Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Charter King - full transcript

Hannah's migraine explodes when the charter guests bring back a large group of girls on board. Upon their exit, the bachelors anoint Danny as the charter MVP, much to the chagrin of Bobby and Bryan. And, Danny continues to lose the respect of his crew by breaking yet another yachtie code and inserting himself into Hannah and Ben's business.

Previously on "Below Deck

Tonight a problem arose

with our chief stewardess,

and you don't throw me

under the bus

if you're the chief stew.

- Last night,
- the whole thing's bullsháá.

- If you have a problem
- with me,

We're gonna talk about it.

- Never go
- to the fáááing captain.

- Okay, let's just
- fáááing move on.

- Come here.
- All right, baby.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Sometimes my sweetness

can come off as flirting,

- but I've got a guy
- that I really love.

You are being flirty, though.

Danny, when you're

helping out Ben,

just stay out of the way.

- When there's no room,
- it's like, "Agh!"

I want to help you

do your job better.

I... I don't need your help

to do my job better.

That's fine.

That's really pissed me off.

Welcome aboard.

The itinerary says nothing

except "bring girls."

Daniel, Bryan, and Bobby.

We would like them

to accompany us

on the beach this afternoon.

Hell, yeah.

Beach, babes, drinks.

The logical choice would be

Bobby and Danny.

We're gonna party!

[horn blares]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

[upbeat dance music]


Welcome to Greece!

That go-go dancer up there,

man, she's smokin'.

♪ ♪

That's a body right there.


Here's a challenge.

You or you, whoever can go

up there and kiss her first

wins 100 bucks.

You want to go first?

Yeah, can we wait...

While she's dancing?

You just have to go

up there and kiss her.

I'm gonna go talk to her.

Okay, here we go.

Watch him.

My friends over there...


Bobby thinks he's got all

the game in the world, right?

- I got no game;
- he's got the game.

- I don't know girls;
- he knows girls.

I don't think you know girls

- the way you think
- you know girls.

Shot down.

She rejected him.

All right, now it's your turn.

- All right.
- Your turn.

I'll give you a heads up;

- She doesn't speak English
- very well.

- No English.
- No.

Let me show you

how it's done, Bobby.

Oh, my God,

he jumped up there.

♪ ♪

Let's go, Danny!


Look, look.

- No, no!
- No!

- Yes. Come on.
- Come on.


He has got way more game

than you do.



I won't pay up.

I didn't even go

for the cheek!

- Oh, that's not fair.
- Whoo!


Karma is a bitch.


Hello, Hannah.

Are you feeling all right?

Go back to bed.

As chief stew, this is my baby

and it's my ship,

and I need to make sure

everything is going perfectly

before I take any rest.

- Is this a thing that you have?
- No.

- Never?
- No.

All right, baby.

Hey, guys, I got

more people to party!

[people cheering]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

I'm a bit scared about

organizing his fruit drawer now.

I would be too.

Hannah, I feel like Bobby's

being a bit awkward.

- I kind of thought
- that might happen, darlin'.

- [laughs]
- I had to be honest.

- I know, but it doesn't...
- It's weird.

Like, he's being awkward,

like, totally awkward.

Avoiding you and stuff?

Not... well, a little bit,

- or he doesn't really want
- to talk to me,

Which is fair enough.

He's, like, the only... one of

the only kind of sane people

on the boat

that I can talk to.

- Hey.
- Hey, what's up?

- Just going over spots,
- because at first it looks good,

And then it's streaky.

- Yeah, just do
- the best you can, you know?

This job takes enthusiasm

and motivation.

This, I went over everything,

so that's my last window.

This is ridiculous.

- That's what makes
- a good deckhand,

And Jen, although she says

she's the best,

she just has no motivation.

- Seems like she doesn't want
- to be here.

- Hey, real quick,
- give a squeegee.

Steal the hose from them,

and then we'll go from there.


Daniel, Daniel, Hannah.

Hey, we got a party, baby!

I have a plan.

We're gonna have f-u-n,


- What's that?
- What's that?

- Fun.
- Fun.

Daniel, Daniel, Hannah.

[music pulsing]


- The reins have been
- pulled down.

♪ ♪


This is ridiculous.

- I don't know what he's doing
- on the beach,

Whether he's distracted.

We just need to do

the best that we can

- and pray my head
- doesn't explode

All over their starter.

Daniel, Daniel, Hannah.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

These guys here, they are,

like, millionaires.

They got yachts.

They got Jet Skis.

♪ ♪

We can. It depends on

whenever these guys are ready.

