Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 7 - Guess What's Coming to Dinner - full transcript

The Demetrius and the Basestar return to the colonial fleet - not without some challenges - and the Cylons seek an alliance with the Colonial fleet. Natalie 6 offers to lead them to the Cylon resurrection hub which, if destroyed, would end the possibility of Cylon resurrection. She also tells them the Final 5 are already in the Colonial fleet. When the Quorum of Twelve learns of the deal with the Cylons, they consider a vote of no confidence in the President. The President meanwhile again has her dream of chasing Hera in the Kobol Opera House. She learns that her chief of staff, Tory Foster, has become one of Gaius Baltar's followers. She wants to know who is spreading rumors about her sharing her visions with the Cylons. When Starbuck tells the President what the Hybrid told her, the President takes Baltar with her to speak to the Hybrid. On the Galactica, Athena has a fatal encounter with Natalie. Lt. Gaeta, who was shot by Sam Anders during the attempted mutiny on the Demetrius, has his leg amputated below the knee and spends his time in the infirmary, singing


NO. 6: Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I'm giving you a ship.

Now go.

Find a way to Earth.

LEOBEN: Kara, I'm alone. This is
not an attack. I knew I'd find you.


I'm here to offer a truce
between human and Cylon,

and a chance for you
to complete your journey.

LEOBEN: The Hybrid.

You need to go to her, Kara.

She'll tell you the way
to get to Earth.

We're done here.
Get him out of here.

We're ready to jump back
to the Fleet on your order.

We're not going back
to the Fleet.

Capt. Thrace,
as XO of the Demetrius,

I'm hereby relieving you
of command.

You son of a bitch.

SAM: Gaeta, abort the jump!


I'm gonna take Leoben
back to the Baseship,

see if his story
checks out.

We'll be waiting here
till the clock runs out.

ATHENA: Looks like he wasn't
lying about a civil war.

This is it. The comet. It's the ship!

Thus will it come to pass.

You are the harbinger
of death, Kara Thrace.

You will lead them all
to their end.

HOTDOG: Cylon Baseship.

ATHENA: Demetrius, Athena.

The Baseship is ours.

Then let's go home.

learned from unimpeachable sources

that President Laura Roslin
has for some time now

been sharing hallucinogenic visions
with two Cylons within our Fleet.

One Sharon Agathon, sent on the
classified Demetrius mission,

and the other a Cylon prisoner
being held aboard the...

It's not that easy,
Madam President.

No? You should
try it sometime.

Most of the population has
heard that broadcast.

I would assume
that's the point.

Look, I take no pleasure
in putting this before you.

In fact, they practically had
to push me through that door.

Well, I'm sure you're
quite happy to stay.

I can't put one foot
in front of another

without someone blocking my path,
asking me what the hell is going on!

For the welfare
of the Fleet...

Excuse me.

As long as I am
in this office,

the welfare of this Fleet is not
something you need to worry about.

You owe
the people a response.

I owe the people?


That's what I believe.

What if suddenly all your
beliefs were called into question?

Madam President...

Up is down.
Black is white.

Scripture is fiction.

Home is thin air instead
of solid ground, et cetera.

You know, I'm really sorry for
everything you've had to endure.

I really am.

But the people,
they deserve a response.

Do they?

Is there any truth
to this broadcast?

And what would you do
if I told you the truth?

What if it were you
instead of me

and all that's left of
humanity has just been told

that you are sharing visions
with the enemy?

What would you do,
Mr. Adama?

Would you think that
the Gods were testing you?

So Baltar
is telling the truth?

Is it true?


Demetrius reports their sysops will
be synced with ours in five minutes.

When you came knocking with that
Raider and asked for our help,

you gave away the future of
all the Cylons aboard this ship.

You know that, right? I
gave it to the right person.

Save it.
No guarantees.

When we meet up
with the Colonial Fleet,

I don't know if they'll feed
you or frak you, all right?

