Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Who's Got Game - full transcript

Previously on
"Below Deck Med"...

I wanted to ask you something.

- Can you just please.
- Say cop... got you.

- I didn't hear you.
- I said "Daniel."

- Daniel.
- Daniel.

Daniel, do you copy?


Get off your ass

and get sháá done.

[dramatic music]

I've given you so many

fáááing second chances.

It's ridiculous.

- I'm gonna go to bed.
- In a bit.

This guy, Bobby, he's kind of

trying it on a little bit.


Little ones!

Is there love

on the love boat here?


Cheers, honey.

- My relationship.
- With Ben is probably.

In the best place

it's been in.

- Thanks for dinner.
- Anytime.

- I can't believe.
- This is an appetizer.

This is an appetizer?

- We've got their.
- Mains coming down.

Just two courses?

Let's whip up

those kebobs, please.

She wants the kebobs

on the grill to serve them.

♪ ♪

[horn blaring]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

What happened, babe?

Uh, I didn't think

that the pieces of

- smoked salmon on toast.
- Was the entree.

I thought that was the...

The entree?

Can you stop using the word

"entree," please?

Let's call them appetizers,

of course starters, and mains.


"Entree"... I don't even

use that word.

Well, we in Europe, hey?

Hannah and I use the word

"entree" very differently.

- Is entree the main.
- In America?

- Entree is main.
- Yeah.

Entree and starter are

the same thing in Europe.

"Entree" means "to enter"

in French.

So she's actually

using it correctly,

but the guests are American.

We have largely

an American crew.

She needs to stop

using this word.

- Listen...
- I didn't think...

- We've had this conversation.
- A million times.

- That we were doing two courses,
- you said "yes."

Okay, can we just

get those on the grill?

Next time,

give me a goddamn menu

and there won't be any mistakes.

[romantic music]

I don't worry when I see

these two together.

I don't worry.

And it makes a father proud.

I just want to know what

the main course was tonight.

- I don't know, mate,
- you know what?

- You don't discuss your fáááing.
- Menus till they come on.

The fáááing par anyway.

Didn't we set the table up

for two courses, as well?

Ben, let's just get

the other course out...

- Didn't we set the table up.
- For two courses?

- Ben...
- Did we?

Oh, fááá off.

Don't fáááing

mess with me.

I'm shaking in my

fáááing boots, mate.

She could have mentioned

that there was an issue

or potentially an issue.

- Is there something.
- You're not telling me?


- Are you sure you don't want me.
- To throw these kebobs down?

No, I don't think so.

I think they're fine.

And now it's

ten minutes later,

and that's ten minutes more

that they're not

gonna have their food.

- Ready?
- Yup.

Beef skewers.


You can't keep abusing me

when I'm on dinner service.

- Mmm.
- Wow.

That's amazing.

You can stay in the galley

and smack your pots

and pans around,

but I'm, at the end of the day,

front of house,

so give me a break.

- That was great.
- That was good.

- Two for two tonight.
- Oh, fantastic.

- Yeah.
- Glad to hear it.

That was number two of two

courses, though, right?

Oh, we're good

with the entrees, correct?

- We're sure to eat it all if.
- You guys had,

Like, eight more courses.


I'd be impressed.

That was good.

♪ WhatDiet?

Yeah, that's good, man.

♪ ♪

I am not gonna back down.

♪ ♪

My big issue is that

Hannah is not admitting

that she is to blame.

We are doing beef kebobs.

Do we have anything, like,

a bit more delicate?

We'll do some smoked salmon.


- Have a little.
- Responsibility and say,

"Yeah, Ben, - I screwed up."

Unfortunately tonight,

it's just gone too far.

♪ ♪


What's happening?

- I don't often get dressed up.
- In my monkey suit,

But tonight, I thought I'd

give you the dignity.

Okay, so tonight,

a problem arose

with our chief stewardess.

Under my instruction, they set

the table for two courses.

And basically,

Hannah said,

"They're expecting

another course,"

- and the table.
- Was set for two.

Hannah, you have done

not one thing wrong today.

- Okay, so you made.
- A little error.

- He's not gonna go to the Captain.
- About that and say,

- "Hannah's done.
- Such a sháá job."

- There's no way,
- 'cause you haven't.

If we are friends,

and we are work colleagues,

and you have any level of

respect for our relationship,

you come to me about it.

- You don't need to be.
- Going to the Captain,

Especially in your epaulets.

She decided to F and blind

at me, and accused me of

not clarifying

anything with her.

I just wanted you to

be aware of all of this.

It just struck me

as completely odd.

- In my almost.
- 30 years of experience,

I've never had a crew member

consciously go get changed

- just to come up.
- And talk to me about.

- What they considered to be.
- A transgression between.

Them and another crew member.

So if it unravels, I just

want you to know the facts.

Nothing ever changed, it was

always gonna be two courses.

- Well, that doesn't.
- Make any sense.


Did she just forget?

I don't know.

I'm finding it very

difficult to grasp, actually.

- It's a little.
- Like babysitting.

- I just don't think that I need.
- To get involved with this.

- I mean, this is something that.
- The two professionals.

- Should be able.
- To resolve on their own.

- All right, well,
- thanks for letting me know.

- Well, thank you.
- For your time.

♪ ♪

- You don't need.
- To cry about it, come on.

