Beecham House (2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

The Emperor has postponed John's trading license, at the request of the General. John has a gold statue commissioned for the Empress, in hope that this will speed up the license. Sam ...

You have any idea how hard it was
to discover the brother I admired

had disappeared without so much as a word?

Lieutenant Beecham has
been seen in Kannauj

communicating with Company forces.

You've gone beyond the duty of a friend.

I owe you my life.

I am finally able to
afford my passage home.

Please do not leave.

You have done nothing but disturb
this house since your arrival.

You have to tell me the truth
about this woman. Who is she?

Chandrika is August's aunt.


This is superb!

I could never have
imagined anything like it.

And entertaining too.

Pull this carefully.



This is craftsmanship at its most superb.

A labour of love, not yet
complete. Not for sale.

Sir, your creation will grace
the halls of a royal palace.

A gentleman of taste.

When could it be completed by?

I am bound to present it
to the Emperor in a week.

In a week?!

You ask for miracles.

Perhaps we're asking too much of the man.

It is of the utmost urgency.

I will toil night and day
if it is your pleasure.

Thank you.

Gopal will accompany it by ship.

But for now, we will take our leave.

- Gopal.
- Yes, sahib.

It of the utmost importance

that you deliver this
gift back to Delhi on time.

Our future depends on it.

I trust you more than any man
to deliver it safely back.

It is but a day's journey.

I will stay here and
guard the statue myself.

Do not worry, sahib. Safe journey.

You too, my friend.

Samuel, I'm hopeful that
we have finally found a gift

that will please even
the most exacting taste.


Oh, good Lord, this is most unsavoury.

One can sense diseases forming.


Mool Chand,

Mrs Beecham-sahibah would like
to inspect your ingredients.

English only from now on, Moonch...

Now, how can we turn this
primitive Indian produce

into proper English food?

I have prepared for you...

English stew.


What in God's name is that?


Have I been drinking
buffalos' milk, not cows'?

Yes, that is our custom.

That is why my hair is so much coarser.

Welcome back, sir.

Staff are happy to see
you and Captain Parker.

Thank you, Baadal. Now please take
this to the nursery for baby August.


Your journey, sahib. Was it successful?

Yes, I believe so.

Er... Baadal, erm...

tell me, has...

has Miss Osborne been to visit?

Oh, no, sahib, she has not.



I shall miss you when
you return to England.

I am deeply fond of you, my dear.

You know that.

But you will marry one day and
then you will have no use for me.

I'm too young to marry...

but you are not.

I'm certain Mr Beecham would marry
you if you gave him a chance.

Marriage is not something
that should be left to chance.

To build a life together, one must
trust their partner completely.

Mr Beecham is a mystery.

But come. We must not
keep the Empress waiting.

It's very kind of the Empress
to invite me to her palace.

Don't be fooled.

She seeks your influence to persuade
me to marry a prince of her choice.

Roshanara, you are more
beautiful each time I see you.

Do not shrink from marriage.

Beauty is fickle.

It lingers but a short
while before moving on.

Your Majesty's beauty
increases with the years.

But my cousin's foreign ideas
have made you headstrong.

I hope the Englishwoman will teach you

the importance of having
a less forceful nature.

How is it, Miss Osborne,
that you are not married?

I have hope that the
future may bring fortune.

Begum Samru tells me you have two suitors.

Do not wait too long to choose.

There's no sadder sight
than ripe fruit left to rot.

Now, to important matters.

I have a prince in mind
for you, Roshanara.

I will make arrangements
for him to meet your father.

He's a good prospect for a royal niece.

As his host, Vijay Singh will escort him.

Salaams to my gracious mother.

And to you, Your Highness Begum Samru.

May you live long, Jalal Zaman.

My cousin, Prince Jalal Zaman.

Roshanara says you're a scholar.

I am honoured.

You're English, not French.

I wish to learn more of your language.

When the British try
to conquer our kingdom,

I want to know how my enemy thinks.

She must teach the Prince.


You must delay your return to England.

It is treason to disobey a royal command.

Miss Osborne will be
honoured to serve the prince.


When we get rid of...

.. this native costume,

and put him in a proper suit,

he would look not only
very, very handsome,

but very English, I think.

When we get you to England,

you can go to Sunday school
and learn about Jesus.

A proper little gentleman.

A proper little gentleman.


