Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Hub - full transcript

The Hybrid keeps jumping the basestar, and Roslin has visions. The three, D'Anna, is un-boxed. Humans and Cylons engage in a battle to destroy the Resurrection Hub. Baltar is badly wounded and Roslin has to decide whether or not to help him.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica...

The Threes, the D'Annas...

They were boxed after
the battle on the algae planet.


D'Anna saw the faces
of the Final Five.

But if we unbox her,
she can reveal their identities to us.

The Final Five have been to Earth.

If we help find them,
they can help us get there.

So, what could motivate us
to trust you now?

The boxing facility resides within
the Cylon Resurrection Hub.

This Hub controls the functions
of every resurrection ship.

You destroy the Hub,
Cylons lose their ability to download.

The Hybrid on the baseship spoke

of an Opera House and
a dying leader.

We're going to talk to the Hybrid.

And why would you require my presence?

Because you're in my visions.

President Roslin was apparently
aboard the Cylon baseship,

along with Gaius Baltar and many of
Galactica?s pilots when it jumped away.

Hub's gone.

We're getting radiation signatures from
multiple nukes. Baseship fragments...

The president's baseship was destroyed.

It's a different baseship.

Waiting alone in a Raptor
as the rest of the fleet jump away

sounds a lot like suicide, Dad.

Why are you doing this?

Because I can't live without her.

Plug it in. I need to talk to it.

Let God's will be done.

Shut up.
It's time to get some answers.



Oh, my gods.

Filters, filters...
The sublime elevation...

Why did it jump? Where are we?

I'm more concerned
about why we're here.


Why don't I talk to the Hybrid?
Find out why.

She can just do that.
She can just...


Will you walk with me?


It... What's going on?
It's empty.

It is.
Feels bigger this way, doesn't it?

It's so quiet. It's strange.

A lot of things are strange.

...of a dove drown out

the heartbeats of those who follow.
Six is back in the stream.

That's unusual.
To jump again so quickly.

- What do you think it means?
- Look, it knows me. It trusts me.

I think...
I think it even likes me, 'cause I...

You're getting information
from this liquid?

I spent some time at
the foot of this tub.

The Hybrid's disorganised.
It's panicking. I don't know why.

Tell me, why are you
jumping the ship?

The Six.

The Six who went among the makers is no longer.
End of line.

Back in the stream that feeds
the ocean that feeds the stream.

The Six. She means Natalie,
the Six who was our leader.

She's either been hurt or
killed back on Galactica.

That's why the Hybrid's panicking.

So she's upset.

Okay, fine. Can you calm her down?
Can you tell her to jump back?

It doesn't work like that.
She makes her own decisions.

And we can't unplug her because now
she's wired herself into life support.

All right, then why don't we
give this a go?


Hey, stop jumping the ship, all right?

Calm your mind.
Cease countdown, cease countdown.

Circulation, ventilation, control.

Filters, filters...
The sublime elevation...

Did you see that? I just opened myself
up to it on a spiritual level...


- Don't you just hate these people?
- No.

Oh, but you don't love them either.

The people in this room are the closest
thing you've got to family, and you...

You've been their president.

Watch them try to comfort each other.

At least you haven't taken
that away from them, yet.

You didn't rob them of
their empathy, yet.

You just don't make room
for people anymore.

You don't love people.

Is that clear enough? Practical enough for you,
Madam President?

I think we're going towards
the resurrection Hub.

I think the mission is still on.

You sure there's no ETA at the Hub?

No, the Hub is jumping and
our Hybrid's jumping after it.

Sometimes we're showing up
six hours after it's moved on.

Sometimes, like, six minutes.

One time it'll be within one jump-length,
and we'll catch it.

Yeah, but we don't know when.

We'll have to assume any jump could be
the one that drops us in next to it.

They're gonna read our heat signatures
the second we fire up the first Viper.

Hell, they'll read our electronics.

Yeah, if we could only mask that.

Go in cold. No electronics at all.

Send the Vipers out dead?

Towed by Cylon birds.
They'll never see it coming.

Take out the Hub's jump drive
then settle in for the long fight.

Yeah, good, okay, okay.
But you and me,

we gotta get onto the Hub
in the middle of that mess

and try to find D'Anna.

We can do this.

No, I don't know.
It's crazy, isn't it?

We're putting ourselves
right where the action is.

It's not a great plan.
There's no time.

Hey, let me help you.

Athena, my wife,
she learned to do that.

She never did that when I met her.


I got curious about Athena.
About her and Hera and you.

So I accessed her...
Her memories from her last download.

You have her memories.

