Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - We Used to Be Friends - full transcript

Hannah and Joao's contempt for one another grows even stronger when Joao ruffles Hannah's feathers. And, on the first day of charter, strong winds leave the boat stuck at the dock, and Adam...

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Previously on
"Below Deck: Med"...

- I want someone standing here
at all times

to watch the table.
- Okay.

- No, I know. I'm unwrapping it
at the moment.

- So did we not put it
in the freezer?

- Hannah sees herself as
the boat concierge,

and you need to be
a bit more hands on.

- Yeah.

- I haven't had sex
in eight years.

- Wait,
hold the phone.

I'm joking.
I'm just--

- That's not even funny.
- I'm just joking.

- We're going to
a different country.

- Prague.
I already decided.

It's, like, good
to be forced a little bit

into trying to
make something work.

- Okay, cool.
Let's do it.

- Adam forgets to cook for
the crew. It pisses me off.

You--you have got
one job.

- Are you borrowing
my Ralph Lauren's, are you?

- Oh, is that okay?
- If you ----ing laugh,

I will
----ing kill you.

- What the (BLEEP)
are you doing?

[air horn blows]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Very considerate at all.
- Yeah.

- [laughs]
What a bitch!

- It's really hard to take
anything Hannah says

as the truth, especially
when it comes to Joao.

She's got
an ulterior motive.

- [indistinct]

- We better go.
Everyone's waiting.

- Okay.

- Where's Brooke?
Is she--

- Yeah,
she's coming.

- I'm fine with having
our flirty friendship,

but it's Brooke
who now has to worry about

a relationship.

- There she is.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- There she is.

- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.

- This cuff,
my ex's mom gave to me.

It goes perfectly with
that top.

- Grazie.

- Okay, guys,
let's roll!

- Oh,
let's cruise.

- ----ing cool,

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Yay!
- Oh, yeah.

♪ ♪

- Look at that.
It's nice, isn't it?

- Oh, that's so pretty.
- Yeah, it really is.

- Couldn't have picked
a better view.

- I'll take
the back side.


- It's great.
- I know.

I was complimenting you,

- Ooh. Ow.
- [gasps]

- Sorry.

- Oh, my God, I thought
it went over the edge.

- What was it?
- Stop wearing all my stuff.

freaking me out.

- Jesus.
Talk about materialistic.

- Excuse me?

- Oh, my God. We haven't
even had a drink yet.

- Oh, God.

- Just because I don't want my
earrings falling over an edge,

I'm materialistic,

- It's a gutter.
There's a gutter here.

We could've...

- I was being honest.
What the (BLEEP)?

I'm not a dickhead who states
my opinion for nothing.

It's come from somewhere.
I grew up poor.

My dad started a business
with tractors.

The first tractor he fixed and
sold, we had an armed robbery

and I was
held ransom.

So you're being materialistic
but there's more to life.

- [sighs]

- I think Joao's definitely
put me in a box.

Maybe if he actually sat down
and had a conversation with me

he'd realize that I've
basically been working

since I was 13

and I'm not
a materialistic princess

that has had everything
handed to her.

I've worked really hard for
everything I've got.

- All right, let's get
some wine, for God's sake.

- This is a really cool ranch.
- Thank you.

- Can I have
the chicken breast, please?

- I'll have
the zucchini flower.

- Where do you want to visit
after the charter season?

- Yeah.

- I spend a week or two at
my dad's place in Mozambique.

- Yeah.
- And then--[laughs]

You missed
your whole entire--


- Oh, my God,

- Ooh, fancy.
- That's quite cool, that pair.

- Did you get the risotto?
- That looks good.

- Look at those
baby [indistinct].

- Bon appétit,

- Bon appétit.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I feel like I'm waiting for
something to happen.

All right.

[upbeat music]

- What are you guys
gonna do in Prague?

- I don't know,
just chill out for a few days.

- Not get insulted,
called names, things like that.

It'll be fun.

He's such
a ----ing dick.

- Your boyfriends
and girlfriends respectively

hate each other.

It's a competition now,

and I know Hannah
doesn't like to lose.

- Are you guys ready to
head back to the boat?

- Let's do it.
- Yeah?

- What are you guys thinking?
Are you gonna stay?

- Yeah,
we're gonna stay.

- All right.
Well, have fun.

- Cheers, mate.
I'll see you later, baby.

- It's okay.
We're just fine.

- Did you hear him
calling me materialistic?

- I mean, first words
out of his mouth.