It is time for Agastya's
first taste of solid food.

First taste?

Annaprashana. It is an ancient custom.

Then we must honour it.

I received your request, Captain.

Has Lieutenant Beecham sent you
to discuss a matter on his behalf?

A trade licence, perhaps?

Beecham is not aware of this visit.

What is it you wish to speak to me about?

Your trip to meet the Company in Kannauj?

I'm impressed with your knowledge.

But this is a more urgent matter.

A shipment is due to arrive
imminently, which contains a gift.

For the Empress.

Captain Parker, why would you
conspire with a "French devil"

to betray your friend?

That is not your concern.

If something were to prevent Beecham
from obtaining his licence...

.. he'd have no choice
but to return to England.

You want Beecham out of Delhi.

I want him in England.

Mrs Beecham, are you unwell?

My-my nerves are on edge, Violet.

You must help me, my dear.

- I shall call for a doctor.
- No, no.

My... elixir is finished.

I need you to get me more.

I cannot survive without it.

I will, ma'am.

But I should like you
to do something for me.

Well, of course. Anything at all, dear.

You did not know what
John's circumstances were

when you brought me here.

But I want a future where
I am not a spinster.

You must do more.

Well, I am trying.

We could not imagine that I
would be competing with a baby...

and Miss Osborne.

It is most unfortunate. I
wish there was more I could do.

Then you must contrive
to gain me his affections,

and in return, I will procure your opium.

Well, I will do everything in
my power to help you and John.

And an even more beautiful girl.


- Shameless! In front of everyone!
- What have you got there?

I think he likes your necklace.


The baby should go inside.

He wants to stay here. Don't
you, my little prince?

Chanchal! Where have you been?
It's August's feeding time.

We both have a duty to
this baby, Chanchal-bhai.

We are here to make
sure he is safe and well,

not to use him for our own purposes.

This place is as crowded as a bazaar.

In truth, a bazaar might be
a more private place to meet.

Good morning.

Good morning, son.

Oh, Violet was just telling me

her father's shipping company is thriving.

You should consult him for your business.

Very subtle, Mother.

He has many clever strategies

to enjoy the smoothest possible
voyages to and from India.

Excellent. Well, I shall write to him

and tell him what a...
gracious daughter he has.

Ladies. John, ready when you
are to leave for the docks.

Thank you, Samuel.

Daniel, I saw you this
morning in the garden,

dallying with the maid who minds August.

It is not kind to trifle with the
affections of young servant women.

Is there nothing that
escapes your gaze, Mother?

Daniel, the relationship
with servants in this house

is kind but formal.

It is disrespectful to
become too friendly with them.

You are in no position to
advise me on how to behave.

You should find a suitable scheme
to engage yourself in, Daniel.

- Idle hands are the devil's workshop.
- Mother is right.

I will not outstay my welcome, brother.

I'm only here till my wound heals.

No sign of Gopal.

It's hard to see in this crowd.

Perhaps he's still on board.

That's the last of the cargo.

I'm looking for my man, Gopal.

Just a moment.

- What name?
- Gopal.

Gopal is not on my list, sir.

Well, he was delivering a package
for me. Please check again.

Too many storms, sahib. Maybe next boat.

When is the next boat?

Let's go and check those boxes.

Gopal wrote to tell me that
he would be on that boat.

Something's wrong.

Thank you so much for taking
me to the bazaar, Baadal.

I know the best merchant for
August's ceremonial dress.

Ah, Baadal-bhai. It's been a long time.

Are you so comfortable
with your English master,

you forget us humble people, eh?

It is not like that, brother. I
have been busy, but life is good.

You are famous in this city, Baadal.

- Show me your finest fabric.
- Yeah.

This one.

And that.

Baadal, Chandrika Bhaisa
will tell the tailor at home

how to make this up.

But the rice-tasting is
such an important ceremony,

you should choose the headwear for August.

OK. Maybe show me that one.

It's beautiful. Any more like...

That. That also.

You escaped.

Not quite.


Alone at last.

Whatever would your family say?

It is my life, and I want
to make the most of it.

That is the beautiful sound of the sarod.

I learned to love it when I...

.. where I lived before.

If you love it... I'll
learn to play it for you.



Captain, can anybody
have boarded this ship

before it docked in the morning?

There are very strict rules.

No vessel stops till it reaches the docks.

There must be some record of
thefts on board these ships.

