Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 5 - The Road Less Traveled - full transcript

When a Heavy-Raider manned by Leoben Conoy docks aboard the Demetrius, confrontations form between the crew over the possibility of a truce with Cylon rebels, while Starbuck puts her trust in an old enemy.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica...

Helo handpicked a crew for you.
I'm giving you a ship.

We liberated the Demetrius.
A sewage recycling ship.

Now go.
Find a way to Earth.

I'm telling you guys,
this thing is a setup anyway.

I mean, you think that the old man gave her the ship
and then cut her loose?

Hey, that's enough of that crap.

Resurrection ship didn't make the jump.
Now Cavil's baseships are breaking formation,

- taking positions around our periphery.
- They're going to attack.

They've taken out our FTL!

No resurrection ship.
They're really trying to kill us.

Stay the frak away from me!
I heard you. You're Cylons!

Bunch of frakkin' skinjobs.

You think Cally killed herself
because of you, don't you?

- She thought we were having an affair.
- We weren't.

No, that's right.
I'm not a cheater, I'm a Cylon.

I'm not a priest.
But that doesn't matter, you see...

Something in the universe
loves me.

God only loves that which is perfect,
and he loves you.

He loves you because you are perfect...
Just as you are.



I'm glad you're here.
I might have found something.

Before that, we need to talk about
making our rendezvous with the fleet.


No, no, no.

No. Come on.

Here. What do you think?

It's hard to say.

Spectroscopics are promising.

But according to this, we already did
two long-range recons in that grid.

Both no joy.

Third time's the charm, maybe.

All right, I'll have Sharon prep to go

as soon as Anders gets back
from his scout.

Hey. What about you?

You been getting any sleep?

I don't know... Not...
Not much.

It was so clear when I first got back.
If I could... If I could just focus...

I know that I can find
that sound again.

I gotta go see the CAP off.

We'll talk when I get back.

Hold up.

I think I'll go with you on this one.

You haven't flown a CAP
since we left the fleet.

I think I'll go with you on this one.

I need you to tell me that
all this somehow makes sense.

This was my husband, James.

My two children, Danya and Reece.

They were on Picon when
the Cylons attacked.

What do you feel when you
look at this photograph?

I feel rage!

- Against the Cylons.
- Not just the machines.

Anyone involved.
The engineers who designed them.

The corporations, the politicians who
provoked this war

and then did nothing to protect us.

- And, most of all, the gods.
- The gods.

They stood by and let it all happen.
Yes, I know.

I know.

I am so sorry, Phoebe.

I sympathise.

Unfortunately, the gods cannot be blamed
for not coming to your aid.

It's not because
they weren't listening.

It's because they don't exist.

The gods we've been praying to
for thousands of years do not exist.

They can't help you
because they are not real.

We have been pandering
to our own ignorance

for far too long.

Now, on my own journey,

I've been wronged, persecuted.

I prayed to the gods...

...on my knees, begging them for mercy.

I received nothing in resp...

I could've lived in that
abyss of bitterness,

but that will destroy you
like nothing else.

But I chose to forgive.

And, most importantly,
I began with myself.

Third time's the charm?

And you just went along with it?

It's called following orders, Lieutenant.

It's called dragging our feet.

Starbuck's pushing our go back deadline
to the last second.

She's afraid of what Adama's gonna say

when he realises her vision
was just a pipe dream.

- You've got to be kidding me.
- She's taking a Viper out now?

- She can't be serious.
- Maybe she could do a little finger painting...

I've heard enough bitching and moaning
to last a lifetime.

Two more days and we're
back with the fleet, okay?

Until then, everyone just shut up
and do your jobs.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Starbuck, Hotdog.
Didn't catch that. What are your orders?

Hotdog, Demetrius.
You know the drill.

Keep your eyes open and stick close
to Starbuck's wing.

I know you're out here somewhere.

Come on.

Starbuck, dradis contact.

Demetrius, we've got an inbound.
One bogey bearing 1-4-9er.

Roger that. Call action stations.
Spool up the FTL for emergency jump.

Action stations, action stations.
Set Condition One throughout the ship.

This is not a drill.
Repeat, action stations, action stations.

This is not a drill.

Son of a bitch, I knew it.

Demetrius, Hotdog. I've got visual.
Cylon heavy Raider.

Starbuck, Demetrius. Report.


Demetrius, I'm seeing blast damage
all over this thing.

Starbuck, what are your orders?

Come on.

Talk to me, shoot me, do something.

Starbuck, what are your orders?


I'm alone.

It's not an attack.

I knew I'd find you.
Knew you'd be out here searching.


I'm here for you, to offer a truce
between Cylon and human.

And a chance for you
to complete your journey.

Heavy Raider docked at aft airlock.

The animal part that controls it looks dead,
and we found one Leoben aboard.

Starbuck's still taking one hell of a chance.

- If it wanted to kill us, we'd be dead by now.
- Just means he wants something else.

Thank you for this.

- We were praying for a miracle.
- It wasn't a miracle.

It's like I knew you were out there.

I'm not picking up any gamma emissions, sir.
Raider's packing conventional weaponry, only.

- No nukes.
- All right.

Keep checking for tracking devices.
Anything that might give up our position.

- Don't look at me like that.
- I'm sorry.

But, the difference between the way
you were on New Caprica and now...

- I'm the same person.
- I have eyes, I can see.

God has taken your hand and purged you
of the questions, the doubt.