We got hot tubs.

Let's take it.

Take it to the yacht?

Take it to the yacht.

- We're gonna party
- on a yacht tonight.

- You're in? You're in?
- We're good.

- You're in?
- Yes, she is.

- You're coming to the yacht,
- right, with your friend?

And you're coming too?

I'm like that genie

from Aladdin.

What are your three wishes?

Fun? Girls?

More girls?

[clicks tongue]

I got you, baby.

- Yeah.
- All right, cool.

- Then I gotta figure out
- which girl

- I'm gonna take back
- to the master suite.

- Oh, man.
- That's all you.

Hey, Bobby,

can I borrow your walkie?

Yeah, thank you.


♪ ♪

Hannah, Hannah, Daniel.

Go ahead, Daniel.

We are planning

to come back to the yacht

at 7:00.

- The guests would like
- to have dinner.

And we have an extra

eight guests on top of

the current charter guests

that we have.

Copy that.


I think they just said

how many guests tonight,


- Well, I'd like to know
- the answer, please.

I think 13.

7:00 p.m., 13 people.

- 7:00 p.m.?
- Yeah.

Are you kidding me?

I don't think he understood.

- I mean, if we're gonna
- pick 'em up at 7:00,

- How are we gonna pick 'em up
- at 7:00

And have dinner at 7:00?

- For 13.
- For 13.

With half an hour's notice.

I'm gonna get started

setting up upstairs.

[lively music]

13? Oh, my.

Thanks, Daniel.

♪ ♪

You ready?

Let's go, baby.

- We're gonna have
- a great dinner,

Because you're the man.

You got the most character.

- Screw him; I'll party with you
- any day of the week.


Give me a hug, bro.

- I'm always getting so much flak
- for interacting

With the guests,

and finally it's so gratifying

to be recognized.

- That's everybody?
- Daniel!

Daniel! Daniel!


I got you!

I miss you!

I got you.

- All right, I'm gonna do
- a meat platter quickly,

- And then we do
- a shrimp cocktail as well.

Thank you, ladies.

- You gonna be all right
- with that?


Oh, my God.

Fááá my life.

Oh, get ready, Tiff.

Put on your stew face.


- No shoes.
- No shoes?

- No shoes.
- No shoes.

Thank you.

It's very common for guests

- to bring people back
- to the boat,

But I'm a very, very, very big

fan of manners.

I don't care whether

you're the president

of the United States

or the cleaner.

- Just in this shoe box
- over here.

This is gonna be

a long night.

I'm gonna set you up

for dinner inside.


Hi, there.

- Yeah, whatever you like.
- Excellent.

Yeah, me too.

Champagne? Sure.


How are you doing?


is the man.



He's a pretender.

Okay, I'll remember that.

- One's a ninja;
- the other's a grasshopper.

[scoffs] It's so lame,

- how these guests are obsessed
- with Danny.

It's just like, "I thought"

you guys were smart."

- Hey, boys.
- Hey, man.

'Sup? How we doing?

- How'd it go?
- Great.

- You having fun yet?
- Oh, yeah.

- Captain, I'm just gonna
- salute you, man.

That was good.

That was fun.


Good enough.

So back to... back to work?


Got it.

[people cheering]

- Tomorrow we'll bring back
- a bunch of people

- Who only want to Jet Ski
- all day.


That'll be our payback.

You want to go first or me?

- You can go first.
- Okay.

Thanks for bringing

that bunch back.

Fáááing miserable.

- [women cheer]
- Yeah, man.

- I would never
- in a million years

- Go talk to those girls;
- they're fáááing busted.

You know? They are.

- I chatted with the guys,
- mostly.

Oh, gosh.

Anyway, thanks.

Someday I hope to be in love

and happy and married and...

If I marry a Frenchwoman,

I will speak French again.

I will learn the language.

So we're going to France

- for you to marry
- a Frenchwoman, then?

Sure, let's go.

[all talking]


You can only laugh, right?

- Well, you can't do
- anything else.

Otherwise, you'd go to prison.



This is frustrating me

to another level.

I would prefer him

not be in the galley.

I don't know why you like

to start drama, Hannah.

Get the fááá away from me.

Hey, how you guys doing?

[people cheering]

- Keep enjoying yourself, guys,
- right?

Unfortunately, I have

to get back to work, but...

- No.
- What?

- I'll chime in here and there,
- but I can't...

You know, I got to do

my job, so there you go.

But I'll...[mumbling]



It's the worst fáááing day

ever to get a migraine.

- I could think of someone
- to punch in the face.

