Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Definitely Not Prague - full transcript

On the season finale, the Talisman crew pull out all the stops to end the season on a high note. Hannah picks a fight with Joao and Brooke, causing the mild mannered Brooke to fight back. ...

- Previously, this season

- Previously, this season
on "Below Deck Med".

- Naples is
a big superyacht marina.

- Hello.

- What's scaring me is people
who join yachting after me

have already left
and have kids.

- Hannah seemed to be

- Yeah.
- Where are my nuts?

- Can you go get
some nuts immediately?

- This steak is like
cold, cold, cold.

- I ----ing hate these people.

- Shut your mouth
and you do your job.

- Don't- don't talk to me
like that.

[Kasey burps]
- She's seasick.

- This is the first time
I'm working on a huge boat.

- I'm in the middle
of a ----ing season

with a stewardess who
doesn't know how to make

a ----ing coffee.

I want her to get the (BLEEP)
off this boat.

- Kasey's attractive.

Brooke is attractive.

Who's gonna flirt with me
the most?

- Hannah, are you okay?

- They love watching
professionals do their job.

- Oh!
- Ladies, enjoy.

If there's anyone that I need
to impress is Sandy.

- We have Kenny and Amber.

- No onions!

- I cleansed my sins.

I'm not gonna let up now.

- It's okay.
- I hate it.

- You're sick.
You didn't ask to be sick.

Is Hannah back?
- I haven't seen anyone.

- You actually think
what you did is okay?

That's the most disturbing
part for me.

- Yes, I do think it's okay
for me to be with guests

who have come back--
- We won't work together.

- We're done.

- Hannah sees herself
as the boat concierge,

and you need to be
a bit more hands on.

I feel like you're taking
advantage of me.

- I thought it went
over the edge.

- Talk about materialistic.
- Excuse me?

- I'm not asking for a (BLEEP)
juggling (BLEEP) like you.

- Respect the ----ing women,
you prick.

[glass shatters]
- Sorry.

- I just wish she could see
what a douchebag this guy is.

- Kill me now.

- The fact you are digging
for money,

and I do not want this.

- Last and final
preference sheet meeting.

Clint Harkins, primary guest,
and two beautiful daughters.

- To Zimbabwe?

- Say it. Say it.

[foghorn blows]

[upbeat music]


- That night?

- Say it.

I feel guilty
that I was flirting

with Kasey at that stage,

but I didn't ask for Kasey
to get up.

I didn't ask for Brooke
to sit down.

- But when I kissed Brooke
it all made sense.

But before then
nothing made sense.

- Would've been me?
Would this be us right now?


[upbeat music]


- Morning.
- How are you?

- How are you?
- Okay, anchor up.

- Two shackles now.

Anchor home.

- Getting ready.
- Yeah.


- I finally got all
my flat sh-- arranged.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

- One of the most
expensive holidays

that I'm never gonna have.

- How much more
did it cost you?
- 420.

- It was like just
a change in flight?

- Yeah.

[timid music]

Italy to England
is pretty easy,

so I don't think
he's taken into account

the fact that
I'm going to Australia

and I've moved a lot of stuff
to do this.

- Cannot put this
completely on me

because we were both
going there.

- Yeah, and you canceled.

- Yes. I did.
- So I can put it on you

'cause it was on you.
- Whatever, I give up.

Doesn't matter.

- If you were a gentleman,
then you probably would have

offered to pay for half,

- Keep dreaming.
- Douche.

- Captain Sandy,
anchor is ready to drop.

Dropping two shackles, Cap--
dropping two shackles.

- Okay, lock it off at two.

- Locking off
at two shackles, Cap.

- Ah, brie cheese.

- Oh, hi.

- Did you not get the memo
that we were rolling out of
bed in our jams?

- This is what I rolled
out of bed in.


- Deck crew,
launch the water toys.

- Copy.
- Wah.

- So you looking forward
to our night off?

- Yeah, I'm looking
forward to it.

I'm looking forward to going
home, I'll tell ya that.

- Canceled your trip or--
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Okay.
- Canceled that.


[coughing, chuckling]

- We're gonna put
on our bathing suits?

- Is that what you're gonna do?

- Yeah, we're getting
in the water.

- Lunch is served.


- Ah!

- Hold on, I got ya.


[laid-back electronic music]

- Pretty.
- Aren't those pretty?

- Yes, go. Come on.
Why not?

- No, I need like
a lesson though.