- Oh, God,
as soon as he sat down.

- I'm sorry,
but she asks for it

and nobody gives it
back to her.

- If she ----ing likes him,
then she's just stupid.

- She is

Everyone knows that,
but nobody says it.

If you think I'm in the wrong,
you need to tell me.

- No, I don't think
you're in the wrong at all,

but Hannah had
basically said that

you were flirting with Kasey
in the crew mess.

- I don't

I--what I did
I wouldn't have changed

if you were in front of me.

She's trying to find anything

for anyone
to be against me.

And she wins with
most of everyone.

- I really ----ing
don't like that guy.

- Yeah.
- ----ing go back to Africa,

you dumb (BLEEP).

- Every emotion
was fulfilled

on the day that we
decided to be together.

Everything else
doesn't matter.

I'm never this close
to anyone

because I don't
want to be.

I close off.

Sometimes I feel that
I've given so much

it should be

- But that's
the thing.

I think I know,

and I think I have
a really strong gut instinct,

but then
at the same time,

I've known you all for a few
weeks to have to question it.

- Do not question,
just be.

- I guess I just--
I don't want to get hurt,

and I've been
really hurt before.

- So have I.


- Shall we go?

- Yes, let's go.

- Okay.

- Ow!

[upbeat music]

- Is everyone really, like,
going to bed right now?

I feel like
an asshole.

[upbeat music]

- The more
I think about it...

- It's six weeks.
A day on here is like a week.

Like, think about
how close we are

and we've actually only
known each other for a month.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I don't do well
in those situations.

I am terrible.

- Oh, yeah,
I gathered that.

Can I just tell you
one thing?

I was, like, gonna
grab you by the throat tonight

- Really?
Go on. Why?

- You were basically having
a date with the guy

who called me materialistic
in front of everyone.

- I have to work
with the guy!

It's not my fight
to have.

- If you are nice
to someone

who has just called me

then I am gonna have
a problem with that.

- There is no need to make
a whole scene of a situation

out of everything
every time.

Look, I'm done with
this conversation.

You deal with who I am
or don't deal with who I am.

- Okay.

- I'm going to bed.
I can't deal with this sh--.

♪ ♪

- Hello.

- What's cracking?
- How was it?

- Oh,
really good.

♪ ♪

- Oh, my God.

Doing a move?

- No, I'm just

- [laughs]
Get a glass.

Or a straw.

- [laughs]
Let's do neither.

♪ ♪

- Is that

- Yeah,
that's Hannah.

- Where's Hannah?
- Oh, that is Hannah.

- Wait.
Oh, sh--.

- Oh, ho, ho.

"Days of Our Lives."

Look at him. (BLEEP)
Tell me what he's thinking.

- Why is he there...
- Tell me what he's thinking.

- And she--
- Excellent.

Let's go see what
she's thinking.

- Oh, I feel horrible.
Stop it.

- I'm just seeing what
they're thinking, that's all.

[upbeat music]

- God. We always
have to argue.

♪ ♪

- You know, I personally
am a bud nipper.

When I know an ugly flower
is about to grow,

I go and I nip that
----ing bud

before it's
allowed to grow.

She knows
she's materialistic.

She doesn't want
to hear it.

Just like I don't like hearing
I'm a dick.

I know I'm a dick.
I don't need you to tell me.

- 15 seconds after
I sat down

I got called

by your man and then I sat down
and listened to you

talking ----in,
like, oh.

- He was--

- He was talking sh--
about me.

I would never let someone
talk sh-- to me about you.

- He wasn't talking sh--
about you to me.

He really wasn't.

- [sighs]

- Coming up...

- Deck crew, deck crew, could
we get the luggage, please?

Like "wow"
but it's Joao.

- Is--is anyone coming
to do the luggage?

- Sometimes
I can't say it myself.

- Joao, do you want to come
and do your job?

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Come on.

- Morning.

- Morning.
Did you have a good sleep?

- At first, I woke up at 2:30
because of the wind.

- Yeah, it started howling,
didn't it?


- Hannah's really trying,
so of course,

I'm going to
embrace that.

She got off track,

but sometimes people
just need to reset.

- Do you want me to put
some more milk on for you?

- No. That's okay.
Enjoy your café.

- Thank you.

[upbeat music]

- How could you
blame that on me?

- [laughs]

- How are you?

Yes, please.

Thank you.
Just a little bit of honey.

- It's just tea,

it's what
that tea means.

