Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Stew Coup - full transcript

Hannah confronts Kasey and Brooke about the hierarchy of the interior. The primary charter guest asks the crew to participate in a trust exercise involving arrows that leaves everyone ...

- Previously on

- Previously on
"Below Deck: Med"...

- Colly-wolly.

Even though I'm with Brooke,
flirting is not cheating.

- Hi, Colly.
- Hi, Mom, what's going on?

I'm definitely
missing my parents.

I'm a little bit of mama's boy.
Tell Dad I said hello.

- Love you.
- Love you too.

- It just occurred to me
I didn't judge you guys.

- You have got one job.
Do your ----ing job.

- [gasp] I thought
it went over the edge.

- Talk about materialistic.
- Excuse me?

If you are nice to someone

who has just
called me materialistic,

I am gonna have
a problem with that.

Oh no.

- Daniel Pendley
is a motivational speaker.

- They'd like a sharing circle

and would like to invite
the crew to join as well.

- My we live
as long as we want,

and never want
as long as we live.

- Where's Hannah?
- I don't know.

We're doing all this again.

- Okay.

- You need to be more clear
as to how you feel as well.

- I don't know
what you're doing.

- We are doing an
equal amount of work.

- You're taking advantage.

- Tread carefully, because
I have a lot to say here.

[ship horn blares]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- You have to have a team that
makes things happen.

- You know what
"team" stands for?

Everyone Achieves a Miracle."

- And that's what
it's all about.

- We're going to bed.

All right.
[door clicks]

- You're gonna ----ing annoy me
so just tread carefully.

because I have a lot
to say here, okay?

I was doing the cabins,
pantries, helping service,

and then now,
at the end of the night,

service is over.
I'm the one again--

- That's late shift.
- It's everything shift.

I'm packing away breakfast.
I'm packing away all of lunch.

I can't ----ing do it all.
There's an imbalance.

- Well, I don't agree
with you at all, Brooke,

because I--
- Do you really not--really?

- No, I really don't, actually.

I do 18 hours a day,
and I'm always going around.

I'm with the guests
----ing all the time.

So, no.

I do lead service every lunch,
every dinner.

I work my ass off to make sure
this interior runs smoothly.

Brooke doesn't understand
what it takes in the background

to make each charter
feel special.

- I'm just saying
I feel taken advantage of.

- I've heard you.
Thank you.

- Okay.

- It's a very strange
coincidence that

as soon as Brooke and Joao
got together,

suddenly it's
Hannah versus Brooke.

That was interesting.

I just got told by Brooke...
[laughs softly]

That she's being
taken advantage of.

- I'm staying out of it.
It's not my business.

- Yeah.
- Private conversation?

both: No.
- Just talking about Brooke.

Brooke's not the first person

to think Hannah's
not pulling her weight.

- I'm feeling, like, extremely
frustrated from this season.

I feel this season,
you've been a lousy chief stew.

- You know, Hannah--
she does well with

keeping the guests happy,

Where she falls short is being
a manager of this restaurant.

Maybe Hannah's checked out
a little bit.

[tense music]

- [sniffs]
- Brooke.

It's all right.
- I'm not.

- [whispers
Don't cry.

- Yes, of course we can.

- [sniffs]
- Don't cry.

- I feel terrible for
having to say something,

but it's gotten
to the point where, like,

I'm banging my head
against a brick wall.

I need someone that
is bringing me up

and not pulling me down.

Do you think that it
will make any difference?

- No.

- [sighs]

The guy I'm dating and
I'm gonna go to Prague with

is suddenly consoling my
second stew who called me lazy?

Just have my back.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

All right, I'm off to bed.

- I'll see you
in the morning, then.

- Cheers.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Weather--perfect.

- Look at you
set that table, Kasey.

- Thanks.

- [muttering]

[water rushing]

- So tell me what happened.

- Last night--basically,

I just called Hannah out on
not working. [laughs softly]

And it just obviously went down
like a bag of nails.

- [laughs]

[glass shattering]

[both laughing]

- Deck crew, deck crew,
prepare for departure.

- Sandy,
it's all clear to release.

- Release your lines.

Colin, you can drop
the other ground line.

- Cappy, a little boat coming
in on your starboard, Cap.

- Lord.
- All clear for you, Cap.

- You're all clear to bring
your stern around port.

- Beautiful.
Good job, everyone.

- Morning.
- How are you?

- I'm okay.
They have breakfast yet?

- No.
They're still sleeping.

- How was last night?
- I don't know.

Brooke's changed a lot since

she's been hooking up
with Joao, and she was like,

"We don't know what you did
yesterday morning."

