Bedlam (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Long Drop - full transcript

Bedlam Heights has been renamed as Brightmoor and almost completely renovated, but its unearthly residents continue to torment the new residents who are moving in.

Hello, can you hear me?

Come on, Mary.

Come on, Mary.

Baby, you need to give Dr Holland
a ring.

He said any time, day or night.
I'm done with that, Andy.

It's not making a difference.
You've got to give it time to work.

It's been six months.
It's getting worse.

OK, so we'll get you
different medication...

No, Andy, it's not helping.

Because it's not in my head.

I'm not sick.
What would you call it, then?

What if I really am seeing people
who have died?


Bastard put me on leave.
OK, a couple of weeks...

No, indefinite leave.

I'm sorry.

What are you going to do?

You've got the code
to the records office.

I can't give you that.
The patient you told me about.

I should never have mentioned it.
If you have someone on psych ward

who is seeing what I'm seeing,
I need to find him.

How is that going to help?
He got discharged, didn't he?

That means he found a way
to make it stop. I need to know how.

I just want his address.
I could lose my job.

Laura, I could lose everything.

No-one finds out.
Thank you.

This is amazing.
What is?

The patient from psych ward.
The things he describes.

Where did you get that?
He saw the same things!

It can't be a coincidence. Whatever's
happening to me happened to him.

He's from psych ward.

We're getting married in two months.
Please, Andy, you have to believe
what I'm saying.

I can't do this.

I can't stand here and watch you
do this to yourself.

You won't help yourself.

You won't even admit
that you need help.

It's not fair.

I'm so sorry.

I'll call you.

He won't call you actually! Could
have told you that last night.

Natural order of things, Max.

I would have called her.
That's your problem.

You've got 'I will call'
written all over you.

Bartenders are supposed to get the
girls. Supposed to have fun, right?


Anyway, I've got a building to run.

Another exciting day
in Bedlam Heights, huh?



There's no-one else, Leanne.
You know that.





Who came up with the new name?

I did. Dan Mahotra.
Sales and letting.

Can I show you around?

I'll pass.

You reckon a rebrand
is going to save this place?

What do you know about it?

'This number is no longer
in service.'



Dad, it's me, Kate!


Oh, my God! When did you get back?!


God, look at you,
you... woman of the world.

Me? Look at you. Last time I saw
you, you were in a school uniform.

Yeah, yeah. The time you told my dad
it was your drugs
he found in my room.

One. One of the times.

So, what are you doing here?

You know I moved in downstairs
because my dad did that deal
with your dad.

Oh, this is after the thing.
You know, my boyfriend, car crash.

Your boyfriend was in a car crash.

No, but his car was.

God, the guy deserved it.
He was cheating on me.

I meant what are you doing here
in my dad's flat?

Oh, well, he's been
keeping an eye on me.

So I thought I'd do something nice
for him.

That paint will come off that table,


I thought you were going to close
this idiot down.

Aims to provide
categorical proof

that the former Bettany hospital is
the most haunted house in Britain.

Does anybody actually read
this tosh?

Don't know. But it's the last thing
we need when we're trying
to bury a history.

So get rid.


Hi, Dad.

That's your daughter?

Where did you pick this one up?
Job centre?

Dan's a very bright lad.

Hm, I'll take your word for it.

How were your travels?
Great. Yeah, really great.

Just what I needed.

Where's Molly?
Molly is still in Thailand.

With a yoga instructor called Bruce.

Don't ask.

So what are your plans?

Oh, I'm sorry.
You want your dad to yourself.

Dan's on the team now, Kate.


I don't believe
you can make this place work.

I met a guy in Bangkok.

And he works for a company
over here.

They deal with social housing.

They get massive grants
to build new homes.

But the problem is always the land.

So that got me thinking.

Look, we sell up, we get out.

We let someone knock it down
and start again.

That's what you've come back for?

Bedlam Heights only failed because
you guys freaked out the customers
with the history.

Exactly. So...

So it doesn't change the fact
that this is the family business.

Something you built up over
generations. You should fight for it.

He doesn't know everything, does he?

Dad, listen to me!

This is our last chance.

Dan's right.

I'm sorry.

Wait! Stop!

Oh, my God!

Can I help with something?

Er... No. I... I just got lost.

Easily done. Those 'keep out' signs
are so confusing.

Do I know you?

You're not a resident?

So how did you get in?

I...was just having a look around.

You're after an apartment?

Yeah, maybe.

In that case,
I might be able to sort you out.

There's a free gym upstairs,
brand new pool facility.

And we've just opened a bar
if you want to take a look.

What did this building used to be?

It was a large family business.
What kind of business?

It's not about what it was.
It's about what it is now.

This is one hell of a place to live.

The question is, Ellie, what can I
do to make sure you're part of it?