I don't want you - to be done.

- If it helps, I don't...
- I promise,

I really don't want

you to be done,

'cause I need you.

You're being stupid.

He can't do anything.

There's no way.

There's no way.


Why don't you go to bed?

I finish up.

- He's coming back in, okay?
- So don't...


This is the ultimate betrayal.

- The thing that hurts.
- The most is,

I feel like

we have formed a bond

that I thought was actually

quite strong.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Last night,

the guests were going,

- "Go on, Bobby,
- give her a kiss on the cheek."

I was like, - "What the hell?"

Did he do it?

- No, I was like, ran...
- I ran off.

- [laughs]
- It's just awkward.

No one wants to be,

"Oh, you fancy each other."

It's just awkward.

- So if you were single,
- is he your type?

- No.
- Okay, okay.

That's what I thought.

He's too goofy.


Speaking of drama, Hannah had

a huge argument with Ben.

- Ben hiked to the Captain's.
- Really?

And then, I was up with her,

'cause she's so stressed out.

I tend to hide

my stress quite a lot.

And I think being English,

you just kind of...

- Try to squash it,
- is the best way of doing it.

Chin up, stick me

in the laundry room, please.

This job, I can take.


♪ ♪

- I didn't sleep very well.
- Last night, to be honest.

Why not?

- I was a bit wound up.
- By all that.

I wonder why.


My mornings with Tiffany

are so contrasting

to my evenings

with Hurricane Hannah.

'Cause my chief stew

was trying to sabotage me.

- Which is nice,
- because I don't think

I'd be able

to survive otherwise.

Which is always gonna

end really well for them.

♪ ♪

Hannah messed up

last night, bro.

Can you elaborate?

Ben clearly stated that it was

only gonna be a two course meal.

And she also set the table

for two courses.

- But then,
- she comes out of nowhere.

And she needs

the third course.

- So she told the guests.
- That there was.

Gonna be three courses?


- Well, look, the relationship.
- Between the chef.

- And the chief stew.
- Is always a difficult one.

- You know, Hannah's got.
- A lot going on.

- You know, she's running around,
- managing her two stews.

And making sure

things come out.

- She's all other the place.
- Yeah.

- Ben, at the same time,
- is doing the same thing.

When it comes the crew drama,

- generally, it's the chief stew.
- And the chef.

And I stay clear of that.

- I don't want anything.
- To do with that situation.

- I have nothing.
- To do with that situation,

- And I'm not gonna.
- Choose sides.

I wasn't gonna - say anything.

Yeah, let's

stay out of it, huh?

- I was.
- Yeah.

It's not our problem.

♪ ♪

Call for Julia, - I need help.

- I'm here.
- Oh here, baby.

- Sorry, I don't have.
- A radio here.

It's okay.

That's, um, for the primary.

That's to his request.

I am nervous with Ben

a little bit,

- I've seen how he's.
- Reacted to Hannah,

- And he's just a little bit.
- Unpredictable.

I find him a little bit scary.

♪ ♪


Mmm, you guys

need to get in on this.

Ben, how are you, sir?

Very well, how are you?

Great breakfast, man.

Oh, thank you.

After last night,

I'm gonna step in

and communicate as much

as I can with the guests.

- Nicely done.
- All right, well thank you,

Guys, it was a pleasure.

Thanks, Ben,.


♪ ♪

Bryan, - the whistles are hot,

- So you can start pulling chain.
- Whenever you're ready.

Okay, copy that.

Let's let go of the bricks.

♪ ♪

Keep rolling that up.

Chain is dead ahead and tight.

♪ ♪

- Okay, it's in the pocket.
- All right.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

Cheers, guys.

Here's to a great end

of a great trip.


♪ ♪

Okay, Bryan, are you ready

for us to slide in?

Copy that.

Okay, here we go.

♪ ♪

- Begin with fender positions.
- And lines.

Okay, Cap, we're looking

pretty parallel to the dock.

Okay, that line's ready to go.

Stern line is on,

stern line's on.

And it looks like we're good.

♪ ♪

All crew, all crew.

Guests departing.

Main deck aft.

♪ ♪


Nah, Hannah, you'll be here.

All right.

- Oh, we're doing it.
- The other way?

- Yeah, you're usually.
- Here, right?

- So you're over there.
- [laughs]

♪ ♪

- Okay.
- [laughter]

- Bryan, thank you.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice meeting you, guys.

- Bye!
- Lovely to have met you.

- Take care, good luck.
- With everything.

- Wow.
- Thank you guys.

- I hope you had fun.
- You too.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

- Captain.
- Nice to meet you.

You too.

Hannah, last night...

I mean, - it was so romantic.

You guys did a great job.

Ben, the food was phenomenal.

Thank you so much.

You know, - he best time?

- The whole charter's.
- Right here.

You guys earned it.

- Thank you very much.
- Really, thank you.

- Thanks, you guys.
- We have a great time.



♪ ♪

Attention all crew,

can everybody get together

in five minutes?

Copy for deck crew.

♪ ♪

This morning's very awkward.

I've kind of been

dreading Hannah.

♪ ♪

- Hey, guys.
- Hi.

How you doing, Cap?

Well, another one

under the belt.

The party last night

was a kind of a tough night.