And I was like, "Okay,
I can run you through it."

- Well, yeah, I mean--I mean,
we have spoken about it.

I'm not gonna lie to you.
We feel like we do a lot more.

It's like,
you get cigarette breaks...

- Mm-hmm.
- We don't.

- Yeah, well, look,
at the end of the day,

it really doesn't bother me
'cause I know what I'm doing.

- I'm just letting you know
that we have questioned it.

Kasey questioning me
is ----ing hilarious.

She didn't know what
a ----ing third stew role was

until I taught her.

Wine--leave about that much
on the edge.

Wrap it, and then...
[clicks tongue]

The cushions need to be
straightened up.

There's, like,
water marks everywhere.

I didn't do this
for eight years

to have my job questioned.

- Let's get this show
on the road.


♪ ♪

- It's beautiful.
Oh, my God.

Drop the anchor.
Five shackles in the water.

- Copy that.
[anchor clanking]

Sandy, that's five
shackles in the water.

- Good morning.
- Any of the guests up?

- No, not yet.

- Oh, thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

How you feeling?
- I feel all right.


- Deck crew,
get all the toys in the water.

- Coming down.

♪ ♪

- Hi, morning.
- Hi.

What kind of juice do you have?

- Orange juice,
grapefruit juice,

pineapple juice,
cranberry juice.

- Mix me an apple and orange.

- Ooh, what are you reading?
- Hey, darling.

I'm reading a little
Wayne Dyer.

"Wishes Fulfilled."

- Are you having fun so far?
- I'm having a great time.

It's been a blessing.
- Okay, good.

- Let it go?
- Yeah, go.

[mellow music]

♪ ♪

- Morning.

- Now, where are we, exactly?

- In Capri.
- Absolutely stunning.

- Yeah.
- I wanted to find out

how we could get, like,
one of the little boats

over to those little caves.

- Yeah, well, I'll just get the
boys to get the tender together

and then you can just
go and have a look.

- 11:15, so how long
we gonna be doing this?

45 minutes?
Is anybody else up, I mean...

- No. [laughs]
- Nobody else is up?

You and I are just gonna go.

- You don't wanna share that
experience with everyone?

- They can do
what they want later.

- Did you wanna do, like,
a big brunch at 12:00,

or 12:30, whatever it will be,
and then snacks and dinner?

- Brunch, lunch.
- Yeah, okay, I get it.

Kasey, Kasey, Brooke, Brooke.

Do you mind popping into the
main salon quickly for me?

- Yeah, copy.
- Copy. I'll be right there.

- "For only by refusing

"to no longer allow
habits of judging,

or criticizing to exist

can you be free."

- So, girls, I just wanna touch
base with you after our chats.

I'm--don't have
any kind of grievances

about my work ethic
on this boat.

I'm really not gonna
give you guys a run through

of what I do on
a day to day basis.

But if you have a question
about what I'm doing,

you're more than welcome
to get it out.

- I don't need a play-by-play
of your day, by any means

to justify it for one second

I've become more and
more frustrated.

- I know what I'm doing here.

The fact that there's not
really been one situation

the entire charter season where
the guests haven't had

what they want shows that
I'm good at my job.

- Are you actually kidding me?

- Hannah, Hannah.
Which esky is the vodka in?

- In the big cooler.

- We don't have vodka.
No vodka.

- All of these.
- Is that the salad?

- Oh, my God.
I've forgotten to put it in.

- She's got her head
so far up her ass

if she believes that.

- There's six days
of the charter season left,

so let's just finish strong.

[clears throat]

Thank you.

- She's ridiculously deluded.

- [popping sound]

- Coming up...

- I'm gonna take this arrow and
break the arrow with my neck.

- And later...

- Brooke, do you remember
which one is the...

- Lucy's was the
very first one to go out.

I told you that.

[mellow music]

- Oh, well,
look who's awake finally.

We're going on
the tender right now

to go in these caves.

- The two primaries
are going on a tender ride.

So a brunch at 12:00, 12:30,
and then an early dinner.

- All right.
It'll be great.

- Just radio me
when you're ready.

- Me and Hannah aren't
on the most stable terms.

And every time I speak to her,
I seem to have an argument.

And I'm wondering whether
it's the stress of the boat,

or it's just fact that we have

massively different
perspectives on life.

- Okay?

- So this morning,
she comes in and she's like,

"Oh, I think Brooke has changed
since she's been with Joao."

- She's trying to
spin it like that.

That's totally separate.

My whole life,
people have mistaken

my softness as a weakness,

but when I'm pushed,
then I do snap.

