Beartown (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Questions about what happened to Maya and who is guilty divide Peter's family and the town. Will the truth come out and will Peter's family find their way back to each other?

Damn it!


Mom, my throat's really sore.

-What's that?
-My throat's really sore.

Sweetie, I know it's really hard.

But listen, we have to stick together
and be strong.

-I just want to stay home.
-I know.

But we have to keep going.

-Hi there. Come on in.
-Hi. Thanks.

-How's it going?
-Same old, same old.

-When was this decided?
-Last night.

What the hell!

-Hi, buddy.
-I'm going now.

Okay. Got everything with you? Keys?

-See you later. Have a good day!
-You too. Bye.

-Are you going to say something?

-Will you let them do this?
-They can vote me out.

It's in the statutes, right?

-When's this vote?

-At the arena office.

And you're doing nothing?
Just to make sure you get it.

They want to get rid of you
and sweep it all under the carpet.

Maybe we should keep a low profile
until we know what happened.

-"What happened"? Hang on...
-It's time for me to go.

I'm sorry, Sune.
It's all been a bit much.

-Bye, Sune.

What do you mean by
"until we know what happened"?

-We don't know what happened.
-You're kidding.

We weren't in the room.

-You're sick!
-There's no evidence!

No evidence?
You saw her wrists, for God's sake!

They were drunk-dancing
and falling into bookcases!

-Are you kidding?

-Don't you trust her?
-There's no evidence!

-Because it's been a week.
-Why did she wait a week?

Is that so strange?
She's been too damn scared!

-You're too much!
-Oh shit!

You're going to leave it
all to me again.

-You know what I mean.

Don't make this about Isak!

-No, we never mention him!
-Not in this context.

We weren't in the room.
We don't know what happened.

-No, it was just the two of them!
-Maybe she had a crush on him.

You saw what she looked like!

Have you asked her, though?
Did she like him? We don't know!

-We have two different versions.
-One of them is your daughter's.

I know. And that's why we're biased!

Do you know what the problem is?
You let them get inside your head.

-I'm the problem?
-Of course!

-You're picking the wrong team!

You're too much.

-Have you got anything else to say?

Here, guilty verdicts.
"Sexual assault, aggravated."

Her 15, him 17.
House party, both very drunk.

He was sent
to a young-offender institution.

-What evidence did they have?
-They had text messages.

And his DNA was found on her
at the medical examination.

Here's an aggravated sexual assault...

In a restaurant bathroom
at a graduation party.

That one had several witnesses.

-Where does it say that?
-Further down.

I can't do this.

Yes, you can.




-There you are.

-How are you feeling?
-Could've been worse.

Hey there, little wriggly.

-I heard Haparanda signed you.
-What a joke...

I don't think so.

-Can I hold one?
-Sure. Just be careful.

Come here.

You're good with dogs.

Kevin Erdahl, who'd have thought it?

I didn't do it.

I don't care what people say.

I know what happened.

And what happened?

She wanted it.

You believe me, right?

Come here.

Of course I believe you.


Lookee here!
A guy who'll be out of a job soon.

A vodka.

Save your unemployment benefit!

A vodka, damn it!

Come on, you...

Oh, seriously!

Playing like a bastard.

Finish it and go home.

One more.

A beer.

-Go sit down, Niklas.
-Stay here.


You stay here.

What's up?


What are you staring at?

-You're so good-looking.

-You must hear that all the time.
-Sure. You too.

Damned pretty. I almost want to...

I don't want to call your mom. Sit down.

It's okay.
You were saying?

You're borderline... beautiful.
Get it?

-But there's a difference.
-Listen, you know your...

It doesn't matter that you...

-...that you're a total dumb-ass.

You're so fucking...


-Listen, your daughter...

You know we all fucked her. All of us.

-All of you?

Me and Micke both fucked her ass.

She was so fucking tight!

-That was so fucking good.
-I bet it was.

We both came in her
and then all over her face.

And she loved it.

She liked it a lot.

You fucking...

-You idiot!
-Come on!

-He started it. You saw it!
-Don't let him loose!

Better now?


I don't mean your head.

-Yeah, I feel a lot better.

I guess that's the problem.

What do you mean?
They're a bunch of fucking idiots.

Stop blaming others!

-You gave as good as you got.
-Oh yes, I did.

I should have quit hockey a lot sooner.

This fucking...

-...shit wouldn't have happened then.
-Cut it out!

-It wouldn't've happened if I hadn't...
-Shut your mouth!

You guys are the fucking problem!

You little boys in grown men's bodies.

Hockey doesn't rape.

Weapons on their own don't kill people.

Who starts the wars?

-Who starts the wars?
-All right!

You're not listening to me!

You just don't get it.
If you did, you wouldn't be crying now.

