

Okay, great.
- Okay.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- So she wants us to go
and unpack for her.

- That is annoying.

- Like if this was
in the same bag together,

like that goes with that.

- Oh, that's an outfit?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Sure.

This is so classic.

- Like I get confused
like what goes with what.

- Yeah, no worries.

- And someone else
packed for me.

- Yeah. I've seen it quite
a lot being in yachting.

When people have been
that babied,

it's like part of
their brain just shuts down

and just wait to get
told what to do.

- Oh, here's my bathing suit.

- It's a little calamari.
You want to try it?

- Is it good?
- Very nice.

- I feel weird about
this charter, you know.

- You're just doing what
you did on the last charter.

It's like, what can go wrong?
- Yeah.

- All right, we're gonna
drop the anchor.

- Copy that.

- Champagne?
- Yes, thank you.

- You are welcome.

- We always do
the bread stick on the table.

- You want me to do napkins?
- Yeah, is it all good?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Ready?
- Yeah, go ahead.

- Do two shackles.

- [bleep].
Neither hooks on, colin.

- Nothing?
- Anchor going down?

- Oh, jesus!

Guys! Surely, we're not
gonna start

the first day of charter
like this.

- Lord, come on.

- Coming up...

- I'm gonna bring up the rear.
- Oh, my gosh!

- Whoa!

- What is that?

- Just get the anchor down,

- Oh, jesus.
- I need to take this off, mate.

- Yeah, drop starboard.

He's an engineer.

Surely, you know that
you need to take the brake off

for the anchor to drop.

- Okay, we're good.
I felt it grab.

- ----Ing anchor lock.

- It's a pain in
the ass, isn't it?

- For lunch, I'm gonna do
a mediterranean buffet

with falafel, pita,
hummus, calamari.

- How's it going, chef?

- Great.
Just trying to get prepped.

I'm beyond nervous
to serve this first meal.

- Deck team, you can go ahead
with launching the toys.

Travi, I'll need you.
- Be there in a second, mate.

- Cheers, bud.

- You ready for me to go
and seat them, darling?

- Five more minutes, please.
- Okay.

I'm really hoping
that anastasia's promotion

doesn't go to her head.

Because we'll end up
fighting every day,

pretty much like every
other chef I work with.

- You and I can do the slide.

Just get it set up?

- You all right, man?
You don't seem yourself.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Ready?
- Yep.

- You guys are welcome
to be seated

whenever you're ready.
- Let's eat!

- This is ready.

- I can crack on with
doing this, mate.

- Okay, cool, bud. Thanks.

- Here comes our food.

- I feel bad they have to
go up and down the stairs.

- So for lunch, you have
a greek salad, tabouli,

grilled chicken breast,

pizza bread, baba ganoush,
hummus and chickpea patties.

- Perfect.
- This looks amazing.

- What is this? Hummus?

- Wow, the calamari
is fantastic.

- I'm gonna
go check the laundry.

Rotate it.
- Okay.

- How is the food?
- Fantastic.

- Yeah? So what are
we having for dinner?

- Let me find out from her.

- What's for dinner?

- It's going to be lamb.

- It's lamb for dinner.
- Oh, yes!

- For tonight,
since we're having lamb,

do you have mint jelly?

- Yeah, I'm sure we do.
- Oh, great.

- Okay.

- I don't think it gets better
than having mediterranean food

in the mediterranean
on a yacht.

- Yeah, exactly.
- With great service.

- All good.
- Yeah, all sweet.

- For the lamb, can she have
mint jelly on the side?

- I don't know how to
make mint jelly.

I have no ----ing clue.

- How was your lunch?

- Oh, my god,
it was unbelievable!

- Have you guys
ridden jet-skis before?

- Yes.
- All right, here we go!

- Woo-hoo!

- Oh, my god!

- Have you still been
doing stew duties?

- No, I am officially the chef.

- Yeah.

Where you from?
- Vermont.

- I'm from arizona.
- Oh, nice.

- But I lived in tennessee,
alabama, north carolina.

Growing up with
my dad being a chef,

I was always used to being the
new girl while we moved around.

So this is nothing new to me
and this is gonna be exciting.

Yeah, just regular, normal.

- She absolutely loved the food.

And I really believe they would
tell me if they didn't like it.

- Phew!

- Yeah, no worries.

- So I want the bone
exposed like here.

- Okay.

- The queen wants mint jelly,

so I just need
to figure out

what the hell
it is I'm gonna do.

Do you think you
girls could pull me like

a nice dinner plate?
Thank you.

Part of the reason
why I'm so creative

is because I'm an only child.