- I don't think
- this fridge is working.

- Awesome.
- Gins and blacks.

Hot tub's filling.

- Hot tub's heating now.
- And heating.

- So I guess this is a good time.
- Okay.

Do we have enough chairs?

I don't know.

- [laughs]
- We don't.

Deck crew, deck crew,

can someone bring four chairs

down from the aft deck, please?

- If there's anything
- that I can help you ladies out

To make it easier,

just let me know,

- 'cause I know it's extra people
- and that's extra work.

I got you, okay?

Cool, no problem.

Danny keeps talking

about helping us,

but it would be super cool

if he actually helped us.

- We're doing buffet-style now,
- darling?

Fááá yeah, we are.

Put the napkins up there.

I am so sorry.

- I just made your job
- way difficult.

It is what it is.

I'm gonna do what I can

to kind of make this

- a little bit smoother
- for y'all, okay?

Are you also gonna cut me

a bigger paycheck as well?


That accent's incredible,

isn't it?

Hers and yours.


You are from...


No, I'm English.

Sorry, I'm definitely

not German.

So sorry.

- Basically still in Europe,
- at least, hey?

All right, so we're good.

- Yeah, you just go
- and prepare yourself

For a pretty horrible evening.

- You got it.
- Thank you.

[upbeat music]

Look at these dresses.

They're shrinking right up.

Mine's gonna be, like,

up my ass.

Just don't bend over.


[women shrieking]

- [whispering]
- What the fááá?

[women shrieking]



- Really?
- Yeah.

- They're bad?
- They're screaming so loud.

And my head is about

to fáááing explode.

Hannah and I are fine.

Ugh, babe, I'm sorry.

I do value

Hannah's friendship.

On a night like this,

use your resources.

- If you're not feeling good,
- then, you know...



How's dinner coming along?

Good. I was just about

to come up and let you know.

- Is there enough room
- for all of us?


- Why is the boat rocking
- so much?

We're not even moving.

We are in water.

Water goes like that.

- Hey, it can't be
- all girls on one side.

- Oh, you have no clue.
- You all gotta come over here.

This is, like, my least

favorite type of service...

Not very silver service.

- It's more kind of
- [slurring] a bunch of mates.

And if they want to do that,

they should probably

just stay at the bar and order

a few buckets of chicken.

- [overlapping chatter,
- shouting]

- Ben?
- Yes.

- At the end of the night,
- we want milkshakes

With some rum in 'em.


- [laughs]
- Wax on, wax off!

- Hey, look at that.
- You see that?

Daniel-san, you are

my new hero.

I want you to come work for me.

I'll be my star sales rep.

Sounds good.

Hey, man, you got a job.


Because you know what?

Bobby, even though he's got,

like, a half-ass tattoo...

- [laughs]
- Oof.

You're better.


Daniel gets off

on talking to the guests.

He's not a yachtie;

He's a salesman.

- So it's almost sometimes like
- he's acting

Rather than working.

Hey, look at that guy

right there.

You're cool,

but he's really cool.

Daniel-san is the man.

Oh, my God.

- Can you make those milkshakes
- for us again?

- I'm gonna do my best,
- I promise.

Poor Bobby.

[laughs] Bam.

"Danny's the man."

I'm gonna lose my sháá.

- I just don't want
- to fáááing hear it.

- I'm fáááing sick and tired
- of this Goddamn kid.

Oh, God.

- Now Danny's on
- this high pedestal,

And he's gonna think

he's so fáááing cool.

- You can't do anything
- but laugh.

- It's not that
- I'm getting the digs.

It's that I can't

deliver digs back.


We work so hard to help Danny

not fááá up left and right,

and for some reason,

Jerry loves this fáááing idiot,

and it is not helping me

and Bryan.

- "Like, dude, you don't even know
- the half about this kid."

You know?


- Hopefully, he's just gonna be
- more of a yes-man

And more positive now

- and just gonna do what I say
- without questioning it.

It's not Daniel's role

to try to create experiences

that they're gonna remember.

We want them to enjoy

the space that they're in

and create memories

around themselves.


You're my man.

We don't look

to the greenest deckhand

to act like a clown on a yacht.

- Hannah's trying
- to keep it together.

Don't let it get you.

What's happening?

How's it going?

[people cheering]

- Okay, let's go with dinner,
- please.

Can we just finish

water and wine service?

Um, you should have

communicated that earlier.



- [slurring] Wait until
- you guys see what's coming.

Oh, my goodness.

- - Do you want to tell me
- what it is?

