Being Human (2008–2013): Season 2, Episode 1 - Cure and Contagion - full transcript

Mitchell and George encounter husband and wife vampires Ivan and Daisy, who warn them of the likely power struggle after Herrick's death and their own vulnerability. Annie gets work in a pub and takes home customer Nathan, and Mitchell befriends new doctor Lucy. At the full moon, whilst the sinister Kemp destroys a captive werewolf in a pressure chamber, Nina is horrified to find that, accidentally scratched by George, she too transforms into a werewolf. George is pursued by the flirtatious Daisy who wants him to enjoy the dark side and has sex with him. Smelling Daisy's perfume on him increases Nina's anguish but they make up and the other housemates pledge to support Nina. Whilst they are all out, Kemp comes to the house with a psychic, testing for supernatural presences, and sensing triumph.

My name's George...
and I'm a werewolf.
Everything that Owen and I ever had can go to ash.
We've got to eat.
I can't do this. Make your mind up time.
I choose them.
This land is ours and we have all the time in the world.
I am the weapon.
Do it!
It's over. Are we safe now?
Professor Jaggat...
We've found them.
So I followed her into the kitchen and I said to her,
"Nina, please tell me what's wrong. "
And she said, "It's a lot to adjust to. "
Is she frightened of anything?
What, like the attacks? I don't know.
No, not the attacks. You know, I was actually looking forward to this,
living with Nina, but I'm not sure we're even...
I mean, yeah, there's moisturiser and there's Tampax in the bathroom,
but it's not like we're having sex.
We watch TV and she's just sitting on the other...
I mean, if she could see the screen from the patio, she'd sit there.
She saw you kill someone.
And that's aside from all the stuff about us.
So leave! Leave.
What are you looking at, Mitchell?
Nothing. Why are you so bothered about Nina all of a sudden?
It's called compassion, George.
So are we staying here or going somewhere else?
Because I hate this place.
I'll meet you outside.
I need to take a piss.
There was three of them. And they came from the darkness.
Their eyes were black and their teeth tore at me.
Hey, are you OK now?
Can I just state for the record? Huge fan!
Gotta say, in the flesh? Very disappointing.
Come on, walkies. Come on.
Come on, Fido. Show me what you've got, come on.
Woof! Woof! Down now!
Down, Fido! Down!
It's Mitchell!
Evening. Ivan?
You OK? Yeah, come on! George!
George's... Thing...
The thing that happens to him.
Does he ever talk about it?
I mean, do you know how he caught it?
Yeah, he was on holiday
and he went out walking and he was attacked.
He actually met the guy...
The wolf. Small world.
Certainly seems to be for us.
So the wolf scratched George and that's how he caught it.
Well, you've seen his...? Yeah.
Well, let's just say, his vest-wearing days are over.
I need to show you something.
When he pushed me back, I got these.
But he hadn't changed, though, had he?
Well, his nails needed clipping.
But he hadn't changed. Not completely.
No, he was still George, but... So, so you're fine.
But the change had started, Annie.
Nina, one thing I've learned about this world is it doesn't follow logic.
We're talking about magic and curses.
We're off the map here.
In there. What?
Oh, my... That smells disgus... They've split up.
The guy.
The girl, I can smell her perfume.
You go after him, I'll go after her.
George. Why are we doing this?
Three times. Three times I've been attacked now.
We should let them go.
Be careful.
I think I can handle her.
I know her. Be careful.
That whole thing outside with my husband,
that was rude.
I'll talk to him.
Once you get to know us, you'll see we're not really like that.
A lot of vampires, it's all about the blood and the world domination.
But me and Ivan...
.. we're just about the tourism.
Oh, mate.
You look awful.
You just smacked me in the face!
I think you know what I mean.
So it's true, then, you're clean?
Yeah, you should try it.
Oh, yes, and maybe one day I could look like shit, too.
How long have you been back in the country? Couple of weeks.
Daisy's visiting family.
Why did you attack George? It was my duty. Your duty?
You didn't even like Herrick.
There are rules, Mitchell.
He was one of us.
Bet I'm not the first. I won't be the last either, no.
Insurgents, Herrick loyalists,
just anybody wanting to make a name for themselves.
His dance card's going to be pretty full.
I couldn't wait to meet you.
The killer of kings.
I wanted you for my scrapbook.