[upbeat music]

- The tender's
getting ready for you now.

- Yeah.
- Go ahead.

- Thank you.

It's beautiful.
- Grateful, thankful.

[boat whirring]
- Enjoy your trip.

- I was just about to
turn over laundry.

- It's okay. Why don't you stay
up there and I'll do that?

- Isn't this my job?

- It is.

- I know you're trying to help,
but this is a little weird.

Whatever. I'll take it.

- Well, morning.
- Hey.

I don't know what time my
friends are gonna get up.

What was the plan?

- Four of the guests have just
got off the boat, and...

- Really?
- Yeah.

You need to radio them.
- Okay.

Hannah, a couple of the guests
have just got up

and they said they've been
waiting for the other guests.

- Amazing stuff.
- Look how pretty it is.


- Can you please
return to the boat

because there's some guests
that would like to join you.

- The remaining guests
wanna join.

- Oh.

- Let's join
one of these first.

- All right.
Talisman, talisman.

- You snooze, you lose.

- Just letting you know we're
returning in about ten minutes.

They wanna go see
the archway first.

- Thank you.

- I hope they come back.
They better come back.

[mellow music]

- What do I want?

What do you want
in life, Colin?

- That's deep.

You gotta wait for
the trust circle, bro.

- [laughs]

- I want a good dick me down
and a cup of tea.

- [laughs]

[bright music]

- Pretty.

- So awesome.
- Cool.

- Amazing.

- They're coming back.
- Eh.

- Wow.

- Oh, hanging out now.

Sleep when you get home, guys.

Coming in hot.

- Yeah.
- Thanks for the invite.

- Everybody's snoozing and--
it's all good, bro.

- Adam, Hannah.
The guests are back

and we're probably
gonna do brunch now.

- Copy.

If we need to have a brunch
instead of a breakfast,

perfect, let's do it.

That is the
communication I need.

Actually very helpful.

That is so cool.

- Do you wanna work on
the whips, Colin.

- Yeah, I got you.
- Thank you...[muttering]

- The deck crew are
working really hard.

They're happy.
They seem to be getting along.

- Thanks, dude.

Conrad has definitely
stepped it up.

- I love my job!

- I like that you're so happy.
You hungry?

- Yeah,
I'm getting really hungry.

- We have a lot
of food for you.

[pan sizzling]

- Wow.

- Wow, look at that.

- Ooh, yum.
- That looks good.

- This is amazing.
- You want an omelet?

- Yup.
- A feast!

- Mm, this is so good.

- The first thing that I do...

- I'm gonna get bombarded
by my entire family,

especially my mom.

She's gonna
freak the (BLEEP) out.

The longest I've gone
without seeing my parents

was when I was living in
Virginia going to school.

I'm used to seeing them
four or five times a week.

I'm an only child, so it's...

This charter season's
really opened my eyes

to all these brand-new
locations and, you know,

it really got me excited
for the industry.

- Hi.
My toe hurts.

I got out of the
shower yesterday,

and it was bothering me.

I was like,
"What the (BLEEP) is this?"

But I couldn't find anything.
- Yeah, innit?

- No, no--again.

[both laugh]

- Part of me
feels bad for Brooke,

but at the same time, I think
I still flirt with Joao

because deep down,
I can't help but think of

the guy that Joao could be.

- I'm getting full.
- A little sea do's.

I'm gonna tear them up.
- All right.

Let's go get changed
real quick.

- You ready
for some water sports?

- Yeah, I am.
- You're all set.

♪ ♪

- Whoo.
- Yeah, boy!

Yeah, there you go!

[mellow electronic music]

- You gonna start
planning for dinner?

- I wanna hit that Jacuzzi.

- Jacuzzi.
Let's go see if it's hot.

- Hi.

- [humming]
Whoa. Mm.

- Aww.

- What time do you
want us for dinner?

What's the plan?
- Yep, 8:00 p.m.

- What time is it now?
- 6:30.

- Oh, good.
That's perfect.

- Yeah, would you like a white,
maybe, and a rosé option?

- Sure.
- Yeah?

And then if anyone wants red,
you just let me know.

- A rock star.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Fabulous.

- Well done, Hannah.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I look good.
I feel good.

[utensils clanking]

- Ooh, sorry.
- Sorry.

- And we braise.

- My man.
You clean up well.

- Hi, guys.
- Hey, hey.

I wanna thank you guys
'cause everybody's just

living in the moment,
you know.

- You know what?
That's what happens.

- Yeah.

- If I hear one more
positive affirmation,

I'm gonna shoot myself
in the head.