Brown rice

with roasted vegetables...

Eggplants, peppers, onions...

And chopped almond.

All right.

Feta saganyaki, brown rice

with Mediterranean vegetables.

What did you guys do

without us?

Who was with you last night?

Nobody, nobody.

- Well, I'm sorry
- you weren't there.

- I'm really competitive
- right now.


Is Angelina Jolie here?

- These are done.
- Mmm.

The feta cheese is good.

It is America!


Are these appetizers?

- [laughs]
- This is dinner.

- Oh, that's dinner?
- Yes.

They're the entrées.


- [slurring]
- All I care about

Is the milkshakes

with some rum or vodka in 'em.


- Jerry, how good
- are the milkshakes?

- When the milkshake
- comes out,

You'll be like...

Intense expression.

- No, you guys should stay.
- We're gonna have fun.

- There's a hot tub
- on the upper deck.

It's awesome.




Better than him screaming

"Daniel-san" every second.

Danny has no idea

of his position on board.

I'm loving this crowd.

This is the crowd right here.

- I'm so sick of him
- getting in the way

Of me doing my job.

You are the charter king.


They love him.

At least someone does.

- Enough people hate him,
- right?

He looks like

the Karate Kid.


I even have a bandana.

Wax on, wax off.

- I'll put it on just for you.
- How about that?

- You're my man.
- You're my man, baby.

I think we have to think about

- a slightly different schedule
- for tonight

- 'Cause of late-night
- tender runs...

- Get all the guests
- back ashore.

- It's just gonna be
- very time-consuming.

It's Jen's night tonight.

- I thought
- that Daniel was late.

No, he's been summoned

to the galley.

He's gonna stay in there.

Captain, how do you feel

about Daniel being so

interactive with the guests?

- I think he's doing
- more good in the galley

- Than he's doing
- with the guests.

- I think we're just gonna
- have to gut it out.

How y'all doing?

All crew, all crew,

wind speed is increasing.

Jen, tie that line.

He's not gonna make it.

- Sháá, sháá, sháá, sháá.
- Stay down.

- I'm losing it.
- This is not good.





So Ben is very aware

- that having Danny in the galley
- drives me insane.

And Ben apologizes

and then yet decides

to piss me off like that,

so he's very confusing.



Yeah, why not?

All right, if they're not

sufficiently inebriated

after that, they might be

immune to alcohol.



Oh, here we go!


Oh, yeah.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, that's delicious.

Hey, Ben, Ben, Ben!

- Get out here, Ben!
- Get out here!

- Ben...
- Oh, that's good, Ben.

Is it? Good, good.

- Oh!
- Cheers, everyone.

[overlapping chatter]

All right, guys, well, enjoy.

- Thank you, my man.
- Cheers, everyone.

How's your head?

We got this.

Boys, boys.


[people cheering]

Both: Wax on, wax off.


[imitating Japanese]



- I'm pretty sure
- these girls are over it

Just as much as we are.

Can they stay for a while


Well, they'll get

a ride too, later.

- It's not that
- we don't want to stay, but...

- Well, maybe we should
- go join them.

We're boating from here

to the other island.

Deck crew, Hannah.

- It looks like
- they're wrapping up dinner

And the girls might need

a tender to shore.

Okay, copy that.

Game time, baby.

You got my email.


Bobby, Bobby, Bryan.

We're ready to go when they are.

Cool. Copy that.


[people cheer]

All right, time to go.

He's the boss.

All right,

we'll see you guys off.

None of 'em got lucky.

Well, welcome to the club.

You have my number.

Take it easy, guys.


You did really well tonight.

- Can I touch on two things
- with you quickly?

Yeah, go for it.

Firstly, I got, like,

a tiny bit annoyed tonight

because in the middle of my

water, bread, wine service,

and you started

sending food out.

- Honey...
- And now I need...

Honey, hold on one second.

- They were already at the table.
- Yeah.

All right.


Hannah is gonna fight me

tooth and nail...

on everything.

It never stops.

- But you also need
- to understand

That you're the one

who's got him in the galley,

and this is also frustrating me

to another level,

but I'm trying to, like...

Well, he's doing a lot

for you as well.


He's cleaning your stations.

I would much prefer

to clean my own station

and him not be in the galley.

I thought he was great.

He's great because he's

helping you out a lot,

and I understand that,

and that's why I'm trying

to work with it, Ben.

- I'm glad you are,
- because it's my kitchen,

- And if I decide
- that he's gonna work with me,

- He's gonna decide
- to work with me.

- Okay.
- Yeah, yeah, cool.