Since you've been calling
the plays up till now,

I'm assuming
you're doing the talking.

Good. Gods help us.

Sysops of both vessels are synced.
We're as ready as we're ever gonna be.

Good. Tell the Demetrius
to set the board to green.

Unless both ships jump in together,
Galactica will blow us out of the sky.

Athena. Set your board to green.

Athena, Demetrius.
Starting to green.

Let's round the Horn, guys.


HELO: Helm.
MAN 1: Go.

MAN 2: Go.

HELO: Nav.


Spun up. Go.

Athena, Demetrius.
Board is green.

I was just thinking
how beautiful she must be.

Your daughter, Hera.

How do you know her name?

We all know her name.

You were blessed.

All right, everyone.
Let's go home.

Demetrius, Athena.
Execute jump.

Clock is running.

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two. Jump.

SEELIX: Sir, we had a problem with the
sync points and the jump coordinates.

It'll take a few minutes to
spool up the FTL drive again.

HELO: Gods damn it!

hands, battle stations!

Set Condition One
throughout the Fleet!

TIGH: Launch Alert Five.

Get me some more
frakking birds in the air!

Gun batteries stand by
for target bearing!

Demetrius, Athena. Report.

Demetrius, Athena. Report.

Baseship bearing 333,
carom 498 at 15 MSU.

Frakking thing is sitting
right on top of us.

Mr. Hoshi, order the Fleet
to make an emergency jump!

HOSHI: Aye, sir. All Colonial
vessels jump immediately

to emergency
rendezvous coordinates.

Sir, the President's
shuttle is en route.

ADAMA: Tell them to land on
Landing Bay 1. Checkers green.

Galactica, Athena.
Galactica, Athena.

Last jump must've cooked the
wireless. We've got no com.

They can't hear us.

Galactica's scrambling

They're going
to shoot us down.

What the frak?

ATHENA: Eight Vipers inbound.
Entering firing range.

STARBUCK: Where the hell
is the Demetrius?

MAN: Baseship targeted.
Weapons free.

Something isn't right.

Gunnery reporting.
Firing solution correct.

Main battery standing by
to fire on your command.

On my command.
Three, two,

Weapons hold!

DUALLA: Dradis contact!

HELO ON RADIO: Galactica,
Demetrius, do not fire.

Baseship is disarmed and under
Colonial command. Officers aboard.

Demetrius, Galactica.

Galactica, Demetrius. I
authenticate. Bravo, tango, eight.

Do not fire. Starbuck and Athena
have control of the Baseship.


MAN: Move! Move! Move!

Colonel, they're with me.

They're with you?

So which one of them
shot Gaeta?

MAN: Lt. Gaeta,
stay with us.

All right,
everybody stand back.

And get a cut down tray
in here right now.

We became divided
according to models.

The Twos, Eights and Sixes

have come to believe that our destiny
lies in seeking out the Final Five.

The Ones, Fours and Fives
violently opposed such action.

We know that there are seven
different models of Cylons.

You only mentioned six.

The Threes. The D'Annas.

They were boxed after the
battle on the Algae Planet.


Her entire line was
punitively deactivated,

her consciousness placed
in a boxing facility.


D'Anna saw the faces of the
Final Five, which was forbidden.

But if we unbox her, she can
reveal their identities to us.

The Final Five
have been to Earth.

If we help find them,
they can help us get there.

NATALIE: Our ship
can heal itself.

But most of our Raiders
were destroyed in the ambush.

We're asking for your help
here. We can't do it alone.

What could possibly
motivate us to trust you now?

What have you got?

The boxing facility resides
within the Cylon resurrection hub.

This hub controls
the functions

of every Resurrection ship
in existence.

It protects itself by periodically
jumping to a new set of coordinates

and then relaying them
back to the Baseship.

Madam President,

you asked for a reason
to help us.


You destroy the hub, Cylons
lose their ability to download.

All of us.

Why would you be willing to
lose your ability to resurrect?