I think it's a bit
out of my price range.

Don't decide right now.
Take your time.

Look around.
Might see something you like.

Is she really your type?
Kiera, you know what I like.

If you're free later, the show flat
up there is still empty.

I moved on.

Andy, it's me. Please don't hang up.
I need you.

I keep seeing things.
Not like before, in my head.

I keep seeing things
that happened to someone else.

No, listen. I found this building.

It started as soon as I came in.

It must have something to do with it.

If I can find out what, then maybe
I can make this stop.


Are you all right?

Do you do coffee?
Cappuccino, Americano, latte.

I'll just have a gin and tonic

I'm Max, by the way.
You just move in?

No, I couldn't afford it
in a million years.

So what brings you here, then?

Just been travelling for a long time.

Do you know a guy called Jed?

Jed Harper.
You knew him?

Well, kind of, through work.

I heard he lived here
and I thought I'd look him up.

Knew him?
He's dead.

Sorry. Hadn't you heard?

About six months ago.

Six months?!

What date?

I don't know exactly.
He used to live in my apartment.

There are photos upstairs...
Would I be able to see them?

Let me see if I can take my break.

Oh, my God.

So where did you go?

Oh, right. Oh, um...

You know, just Thailand and stuff.

Where are you staying at the moment?

Kind of in my car.


I don't know how you afford this
place. Have you got three other jobs?

My boss Warren, he realised
if he gave us an empty room,
he could pay the staff a lot less.

Is that why Jed was here?

I think Jed had his own reasons
for being here.

Was that his room?


Are you OK?


Weird, right?
Yeah, I guess.

You know, people say he had issues.

But I like to keep an open mind.

What happened to him?
It was an accident.

In the cellars.

It wasn't safe down there.
Part of the building collapsed.

That's the story
they told me anyway.

Did you know Jed?

But I did meet his mate. Ryan.

He couldn't stand living...

What the hell are you doing here?!

Who's this?
You're back.

Max, get out!

I don't see the problem. Your
dad's been showing it to tenants.

Not this room.


Sorry, I didn't mean to cause you
any trouble.

We can't just come in here and...

It's OK.

How can you pretend
like nothing's happened?

What's wrong?
You hire an idiot for a makeover.

And hope it will all go away.
Business is bad, Kate.

You know that.
So we're renting out Jed's room?

Jed's gone, love.
I'm sorry about that.

This place killed him.
It was an accident.

I don't want to stay here, Dad.

I don't want you to stay here

People were experimented on.


Made to disappear.

If I could have stopped it, I would.

I am asking you
to do the right thing.

Walk away.

Would it make any difference
to me and you if I did?

It'd be a start.

I didn't even know she was back.

She worked in sales and PR here.

Yeah, probably tell from her...

You were kind of zoned out there
for a minute.

I'm fine.
You need to sit down.

I need to go.
Where? Huh?

Back to your car?

Why is that there?


Who put that there?

That wasn't there before.

I don't know what's happening to me.


It's a lads' flat, so we don't
really do guest bedding.

I'm really sorry about earlier.

I flew off the handle.
It wasn't fair on you.

No, it's fine. I understand.

Ellie knew Jed.

Not very well. I just um...

I just met him a couple of times
a few years ago.


Just out and about.

I've had a nightmare day at work.

Don't tell me you live here.

Didn't Daddy mention it?

You bought own-brand beer again?

Mate, it's all beer.

Be good. I'd really like
to get to know you better.

Hey. Er...


You made up your mind?

I don't think I can really afford it.

She's going to kip on the sofa
until she sorts something out.

Cool. We can do a deal
on the spare room.

Or two of us could share.
Max never thought I'd ask.

The sofa's fine.
It's just for tonight.

So how was the big trip?

It was just what I needed.
I bet. Where did you go?

Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand.

Ellie's just been to Thailand.

I bet it's amazing out there.

Yeah, totally.

I thought the whole place
was full of Western hippies.

And Daddy's girls.

But the diving in Ban Kho Rang was
cool. How about you?
Where did you go?

Er... I can't remember.

I wasn't there for very long.
Weren't you?

I might go out there
for a few months.

Oh, wait. Your dad needs me.

I know you think you're quite the
man, swinging your balls around.

But you have no idea what
you're getting involved with.

What is going on with you?
You heard about my cousin.

Yeah. Accident, right?

Was that Warren's fault?

Why do you hate him so much?

My family is none of your business.

I will find out.

This is MY family's building.

And it's doing really well, thanks,
since your dad gave me your job.

I have a say in its future.
It's got nothing to do with you.

Yeah? Let's find out who's Daddy's
favourite, shall we?

OK, I'll talk to him.
And I'm going to have you fired.

Go for it.

Cocky little shit! I can't believe
you employed him...

