Bella Block (1993–2018): Season 1, Episode 33 - Hundskinder - full transcript




To the newly graduated sergeant.

Cleary, you're going to
make a very good cop.


Thank you very much.
I couldn't have done it without you.

Nor without you.

Oh, my, oh, ... this should not happen.

That is a firecracker in my old age.

Yeah. But you held
out for a long time.



I would like a nightcap.

- What do you think?
- Well, that's good.

But yes, I was...

... offered red wine.

Oh, no.

So then I have...

... red wine.

I prefer white wine.



Good morning.

Before daybreak, huh?


Looks like a clean shot through.

The bullet didn't rupture.

I suspect...

... he was shot with a hunting rifle.

And how long do you think he has been dead?

The eyelids are stiff and the rigor mortis
has already begun on the muscles.

Look at this.

Gunshot residue.

And there...

... blood. That means he was shooting
at something or someone.

That is...

... there is either another body
or a dead animal.

Who found him?

There was an anonymous call
with a disguised voice.

Sounds like that would be a wolf.


I am from the criminal investigation
department in Hamburg.

Can I speak with your parents?


Where are they?

Drove into town.

So early?

For feed for the animals.


And when will they be back?

Can I come in for a moment?


Why not?

We don't let strangers in.

Tell me, did you hear any
strange noises last night?

Maybe... maybe something like a shot?


Watch out.

When your parents come back,
please tell them to call me, OK?



Morning, Bella!


Are you crazy?

You can't just ambush like that
early in the morning.


Sorry. I... I...


It got late.
I had guests.

Hey, if I look the way I feel,
I need a burqa.


You look like a real wrap anyway.

If this is what I think it is
then I have never ...

... been lied to so shamelessly.

Why are you here already?
We didn't have an appointment until noon.

The realtor called.
I have already mentioned before...

... I really want you there.

I already told you on the phone

that I don't know anything about
real estate and restaurants.

You know Hamburg inside and out.

As an Austrian exile,
I am lost without your expert advice.

Now blow even more powdered sugar
in the air and I'll get a coughing fit.

Something to celebrate yesterday?


When do we have to be there?

Yes, well, I'm supposed to pick up
the key in half an hour.

What, already?


What do you see?

It's not for you, Carlo.


Do you really want to open another
one of those fancy food temples

that the world doesn't need?

You are the man...

... for the fine...

... little things...

... like your Berlin restaurant.

You don't trust me to run a fancy place?


... I have faith in you.

Yes, after knowing all the things
you've done in your life.

Remember when we were in your restaurant?

Drinking wine and singing song
after another? That is not possible here.

Here you have to sip champagne
with your guests...

... and talk about...

... expensive cigar varieties.


that sucked in the long run.

(both) Yes, but the view is beautiful!


- It is Beautiful!
- Yes, beautiful. Very beautiful.


Yes, you can dance here
or you can hire a band

and the young people can sit around here.

This is Joseph Mackeder, a former
paratrooper in the German Army.

He had the dog unit under him.

he bought retired dogs...

... and taught them tricks
and performed acts in public.

And he trained attack dogs.

And why is he in our computer?

Because one of those attack dogs almost bit
a man's arm off during a fight,

and the man turned him in.

This is Regine Beyer,

Mark's sister-in-law reported
missing on 24/9/2008.

Yes, I remember.

A colleague of mine investigated the case.

The mystery of this woman
has never been solved.

Mr. Chief Prosecutor...


... I would like to have
Ms. Block with me.

- Ms. Block?
- Yes.

The case involves children.

Ms. Block understands
children as much as...

... a rhino understands ballet.

In those days, they arranged for them
to be used as special investigators.

Then we should too.

Can I call her?

Of course. Yes, I remember the case.
It was at the K4.

Missing Persons Unit.

The missing one, Regine Beyer,
had an affair with her brother-in-law.

And he...

... was an animal trainer or something.

Joseph Mackeder.


My colleague who worked on the case...

... almost went crazy because
he couldn't figure out...

... what was going on.

And it gets more bizarre.

After Regine Beyer disappeared,

Mackeder's wife left for Africa
and was not seen again.

First Mackeder's mistress disappears
and then, a short time later,...

... his wife.

Nightingale, I hear you sing.