Yeah, and they're mine now too.

They're as real as my own.

I know this must feel like
a violation of trust or something,

but I don't...
I don't want it to be strange, okay?


Right, sure.

Madam President?

Sir? Hope I didn't wake you.

Come in.

Thank you for the use of your Raptor.
I needed some familiar surroundings.

Don't worry. I'll give it back to
Lieutenant Pike the second you need it.

About that.

This mission, it's very risky.

If there's even a chance that we can go in
and blow up that Hub

and end Cylon resurrection

for all Cylons forever,
we must take it.

I cannot back away from that.

Yes, sir.

If and when D'Anna comes back
from the dead, bring her to me.

I think the Cylons think that she'll be
interrogated by both groups together.

I'm sure they do. Bring her to me.

She knows the identities
of the five Cylons in our fleet.

It is a matter now of human security,
and I will not let the Cylons

have audience to that discussion.
I want to talk to her alone.

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

Welcome home, D'Anna.

You told me I'd never have
to go through this again.

I lied.

You thought you were
putting me away forever.

- So, what changed?
- War.

A genuine Cylon civil war.

Ones and Fours and Fives
against Twos and Sixes and Eights

that objected to your retirement.

Now your supporters are working
with humans against all the rest of us.

All in your name.

Boomer's an Eight.
Shouldn't she be on the other side?

Boomer's my pet Eight.
She's seen the light of reason.

And an Eight can make a passionate ally.

Until she sees something shiny.

Why'd you bring me back anyway?

I brought you back to heal us, sister,

and end this shameful war.

Since Cylon pilots don't use call signs,

we're gonna be painting unique
identifiers on all their birds.

That's a relief.

You address them,
use that number, okay?

Should've scrubbed this
frakkin' mission.

Hey, everyone, listen up. Now these heavy Raiders
aren't like the other Raiders.

They aren't gonna make any
hinky moves on their own.

They're under control of their pilots.
The Cylon pilots are in charge of their birds.

Now there are tiny pilots
inside of them?

We do our jobs.
Our training is just as good as yours.

Oh, yeah? Twenty-some of you I've
taken out weren't that good.

Redwing. Redwing!

Let's talk about the surprise element.

First wave of Vipers are gonna ride in,

engines cold,
dradis and comm off, okay?

You're gonna come in towed by cables
from the heavy Raiders.

- We're rigging 'em up now.
- Captain, don't... No...

I mean, if they're tied together here,
kissing their gasholes so to speak,

and they tap on the brakes,
we're gonna smash right in the back of them.

They won't.
It'll work, you guys. Really.

When you're close enough,
the cable's gonna disconnect.

We're mounting small explosive
charges to cut it.

Hold it, hold it...
We cut the cable, right?

Cylon pilots cut the cable.

Then you sling under their birds
and turn your power on.

You're gonna be gunning
directly at the Hub's FTL.

Then it's an all-out fight until we
can get in there with the nukes.

Yeah, so if the Cylons don't lift up,
and then we're toast, right?

No, look...
I'm serious.

Hey, hey! Pilots!

You've flown with Cylons.
You've flown with Athena.

You put your life in her hands,
and she hasn't betrayed you.

Well, I am the same as her.

Now all of these Cylons here,
all of these people,

they're pilots like you. And they're
gonna be out in the soup with you

taking out other Cylons, just like Athena
does every time she's asked to.

And when that Hub is taken out,
all of their lives will be at risk.

Just like yours.

So you might want to think about
how you're gonna work together.

Because we're all dead if you don't.

Moving on...

Just go and ask it already.

I've been told that you said something
about an Opera House, and I'm...

- Because it seems pointless.
- Look, there was an Opera House.

An Opera House. Are you listening to me?
Apparently I was in the Opera House.

I had a vision. I was chasing after a little girl.
I came to a door.

I saw Dr. Baltar and the Six
take the child.

- She's not listening.
- Protect the child.

"Protect the child."

She said, "Protect the child."
That's what Caprica said.

You told me I was the one
holding the child,

so obviously I was the one
protecting the child, wasn't i?

- In the Opera House...
- No, no, no...

It wasn't at all clear what you were doing.
Let me listen.

Booting up.

I mean, obviously you've done this
a thousand times before.

Well, I'm just doing the same thing
you're doing.

No, you're not actually.
No, you're not.

Because if you'll watch
what I'm doing,

I'm actually focusing on her, all right?

Now tell us what happened in
the Opera House now, all right?!

Oh, the only thing you're
doing is yelling.

- Such a format will close the doors.
- Close the door. No, open the door.

