Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 6 - Faith - full transcript

A vicious injury ends the mutiny attempt aboard the Demetrius, Kara leads her crew to the Cylon rebel's Basestar, and Roslin begins to understand Gaius Baltar's appeal to his followers. ...

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica...

Madam President, are you taking
chamalla again?

I am taking chamalla again
because my cancer has returned.

I remember a flashing triple star,

a giant gas planet with rings
and a comet.

What's the latest Felix?

She's reversing course.
Returning to Sector Seven.

- That is the tenth course correction.
- Frak me.

They're going to attack.
Alert the others. We need to jump now.

Just remember, they started it.

But we're killing them.
We are truly killing them.

Dradis contact.
I've got visual.

Cylon heavy Raider.

Kara, I'm alone.
This is not an attack. I knew I'd find you.

- Leoben.
- I'm here for you.

To offer a truce between human and Cylon
and a chance for you to complete your journey.

The Hybrid.
You need to go to her, Kara.

She'll tell you the way
to get to Earth.

We're done here.
Get him out of here.

This baseship was never
part of the mission.

If we don't leave right now,
we are all going to die.

- Ready to jump back to the fleet on your order.
- We're not going back to the fleet.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- We came to complete a mission,

that baseship has something to do with it,
I know it.

Captain Thrace,
as XO of the Demetrius,

I'm hereby relieving you of command.

You son of a bitch.

- I'll do it myself.
- Hey, what the hell are you doing sarge?!

Stand down!

Order the Marine guards
to the control room.

I'm placing Captain Thrace under arrest.

You're wrong, Helo.
You're so godsdamn wrong.

Either way, we're taking Leoben
and his proposal back to the fleet.

- We will let the admiral sort it out.
- You are throwing away our last chance to find Earth.

And you would be going back
to Galactica as mutineers.

How do you think that the admiral
is gonna sort through that?

That's up to him. Mr. Gaeta, reset the FTL
for the jump back to the fleet.

Right away, sir.

- We should just airlock your Cylon ass.
- I am not a Cylon.

Gaeta, stop!

Gaeta, abort the jump!
I said, abort the jump!

Oh, frak!

Want to know who's in charge?
You want to know who's in command?

You frakkin' wanna know?!


It's Captain Thrace, godsdamn it!
Now you let her go!

- Sergeant, stand down.
- Stand down, Sergeant!

- Medic!
- Stand down, Sergeant! That's an order!

Seelix, stand down!
Stand down, stand down.

What the frak?

- Easy.
- I need a med kit!

Drop it!

What the frak?

All right, bloodstopper.
This is gonna hurt.

- Ready?
- Go.

Oh, you frakkin' bitch!


- We need to move him to a bunk.
- Marines, get over here!

- Easy.
- Careful!

Wait, listen.
Kara, that was...

So now what?
Gonna give orders at gunpoint?

You're right, Helo. I never should've ordered
Demetrius to jump to baseship.

Too many lives to risk
on a gut instinct.

- So Demetrius goes back to fleet.
- Missing a Raptor.

I'm gonna take Leoben back to the baseship,
see if his story checks out.

- Are you insane? Two of you alone?
- She's not going alone.

- I'm going with her.
- This is crazy, but I need you.


I need someone that speaks their language.
If this is a trap, I wanna know about it.

Hell, yeah, let the Cylon go.

It's okay.

I'll do it.

No listen to me. Your Raptor doesn't have
enough fuel to get back to Galactica.

But the baseship does.

We were sent out here by the admiral
to complete a mission.

Not for me,
but for the people of the fleet.

And if I'm right,
the payoff is Earth.

Lt. Costanza, what's the latest
we can leave here

and still make the rendezvous
with the fleet?

Window closes 15 hours
and seven minutes.

And that's cutting it really damn close.

Set the clock to 15 hours
and seven minutes and start it.

We'll be waiting here
till the clock runs out.

So I guess just pack up everything that's here.
Pack up all of these drafts.

I'm gonna have plenty of time on my hands
in the next couple of days, so pack it up.

Hey, at least the worst is over.
Two more Doloxan treatments

- and you will be over the hump.
- And I'm gonna need you to...