When Hannah's angry,

I would compare her to a bull

in a bull ring.


And if that makes me

the matador,

watch out, Hannah.

Okay, thank you.


Have a nice evening.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Bryan, Bryan.
- - Yes?

- Just keep your eye
- over your shoulder

At the cliffs there.

We're getting pretty close.

The wind's picking up.

Yeah, I will.


Oh, listen, thank you, I...


You are the bomb.

Why are you down there?

Oh, God, this feels good.

You're so pretty.

- No.
- Yes, you are.

I have great taste.

Maybe it's a girl thing,

- or maybe
- it's a me specific thing,

But it's like

when Ben pisses me off,

if I go and kind of

do something with Bobby,

it's almost like a little bit

of a dagger to Ben.

Bye, guys.

See you in a little bit.

- Have fun.
- You look great.

You look great.

Good morning.

- Morning, Jerry.
- How you doing?

- I'm gonna be feeling
- pretty good here

In probably about an hour.


- Is it gonna be cloudy
- like this all day?

- Well, that,
- I can't tell you.

Hope it warms up a little bit.

- We want to get
- in the water today.

Oh, you will.

See if my boys are awake yet.

- All right.
- Okay.

- See you later.
- See you in a bit.

Do you want a coffee?

Yes, please.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- I wonder where
- I might get coffee.


Maybe regular coffee.

Milk, cream.


- Super. Thank you.
- My pleasure.

- What the fááá is going on
- around here?

No one told me

the guests are up.

I wish I had been woken earlier,

guys, to be honest.

Well, honey...

- I kind of want
- to know about it.


- I don't want to be late
- for the guests,

Because now I have to throw

something together real quick.

May as well do lamp chops

for breakfast, actually.

I think Ben and I have, like,

got this relationship already

where it's just like... almost

like an old married couple.

- We bicker.
- We fight.

We put up with each other.

And that's it.

- Did I seem pretty drunk
- to you last night?

- No.
- I remember the milkshake.

- Of course you do.
- [laughs]

Yeah, that's all

he remembered.

I wasn't being stupid, was I?

- No.
- Oh, jeez.

Well, I got to go now.


- Breakfast
- will be ready soon.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Wow, this omelet's

sexy as hell.

Bryan, Bryan, looks like

weather is clearing.

- We need to be able to launch
- all the water toys

After breakfast.

Copy that.

- Great.
- Thank you.

I woke up at 7:00, though.

The boat was, like...

All right, my lovelies.

I'm gonna get out

these lamb choppy-woppies.

Just thought I'd put everyone

in a good mood, you know?

I'm good at that.

- Is that all there is
- to go out right now?

No, babe. No, babe.

There's more, babe.

Bacon and lamb cutlets.

They call me

the charter king, man.

The charter king.

That's what they say.


you're the charter king."

- Good for you, man.
- Thanks, man.

Hopefully, that feels good.

But remember

they're the Charter King.

- Hey, man, I already told them
- it's not about me.

It's about them.

I said it many times.

This is the shrimp omelet.

- Where's everybody else's
- omelet?

- [chuckles]
- Oh!

- Are they happy?
- They are.

All right, good.

What's our plan, fellas?

- You guys want to do
- some Jet Skiing now?

- Yeah.
- Let's do it.

Mark, Mark, Bryan.

- Guests are ready
- to get in the water.

You're good to go.

- You guys want to have
- a race around the boat?


Oh, my God.


[upbeat music]

The Jet Skis are old as sháá.

- So are these guests.
- I think they can handle it.

♪ ♪

- All right, Bobby,
- you're breaking for lunch.

- When you go for lunch,
- I'm gonna give you

An hour-and-a-half break.

- All right.
- Okay?

♪ ♪

I had so much fun last night.

- You know what?
- I'll even claim it.

This charter

is my favorite charter.

Yeah, you guys

are my favorite charter.


Copy that.

All right.

- It's certainly getting
- windier.

- Definitely gonna make docking
- a real challenge.

We just want to get

as much of the boat

- as close to the dock
- as we can.

- Okay.
- 'Cause it's gonna be nasty.

It's gonna be a tough one.

I decided to do

a little something special,

and we're gonna call this

the MVP tip.

It's crazy.

- Any guesses
- who that's going to?

Hannah, a seagull flew by

and drank my complete drink.

I'll make you another one.

How we doing?

We're gonna head to the dock

- and get us
- in a safe, secure place.

Yeah, it's pretty windy here.

- We'll have lunch inside,
- then.

That's fine, yeah.

No problem.

