Bedlam (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Reunion - full transcript

After a shock appearance from an unexpected visitor, Max and Ellie embark on a twisted and terrifying path.

You know when you saw your dad...
I knew he was a revenant.

Were you scared? I knew he was trying
to tell me something.

And I never understood what it was.

These people hurt you, didn't they?

Tell me what they did, Eve.

Joseph Bell's badge of membership,
so he knew who he could trust.

He knew who was in on the abuse.

Ellie's got that same B
on her shoulder.

Argh! Why say something like that?!

Joseph took a child, a baby.

He must have kept the baby
until she was a girl.

That's why I keep seeing Eve.
That's why she's so scared of him.



I know who Eve is.







I just saw my dad.

I just saw my dad in my room.

Where are you going?

Yeah, I was...

I was gonna knock on your door
but I didn't want to disturb you.

How do you think sneaking out
wouldn't disturb me?

At least you don't have to write
something witty in the leaving card.

I spoke to my friend Laura. I can
stay with her until I find something.

Is this about the abortion?

Max, I just want
to get on with my life.

Eve was trying to tell me who I am
and now I know.

You don't know why it happened.
Or why Joseph kept you hidden.

No. I know enough.

Good for you.

My dad, who's been dead for 15
years, was just sitting on my bed.

You have to tell me what he wants.

I don't know why
I'm doing this, Max.

That wasn't there before.

Look at that.

I lost this. This is unreal.

Is that your dad?

He left this for me, and before...

he left this.

He was wearing this
when he was killed.

The hospital gave it to me.
I never look at this.

Not any more.

I know I told you I saw him
right after he died.

He was sat on my bed exactly
the way he was just now.

I mean...

Is he here now?



Max... Even if you can't see him,
it might spark off something.

I know.

Listen, I think that... maybe you
wanted this to happen a bit too much.

Your dad was never in the asylum.

But then you thought you'd never
been here - Sorry. I can't help you.

I don't want to get your hopes up.
It's a bit late for that.

I've been wanting this every day
since I was eight years old.

I hardly have any pictures
of the two of us.

I think this is the only one.

I'm glad you've found it again.
I didn't just find it, did I?

I'm just saying. It's a precious
picture. Maybe that's all it is.

Ellie, there was no reason
for this to turn up like that.

Look, I don't want to put
any pressure on you.

Just... hold it in your hands.
I mean... See what happens.

Don't be afraid of letting me down.

I can hold the end if it helps.

Not really.



Are you sure?

Let's try something else, yeah?

Where have you been?

He had a blackout.
He didn't know I was there.

'He just... He just got up
and started walking.'

There's these tunnels
under the building.

I followed him and...

I think I saw Kate.

Has someone hurt her?
I don't know if it was her body.

It just looked like her.

You saw a body?
You've got to call the police.

I need to be sure about what I saw.

What happened to your dad?

You're probably going to find out
in a new seconds.

Max, I'm sorry. Nothing.
Give it a try.

I don't want to see any more ghosts
or have more visions!

Is that why you're running away?

I just found out I spent the first
years of my life in a cage

by some twisted sadist!

Wouldn't you want to run?

Max, I can't. I'm sorry.

OK. You got what you wanted.

I am happy for you.


I'll just get the rest of my stuff.


You still shouldn't go.

I'm not asking you to stay for me.
You owe it to yourself.

You wanted answers and you won't be
satisfied until know everything.

It's just the way you are.
I am satisfied.

You're braver than that.
Am I? Yeah.

I spent six months seeing ghosts
before I did anything about it.

And you gave up your life
to come here.

I was suspended from my job.
Even so, you still chose to be here.

It didn't feel like a choice.
Neither does this.

I don't think you've thought this
through. Thanks for your concern.

And when there's no one to talk to
about anything that matters?

Great pep talk, Max.

She's dead.

It's all my fault.

What happened?


Why did you go to that place?

I saw you.
I dunno.

I had a blackout.

You knew she was there.

Did you put her there?

Warren, did you kill her?

Of course not.
I'd never harm my own daughter.

You just said, "It was my fault."

Why? Why was it your fault?

Warren, I told you the truth about
me. It was Joseph! Who's Joseph?

Joseph Bell. He worked here.
In the hospital?

He was an evil, evil man.

Warren, that was 20-odd years ago.

He made people think he could
communicate with the dead.

And he used it to terrorise them.

Not just the inmates.

He's come back for revenge.
Revenge for what?

You wouldn't understand. He did
some terrible, terrible things.

So why didn't you stop him?
When I found out, I did stop him.

But it was too late.

Too late for what?

And this is definitely him?
It must be.

I thought he was dead.

So how could it be him?
How do you know?

Cos this is what he does!

Warren, this doesn't make sense.

He kills girls.

You're not leaving?


Well, it was only supposed
to be temporary.

Has Warren said something
to upset you?

Like what?

Has he spoken to you?
What exactly are you getting at?

If he has...

It was me who told him you've got
the same symbol he has on his arm.

Sorry? I apologise
if I spoke out of turn.

I didn't think it was a big deal
but the way he reacted was weird.