...really keep an eye on things until then.
- Don't worry.

I'll make sure our friend from Picon
sees the error of his ways.

I'm not just talking
about the Quorum.

There was a time a few months ago,
you seemed overwhelmed

by the stresses
and the pressures of this job.

But lately you've really stepped up.

And I'm gonna be demanding even more of that
from you in the days to come, because...

I'm not quite sure
of what I'm doing right.

I'm sort of...

I'm just gonna need you
to keep a keen eye

on every single thing
that comes across this desk.

- I appreciate your confidence Madam President.
- Thank you. Let's go.

Just remember,
if this is a trap, you die first.

Pre-flight is complete.

I need to know. Do I need to watch
my back with you on this?

No, I said I'd go.
You have my word.

Be like a homecoming for you.

The other Eights talk
about you all the time.

Keep him the frak away from me.

- Barolay, I didn't ask for volunteers.
- Yeah, you did, back on Galactica.

I don't give a frak what the rest of them think.
You've been kicking ass since day one.

You say you can find Earth.
I want to be there when you do.

You have 14 hours and 40 minutes.

- Godspeed.
- Copy that.

Can you feel it?

The anticipation.

- God's plan is about to be revealed.
- You better hope so, for your sake.

Three, two, one, jump.

Multiple contacts, all quadrants.

Looks like we found what's left of them.

How you doing, Felix?

Never better.

Those frakkers won't give me
any more morpha.

- Afraid I'll OD or something.
- Yeah, I know.

Will you promise me something?


Don't let Cottle take my leg.

- Hey, you're gonna be all right.
- Don't frak with me. Karl.

I know every minute that we stay here

means it's more likely that
he's gonna have to.

Please. Okay, promise me.

Felix, you know damn well I won't leave
until the clock runs out.

- Where's the baseship?
- I don't know.

If it's in one piece,
dradis is too cluttered to see it.

Hey, watch yourselves. We've got ordinance
popping off all over the place out there.

Looks like he wasn't lying
about a civil war.

This is it.

This is the place.

I can hear it.

The unstruck music
vibrates in all of us.

Few can hear it.

Kara's one of the few.

Got a course for us?

Give me the ship.

Starbuck, you have any idea
where you're going?

The comet. The...

It's the ship.

This is what I was meant to see.

Incoming, right, two high!

Break, break, break!

- She's back.
- Hey, hey...

Oh, frak.

Hey. Kara. Hey, no, no, no...
Take it easy, Kara.

Everybody made it okay.
You're gonna be fine.

No, don't touch it.

We need to get her out of here.
Get her some air.

Get the frak away from me!

They call you Athena now.

You even wear their uniform
like you're one of them.

- You were the first to say no.
- No to what?

The entire plan. You joined the humans.
You had a child.

You showed us we don't have
to be slaves to our programming.

We wanted the same thing,
but it turned out to be a disaster.

The Sixes have made
one mistake after another.

They have to be stopped before
they get the rest of us killed.

- Ask.
- You could help us.

You want me to lead
a mutiny against the Sixes.

- It's the only way.
- You guys make me sick.

- Why? - Be cause you pick
your side and you stick.

You don't cut and run when things get ugly.
Otherwise you'll never have anything.

No love, no family...
No life to call your own.

Now, you guys can either help
or get the hell out of my way.

'Cause he will take your hand...

...and guide you to the other side.

I'll just come back later
when you're feeling better.

I'm not gonna feel better.

So, take your needles and your
thermometers and your catheters

and stick 'em where
the sun doesn't shine.

...shuffle off this mortal coil...

The undiscovered country from
whose bourn no traveller returns...

- Hello.
- Oh, great.

- Now, the president.
- She stuck me three times today.

-'s a better place, friend...
- Be thankful she hasn't put a catheter in you.

...where we will bask
in the radiance of God's love.

All this just to...

...keep me alive
for a few more days.

- It's so pointless.
- No, it's not pointless.

I'm sure it isn't helping
listening to Gaius Baltar...

No, no, don't touch that!
Who the frak do you think you are?!