I'm used to figuring
sh-- out on my own.

Like my parents have two jobs.

I'm playing by myself.
I had to be creative.

If you could just make it a
little bit more clean than that?

- What's up, bro?
- You all good?

- Yeah, man.

- How are you?
How's the deck?

- Yeah, it's okay for now.

- I've just been helping...

- How's the chefing side going?

- Yeah, it's all right, mate.

- If you've got time,
it's like the deck floors

and all that sh--,
you know.

- Yeah, I'll try.

- I trust you, mate,
just whatever you can do.

- I'd rather be inside away
from joao

than near him listening
to bullsh--.

- Yep.
- Cool. I'll see you, bro.

- Sorry.
I'm taking over.

- Just the dryer.
- You just doing the dryer?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Colin just has that
personality where it feels like

you can trust him and
he won't say anything.

And I don't know that about
him, if he does or doesn't.

- If you have
any questions, just ask.

- Just the sweetest guy,
you know.

He's so genuine.

- Everyone here is super cool.
- Yeah, it shows.

- And you're gonna
piss your pants

'cause everyone's so funny.
- Okay.

- All right?
- Yeah, you've made me laugh.

There you go.
- Yeah.

- Well, maybe I might just
relax for a little bit.

- This should be good.

- Do you wanna leave
them right over here?

- What's that? Thank you.

- Okay?
- Yep.

- So I'm gonna pop you
down into cabins tonight

and then I'll get aesha
to like run up and down, okay?

- What is it?

- Your randy russian love doll

with three horny
love holes.

- For her son's birthday,

the primary would like
blow-up dolls as a joke.

- Are we supposed to blow
these up with the pump?

- No, with your mouth.

- There's eight of them
and two dolls,

so you do the math.

- If one of the things
winds up missing, you know,

it's in jack's room.

- The first time I've ever
opened a sex doll box.

Where's even his love holes?

Oh, I would like your
penis in my vagina!

- Oh, god!

- Coming up...

- Think the plan is the beach
picnic lunch about two.

- Or we can go sooner.
That would be great.

- I didn't have enough time
to make this work.

Everybody wants to go.
Can we get off?

We gotta go.

- All right. Come with me.

- Let's take this one
and just see,

because that one's
a smaller one.

- The temperature's good,
flavor's good. Perfect.

- Yeah. Thank you.

- Did you just
pull them through?

- Yeah.
You want them straight?

- Yeah. Thanks.

Place mat is like
at the edges.

- Big fork? Little fork?
Or the little fork, big...

- You know...That's right,
that's right.

I feel like I need
to take her under my wing

and kind of show her
how things are done.

hannah's probably gonna

come down quite hard on her.

- Little forks downstairs?

- No, we'll save them
for desert. Thank you.

- Oh, this is so gorgeous.

- You like it?
- I love it.

- Should we go up there?
- Okay.

- Okay, some of them are up.

I'm gonna start
water service, okay?

- Great. I'm plating.

- Thank you.

- Would you like
still or sparkling water?

- Sparkling with ice.
- I have my crown on.

- Did I put it on right?
- How is that?

- Oh, my gosh,
it's so beautiful.

- Amazing.

- That looks like
a prolapsed asshole.

- Make it a match
made in heaven?

Has she said anything
about like

trying to kiss her
the other day?

- Nah.

- Are you gonna try again?

- Full bloody double date?
- What if the girls say no?

- We wouldn't be the first
people to be shot down.

- We're gonna look stupid.

- Each chief stew has their
own way of doing things,

how you make the bed, where the
pillows go, if you flatten them.

They show you everything.

- Hi, honeypie.
How you doing?

You okay?
- Yeah.

I just have questions.

How many towels do
we put in each room?

- Hannah must be pretty
busy right now

because I didn't get
that tonight.

- Copy. Sorry.
- No, you go.

- How's she going down there?
- Yeah, good.

- Yeah?
- What she's done is good.

- Could you girls maybe see
if any edges need to be cleaned?

- They don't.
- You're fine.

- I'm starting to
become more comfortable

with the idea of being chef.

But I still feel like I have
to answer to hannah.

I don't have this arrogance

and I think
that's working well for us.

They're done.
- Sweet.

- Thank you, babe.

- Here comes dinner.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Smells delicious.

- For your main course
this evening,

you have lamb lollipops
on a red cabbage slaw

with fingerling potatoes and
mint and dill yogurt dressing.

Bon appetit.
- Yogurt sauce?

- Yeah, I like this.
- I like the sauce, yeah.

- Perfect.
- Delicious.