Beyer had his wife declared
dead after the legal deadline

and is actually in Africa today.

It was checked at the time.

He is?

The Emperor of China.

May one ask what the Emperor
of China is doing here?

To visit me.


... exactly do you expect from me,
Mr. Mehlhorn?

Yes, so...

... you have prior knowledge, Ms. Block.

And we...

We're dramatically understaffed
right now, that is.


You see, I have a visitor.

Yes, but...

... think of the poor children.

For your sake alone, the case should
be solved as soon as possible.


You're not going to appeal to
my soft heart now, are you?

You know I don't have one.


That is not the Ms. Block
that I saw at first glance.

You can see it.

Is there something to smile about?

No, not.

I'm just imagining her teaching it to him.


I would love to accompany you.

For a murder investigation?

This isn't a family trip.

But we're not a family yet.

I'm sorry Carlo.


Maybe you'll have the killer
trapped by the evening.

And then it all ends with
a cozy evening meal.

Capturing the killer,

this Austrian sounds like
one big curd dumpling.

I'll drive you to the hotel?

No, it's not necessary.

... will do some more tourist
activities in the harbor.

See you later.

Have fun.

- Was the youth welfare office informed?
- Yes.

They were going to contact Lars Beyer.

As an uncle, he is the children's
closest relative.

I assume he's already there.

Lars Beyer.

Of all people.




Johanna, go in.

Immediately and then wash.

I'm Bella Block.

You already know my colleague, Jan.

We need to talk to you.

Can we come inside?


Is your uncle around?


Gabriel, Bobo, go on in.

I have to tell you something
very serious and sad.

Your father is dead.

I am sorry.


We need to contact your mother. Maybe
your uncle knows how we can reach her.

She's in Africa.

I know, but we have to find her.

What's your name?



- Did your father have a hunting rifle?
- Why?

He was shot.
Probably with a hunting rifle.

Where is it?

I don't know. Is it hidden somewhere?

Have you guys eaten yet?

Thank you, but we can manage on our own.

We will now get your uncle
to take care of you.

We don't need any help.

We'll be back in half an hour.

Why don't we go in there?
It's a murder case.

If they don't feel that we respect them,
they don't tell us anything.

We'll go in as soon as Beyer arrives.

Where is this guy anyway?

He should know what's going on by now.

But you must have known for hours
that your brother-in-law is dead.

Why aren't you out with the kids yet?

It's my little one's birthday today
and then 20 kids drop in here.

- The youth welfare office promised me--
- For the kids there someone else they know

and not just from child welfare office.

I'm going there now,

but it's not always possible
to do everything right away.

Who was...

... the gentleman who left your house?


That was my district board.

We went through the financial statements.

I'm an insurance agent.

Tell me, then, how can
we reach your sister?

Not at all.

I haven't seen her in years.

She works in some wildlife park in Namibia.

She's the one with the beasts, that's the
only thing they had in common.


... your first wife Regine...

... what did she have in common
with Mr Mackeder?

Don't dig around in old stories, yeah.

I loved her very much.

It has nothing to do with Joseph's murder.

That's what we're going
to try and find out.

I assume you have an alibi
for the time of the crime?

I don't know what the time
of the crime was,

but I was playing skat from 8pm onwards.

Two colleagues and I do it once a week.


The police, do not get a fright.

I... need to get out to the kids.

- Good day.
- Excuse me.



... why don't you just bring the kids here?

They will surely be happy...

... if they can celebrate such a
lovely child's birthday.

Is that so?

Joseph never let them leave the house.

Everything outside his four walls
was enemy territory.

The world is bad and evil.

That's the kind of sick
garbage he fed them.

Surely they must be just as crazy.
We don't need any more problems.

Those are poor devils.

They only have me, so I'm going there
quickly and I'll be back in an hour.

Can we leave now?


- Goodbye
- Goodbye.



Are you going to open up now?





What are those mirrors out there for?

For the animals.

Well, what's your name?


You then?


Your father fired one shot
before he was killed.


Do you have any idea where he...

... left his rifle?

Where it could be?

- No.
- No.


Who has your father been
in contact with lately?

With no one.

So he's completely entrenched, after all.

I... I also do not know...

I have no idea how he
paid for the dogs' food.

You cook?
Did he still train the fighting dogs?


Listen you!