- Accept him into your hearts...
- Leave me alone!

It is all about love.

It's not about living a righteous life.

God doesn't really care how many
good deeds we've done.

This is the mistake that I find
that so many of the pious...

The Hybrid will want to see you,
I know it.

- Let's go then.
- What are you doing?

You wanna give her access to the
central nervous system of this ship?

- I thought we had a deal.
- We discussed this.

- Kara's the key to our salvation.
- We agreed on an alliance.

You want an alliance, I see the Hybrid.
Leoben claims it can help me find Earth.

- There's no way around it.
- We've tried to be patient about your model's

obsession with this woman.
Playing house on New Caprica

was one thing.
But this puts us in jeopardy.

We have their Raptor
and their jump drive.

- We don't need them.
- Frakkin' toaster...

Barolay, don't.

You don't have time to figure out
our jump systems without our help.

- Not before the other Cylons get back.
- And if we do figure it out in time,

do we just keep running? How long before
we run out of fuel, food, ammunition?

How long before Cavil's forces
hunt us down?

Like it or not, we have to work with the Colonials.
That means, Kara sees the Hybrid.

Or you can kiss your asses goodbye.

Looks as if we have no choice.

But first, we do this.

Okay, we can do this.

We can give their ship jump capability again
by slaving its drives

- to our Raptor's spin sync generator.
- So just do it.

Their Hybrid was damaged during the attacks,
so we're gonna have to pull her offline

- and execute jumps from the Raptor.
- Pull the Hybrid offline? Absolutely not.

It's never been done on an operational ship.
It will be like blinding her, we might even kill her.

If we don't get this done before
the Cylons come back, we're all dead anyway.

Make it happen, Lieutenant.

Barolay, yank the connectors
from the bus I showed you,

- and strip the cables out of them.
- You got it, LT.

And, Six, I'm gonna need some
data cabling right away.

Single mode, 1310.
Otherwise, you'll blow our system to shreds.

We started the interface.
Take me to this Hybrid.

Anders, you're on me.

Might be better if I stay here. I know more
about the Raptor's system than they do.


- What the hell are you looking at?
- I know you.

You were on New Caprica.
You were part of the Resistance.

You killed me.

Watched me drown, kicking and thrashing
like some kind of an insect.

Be happy to put you down again.

I'm okay.

- Barolay?
- Hey, hey, Jean.

Hey. Jean!

You killed her.

You frakkin' killed her!

Know what it feels like to die? You're nothing!
You're a frakking machine!

Sam, put the gun down now!
Sam, stop!

What do you want me to do, Kara?
Forget about Barolay?

Forget about New Caprica? No frakkin' way!
She just killed Barolay!

Sam! Put the gun down.

- Put it down.
- I'm not gonna do it.


Sam, you have no idea
what's at stake here.

Look at me. Put it down.

They killed one of us and you're just
ready to let it slide?

She's right.
You can't let this go, Kara.

If you don't want to do this, I will.

Put the gun down, soldier.

I need to see the Hybrid.

- Why, sister?
- I just couldn't let it go.

- On New Caprica.
- She was the one?

I never did anything to her.

We were working at the water
treatment plant and she just...

I know, I remember. After you downloaded,
we tried to work through this.

How do you work through
something like that?

Never forget her expression
as I tried to scream. Just...

Just slapped tape over my mouth
and threw me in that septic tank.

- Shut your frakkin' mouth.
- I still see her face when I try to sleep.

We were trying to help these people.

I know. I know.
I wish there was something I could do.

Then I'm glad it's you.


No resurrection ship.
You understand?

She's just as dead as your friend.

Is that enough human justice for you?
Blood for blood?

Madam President.

I wanted to apologise for before.
I... I have good moments and bad.

And that was which?

Come in here.
I have something for you.

- For me?
- Yes, yes, come in. Come in.

Would you get it? It's in the first drawer.
Right here. That's it, yes.

- This is for me?
- I hope it's not too gaudy.

No. This is beautiful.

Thank you.
It's beautiful.

A woman on Aurora makes 'em...
Leslie Starus.