- What you do is you
just "wang" it.

As you jump off you--
- Tuck your legs.

- Tuck your legs in
and they'll go.

- Why you trying
to get him killed?

- I don't understand.

- Totally gonna nail this.
- Yeah, yeah.

[all laughing]

Right where you are. Go.

- Yeah, buddy!
- Do it.


[upbeat music]

- ♪ Yee-hee ♪
- It's the last time

I'm ever gonna do
a table on this boat.

- Not sure this dress
allows me to walk very...

- Oh, that's all right.
You can go slowly.

- Rapidly.

[playful music]

- There she is.
- Oh.

- Press the button.

- Glad you could make it.

- I was busy
getting roped up

to get my outfit together.

- These guests have nothing
to say to each other,

but I'm not sure if I was
looking at a woman

who was the same age as me
that was banging my dad

I'd have a lot to say
to her either.

There's nothing in there.

- Oh, sh--, I just realized.

It's the wrong glass.
Thank you.


- Adam, Adam, Hannah, water,
wine, bread service complete.

- Yoo.

These first two can go.
- Okay.

- O-M-G. This is like
the tightest dress ever.


[door opens]

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- I just wanted to
come explain to you

what you're
about to eat here.

That tomato coulis
down at the base there

is really the key component,

and there's nothing else
added to that.

It is just tomatoes.

- Thank you.
- I love the sauce.

- Yeah.
- It's really good.

- I'm using bread
with the sauce.
- Wow.

- Yeah, I know.

- I just want you
to savor it.

- Bad timing?

I don't think Joao
has changed at all.

The way he's treating Brooke
right now

and telling another girl

this whole time
he's had feelings for her.

I wouldn't want to be
that girl.

They're both lying
to themselves

and to each other.

- Sorry.

- Coming up...
- I actually think

you're a sexist
----ing pig.

- Thank God I'm not
in that taxi.

- (BLEEP) off.
- Oh, you (BLEEP) off.

I don't give
a (BLEEP) anymore.

[upbeat music]

- Thank you, Hannah.
- You're welcome.


- They liked that course.

Deck crew, could you come
do the upper pantry bin

when you have a sec, please?
- Copy that. I'm on my way.

- Adam, Adam, Hannah,
all plates are cleared.

- This is the Hannah
that I like.

This is the Hannah
that I would hire again.

- Final savory course
of the season.

- Good?

- Thank you.

- There we are.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- This is swordfish.

some dill,
little bit of lemon.

There's some potatoes
and some more tomatoes

'cause that's the thing
around here.

- Yeah, we love it.
- I love some tomatoes.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy.

- Thank you so much.
- Very good.

- Wow.
- Yeah, that's really good.

- Delicious.


- All crew, all crew,
tomorrow we are anchoring

off Sorrento
where the guests will depart

at 11:00 a.m.
- Okay, copy that.

- Last night of covers!

- Yeah, let's go.

- Whew, it's chilly up here.

- Oh, it's cold.

- Little butterfly.

- You have bugs in your hair.

- You need one too.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Do you guys
need anything?

- I think we're done.
- No.

Can I have whatever I was
having in this glass?

- Yes, of course.

- Bye.
- Thank you, Hannah.

- So you're the last glass.

- No.

- Aren't you going on a trip
with Joao after this? Or no?

- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah?
Where you guys going?

- Florence.
- That's cool.

That's exciting. Yeah?
- Yeah.

It'll be really nice.
- Cool.

Should I have told Brooke
how I felt

towards her earlier?
Yeah, definitely.

You know, kinda rips my heart
out a little bit,

but she deserves everything,

and she's one
of the sweetest people

I've ever met in my life.

- Bye, Daddy.
- See you girls.

- Love you.

- Oh, everyone left?

Oh, I'll go--I'll go sit
over here with "derm."

- Wine, that's what.
- Yep.

Whoa! This is very hard.


- I tried to wake her up.

It's not happening.
- She's not waking up?

- No.
- Oh, shame.

- Yeah. Um...
- We need to get her
to bed though.

- Ash. Hey, Ash.

- Uh...
- We have to go
'cause of safety.

- Ash, come on.

- I know, come on.

- Ash. Ash.
- Come on.

- I...

- Ash.

- I should feel embarrassed
for this woman...

- Ow.

- ...but I'm actually
just ----ing jealous.

There you go.

I want to be drunk
and wasted

and falling
all over the place.