Every shipment that comes on and off
of each vessel is rigorously logged.

- May I see them?
- No! That is official property.

John, maybe we should reconvene.

Who is your superior?

I answer to the harbourmaster.

And who does he answer to?

General Castillon, who
answers to the Emperor.

Gopal knows how important
this shipment was.

Something untoward has
happened, I am sure of it.


Move back. Back. Hold them. Hold them.

Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me.


Where is Chanchal?

She's coming.

She's missing Agastya's special day.



Oh, dear.

John. The father has to feed him.


He looked quite dashing until
she put that smear on his face.

I shall ask her to remove it.

I beg you, Mrs Beecham, since John
has said we are to settle here,

we must respect local customs.

We must ensure he understands
the Christian way.

It is to avert the evil eye.

This seems to be nothing but superstition.

These objects will determine the
sort of person Agastya will become.

If he chooses the book,
he will be learned.

The pen, he'll be full of wisdom.

The pitcher, property.

And the jewels, full of riches.

Agastya will be surrounded
by loving friends and family.

A wonderful future to look forward to.

She can tell all that from a banana?

Such a blessing. Such a blessing.



We cannot bring back Gopal...

.. but your family will want for nothing.

Gopal Bhaiyya's soul will be in
torment because he has failed you.

He did not fail me.

It is I who failed him.

I will not rest until I've
uncovered who is responsible.

I have a question for you, General.

You wish to question me?

What can you tell me about
my consignment at the docks?

What exactly do you
accuse me of, Lieutenant?

Accuse, no.

I merely seek information
regarding my property.

And who told you about it?

What Lieutenant Beecham means is...

Here is my question.

By what authority do you receive
a consignment without a licence?

You are in possession, General, of a
gift that was not intended for you.

And I will have it back.

Be warned.

Unlike colonies, accusations
cannot be taken back.

Lieutenant Beecham, Captain Parker.

I do not know what game the
two of you are engaged in.

If you value your lives,

I suggest you hold your
tongues and leave this palace.

Your shipment is lost.

And you have lost.

I advise you to leave Delhi
whilst you're still able.

When my shipment was stolen...

.. my friend's life was taken from him.

His death will not be forgotten.

My return to England has been delayed.


John, whatever is the matter?

A man...

A friend...

sacrificed his life for me today.

Oh, John, I'm so sorry.

I asked him to accompany a shipment,

something I had crafted for
the Empress's birthday.

He was attacked... and
the shipment was stolen.

Who would do such a thing?

I have reason to believe that
General Castillon is behind it.

But I know the general.

Surely he is not capable
of murdering an innocent.

He knows that my future here is
tied to the success of that gift.

Without it, my hopes for a
life here in Delhi are dashed.

I must find out where he's hidden it.

I have to go to the palace
tomorrow to tutor Prince Jalal.

Let me speak to Castillon.

I very much doubt Castillon
would admit to anything.

But I am grateful for your help.

I have little time.



Good God. Miss Woodhouse.

Violet, what happened?

A carriage brought her. She was
attacked in the medical quarter.

Why was she there alone?

I could not stand to see
Mrs Beecham suffer so.

She, she must have gone to
get medicine for my headaches

whilst I was sleeping.

Miss Woodhouse. It was foolhardy
of you to put yourself in danger.

Baadal, call the hakim.



I cannot believe that I
will never see Gopal again.

Life can be over at any moment.

I do not want my life
to be one of regrets.

Mine has been nothing but.

And John Beecham's face!

General Castillon.

Vous pouvez y aller.

Hello, Miss Osborne. What
a delightful surprise.

Miss Osborne, you are governess to
Murad Beg's daughter, are you not?

Roshanara. Yes, I am.

The Empress has asked me
to introduce Prince Sohrab

as a marriage prospect to your ward.

Have you taken my advice

against pursuing a friendship
with Lieutenant Beecham?

Since you shared your concerns with
me, I have been most wary of him.

Dear Benoit, is there something
more I should be warned of?

I am glad you have been
able to resist his charms,

and since he has lost his shipment,
without a gift for the Empress,

I doubt he will remain
in Delhi for much longer.

What shipment?

Put him out of your mind, Miss Osbourne,

and leave the matter to Vijay Singh.

Beecham will soon be gone, and
will never bother you or I again.

Perhaps you are right, General.