There's more to the tea
than just a tea bag.


- You little legend,
thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Adam, Conrad, Hannah,
come to the bridge

for a preference sheet

- All right, copy.
On my way.

- Hello.

- This one should be
really cool

because he's
a motivational speaker.

- Really?
- Wow.

- Daniel Pendley,
Melinda Messick

from California.

Daniel Pendley spends his life
motivating others,

also joining this power couple
is Daniel's cousin,

Josh Pendley, Alexander Callum,
Amanda Williams,

and Lucy Park.

Looks like
she has some--

- Dietary restrictions.
Shellfish, anything dairy,

cow milk, starchy food,
noodles, rice, potatoes,

bread, butter,

Here goes all
the fun food groups.

- Rounding out this group is
a West Coast couple,

and Jenifer De La Torre.

- They'd like
a sharing circle

and would like to invite
the crew to join as well.

- What's
a sharing circle?

- That is when we all
sit around, hold hands,

and sing "Kumbaya."
- Sounds cool.

- We have some weather
coming in

so we're not
leaving the dock,

at least not for
a few hours.

- I can always look into
some things,

maybe like a tour for
the afternoon.

- Great.

The guests are stuck
at the dock

but they can be tendered around
in the harbor.

That's the beautiful thing
about this area.

You have a lot of

When we're challenged
with weather

it makes it very difficult
for us,

but I think we can--
- We can do it.

- Let's do it.

- Thank you.

[funky music]

- Wow, look at that.

There goes lobster

- That's fresh out of the sea.
Thank you.

He just rolls up on
his scooter

carrying a whole lot
of lobsters.

- Nice.

- Conrad.
- Yeah.

- That cushion cover,
somebody's put it in the dryer.

Have you got enough for
if it's, like, not ready?

- Yeah.
- If it's not dry yet?

- Yeah, I'll just take off
one of the side seats.

- Okay.
Give me a hug.

I do kind of need to let it go
super quickly and move on

or our relationship will
affect the crew.

And that's one thing that
I definitely did not want

from the start.

- No, neither do I.

- And I really, really
want to see Prague.

- I know.

- And I'm just trying to
get through it.

- [alarm clock buzzes]
- Oh, (BLEEP)!

[upbeat music]

- Morning workouts, you really
have to stretch it out.

The lower you go,
you can really feel it.

- Jesus Christ.
- Look at that!

That looks like a cameltoe more
than a bloody moose's head.


Can you do me
a favor?

Can you get a harness and stuff
and just do these windows here?

- Whose turn is it?
- It's your turn.

I'm telling you.
- When did you do it?

- I don't have to go.
I'm watching you.

I will do it
the next time.

- This ----ing wind is
gonna push us.


- Whippety whipping.

- What the (BLEEP)?

- [singing] I am freezing
my nuggets off.

- This is bullsh--.

I would hate to imagine what
it's like for guys

to hang on
this thing.

This ----ing contraption is
yanking at my foofee.


- [sighs]

- - All crew, all crew,
get into your whites.

Guests' arrival
in five minutes.

[lively music]

♪ ♪

- Wow! Look at that.
- Stewardess.

- I'm loving it.

This is gonna be cool.
- There it is.

- There it is.
- Welcome.

- How you doing?
Good to see you guys.

- I'm Sandy. I'm your captain.
Welcome aboard.

- Adam. Thank you.
- Hi!

- Joao.
That's an interesting name.

- Kasey.
- Nice to meet you.

- Wow.
- Welcome aboard.

we have a lot of wind

so we're monitoring the weather

and as soon as I can leave
the dock, we'll leave the dock.

It may be later
this afternoon,

but I know you're here to
be on a boat enjoying it

so that's actually
our priority.

- We're looking forward to it.
Thank you.

- Thank you, guys.

- Whoo-hoo!
- Shoes off here?

- There's a basket
over there.

- Barefoot vacation.

May we live
as long as we want

and never want
as long as we live.

How's that?
together: Whoo!

- All right!

- Come with me and I'm
gonna show you your home

for the next
few days.

So here's
the bridge deck aft.

As you can see, we've put
the wind blockers up for you.

So hopefully you guys are
gonna be able to eat here.

- So far, so good.

This is gorgeous.

- So this is actually
surprisingly quite protected

from the wind.
- Love this.

- God, is this how heavy
a woman's handbag normally is?

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Just overhead [indistinct]
express, like, a 2:30 lunch.