That whole situation with the

miscommunications in the galley

was painful to listen to.


And it really shows.

The tip's not as high

as some of the others have been.

Coming up...

- Hey, Jen.
- Oh!


- You guys have.
- Never seen a mangina?

- No.
- Oh!

That's really disgusting.

The tip's not as high as some

of the others have been.

Total of 13,500.

That's Euros, of course.

Which comes out to

1,125 a piece.

For four people, this is

pretty darn good, I think.

Thanks, Tiff,

and your signature shots.

- Yeah, good job.
- Everybody loves those.

Danny, thanks again for

staying on the right track

- that we talked about, so...
- You've got it.

Well done.

Thank you, Captain.

We're all gonna kind of get

rewarded for all your hard work

- that you've done.
- For this last charter.

- And, um, today,
- it's gonna be a,

- Kind of a day.
- At the beach thing.

- Oh, awesome.
- All right.

- What?
- Cool.

- Get rid of this.
- Farmer's tan.

- I'm obviously not.
- Getting fired.

- I just need to get the fááá.
- Off this boat,

Have a few Grey Gooses

and have some fun.

Okay, guys, - thanks a bunch.

- Thanks, Captain.
- Thank you.

♪ ♪

- Oh, baby.
- I forgot a towel.

Look at this.


- Actually, I'll take.
- A quick photo.

Get out of there!

At this point in the season,

- we all need to.
- Blow off some steam.

We've got a yacht that's gonna

take us to the beach.

Day off, good timing.

Bobby, get off me!

- This is such.
- A comfortable couch.


Having the last charter guests

kind of, like,

- trying to get us.
- To do a little smooching,

- I'm hoping that.
- On the beach today,

We can do a little drinking,

and maybe do a smooching.

I'm gonna wing it.

It's gonna be a good day.


♪ ♪

Fááá, working on boats.

This is the life.

♪ ♪

A bottle of vodka

and six Red Bull.

- Okay.
- This is the best job ever.

I'm on vacation

when I'm on break.

This is what it's all about.

This is so nice.

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]


I've always got

my eye on Bobby.

- Especially when he's.
- Without his top.

- Are these swim shorts,
- Bob, or shorts?

Swim shorts.

- You can see a bit.
- Of you butty crack.

Don't look at my butt.

- Your crotch crack.
- Is showing.

What's that?

I don't know.

I thought it meant like

a camel toe or something.

This little cloud here, it's

got a face on it, that side.

- Do you see?
- It's got a nose.

- See?
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, see it?

A neck, everything, right?

- You all right, Jen?
- You know what I wish?


I can't... I can't have

this conversation.


I feel it's a moment.

We're having fun.

- So I'm just gonna.
- Roll with it.

You can do whatever you want.

I can't.

I'm walking away.

- That backfired.
- [laughs]

I am a little bit worried.

- I just don't want her.
- To do something.

- That she's gonna.
- Regret, you know?

She's a good girl.

Yeah, I'm all right, you?

Anything what?

Yeah, like, it's...

Like, it's still going.

He's still saying stuff,

but I can't... what can I do?

- Matty's not happy,
- of course.

- He doesn't want to hear about.
- Some guy creeping on me.

That's the last thing

you want to hear.

- I don't want you.
- To worry about it.

I really don't want to

talk about it right now.

If... it's all right.

Yeah, I love you.

- All right, all right,
- all right.

Bye, baby.

♪ ♪

- Daniel.
- All right, baby.

♪ ♪


There it is, girl.

- Anyone versus.
- America soccer?

First one to three.

- If I can't cheat,
- I'm not playing.


- I was just trying to make.
- An exclamation point.

- Of America.
- Conquering England.

You are all English

anyway, dickhead.

- I know, I'm English,
- she's English.


- When we were in the.
- Revolutionary War,

You guys, for 50 warships, gave

up all your Bahamas territory.

- So England was, like,
- "Yeah, right, cool."

- Does Paul Revere.
- Mean anything to you?

- No.
- Well, hey.

The beaches of Normandy,

when Pearl Harbor went down,

we were like, "It's on like."

Donkey Kong."

- Please, we're on the beach.
- On a day off,

- And you're talking about.
- Winston Churchill.

And Pearl Harbor.

- That is just.
- Too intense for a day off.

We came together as one unit

and just beat the German's down.

- Are you a unit?
- [laughs]

- Hold on,
- let me just take a knee.

- And let me...
- Ask that one more time.

Bryan is like a Bugatti.

He goes from zero to drunk

in about two seconds.

He's just a maniac.

Anything else you'd like to say,

Captain America?


♪ ♪




♪ ♪

- Oh, we've got.
- Bottle service.

- Do you mind if we just.
- Pop it in the shade?

I promise I'm not

drawing a penis.


let's talk about last night.

♪ ♪

I'm to blame

as much as you.

And I wasn't willing

to accept that last night.

Because I was just

being a dick.

I haven't been handling it

very well,

or if at all,

until this point,

and, uh, she's been

punished enough.

Let's move on.

I have your back.


In the middle of service,

don't attack me like that,

because it's very difficult

to be attacked like that

- and then go.
- In front of the guests.

- I know, but it felt like.
- You were burning me,

- And... because you just.
- Weren't communicating.

- Also, please never use.
- The word "entree."

- You're the only one.
- That uses it.