We're not going to the home.

Do you want to stay here?
In this pigsty?

Did your father quarrel with anyone?

Before he finally barricaded himself in,
he argued with God and the world.

Maybe it is an old story from
the red light district.

He's trained some of these great dogs

that these guys always have with them.

How long have you been without water?

We have water, you can see that.

We have to search everything here,
that's clear.

But you can't do that!

You need permission from
a judge to do that.

Do you know...

... who killed your father?

We want you to go.

I will apply for guardianship
of the children.

And the mother?

You can forget about her, not coming back.

Just like your wife.

Bobo, Gabriel,...

... please go out and play.

Which one of you?

If it was you,...

... just push it onto...

... one of the little ones,...

... nothing can happen to them.

Any judge in the world will understand
why you shot such an asshole of a father.

Wasn't an asshole!

Out there, they're all assholes.


... you nailed that beautifully.

Your father!

Did it with one of those rifles he
stole from the federal government?

You think I don't know about it?

I bet you even know where they are hidden.

Why should it have been any of us?

Because your father was shot in the night
and not 200 meters from his house!

Because he beat and tormented you!

Because he was always drunk and
because there are guns in the house!


I'll make sure you all stay together.

And that everyone comes
home to the same place.

The dogs, of course, must go.

And Lukas...

Don't count on your mother.

She doesn't even know you exist anymore.

I won't let you down.

I'm here for you.

I'll be back later with something to eat.

Lukie, that's not true about mom, is it?

No, it isn't.

We'll get her here, OK?

We already discussed this.


What are you doing?

Remember the talk again
and not a word to anyone.

And then come in.

There is a dead body in the grove
between the divide of a country road

and the 431 near the pond.

Say your name, please.

Call at 4:37 in the morning.

Voice disguised with helium, probably.

This is Gudrun Mackeder.

Is there any trace of her yet?

We have contact with the wildlife park
where she worked four years ago.

They want to get back to us in the morning.

The Namibian police are also involved.

Where do you want to move to?

Hey, Carlo.

Yes, it's getting late by the looks of it.

That would be a shame, too.


No, of course not.


... until nothing more.


The answer is that it is
none of your business.

I... just wanted to say that
Lars Beyer lied.

The car that was in front of his house
does not belong to his boss

but to a man...

... named Markus Brenner.

And he is employed by Nordbank's
construction financing department.

Oh yeah?



Yes, I discovered it in the blood that
the deceased had on his hands.

However, he was not infected himself.

Hasn't it been dead in Germany for years?

Eradicated already.

But for research and vaccines one
needs inactivated rabies viruses

and these are bred in the laboratories.

Mostly cats are used for this purpose,
they are grateful carriers.

If Mackeder's animals have rabies,
his children may have it too.

And here is a bite made
by one of his children.

What now?

Bella, you should rush to the nearest
hospital for post-exposure prophylaxis.

What does that mean in plain language?

If rabies is not treated in time,
it is 100% fatal.

So please, Bella.

Well, yes, University Hospital.

There you get your vaccinations,
you get antibiotics

and of course the children need
prophylactic vaccinations as well.

And at what point is it no longer in time?

I know as much but haven't researched when
exactly the vaccine is no longer effective.

But one thing I know for sure is that
you should not waste much time.

Ask the local veterinarian what
to do with Mackeder's animals.

And if he has an explanation for
where rabies came from

after it was supposedly eradicated.

May I come in?


- Where are the other two?
- Why?

Go get them, please.

We're going to the hospital.


We need to get vaccinated against rabies.

I'll take you with me.




Come here.

Come to me.

Come here.
Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here to me.

CID Hamburg, Martensen

- Hi.
- Dr. Hofer, I am a veterinarian.

Yes, that's a mystery to me.

We've been rabies
free for almost 15 years.

Marika Badhaus, youth welfare office.

Yes, what happens to the dogs now?

It is a suspicion, do we have to kill them?

The carcasses can transmit the
virus for three months,

so they must be completely destroyed.

Then please do so when the children
are no longer with us, yes?

I'd like to talk to the kids now.


How can it be that neither
the youth welfare office

nor any other authority has knowledge
of what is going on here?

Because there was nothing there.

That's because he didn't let his
kids go to school anymore,

that was maybe three weeks ago,
we got involved straight away.

