Bedlam (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Jude - full transcript

A new resident moves in whose young brother has a grudge to bear. He chants the last rites and possesses some strange powers making him no ordinary child.

What we're dealing with
is dangerous.

I've had it for as long as
I can remember.

I keep seeing it, the same symbol.

I've seen this in the building,
it must you're connected to it.

I'm gonna email this blogger

and pretend I'm a ghost freak called
Silverbullet. He'll lap it up.

This is my life you're putting on
the internet for any weirdo to read.

You don't understand
what we're dealing with.

Something to show you.

Good work. Don't think
we've seen the last of him.

I'm gonna find out who he is.

Are you OK?
'Something not right in my head.'

They were there.
What were?

I'm losing my mind.

Kate's gone. But I'm here now.

You got your eye on someone?
What if she says no?

Will you take me to bed?

We should do this more often.

I shouldn't have done it,

it's not the same as
what happened with me and you.

No chance.

I keep seeing her,
she's not like one of your revenants

but she's not real either.

I think she wants to tell me
what she knows.

Well, you're probably due an upgrade.

No need to thank me.

He doesn't talk.
Jude, I said don't run off.

Can I help you with that?
Yeah, got your hands full?

Moving in the day
the lift breaks down. Good plan.

You should kick off.

I did, the guy at the office
thought the walk would do me good.

Dan, my flatmate. Massive arsehole.




Have you forgotten about
our hot date?


You were gonna help me
find the star, remember?

Well, I'm needed here.

You think just anyone
can pour nuts into a bowl?

You don't know where to start,
do you?

If you hadn't closed down by blog,
my only point of contact...

The old man I keep seeing
in my visions,

I think he used to work
in the hospital days.

I know he's done
something awful to Eve.

Really nice when you call in
to talk about child murder.

I found something.

This guy, local historical society,
reckons he's got old-style photos.

He's sending them through.

Thanks, Max.

Why do you put up with me?

I don't know.

If you find out, please let me know.

Right, can't all live
on the sick pay.

> Jude.

I've asked you nicely now.


Are you OK?
Who's that boy?

Scott and Jude,
they just moved in.

He doesn't talk.


Can I get the bill, Max?

What did you see?

A boy. I don't know.


I'll talk to you later.
Actually, I'm gonna go.

I don't feel great.

Come on, we're leaving.

I knew moving him in with me
was a bad idea.

So how come you...
My mum died.

I'm sorry.

It's no worries.


This is just getting silly now,
isn't it?

You tell me.

I can't keep doing this every day
so let's forget about what happened.

You think I don't see
what's going on?

You and him.


That night we had, was that about
screwing with his head or mine?

Thank you for reminding me
why I think you're such a prick.

I can't forget about it.

Ellie, come on.

There's no way you're shutting
me out cos I went with some girl.

Really, you don't want to
get mixed up with me.

It's after six.

I have to finish this.

Keira. Not here.

You are nothing but trouble.


Sorry, he's in a meeting.

I thought you and her dad
were supposed to be friends.

It's funny though cos Kate goes
and suddenly she's all over you.

I wonder why.

You are that far away from a slap.
I know what she's like.

She's getting her claws into you
for your money.

The money you built for your family.

I know you want a bit of fun
but why her?

That's not what it is.

- She's good for me.
- Really?

She'll be waiting.

Fancy a beer?
Cheers, mate.

Not a fan of feng shui myself.
It's what I do. Repairman.

You're still a repairman?
Shit, Jude. Not again.

Jude likes his gadgets, too.

Got that from our dad.

About the only thing
Jude got from him.

That'll be my pizza.

Do you mind watching him
while I run down?

Be good for Max, OK?

Do you remember me
from when you moved in?

Where did you go that day, Jude?

What did you see?

Did you see the lights
going on and off?

What were you saying in the bar?

That's not plugged in.

You alright? Jude, want some pizza?