What did he say about me?
It was the way he reacted.

What did he say about me?


I don't believe you.

You know what,
I want to hear it for myself.


Are you OK?
Warren's got that brand like I have.

He's part of that secret circle.
And you know this how?

He's been talking to Keira about me.
He knows something.

I must be in a file here somewhere.


What were you expecting to find,

I don't know. Notes about myself,
a photograph, something.

But why would he keep evidence? It
was all about covering up, secrecy.

But Warren might not have known
about you.

Keira said he acted weird
when she mentioned me.

Warren and weird go hand in hand.

She wouldn't have mentioned me
unless she was freaked out.

He was angry because she stumbled
across something

that he thought nobody would ever
find out about, except his mates.

His mates?
The ones with the B symbol.

They were all in it,
terrorising patients

and keeping each others' secrets.

Right. So this symbol is for abusers
to identify each other, yeah?

Why have you got it? Maybe they
liked to mark their own property.

I don't know.

What are you doing, Max?

Oh, my God.

If this is my dad...

why is he trying to scare the hell
out of me?

Is that what I think it is? I think
it's my father's ashes, yeah.



I don't want to push you here
but is he with us?

I mean, now, can you see him?

But you had a vision, yeah?

What... What was it? The accident?

Was it Eve?

But you saw my dad?
No, Max, I didn't see anyone.

You saw something, Ellie. What
was it? I don't know! You do know!

A place.
OK. A place.

That narrows it down a bit.
Where was it?

I don't know. Like a passageway,
like a dark place with a...

A pillar like a...
I don't know. Like a sundial.

OK, where was it?
I don't know, Max.

Ellie, please. We're going
to run in circles. Just...

Just try to remember.

Outside in the grounds.

What are you doing?
Getting stuff.

We've never needed stuff before.

We've never been looking for my dad

You coming?

I-I can't.

I don't think I can do this, Max.

Why? You need to go on your own.

If your dad wants to get through
to you, then he will.

I'm sorry, but this is
nothing to do with me.

How can you say that? Why hasn't he
showed himself to you again?

He knows you're waiting. He knows
I've got someone who can help me.

Maybe that's why he came today.

Cos he knows I'm gonna lose you.

I think we might be close.

Max, this is it. That's the sundial
that I saw in my vision.

I could see it in the distance.

What do you mean?
Where did you see it from?

I dunno.

It felt like it was from here.

You alright?

It's Eve.

She's here now. She's standing
right in front of us.

Why is she here? I thought
she did what she came for.

Eve, I know who I am.
I know I'm you.

I don't know.
Maybe she wants something.

What is it you want, Eve?
We've got to keep moving.

I know you want to find your dad
but this isn't just about him.

Eve, if you want something,
I can try to help you.

But you can't keep following me
around for the rest of my life.


There's a door.

In your vision you came out of the
darkness into the light? Yeah.

Max, try the key.


You ready?


You found him?



Oh... Um...


What happened to her?

He said...

He told me there was someone called
Joseph who used to work in the asylum

He says he's come back.

And he's saying
this man killed Kate?

Warren says he's after revenge.

Revenge? What for?

I don't know.

He knows it's revenge
but he doesn't know why.

That's what he's saying.

And what are you saying?

Cos I know what I'm saying.

You can't seriously believe him?
I don't know.

Just because he's fed you
some bullshit story.

He's lost his mind and...
and killed her.

And you called the police?
No, not yet.

Why not?

No, don't you go all weird on me
as well.

Wait for what?

She wasn't just the boss's daughter.

I... I've known her
since she was a little girl.

She's been murdered.

I'm sorry.

I'll do it.


I'll call them now.

Will you stop doing that?
What am I doing? Looking at me.

How can you tell?
I can just feel it.


I just wondered whether you -
I know you are.

No, nothing.


Can you hear that?

Whoa! Shit!

Be careful, Ellie.

I saw this in my vision.
Yeah? Follow me.

I can't hear it any more.

It doesn't make sense. Your dad
had no connections to the asylum.

I don't know that for sure.

He'd hardly have told me if he had,
right? We know he didn't die here.


The visions only show
how people died.

I know he's here, Ellie.
I can just feel it, you know.



I know you're here, Dad.








Dad? Dad, it's me. It's Max.

Hello, Max.

It's really... It's you.

I've been waiting for you. I've been
waiting since I was little.

You came and sat on my bed...

I'm sorry I've been away for so long.

I knew you'd come back.

Everyone thought I was crazy

but I knew you wanted to be with me.

Of course.

I love you.

Love you too, Dad.


She's mine.


No, Daddy. No, Daddy!

You haven't called the police,
have you?

I've just found out...
my friend is dead.

I need you to not be like this.

She looked up to him.

She wanted to be like him.

How can you think he deserves
protecting because he's your boss?


OK, maybe you think he can't be
capable of something like that.

Well, this... This is what he did
to me yesterday.

Look at it!

What other evidence
do you need, Dan?

Why are you so convinced
he didn't do it?

He's my dad.

- What?
- Dan!