We sent a letter and...

... next week someone wanted to visit us.

Yes, I guess that's settled now.

That must be the woman from
the youth welfare office.

Let me tell her that we are going
to the hospital now. Hm?

Stop right there.


Lukas, open up, please.



I'm going to open the door now and go out.

You put down your weapons...

... and I will not tell anyone...

... that you threatened me with it.



Man up, please.



Can you open?

If that's all right?!


Everything is fine.

Stand still.

What then?!


Lukas, don't give me shit!
Let Ms. Block out, and nothing will happen.

Get lost!

Bobo, come here.
Grab your bag.

Stay seated.

You see.

Yes, Jan Martensen.
V1 Hamburg.

We have an armed hostage situation.

Tie her up, Gabriel.

Sit down!

Hold still!

Where's Johanna, Gabriel?

- Gabriel, where is Johanna?
- Nowhere inside.

No, first aid kit, OK?

The hostage-takers are children.

Yes, damn it! Children!

I need iodine and hot water.

We know! Shut up!

Hurry up, man!



Johanna, come here.

- Come here.
- Johanna, come in!

Leave my sister alone!

Come here.

You do not hurt her or I will shoot

Come here Joanna.

Come here fast.

Leave my sister alone.

Bodo, open the door for Johanna.

You're going in to see your sibling.

And then... And then you say that they
should let Ms. Block go, OK?

I don't fit in there yet.
I promise this, then what we --

Can I see Kira first?
I have to feed her.

Johanna! Johanna, come in!

Go to Kira... Go to Kira after...
If they are gone. Yes?

Come quickly!


Get out of here!

Otherwise we shoot Ms. Block

Go away!

Lukas, why can't I see the dogs?

- Who says so?
- The man.

It's too dangerous.


Now believe me on this.

Your father had blood on his hands
that was contaminated with rabies.

You've had contact with the animals.

Saliva or a bite can be life-threatening.

If you are infected, every hour counts.

But we are not infected!

There is no more rabies here. Total shit.

I came here to take you to the hospital.

Believe me, I'm not kidding.

This disease will kill you if you are
not treated quickly enough.

You're lying.
Where are you going to have rabies?

Damn it, your little sister bit me!

If she has it, I have it too.

How old are you? 100?

At least that's how I feel!


It won't work what you're doing here
and please believe me.

Bobo, Gabriel, come on,
they'll be here any minute.


Ahrens, LKA (State Bureau of Investigation).
I am the operations manager.

- Hi
- This is Dr. Hahn, our psychologist.

I need all available information

about the building and the
children as soon as possible.

Can you help me with this?

Yes, good afternoon. Come.

Keep still.

Would you kindly tell me who that was?

Carlo, like the cat.

What are you planning?

We are preparing.

For what?

So that you can't finish us off.

No one wants to finish you off.

You got that from your father.

Gabriel, come.

We'll take Ms. Block to the kitchen.


I am not an express train.

Are you the uncle?

Mr. Beyer?

Dr. Hahn, psychologist.

Good afternoon.

I need to know everything
about the children:

family relationships, values,
statements, etc.

I need to know who to negotiate with.

Should I talk to the kids?

No, no. It's better if a neutral
person talks to them.


Is this sketch correct?



Is the floor plan about right?



Great thing.

They will not communicate their
demands until tomorrow.

I need two tech people right away.

It doesn't make sense that armed officers
are scurrying around in front of the house.

Mr. Martensen, like you, I know there are
kids in the house as well as your colleague

But the children have fierce weapons
and I have to react accordingly.

- They also know they aren't allowed here.
- And they know I'm investigating a murder.

I need three halogen spotlights
and a generator.

The children want the yard lit up.

How far are you with the microphone?

Only noise. We can't get close enough.

But, yeah...

... then is there another access to the
house besides the one that is drawn here?

Through the barn.

You don't want to go into the house now?

We're not here for a picnic.

Why do they want to tell us
their demand until tomorrow?

I think to stall for time.

We now install the spotlights
exactly as wanted.

Maybe a few officers go around the house,
but I don't want any fear.

It's all about the spotlights.

It will take a moment before
we can turn on the light.

You know that we have no electricity here.

But if desired, we can connect
electricity to the house.

That's not a problem.