But do you know what?

Sorry to say it, but if you got that...

...maybe your daughter
would've been spared.

Think about that for a while.

If you dare.


Hey, girl!


I'm talking to you.

Hear me?

You can't walk here.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Fucking ho...

Hey, I just want to talk! Hey!

Stop lying, you bitch!

Go and freeze to death!
We'll be rid of you.

Fucking ho!

Tell them I'm sick.


Hurry up.

Hello! Good to see you.

Likewise. Not a happy occasion, though.


-You okay?
-Yeah, you?

-Hi, Maggan.

-Think he's coming?
-I don't know.

It's like the Middle Ages.
A public hanging in the town square.

-It's time.
-Let's go.


-Are you drunk?

-What happened to you?
-I'll tell you later.

What the hell...

Shall we go upstairs?

Welcome to this
extraordinary members' meeting.

As you've all seen,
there is only one item on the agenda.

And that is to vote on
who should coach the junior team.

This with a view
to the loss in Haparanda.

Yes... Peter?


About this vote...
Can you hear me over there?

Depends on what you're going to say.

About this vote...

You've all come here today to vote
and I think you all should.

But I want to make it clear
to you all...

This is about getting rid of me,
not about the loss in Haparanda.

Aha, so you're on the board?
You know exactly what it's about?

Peter, this isn't the time.

-Listen, Frack.
-Go and sober up.

We grew up in this building, you and me.


We had a player on our team
who was a terrible hockey player.

Karsten, remember?

Remember what we did to him?

We threw him out in the snow, naked, at
minus 27 degrees. And locked the door.

-Yes, I remember.

-But what's that got to do with this?
-It has to do with...

Seriously, what's it got to do
with this?

What are we talking about, Maggan?

About thick walls and high ceilings.
Is it such a good idea?

-Shut up.
-Maybe you should talk to your own kid.

-She needs to learn not to spread lies.
-Jonas, is this necessary?

All of us, every one of us...
we're part of Beartown Hockey

and of what Beartown Hockey does.

And we have to take responsibility
for it, especially we adults.

This isn't about
a damn loss in Haparanda!

With Kevin on the team, we'd have won.

-You removed him.
-And why?

What do I know?
It sounds like a lot of nonsense!

Why not wait? Why ruin the game?

Take responsibility for ruining
our town! You ought to be ashamed.

That's not a problem for me.

I doubted it too.

It was easier that way.

But our daughter Maya...

She was raped eight days ago.

-Shut the fuck up!

That's why we're here.
To pretend it never happened.

-That's what we're voting on!
-That's not why we're here!

As a woman, I take this matter
very seriously. This rape business.

-It's not something to speculate about.
-Speculate! For crying out loud!

She had strangulation marks
and bruises all over her.

-You've got no idea.
-You and your accusations.

He's defending our daughter.

I get that. But were you at that party?

-Shut up, Maggan.
-Don't speak to me like that!

I've seen some photos and there are
people here who were there.

-A horny chick.
-Don't say that about my daughter!

-She was all over him.
-Don't talk like that about her!

-All over him.
-I'm with Mira. That's enough now.

He's defending Kevin.

-It's not okay. Do you hear? Stop it!
-She wanted it.


-I said we should go back to the others.
-Bullshit! You're lying.

-But she wouldn't stop.
-Quiet. No need to explain.

Maya, why are you here?
What are you doing here?

-I need to be here.
-I'll take you home.

-You're better off going home.
-I have a right to be here. Move over.

-Why are you here?
-What do you mean?

-You don't believe me.
-Yes, he does.

-Time's wasting.
-We should go home.

I don't think we're getting anywhere,
so let's vote.

Where are you going?

Everybody come and pick up
your voting cards...

If you want Peter Andersson as coach,
write yes on the card.

If you don't, write no.


Take it.

-I don't want your money. Take it!
-What's going on?

-Take it.
-Mats, Amat, what's going on?

I was at the party. I saw it.

-Sit down, Amat.
-I'm sorry, Maya.

-Take that discussion somewhere else.
-No! Wait.

-What? Hang on...
-Sit down, Amat.

-I was at Kevin's party.

I was going to go home.

I saw Maya wasn't there,
so I went to look for her.

Then Kevin's dad gave me money
to keep quiet...


-This is unfortunate.
-I can't support this kind of thing.

This is...
No, I can't risk my reputation.

You can't have core values
that only work on paper.

I'm with you on that.

Let's wait for the police investigation.

You heard the boy.

The boy saw what happened.

-But it isn't...
-And the hush money!

-Hush money?
-He handed back money.

I can't be seen to be part of this.

-It's not right.
-You know what you mean to the club.

The club should know what it means
to the town if it works like it should.

I bet you she put Amat up
to saying that.