[mellow music]

♪ ♪

[utensil clanking]
[bottle popping]

[food crunching]

- Colin, Colin, Joao.
What's your location?

- No, no, I already did.

- No, it's not.

Last charter season, I didn't
feel terribly inspired.

And I needed
to reinvent myself.

If I claim to be a chef,
it's time to challenge myself.

I feel like this charter season
was my chance to do that.

- Swordfish--
are you coming up?

- I'll come up.
This one's Lucy's.

- Which one? That one?
- Yeah, she's dairy-free.

Cheese and dairy,
cow milk, starchy foods,

butter, cream--

there goes
all the fun food groups.

- What's in the dish that
has cream in it?

- The butter
on the green beans.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


- Guys, the entrée.
The food's here, guys.

- What's under this thing?

- Brooke, do you remember
which one was for...

- Is that Lucy's?

- No, Lucy's was the
very first one to go out.

- Oh.

- I told you that.

- Coming up...

- Did you have a good chat
with Brooke last night?

- Jesus, stop attacking.

Everything I do is
a personal attack on you.

- Is that Lucy's?

- No, Lucy's was the
very first one to go out.

- Oh.
- I told you that.

It was the very
first one to go down.

- The chef has arrived.

- What I did here is I took
a little chunk of cedar,

and I lit it on fire
and got it nice

and ember hot so it's smoking.

If I were you, I'd put your
nose right next to it.

- Right next to it
so you can smell it?

- Okay, here we go.
- Oh.

- Oh, my God.
- Mmm.

- Did you get it?
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- Yes.

- Amazing. Thank you.
- Wow.

- Oh, my God.
- Mmm, melts in your mouth.


- All right, folks, enjoy.
- Thank you.

If you're eating
and you clean it,

you know,
give me a reverence,

because that's what
we're doing here, really.

- He's crushing that
oversized suit, though.

- I thought the same.

- Do you have any
of the cream-free planter?

- It's all cream-free.

Well, I told you the
first time and ----ed it up.

I understand you got
a lot going on,

but you don't have more
going on than I got going on,

so don't (BLEEP) up.

- God, I know.
It's just ridiculous.

- We have bigger issues on
this boat than anyone thinks.

I mean, we're gonna
starve to death, first of all.

We need to eat.

- That's the best swordfish
I have ever--

would you guys
agree with that?

- So good.

♪ ♪


- Grateful and thankful, man.
That's--keep it up.

- Sh--, this isn't dairy-free.

Looks like Lucy's
getting sorbet and berry.

- There you go.
- All right.

- What do we have?
- Sorbet and some blueberries.

- This is beautiful.

- You want some of this?
- Yes.

- I'll make you some grilled
cheeses right now with soup.

I made a (BLEEP) ton
of soup for you guys.

- Oh, thank you.
- Here you go.

Your desert this evening is
a blueberry cheesecake.

- It's amazing.
- This is delicious.

- Mmm.
- Oh, my God.

- Is that the one?
- Can I get a grilled cheese?

Thank you.
- No worries, man.

- Oh, my goodness,
it is so good.

- Good.
- Yay, we all get fed.

- Daniel, do you have
something to show us?

- Yeah, I'd like to set it up.
Let's do this.

- Let's go.
- Shall we?

We'll bring them in here.

- Damn it.

- Let's do this.

- I have something that
I do on stage.

What I do is,
I take an arrow--

it's a steel-tipped arrow--
and what we're gonna do, okay?

I'm gonna take
this arrow, okay?

And what we're gonna do is

I'm gonna break the arrow
with my neck.

- Are you for real?

- This represents
what's holding you back

in your life right now.

You have to physically
change your state

and your whole being, right?

So, see the softest part
of your neck?

Here, right here.
Okay. Right?

Here we go.

- I just wanna come to you
before it goes any further.

There's just been a lot
of talk about the crew--

food coming out at
like 10:00 or 11:00.

- Yeah. Okay.
So who came to you?

Who's bitching?

- I think it's just
going around.

Adam's food--he's just so much
better than he was last season.

All I serve is
----ing soup and salad,

and soup and salad.
It's like,

I'm gonna drown in the next
----ing soup I serve, Adam.

I'm ----ing bored.

Which is 90% of his job,
but you still need to

throw the crew some scraps
every now and then.

- I prefer it to come to me
than ----ing Sandy.

- Yeah.
- One, two, three.

[all screaming]
[arrow snaps]


- Who would like
to volunteer first?

- Let's do it.

- All right.
[cheers and applause]

- Unbelievable.
- One, two, three.

Move, move, move, move, move.