And we're going this way.
- Yep.

- Yep.

- Oh, my God.

- One more.
Come on.

One more.
One more.

- I do it...
- Come on.

- Good.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Have a good sleep here.

[uplifting guitar music]


Today, I'm an optimist.

- But Mommy I don't want to go
to school today.


- That's for you guys.
- Thank you.

- Are you sad this
is the last day?

- Well, I really would
like a bed that's bigger

than my pinkie toe.
- I am psyched!

I'm just gonna face-plant
in my bed,

and do like bed angels.

- Deck crew,
pull the anchor up.

- Aye, copy that, Captain.

[anchor whirring]

Anchor's at home, Captain.

- How'd you sleep?

- I hear you were out
up there?

- Very tired.
- Exhausted.

[upbeat music]


- Adam, is this all ready?

- Yeah, all the platters.

Would you like
some orange juice, Emily?

- Sure.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Who's getting lit tonight?
- You guys.

- Who's got two thumbs
and blacking out?

This guy.
[both laughing]


- You're happy, aren't you?

- I'm gonna go home and offer
to do my own laundry now,

but I don't think my mom's
gonna let me.


- Any time you need
a reference, call me.

[Kasey muttering]
- I have lots of contacts.

Okay? And I'll happily
put you forward for anything.

- Thank you so much.
- Okay?

- I appreciate that.
- You're welcome, darling.

- I hate to say it
but we have to leave.

- I'm gonna live here.

- Deck crew, deck crew,
I'm ready to drop anchor.

- Two shackles in, Cap,
two shackles in.

- We're good.
- [indistinct] Cap.

- The crew, from where we
started to where we are today,

on a scale from one to ten,
we were a two

and finished on a ten.

I feel so proud
to call them my crew.

All crew, all crew,
we're doing a departure

from the boat at 11:00
in the main salon.

- Ah, deck crew, copy.

[upbeat electronic music]



- Hi.
- Hi. Thank you.

- Take care.

Thank you so much.
Take care.

- Thank you so much
for everything.

[overlapping chatter]

- Thanks for the boat driving.

- Thank you, Hannah.
- You're welcome.

- I know!
Thank you.

- You guys, we could not have
asked for a better time.

Everything was wonderful.
Captain Sandy--

- We couldn't do it
without you.

- Yeah, thank you
for getting us

where we were going safely.
- Thank you.

- We had such a wonderful time.
- It was a pleasure.

- We enjoyed it.
- Enjoy Sorrento.

- Thank you.

- Yay!
- Thank you.


- I feel like I should have
joined in on that one but--

- Have fun!
- It's done.

- We are gonna turn
this boat around,

and we are gonna give it
back even better

than we received it, okay?
- Cool.

- Copy.
- Thank you.

Let's go get changed.
- Uh, T-shirts?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah!

- Deck crew, deck crew.
Pull the anchor up.

We're heading to Naples.

- Copy that.

Yeah, boy.
Anchor's at home, Cap.

Everything's good up here.
- Copy.

- I'm gonna go do
the silverware.

Let's just smash this out.
- 'Kay.

- I think that tip with that
last one was really good.

- That's like 1, 2 per person.

[pump whirring]
- Deck crew, deck crew.

We're like a mile out,

so you can go ahead
and get your fenders down.

- Copy. For lead,
did you copy that?

- Copy.

- Do you want a hand, Jamie?

- No, you just sit
and look pretty.

- I'm not doing that today.

- Our last time docking
this boat.

- You got about 20 more meters
until you're in line.

Six meters to the dock.

'Kay, Sandy,
if you can hold it there

I got one meter and a half
to the dock.

Tie it off there.
Bring it up.

- Well done, Conrad.

I'm impressed.
- I know!

It was our last one
as well.

- Brooke.
- Hannah.

- Do you want to come with me?
- Where?

- Just to have
a little glass of wine

on the bow in the sunshine.
- Yeah.

I am skeptical
about this sudden change

in Hannah towards me.

- Cheers, darlin'.
Happy last day.

- Cheers.
It's been such a long journey.

- You're sad, aren't you?
- A little bit, yeah.

It's the people
that I think...

- Boat romance.

- I really, really do like him.

- I would quite happily put
my entire charter seasons tips

on the fact that
he'll (BLEEP) you over.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

[dramatic music]

- Coming up...
- In a couple of hours

you ain't gonna see
that girl again.