Jude doesn't know Latin
or anything like that, right?

I mean, that's crazy, isn't it?

God, you missed all the fun.

Some very scary and inexplicable
shit went down at Scott's place.

I need to get you up there
straight away. Not now.

This kid who never speaks, suddenly
knows the last rites and in Latin.

Not now, Max.

Piece of junk.

What are you doing?

Oh, not again.

Don't touch that.


Jude, I told you not to...

How did you...

That's... That's you.

You were talking.

You OK?
What do you want?

This came from the history guy.

1958. Can you see our guy?

Remember that he's younger there,
he might not be bald.

We've got names...
Max, can we do this another time?


Why did you ask me
if Jude knew Latin?

That's difficult to explain.

You've got to hear this.
I need a second opinion.

Check I'm not imagining it.

Don't worry, you can trust her.
It's alright.

It's Jude.

He's speaking, aren't you?

He's actually speaking.

What's he saying?
I told you, the last rites.

He must have heard it somewhere.

People still think he's immune
to everything around him.

It's the opposite.

He's more sensitive to things
other people aren't.

Are you sure this is the good news
you want to hear?

"It wasn't me, it wasn't me.


It wasn't me, it wasn't me, honest!

Did someone else try to hurt you?
If they have...

It's OK.
It wasn't him that got hurt.

"Big brother."

"Die. He will die."

"I can't get a clear vision of him
of what he wants with Jude."

I just know he was in pain
and scared.

"Really scared."

I'm finding out what I can but
I've got theories.

I'll speak to you later.


What are you doing in my room?

Looking for my signed Pistols album.

I haven't seen
your fake signed album.

It's totally authentic.
"Vicious" is spelt wrong.

That's what makes it authentic.

Why you being such a dick lately?

House, bollocks.

Hip hop nonsense.

That's mine actually.

You think I'm gonna step on
your territory, forget it.

She can mess with your head
all she likes, I'm cool with it.

What, Ellie?

You taking the piss?

You're practically
joined at the hip.

Yeah, the only place we're joined,

Unlike you who I suspect
has been joined to her

in various different ways.

She's gone with a guy
who has James Blunt on vinyl.

It's sickening.

Sometimes I wish I could play
the friend card like you.

I'm not a player.
I'm just me unfortunately.

I never feel like I'm being just me.

It's a James Blunt fan.

I don't blame you.

Oh, you dick!

What, do we have to
hug it out or something?

Not you.
The cretin who runs that blog.

I thought he'd shut it down.

Bevan Watch?

Some sad loser with no sex life
and nothing better to do.

That sounds about right.

If he thinks he's gonna bring down
my business with this garbage...

Since when was this your business?

You know what I mean.

Like you said, garbage.

It's not even well-written.

"Is there life after death?"

When I catch up with him,
he'll find out for himself.

Four o'clock Tuesday to
watch the birds, that's the rule.


What's happening to you?

What would you say that thing
about me on the tape?


Come on.






Are you OK?

Don't move,
the ambulance is on its way.

I just took Scott back to his flat.

He got away
with minor injuries somehow.

He thought it was the lift

but I think
he's beginning to suspect.

This is no ordinary haunting.
You get that, right?

Yeah, cos every other haunting
has been so ordinary.

Listen to this.

This was right at
the end of the tape.

"No, please Uncle Stratton.
It wasn't me."

Right, how else would Jude know
the names of staff members from 1958?


Notorious, struck off in disgrace
for unlicensed practising of ECT,

electro-convulsive therapy.
I know what it is.

This guy broke guidelines,
pushed through safe limits.

Rumour has it that those
who survived his experiments

ended up violent and aggressive.

Shells of what they once were.

And some didn't survive?

In the bad old days, a kid like Jude
might have ended up in the asylum.

This is why this could be happening.

The revenant might recognise
another kid just like him.

Why does he want to hurt Scott?



You alright?

What's wrong?