I want to open the door!
Do it again, do it again, do it again!

I'm going for a walk.
Love to see you do any better.

- All right, I'll do it. Open the door!
- Three!

The Three is online.
The Three is online.

The Three is online.
The Three is online.

The Three is D'Anna. D'Anna is online.

Oh, D'Anna's in a body.
D'Anna's back in a body.

Booting up. Jump!

Why are we doing this again?

I don't want to see this again.

The Ancients used to say,

"A people is only as strong
as the body of its leader."

If I follow that thought...

...are you saying that humanity
died because I died?

If you're my subconscious,

I've gotta say you're
a little full of myself.

Humanity didn't die because you did.

The ancients, they got
a lot of things wrong.

The body of a people is not the same
as the body of its leader.

But the soul and the spirit might be.

Oh, I see, so you're only laying
morality at my people.

Well, that's okay.
I can take that.

I mean, there are a lot of people who
have sins far greater than mine.

You're thinking of Gaius Baltar.

"Then I dug into the stump and
pulled rocks from the ground"

"until my fingers bled.
I collected seeds from the few fruits"

"the island offered and planted them in long,
straight furrows,"

"like the ranks of soldiers."

"When I finished, I looked
at what I had done."

"I did not see a garden. I saw a scar."

"This island had saved my life,"

"and I had done it no service."

I can see a real hierarchy around here.

And I have to tell you, you're on the lower
end of the scale, my friend.

Yes, you are.

Which is odd when you think
about the Cylon god...

They told you about God,
didn't they?

I'm not even really sure if the Hybrid
was referring to D'Anna,

but if it's true...

- It certainly would make it easier.
- How so?

Well, we...
Wouldn't have to find a...

Find a body.

Yes, good.

Go get her and bring her here.

Something else?

It's just once you have
what she knows,

I can't help feeling like you could try to keep
Earth for humans only, and I just...

Madam President, that doesn't seem...

- What?
- Honest.

You're supposed
to be conducting a fair deal here,

and instead you're taking
D'Anna off by yourself.

- Taking what she knows.
- Slow down, Captain.

At best, D'Anna knows the identities
of the Cylons in our fleet.

And at best,
they know a way to Earth.

So you're not denying you'd keep the way
to Earth to yourself if you could.

I'm not saying that's true.
I will say that, if the Cylons had the option,

that's exactly,
exactly what they would do.

No, I don't think so.

Not the Sharons, the Eights.

Captain, you are not married
to the entire production line.

I cannot afford
to be sentimental right now,

and I cannot afford you
to be sentimental either.

If you can't do this job,
find me someone who can.

What is that?

I think we're there.

Something's going on.

Another baseship, unscheduled.

You've gotta speak to the Twos
and Sixes and Eights

and tell them they've gone too far.

No. Why don't you ask
about the Final Five?

You never ask about them.

Because I don't believe
we're meant to know them.

Well, I'll tell you.
I will tell you.

I'll start shouting out their names.

Why do you risk it?

Are you going to help end this war
or are you useless?

Twenty-five heavy Raiders just launched
from the new arrival, heading our way.

Come on, let's get this carpool started.

Now! Cut the frakkin' cable now,
you frakkin' bastard!

Oh, the inhibition's been lifted.

Oh, I sense it.

It's the rebel baseship.
I think they're gonna attack.

- They're gonna blow the Hub.
- That would be mass murder.

Death would be permanent for all of us.
They've gone insane.

Permanent death?
That makes this all the more meaningful.

Helo, we've blown their FTL.
The Hub's not going anywhere.

Okay, take us down.

Well, he's your God as well.

And God doesn't want any
of his creations to be slaves.

Not that you're a slave exactly.


- This place is gonna go. Grab her.
- Run!

Hardball, Pike. I'm hit.

My attitude control is down,

and I can't even programme
any frakkin' ordnance.

Pike, hardball. Man, don't jump.

You'll never make it to Galactica.
You know how many jumps that is?

I'm out of here.
Okay, I'm jumping back home.

Come on, let's go.


There was this dog, see,
and the master

had placed a bit of food
on the edge of its snout.

And the dog had to wait until
he was told he could eat it.

I know. Pathetic.
Pathetic, isn't it?

Put him over there.


Easy, easy. Slow.
Easy, easy.


- Find out what's going on!
- Yes, sir.

Thank you...

- All right...
- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...

Okay, wait.


You have this, you have this big hole
in your hide, as Cottle would say.

Okay. All right. You can put your hand down.
I'm gonna do this again.

- Thank you.
- It's the least I can do.

I think you're gonna live...
As usual.

- You know something?
- What?