Just give us a sign and then we'll do that.

We'll now switch on the power unit.

She should finally shut up!

And I promise you again that they won't
do anything you don't want them to do.

Tell us what you want and we will
immediately put everything in motion.

Abort, abort immediately.


What is that?

Some kind of homemade alarm system.

You are endangering Ms. Block's life
with your shitty actions!

Now stay calm, Mr. Martinson,
and pull yourself together.

There is no need to be afraid.

I'm your little mouse, hmm?

What was it?

Father said no one comes in here
if we don't want them to.


Ahh, yes. OK? OK.

I'm coming.


Now you can go home.

We'll be in touch when we need you.

The Namibian police tracked her down
to a small wildlife park near Swakopmund.



Hello, Mrs. Mackeder?


Mrs. Mackeder, this is CID Hamburg.

Jan Mortensen is my name.

I regret to inform you that your husband
was shot dead last night.


What about the kids?

Your children are fine but you should
come as soon as possible.

They need someone to take care of them.

Mrs. Mackeder?

Your children are in big trouble.

They took a police officer hostage.


I'm sorry.

Lukas, please have a doctor come.

Rabies is not something to be trifled with.

I also need a new bandage.

And iodine.

Otherwise, the wound will become infected.

This is what we do.

- Here's what my head is thinking--
- Just meet there.

Oh, leave the light!



My God!

It was pig shit!

Lars Beyer was playing skat.

But he still could have been at Mackeder's
at the time of the crime.

What kind of motive does he have?
For a murder?

I contacted this guy...

... who was at Beyer's when
you were with Bella.

- Tell me.
- Hey, Jan. Cool, OK?

I know I'm not authorized to do this yet,
but I want to help.

You can't be out with Bella
and be here at the same time.

And I'm a police officer, aren't I?


Beyer is in quite a bit of trouble.

He hasn't paid three mortgage installments

and now the bank is threatening
to foreclose on him.

If he becomes the guardian of the children,

will have access to the property
and can sell it.

The kids wont have any say in the matter.

This is total shit. Believe me,
I know what I'm talking about.

And if Mackeder's wife does show up again
at some point, the cash is already gone.

Watch out...

for development plans and find out

if there are any sales in the neighborhood
of anything like that.

And please consult with me beforehand,
otherwise we'll be in hot water.


Here in the barracks where
Mackeder was stationed,

a box of assault rifles disappeared.

Did he steal them?

No charges were filed.

Maybe something was covered up,
or they couldn't prove it, I don't know.

I'll bet those are the things the
kids are going around with.

Mr. Martensen.

Sorry to disturb you so late.

I tried calling Ms. Block
a couple of times.

However, she doesn't answer the phone.

Is something wrong?

So if Bella doesn't want to speak to you,
that's your private matter, I guess?

I don't think she doesn't
want to speak to me.


Sorry, I can't help you there.

Where is she?

So listen, I'm not stupid.

Something is not right.

Ms. Block is investigating undercover.

I'm sure she'll get back
to you when it's all over.


In case you do...

... want to give me more details.

From Amir...

"My dear Lukas"

"You can hardly imagine"

"how much I love you and your siblings."

You can also write something
on it if you want.

This is our demand.

How long are you going
to keep this up, Lukas?

Until our mother, that is.

Your mother?

Thank you.

They want us to bring their
mother here by tomorrow...

... so that they can stay with her.

Food for the animals to eat.

Ms. Block wants toothpaste and iodine.


There are daily flights from
Namibia to Germany.

By tomorrow morning, she can make it.

OK, let's give this a try!

Yes, of course.

No, you just have to get on a plane.

Mrs. Mackeder, we have...

We have booked a flight for you.

It's all completely improvised.


Because all you have to
do is get on the plane.

No, Mrs. Markela.
We have...

We have a ticket booked for you.

No, of course, no one can force you,
do what you want.

Make it happen!

- Yes.
- I will take care of it.

So, now listen to me.

Your kids took my colleague hostage

and shot her, and they did it
to see their mother!

So get moving here!

Do you understand?

Gudrun Mackeder?

Thank you, sir.

You did a great job.

And what do we do if she doesn't come?

Let's send a double.

What kind of double?

Mrs. Mackeder disappeared six years ago.

The kids don't know what
she looks like anymore.