She makes all kinds if you
want to check it out.

No, I think this one will be just fine.

What colour are you hoping for?

When it grows back in?


I was thinking maybe blue.

Nice royal blue. Change of pace.

Oh, my hair used to be...

Now, look at it.
Feel it, feel it.

It's gonna get a lot worse.

Be prepared for that.

Because he will take our hands...

...and guide us to the other side
of the river.

All these things at once
and many more.

Not because it wishes harm,
but because it likes violent vibrations

to change constantly.

Then shall the maidens
rejoice at the dance.

Structural integrity of node seven restored.

The children of the one reborn
shall find their own country.

The intruders swarmed like flame.
Like the whirlwind.

Hopes soaring to slaughter
all their best against our hulls.

I'm here.
You wanted me here, so...

Replace control accumulators
4 through 19.

They'll start going ripe
on us pretty soon.

Compartmentalise integrity conflicts
with the obligation to provide access.

FTL sync fault uncorrected.
No ceremonies are necessary.

For what it's worth, I voted for you
in the last election.

And I don't like how Baltar
keeps ragging on you.

- But that is not why I listen to him.
- Why do you listen to him?

I had an experience that made me rethink
all my preconceptions.

What kind of experience?

It happened the night
after Cottle told me

that my cancer had spread to my liver
and I'd never be leaving this place.

I was on a ferry crossing a river,

and as we were
approaching the other side,

I saw all these people
standing on the bank.

And we got closer,
and I recognised them.

My parents.

My sister Kathy,
who died when I was 12.

My husband, my girls.

I... I was scared for a moment.

You know, how is this happening?

But then I... I felt it.


...hovering all around me.

Warm, loving, and...

it said...

..."Don't be scared, Emily.
I'm with you."

"Hold my hand and we'll
cross over together."

But a lot of people in our predicament
have dreams like that, Emily.

No. I was there.

I felt...

...the cool breeze coming from the water.
The spray from the bow.

Maybe he's stumbled onto something.
You know, he talks about the river

that separates our world from the next.

That there's more to this existence
than we can see with our naked eye.

There's a power that we
can't begin to understand.

Then shall the maidens
rejoice at the dance.

Structural integrity of node seven restored.

The children of the one reborn
shall find their own country.

End of line. Reset.

Track mode monitor malfunction traced.
Recharge compressors.

Increase the output to 50 percent.

Assume the relaxation
length of photons...

Transfers contact is inevitable,
leading to information bleed.

FTL sync fault stands uncorrected.
No ceremonies are necessary...

- I don't understand.
- Centrifugal force reacts

to the rotating frame of reference.
The obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant.

- The city devours the land...
- You can't hurry her.

You have to absorb her words.

Allow them to caress
your associative mind.

Don't expect the fate of two great races
to be delivered easily.

Assume the length of photons
in the sample atmosphere is constant.

Intruders swarmed like flame,
like the whirlwind.

Hopes soaring to slaughter
all their best against our hulls.

All these things at once
and many more.

Not because it wishes harm,
but because it likes violent vibrations

- to change constantly...
- We're rigged and ready.

Let's pull her offline before
we miss the rendezvous.

- Reset.
- Any luck, Captain?

Not a frakkin' thing.

But you are a spark of God's fire.

Core update complete.

Frak it! Unplug the damn thing.
Let's get the frak out of here.

Threat detection matrix enabled.

Dendritic response bypassed.

Dose is altered by
the delayed gamma burst.

Going active. Execute.
The children of the one reborn

shall find their own country.
End of line.



What the hell happened?

What do you want from me?

Please, I need you.

Thus will it come to pass.

The dying leader will know
the truth of the Opera House.

The missing three will give you the five
who have come from the home of the 13th.

You are the harbinger of death,
Kara Thrace.

You will lead them all to their end.

End of line.

But this God that Baltar refers to...

It is the Cylon god.
You know that, don't you?

If he's the one and true God,

he belongs to all of us.

Otherwise, he's not much of a God, is he?

Exactly. He isn't much of a god.
He's a fantasy.

Oh, Laura.
And the lords of Kobol are real.