- Perfect.
- Oh, yay.

- Come through and I'll
show you the interior.

♪ ♪

This is
the master suite.

- Oh, this
is Daniel's.

- Oh, they're all nice,
I'm sure.

- I think they're all pretty
good, though. This is nice.

Clemente, get out of
my bathroom.

- I call dibs on
this room.

- What are you doing
in my bathroom?

- I call dibs on it.
- [laughter]

- We've got
two VIP here.

- Living your life
in the moment,

this is absolutely everything
and more.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Whoo!

- Is that it?
- Yep.

- All right,
let's go get changed.

[funky music]

- For what is God prayer.
God is love.

For who does not know God
does not know God

for God is simply love.
John 4.

God is love,

- That's what
I think.

- Deck crew, deck crew,
you can come get the luggage.

- So sorry, your name again?
- Joao.

Joao. Joao.

- I couldn't say it earlier.
- That's okay.

- Deck crew, deck crew, could
we get the luggage, please?

- Joao, Joao.
Like "wow" with a Joao.

- Joao.
- Yes.

- Is--is anyone coming
to do the luggage?

- Yeah,
we're on our way now.

- Thank you.

- Where are you from?
- I'm from Zimbabwe.

South Africa and then we're
just a country above there.

- Oh.
- Yes.

- Joao, Joao, can you come and
give a hand with the luggage?

- Sometimes
I can't say it myself.

- Joao, do you want to come
do your job?

- Coming up...

- The finest sushi restaurants
in the world,

it's been frozen.

- Oh!

- Guess I better go to
the galley

and talk about fish
with the chef.

If I were a fish,
would you bake me,

would you fillet me,
would you slow braise me?

- And later...

- Any Bloody Marys?
- We don't have vodka.

- Which chest is
the vodka in?

- Joao.

- Joao.
- Yes.

- Joao, Conrad, can you come
and give a hand

with the luggage?

- Copy. One second.
I'm coming back up.

I don't want to
close this.

- Hey, mate.
- Yes.

- Brooke, Brooke,

can we get a table set up
on the sundeck, please?

- Copy.

Sandy, what time
are we heading off?

- Maybe 8:00 tonight.
- Okay.

[lively music]

♪ ♪

- If it ain't so, don't say it.
If it ain't right, don't do it.

- Would you like
something else?

- Vodka and tonic.
- Done.

Would you guys prefer
the food out here

or you want me to set it up
on the sundeck?

- Just talk to him.
- Out there?

- Yeah, I don't care.
- Okay.

- Brooke, Brooke,

Sorry, can we set up
on the deck now?

- Copy.

Come on, Hannah.

- Hey, Mom.
What's going on?

You know, like--you know,
like, my bed at home?

Like, split that
in half.

♪ ♪

- Here you go.

- Do you have Bloody Marys?
- Yes, of course.

- No, that'd be after
I finish this.

- No, they don't
have those here.


- What is this?
- Wow.

- Oh, my favorite.
I love blue cheese.

- God, I'm hungry.

[upbeat music]

- So what I'm having a look at
at the moment is

for you guys to go
and see the castles.

We could put you in the tender

and then get the boys
to drive you.

- No, that'll be good.

- And you'll be on the water.
- That'll be cool.

- Yeah?
- I would like that.

- Castel dell'Ovo is the oldest
standing fortress in Naples,

and we need to
pull something out

when we're not able to
take the yacht out.

- You rock.

Hannah rocks.

- Everything happens
for a reason.

I mean,
I've come from Zimbabwe,

which the economy

- Jesus Christ.

- Myself and my brother
decided to leave.

We came here with
absolutely nothing.

- So I feel bad to you
bitching about it

but I need to vent.

[upbeat music]

- Conrad, Conrad,

- Go ahead.

- Do you want me to send
a girl with you

or can Jamie come with you
to do service?

- I've got Jamie on a break
for a bit.

I've got Colin with me,

- Okay, perfect. Colin, I will
explain their drinks to you.

- [laughs]

- Oh, boy.

[upbeat music]

- Adam, do you need chopsticks
for them?

- That'd be fun.
- Yeah?

- I'm doing this
stir-fried with vegetables.

and then I'm gonna make
the rice-wrapped spring rolls.

Thai food's really easy to make
with no dairy,

and that's why I chose to and
was happily rolling with Thai

because coconut milk.

Coconuts are like the godsend
for the gluten-frees

and dairy-frees
and free everything.

Eat a coconut.