- I'm not the type of girl
that lets it slide.

You want to
(BLEEP) with me?

I'll (BLEEP) with you
ten times harder.

[laid-back music]

- I really, really
do like him.

- I would quite happily put
my entire charter seasons tips

on the fact that
he'll (BLEEP) you over.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- I wish that Hannah
would just accept

how I feel and respect
my decisions.

I want her to stop
making it about her.

It's about me
and my happiness,

and as my friend
she should support that.

- Maybe he won't.

- Time will tell, babe.

Okay, let's get back to work.

- Mm-kay.
- [grunts]

[upbeat music]


- It feels like
I'm going through all

the physical stages
of a breakup.

[champagne cork pops]

- Where is everybody?

Do you want your cash?

- Yay!
- Oh, my gosh.

The last one, yeah.

- Whoo!

- We won
because nobody got fired.

A few were close.

[light laughter]

Nobody killed each other.

- A few were close.
- A few were close.


- From the very start,

some of you
didn't know anything.

Overall, I think,
from the food,

to the table,
to the service...

and to the deck,

I feel very proud
to say I'm your captain,

and you guys did
an amazing job.

Okay, total tip money
we've made:


Total season: $143,500.

Better than last season.

Cheers, everybody.
- Cheers.

- Whoo!
- We made it.

- Whew.
- And tonight,

I'm gonna go to dinner
with you.

- Hey!
- So we could celebrate.

Here's your cash.
- Yeah. Thank you.

- Cheers, everybody.
- Cheers!

- Cheers!
- Thank you.


- This is the last day.
- I know.

- Come cuddle me, please.

- I know that I have flaws,
but Brooke accepts my flaws.

You know, it brings me
so much closer to her,

and I'm excited to see
where this goes.

- Are you excited for tonight?
- Yeah.

I've been in such
a good mood.

I just hope no one
messes it up.

- Gotta love France.

- Hi.

- Jesus, she's
the fourth one up here.

I want to pop the bottle.
- Oh, hey.

- Hey.
- Everyone ready?

- Yeah.

[small pop]
- Ah-- oh...


- Yay.
- So glad we let you open it.

- Yay, yachting.
- Guys, cheers

to an epic season and one
I will never forget.

- Cheers guys!
- Whoo!

- I have a present.
I have a rap.

- [gasps]
- Hopefully it's funny.

It's really mean, so...

don't- don't take it
seriously. All right.

♪ All crew, all crew,
mic check one, two ♪

♪ You know I wrote this final
rhyme from me to you ♪

♪ Now Adam you're my boy
but I'm looking
a little thinner ♪

♪ Maybe that's because you
never make us any dinner ♪

♪ Now when I first met Brooke
she was really, really shy ♪

♪ Now all she likes to do is
get drunk and cry ♪

♪ Now Hannah you're my girl
and I'm sorry about Prague ♪

♪ But every time you
find your prince ♪

♪ He wants to turn
back into a frog ♪

♪ Now Kasey you get sick
and don't know how to
use a broom ♪

♪ that's why we stick you
in the laundry room ♪

♪ Now, Joao ordered some shots
but give me a sec ♪

♪ I'm gonna stand back, relax,
and see you be a train wreck ♪

♪ Jamie, you're a guy,
a dude, a bro ♪

♪ So maybe you should stick
with that Tinder flow ♪

♪ Now when you go
your separate ways ♪

♪ Don't be afraid
to give me a shout ♪

♪ I love all, everybody,
God bless-- I'm out ♪

[cheers and applause]

- To Colin!

- To Colin!

- Are we ready?

- Ooh!

- At the end
of the charter season,

I love taking the crew out
for dinner.

It's just to show
my appreciation,

and they can relax around me.

- Please do not let me
argue with Hannah tonight.

Okay, right, I got Colin
opposite me.

- Okay.
- And I got Adam to my right.

As long as I'm not
in with Hannah

I'm quite happy.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

- Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Let me out, let me out.

- Everyone knows their place.

- Oh, wow, this place
is beautiful.

[both laughing]

- No, no, move one, move one.

Colin, Colin, get on the end.

Everything's gonna go
smoothly tonight.

No arguments, no drama.

And even if there is,
I'm far enough away from it

not to even care.

- Thank you.
- Hi.

- Oh.
[both laughing]

- Oh sh--.

- Can I get the fish?

- The risotto, please.

- What is your, like,

best moment on charter?

- Sh--.