- I've been shot.
I've been in fights.

I've been attacked by a hippo.

- When I say "go," go.
One, two--oh!

[all shouting excitedly]

- And this arrow might
take me down. [laughs]

- One, two, three.

[cheers and applause]

- Let's give these guys a hand,
you guys.

You guys rock,
rock, rock, rock.

- Kasey, Kasey, Hannah.

- Okay, copy.
Thank you.

[all talking at once]

- Going to bed.
- Have a good evening.

- You too, bud.
Thanks for everything.

- Good night.
- Yes, good night.

- Whoa.
- Oh, look who it is.

The two of you.
This is great.

Okay, be totally,
brutally honest.

What can I do differently
to feed you guys on time?

- Like, Jamie goes to bed
at 7:00,

She never--I don't--you know,
she never eats, really, so...

- All right, so I'll try and
have crew dinner finished

at, like, 5:00 or 6:00.
- Yeah.

- And I know one quick and
easy way to a mutiny,

and that's hangry crew.

- [chuckles]

[mellow electronic music]

- [yawns]

♪ ♪

- I'll be out for a cigarette
if you wanted to join.

- Sure.

[tense music]

- [groans]

My ----ing neck feels like I've
just had an arrow shoved in it.

- [sighs]

- You all right?

- Did you have a good chat
with Brooke last night?

- Well, that's funny,
'cause you weren't.

- How was I not?

- Well, I went straight
downstairs to the cabin,

and you went and helped Brooke.

- I feel like she
is taking advantage.

- Hannah is Hannah
and you won't change it.

Jesus, stop attacking.
I know what you're on about.

- I'm not attacking.
- You are.

Everything I do and say is just
a personal attack on you.

- Okay, then what?

You just don't want me to
tell you how it makes me feel?

- I'm there,
and I'm there to listen,

and I will give you
my opinion and whatnot.

But then don't go
and have a go at me.


Okay, great.

But I stand by what I say.

Whatever I say to Brooke,
I would've said to Hannah.

- Like, the other night,

Joao insulted me
in front of my entire crew.

- What was it?

- Stop wearing all my stuff.
You're freaking me out.

- Talk about materialistic.
- Excuse me?

- Oh, God.
- [laughs]

- And then you guys had a nice
little ----ing good gas bag

and laugh and things like that.
- Okay.

- And I have, but I have to
suck it up and get on with it.

- I don't really care if you
have to do all those things.

I'm pissed off,
and he's being rude to me,

and I'm sitting there
watching you have a laugh

and a joke with him.

- Okay.


Do you really think that
walking away again

is gonna, like...

- [scoffs]

- Conrad?


- Coming up...

- Go, go, go, go.

- What the (BLEEP) is going on?

[upbeat music]

[alarm clock buzzing]

♪ ♪

- Good morning.
- Hey.

How are you?
- Did you make me a cup of tea?

- Mm-hmm.
- That's so sweet of you.

Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

[phone ringing]

- This is Sandy.
- Hi, Captain Sandy.

This is Robin Macy.
I'm Colin's mom.

- You're crushing
that chocolate.

- I know.
I don't even like it.

- My husband Bob and I
are actually in Naples.

- I've never had
parents call me before.

- I know you guys are busy,

but could we do a quick
surprise hello to him...

- Oh, my God, absolutely.

Welcome to Naples. adorable, actually.

We're back in Naples
around 2:30 today.

Why don't you come
around 3:00?

- Yeah.
- All right. Okay. All right.

- Bye.
- Okay, bye-bye.

- In my butt!
- Nothing happening yet.

Can I get you guys
a coffee or something?

- Yeah.

[box rattles]
- Oh, there's a bird!


He's fine.

- So pretty.

- Pretty cool.

It's like, just when
you think you've seen beauty,

then you turn the corner,
then there's more beauty.

- Yeah.

- I'm noticing Hannah's
working really hard.

She cares.

That's all
I ever wanted to see.

- [whispers]
How are you?

- Good.
Fantastic mood.

- That's very good.
I'm in a fantastic mood also.

- That's so good to hear.

- He's hungry.

I don't know what they eat.

Maybe he's a vegetarian.
Aww, he flew away.

It was confused.

- Yeah, okay.
No worries.

No problem at all.

Kasey, can we have
two coffees with cream?

- Copy.
- It's on its way.

- Perfect.
- [laughs]

Good morning...

Nice outfit.


- Oh, lovely.
- There you guys go.

- Oh, that's lovely.

- All right, who's driving the
bus out of the anchorage?

Who hasn't gone?

- Tell me what to do,
and I'll do it.