- So soup spoons,

- Okay, well, hurry
'cause I'm busy.

- Oh, shut up.
- [laughs]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- The [indistinct]

- So there's water. The other
one's filled with beer.

There's vodka, sodas,
and then I think that's it.

- Yeah.

- Thank you for

- [laughs]

- Are you guys ready
to get going?

- Yeah!
- Yeah? Perfect.

- Hey, bartender.

- As long as I don't spill
my Bloody Mary, I'm good.

- Thank you.
You guys are amazing.

- Drinks, drinks,

- Bloody Mary.
Do we have Bloody Mary stuff?

- Is it too late?

- They want, like,
Bloody Marys and stuff

and it's Colin, and I feel
like I can't go with them.

- Why?

- You told me one Coke, you
were coming back to the boat.

- So who's supposed to be
serving them drinks?

- Not the chief

who was not at work
the entire day yesterday.


- Hannah's quick. You already
did the whole thing?

- Have fun, guys.
together: Thank you!

- Colin, you can hear me?
- Yes, yes.

- Okay, take
the Worcestershire sauce,

pour it around
the inside of the glass.

- I have to figure out
what the--

- Put the celery salt
and pepper.

Pour the vodka
over that.

- What?
You're ----ing kidding me.

- I can get another beer right?
- Yeah.

I got you a ton.

- The only reason you have not
is because you ask not.

Colin's getting me
another beer.

- I'll keep you all dry
as possible but it is windy.

- Okay.

- So we're gonna take a tour
of this castle.

- Great.

- What's up?

It'll be in there.
In the big one, I think.

Hannah, Hannah, Conrad.

- Go ahead.

- Which chest is
the vodka in?

- In the big cooler.
- Okay, copy, the big cooler.

- We don't have vodka.
We don't have vodka.

- No vodka?
- No vodka.

We got...
- Hannah forgot that?

- Corona, Heineken,
Peroni, Guinness.

- Hey, we forgot

Hannah, Hannah, Conrad.

Which chest
is the vodka in?

- In the big cooler.

- Okay, copy,
the big cooler.

- Oh, look at that.

- Yeah.

- Nope.

- Try the other one.
- Nothing.

- Conrad, please confirm there
is Grey Goose in the cooler

'cause you're giving me
a heart attack.

- Hannah, Hannah,

- I swear I put a bottle
of Grey Goose in there.

- I got beers
and I got non-alcohol.

- No--
- Like soda, like Cokes.

What [indistinct]?
- Do you have water?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.
- I'd like a water.

Wow, look at
that place.

- Look at
the cannons.

- Wow.
- Look at the sight of this.

It's amazing.

- I'm getting to the stage
where I'm like,

oh, I just can't win.

It's like there is so much
going on on the yacht,

there's so much going on
in my head,

and I'm making
stupid mistakes.

which is not something
I usually do.

♪ ♪

Good to go.

- You want me
to hold it?

- There you go.

- Yeah.

- I like helping.
- I'll get the rest.

- All right.
- Thank you.

It's a little easier
when you got a team.

Sandy seems to know
when I'm under the gun

and she knows when to come in
and just lift me up...

just kind of help remind me that
everything is gonna be okay.

- You are absolutely beautiful,

- Well,
thank you.

- You're talking to her?
- Yes.

- Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Colin's
pretty cute too.

Colin's cute too,

- You and Kasey are fine
for lunch service?

- No problem.

- Okay.

[upbeat music]

- Yeah!

- Good, I'm out.
- Yeah, we're done.

- It was nice?
- That was fun, yeah.

- Yeah?
- Hannah,

there was no vodka
in the cooler.

- Oh, (BLEEP).
Wait, wait, wait.

Can I get all the stuff so I
can make the Bloody Mary?

'Cause I've given it
all to you.


- Oh, thank you.
I never got one. Yes.

- Hi, I'm Lucy.

- How are you?
- Great.

I just wanted to come
and say hello.

- Nice.
- I have a little question.

- Yeah.
- You're cooking fish

and you just braise
the outside

and you're gonna leave
the inside a little bit raw.

- Guess I better go
to the galley

and talk about fish
with the chef.

- Yeah.
- But didn't it raise

the internal temperature to
the point where

bacteria might--
I guess it--

- Oh, yeah, in her bikini top,

- Oh.
- No matter what,

you're gonna kill bacteria
once its frozen, okay?

The finest sushi restaurants
in the world,

it's been frozen.

- Oh!