- My best moment
was this charter.

Everyone worked together

And I know as our last charter
we all learned

each other by that point,
but it was still... perfect.

- Agreed.

- She doesn't remember
off charter.


- Thank you.
- That looks delicious.

- Conrad, what's next for you?


[tense music]


- Coming up...
- My whole plan for the night

was to avoid Hannah.

Just to hide.
Hope it works.

- Conrad?

- Conrad, what's next for you?


- I don't know.
I'm still on the edge.

- To every one of you,
it's been a pleasure,

and I just hope wherever
your life takes you

that you follow your dreams.
That's it. Cheers.

- Sandy is
a very special person.

She really wants
the best for you,

so I'll stick with her
as long as I can.

- Thank you.
- Cheers, Captain, thank you.

- Cheers, mate.
- Cheers.

- Bye, Sandy.
- Bye.

- See you later.
- Bye, Sandy.

- I'm going to have a look
at the view.

- Not a bad view, eh?
Yeah, you?

- ----ing awesome, man.
- Not a bad view, eh.

- I just want to clear the air

just one last time, you
took it out of the park.

Honestly, you really did.
Again, I apologize.

I think it was just
a misunderstanding.

- It was, it was.

- And you made
a big difference.

- I hate confrontation.
- Yeah.

- And that's something I'm
gonna have lessons after this.

I'm gonna go somewhere
and have a course in it.

- That's amazing.
I could literally

work with all you guys again

- Mm, I completely agree.

- Cheers, man.

- I've had quite the journey
with Joao.

He showed me something
that I need

to grow myself:
my management skills.

I do.
I know I do.

So, I'm gonna take
the positives away
from that one.

- Is that bitch serious?

She wants to bring up Prague

while she's banging the
most sexist pig on the boat?

- Jesus Christ, Hannah needs
to keep her voice down.

- I've just been through
so much sh--

with this whole
Prague situation.

I'm burnt enough.
- In a couple of hours,

you ain't gonna see
that girl again.

- What's going on?

- They're talking
about your Prague comment.

- Oh, (BLEEP). Great.
- Chased her home by the way.

- I couldn't help myself.

I was joking
for (BLEEP) sake.


- Like, that was mean.
- A little bit.

A little bit.
- At least I have you, Jamie.

I feel like with Brooke,

she likes to play
the sweet innocent girl,

but right now, I kinda feel
like I should be

reaching for the knife
in my back.


- Right, guys,
should we get out of here?

- Whoo!
- Let's head off.

- That was lovely.
- Let's go!


- Get in.
- [blows raspberry]

- Why is my life
so dramatic?

- Aww.


- Of course she
doesn't feel the same.

- Why doesn't she feel
the same?

- 'Cause she thinks you're
a ----ing jackoff.

- Oh, that's nice.
Oh, God, this is gonna be bad.

- So I wonder what dramas are
going in that taxi currently.

- Really, Brooke?
This is the man you're gonna...

- It doesn't work that way.
- Yes, it does work that way.

- She's having
a full-on go at him.

Thank God I'm not
in that taxi!

- You know what?
- Tell me.

- I actually think you're
a sexist ----ing pig.

- You've told me
that three times now.

- Joao's just wildin'
her up for you

when you get back.
- Going straight to bed.

- Okay, let me know
how that works out.

- Okay, get the (BLEEP)
out this van.

- I'm definitely
not climbing over you.

I'm sexist and I'm whatever.

Oh, she climbs on top of me.
Oh, my God.

Jesus Christ.
Good chat.

Glad we sorted that out.

- Right,
see you ----ers later on.

[both laughing]

- He's lost his ----ing mind.

- Can you see why
this puts me in such

[Hannah sighs]
- a ----ing awkward position?

- That went tense.
- What does that mean?

In a good way?
- No. Dreadfully bad.

- I'm sure you and Hannah
were yelling.

- No, no, not a single
yelling word from my side.

- Oh, really?
- I'm a sexist pig.

- Everybody else
is totally fine with him.

- Who's fine with him?
- Everybody.

- Are you serious?
- Who on the boat dislikes him?

- Colin.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.

They don't dislike
each other.

Him and Conrad have turned
a corner.

- Oh, honey, don't even go
there with me.

Jamie doesn't like him.
I don't like him.

- He's a nice guy.
- Oh, sweetheart.

- He's opinionated as (BLEEP).
- Okay, so what?