Ellie's in danger. She's in
the tunnels. Joseph's got her.

I need to find Warren.
I've looked everywhere.

Why do you need Warren? He knows
the layout of the building.

I'll help you look. OK?

Still think he's innocent?






Please, Warren, don't.

Whoever your stepfather is,
he's a better man than I am.

That's not true.

You want to know
who your real dad is?

A lifelong coward.

He thought he could suddenly
come back, make a brave new start.

My daughter paid the price.

You've got me.

A few weeks ago
I'd have pushed you over myself.

I hated you for not knowing about me.

Warren... I want to be in your life.
You owe me that.

This place has changed me.

I'm no good to you.

Ellie's in danger.

No, she is. You have to come.

I've called the police.
Have you tried his mobile?

Answerphone. His car's still here.

Warren, no!
Oh, God! Go, go, go!

We can't find her!
She's down in the tunnels!


Why the hell didn't you say?

I'm coming with you.
You are not to follow me.

You're gonna need me. No! I've
already lost one child to that man.

I'm not going to lose you too.

Oh, your heart's racing,
I can feel it.

Be calm.

How do I keep seeing you?

Killing me just made me
more powerful.

You can do what I can do.

Just like your brother Jed.

My brother?

The living, the dead.

For the likes of us,
there's no barrier.

Please, just let me go. Please.

I never doubted that
you'd come back, not for a minute.

Why did you take me
when my mother died?

What else was a father to do?

You're my father?

I fed you, sang to you.

Some nights you slept on my chest.

That newborn smell.


Mmm, it's still there underneath.

But you're not my father.
Now I am.

You're my flesh.

What could I do? Huh?

Let you grow up
with no one to love you?

There's no need to worry.
All that's behind you now.

Keira, Dan's on the roof. Go to him.
He needs you.

Just go.

Show me where you saw Ellie.
I know who she really is.

I know what this is about.
We've got to stop Joseph.

Which is the quickest way down?

I saw him. I saw Joseph.
He tried to kill me.

He put a plastic bag over my head.

How come he's...
I mean, look, he's dead, yeah?

He didn't look like a ghost
or behave like one!

When you've seen what he can do,
then you'll know what he is. Come on

Are you OK?
He really wanted to help Ellie.

What does that prove? He feels so
bad for bringing Kate to live here.

I should say his guilt is needed.

An employee from 20 years ago
tried to suffocate me.

I thought you might be a bit
surprised! He's done worse. Nice.

Why did he attack me, though?

To get me out of the way so he could
get to Ellie? It doesn't make sense.


You know about her, don't you?

You know what happened to her
when she was a baby.

Why did they bring her down here,
Warren? I didn't know it was her.

It was a long time ago.

See, I think you do know.
I would have believed you before.

I don't care what you believe.
Did you ever care about her?

Or did you just stand by and watch
as Joseph took her from her mother?

Did you know who she was when she
got here? You wanna save her or not?

I worked hard to get this place
just the way you liked it, Eve.

Stop calling me Eve. My name's Ellie.
I named you Eve.

I'm Ellie.
I made you.

I'd had a hard life before
you brought comfort to it.

I never meant to.

Hey, I know what to do.

Let's swap memories.

Good girl.


Joseph, for God's sake, let her go.

You knew and you let him
do this to me!

No, Ellie, I didn't.
I didn't know you were Eve.

Warren, awful to hear about Kate.

I'm gonna kill you.
Properly this time.

You took Eve. Remember the rule
that kept the scum in check?

An eye for an eye...

You didn't need an excuse.
I know about Zoe.

All the other girls who disappeared.

Losing Eve left a hole in my life.

And it turned out
no one could take her place.

Don't you dare put that down to me!

You were at it years before she was
born. Get that knife away from her.

Put it down now.
Your dad died after 43 minutes,

the steering column
through his pancreas,

begging for you, your mum
and for death.

In that order.

Is that really what you wanted
all these years?

Ellie! Get out! Now!

Ellie, come on!

This is the end, Joseph.

You OK?

Don't be afraid.
I've come to get you out of here.

What was he, Ellie?
A ghost? Human?

'I don't know.'

I killed you. How did you come back?

Warren saved me
when I was a little girl.

He rescued me from Joseph.

So he wasn't one of them?

Warren Bettany?
I'm Dan. I'm his son.

I've seen him. He's in the basement
through the door in the outhouse. Go

I knew Joseph was my dad
before he told me.

I could just see it in my vision.

Pure evil.

That's what I came from.

It's OK.

It's OK, yeah?

Is this him?

Can you confirm
this is Warren Bettany?


I'm sorry about your dad.

He was spot on.

I just wanted it too much.

Well, don't give up hope.

He'll come. How's that gonna happen
without you around?

Just trust your instincts.
You'll know when it's real.

Oh, my God, it's Warren.

Not Joseph.

I found a suicide note on him.

He's left all this to me.

Why would Warren commit suicide?

He didn't. Joseph did this.

He's still out there.

I'm the only one who can stop him.

I'm gonna make him wish
he never had a daughter.

Are you staying?

You coming?