But what if they do?

They want to see their mother again.
Believe me, there is only a minimal risk.

Who says that, their psycho aunt, or who?

Why did your mother leave?

Didn't your father ever
talk to you about it?


Something must have happened.

The thing with your aunt,
who is without a trace?

Stop it!

Don't give a shit!

I don't know!

All I want is to be able to stay
together with my siblings.

Lukas, you have to tell me what happened
the night your father was killed.

This is the only way I can help you,


Why am I not allowed to see the dogs?

I have to feed them, they're hungry.

You can feed the dogs later, Johanna.


With that meat.

When will you cook us something?

If you want me to cook you something,

you have to help me.


What do you like to eat?





Good, Mrs. Mackeder,
then I'll see you tomorrow.

She is coming.

Tomorrow morning she lands in Frankfurt.
At about 12:00 she will be in Hamburg.



Tell your siblings that your
mother is on her way here.

She is already on the plane.

Tomorrow, 12:00, she will be here.

Did you hear?
Mommy is coming.


Mommy is coming.

- And, do we hear something?
- Yes, of course.

Isn't it great that your mommy is coming?

Do you see this?

My father was right,
none of you can be trusted!

You read what I wrote on the note!

Did it say anything about a bug?

They're out there just trying to help me!

What did you expect?


You, if you hit me again.

- Let him go!
- That's what you get yourself.

Your life, of course,
you still have something!

If he doesn't hit me,
I won't hit him either.

It's that simple!


Don't hit, OK?

So, this is HDC, a vaccine, against rabies.

The injections don't hurt.

We will not be injected.
Who knows what's in it.

Lukas, we may all have a
life-threatening infection.

It's too late anyway,
you said so yourself yesterday!


If I'm still alive tomorrow,

then you do that too, is that clear?

It won't take long, okay?

From October 1st, your dead brother-in-law's
property will become building land.

Yeah, so?

6000 square meters of idyllic
space near the city.

That's worth a fortune.

What's that supposed to mean?
What do you want from us?

I'm just making a point.

And what?

If you become the kids' guardian,

then you can get the land
very conveniently.

There would be nothing to
fear from the children

and it would solve your financial problems.

How do you know about
our financial problems?

I am a police officer.

Yes, we are having problems.


We overstretched ourselves with the house.

I also don't contract as much
insurance anymore.

Money isn't so loose with people anymore.
But it doesn't make me a murderer.

You don't have a clear alibi.

And you have a motive.

He's been through enough already!

And now you come here and the
shit starts to happen again.

As if we didn't have enough
to struggle with.

Can you please leave now?

Why is it so hard for your sister
to come back to her children?

And why did she abandon them
in the first place?

Why don't you ask her...

... to come back?

I am.

Arriving in Hamburg tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

Try this time.



Now you have to stir the spaghetti
so that it doesn't bake together.

Did you love your dad?

I did before, but not anymore.

And why not?

He wanted to kill Poliano.

- Who is Poliano?
- My wolf.

He's a wolf?


I opened the gate so he could run.

And my father said he
was going to shoot him.


You had a wolf?

He's not really a wolf.

He's got a few percent dog in him.

What if he has rabies?

You absolutely have to tell them out there.

So they shoot him or what?

You need clean clothes when your mom comes.

We can put the dirty laundry
out and they will wash it.

And the sweater too, that's dirty.

And you should clean everything thoroughly.

Your mother will turn on her
heels when she sees this!

And bathe, all should.

Was no hot water at all.

Lukas, you guys aren't wimps.

But I will not!

And why not?

If I do, Poliano and Kira won't
know me anymore.

Maybe we'll at least wash your hair, huh?


Gudrun Mackeder is now on
the plane to Frankfurt.

- Well, thank God.
- We'll still go through with the double.

As long as the wife isn't here,
I want to be prepared for anything.

That one looks quite fitting.


Why put the bandage in?

So they can test it for rabies.

I would like to write something about it.



If your mother suddenly
stood in front of you,...

... would you recognize her?

I don't know.

I have someone who knows her for sure.


She wants painkillers, bandages
and garbage bags.

After all, we sent a whole box.

Sir, take all of that to the lab, please.


The word "light" underlined.

"Light" ?

And with that!

Do you know why wolves howl?