- I don't use it.
- Because I'm a Med girl.

- And we're in the Med.
- It's my food, okay?

- And I'll call it.
- What I want.

It's appetizers

and starters or mains.

- The appetizers and starters.
- Are the same thing.

- Same.
- Okay.

- And also,
- we have an American clientele.

I'm a... I speak American,

- although I speak with.
- An English accent.

- And we have, largely,
- an American crew.

So let's just use "main."

- If you have a problem with me,
- we're gonna talk about it.

- Never go to.
- The fáááing Captain again.

The reason why I went

to the Captain is 'cause

I wanted to cover my ass

- just in case they gave.
- Us a shite tip.

And labeled it on that.

Honestly, I thought

it was a conspiracy.

I thought it was...

I just, my brain goes...

- But do you think...
- Babe I was frazzled.

- That I would.
- Fáááing do that to you?

Me, out of - fáááing anyone?

Honey, I was on my

17th hour in a galley of,

like, 150 degrees.

It was fáááing insane.

- I get that.
- I didn't get it, I didn't eat.

Please know that

I'm not gonna fááá you over.

- I have your.
- Fáááing back, mate.

- Let's just fáááing.
- Move on, all right?

- Come here.
- All right, baby.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- So sorry.
- That that had to happen.

It was bollocks.

- He's like the adorable puppy,
- you know?

- He chews on your.
- Christian Louboutin's,

- But somehow,
- you still love him.

♪ ♪

That's what you call a win.

- I thought that was.
- The Wu-Tang Clan sign.

- I'm ready to go, are you?
- Yeah.

Let's get going.

Let's go, go, go!

- Get the other side.
- On one of these Seabobs.

Let's go, come on.


Man down.

Deck team, let's go.

Today, everyone just seems

to be chilled out.

No drama.

It's just a good day

rolling into a good night

and it's wonderful.

- [giggling]
- No, just sit on my lap.

Don't lay on everybody.

Coming up...

You come after me like

a little bunny rabbit.


- Just throw him over the boat.
- And get it over with.

- I'm not gonna have you calling.
- Me a little bunny rabbit.

Like you call me a mouse.

- It's like.
- "Tom and Jerry," bro.

- You can be the cat,
- I'll be the mouse.

Guess who prevails?

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Hey.
- You got everything?

♪ ♪


Hello, ma'am.


♪ ♪


if you've had a shower...

[blowing raspberry]


Jen, help me.

- What do you want me to do?
- It's her fault.

- She started flirting.
- With me first.

She goosed me!

- Boop!
- Oh, my God!


You goosed me!

- And she has done that.
- Five times.

He traps me.

- I got out of the bed to come.
- Here to get away from him,

And look at him.

Well, that's just

the way it is.

- Bobby's a hard one to tell.
- Sometimes, you know?

He seems to not

be getting the message.

Hey, Jen.


Oh, I see his willy.

Is it out?

I think Jen's curious.

She asked me

to see it the other day!

- No, you said you were.
- Gonna show me a mangina.

- You guys have never.
- Seen a mangina?

- No.
- Please, I'm scared.

- I don't want to see.
- A mangina right now.

Can you see the tip?

No, the tip's behind me!

- Look, there's nothing there.
- [laughs]

- It's hidden.
- [laughs]

I can't look!



Oh, my God.

- I thought seeing.
- A tucked away penis.

- Would be, like,
- a stepping stone.

To me seeing an actual penis.

I have to sleep

in the same room.

But that's really disgusting.

Oh, no.

♪ ♪

Who wants a beer?

Jen, come on, - have a beer.

- Hey, Danny, you want to play?
- No, that's cool.


- Good girl.
- Yes.

Are you kidding me?

Daniel, Jen, sun deck.

Grab a bunch of beers.


- I'll do it.
- I'll be back.

Bryan gets really

aggressive when he drinks.

The way he treats people,

it's just coming off as douchey.

- Who's drinking beers.
- Right now? Me.

- I'm not drinking nothing,
- man, I'm good.

You don't like beer?

- Ever?
- Not once?

In your life?

- Can I have a word.
- With you, Bobby?

- What?
- Can I have a word with you?

- What's up?
- Can you just come upstairs?

- Do you mind.
- Putting a top on?

Oh, boy, - I'm in trouble.

I need to put a top on?

Yeah, please.

For the love of God.

Bobby's Bobby.

- I don't find him.
- Attractive in that way.

- You know, he's not.
- My kind of guy.

There's nothing sexual there.

There's just not.

Hey, Bobby.

- Do you feel like your coming.
- Into the headmistress's office?

- You're gonna yell at me,
- I know it.

No, I'm not gonna

yell at you.

I just want to say, like,

- I've been with my boyfriend.
- For two years.

Sometimes my sweetness

can come off as flirting,

- but I've got a guy.
- That I really love,

And I don't want this... I don't

want it to be messed up.

I won't mess it up.

Okay. Please.

You are being flirty,


Whatever, like, if you take

that as flirting, that's...

But I'm quite an open,

touchy-feely person, anyway.

I just don't want it

to look really bad.

- Well, I'm not trying.
- To make it look bad.

- Yeah, but if you're, like,
- chasing me around, like,

- It's not gonna.
- Look great, is it?

- You know,
- I can take certain things.