What was it like?
I don't remember. A liar.
Sometimes, I actually hear the life
leave them in a sigh.
His blood was cold.
Like water from a stream.
Is that for me or for the story?
I've been having nightmares.
I'm at work, on a ward and my skin shreds and my bones crack
and I attack people.
It's got so bad that I'm frightened to go to sleep.
It is all I can think about. I want to scream.
I want to pull my hair out in clumps.
What are you going to do?
Well, the first time he said he went to some woods.
So he wouldn't hurt anyone. Or there's that room where it happened.
George said he wouldn't use it again, I could go there.
I mean about telling him.
Oh, I don't know. I guess.
Will you come with me?
Well, it's the full moon tomorrow.
I don't want to go on my own.
Of course, yeah. Course I will.
You're going to be fine.
So you come all this way just to have a pop at George, huh?
Not just that, no.
There's a power vacuum here.
And you intend to fill it? No, no, no.
I just want to sit back and watch the flames.
Brush up on your history.
Taking out someone like Herrick is never clean, it's never clinical.
It leaves a wound. And wounds get infected.
I was in Baghdad.
I saw Phnom Penh.
I want to see what happens here.
Let me make this clear.
An attack on him is an attack on me.
You meet anyone,
you tell them that.
And tell them to hide.
We go back to the shadows, where we were.
The revolution has been cancelled.
We're leaving.
Sorry. That's my ride.
We're staying at a Travelodge. Find me.
You come back!
Hey, pumpkin. Did you have fun?
You're sliding into chaos here. Should be an interesting show.
Hey, Bouncer!
We're not done yet.
We're a long way from being done.
I'll be seeing you.
I'm hungry, baby.
We should grab someone on the way home.
What happened?
She attacked me.
But I managed to fight her off. Yeah?
You've got lipstick on your mouth.
You are very pretty.
So are you.
You've only just showered.
So, I'll have another one. After.
Look, sit down.
Look, I know lately things have been a bit...
It's a lot to take in. You know, werewolves, ghosts, vampires.
I didn't even believe in homeopathy before this.
So why are you still here? Just tell me that.
If it's so difficult, why are you still here?
I need you to see me through this. See you through what?
You? What, yeah, sorry? Hello?
You've forgotten what it's like, discovering this world.
It's not exciting, it's frightening.
You're the only constant I have left, even if you are part of it.
I need you to see me through this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Have you?
Hiya, Annie, I've been meaning to ask.
Have you started dunking biscuits into your tea now?
It was the next logical step. Dunking biscuits you can't eat
into tea you can't drink is the next logical step?
This should be good. It's like occupational therapy.
What do you do with them afterwards? What?
Wrap them in kitchen towel, George.
I'll, um, see you later.
Hmm? Yeah, yeah.
Black coffee. Cheers.
And weird camp herbal fusion thing.
Yep, that's me.
OK, shut up! I'm going to tell you! I've applied for a job!
As what? Well, it's something that I've always fancied.
Well, marrying Colin Firth isn't, strictly speaking, a job.
They're advertising for bar staff at the New Found Out.
The pub?
That's a job you've always fancied? Jesus, aim for the stars.
Well, it's one of the jobs that I've always fancied.
Well, your first week's wages are going on Hobnobs. Hold on,
are you serious?
I'm as serious as cancer when I say,
# Rhythm is a dancer. #
You can't get a job, Annie.
But who would know?! I'm visible now, I'm solid.
You're not, you're squishy! What about when people touch you?
What kind of pub do you think it is? Have you worked in a pub before?
No, but I've watched The Apprentice.
And in the current job market, there's less emphasis on experience,
because at the end of the day it is just about giving it 110%.
Did that just happen?!
Well, I think it's a good thing she's moving on.
No. No, you're right. The disembodied spirit
of a dead woman is getting a job in the service industry.
What could possibly go wrong?
Mmm. I know what this is about.
Oh, you do, do you? That's, that's great.
It's your own lack of purpose.
My what?
Well, you're not in a relationship, you don't have a family or a career.
Even the blood lust, a struggle that's defined the last...
How many years? Even that's under control.
After a life that's been consistently violent and chaotic,
you've nothing left to fight and nothing left to safeguard.
What about the vampire attacks then?
But you're not the target, it's not about you any more
so there's nothing left for you to do. You're like a piece of, um...
deadly furniture.