Look at those, man.

They're, like, 4, 5s out there.

That is a 4-, 5-foot swell.

5-foot swells, baby.

I've been part of a lot

of dockage of large yachts,

and this is by far

one of the hardest ones.

Because of the wind, everyone

needs to operate efficiently.

- All right, guys,
- so here's the game plan.

First line is gonna be

the number two bowline.

That needs to get on,

- 'cause then he's gonna
- move forward on it.

It's gonna act as a spring line

and kind of help us

kick our stern.

The second line that needs

to go on is the number two

after running spring.

Now, Jen, are you

comfortable on that?

- Yeah.
- You sure?

- Aren't I always
- on that line?

Yes, you are.

It's gonna be crucial.

Oh, wow.

Those are good 3-footers

out there, aren't they?

I'm guessing 3 to 4.

Okay, Captain,

everyone's in position.

- Lines are on.
- Tenders are out.

Copy that.

Here goes nothing.

All crew, all crew,

wind speed is increasing.

We need to get all of our

lines on simultaneously,

- or we're just gonna get
- pushed off the dock

And hanging from one.


Okay, go ahead!

Bowline is on shore.

Dude, seriously?


That's not my shade.

Jen, get that

number 2 line on.

- Come on, baby.
- Oh, no.

Go, go, go.

He's not gonna make it.

Let it go!

Let it go.

Sháá, sháá, sháá.

Throw mine.

Throw mine.

As soon as you get any slack

- on any of these lines,
- pull it in.

- You have a lot of slack
- on yours, Jen.

- What the fááá, Jen?
- Pick it up.

Jen, tie that line now.

Sháá, sháá, sháá, sháá.

- Stay down.
- What the fááá?

I'm losing it.

[dramatic music]

- Pull up. Pull up.
- Pull. Watch your fingers.

Oh, man, this is not good.

- Bobby, hold on.
- Hold on yours.

Make sure yours is tied off.

- That's all I got.
- Pull up.

- There you go.
- Okay, now let go.

I've never left slack.

The boat was moving back

or forward,

and I had to give it slack.

So sometimes he just jumps

to conclusions.

- Okay, Captain, I think we're
- gonna be good on that one.

- Okay, sounds good.
- Good work, everybody.

That sucked.


It's been fun.

Hey, man, I was gonna email

- all the pictures
- that I took for you guys.

I am on Facebook, - yeah.

- I'd like to keep in touch
- with you guys.

- That'd be great.
- Yeah, absolutely.

- I always want
- a good salesperson,

- So you just say the word;
- I'll hire you.

- All right,
- we'll figure something out.

So I want to see

the supermodels.


There you go, man.

- People aren't paying,
- you know,

Upwards of 200,000 Euros a week

to be photographed by

the little deckhand, you know?

In front of guests,

- you should never have
- your phone out anyway.

- Your phone should be
- in your cabin.

It's just unacceptable.

There you go, man.

- How big of a deck crew
- are you used to working with?

Anywhere from, like,

4 to 20.

20 deck crew.

You like that style better?

Well, I like the

professionalism of those boats.

- I think it's a little
- laidback here.

I'm not used to that.

Never have I met someone

- with so much false entitlement
- in my life.

That's what I don't like

about those boats.

So bureaucratic.

She can't perform at the level

that she says she is.

All right.

Good enough.

[both laugh]

Yeah, you got memories

for a lifetime now.

There you go.

I'll delete those

on my phone as well.

- Those pictures were
- for you guys.

It wasn't for me, so...

Randy, you should see

some of these pictures.

It's bad to network

with charter guests,

because it's unprofessional.

He's not here to build

lifelong relationships with

the people paying for it.

[clears throat]

Is there any way

- we can do this
- a little bit later?

- I think
- I have to get to work.

Where's Jerry, Jerry?

Soon as you get ready.

Yeah, yeah.

- All crew, all crew,
- guest departure.

- Everybody in their whites
- in five minutes.

- Hey, no problem.
- It's what we do.

- I feel like
- I'm missing something.

Bobby, my pleasure, man.

I had a blast.

Awesome, man, awesome.

Awesome trip.

- I'm gonna miss you, brother.
- I'm gonna miss you too, man.

- See you later.
- Good to see you.

Mwah. You too.

Say, Captain,

you run a tight ship here.

Some good people.

And, um, most importantly,

I want you guys to have

a lot of fun with this, okay?

Okay, I'll make sure

that everybody does.

Thank you very much.

And I decided to do

a little something special,

and we're gonna call this

the MVP tip.