- Okay.

[mellow music]

- Grazie.

♪ ♪

- Good morning, Kasey.
- Good morning.

You all good up here?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Ready on the anchor
when you are.

- Okay, you can tell them
to start pulling the anchor up.

- Jamie, you can start
pulling up anchor, please.

[anchor clanking]

- Four shackles in the water.

- Good morning, Conrad.
- Good morning.

How are you?
- Good.

- One shackle to go.

Anchor home.
- Copy that.

Thank you.

- Okay.

- Your subconscious' so strong,
if you're imprinting like,

"I have it. It's mine.
I am the..."

It's yours.

- "Happiness is a choice.

I will choose to be happy."

It's nice that
he gave us a book.

- I have a gift for
the crew members.

And it's got a little passport
to your dream, all right?

- I really hope
this isn't the tip.

"I can have anything I want
if I will choose

to just see it, say it,
and support it."

- I wanna be off this boat.
I wanna be off this boat.

- [laughs]
- I wanna be off this boat.

- Do you ever split them?
- Only if I have to.

- 'Cause that's what I'd do.
I split everything.

I am psyched.
I drive an 80-foot ferry.

That's a toy, you know?

That's nothing compared
to what a mega-yacht is.

I just don't wanna
break anything on the boat...

[laughs] That's really what
I'm most nervous about.

I keep forgetting the size
of the boat...[laughs]

I'll take it slow.
- Yeah.

You see the course line?
- Yeah.

It's definitely harder.
I'm learning from her.

And I know it'll
probably never happen,

but I would love
to dock this thing.

That would be
a dream come true for me.

- Okay, you got it.
- You good?

Thanks, Captain.
- Thank you.

- Are you finished?
- Yeah.

- All right, Conrad,
I'm on the port wing.

Port wing.
- Copy, port wing.

- Cap, you got a boat
coming up on your port.

- Thank you.

- He's coming around
your starboard side.

I think he's gonna try
and cut across your bow.


Okay, yeah,
you have got another vessel

passing on your
starboard side.

- Selfie.

- It's just not easy
to park this bad boy.

- Okay, that's your stern
coming in line

with the bow on the port side.

Five more meters,
and that's your port quarter

in line with the berth.

- Honestly, I think
we're a lean machine now.

- Ready?
- Yeah, drop.

[anchor clanking]

- The spring is going ashore.
- Okay.

Finished with engines.

- I don't wanna get out.

- It's a beautiful day.


- [grunts]
Oh, God.

- Sh--.

- Let's line up.
Everybody off the bus.

- [whooshes]

- Thank you so much, Kasey.
- [gasps] Thank you so much.

It was so good meeting you.

- Thank you so much
for everything.

- Hey, man.
- It was so nice to meet you.

- Everything that
you cooked was, I mean--

absolutely amazing.

Sandy, thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you very much.

- I wanted to let you know that
I really enjoyed the trip.

It was motivational,
it was inspirational,

and I thank you
for being who you are.

I like to give something,
and, you know,

and I've got things
we can give financially,

but I like giving things
from the heart.

- Ugh, God.

- You guys are living
the power of your dream

by being on this
beautiful boat

and being grateful
and thankful.

So, this is for you...

- Thank you very much.
- And your team.

Thank you. Thank you.
- Take care. Safe travels.

[upbeat music]

- Own it, baby.
Own it.

- "Yeah, I can help you guys
out financially, but...

[laughter] I'm like,
"No, I need the money, dude."

- Gratitude and attitude.

- Show me the money!

- How's it going
with you and Conrad?

- He's getting
annoyed with me.

- What happened?

- We had this massive fight.

We were supposed
to be going to Prague.

- Well, I've been wanting
to go for, like, five years.

- Okay, cool.
Let's do it.

- But after the stupid fight
about 50 Euros,

it's just shifted and it hasn't
ever shifted back, so...

- If it's something
you both wanna do,

then you will make the time
to go to Prague and see.

And I hope whatever it is
that you want, you get.

- Thanks, Sandy.
- You know what I mean?

We all deserve love.
- Yeah.

- You're gonna be fine,
and so will he.

So, anyway...
- Thanks, Sandy.

- Coming up...

- Colin, you have
a package on the dock.

- Get the (BLEEP) out of here!

- [laughs]

[mellow music]

- [sighs]
- All crew, all crew.

Meet me in the crew mess
for the tip meeting.

- Copy.

- Attagirl.
- I want like champagne.

Can I have water?

- You can have whatever
you want, Kasey.

You've gotta get it

- Lady of the hour.
- Hi.