-He's got a major crush on her.
-Yeah, that's it.

-But at the same time...
-What the hell, Bobo?

But listen,
Erdahl even tried to fucking bribe him!

That fucking ho made him...

The little fucking ho made him say that.

-She's completely nuts.
-Fucking psycho.

-Bye, then.

There's no more scholarship.

Right. Okay.


I see. Really?

So it was that close?

We're okay.

We have Amat's testimony now.
We'll see how it goes.

Yeah. Talk to you later.

-Was that Marklund?
-Yes, that was him, alright.

Seems I still have a job.

Don't know if I still have
a team, though.

It'll be fine.

-It doesn't matter.
-You're right.

All that matters is that Maya's okay.

Are you coming?

What's with you?
You can't chicken out now.

Couldn't we just talk to him? Just talk.

-I mean, something...
-Bobo, you pussy, time to step up now!

-Seriously, though...
-We need to show him he fucked up.

There must be other ways
of showing him.


-That sounds good.
-You think?

I'll go and buy some tea.

I won't be long. It's not far.

Hey. Come here. I want to talk to you.

The hell are you doing,
you fucking pussy?

Fucking traitor!

You pussy!

-What the hell are you doing?
-The bastard deserved it!

Get lost!

-Are you okay?

Hey, can you hear me?

Open the car door.

-Open the fucking door!
-Okay, okay.

-Can you stand on it?
-Yeah, it's okay.

-We've got to go to the police.
-No, we won't.

I told you I don't know who they were.
I couldn't see.

You know that.

Hi. I'm Maya.


Shit... Are you in pain?

A bit.

I just wanted to thank you
for what you did.


That's all. Thank you.

I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner.

-That was stupid.
-It's... cool.

I hope they nail him.

Now they will.

Thanks to you.


Maya doesn't play the guitar so well
because it's expensive.

-Yes, it's expensive.
-But it's not why you play it so well.

It's about how much time
you spend on it, how much you enjoy it.

Definitely. I agree.

That's what really matters
and then good gear helps.

It's more important you're happy
in the team and feel that's...


We're just eating. No worries.

Okay. What did they say?

-Sure, but I was given them.

They're closing the investigation?


This is so wrong.

What the hell do we do now?

I can't protect our kids.

I'm going to Skellefte책.

Dad could make a few calls
so you can come too.

I don't think I'll keep playing hockey.

Don't know why I'm doing it anymore.

-Maybe you should try that.
-What do you know about it?

Do you know why I started playing?

So I could be with you.

Now guess why I want to quit.

You're totally lost.

You're just doing
what your dad wants you to do.

Ever thought of that?


You know where the door is.

Where are you going?

Don't you walk away!

You're such an idiot.
You just don't get it.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

I'm not the one you should apologize to.

The only thing to do is bring them
all in and question them.

Have you even suggested that?

There are people
who haven't been questioned.

Why won't you tell the police to bring
them in? I can give you their names.

Okay, but look.
I have some experience myself

and could assist you
if you need some help.

Didn't you say
Erdahl's accounts were dodgy?

-What do you mean?
-Wasn't there something odd in them?

-They didn't quite add up.
-Can I see them?

-You're kidding.
-Can I?

No one will know it came from you.
Let me have a look.

Anneli, please...

My family is falling apart.
My daughter is broken.

I'm so sorry for Maya's sake,
and your family.

-He's corrupt. Should we let him go?
-He is. But this is so stupid.

Not another word.

You're a lawyer.


Get some glasses, Nicki.

We're celebrating. This is good stuff.

-A toast to the end of this shit.
-I'll wipe up.

I talked to the Skellefte책 club manager.
It'll be great.

You'll keep your number
and join their first line.



-You'll love Skellefte책.
-Will I?

They love us. The faces of the council
women when I mentioned investments...

Dad, I did it.

Things are looking up.
Everything will be fine.


I did it. Get it?

On Monday you start playing
for Skellefte책.

Do you get

What's happening?

No idea.

What'll they do with that money?

Spend it on parties?

They could be athletes
with their bodies, but they do this...

Would you do that for money?

I'd do it for... a hundred thousand.
Or maybe I'd do it for...

...more than a hundred thousand.

It just looks so degrading.
They look like dogs.

All that evolution
and this is what we get?

Now what?

-Where are you going?
-To the bathroom.


I can barely hear you, Ana.

What? A gun?

Hello? Oh, God!

-Where's Kevin?

-Never mind. Where is he?
-Out running. Why?


-Does she know where he is?
-I don't know.

-Where he runs?
-I don't know anything more than you.

-She's got a gun? Where'd she get that?
-Just drive!


On your knees!

Take off the mask.

Do it!

Shoot me!


Shoot me, I said!


-You okay?

Kevin... my boy...

My boy...




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