I had a blackout.

Alright, you need to see a doctor.

You don't think
something's happened to Kate?

I think Kate's enjoying
some bar with your money...

It's just this feeling, these dreams.

God, where have you been?
Indoor voice, Keira.

My Dad's gone crazy, he won't
listen to me, he's cut me off.

Come on, Keira. What?

He knows about us.
So what?

So we're just gonna
knock on the door

and tell him
his brothers possessed?

That's the gist of it.

What makes you think
this is gonna go get any better

than the other times
we've tried this approach?

We need handouts, factsheets,
frequently asked questions.

I seriously worry
about you sometimes.

No arguments, come on.

I'm taking him to the respite
centre, I don't care if he stays.

What's wrong?
Jude. Jude!

What's going on?
Listen, Scott.

We know that Jude has been
acting out of character lately

and Max has been doing research.

We think we got some ideas.

He just tried to
electrocute me in the bath.

Do you know what it's like
giving everything up

for a kid you don't even want?

Mum was right.
I was always frightened of Jude.

The way he is.

If we are right
about what's happening,

Scott, he needs you
more now than ever.

I'm not up to it.
You have to be.

I can't do this.
He's better off in care.

No, he's not. I should know.

Jude needs you and the person living
with you now, that's not Jude.

Jude, is it OK if I come in?

Do you mind if I sit down?

You want me to believe that
my brother is the victim...

It's a revenant.
It's a kind of ghost.

It's entered his body
and taken him over.

If you don't believe that,
you tell me what's happening.

Jude, can I talk to you?

Jude's not your name though, is it?

I know what the doctors did to you.

Why don't you tell me your name.


Hello, Robert.

How old are you?

Do you know where you are?

Do you know what year it is?

Why are you in hospital?


Did you feel different
from the other children?

A little bit like Jude maybe?

And that's the only reason?

Because the boy got hurt.

What boy?

The boy who went to sleep.
And didn't wake up.

It wasn't me.

He said it was but it wasn't me.

It wasn't me. It wasn't me.

Fight, fight, fight!

You were here because of
something you brother did?

All the treatment.

Robert, I'm sorry.

You do know that's not
your brother out there?

My brother.
No, you're confused.

Your brother's not here,
that's Scott.

You don't need to hurt Scott.

You should never have been here.

You can go.

Just go.

That doesn't work.
I know.

Pick it up.

Nothing, obviously.

That's Jude's favourite toy, right?

It sounds breathing.
He's trying to get through to you.

Talk to him.

Tell him it's gonna be OK.


He's trying to reach out to you.


This is stupid, it's not even...

Jude, is that really you?

It's going to be alright.

I'm gonna find you.

And I'm gonna bring you home.

I'm gonna get you home.

Robert, do you know a man in
the hospital called Joseph Bale?

Bad man.
Why is he a bad man?

He's a bad man.
Jude... Robert, it's OK.

If you see the B, you have to hide.

If you see the B, you have to hide.
The B? Like this?

One of them.
One of who?

His side. You're on his side!


Jude's not here.

Who are you?
I want my brother back.

My dad is gonna string you up
by the balls.

How did he find out?
Because you told him.

You sent him a text
that was meant for me.


You're not grasping
the magnitude of this situation.

He expects me to pay
my intuition fees, my own rent.

He's stopping my clothing allowance.

Why are you even here?

Oh, now you want your privacy.

You've ruined everything for me,
you know that?

And you don't even care, do you?

Leave me alone.

There's a room at ours.

I'll have your stuff
moved over straight away.

It's not a big crisis.

When your dad comes round,
and he will,

once he's proved to himself
he's Mr Big Bollocks,

you can move back.

Thank you.



- Jude!
- Jude!


There's a storm coming.

He can't have gone far.

This is all because
he saw the B mark.

Some sort of secret circle,
Joseph Bale's badge of membership

so he knew who he could trust.