- If I were a fish,
would you bake me,

would you fillet me,
would you slow braise me?

- [laughter]
- Oh, man.

- Yeah, I could go on.
This is fascinating.

- Oh, Lucy.

- I don't want to keep
disturbing you so...

- No, you're fine.
- thank you for speaking.

- You look like
you're ready to go.

- Let me
sort these out.

- What are they for?

- Okay.

[upbeat music]

- It's all good
3:30 to 5:30

and we need you
5:30 to 7:30.


- Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Okay.

- The first part of
the charter season

I didn't really
take my breaks.

So I'm really trying to be
diligent in taking breaks,

obviously as well as making
sure my girls have them.

I'll do the start of service
and then go on break

after they've got all
their food and everything.

So the fact that
we're at charter eight

I'm not really sure why
Brooke needs me around,

but if she feels that
she needs a bit more support,

then support
she shall get.

- Ready?

- Oh, my God,
you guys are beautiful.

[upbeat music]

- [whispering]
Yes, I copy that.

- Isn't this pretty?
- Uh-huh.

- So I thank you.

♪ ♪

- The sun is
out now, guys...

- And it's good.
- and the wind is calming down.

- I've got a quote for you
I wrote today.

"You were never given
the power to dream

"without the natural ability to
manifest that dream

and make it
a physical reality."

- Amen!
- Amen!

Come on, receive it,
believe it.

- That looks amazing,

Oh, I just want to
shove my face in it.

♪ ♪

- Thank you.

- Oh! Adam, you outdone
yourself tonight.

- This is awesome.

- Wow!
Look at all this food!

- These can go straight
to the table.

- He's cooking that
in that little kitchen?

This guy is

- I love Thai.
- Thank you.

- They're like, "Wow,
Adam's outdone himself."

- Guys, when you
bless food,

it actually changes
the molecules in the food,

actually turns that into
good for your body.

- Wow.
- [indistinct]


- We're waiting
for it.

- What's in front of you
right now is

a Thai coconut broth soup,

There's a macerated cucumber
salad over here.

You got a little bit of
rice stir-fry.

This is
homemade kimchi.

- Oh, I love kimchi.
- Ooh, I love kimchi.

- There's some...
- Spring rolls!

- spring rolls, yeah.
- Oh, my God!

- Of course,
little popadams

and that pretty well concludes
the tour there.

Enjoy. Let me know if
you need anything, all right.

- It smells delicious.
- Thank you.

- Awesome.
Good job.

- It's actually
really good.

- That is good. It's got,
like, a unique flavor to it.

- He's not even Asian.
- He says he's not even Asian.

- I'll go on break.
They're fine on water and wine.

They're still eating.

- Bye.

- You okay?

- I don't feel great,
but how do you feel?

- Tired.

- It's funny, I feel that
she's just so over it.

- I just am confused as to
what she thinks her role is

as a chief stew.

I feel as if

she might be taking out her
frustration with Joao on Brooke.

But also, she's taking her
frustration out

with her relationship
with Conrad on both of us.

- Coming up...

- Remember the whole
crew and guest thing.

- Yeah.
- We're here to serve.

- Don't tell me
how to do my job, mate,

because you've got no ----ing
idea how to do your own job.

Captain Sandy?
- Yeah?

- Wow.

- How you can strive
and never arrive because...

- And then put that plan
in play.

- Every day.

[lively music]

♪ ♪

- Let's go to the top.
It's gonna be sunny.

- Let's do it.

- Oh, no!
He's got his teeny bikini.


- Yeah.

- Yes.

- How are you?
- Fantastic.


- How often are
you home?

- I haven't been home properly
for a year and a half.

- Oh, wow.
- Yeah, really long time.

- That's tough.
- Yes.

- Jesus Christ,
this is horrible.

- But to be fair, he does
chat up a good conversation.

- Yeah, he does.

- But he shouldn't be sitting.
- No.

- Love that camera.

- [knock on door]
- Yeah.

- What's your opinion?

Joao has sat down on the aft
deck to chat to a guest.

Do you think
I should say something?

- I would.
With the deck crew,

you're kind of more there
to be seen, not heard.

- I know.
I think I'll say something.

See you in a minute.

- And you like it neat,
is that right?

- Yeah, me too.
- [laughter]

- Welcome to
the Jacuzzi.

- The primary has requested
surf and turf.

It's like 1982 Ritz-Carlton
all over again.

- Hey, Joao.
- Yeah.