- He's intelligent,
he's had a ----ing hard life,

he's hardworking.
- Let me know

when I can
----ing check out

because I'm sick of hearing
this ----ing sh--

about someone who told me
to eat a bag of dicks.

- But Hannah--
- Swallow a bag of (BLEEP).

- He was absolutely hammered.
- (BLEEP) off, Brooke.

With all due respect,
(BLEEP) off.

If you want to sit here
and ----ing defend him

for calling me a slut,
(BLEEP) off.

- You (BLEEP) off.
I don't give a (BLEEP) anymore.

I'm so over this.

It never had to be a case
of her or him.

It never had to be that way,
but she's made it that way,

and if she wants to play
that game, then it's him,

you're being a bitch.


- Ugh.
- That ----ing bitch.

- Really?
So you bring up Prague?

- I was ----ing
messing around.

- It's hilarious, right?

- Have a sense of humor,

- I know.
It's ----ing hilarious.

- You brought it up
as a joke.

- Mm-hmm.

Then we good.

- Oh, (BLEEP) off.
I'm ----ing--

I'm ----ing sick of you.
[door slams]

Don't ----ing talk to me.



- God!

- Brooke's pissed.

- She by herself?
- No, he has to be there.

- Everybody licks her ass,
and it drives me insane.

She's wrong. Just tell her
she's ----ing wrong.

- She's not alone.
She can't be alone--

- What was that?
[both laughing]

- My whole plan
for the night

was to avoid an argument
with Hannah.

[drawer closes]
Just to hide.

Hope it works.

- Mmm.
- Well, hello.

- What are you making?
- I don't know what I'm making.

- Crab.
- That's lobster, but yeah.

- Oh, my God.

- (BLEEP).
- Just let it go.

There are so many more
important things in life

than that, honestly.
- Gosh.

- What do you need?
You need a blanket and?

[knocking at door]
- Conrad?

[continues knocking]

- [blows raspberry]

- Hello.
- What is this party?

- We're eatin'
- Lobster!

- Shut up.
- We're eating the best food

we had ----ing all season.
- I came at the best time.

- What happened?

- Got in a big argument
with Hannah.

I told her to (BLEEP) off
and slammed the door.

She thinks everyone has
to agree with her.

I will not be a part of it.

This is so good.

This is the best drunk food
in the world.


- Come on in here, bud.
- Ugh.

- I'll have a small taste.

- Thank you, Adam.
- Uh-huh.

- Delicious.
- Thank you.

- I'm gonna excuse
my boring ass

right on out of here.

[both laugh]

[glass jiggles]

Did he come back
to the boat?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Is he okay?

- Yeah, he's fine.
- He came and he's okay?

- I don't know where
he is on the boat but...

- But he's okay?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.

As long as he's okay
and he's on the boat.

It's all good.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

[timid music]



- No. God.


- Yeah?



- Yeah?
- Are you really locking me out

my own guest cabin?

- He gone.

- Okay.

Do you want to sleep
in my room?

- I don't mind.
You tell me.

- I just don't want it
to cause drama.

- What?

[breathing heavily, kissing]

[heavy breathing]



- Oh, my God.



You know what I mean?
- Mm-hmm.

- I'm sorry I told you
to (BLEEP) off.

- It's okay.
- 'Kay.

- What happened last night?
Did you avoid the dragon?

- The dragon found me.
- Oh...

- Hmm.
- Oh, my God.

- No.
- (BLEEP) off, the pair of ya.

- You have to think with
this head, not that one.

[both laugh]
- It's not even that.

I went and locked myself
in the bloody cabin,

and I woke up,
and she was next to me.

- That dragon can get
through any door.

- Maybe she kicked it down.

- Pff--

[imitates spewing fire]

Blowing fire.

[grunts, blows]


- Can I close this?

[roaring, laughing]

[guttural noises, roars]


- All right, 'tis that time.

[snaps fingers]

- You're my fave.

I love you.
- Yeah, I love you too, girl.

This charter season's
really opened my eyes

and got me excited
for the industry.

- Thanks for everything.
- I definitely learned a lot.

You know, Italian pizza
does not compare

to Long Island
[indistinct] 'za.

And, uh, I still don't know
how to say...

Am I still saying it right?
Colin out.

- All righty.

- I love you.

I'm leaving with experience,

a ton more respect
as a woman on deck.

- Ah, don't worry.

- I'm leaving with friendships.