We're rebels.
We can't go back.

What matters most to us
is being with the Five.

D'Anna will be able
to identify them.

We'll take you to the hub
if you help us unbox D'Anna.

Give us the coordinates
of the hub first.

No, I won't do that. I said
we would take you there.

Take her out.
We're finished.


Is your word good, Admiral?
I'll give you the coordinates.

But I want your word.

Stand down.

You have my word.

Once their identities are
revealed and we come back here,

we'll be free to leave
your Fleet with the Five.


They're here with you.

The Final Five
are in your Fleet.

That's why our Raiders turned
back the attack in the nebula.

The weapons hold.

How the frak
did you see that?

To be absolutely honest
with you, Bill, I didn't.

What can I say?
We got lucky.

Well, let's get a Raptor up to those
coordinates that that Cylon gave us.

Maybe we can
get lucky again.



Thank you.

RACETRACK: Lords of Kobol,
shield your eyes.

Get it with the gun camera.
Hit override.

Kind of pretty,
isn't it?

Tell it to the Fleet.

No. No. Don't put me under. Please.

Just... Just numb everything.

Just do it. I...

I don't want to wake up...

I don't want to wake up
with my leg gone.

Okay, son.

If we go in on our own horse,
we won't last five minutes.

But we go in with that
Baseship parked out there,

nobody's gonna
notice us for a while.

What do we fight with?
Their Raiders are frakked.

We don't use theirs.
We use ours.

Take half the Viper wing.

Half the wing?

We'll sneak them in
on the rebel Baseship.

Hoshi did some calculations
from Racetrack's photos.

We take out the FTL
and the hub's stranded.

We blow the hub and billions of
skin jobs lose their bath privileges.


Once they're gone,
they can't come back.

Mortal enemies.

Before we blow the hub, we need
to get a team in to unbox D'Anna.

Well, now,
maybe we just don't.

Maybe we just forget
the Godsdamn boxing facility.

Lie to the rebels.

TIGH: Well,
they're lying to us.

The skin jobs said their Raiders won't
fight because the Final Five is here?

We tangled with those slit-eyed
black bastards for three years now,

and they haven't turned
back before. Why now?

What if they're telling the truth?
What if the Final Five are here?

The Five could know
the way to Earth.

If they knew, they're
not gonna lead us there

after we've just destroyed
their resurrection capacity.

Maybe they're different,
like the rebels.

ROSLIN: What if they're not?

What if their sole purpose
is to destroy us?

I say we blow the whole
Godsdamn thing to dust,

lock, stock and barrel, and
trust the President's vision.

Her scriptures,
her way to Earth.

Why don't we split
the difference?

Unbox D'Anna
and find the Five.

Keep the Five till we get to
Earth. Turn them over to the rebels.

They've waited this long.
It'll be on our terms.

It's all pie in the sky, gentlemen,
until we know what's true and what's not.

And we put a lid on it. The
real plan stays in this room.

If the plan gets leaked to
the Cylons, all bets are off.

ADAMA: Have someone escort the
rebel leader back to her Baseship

so she can inform her people
they have a deal.

"In 36 hours, the Colonies will unite
forces with insurgent rebel Cylons

"and their leader

"in an unprecedented
joint military operation

"to destroy the Cylons'
ability to download into

"blah, blah, blah. "

Why weren't we consulted?

I'm sorry. I'm in the dark
as much as all of you.

You know, if they unbox the D'Annas, at
least we'll find out who the fifth one is.

TIGH: All that's gonna do is
crowd the airlock a little more.

Do you think they're gonna give you a
medal when they find out who you are?

What about you?

He sings, you know.


Whenever he feels the tingling.
Whenever he feels his phantom leg.

Cottle says it helps him get through it.

He sings.

Good morning.


What is it about the Galactica
that gives you such a glow?

I come over here, it's like I'm
going from one dungeon to the next.

Oh, I hadn't noticed.
But thank you.