Did you just call me deadly furniture?
Annie, meanwhile, has a purpose. She wants to get a job.
And I guess that must be disconcerting to see that purpose
in other people when you don't have one yourself.
That's completely... You're an idiot at the moment, do you know that?
Wooahh! Just saying.
What's this? It's a business plan.
For what? Here.
Far as I can see, your main competition is the Duke of Avon.
They've got the whole ironic retro thing going on.
Table football and board games.
I come in here and
I'm on a school trip to HMS Belfast.
And who's that?
That's Jack.
What's his story? Well, I don't think he really has a story.
If it's busy he collects glasses and we give him a pint but...
OK, well he can stay for now, we'll review that situation in a month.
OK. What about you?
No, I... I should stay really.
No. I mean, what's your journey?
I'm guessing this wasn't your first career choice?
So what brought you here, Darren?
Hugh. Whatever.
Um. Well, it was my father's pub. Well, it is my father's pub.
But he's ill, so I'm just here to run things, you know,
till he gets back up on his feet. Listen, I think it's great that,
you know, you've come so well prepared, but I just think that
my dad might be a bit resistant to some of the things that...
Like just for one thing,
I don't think there's really room for a climbing wall.
There is another option here.
We could just ignore all that and you could just give me the job?
Would that be all right?
Uh, what, what are you doing?
Cleaning. This is the Ladies.
It's a unisex toilet. A what?
There's a sign on the door. A unisex toilet?
Are we in a fucking kibbutz?
Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll come back.
Look, are you OK?
I was a house officer at the Whittington in London.
I had a boyfriend, a goldfish, a flat with a garden.
When it was someone's birthday at work, we'd have wine in mugs
and eat Twix fingers and you know what? It was lovely.
But because I am an idiot and because it was a promotion, I gave it all up.
Me and my goldfish moved here,
where the doctors have an acronym for unattractive female patients,
I- W-E-J-F.
"I Wouldn't Even Jizz In Her Face".
And last night I got home and my goldfish was gone.
No body, no note, nothing.
So, no, I'm really not OK.
D'you have a cat? Cos, well, chances are that's what ate the goldfish.
I don't. But if I did I think I would have made that connection.
A cat must have got in somehow.
Yeah, actually, could you sort of piss off for a bit?
As my best friend kindly pointed out this morning,
I don't have a girlfriend, all my family are dead
and I mop up puke and pee and shit for five quid an hour.
So, as much as I sympathise,
if we're comparing isolation and disappointment I think I win.
I'm Lucy.
I keep screwing up, Mitchell.
Well, you're in good company.
One bottle of fresh aqua minerale,
and one poulet and a string.
Mr Galvin? Can you hear me?
Yes. Hi.
OK, we're live.
Professor Jaggat has explained what we're about to do.
This is a decompression chamber. Like for deep sea divers.
In a sense. The changes you go through, we believe they're tidal.
Just as the gravitational force of the moon pushes the sea
onto the land, it triggers a transformation in you.
This chamber will be pressurised in such a way it will negate
the natural tidal force of the moon.
So I won't change?
So you won't change.
Where is Professor Jaggat?
Moon up in two minutes.
You hear that, Mr Galvin? In two minutes, nothing will change,
and everything will change.
Are you excited? I guess.
'Thank you for all this. '
I don't know how I can ever thank you enough.
One day, you, the professor and I will sit and take tea together
and gaze up at a full and harmless moon, and that will be our thanks.
That's odd.
What? The bits of Herrick.
They've gone.
Could I hurt you?
No. No, no, no.
I am completely dead.
Anyway, it's going to be fine.
Hey, there's a werewolf called Nina in Buffy!
I've never seen it.
No, well, I stopped watching it once, you know, I started living it!
What does George do? To prepare.
You saw him transform once. What did he do?
# If you go down to the woods... #
'Do you think he gets frightened? Yes. I'm sure he does. Every time. '
# If you go down to the woods today you'll never... #
Nina, what if you're fine?
I'm sorry, I can't.
This, this life is too much for me.
Shall I take my top off?
Oh, yeah. Just in case.
Be a shame to ruin that.
Rocha. John Rocha.
So, um, what do we do?
We just wait.
'20 seconds. '
'Can I have a cup of water?'