You know, we started
our charter at the dock,

which is not the norm.

You know, I think
the pressure was on you.

You managed that really well.
- Thank you.

You're giving me
a big head, Sandy.

What's going on?

- It was amazing.

- I've seen Hannah
take credit for my work,

like, on a lot of occasions.

So, it's not surprising at all.

- Tip--$14,000.
It's 1,166 per person.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- He may have written
"The Power of the Dream,"

but clearly, didn't read
"Power of the Tip."

- Cheers.
- [laughs] Cheers.

- Cheers.

- All right.
Turn the boat around.

Thank you very much.
- Thanks, Sandy.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I'll just spray the water,
and you come behind me.

- Okay, you got it.

♪ ♪

Look at the size
of this thing.

Colin, Colin, you have
a package on the dock.

- Copy that?

Get the (BLEEP) out of here!

- Did you hear him?

- He saw us?
- Yep.

That's my ----ing parents.

- [laughs]

- Hi!

- Heya, son.
How are you?

- [sniffs]
- Oh!

- What's happening?

- Aww.

- I guess you're glad
to see us, huh?

- Oh.
Oh, hi.

- [sniffs] What the (BLEEP)
are you guys doing here?

- [laughs]

Hiya, honey.
- [weeping]

- Oh, muah...

How are you?

- I'm good.
- Aww, are you happy?

- Yeah...
- [laughs]

Who goes out to come visit
their son in Italy, you know?

You know,
they're out of their minds.

- Hey.
- Aww, hiya, honey.

- Hey.
- You working hard?

- [laughs]

- Hi!
- Welcome.

- Thank you! Thank you!

This is great.
- You're welcome.

Show them the boat.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, thank you!

- You have an amazing son.
I have to hug you.

- Thank you.
- Oh, my God.

It's amazing. Oh, my God.
I have to hug you.

- Captain.
- So nice to meet you.

- El Capitán.
- [laughs]

- Show them the boat.
- Oh, thank you.

- Lovely meeting you.

- Oh, look at this.
Space doors.

- This is our main salon.
- Oh, wow.

- This is the dining area.
- This is--

you guys eat down here,
or the guests?

- No, no, no, no.
Guests. Guests.

My parents met
in a wedding band.

And my mom was the
lead singer of the band.

And the drummer hurt his leg,

so my dad comes in,
and that's how they met.

I think between the music,

and the love that they have
for each other and me,

it's definitely what I want,
you know?

- This is where we eat
and everything.

- Hello.
- This is Kasey.

This is my mom.
- [gasps] Oh, my God.

- Did they surprise you?
- Yeah, they did.

- Hi.
- This is Brooke.

- That's so cute.

- I'm jealous that
Colin's parents are here.

Aww, that's so sweet.
- Hi, how are you?

- They could've just taken
a flight with my parents

and brought them from New York

- Did you know
they were coming?

- No, I didn't.
- Not a clue.

[all talking at once]

- That's so sweet.
- It was great.

- Aw, Colin.
- I'm gonna cry.

- [laughs]
- Go ahead, everybody else is.

- If I could have
half the love

that they have
for each other,

you know, I'd be the
luckiest guy in the world.

- So this is where
you guys eat?

- Yeah, this is--yeah.
- Nice.

- And I'll show you my room.
- This is your room?

- Is the bed
long enough for you?

- Barely.

- What'd you do
with all your shoes?

- They're in there
in that drawer.

- It's, you know, GQ Colin.
- [laughs] "GQ Colin."

- Colly-wolly, yup.

When you have a chance,

when you're not busy working
or the end of a charter...

- Well, what are you guys--
what are your plans?

- Our big thing was
we have to go and see...

- See you.
- Aw, that's awesome.

- All right?
- Yeah, totally.

- It was so good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.

I couldn't ask
for better parents.

You know, they've given me,
you know, the world.

- We'll see you
in a day or two.

- It's--I don't know.

It's just hard to explain or...

[voice cracking]
They just love me so much.


- Now, get back to work.
- Okay...[laughs]

- All right,
I'll see you guys later.

- Okay, love you. Bye.
- I love you too. See you.

♪ ♪

- Where did put my pants?

[hair dryers whooshing]

- It's all criss-crossed.
Everything's right.

- Look at you, hot stuff.
- Hey, babe.

- What's up, dudes?
- I mean...

- [softly] So this is
how tonight's gonna work.

Me and you are gonna
sit on the end of the table.

You're gonna sit
across from me,

and he's gonna sit to my left.

- Safety in numbers.
- Yes. [laughs]

I'm not leaving her and
I'm not abandoning Hannah.