- It is yummy.

It probably is better
than the mint jelly.

Now it's perfect.

- They said it's
absolutely delicious.

- Now I just have
to cut this cake.

- Hey, no horsing
around around the cake.

- Yeah, good, came clear.

- Can I help with anything?

- How you doing?
You all done?

- So good.
- So good.

[ laughter ]

- what's up with
this little fella,

how come he didn't get cooked?

- Anastasia, I'm all clear,
so we can light the candles.

- And we're all singing, eh?
- Yep.

- All crew, all crew,
could you help in the main salon

with the sex dolls so we can
get rid of your dignity?

- Coming.

- I've had some really
strange things

requested on preference sheets.

But I've never had
a request for blow-up dolls.

But the fact that
she's giving it to her stepson

on his birthday
in front of his wife,

like my stepmother
usually just gets me

a bottle of wine and
some chocolates.

- ? happy birthday to you ?

[ laughing ]

? happy birthday to you ?

- look at the dolls!

- That's supposed to be
me and steve?

- Not big enough.

- Oh, my gosh!
- Have a cake.

- Enjoy, guys.

Jesus, those people are crazy!

- Woo!

- All right.
'night, guys.

- I just need one
bite of something.

I'm so hungry, hannah.

- Did you have some dinner?
- Mm-mm.

- Turn it around.
I wanna see the back.

- Oh, my god!
- Whoa!

- What is that?
What is that?

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Oh, jacqueline.
- Goodnight.

- Have a good sleep.
- Thank you.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Jack?

- Let's just clear
everything up, babe.

- Girls, girls. Trav.

Can hannah and aesha
please come to the bridge?

- Copy.

- What's happening, lassies?

- Nothing much.
What do you guys want?

- Why am I here?

- Me and trav wanted
to ask you two...

If aesha, would you like
to go on a date with me?

- Coming up...
- Getting heavier.

- Oh, my god.

- Where did she put
the plastic cutlery?

- I don't know.
- Are you ----ing kidding me?

- Me and trav wanted
to ask you two...

If aesha, would you like
to go on a date with me?

[ laughs ]

- oh, that's the sweetest thing!
I wanna cry!

- Is that a yes?

- Go on a date with you!

- The other idea was that
I was meant to ask you

on a date as well
because I want to.

And I was a total
----head the other night.

- Oh, travis.

- I had a couple beers in
and just near cracked on...

- Come here. You're fine.

This is nice and fun,
the way I like it

and the way it
should be on boats.

Sure, we'll go on a double date.
- Yeah!

- Like I don't think travis is
gonna catch feelings, you know?

Such a dirty word, feelings.

- It's gonna
be proper romantic.

- Oh, no one's asked
me on a date that cute ever.

Oh, they're so cute!

So thoughtful.

- All right, cool.
I'm glad that's done.

- Hey.

Dude, I woke up so hungry.

Past boats, we've always
had a scheduled time to eat.

On this boat, no one's
telling me anything.

I understand everybody's busy,
but I am just starving.

I had a piece of cake.
- Okay.

- All right, I'm going to bed.

- What's up, jane?
- Oh, hey.

- What's going on?

- Good.

- No.

- Good morning.
Can I get you anything?

- Okay, you can start
hauling the anchor.

- Captain sandy, the tender
is ready to tow.

- Very good, sir.

How many shackles
are onboard?

- You only have one left
in the water, captain.

I have it on low speed so I
don't break anything this time.

- Okay, but when you have
two people, high speed.

- I'm on top of that, cap.

I'm definitely more cautious

when it comes to
lifting the anchor now.

Oh, [bleep] me.
- Holy sh--.

- I'd just rather
be safe than sorry.

Anchor is at home.

- Rise and shine!
- Rise and shine.

- This is how we wake up,
like this.

- Top of the morning to you.

- Um, stew?
- Yes?

- I hate unhealthy

Can you maybe boil
some of the quail eggs?

- Yeah, definitely.

- It seems to me like once I try
something, like everyone else...

- Everyone else, yes.

- I don't know if
I'm a trendsetter or what.

I started using fanny packs
like 10 years ago.

- Fanny packs are great.
- Now they're in style.

I feel like I started
the trend, though.

- Stop, please. Stop talking.

Okay, yeah, definitely
I'll have all those things

up there for you.

- Everyone can have pancakes.
- Perfect.

- Breakfast can be
brought up whenever...

- Will you help me?
- Yeah.

- Thank you, dear.

- Having croissants in France.

- Okay, let's go.

- Oh, my god.
Thank you so much.

- Man, I was
hungry this morning.