'We'd prefer you not to eat or drink till afterwards. '
I feel sick. That happens.
We've already increased the pressure to 20 psi.
What do you mean, "that happens"? You said you'd never done this before.
Well, did it work? Did you cure them?!
'You said you'd never done this before. '
Did you cure them? Mr Galvin,
we'll need you to talk us through any changes, any discomfort,
any overwhelming emotions.
What happened to the other werewolves? Are they human now?
Full moon. We're at 23 psi.
Mr Galvin, we are at full moon.
It's coming!
Come on!
'Mr Galvin. What is happening to you?'
Nothing's happening.
Stop it!
'Let me change! Let me change!'
Oh, oh God!
Stop it!
'Let me change! Let me change!'
Increase the pressure.
Get me out! Get me out!
That was the last Type Three.
We, um, should go. George...
George'll be home soon.
He'll be wondering where I am.
You're very close to the city.
Was that intentional? There's like four houses just over that ridge.
Did you follow me? No need.
You guys are very easy to predict.
Oh, I found this maybe a mile away.
Aw, that's sweet.
You might tear someone's throat out
but God forbid anyone should see your winky.
When are you going to tell him? I'm not. What?!
It shouldn't be too hard.
I mean, he kept it secret from the rest of the world for years.
I just have to keep it secret from one person.
Then I'll tell him. If you do, I'll give you fucking rabies!
I can't know and not...
He's my friend.
He won't care what you are.
You think this is about my vanity?
It will destroy him.
Your "friend". It will destroy him.
I get to choose this.
You don't get a say.
Nobody gets a say.
Oh, don't get dressed yet.
I'm liking the whole caveman thing.
Why are you so keen to drag me over to your side?
I have a "side"? Yes, there are two types of supernatural.
There are those that hate it and those that love it.
And your side are always desperate to make us enjoy this.
To drag us across.
It's like you're trying to infect us twice.
What makes you so convinced you're not already there?
I don't like this.
It happens TO me.
Every day, my life before gets more and more distant,
like it happened to somebody else.
And I hate that.
I'm being robbed.
Yeah, that's all very nice and martyr-y, but there's one problem.
I don't believe you.
You killed Herrick and it's like opening a door
and now you're wondering whether to step through.
When I met Ivan,
he said to me,
"Come, see the world and fuck. "
Sorry, but can you think of a better way to spend your life?
You knew.
Not for sure.
Not till now.
Um, OK!
Well, I'm going to...
When I changed, I lost myself.
I did things...
And George and Annie, they...
They hid.
This is a different life for you now, Nina, but it's a life.
It'd be so easy for you to surrender right now.
You know what I think?
I think this is about your conscience.
You encouraged me and George.
You told him to live a life.
You loaded a gun and you fired it into a crowd.
You OK? What's up? Nothing.
It's all wine and roses, George.
Like she said, it's nothing.
I'm late.
What's going on, Nina?
You hungry?
No, I ate a... I think it was a stag.
Bit too much information, George.
We can add that to the list of things we don't talk about.
Have a shower.
You're covered in blood. It's disgusting.
What was that? What happened there?
You, you think you scare me?
I'm doing my best. But this...
This is not the person I need right now.
You... FUCK YOU!
You think the last few weeks have been easy for me?
The last few years?
No, but you've lived in this world a lot longer than me.
I'm saying it's a lot to deal with... Oh, here we go.
The same bloody conversation, over and over!
So why are you still here?
You can walk away from this any time you want.
I can't go. Oh, come on!
It's not like I wouldn't understand!
It's not like nobody's walked out on me before.
I can't go, George.
Why? I can see it in your eyes.
The disgust. I touch you and you flinch. You literally flinch.
My God, do you know how that feels?
I'm not saying you should find this easy, but do me a favour, Nina,
and take your disdain somewhere else. Because to get that every day,
to see that from someone I love, is just another punishment.
I didn't just find out there's no Santa.
You've wrecked everything.
You didn't mean to, I know, but you've torn everything apart.
You're doing it again!
This is not about YOU!
What are you doing?
Is that perfume?
Don't be ridiculous. My God, it stinks.
You're imagining it, Nina.
Hold on. I've smelt that before.
Last night, when you and Mitchell went for a drink.
Mitchell. Oh, is this about Mitchell?
What? Is there a...
My God, with him?
I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
Well, it makes sense, doesn't it?