In doing so, they keep
their family together

and show that they belong together.

Oh, that's beautiful!


Tell me what happened that night.

Will you tell me, please?

Why was your blood on your bathrobe?

Leave her alone.

Did Johanna shoot your father, Lukas?

Jan, it's me.

A cat has disappeared in a
laboratory in Norderstedt.

They make vaccines there and work with cats
that are infected with rabies, for example.


So, does that mean it was stolen or what?

I don't know.
They said disappeared.

What was going on here?

A dog.

- A dog? Can you inflate it?
- Yeah.

But now it's broken.

- How did you inflate it?
- With helium.

And helium.

- Do you have any?
- Maybe.

But now it's broken.

They are there.

Maybe our mother still
wants to put this on.

I'm having both brought forward.

I think it's pretty perfect.

- Good.
- I don't know.

I'm not comfortable with this

Why is this happening?

We send Mrs. Mackeder out to the yard.

The oldest boy comes out with Ms. Block.

And if the exchange takes place,
my people go into the house via the back.

And bring the children to safety.

Who guarantees the safety of Ms. Block?

We can all only do our best, Mr. Martensen.

How can you do all this?

Father said we have to be able to defend
ourselves against those out there.

You have to learn to deal with
everything that is out there.

We couldn't care less about that.

However, I do care.

I do care about you.

Anyone know Morse code?

Yes, why?

"Under no" ...

"Under no circumstances... T--" ?

Damn it!

Fucking thing.

I sleep with you?


But I have to take off your shoes.


Like this is better.


You have to, too, we belong together.


I already know Piano!


I have to go to Poliano.

He's sick!

Sshh, Johanna. Back, sshhh.

Let me out!

He must have rabies.

Lukas, you can't let her out.

He probably just wanted to
say good night to you.

He's fine.

He's fine.

Why should I believe you?

Yes, you're right. If I were you,
I wouldn't believe me either.

Come with me, I have something to show you.

She wrote to you for your birthday.

And for Christmas.

Your father hid the letters.


Let's promise not to lie to each other.

May I have the letters,...

... after you read them all?

Maybe I can find a clue as to
why your mother left.

And what happened with your aunt.




Breakfast will be ready soon.

Just look.

Am I beautiful enough for mom?

Where did you get that?

From the cellar.

From the cellar?


I used to take Kira down here.

We were playing around and stuff like that.

At some point she started digging.

I didn't tell my father.

I was afraid he would hit her.

What is it?

These are things from your aunt.


Can you remember anything?

Something about the accident?

My father and mother had a huge fight.

What were they fighting about?
What was the accident?

I don't know!

And then my mother left.

Come up, they're saying
something about Mommy!

Then why was no one waiting in Frankfurt?

This should have been controlled, if the
woman boarded the plane to Hamburg or not.

Thank goodness we are prepared for this.

Let's send the double.

Listen, please, there is news.

Your mother is a little late.

The plane could not take
off from Frankfurt in time.

We don't know exactly when it will arrive

but as soon as we have more
information we will let you know.

Please stay calm, everything is all right.

If you want, you can call your mother.
We can do that.

We will give you a cell phone
and then she will call you.

They're lying.

It's a lie.

I don't think so.

We take a chance on this
and the phone call?

I do.

I believe so.

You believe?

Yes, I believe!


Lukas, here's your clean laundry.

And a cell phone.
Your mother will call you.

Bobo, get the stuff inside.


I told them she wasn't coming.


How's it look?

Does the operations leader
know who you are?

Yes, yes. I called him.

He made me swear to stay out of it.

Good. Say as little as possible.
Just generalities.

"How are you", "I look forward
to seeing you" and so on.

We'll then break the connection.



Is that you?

Hello, Mom. Yes, it's us.

How are you?

It was good?

Yes, we're doing well.
We're waiting for you here.

Your mother will definitely not
like all the Molotov cocktails.

- Lukas.
- Mom?

- Lukas, are you still there?
- Mom?





She'll be here in an hour.

- Get ready, she's coming!
- Come!


Your mother may have changed a lot.

It doesn't matter.

Will you promise me you won't
use any of this stuff?

Promise me.

- Is what my Uncle Lars said true?
- What?

If it was one of my siblings,
then it can be admitted easily.

That nothing will happen to them.