There is time when you just
need time to think and apart.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

- ♪ That's amore ♪

- You excited for tonight?
- Psh, always.

- [laughs]
- Ugh, God, here we go.

- She makes me feel this big.

I--I just want respect.

- Coming up...

- I want to have a
relationship with you.

- You know what, sweetheart?

- I hate you
calling me "sweetheart."

That's the
most degrading thing ever.

[exotic music]

- Whoop.

♪ ♪

- Welcome.
- How are you? Thanks so much.

- Thank you so much.

- Candlelit.
- This is cute.

- Thanks, sir.

- Cheers all.

- Cheers.
- Yhoo.

all: Cheers.
- One love, baby girls.

- Oh, my God. It was
so nice to meet your parents.

- Oh.
- Where are they tonight?

They couldn't come with us?
- I'm gonna see them tomorrow.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you, ma'am.

[uneasy music]

- One glass.

♪ ♪

- Yeah, sure.

- Damn,
that plan didn't work...


- [unintelligible]
Mushroom, potato.

- Oh, Silver Service.

- Octopus salad with

the beans from our region.

- It was all right.

♪ ♪

- Let's go.

- Oh, okay.
They're not stools.

- Mm.

- Seeing them smiling,

suggestive, like,
looks across the table is--

it just pisses me off a bit.

- I was--I was falling
for the girl that

wasn't bringing up
every wrong thing I did,

when it was just
all relaxed and chill.

Over the past, like, two weeks,

it's just kind of all--
all changed, I don't--

- The person I am
when it's just me and you--

that is a tender side of me,

and a side that
I don't show anyone else.

- Why is it like that, though?

Why do you put on this
massively hard exterior?

- It's because I've been
looking after myself

for the past 20 years.

- I understand that one,
but you're a lovely,

absolute sweetheart.

- I've gotten to where I am
by being a really hard,

tough, ----ing woman.

If you want a nice,
sweet, kind, pretty girl,

go and find a nice,
sweet, kind, pretty girl.

Why are you, like, trying to,
like, to be with me?

- I'm not--
- This is me.

- I asked my parents
to come out.

They said, "(BLEEP) off."
- Oh, sick.

"Thanks, Ma."

- They're awesome.
- [laughs]

- What's going on, 'cause you
keep looking at me and I...

- No, no, no.
Jesus, no.

- Okay.

I thought did something wrong.
- No, I just--

I was listening to you,
and--no, no.

Please don't get me wrong.
- Okay.

- Okay, ready?
Go, go, go, go, go, go.

- Oh, that's good.

[soft indistinct chatter]

- What is that?
- Go, go, go, go.

- What the (BLEEP) is going on?

- Are you okay?

Don't get upset over this.

Stop I--yes.

Okay, let's have a good nighnight.


Good night.

- I don't know if he's
trying to make me jealous,

or if he's just
a serial flirt.

I want to trust him,

but your actions
speak louder than words.

- And then, what? When have
I done that in any way?

- No, but in what way?
I'm the same.

- Oh, my God.

I was looking around the table.
I stared at everyone.

- What, that I was...

Anything that gets said,
Brooke takes it to heart.

Every time she takes
something to heart,

I have to start again
and convince her that

she shouldn't, and how many
times do I have to start again?

- Thank you.
Oh, yeah.

- I want to have
a relationship with you.

And I want to show you
the world of how ----ing good

a relationship is.

- You know what,
sweetheart, then--

- I hate you calling me,

- Okay, sorry.
- You make me feel like

I'm the scum of the Earth,
like one of your little,

----ing shoes.

It's the most
degrading thing ever.

- You wanna make it look like
a ----ing perfect relationship,

when it's not.
- Because that's what I want.

That's what I want--
a perfect relationship.

And this obviously ain't it,

and this is obviously why
it's never gonna work.

I think we're
two different people.

We live two different--
completely different lives.

- We do.
- And we have two different

outlooks on
absolutely everything.

- Yeah, we do.

[dramatic music]

- Next on "Below Deck: Med'...

- Clint Harkins, primary guest,
and two daddy's girls.

- Our mother passed away.

We're thinking about
getting tattoos.

- That would hurt so bad.

- [New York accent]
What you talking about?

- No, "toh-kin'."
- "Toh-kin'."

- I really wanna
tell Brooke how I feel.

Like, the first week, like,
I had, like, a thing for you.

Kill me now.

- Say it.
Say it.

- What are you doing?

- He's not on me.

[both laugh]

- What, then?
(BLEEP) off.

- For more on
"Below Deck: Mediterranean",