Any guesses

who that's going to?

Daniel-san, - get over here.

You are the boat's MVP

this trip, my man.

- Oh, man!
- Oh, man!

- This is a special
- little tip for you.

- Thank you.
- Good job.

I appreciate it, man.

Thank you so much.

- You're the man, buddy.
- You're the man.

- I just can't wait for these
- guys to get off the boat

- So we can start
- the deflation process

Of Danny's head.

All right.

Thank you.


That's crazy.

- Hey, Danny?
- I'll take that.


Have you seen

my phone charger?

I'll keep an eye out - for it.

Oh. Okay.

All crew, all crew.

Tip meeting in five minutes.

[upbeat music]

I'm getting text messages.

It's cool.

From who?

From the guests.

What, do they have

like a man-crush on you?

I just did my job,

and they were happy.

- Well, you just gave us
- extra money,

So that's good.

That's for damn sure.

No matter what I do

on this yacht,

there's nothing that I can do

to make these guys happy.

- I don't care about the money
- at this point.

I just... I don't want to fight.


- Well, this is
- a pretty weird one, you guys.

- Am I supposed to, like,
- take it as a compliment

- That you didn't try
- and get me fired?

That was me showing

my generous side.


- Well, this is
- a pretty weird one, you guys.

- They were kind of
- a wild bunch.

- You put a little alcohol
- in them,

- And it was tough
- to control them.

- But when they brought
- the extra people over...

- And that was... you know, you guys
- were able to respond to that,

13 people for dinner,

- so that was a really great
- response, I thought,

- 'Cause it could have been
- a nightmare...

I mean, and it almost was.

You barely got through it.

But we did.

But we did.

We know the tip policy here

- is one for all
- and all for one,

So Danny's 500-Euro envelope

got rolled into

everybody else's.

- So even though these guys had
- a grand old time

And they were really happy

when they left,

this is 14,180 in Euros,

and that's 16,000 U.S.

$1,180 is what

it comes down to each.

- - It's still
- kind of a small tip,

Even with Danny's MVP tip, like,

split among us.

- [sighs]
- Sucks.

Tonight's gonna be

a night out, if you want.

- Tomorrow's gonna be
- a turnaround day,

- And then we're right back out
- again on Saturday.

Another one in the can,

so to speak.

Move on to the next one.

Okay, thanks, everybody.

All: Thank you.


[people talking and laughing]

- I got kicked out of karate
- when I was six.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

What, literally?


Did you have fun last night?

Yeah, it was chill.

I can't really open up

when I'm working.

I still try to hold

the professionalism

kind of thing, you know?

- They were a cool batch
- of guys, man.

- Yeah, they're cool,
- but you shouldn't be

The pivot point

of their good time.

I feel like we're confusing you.

I wasn't the pivot point.

You had them screaming,


The effect I have on people

is something I can't help,

but clearly they loved it.

When it comes to yachting,

it just has to be

that five-star service.

- And I could understand
- the confusion.

I'd be confused too.

But at the end of the day,

this is not the standard

of which we operate.

[clears throat]


- I learned a lot
- from my father,

Watching him dealing

with his employees,

and he has a zero tolerance

for bullsháá.

- I'm not trying to be
- this mean boss.

- What else?
- Anything else?

I can lead you to water.

- You just have to be that guy
- that drinks it.

You go help Bobby.

I'm on my way up.

I'm annoyed, because

I can't figure Ben out.

He's never tried, like,

the tiniest thing,

even when we're drunk

and alone.

I can't see you with Ben.

I think you'd rip shreds

out of each other.

- It's like
- a love-hate relationship

You've got going on there.

But Bobby's hot.

I don't know.

If he'd just shut up.


That's the only thing.

He's so pretty.

He's funny, is Bobby.

I would love for Hannah

to go for Bobby.

I'm just like, you know,

"Crack on."

Then I've got less problems.

Do I have a cheeseburger?

Do I have fish and chips?


[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Come on, Bobby.
- Enough with the hair.

- All right.
- All right, let's skedaddle.

[all cheering]



I am not.

- All right, Cap,
- call us if you need us.

- All right, a left here
- and then another left.

The Flamingo.

I feel like this might be

a civilized dinner.

It's your wine bottle, Tiffany.

- It's coming.
- It's coming.

I should have worn

my flamingo shirt for this.

Thank you.

You're sweet.

- Hey, bud.
- What's up, buddy?

- How you doing?
- Doing good. Yourself?

- Good.
- Excellent, excellent.

- You guys should hold hands
- the whole meal.