I mean, you can't touch me, you won't go near me...
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ!
Now you give me this as well?
Isn't that what you just accused me of? I didn't accuse you of anything.
You both seem very cosy all of a sudden.
Plus I've had Mitchell telling me off for being unsympathetic,
and that explains the reason why you're so reluctant to leave.
Mmm. Yeah. Well, this should put your mind at rest.
That's great, yeah(!) Oh, my God.
All those things you said about how you'd had enough of men like him,
how with me you were finally making the right decision.
Don't you get it? I need you. You can't push me away.
I can't face this on my own. Everything outside is torture.
You gave it to me, George!
In that room.
You pushed me away and you scratched me. You gave me the curse.
But last night...
Was very busy.
I'm a werewolf!
I'm a fucking werewolf!
There's a goldfish on my table.
He's not your original goldfish.
I haven't been holding him hostage.
Um, are you even allowed to put goldfish in jars any more?
Who says you can't? I don't know. The people.
I'm sure there's a thing now that you can't put goldfish in jars.
You made that up. It's very possible.
So what's his name?
Trevor? Hmm-mm.
Hello, Trevor!
And do we have joint custody?
No, he's, um, all yours.
But I might want to visit him from time to time.
OK, that's, that's fine.
I'd like that. I think that will happen.
I've just got out of a, a, a thing with a guy.
I've just got here. It's...
You're right. I'm sorry, that was...
It's cool. These things take time.
And that's one thing I've got.
So soft drinks at the bottom and then lagers at the top.
Lagers at the top.
OK? And aside from that, just make sure that we're stocked up.
Right, well I think the best thing to do
is just let you loose on a customer, see what happens.
Bring him/her on!
Gosh, and he's handsome.
Maybe I should do this one. Oh, no, no, no. I am going to serve his ass.
Yeah. OK. All right.
Hello, sweetheart. The usual?
Er, I've never been here before.
No, you don't look like our usual clientele.
Well, it's like Driving Miss Daisy in here.
Hold on there, squire. All right?
Hi. Um, it's great that you're being so friendly, yeah,
but just keep it simple for now. Right?
Just find out what he wants and make him feel welcome.
OK. Got you. OK? Yeah. All right, yeah.
You're fine. OK.
What would you like? Vodka, soda, no ice.
I'm afraid we don't do cocktails.
I'm... I'm just kidding!
I'm just kidding, no! We are just so thrilled that you're here.
Ooh, whoops!
It got me! Man down!
Anyway, that's nine pounds.
What? Two pounds. Two pounds, two pounds. Eighty. Eighty.
Er... here. Two sixty. Shit, sorry.
It's fine. Yeah? Really. Yeah, it's fine. Don't worry about that.
It's my first day.
Really? Well, you'd never know.
# It's a simple town
# With a lonely sound
# There's demons in the trees
# Come and rescue me
# It's a simple town
# Where the face becomes a veil... #
Hush little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's going to buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird won't sing...
.. Mama's going to buy you a diamond ring.
Now who's following who?
I work here.
You're kidding. Small world.
What are you doing, Daisy?
Just visiting family.
Doesn't she look pretty?
Is she your mum?
She's my daughter.
I met Ivan just after I had her.
She was fine. She had aunts and cousins.
Besides, look at her.
Good innings.
Wedding ring.
I could be a grandmother!
Oh, that makes me feel old.
She's the last thread.
I thought I'd cut it.
Give me the scissors.
It scratches you inside.
Even from the other end of the world.
And you have to stop it.
I called in
to see her at her house.
I thought I'd done the job,
but she's a fighter, like me.
Don't hurt her any more. Let her sleep.
Look at you. Still so moral, so desperate to be human.
Like mooning after a lover that left you years ago.
She had everything.
Become cruel.
It's fun.
She's the last person who needed you.
She wanted...
Ivan just wanted a portable fuck.
I guess that must hurt.
You... you don't know what you're talking about.
It's not her fault.
It's not her fault.
Where are you going? I could tear her throat out!
Go for it. But don't imagine it'll make her go away.
I'll do it. I'm not like you.
I can't be like you!
Not you.
Don't let me have done this to you.
Not you.
Not to you, not to you.
You didn't know, baby.
You didn't know.
Are you having another drink or not? Well, here's the thing.