You ready?

I want you to find out who's
behind the shared vision rumors.

Who's talking to him?

With Baltar?

You're sleeping
with him, right?


I've just been informed that
you've been spotted down there

enough times to be a charter
member of his nymph squad.

All right.

I have come to believe
in Baltar's spiritual message.

I don't know how or why.
It just happened.

I wish you knew how many
times I wanted to tell you.

Your friendship
and your trust means...


Clearly my friendship
and trust mean frak.

And I don't really care if you have to
spend the night on your knees praying

or just on your knees.

I want a name. I want to know
who's responsible for these lies.

Madam President.

Laura, I am so sorry.

You have a job to do.

The humans are never
going to allow us

to have the Final Five
and go our own way.

Are you sure of this?

Not entirely.

I'd rather be wrong.
But we need insurance.

Trust has to begin

Not with us.
It's our ship.

When we jump, we take control
of it with the Centurions.

We carry out the mission
as promised.

But when we return,
we take hostages.

The humans on this ship stay on
this ship until we have the Five.

Look at me.

We've changed,
but the humans haven't.

We've come too far to risk
everything on their trust.

(SINGING) Alone she sleeps
in the shirt of man

With my three wishes

Clutched in her hand

The first that she be
spared the pain

That comes from a dark
and laughing rain

When she finds love

May it always stay true

ROSLIN: What a way to discover
such a beautiful voice, huh?

How'd you find me?

Your Chief of Staff.

Needs to be horsewhipped.

If you came down here to kiss
my ass to get information,

save your breath.

The Quorum's considering a vote
of no confidence against you.

I won't compromise the
success of this operation

or the safety
of this Fleet to indulge

the neediness of 12 perpetually
unhappy representatives.

I can't.

I was with them
on the emergency jump.

And I saw something
in the faces of the delegates.

It wasn't the anxiety from
waiting. It went beyond that.

I was anxious. It was my
first time. But they... They...

They were empty.

The Quorum had given up.

And then it struck me that

after going through the
same routine so many times,

it was the only way that they
could cope with the uncertainty.

To presume the worst.

You felt their suffering.

Now try holding their lives
in balance every day.

Talk to them.

You don't have to tell them
everything. I know how it works.

Just talk to the Quorum.

Let them put a face
to this joint mission.

Let them hear
from the Cylon leader.


Anything to put
their fears to rest.

What's the matter?


No, nothing.
Nothing at all.

We've been lying here
doing nothing.


You've been lying about the
President sharing visions with Cylons.

That happens to be
the God's honest truth.

Sorry. I can't accept
what you've done.

What... What I've done?

What have I...
What are...

Where's this coming from?

These rumors you've started.

I've seen what
they've done to her.

You seriously believe
that I'm making all this up?

I am not saying I'm not
capable, but why would I?

Six revealed it.

Caprica Six revealed them
to me through my attorney

in the last days
of my trial

when a guilty verdict
was a certainty.

I suppose
I could've gone public.

Caused a stir.

And all this time,
you kept quiet.

I'm not saying I'm a saint,
Tory. I'm many things.

But I try not to be spiteful.

Got no bloodlust
to go get her.

But she's a hypocrite.
The lies.

The secret missions.

Co-opting the rhetoric of patriotism to
keep everyone in the dark, including you.

That's rather worrying,
isn't it?

So I had to speak.

The truth is, no good ever
comes from concealing it.

I've got a broadcast.

(SINGING) The first that
she be spared the pain

That comes from a dark
and laughing rain

When she finds love

May it always stay true

This I beg for
the second wish I made, too

I didn't come here to beg or plead
or apologize or to keep my job.

You know me better
than that.

And I didn't come here to curry sympathy
by parading my illness in front of you.

On the contrary, there are
some that probably believe that,

along with my cancer drugs,

I have inoculated myself
against compassion.

That is a joke.