Dude, we've come miles.

These are people
that believed in me

and invested time in me.

I've come here
to get a job done,

and I've done so much more.

- Ah, ooh, hello.

What are you looking for?

I'm going to miss Joao.

I don't necessarily know
if it's because I like him

or if it's because I just
like our friendship.

Have fun in Florence.
- Thank you.

I was the girl
behind the seasickness.

And then I became the girl

who lied on her resume.

Does anybody know
how to make a Bloody Mary?

I'm now the girl that would
get recommended anywhere,

and I didn't give up on myself
when almost everyone else did.

- I'm so, so proud of you.

- Me too, actually.

- And it feels amazing.

Bye, "Talisman Maiton."

- This is it, man.
- Cheers, brother.

Thank you for everything.

There's no better way to end
than on good terms.

[music slows down, stops]


- Sandy. I know.
- Oh, no.

- Myself and Sandy
have a good connection

because I can relate to her

and she can relate to me

because she reminds me
of my mom.

Honestly, I can't
even explain it.

[voice breaking]
You've been-
you've been great.

- Aw.

- Thank you so much.
Honestly, I...

- Thank you.

We're gonna stay in touch?
- Yes, we will.

- And you know what?
- Thank you so much.

- I'd love to have you
come back as my bosun.

- Ah, that means
the world to me.
- And I mean that.

In Zimbabwe,
I've been a big fish

in a small pond,
and I've come to

big pond, and I'm proud
that I've managed

to make my way up.

- It's been a crazy season.
- Yeah.

We've had ups and downs,
but I really, really wanna

just make sure that,
following this,

we're, on a personal level,

- Uh...

- We've had ups and downs

- We've had ups and downs
but I really, really wanna

just make sure that,
following this,

we're, on a personal level,

- Yeah, of course, honey.

I do hope things work out
with you and Joao.

- Thank you.

Me and Hannah
have work to do

if we want to salvage
a friendship.

And I'm completely willing
to do that, if she was.

- Safe travels.
I'm sure I'll see you around.

- I've been tested
so many times this season,

and I'm really proud
of myself.

All the experiences
that I've gathered,

it's a stepping stone
to a bigger boat

as a chief stew.

- What would you have done

carrying these
all by yourself?

- I'm a strong,
independent woman.

I can carry my own bags.

- I feel like we're married

I never expected
to get on the boat,

find a potential girl
of my dreams,

and leave with her to Florence.
We're ready?

There's one thing
that Brooke's done for sure

and that's broken down
some walls that haven't

been broken down
in a very long time.

I'll grab your bag
to the dock quickly.

This has made me
more vulnerable

towards Brooke
and more open, and...

I may not verbally tell her
how I feel,

but I know deep down
inside how I feel.

I'm excited.

- I'm fully aware
that Joao isn't perfect.

Yeah, I believe in the fairy
tale, and I'm just gonna

keep going into the
next chapter looking for that.

- Gonna hold your hand.

- Aren't you sweet.
[Joao chuckles]


Now you can tell me
what you really think.

- Oh, my God.


Oh, that is funny.

- That's cute.
They're off to Florence.

- And then there were
three guys.

- Is it just us?
- It is just us.

- At 33 years old and
after ten years of yachting,

it's pretty easy
to want to quit.

Oh, man.
[both laugh]

I love you, man.

This season, particularly,

it's making me love
yachting again.


- It's making me want to
be a better chef.

I know now that
you're one badass captain.

- And you're one badass chef.
- Thank you.

- Like, you went beyond.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh!

- Delicious, huh?
- Melts in your mouth.

- Adam, unbelievable.
- Oh, my God.

- Thank you so much,

- Gorgeous.

- Safe travels.
- I know. Thank you.

I'll see you soon.
- Mm-kay.


- Pleasure working with you.

Travel well.

Be careful.

- I'll try my best.
- All right, guys, adios.

- See you later on.
Safe travels.

- Yeah, we'll see you soon.

- Yeah.
- And then there were two.

[deep sigh]

- I don't know what the future
holds for me and Hannah.

- We don't seem to work
very well

like in a couple.

- Maybe you're right,
maybe you're wrong.

If it happens, it happens,
but I'm definitely

not gonna chase it
like I did before.

- I think I shouldn't be
with anyone

that I'm dating, 24/7.

That's a lot of me.

And a lot of them.


- Each charter season,

you learn something

so last season was maybe

don't play with the guests.