- Remember the whole
crew and guest thing.

- Yeah.
- We're here to serve

and, like, sitting down with
them on the aft deck as well,

like, by all means,
just chat

or you can just have
a general chitchat with them.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Cool.

Thank you, man. I'm gonna
swap you out with Jamie.

- Cool.

Don't tell me how to
do my job, mate,

because you've got no ----ing
idea how to do your own job.

Captain Sandy?
- Yeah? Come in.

- Sorry to disturb you.
I just wanted to ask something.

Obviously I was sitting on
the stern with a guest there.

- Yes. Yeah.
- He was talking.

He had asked me to sit. I was
like, okay, I'm not so sure.

I just don't want to, you know,
put myself in the situation

where anyone thinks that
I'm being, you know...

- You're fine.
- too close.

- It's good
you engage with them.

You know the line.
I'm not worried.

- Yeah, I do. I just--
I don't want anyone to--

- I know you.
You don't have to worry.

- Thanks, Sandy.
Okay, thanks.

- How are you?
- [inaudible]

- Anything you want to
talk about?

- I wanted to talk to
you about it.

- Jesus.
Talk about materialistic.

- Hello. I'm gonna leave ya.
Have fun. Ciao.

- I'm back.
What's going on?

- They're all upstairs
on the sundeck.

- Okay.

- Okay.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- You guys all good?

There you go.

- Hannah, Hannah, can you come
to the bridge, please?

- Yeah, sure.
Copy that.

Oh, God. Hello.

- How are the guests?

- They're good.
- Because of the wind,

I mean, it dies down,
it picks up.

I'm wondering
how they would feel

if I left
early in the morning.

- I'm sure they will be
100% fine.

- Okay. At least
there's a view here.

- Yeah, it's cute.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Do you want to knock off now,
and if I need you

I'll wake you up.
- Yeah.

- But I very highly doubt
we'll need you.

- [indistinct]
- Ciao for now.

- So I just wanted to
let you know

I just spoke with
Captain Sandy.

She's kind of recommended
that we leave

first thing
in the morning.

- Yeah.


[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- There he is.

- I said it before
and I'll say it again.

When we're on the dock,
it's all eyes on me.

They don't even have
a Jet Ski to ride.

All that matters is breakfast,
lunch, and dinner.

Who does that?

♪ ♪

- You guys can be seated
whenever you like.

- Cool,
thank you.

- Okay, I'm gonna start
ordering wine service.

Kasey, you can start in
the cabins.

Ready when you are,

- Roger.

- Sweet.

- My dad used to go perform

when he was a kid,
taking demons out of people.

- To start with this evening,
you have a crab cake

with a champagne

- Bon appétit.

- They're good, huh?
- Delicious.

- Hi.
- I'm coming to help you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I like what you did
with the bed.

- Thank you.
- Adam, Adam, Hannah.

I'm doing wine service within
to pair with the main.

So we've got a bit of time
before main course.

- I don't often say this, but if
we could actually hurry it up,

I've got steaks.
They're ready to go.

- Copy that.
Brooke, Brooke, Hannah.

Can you start clearing?
- ----ing hell.


Yeah, copy.

- You know what
I haven't had in ages?

Surf and turf.

- Oh, back to you.

- Lucy is only
allergic to crab.

- Whoopsies.

- Thank you, Brooke.
- You're welcome.

- Beautiful plating

- So for your main course
this evening,

you have a classic
surf and turf with lobster

and the prime rib.

- Thank you.
- Oh, wow.

- Very good.

[upbeat music]

- Brooke, Brooke,

- This is so good.
- Yeah.

- He is
a super chef.

♪ ♪

- I'm exhausted.
Brooke, Brooke, Hannah.

Could I grab you in the galley
for service, please?

- Copy.

- [indistinct]

- I feel like because Hannah's
attitude towards me

and my choices with Joao
have been negative.

She's taking that out on me and
putting more of a workload on me

and not treating me
as a friend.

- Thank you, darling.
- You're welcome.

Your dessert this evening is
bananas Foster.

- Mm, mm.

- It's so good, I'm drooling
out the side of my mouth.

- [laughs]
- I love it!

- Would you like
some more red?

- Of course.

♪ ♪

- I think I've put on
a kilo and 1/2 the past 4 days,

but that's good.

- Not all the way yet.

- I'm not an idiot. Basically,
I'm doing everything.

And she's just the front woman
who gets all the glory,

and it's wrong.