If you will excuse me, I
must attend to Prince Jalal.

The Empress' birthday is almost upon us.

We must find another gift.

But what?

I do not know.

But we cannot give up.

I'll ride east, you look west,

and we'll search every workshop and
import establishment within reach.


Oh. Oh, my dear Violet,

I have passed the night
in the throes of guilt.

Had I known the risks...

Hush now, Mrs Beecham,
do not upset yourself.

I should not like to be attacked again,

but I was most appreciative
of John's concern.

When he lifted me in his arms,
well, I was all but right as rain!

I have come to ask after
my favourite ladies.

Violet, I intend to teach your
attacker a lesson he shall remember.

I am quite recovered from the incident.

I am curious as to why you
came to be in such a place.

I longed to be free for
a moment, to explore.

And what was it you wanted
to explore, exactly?

I... I wanted...

I needed an antidote for Mrs Beecham's...

Do not hector her so, Daniel.


Miss Osborne.

What an unexpected pleasure.

I must speak to you.

So, Vijay Singh is involved?

He and Castillon share a close bond.

I witnessed them rejoicing
in your departure from India.

They are responsible for
your missing shipment,

I am certain of it.

I understand that Vijay Singh
does not live at the palace.

His house is along the
river, near the port.

Perhaps they could have
hidden the gift there.

You have certainly been busy, Margaret.


And what is more, this Friday,
while his servants are at prayers,

Vijay Singh will be at Murad Beg's house,

introducing a prospective
husband to Roshanara.

Roshanara, it is nearly time
for Vijay Singh's arrival.

You must make haste.

You know my answer already.
I'm in no hurry to marry.

We've made an agreement,
my dear. You must honour it.

You know how angry the Empress will be

if she discovers her
efforts were not respected.


You search upstairs.

We must hurry, sahib. We do not have
much time before the prayers finish.

Welcome to my home.

It is my honour to introduce
Prince Sohrab of Alanur.


Now. What do you desire in a bride?

As Crown Prince of Alanur,

I accept the choice of
my father's council.

But it is not the State Council
who my daughter will marry.

John, I found him upstairs.

I have only one child.

I look forward to entrusting her
to the care of a husband one day.

But first, I will ensure
he matches her intelligence

and values her talents.

It is important my daughter
is seen as an equal,

even if she marries a prince.


What do you think you're doing?

What is the meaning of this?

Huh? Who are you?

What is this?

That was for Gopal.

From Lucknow.


It's not much...

but it is all I could find in the time.

What are you going to wear
this evening, my friend?

Do you think my gift
will satisfy the Empress?


But I have one that will.

What is it?

A gold automaton.

Where in the name of God did you find it?

Steady on, Captain.

If I didn't know better, I'd think
you were afraid of something.


Greatly relieved. The consequences
of losing the Empress' gift

would have been disastrous
for all our futures.

It's... It's a miracle, John.
How on earth did you find it?

You'll have to ask Miss Osborne.

By order of the Emperor, Shah Alam II,

let John Beecham present his offering.

Begum Samru tells me you
know this man John Beecham?

I do, Your Highness.

And what do you make of him?

I think he is a good man.

I believe the Empress approves.

Miss Osbourne.

I should like an introduction
to the man with exquisite taste.

John Beecham, may I present
Her Highness Begum Samru.

Your Highness requires no introduction.

I am told that the army you
rule is most formidable.

Every woman must have an army

to guard her against
profiteers and deceivers.

I can assure you that I am neither.

I hope that you will see
for yourself in time.

I certainly hope I do.

You have a powerful protector in her.

Do you think that she might permit me

to whisk you away from these ceremonies?



This is scandalous! I trust
I have not offended anyone.

I hope I have not pressed you
into acting against your rules.

Well, my instinct serves me
better than rules and conventions,

or I should not be in this country at all.

My future here is now assured.

I could not have done it without you.

Well, it would be untruthful to
say I did it all for you, John.

What do you mean?

I did not want to lose a good neighbour.

Ah! So your motives
were selfish after all.

A neighbour who has brought
new light into my life.

Do you think we may have misjudged him?

His present was most impressive.

Perhaps more extravagant than a mere
Englishman with no trade businesses.

I wonder how he could afford such a gift.

I am ready to give myself to you...

.. if you are willing
to give yourself to me.

I have longed for you since the
moment my eyes set upon you.

Stop it.