- It's been real.

This year, it's don't play
with the crew.

- Mm. I'll see you soon.

- Next year I'll just play
with myself.



- See you later.


- He lost.

- I am never dating
on a yacht again.

That was some drama I never
wanted, never will have,

and very much learned my lesson
the first time I did it.

- Hello.

- Hello.

Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

- It's been a pleasure.
I've learned so much

off you actually.
- Yeah.

- A lot of things.

- I've seen glimpses of Conrad

being a great bosun,

but he was lost in love.

And I think if he keeps
his head in the game,

he will have the opportunity
to advance in his career.

Good luck.
- Thank you very much.

It's been a pleasure.
- Take care.

- Yachting in the beginning
was a career.

The money is good,
but you get stuck in it

and you see so many people

that are higher up
in the industry

have no family or they have
a family and never see them.

I never want to be
that person.

Now I just need to know when
to say enough is enough.

- I don't regret what happened
with Conrad

because I think everything
you learn from,

and I learned maybe I need to

allow men to get
a little bit closer, um,

and not let my insecurities
tarnish what could be

a good thing potentially
in life.

- I know Hannah has it in her.
I believe in her.

I would give her every ounce
of my energy

if she stayed on this track.

- Thanks for your help
and support.

- Of course.

Hannah and I had
our ups and downs

but at the end,
how could you complain

when you're sitting in the Med
on a super yacht...

I mean, come on.

Sorry I yelled at you.

- That's okay.

I'm easy to yell at.

We've probably both said and
done some things we regret,

but at the end of the day,
we still respect each other,

and I think she has seen
towards the end of this season

that I am working
as hard as I can.

Take care of yourself,
all right?

- I will, you too.
- Thank you, Sandy.

So, I'm now gonna take
all my tips

and go and spend them
on therapy.

- The season

- The season
may have just ended...

...but it's not over yet.

- Conrad just didn't
do his job.

- On the next
"Below Deck Med."

- He will probably
never make it.

- I don't know where
this hatred came from.

- Hannah, do you think
you're the problem?

- Brooke would be
a better chief stew.

- And the love triangle
heats up.

- You said some really
romantic things.

- Just tell the truth.

- Joao, come back.

- Don't miss the
"Watch What Happens Live:

"Below Deck Mediterranean
Reunion Special",

only on Bravo.

And now,
here's a first look

at the new season of
"Below Deck" in Tahiti.

- Tahiti's a brand new

- Tahiti's a brand new



- Fire dancing
and flower crowns.

We are not in
the Caribbean anymore.


- Whoo!

- This is the most
beautiful place

I've seen in my life.

- This is perfection.

You guys are amazing.

Thank you--

- So, she is breastfeeding.

Can we put the
breast milk somewhere,

in like a freezer?

- Oh, here we go!

We're gonna need
a bigger Tupperware.

- Chicken is what
poor people eat.

- You're not wrong.

- Do you mind just
clearing off this nightstand?

- Oh, (BLEEP)!
I didn't even see it!


- You have a steward,


- Women are the worst
charter guests.

Look how messy it is.

- This is great.

- Yeah!

- Somebody's birthday?

- Ahhhh!

- I have nothing against
hooking up with co-workers.

- Ashton and Rylee
are gonna have sex

like two crocodiles

- Chandler.

- She's obsessed
with Chandler.

- Can I have another bite.

If I don't get laid soon,
we're gonna have a problem.

- Oh, yeah!


- We're running around
like chickens without a head.

- I don't like to

but I will.
- I'm also a boat captain.

- That's who Kate
and Josiah are.

Mean girls.

- You speak to me
condescendingly one more time,

I'm takin' it to
the (BLEEP) captain.

- Take it to him right now.
- No.

- She's not getting better.
She's almost getting worse.

- If I have to solve
your problems,

what do I need you for?

- It's like the
----ing hunger games.

- You don't know
what just happened.

- I just got my ass
chewed out by captain.

- We can fire her,
or I'll quit.

- I'm not going to be
dealing with this energy.

- Yes, sir.
- I don't need this sh--.

- This is the most
shocking thing

that's ever
happened to me.

- I can say whatever
the (BLEEP) I want to say.

- I would just stop.

- I think the time
has come.

I've decided to
make the split...

- They told me to tell you,
you have one hour

and you're leaving.


- Man overboard.
- What?!

- Kick it off now!
- Get the life ring.


- I-I need a minute.