OK, so I was going to say something


I was so stupid!
Don't overreact, OK?

I can't find my shoes.
Kiera, just get out!

Just go, Kiera!

I do need my shoes.


If you walk in uninvited...
She's just a vulnerable kid!

She's an adult. We like each other.

She was here for me
when you weren't.

God, no scruples on so many levels,
I don't know where to start!

You just take whatever you want,
don't you?

She was the one that made...
the first move.

Kate, this is silly.

Can we not just be
how we used to be?

I came back to get my share
of this place.

That's all.

So if you won't sell,
there's nothing here that I want.

Kate, don't say things
you might regret.

You won't ever see me again.

Who are you?

If you really were
a friend of Jed's...

this is the last place
he'd want you to be.


Oh, my God.

Emergency services.

What the hell are you doing?!

This is why it's off bloody limits!

If I find you here again, you'll be
done for trespassing. Got it?!

What do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry.

Is this why you came?
What do you think you're doing?

I think I can help you.
Who says I need your help?

Don't act like you know me.
You don't know anything about me.

You made sure of that.

One minute it's southeast Asia.
The next, you give it up
to sleep in your car.

Then you turn up at a place
you know nothing about.

You act like I owe you.
We've only just met.

And I did sleep in my car.

Happy now?

Are you?

Whether I am or not, it doesn't give
you the right to trawl through
my personal things.


If I was in your shoes, that's
what I'd want. Someone on my side.

I can't explain it, Max.

I see things that other people
don't see.

You can't help me with that,
so just drop it, OK?


Jet bombers... killing at least
49 soldiers and 13 civilians.

Damage to...

What's your verdict on the new girl?

She's a lousy liar.

I should know.
I've met enough good ones.

Are you my 10:30?

Do you want to be my 10:30?

What do you think Ellie's like?
You don't buy that Thailand stuff?

Maybe she just doesn't want people
knowing all about her.

Fair enough. I like a challenge.

Hi, this is Andy. Leave a message.

Andy, it's me.

I'm not being weird.
I came to look for that guy.

He died. The same day that all
of this started happening to me.

The very same time
that I first saw one, Andy.

That's got to mean something,
hasn't it?

It means... I'm not crazy.

I just...

Leave me alone, please! Please!

You're dead. I saw you die!

Ellie! Who were you talking to?
What did you see?

Ghosts. You see ghosts, don't you?

Can you stop staring at me like
I'm some sort of circus freak?

What do they look like?

They look confused. And lost.

Out there anyway.
But in here, it's different.

Different how?
Hate and anger.

I've never seen that before.

Look, I'm kind of an expert
at this stuff.

Expert whose first question is
'What do they look like?'

Since I came here, I keep having
blackouts or something.

It's like a dream but I'm not asleep.

I keep seeing the same man
over and over and over again.

His last moments. He hanged himself.

You're seeing how the revenant died.
The what?


It's my preferred term.

Ghost is a bit Patrick Swayze.

OK, so I'm seeing how they died.

That's what being a medium is.

No, I'm not a medium.

Things are happening to you, Ellie.

What do you think happened to Jed?

I know what you are seeing is real.

I know it. And we can make it stop.

All of it?

Let's deal with one problem
at a time, yeah?

I don't know what it wants from me.


Where were you
when it first happened?

I was just wandering around
the building. The old part
that's closed off.

There was a loose board and
something fell out. Like a...

Like a skeleton.

A skeleton?
That's it.

That's when the visions started.

This patient, he was being beaten up
and he was trying to get away.

He finds this space.
It's dark and tiny.

But he's safe there.

And he could see outside
through a small crack.

He could see the sun again.

And that's where he dies?

With a smile on his face.

Like it's the happiest
he's been in... forever.

So when you found these bones,
what did you do with them?

I just left them where they fell.

You don't think it might be an idea
to put them back?

I don't think
this is a very good idea.

Want to stay in the apartment
by yourself?

Right. This guy
that you've been seeing,

they did bad things to him.

Maybe hanging himself
was his way out.

His way of finding peace.

Oh, Mr Happy, you, aren't you?

You disturbed his peace.

It's that way.

Let's get this done.

The bones!

Ellie! Are you OK?

Is it done?

What are you smiling at?

Honestly, I had no idea
that was going to work.

Come on.

It's all right.

We should really fix this loo up.

Dan said that Kate's moved on.

That means there's a room going.
Even after today?

Today is exactly why
I need to be here.

I don't get you. It's...

Whatever's happening,
this place is why.

What makes you think that?

Just a feeling.

The reason I'm here is to find out
what's happening to me.

One click and straight through
to ghost-hunting.

Guys, this is Cass.
Future Olympic champion.

Is that your dad?

You saw something, didn't you?

Get out of the pool... now!

There's something down there
that wants to harm you.