- Here. You want some butter?
- That's the bomb.

- Just a fork, spoon and knife?

- Bring extra just in case.
- Yeah.

So what time is break?
Like lunchbreak?

And do you guys do tea breaks?
[ hiccups ]... And all that?

- I've never been in eze

and we've got a sh--load
of stuff to carry.

It's gonna be very challenging.

At least I can trust colin.

- I love her breakfast.
- Oh.

- It was amazing.
- Thank you.

- She looked very happy
with them quail eggs.

- Oh, good.

- The guest said
please tell anastasia

that her breakfast
was delicious.

- Thank you.

- Can we just wipe
off things together?

- Oh, yeah, sure.

- Oh, my god!

- We haven't even been
on one date yet

and this is how we're just gonna
live the rest of our lives.

- Jack and colin,
you'll get anchors, eh?

- Yeah, yeah, just give me a
shout and I'll mosey up there.

- Good morning, gorgeous.
- Good morning, baby.

- What time did they have
breakfast, 10?

- 10:30.

- Hey.
- Hello. How you doing?

- Good. All the rooms are done.

- Sweet.
- Yeah.

- You excited to go to eze?
- Yeah.

- Did aesha tell you about
packing for the picnic?

- Tell me about it?
- Yeah.

Just like...I don't know.
Everything's good.

That's all I'm saying.
Everything's good.

- I'm hoping it's just
starting a new job jitters.

But there's something
strange about her energy.

- All right,
I'll go shove this down...

- Sweet.

- Deck crew, you can go ahead
and drop the port anchor.

We're gonna do
a three in the water.

- You're three in, cap.

- It just grabbed. I felt it.
We're good.

- So we'll quickly get to
the jet skis and tender aft.

- Joao, joao, hannah?
- Go ahead.

- Who are you taking
on the picnic?

- Myself and colin.
- Okay.

I'm sending aesha and June.

The guests are having lunch
at 2:00, so go at 1:30.

- Copy.

- We wanna pack up everything
for the beach?

- Yeah, yeah.

- How's it going back here?
- Hi. Good.

- Hello.

I think the plan is
we'll get you guys

in the tender about 1:00.

- What time is it now?
- 11:30.

- Or we can go earlier
because we might want to stop

by the beach too like after eze.

- Uh...
- So you prefer to leave at 12?

- That would be great.

- We went from having
an hour and a half to set up

to 20 minutes?

Like I don't have enough
time to make this work.

- Let me look into that, okay?
- Oh.

- Coming up...
- We're bringing chairs too?

- Everything for you.
- Oh, my god.

- This isn't an easy walk.

- Oh...
- You all right?

- Yeah.
- We're almost there.

- This is bullsh--!
- I'm dying!

- If we can go sooner,
that would be great.

- Okay.
So you prefer to leave at 12?

- Yeah.
- Let me look into that, okay?

- There's so many pieces we need
to organize in this puzzle.

And I went from
having an hour and a half

to do it to 20 minutes.

- Merci beaucoup.
- De rien.

- What's the earliest time
you can have lunch?

- I can try for 12:30.
- Okay.

Deck crew, deck crew, can
we get the tender arranged?

The guests would like
to go to shore.

- Copy. We'll be
about 20 minutes.

- Okay, copy that.
Thank you.

- What sort of things do I need?

- There's gonna be
a quinoa salad.

And then there's
gonna be paninis.

- Start pulling.

- Can you fill this up
with beers and waters?

- Mm-hmm.

[ speaking french ]

- if we could have
the drivers on standby

at about five past 12?

- Get in there. Set it up.
- In the tender?

- Yes.
- I need to bake a chicken.

- She's in the kitchen.
- Yeah, we gotta go.

- Everybody wants to go.
Can we get off?

- Yes.

Um, okay.

- So we need to get all this
sh-- to the aft deck.

- Yep.
- Do it, baby!

- So we're gonna take
the guests first?

Is that right?

- Yes. I'll go up with them.

And colin's gonna come back
and start loading the stuff.

- Let's just
get the food, drinks

and all the sh--
in there in one, okay?

- Perfect.

- So you ready to go?

- I wanna get on.
- Okay, perfect.

- So we can go, right?

- Careful, careful.
Big guy!

- Much fun, and have
lots of cocktails for me.

- Bye you guys!
- Bye.

- See you!
- Bye, everyone!

- So it's knives,
forks, napkins,

salt, pepper, olive oil,
balsamic? Okay, cool.

- How long on the food, honey?
- 10 minutes.

- Where's the trampoline?
- Trampoline as well.

- Everything.