- I just don't want him looking.
- Like a fool, you know?

- I'm so jealous.
- Of her boyfriend.

This guy is...

Has no idea how lucky he is

to have a girl like her.

It's a bummer, - you know?

I won't do it again.

Thank you.

- I mean,
- I'm not gonna lie, I like you.


Hug it out?

- I'm sorry I put you.
- In that position.

[both laugh]

It's okay.

Okay, you can let go.

Thank you.

All right, Bobs.

- Thanks.
- Good night.

Night night.

What's going on?

- I know Bobby gives you sháá.
- Every once in a while.

- It's a lot less,
- though, now.

We had our difficulties

and we were bumping heads.

- But that's gonna happen,
- you know?

- And as long as we hash it out.
- And we handle it...

- Exactly.
- And we're killing it.

We are saving the fáááing

interior crew's ass.

You're saving Ben's ass.

- Which is great.
- Yeah.

- I'm gonna try to.
- Give you some more time,

- Because you can really.
- Help him out.

The second thing, too...

Do not take Ben's back.

If Ben is arguing

with the chief stew,

- I don't want you to jump in,
- I don't want you to intervene...

Hold up, hold up.

- There's a difference between.
- Getting someone's back.

And then stating the facts.

But you need to be

a silent mouse.

He's taking advantage of me

being on thin ice.

- Because if I wasn't.
- On thin ice,

- I could say more.
- Of the things.

- That I want to say,
- but I can't.

I don't want to play

that game no more.

- That means I can't have.
- Any opinion.

- No, you can't.
- I can, I'm a human being.

We all have opinions.

You're just gonna piss off

Hannah especially,

- because you're.
- The junior deckhand.

- I don't want to.
- Talk about this.

No, no, no...

- I don't want to.
- Talk about this.

No, no.

To me,

Bryan is an awful boss.

No, I'm done right now.

He's immature,

borderline alcoholic.

- You are a junior deckhand,
- you shouldn't even.

Belong in that galley.



I just think he's kind of

a sháááy person.

- No, you need to be.
- A soldier in this.

- Don't you understand.
- The dynamics?

- That's how this works.
- You are here to be a worker bee.

I'm not sure what

the fááá is going on, but...

Here are - the issues, buddy...

- Don't say "buddy," come on.
- No, no, no, shh.

- Don't come at me.
- Hey, hey, hey.

- No, no, no.
- There's no need for that.

- You're not getting the point.
- Of when the chef.

- And the chief stew.
- Get in an argument,

You need to be a mouse

in the galley, and that's it.

My father is an alcoholic.

And due to that drinking,

I'm very experienced

with very aggressive


I'm not scared

that he's coming at me.

Not scared.

You know, obviously,

this whole big yachting thing

isn't for you.

We're done.

- You don't tell me what's for me.
- And what's not for me.

- Hey.
- We're done.

- You're not.
- Getting it, Daniel...

We've had a few drinks...

No, no, I'm fine.

I'm sober as hell.

- I'm, like, sober.
- As a judge right now.

Hannah, don't worry about it.

Let's not go there.

- It's okay.
- Fáááing tell me what I can...

Hannah, I get it.

I get it, it's okay.


♪ ♪

- Danny, what'd you do?
- I didn't do anything.

- I don't think he did anything.
- I actually don't.

- You got to have respect,
- Danny.

Just chill.

- It's not about that,
- either, Danny.

Come on, don't dig.

- That's bullsháá.
- Well, what happened out there?

- You know what?
- It's done. It's over.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Good, good, good.

- I feel like you're just.
- Getting sháá on,

And I don't like it.

♪ ♪

Coming up...

- Are you guys allowed to drink.
- With the guests at all?

- No, definitely not.
- Allowed to drink.

- If you bribe the Captain.
- And you get us out,

I'll find you some girls,

all right?

[upbeat music]

My hangover's

just killing me.

♪ ♪

My head is pounding.

I don't want this.


Put them back in the water.

Hannah is, like,

rock and roll and cool as fááá.

And so the last thing

in want to do is, like,

have some kind of

romantic engagement with her,

because either way,

someone's gonna

hate each other, right?

Bryan, Ben, and Hannah,

could you guy come

- to the bridge for a preference.
- Sheet meeting, please?

Yep, copy that.

♪ ♪

So how are things

with you guys?

- Things are.
- Really good, actually.

Ben and Hannah have come a

long way in their communication.

- I think they just need to come.
- To grips with each other.

And respect each other

and understand each other.

And they have.

Okay, well, I sure hope

you're ready for this one.

Oh, boy.

Bachelor's looking

for target-rich environments.

Jerry and his friends are all

successful entrepreneurs.

All five guys are single

and interested in

meeting single women

in exotic locale.

- I've been on my own.
- Trips with guy friends,

And it's great

'cause usually, you know,

you pick up chicks

wherever you go.

So we are going

to Mykonos tomorrow.

- Because of this.
- Oh, cool.


The funniest thing is,

we're going to Mykonos,

which is the gay capital

of Europe.

So I'm not sure if anyone else

is actually aware of that,

but, uh, I think I'm just gonna

play along as see it pans out.

No dislikes,

which is kind of interesting.

That's great.

- So that's it...
- Let's get these things posted.

- Away we go.
- All right.