That would be so romantic.



Thank you.

You cracked me up.

- You know the night
- I had the migraine?

I went to bed, and I heard

you and Danny

having an argument.

So I went to sleep to that,

and I woke up,

and you guys were having

a fáááing argument.

I was like, "Am I in"

the fáááing "Twilight Zone"?

- "'Cause I swear
- the same fáááing argument

"Is going on again."

It is so great - to wake up...

- Or go to bed
- and wake up to that.

Hannah and Bobby?

There is definitely

a physical attraction,

but I don't think there's

a lot going on up here.


French fries!



- Bon appétit.
- Is everyone happy?

Mm, I'm so happy right now.

- Were you guys disappointed
- in the tip tonight?

- Yeah. I thought
- it was gonna be more.

I did too.

- I've never even seen
- an MVP tip.

- First time for everything.
- That's right.

- You're a first time
- for everything.

That's right, baby.


You did marvelously, - though.

- Thank you.
- I really appreciate that, Ben.

Me too.

- I want to go out.
- It's 12:00.

- I wouldn't mind going out
- for, like...

Don't get that thing

near me.

You're the one

that burns me, all right?

And punches me.

I... watch... watch.

- Don't put it
- on my fáááing back.

- Babe, this isn't
- the first time

- I've had a fáááing cigarette,
- okay?

- Do you want to make
- a big deal out of it?

You're so angry.

- Maybe if you weren't
- so grumpy,

I wouldn't be so hostile.

I don't want drama,

but I'm really sick

of these stupid witty comments.

It's enough now.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Mm-hmm.

Are we friends, or

are we just work colleagues?


I think primarily

we have to be work colleagues.

Yeah, and friends as well,

you know?

So sometimes you have to forget

your emotions.

- Yeah, but I think
- that might be, like,

A bit easier for you

than it is for me.

Do you want to switch me seats

so I don't just

blow all that on you?

- Just blow that way?
- Sure.

Oh, you sense that?

Sense it? I see it.

- You tried to throw me
- under the bus,

Which was unforgiveable.

When did I ever fáááing go

to the captain on you?

- Honey, I didn't try
- and get you fired.

- Am I supposed to, like,
- take it as a compliment

That you didn't try

and get me fired?



That was me showing

my generous side.

Am I supposed to, like,
take it as a compliment

- that you didn't try
- and get me fired?

- I just wasn't gonna be dobbed
- for a bad tip

In front of my fellow crewmates

because of your blunder.

Maybe next time when

you screw up that badly,

work with me.

We are doing beef kababs

with a red theme.

Do we have anything, like,

a bit more delicate?

- I thought it was
- hilarious, actually.

- I think it's fáááing
- hilarious as well,

And now you're worried

about our fáááing tip.

Worried about our tip?

Listen, I don't know why

you like to start drama, Hannah.

Like, that's all you ever do.

You just start drama.

You start...

- Daniel.
- Daniel, Daniel.

- Maybe...
- Daniel, Daniel...

Get the fááá away from me.

You got a ugly-ass


Keep stepping.

- Are you fáááing kidding me,
- you Smurf?

Dan, Dan.


What have you got to say to me?

I already said it to you.

You think I have

an ugly personality?


- Look who everyone
- fáááing hates

On this boat, mate.

One nasty-ass personality.

- Guys, where did that all
- come from?

It came from the sea,


I've put some money down.

I'm gonna get her.

Danny, you can have that.


Hannah, Hannah.

- Get these cameras off me,
- please.

Now, please.

Next on "Below Deck"


- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]

If I want something,

I go out and get it.

- "Primary charter guest
- is bringing on board

A group of her closest friends

"for a girls' retreat."

- When you toast,
- you're supposed to look

Right into the person's eye.

'Cause otherwise it's...

Seven years of bad sex.

- Are we gonna have sex now?
- [laughs]

Danny has been taking photos

of charter guests.

He has been showing

other charter guests.

Showing the clients?

Jeez, that kid.

Yeah, you and me.

We need to sweep this up.

Okay. Do you wanna?


You're gonna do it.

- Bryan feels like
- he can go round

- And boss every single person
- around.

- You don't speak to her
- like that.

- Get out of my face
- right now.

- He's getting aggressive
- with me.

You don't do that with women.

- We don't want to be
- near you right now.

You're being aggressive.

What the fááá is wrong with you?

Oh, sháá.

Danny's staying in bed.

He's got a fever right now.

I always knew I shouldn't mess

with Hannah too badly.

Danny may have overstepped

that line.

For more on "Below Deck Med,"