Reigning from a metaphysical mountaintop
in those silly outfits.

Zeus handing out fates out of an urn

like they were lottery tickets.

"You work on a tylium ship.
You'll be an admiral."

"Your family's gonna be evaporated
in an attack on the Colonies,"

"but you'll survive for three more years
in a mouldy compartment on a freighter"

"till your body starts
to eat itself up alive."

Those are the gods that you worship?

Capricious, vindictive.

But they're not meant
to be taken literally.

- They're metaphors, Emily.
- I don't need metaphors.

- I need answers.
- You're like my mother.

She wasn't satisfied with
metaphors either.

She was convinced that Aphrodite herself
was gonna swoop her away when she died.

And, she believed it.
Even after the Doloxan and the radiation...

...failed to stop her cancer.
She was a teacher. She was a...

Oh, she was something to behold in...

At the head of a classroom,
and her students...

Her students loved her.

They'd walk through fire for her.
And then you see this woman who...

seemed so...

eternal, she...

...withered away, and I find myself

having to change her diaper
because she couldn't even...

And at the moment she died,
there was no gleaming Fields of Elysium

stretched out before her.
There was this...

dark... abyss.

And she was just terrified.

She was so scared.

I'm sorry.


Laura, you were terrified.

You saw only darkness.

You can't possibly know
what your mother experienced.

You're still searching.


Doc Cottle!
Doc! Do something!

Nurse, get me some morpha quickly.

It's okay.

It's all right.

All we can do for her now is...
try to make her comfortable.

- That's all?
- I'm sorry, that's it.

All right.

It's as if she doesn't
even see us any more.

She's looking past us.
I've seen that look many times,

but never in the eyes of a Cylon.


You were right.

Forgive me.

It's okay. I'm with you.

She will lead us to the end.

We will now know the truth
of the Opera House.

- The home of the 13th.
- What?

The Hybrid said,
"the missing three will give you the five"

"who have come from the home
of the 13th."

The home of the 13th tribe of humans.

And "the five"... your Final Five Cylon models.

If they've come from the home
of the 13th tribe,

- then they must know the way back.
- They know how to get to Earth.

And "missing three" is the model you boxed

- for looking at the faces of the Five.
- D'Anna.

She can recognise 'em.

Let's go.

Demetrius is waiting for us.

We're here.


You're okay.

I'm not ready. no longer need
to fear the unknown.

...because he will take your hand

and guide you to the other
side of the river.

What river am I talking about?

I'm talking about the river that separates
this world from the next.

There is more to reality
than the things that we can touch,

taste or even see
with our naked eyes.

There is another realm.

All hands to jump stations.
Prepare to jump the ship.

All hands to jump stations.
Prepare to jump the ship.

Come on. Come on!

- Sublight.
- Go.

- Helm.
- Go.

- Nav.
- Go.

- Tactical.
- Go.

Jump solution checks. Nav is go.

- FTL.
- Drive's up 100 and stable, go.

The board is green.

She's gone.

Or they'd be back by now.

Execute jump in five...



Dradis contact! Cylon baseship.
It's right on top of us.

Hold the count! Hold the count!

Baseship is squawking Colonial ID.

I've got a comm signal,
but it's really weak.


Demetrius, Athena.
Demetrius, Athena.

Gods, it's good to hear your voice.

Copy that, Helo.
The baseship is ours.

- Mission accomplished.
- Then let's go home.

I need to talk to you.

- Certainly. Come in.
- Thank you.

- Can I get you some water?
- Yes.

You really believe that there's something in
this horse manure that Baltar's peddling?

I don't know.

Something is happening here,
and I don't really understand it, Bill.

You both had the same dream, means...

What? Talk to me.
What's going on?

Kara comes back from the dead.

I let her go off chasing
her vision of Earth.

Well, she's overdue.

Lee turns in his wings.

Helo, Athena, Gaeta...
Will I ever see those kids again?


Look at me.

I'm right here.

Right here.

We're going to find it.

- Earth?
- Together.

I used to think it was
such a pipe dream.

I used to use it as a carrot
for the fleet.

What made you change?


You made me believe.