- Thank you,
- Thank you, Captain.

♪ ♪


Every fáááing time.

- Fááá Bryan.
- What'd he say?

Last night, he kept...

[snapping fingers]

- Digging, you know?
- Well, this is his life peak.

- Like he's a 28-year-old.
- Frat boy.

- Yeah.
- 'Cause this is probably the.

- Best thing that ever happened.
- To him and it'll be over soon.

- No, but it's another thing.
- When you come at someone,

And you attack them,

and you call them a mouse...

- "Hey, buddy."
- Yeah.

Like, what the fááá?

No, I'm not your buddy.

- He can suck a big one.
- And I have no respect for him.

- Who the fááá.
- Does he think he is?

I don't know.

- Hey, what're you guys.
- Talking about?

[dramatic music]


We're talking about you.

What do you want to say?

- I can't have an opinion,
- so I can't say anything.

Why can't you be a yes man?

- Why do you have to be.
- Such a little bitch.

About everything and fight me

on everything, dude?

- "You're a mouse,
- you're a yes man,

You got to be a soldier,

"you can't use your brain."

Like, what the fááá, man?

- [imitating robot]
- Am I a robot? I am...

- Well, guess what?
- I don't fáááing compute, Bryan.

- I'm fáááing, like...
- Come on, dude.

- You're being ridiculous, man.
- I'm not.

- How do you talk to me.
- Like that, bro?

All I'm asking you to do

is just go, "You got it."

- But no,
- you fight me on it, man.

What I fought you on

is you telling me,

"You can't have

someone's back."

I'm on thin ice.

But I can't take it no more.

I don't like to be bullied,

and he's bullying me.

We're moving on.

No, no, I move on

all the time.

You come after me

like a little bunny rabbit.

- Hey!
- And then...

- You need to.
- Watch yourself, dude.

- And then you.
- Start something.

- I' m not gonna.
- Have you calling me.

- A little bunny rabbit.
- Like you call me a mouse?

- It's like.
- "Tom and Jerry," bro.

- You can be the cat,
- I'll be the mouse,

- Guess who prevails?
- This guy.

- Look how ridiculous.
- You are right now.

- I don't look ridiculous.
- You're not gonna prevail.

- Dude, you're about to get.
- Fáááing fired.

- I'm not gonna get fired.
- It's about to happen, dude.

- I do my job,
- I'm progressing...

No, you're... okay, you're

pretty sháááy at your job,

- you're slow as hell...
- No, I'm not.

- Yes you are, dude.
- I'm trying to help you,

- But now I'm just.
- Getting annoyed.

Bryan speaks without caring

about anyone else's feelings,

but I think there's a difference

between putting your foot down

- and putting your foot.
- In your mouth,

- And, uh, Daniel doesn't know.
- The difference.

- You just want.
- To instigate stuff,

- And you want.
- To cause problems.

- Absolutely not, dude, I'm... no,
- I do not want to cause problems.

Are you kidding me?

- I'm supposed to be the.
- Problem-solver here.

And you're not.

You cause problems.

- In my opinion,
- you're the issue here.

That's fine.

If that's the opinion

you would like to have,

- you're more than welcome.
- To have that opinion.

- Don't try to rub that.
- Back in my face.

All right.

- Throw him over the boat.
- And get it over with.

It's okay.

- All right, well, look,
- let's get back to work.

♪ ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I did some.
- Stupid sháá last night.

I was so drunk.

♪ ♪

I'm gonna respect her space

and, you know,

- I told her, I'm not gonna.
- Flirt with her anymore.

It's a bummer that

things are gonna change,

and I don't know if they're

gonna go back to normal.

♪ ♪

- Did you drink.
- At all yesterday?

No, forget that,

I had a rum and Coke.

- There's no way.
- I don't want to kill my liver.

- Bobby's got a hangover now,
- do you know what I mean?

- Yeah, it's fine.
- It's not awkward.

- I felt so bad.
- For you yesterday.

What happened with you

and Jules last night?

She sits me down,

and she's like,

- "Listen,
- this has got to stop."

- You know, "I think we're.
- Taking it too far."

I got a bit "emosh."

- I felt bad, 'cause she.
- Started tearing up a little bit.

- And I'm like,
- "I'm sorry, I'll stop."

- I'm like, you know,
- "Flirting's done."

Now I just feel sad

and I feel like an assáááá

- because I put her.
- In this situation.

And I got to deal with it.

She's very sensitive.

Yeah, he was a bit livid.

- He was like,
- "I'll knock his lights out."

- I was like, "Well,
- try, 'cause he's about 6'4."

[both laugh]

"But you can have a go."

She said,

"I don't appreciate that."

- I'm saying she is flirting.
- Yeah, that's bullsháá.

- I wanted to be like,
- "You're flirting just as hard,

- That even the.
- "Charter guests know it."

Right, right, right.

- 'Cause when there's distance,
- sometimes I can't text him,

- Sometimes I can't call him,
- he's gonna be, like,

All freaking out

'cause he trusts me,

but he don't trust

other guys creeping.

- I'm putting Matty through enough.
- As it is, you know?

I've been away from him

for four months.

I love him dearly,

and I don't ever

want to hurt Matty.

- Do you think.
- He's gonna back off?

- I hope so.
- It's not his fault.