Do you want to admit something?

Your mother will definitely not
like all the Molotov cocktails.


Under no circumstances...

... tricks, deception.

Maybe that's exactly what she meant.

Ms. Block.


Stand still.


Something's not right.

We have to abort.

I have to go to Poliano.

Poliano felt pain, you know?

Was sick.

It's going to be a lot better now.

You I promise that will not happen
to Kira and her puppies. Yeah?

I promise you.

Johanna, will you come with me?

Why didn't I tell the children the truth?

I have lied to them.

And I promised to be honest.

You couldn't have known
what the boy was up to.

I understood what you were trying to do!

I should have told them.

Ms. Block...

You should go to the hospital
as soon as possible.

Your leg really doesn't look good.

Have you had my blood tested?

Yes, all clear.

You don't have rabies.
And neither does the girl.

Excuse me.

What about Lukas?

Is he going to make it through?


Mr. Beyer, come over here.
We had something to show you.

Your wife is buried here somewhere
on the property.

I'm absolutely sure of that.

Your brother-in-law just buried
her like an old bone.

He deserved it, right?

He deserved to be shot down
like one of his beasts.

Can you move on!

I didn't know this before!

It was easy with the cat.

I just went to the lab and just
took her out of her cage.

And hidden inside of a coat.

And walked out.

I've been there a couple
of times for insurance.

I thought if one of the dogs grabbed her
then she would fight back and infect him.

I did not think of a wolf!

Why is he hanging around outside?

That's who led Mackeder to me.

If Mackeder's beasts had gotten rabies,

he would have been finished, over and out.

Then he would have to sell.

But that wolf...

That fucking wolf already looked once.

And Mackeder noticed something was wrong.

It was very quiet...

I look through my scope...

... to him and see...

... that he's aiming at me.

That's when I shot.


And then...
the little girl suddenly appeared.

Johanna... and...

My God!

And took...

... the rifle and then just left.

And me...

I waited...

... and took my rifle.


... put it in the kennel...

... I wanted it to be found there.

Don't you feel sorry for
the children at all?

To take the father, no matter
what kind of person he was.

And then want to frame the murder.

The boy...

... wanted to protect his little sister
because he thought it was her.

And you took advantage of that.

Oh, go away for a bit before
I forget myself.

I feel sick.


What happened here?
Where are my kids?

I am sorry.

- I was so scared at the Frankfurt airport.
- No.

No, no.

The whole story from the beginning!

What happened back then?

We'd been drinking.

Regine fell...

and hit her head...
directly on the edge of the table.


He said no one would believe
it was an accident.

And then he beat me black and blue...

... because I was to blame
for the death of his lover.

He probably would have killed me.

Just beaten to death.

I couldn't go to the police and report him.

Then you should have taken
your children with you.

You knew the man was violent.

How could you leave your young
children alone with him?!

I always thought I'd get them eventually.

You have endangered the lives
of your children.

And my life.

You knew what was at stake
when you landed in Frankfurt.

I was so afraid they would hate me.

Your children have been looking
for their mother for years.

They risked their lives to get her back.

How can you believe that your
children hate you?

Lukas is critically injured.

Pull yourself together, please.

And go to him.

The doctors said he'll make it.

You have great kids.

Do you really want to just
disappear like that?

Without telling me first that
you've transferred?

Martensen, I'm not stupid.

I saw clearly that

the apartment advertisement in
your office was not from Hamburg.

And a call to the human
resources department.

Yes, I should have known.


Two weeks.


Oh dear, the province!

Is that why you wanted me so badly,
because this was your last Hamburg case?

Why did everything always have
to happen in one day?

When I...

I wanted to tell you, but then...

... everything turned out a
little differently.

It always turns out differently.

Martensen, secondly, ... cheers to you.

♪ There's such a feeling in me ♪

♪ And already for a few days ♪

♪ It is actually not complicated ♪

♪ I just have to tell you ♪

♪ Yes, when we meet again soon ♪

♪ I look forward to it ♪

♪ Until we get in our arms ♪

♪ Please take care of yourself ♪

♪ Yes, when we meet again soon ♪

♪ I'm already waiting for it ♪

♪ Until we look into the eyes ♪

♪ Please take care of yourself ♪

Subtitle by DreamScape and Alf Capone