I am here because I want
to tell you face to face

that I believe in this mission
and what it means for our future.

I'm here to profess my trust
in our new allies.

I'm here to ask you to listen.

I'm here to ask
for your support.

Bring her in.

In our civil war,
we've seen death.

We've watched our
people die. Gone forever.

As terrible as it was beyond the
reach of the Resurrection ships,

something began to change.

We could feel
a sense of time,

as if each moment
held its own significance.

We began to realize
that for our existence

to hold any value,
it must end.

To live meaningful lives,

we must die and not return.

The one human flaw

that you spend your lifetimes
distressing over...

Mortality is the one thing...

Well, it's the one thing
that makes you whole.

I believe it was no accident
that we were found by Kara Thrace.

It was destiny.

She asked me to leave my
people, and I accepted.

No matter what the sacrifice,
even if it should mean my death...

Thus shall it come to pass.

The dying leader shall know
the truth of the opera house.

You are the harbinger
of death, Kara Thrace.

Our destiny.

Our future.
Begins here.

Thank you for giving me
the opportunity to speak.

ADAMA: Take her out.

(SINGING) But wish no more

My life you can take

To have her please

Just one day wake

To have her please


Alone she sleeps
in the shirt of man

With my three wishes
clutched in her hand






I gotta hand it to you.

If you are a Cylon,
that was a great plan.

Dangle yet
another way to Earth.

Throw in the hub,
the Final Five,

and the real kicker, put
the Final Five on the Fleet.

Even I couldn't
pass that one up.

You are having those
visions, aren't you?

Thus shall it come to pass.

The dying leader shall know
the truth of the opera house.

What did you say?

Thus shall it come to pass.

The opera house.

The dying leader shall know
the truth of the opera house.

Where did... Where did you
hear that? Who told you that?

The Hybrid from the Baseship
before they unplugged it.

The Hybrid.

How does the Hybrid know
what's in my dream?

I wish I knew.

This has got to stop.

These visions. I've got to
find out about these visions.

I've got to know.

Will you help me?


Find Capt. Agathon.

When I spoke to the Quorum,
I could feel it.

The contempt.

You were right.

They're not ready
to trust us.

No, I was wrong.

We're not ready.
We're deceiving them.

For protection.
For necessity.

Out of suspicion and fear.

Why haven't the Final Five
come forward?

What if they're watching,
judging us on our actions?

We're about to resort
to violence and coercion.

What if they refuse to come
with us? We can't do this.

It's too late.

We have to order the
Centurions to stand down.

It's too late.

They're committed.

Then we have to tell
the humans the truth.

No, you can't do that.

They'll never trust us again.

They already know the coordinates.
They'll just go destroy everything.

Go. Stall for time.

Talk to Adama.
Tell him anything.

Anything but the truth.
I'll deal with the Centurions.

BALTAR: Of course.

ROSLIN: Have a seat.

We're going to
settle this now.

What's to settle?

Your Chief of Staff is
incomparably talented.

I've been sharing visions with
Sharon Agathon and the Six.

So I was only
speaking the truth.


The Hybrid on the Baseship spoke of
an opera house and a dying leader.

We're going to talk
to the Hybrid.

And why would you
require my presence?

Because you're in my visions.

What are you doing, baby?

Are you drawing?

Can I see what you drew?

Oh, no.

No! No!


Why? Why?





MAN ON RADIO: Raptor 124,
you are cleared for landing...


Hera. Hera!

Have you seen my daughter?

No, I haven't.




Hera! Hera.

I can't find Hera.


Get away from my child.

Get your hands off
of my child.


Stay back!

Stay away.

Stand down!

Plug it in.
I need to talk to it.

Let God's will be done.

Shut up.

It's time to get
some answers.

Tyrol, will you come in
here and take Hera, please?

Just do it, Tyrol.

Come on.

Is she gone?

You are never
gonna take my child.

We didn't come here to.


To have her please

Just one day wake

To have her please

Just one day wake