- You're just adorable.
- [laughs]

♪ ♪

- All crew, all crew,
- everybody in their whites.

- And on the cruise deck aft.
- In 15.

For guests' arrival.

♪ ♪

- Have a good charter,
- all right?

- Sounds good to me.
- Mm-hmm.

That's a big, ass boat.

Coming up...

We going to party!


here we come, baby!

All champagne

are on the house!

My man, Daniel,

he sacked up.

Probably about 150 feet.

That's a big, ass boat.

- Hello. Hello!
- All: Hello.

- Good afternoon.
- Welcome aboard.

- Mark Howard. Nice to meet you.
- Mark.

- Hey, I'm Steve.
- Steve, nice to meet you.

[overlapping introductions]

- Danny, nice to meet ya.
- Well, welcome aboard, guys.

- We ready for some fun?
- Absolutely.

- Whatever the weather.
- Will allow us.

- It's gonna be a little windy.
- And a little choppy today.

- You might want to get.
- Him some Dramamine.

- Either that, or we're gonna.
- Have to shoot him.

- With a flare gun.
- [laughter]

I was hoping for a group

of bachelors...

but not this age.

Maybe, like some college kids.

- But, then again,
- they'd probably stay up.

Till 6:00 am drinking,

so maybe not.

- This might've been.
- The lesser of two evils.



- Hannah's gonna give you.
- A little tour of the boat.

And we're gonna get out of here.


This is the sun deck.


and your upper lounge area.

- I might be.
- Sleeping right there.


- This is the formal.
- Dining room.

The master.

Oh, blue, my favorite color.

- Oh, Jerry, come on,
- you don't really want this.

- Jerry and you and your.
- Bubble bath, all by yourself.

Very nice.

- So this is the next best room?
- Ooh, yes.

Number three

and over here is number four.

- They have to sleep.
- In the same bed together?


Are you serious?

- [laughter]
- No, way.

- Let's show them.
- What they're gonna have to do.

- Randy, come on,
- lay down next to me.

You want to be front

or back spoon?

- Now there you go.
- This is good.

You got to go Greek!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

♪ ♪

Is Tiffany available

to take a picture?

- Thank you.
- Appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

♪ ♪

- Yeah, it's rough.
- Behind my eyes.

- I don't really have.
- A history of migraines.

- I really think all.
- The unnecessary stress.

That went on last charter

is just got into me

and coming out in a migraine.

Don't want you ill.

Why don't you go to bed now?

- Try and sleep it off.
- Okay.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Okay, - I'll go talk to Tiff.

♪ ♪

- You want to go sit out?
- Oh, go upstairs?

- Okay.
- For a pop?

- Hey, gentlemen, how you doing?
- You guys changed.

- Yeah.
- That was fast.

- Well, that's the way.
- We got to move, you know?

Do you guys party

with the guests at all?

- Are you guys allowed to drink?
- No.

- Definitely not allowed to drink.
- Never? We're gonna...

- I'm gonna make that happen.
- You want a tip?

Your staff gets to drink.

Well, hey...

- If you buy out the Captain.
- And you get us out,

- I'll find you some girls.
- All right?


Okay, here we go again.


You're gonna find the girls?

Oh, man.

- I would think he would be.
- Finding the girls.

- I got the tricks.
- Up the sleeves.

- I got the moves.
- Oh, look at that.

Got you some guns.

- We're all looking forward.
- To this trip.

It's on a great charter.

- Tiffany,
- just to let you know,

I sent Hannah to bed

'cause she's got a headache

- behind her eyes.
- Do you think that we should.

- Do service ourselves?
- Yeah.

- Do you think.
- We can handle it?

- They need to eat.
- And she's asleep.

♪ ♪

Hey, Bobby.

♪ ♪

- Uh, we've got clearance.
- From the Coast Guard.

- To get out of here.
- Before the ferry.

- It's gonna be a fast.
- Departuring 'cause I'm gonna.

Come out of here hot.

Okay, no problem.

So keep your eye open

for traffic behind us.

- When there's another ferry.
- Coming in,

- You have to vacate.
- That spot.

- Okay, deck,
- we're gonna do Jen first.

- Copy that.
- Then Bobby,

Then me and then Daniel.

Standing by at three.

Starboard ahead at clear.

- Release lines.
- Whenever you're ready.

Bow lines in.

Starboard to stern clear.

Bow to port.

Port ahead.

Port ahead to clear.

Jen, it's you.

Breast line clear.

- All lines off.
- All lines off.

- No approaching vessels at stern.
- We're clear. Ready to go.

♪ ♪

- Okay, gentlemen and ladies,
- good job.

♪ ♪

- I think Julia's been noticing.
- That I've, like,

Completely backed off her.

I feel like the only way

to not flirt with Julia

- is to avoid her.
- And it sucks.

- The thing with Julia is.
- She's just kind of like me.

Like, I'm goofy...

She is nothing like you.

- No, no.
- [laughs]

In the sense of being

fun, goofy, personable.

- Sometimes people take that.
- The wrong way.

And they think that...

Well, your flirting is creepy

where hers is cute.


I don't think you know girls

- the way you think.
- You know girls.

Hey, what works for me

works for me.