I'm looking at a property on Oxford Road and... Saul's a property developer.
Yeah, high-end stuff. Corporate lets.
The properties round here are low-hanging fruit, Saul says.
Well, I love it round here. Yeah? Yeah.
Anyway, Duncan who I work with, he drops me off,
and I leave my jacket in his car.
No phone, no wallet, no cash.
Ah. I just need to make a call, get him to pick me up.
Well, there's a payphone on Windsor Terrace. Yeah?
Yeah. Then that's where I'll go. Cheers.
Oh, no, no, no! Why don't you just use the one at my house? Oh, well...
I don't think that's such a good idea. Yeah, he's right. I might murder you.
Oh, God.
Plenty have tried!
No honestly, it's fine.
Customer care is very important to us here at the New Found Out.
Isn't that right, Hugh?
Well, yeah, but... Great.
Shall we? After you. OK.
We all saw that coming.
He must have got held up. Oh, would you like a cup of tea?
You are an angel, I swear to God.
Thank you.
Hey, I'm a friend of Annie's.
I thought you two were working? Finished early. Went drinking.
Ah, are you both drunk? Er, no! A bit.
Why's there a really handsome man in the living room?
That's Saul, a customer from the pub.
You think he's handsome?
Hey. All right? I'm with Annie.
Who's the guy? Saul. A customer from the pub.
You're already bringing work home? Nina thinks he's handsome.
Annie will back me up on this.
God, yeah.
Nah, he's not handsome.
Ah, thank you. Why does this always happen when you tell a man another man is handsome?
It is possible for two men to be handsome.
Three men.
Although he is really handsome.
Look, can we talk about something else? I'm a werewolf.
I guess he's fairly handsome.
Yes, well, let's hope he's deaf as well. Nina.
I don't know what happens now.
I don't know how I feel about this,
or any of you or what you expect of me
or how you think I should react.
Well, no-one helped us.
Annie was here for a year before we moved in.
George was alone for six months before I met him.
And until then I had no-one in the world.
It's going to be different for you.
Whatever happens next, there's four of us now.
Hey. Avon and Somerset Energy.
We've had reports of a gas leak, so we're checking all the households.
Right, erm... do you need to come in?
Actually, we need to move everyone out, till it's safe.
You're kidding? What's going on? Gas leak.
Everyone's got to leave their houses.
Where have they all gone? Just around the corner.
Should only take about ten minutes, but we need to keep the street clear.
You know, I bet those people are going to be really thirsty.
What's going on?
# Time and space stretch out before you
# And the universe implores you... #
I've made teas and coffee, so I don't know if you're interested...
Do you want to get tea or coffee?
But there's no biscuits or anything, so don't freak out. Hi. Tea? Coffee?
There's sugar if you want some. Thank you. That's all right.
There's tea, coffee over there. Hi. Tea? Coffee?
Thanks very much. It's all right. And there's sugar there if you'd like some.
I'm sorry about all that trouble a few weeks ago.
All the people shouting at you
because they thought you were touching that kiddie.
Oh, come on. That's water under the bridge.
Yeah, and there's sugar there if you'd like some.
Thank you. Lovely.
Tea in a crisis, that's what I say. Is it Earl Grey? PG tips.
My God.
# You are part of everything
# You are part of everything. #
Come on.
Who did you talk to? Sir? Which of the three?
Yeah, all of them. Yeah, they seemed nice.
We're clear upstairs.
Bring in our guest. Come on. Come on.
I have to be back by four.
You said this could help me? Because I'm up for parole at the end of the year.
God's work is its own reward.
Oh, yeah, no, it totally is, but Professor Jaggat said,
because I'm helping you, then...
We can talk about that later.
Is there anybody in this house that we can't see?
No. There are no presences, spirits
or unquiet souls in this house?
There was something.
There's been a lot of activity, a lot of...
And it's left a kind of...
What do you call it? Residue. Yeah.
But it's not here now.
It's funny, you see these things on TV.
I didn't think they actually worked.
They don't.
But you didn't know that.
"Then the king commanded, and they brought forth Daniel,
"and they cast him into the den of lions. "
"Now the king spoke
"and said unto Daniel... "
".. 'Thy God whom thou serveth continually... '"
"'.. he will deliver thee. '"
You've gone native.
The three of you.
Beasts should be put in cages.
Long live the king! Long live the king!