You're very pretty.

- Yeah, that morpha worked fast.
- Still.

Do you know why I'm so
serene right now?

You're doped out of your mind?

Because I know God.

You need God, Laura.
Really, you'd be a different woman.

I know God.
Therefore, I know myself.

Truth is...

...I was harbouring the most awful,
desperate guilt.

A heavy, dark, unimaginable...

...soul-breaking guilt.

Now it's gone.
Now it's gone, it's...

...been transformed into...
I have been transformed.

What was your guilt about?

I have no guilt.

What was your guilt about?

I gave the access codes to the Cylons.

They wiped out most of humanity.

Of course, I didn't know that's what
I was doing at the time exactly,

but that's what I did.
And when I realised what I had done,

the magnitude... that moment, I was saved.

I was loved by God.

Looking back I think I was rewarded.


Pythia talks about the flood that
wiped out most of humanity.

Nobody blames the flood.
A flood is a force of nature.

Through flood, mankind is rejuvenated,
born again.

I was another flood, you see.

I blamed myself.
I blamed myself.

But God made the man
that made that choice.

God made us all perfect.

And in that thought,

all my guilt flies away...

Flies away like a bird.

I can give you that peace, Laura,
that freedom.

Pray with me. Pray with me.


- Thank you.
- Okay.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

It's all right. You're fine.

- You're fine.
- Don't do this to me.

Don't do this to me, please.

We have D'Anna onboard.
We are clear of the Hub.

Commence nuclear strike.

Repeat, nuclear strike is a go.

And with a whimper, every Cylon
in the universe begins to die.

Yes, that's right.
And it's a good thing, D'Anna.

Because now there's no difference.

We can all start trusting each other.

Don't do this to me.

Don't do this to me.

Don't do this to me, please.



I'm not saying Baltar's done more good
than harm in the universe.

He hasn't. The thing is,
the harder it is

to recognise someone's right to draw breath,
the more crucial it is.

If humanity is going to prove
itself worthy of surviving,

it can't do it on a case-by-case basis.

A bad man feels his death
just as keenly as a good man.

What do you want
from me here?

- Laura.
- Just love someone.


You go.

You go.

You go to your rest now.

I'm not gonna be selfish anymore.

You go.



No, please, no.

Stop bleeding.

Stop the bleeding, stop the bleeding.

Okay, good. Don't go.

All right, we've gotta get D'Anna
to the control room.

No, that's not the plan.

- What? What plan?
- Interesting.

Please don't go, Gaius.


I don't know how...
All right, put it in.

I have to take her directly to the president.
No one else.

That wasn't the deal.

I'm just doing what she
told me to do, okay?


It's very human.
You never got that, Eight.

No more. No more, don't go.

Please don't die.

Live... Don't go.

I'm not saying I agree.
I'm saying it's my orders.

So I pretty much just made
a prize fool of myself, didn't I?


Can we go find the president now?


Gaius, it's me.

- The Hub's been destroyed.
- Good.

Don't let anyone in here.
Whatever it takes.

Thank you.

He's injured, but I think
he's going to survive.

I think it's gonna be
a long time jumping back.

I've got time.

Is that right?

Well, you went to a lot of
trouble to bring me here.

Deceiving your so-called allies.

I suppose you've got
some questions for me.

Yes, I do. I'd like to talk about
the five Cylons in my fleet.

So you know about the Final Five.

I know they're supposed
to know the way to Earth.

But you don't know that
you're one of them?

Your face!

Oh, it's ridiculous!
No, look, I'm not giving you any names.

Not until I feel like I'm safe.

'Cause information is all I got, sweetie.

I'm mortal now.

In fact, I'm the only Three
in the whole darn universe.

So I gotta worry about
protecting myself.

I'll tell you who the Final Five are...

...when you take me back
to your fleet.

Oh, by the way, Laura,

I would've said the same thing if you'd
have met me with a whole lot of Cylons

'cause I don't trust anyone right now.

So all this deception,
complete waste of time.

To remove the pump with
the attached hose and wiring,

simultaneously release the three tangs

while pulling the pump out of the retainer
along with the line and wiring.

You lied to me.

Did I?

I thought I was earning humanity's
right to survive.

It's not a vending machine, Laura.

You don't save a life,
and then cue the celestial trumpets,

here's the way to Earth.

- I know.
- Jump!

Disorienting, isn't it?

All these little limping steps back.

I like it. I'm used to it.

Every jump brings us
a little bit closer to home.


My home.

Maybe there's something there for me.

Maybe even closer.

Missed you.

Me too.

I love you.

About time.