He knew he was in on the abuse
and whatever else was going on here.

It doesn't make sense,
why have you got the B?

Why do you help me?

You know, I am charging by the hour.

I'm your friend, Ellie.

No strings attached.

I'm pregnant.

To Dan?

Does he know?

You should knock off.
You've got an 8:30 in the morning.

I could handle it...
You sent that text, didn't you?

You sent it. It was a mistake.

Making it look that way.

I might have done the same.

I don't know where this is...
It's Keira.

She can't be trusted, can she?
Not like you.

She's out to fleece me.

Warren, you've had a bad day.

Why not get an early night...
What, let you handle it?

You've been doing
a lot of that lately.

Doing my job, yeah.

Making sure I depend on you 100%.

Am I missing something?
No, I've been missing something.

The little scumbag right under my
nose who's only here to rip me off.

That's crazy.
Yeah? That's me, isn't it?

Crazy. Imagining all kinds.

Someone in my apartment.
Who could have got hold of my key?

I've proved myself over and over.
You little bastard.

I trusted you.

What do I really know about you?

You come here with
your perfect CV begging for a job.

You work all hours.
Too good to be true.

You thought you could screw me.

You're nothing. You're finished here.

You're finished everywhere.
You're getting it all wrong.

I know what you are.
You're wrong.

I'm not here to hurt you.

Get your things.
You're my dad.

You're my dad.

I'm not making it up.

My mother was a nurse in
the Eighties.

Look at you.
How could you be my son?

It's ridiculous.
I'm mixed race.

I don't care what you are...
Her name was Aisha.

She believed you when you said
you were gonna make it alright.

Take her away from her shit life.

Then the hospital got closed.

It was like none of it
ever happened.


She died last year.

I suppose she thought she was
putting her affairs in order

by telling me.

Was she still married?
If you could call it a marriage.

I read up on you.

I'll be honest, I thought, "He's
loaded. I'll have some of that."

That's why you work here
for six months and say nothing?

You'd have had me out of here
before I finished the sentence.

Now you need me.

You cocky little shit.

That's another way
you know I'm yours.

What do you want?
I grew up with nothing.

Less than nothing.

My mum worked two jobs.
There were four kids to support.

What do you want?

Like I said, you're loaded
and I want my share.

I want to be part of this.

But only when I've earned it.

I want you to be my dad.

You haven't earned it yet.

- Jude!
- Jude!

Jude! Jude!


Jude, stop!

Wait, Jude!
It's not safe out there!

There's a little boy in there,
the same little boy!

He's there!

Go inside and get help!
I am the help.



Oh, my God!

Scott, get him back!
Oh, my God.

I can't just leave him.
He's gonna kill you, Scott.

Give me my brother back.

He died from the ECT.

He's just a kid, leave him alone!

Give me my brother back!

Scott, talk to Jude.
Not the spirit. Jude.


I know you can hear me.

Tell him you want him back.

I will never send you away.

All we've got is each other.

I resented being with you
and I know that was wrong.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

I love you.

Here you go,
let's get you dried off.

I'll be there for you and the baby.

Whatever Dan decides.

But if he doesn't stick by you...
I don't know if I'm gonna keep it.

How could I bring a baby into
this world who could be like me?

It's not such a bad thing, is it?

The ghost is still in the building,
it could come back at any time.

I have to live with that.

I hope he appreciates
you protecting him.

Hope he doesn't leave you
out in the cold too.


These people hurt you, didn't they?

Tell me what they did, Eve.

Tell me.

It's OK.

It's OK.

I don't need mind-games
with guys like you.

What is he doing here?

There is no God.

I thought you wanted this.
Don't rush me.

Maybe we shouldn't have come here.
I'm having no part in this.

I don't belong to you.
I just thought maybe...

Make it stop.
I'm not scared.

I'm not the only one with a secret.

You started this,
you have to stop it.


I know who Eve is.