If the guests don't use it,
that's because

they don't choose to, but they
always need that option.

- Yeah.

- Okay?
It's a pleasure.

- Colin, start
loading everything up.

- Oh, my gosh!
Thank god for air conditioning!

- It's hot out there.

- You in?
- Yep.

- These four, no tomato.
- Okay.

- And then these
toasted nuts are meant

to go on top of the salad.

- We're here!
- Ooh, that ride.

- Oh, my gosh.
- I'm so excited, I'm gonna cry.

- About 2:15, we'll meet
at the top of eze.

- Okay, great.
- Fantastic. Have a great time.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

- We'll see you later.
- Thanks, hannah.

- This should do
a pretty good job.

- Captain sandy,
captain sandy, colin.

- Go ahead.

- Hey, cap, I'd really
love it if I could get,

you know, more hands the better
just so I can do this quickly.

- Yeah. Travis and jack,
can you guys go help him?

- I think we do it
on the dock.

A table, tablecloth.

- I can come out.

- Yeah, thanks for
the help, guys.

I have tablecloths
and everything?

- And we have
the peppers and lemons?

- Yes.
- Those two.

- So strong.

- Do we have alcohol?

- Yeah, you've got
the two eski's there.

- I've been to eze, and
it's a little bit of a walk

once you get up there.

But four people
should be more than enough.

- All right, cool.
- Have fun.

Call me if you need anything.

- Beautiful!
- Look at the bell above us!

- Now do we know
which way to go?

- We want these.

- The ladies are
absolutely killing it.

- Slightly pressed for time.

Let's carry whatever we can.

- We have to go that way
to go to eze.

- Down that little street?
- Yeah.

- All right, go back down.

- I know this is the way
to the top.

- We need to go that way.
- I don't think so, but...

- That's really
a long way, guys.

- We're lost in eze.

- All crew left onboard sirocco,
get into their swim gear.

I have a surprise for you.
- [bleep] yeah, bitch.

- We can start our crew
training day

to know how to better use
the equipment for the guests.

- Lovely.

[ laughs ]

- oh my god I'm so excited.

- When we're on charter
and we have a moment

where we can all get
in the water together,

I call it training,
and I'm pumped!

- Yay!

- Oh, my god!

- But everybody
will get their turn.

I will always take care
of the crew.

- To the very top
of the mountain!

- Oh, it's slippery.

- Oh, my god!

- Oh!

I'm starting to realize
this isn't an easy walk.

Am I doing it?
[ laughs ]

it reminds me of
the picnic last season.

- You do a lot of climbing.

- How come we don't have
a shopping trolley or something?

- It is a hike.

- Oh...
- You all right?

- Yeah.
- We're almost there.

- I shouldn't have
wore flip-flops.

I take pride in my work.

I don't know which way.

Having the picnic
be absolutely perfect

is something that
I want to do for them.

It's just what
the job is about.


- Oh, [bleep]
- I'm dying.

- Woo!

- This is bullsh--.

- Oh, my god, you're
bringing chairs too?

- Everything for you.

- Oh, my god.
I can't believe that!

- Okay.

- Aesha?
Do one of you want to come?

Just grab an eski.
There's one more trip.

- Colin, get in front of me
if you're moving quicker.

- June, June, aesha?

- Go for June.

- Where did she put
the plastic cutlery?

- Plastic cutlery?
Where's the plastic cutlery?

- I don't know.
They packed it.

- It's not in either
of the bags.

Can you guys have a check?

- I'm gonna go to the van,
all right?

There's nothing in the van.

- Are you ----ing kidding me?

We're stuck at eze
with no cutlery

and I've got
hungry charter guests.

This is the main thing we need.
This is so annoying.

Oh, ----ing hell.

- Excuse me.

- Are you guys ready?

We are so high up.

- Next, on "below deck med"...
- Woo-hoo!

- We did it!

- Not a big deal.
- It is a big deal.

- It's not a big deal.
- It is a big deal.

- He's gonna see someone
he really doesn't want

to ----ing see.

- June, June, hannah?

June, June, hannah?

The least she could do
is answer her walkie.

- June, June, hannah?

- June, hannah?
[ snoring ]

- will you guys give me a hug?
- What's up, babe?

- I'm so sick.

- What's that orange sh--?
- Sea urchins.

These guys are requesting
some weird sh--.

- Sea urchins taste like
a nursing baby's poop.

- Have you got a boyfriend?
- Yeah, uh...

- Just tell me
the ----ing truth! That's fine!

Oh, hon...

Is she okay?

- Why's she crying.
- She's sick.