- I now have
a food baby.

- Is it a boy
or a girl?

- Coming up...

- I feel like you've been
taking advantage of me.

- I'm not sure what the (BLEEP)
Brooke is talking about.

- You're gonna ----ing annoy me
so just tread carefully.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Do you need help?

- I mean, you can dry
if you'd like.

- Yeah, give me a dryer

- Yeah.

- Anyway.


- Can you close
that door?


I think I'll chill
in here

because (BLEEP) face
is in my pantry.

- Ugh.
- I know.

I almost threw up
everything I just ate.

- Well, that's

- It's not stress this time.
I'm just grossed out.

- It's ----ing ridiculous.
She doesn't work.

- I think you need to be more
clear to other people

as to how you feel as well,
and not just absorb it.

- I will.

- Because I just--as
an outsider's point of view,

like, what she's doing
is wrong.

Take what I think
of her away,

what she's still doing
is wrong.

- Mm-hmm.

- Hannah's a manipulator.

She's manipulating her
friendship towards Brooke

as a reason to skive work,
and it's not right.

I have been trying to prove
this point from the start.

This is her time
to back herself up.

Yeah, yeah.

- I was on top till,
like, 11:00

and I cleaned up a little bit
in the crew mess.

So I was like--

- He said he'd be up
at half 10:00.

- That's what
I figured.

If he's sleeping, I'm like,
who gives a sh--? You know.

It's my time to go to bed, but
our boatswain's still sleeping.

You know, it's not
really good leadership.

Lead by example.
So that's why I'm going to bed.

- [laughter]
- 'Cause he's sleeping.

Joao may be a head case
off the boat,

but on the boat
he's a good worker.

You can't bash
the kid.

- Go to bed, mate.
- All right, cool.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Okay,
see you later.

- Kasey, Kasey,

- Go ahead.

- You can
knock off.

- Copy.

- What was that?
- We're going to bed.

But we're not
going to sleep.

- Oh.

[upbeat music]

- All right.

Is this amazing
or what?

Oh, my God,
I love it.

♪ ♪

- Conrad?
- Hmm?

- How's it going, mate?
- You good?

- Yeah, I'm good.
- Oh.

- Yeah.


♪ ♪

We have to ask
the question

because now it's really,
really obvious.

Who the (BLEEP)
is running this boat?

- Oh, sh--.
That one got away with me.

- Tired?

- I must
have been.

- Brooke, Brooke,
what's your location?

- I'm here.

- #thisonesforyou.

- Okay.

Hannah's leaving me with
all the decorations,

the glassware,
the pantry clear up,

everything, and it's a bit of
a slap in the face,

and I'm just
sick of it.

- Cheerio.

- I really need to
speak to you.

----ing I'm--
I'm just literally

getting more and more
frustrated every day.

It's got to a point
where I feel like

I don't actually know what
you're doing within the day.

And I feel sometimes that
you're taking advantage of me.

Would rather do
an equal amount of work...

- We are doing
an equal amount of work.

- and have the same
amount of jobs.

Can I take you through today
just because

it's been annoying me
so much.

The guests came on board...
- Mm-hmm.

- and you told me while we were
doing beds, heads,

all of that stuff...
- Right.

- you were doing the pantry
and the fridges.

Yet Kasey had to do
the fridges.

What is that?
That's a 20-minute job.

I know--I know how--
I know provision.

I did all the frigging laundry

I cleared out the whole laundry
room, I did all the crew mess,

and this morning--

- I'm not sure what the (BLEEP)
Brooke is talking about.

Believe it or not,
I don't clean toilets anymore

and I don't make beds.
Do you know why?

I've been doing this
for eight years

and I've earned
my rank.

Mine is to
boss you around.

Yours is to shut the (BLEEP) up
and do the dishes.

- Honestly, Hannah, I feel like
you don't have a leg to stand on

in this argument about
who does what.

You're really gonna
----ing annoy me

so just tread carefully because
I have a lot to say here.

- Next on
"Below Deck: Med"...

- This represents what's
holding you back

in your life
right now.

One, two, three.

- Yeah!

- Who would like to
volunteer first?

- Jesus. Attacking.

This is not how
a relationship should be.

- You wanna make it look like a
----ing perfect relationship...

- Yeah.
- when it's not.

- Look, look, look, look.
- So good.

What the (BLEEP)?

Seeing them smiling
across the table pisses me off.

- Oh, my God.

- For more
"Below Deck: Mediterranean,"