Yeah, I mean, yeah,

if you want to flirt with

some dogs and get some dogs,

you get some dogs,

but if you want to flirt

with a woman

and get a high-quality woman,

you don't flirt with them

- the way you flirt with them.
- How I do my thing.

And I always end up

doing what I want,

- so it's all good.
- Oh, my God.

You're such a douche bag.

♪ ♪

- Okay, we're all good.
- To drop now.

♪ ♪

- Okay, are we clear.
- On what this is, guys?

Tuna tartare,

baby greens,

with a miso lime dressing.


I'd like them to see it

the way I am seeing it, please.

Oh, look at this.

Here we go.

Tuna tartare

with baby greens

and miso lime dressing.


♪ ♪

This is spectacular.

- Cheers to the first.
- Three hours, man, on the boat.

- This is three hours already?
- Hey, guys.

There's our Captain.

So, I have a request.


Daniel, Bryan, and Bobby.

We would like them

to accompany us

on the beach this afternoon.

We'll, uh, make sure

they have no alcohol.

- Can we make that happen?
- Sure, we can make that happen.

- Awesome.
- The itinerary says nothing.

Except "getting girls."

- It's like I wrote it myself.
- That's where you come in.

- Like you wrote it yourself.
- Bryan, Bryan,

- Could you break away.
- For a minute.

And come up to the bridge?

- Yes, no problem.
- Be right there.

- I'm gonna get all of it.
- Sweet, dude.

[knocks on door]

Hey, Captain.

So, their little

special request

is that they wanted to see

if all of you guys

can join them on the beach

this afternoon.

I don't think we can do

all of you guys,

but we can do two.

Hell yeah.

Beach, babes, drinks,

Bobby and I.

Ready to go.

The logical choice

would be...

Bobby and Danny.

I chose Bryan to stay on the

boat because he can do the job

of both Danny and Bobby.

- And are they.
- Allowed to drink?

- Let's have them not drinking.
- No drinking.

- Yeah, no drinking.
- Let's just make it simple.

- It's not ideal.
- To have crew members.

Going ashore with guests,

but in this case,

- they asked for it,
- so whatever they want,

We give them.

- All right.
- Okay, thank you.

♪ ♪

So, the Captain's gonna allow

just you two to go.

Wait, what?

What about you, man?

I'm not involved.

He wants me to stay on board.

And Captain has said,

uh, no drinking.

No drinking.

So keep it sober,

- but you have a good time.
- [laughs]

I'm kind of stoaked to go,

- but I'm bummed,
- 'cause I have to go with Danny.

♪ ♪



- You guys ready.
- To have a good time?

- What you doing.
- With my hat on?

- There you go, bro.
- [laughs]

- Does this look better.
- On me or him?

- No, man, that's all you.
- Okay, guys...

♪ ♪


We going to party!

Mykonos, here we come, baby!

This sucks.

Welcome to Greece!

♪ ♪

Mykonos, Greece.

It's a party island.

We're gonna have a good time.

- I'm gonna get in my zone.
- Oh!

- They don't even know.
- What's gonna hit them.

How y'all doing, tonight?

Good, how are you?

I'm great.

I'm on vacation right now!

How about y'all?

Where you coming from?


How about you?

South Carolina.

I'm Ashley.


This is so exciting.


Kimea, all right.

- There was a bunch.
- Of babes around,

- There's partying.
- And dancing, drinking,

Shots going on,

I'm like, "Sign me up..."

but without Danny."

Can I get champagne?

Eh, shots with Red Bull.

Thank you very much.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

- Let's all just get.
- A little wild and crazy.


Let's keep it flowing.

- I know Danny is on.
- His high horse.

- He thinks he's got more.
- Game than me.

What is this?

What is this?

But it's just situational.


we got a big cocktail.

- Let's all enjoy it.
- [cheering]

Everyone get in on this.

- You think, like,
- you're this cool dude.

Bringing all this booze

and the frickin' charter guests

are the ones paying for it.

Jerry! Steve!

Get on this!

Where's the game in that?

All champagne from now on

are on the house!

- [cheers]
- Champagne!

Free cha... keep drinking

champagne, ladies.

My man, Daniel,

he stacks up.

Yeah, he's a wild one.

- Next on.
- "Below Deck Mediterranean"...

You've got Danny in the galley

and this is frustrating me

- to another level, okay?
- This is my kitchen.

- And if I decide that.
- He's gonna work with me,

- He's gonna decide.
- To work with me.

- Hannah needs.
- To chill out a bit.

- She's getting annoyed.
- With Ben.

- I feel hugely.
- Caught in the middle.

Hannah, Hannah, Daniel.

Go ahead, Daniel.

We have an extra

eight guests.

Copy that, thanks.

I think they just said.

- How many guests tonight,
- "Ben?"

- Well, I'd like to know.
- The answer, please.

13 people.

All crew. All crew.

Wind speed is increasing.

Jen, tie that line now.

You have a lot of slack

on yours, Jen.

- She's not gonna make it.
- Sháá. Sháá. Sháá. Sháá.

- Stay down. I'm losing it.
- This is not good.

- Am I supposed to, like,
- take it as a compliment.

- That you didn't try.
- And get me fired?

That was me showing

my generous side.

- I don't know why you like.
- To start drama, Hannah.

Get the fááá away from me.

Daniel. Daniel!

Keep stepping.


For more on.

"Below Deck Med"