Your journey can finally begin.
But there isn't much time.

The others, the ones I left behind,
they need your help.

- But not as much as you need theirs.
- Why?

- Your crew. They don't trust you.
- I need you to tell me why I'm here.

Captain, we should move the prisoner.

A blue planet...
Surrounded by clouds.


The Hybrid.

When she first described it to me,

how beautiful it was, I cried.

You need to go to her, Kara.

The Hybrid. She'll tell you things.
Amazing things.

We're done here.
Get him out of here.

Wait! Take him to my quarters.

Just do it!

It may never make any sense.

Hangar deck crew tells me you've been
obsessing over this place.

Going over the logs.

Replaying the accident
again and again.


What is it?

I spoke to Cottle.

Cally was on Moxopan and Cosapine.


How did she go from
antidepressants to suicide?

Well, she was emotionally disturbed.

She would've left me.

She never would've left Nicky behind.


...what do you think then?
Someone killed her?

Galen, you have to let it go.

No, I gotta figure out what happened.

What if she knew?

How would she have known?

Maybe she sensed it.
I mean, she was your wife.

You've been different since the nebula.

Maybe she was afraid of you.

Maybe it was God's will.

We don't know why these things happen.

God does.

And he has plan for us.

For whatever reason,
her death, our awakening,

you gotta trust that
it's all for the best.

- Why are you here?
- Because we are in this together.

And I am here for you, Galen.

I know exactly where you are right now.
I have been there.

Until Gaius helped me realise that...

Whatever has gone before,

whatever I have done,
it doesn't matter.

We can still change.

You spend way
too much time with Baltar.

So I guess I missed
all the excitement, huh?

What's the deal?
This Leoben, has he said anything?

Don't know.

Starbuck ordered the guards to wait outside,
lose the cuffs.

Said she didn't want to be disturbed.

- Guess I'll talk to her.
- Why don't you do that?

Hey, hey, hey...

- Get the hell away from her.
- Sam, what the... Sam, stop it!

- What is wrong with you, Kara?!
- Stop it!

- Marines, in here now!
- Leave him alone.

You know...
You know what we have to do.

- Just remember there isn't much time.
- Get him the frak out of here!

Cuff him and lock him in storage!

What is going on with you? Kara!

He can help us.
The Cylons, they understand about Earth.

And you believe him?
After everything he's done to you?

Kara, he kept you locked up
for months on New Caprica.

The frakkin' mind games!

I swear to gods this is not a dream.

It's real.

I'm glad you're here.

You and Kara, did you get things worked out?
Because you should.

You weren't meant to be enemies.

No. That'd be you and me.

What do you want from Kara?

The same thing I've always wanted.

For her to understand her destiny.

- That's not good enough.
- It's good enough for her.

What is the most basic
article of faith?

That this is not all that we are.

C- Bucks rule.

- What did you just say?
- Forward guard, right?

I saw a couple games.
You were good.

Yet after all the celebrity and acclaim,
what were you?

Just another face selling magazines?
Another piece of scoreboard trivia?

You always knew you were
destined for more.

You were just waiting for your
singular moment of clarity.

Well, maybe I just found it.

You kill me,
Kara's dream dies with me.

I don't think so. I think you download
into another Leoben body

and you spew more lies.

No one's coming back.

We were lured out of resurrection range.

Ship was attacked. We survived.
The baseship was damaged.

We were set adrift.

What are you talking about?
Who attacked you?

War has broken out between the Cylon.

Battle lines have been drawn

between those who embrace their nature

and those who fear it.


You can blow yourselves
to hell for all I care.

That's one way, that's one way.
There's another. An alliance.

Allow our paths to converge.

You save us from our savage brothers.

And our old one, the Hybrid,

will show Kara the righteous path.

And together, they'll lead us
to the promised land.

Together, we will find Earth.

He said his baseship was attacked,
they were ambushed by their own kind.

So now the Cylons want us to rescue them.
That's novel.

Well, he's proposing an alliance
between us and his damaged baseship.

- How's that supposed to work?
- Yeah, are we just supposed to let them piggyback

on our nav and FTL systems and help them
jump out of harm's way?

- They'll join forces with the fleet.
- Right.

- If it's true.
- What the frak?

- Are you actually thinking about doing this?
- XO, listen.

Bringing Leoben on board, that was questionable at best.
But jumping back to his baseship?

- It's suicide.
- Nothing's been decided.

And what? You trust Starbuck to make the
right decision? Cause she's out of control.

- What are you saying?
- We are running on fumes, Anders.

In two days we are gonna be overdue
for our rendezvous with the fleet.

We gotta do something before
she takes us all down with her.

Are you talking mutiny?

'Cause that's sure what it sounds like.

You wanna tear this ship apart,

then keep railing up the crew making
your crazy Starbuck cracks.

Otherwise, I suggest you both
shut the frak up.

Starbuck is leading us into a trap.
Cylons are gonna capture the freighter.

They're gonna have nav data
straight back to the fleet.

Then we better keep that
from happening.

Order the CAP back,
and lock down the ship.

As soon we can work through the jump
coordinates from Leoben's Raider, we go.

It's a chance to find Earth!

I intend to take it.

Not that I particularly care,

but since I haven't been arrested
recently or beaten up, can I...

Can I surmise that the president
has not been apprised

of my pirate broadcasts?

Actually, I told her all about them.

I even suggested she speak
to the admiral.


I guess you'll have to do
something about that.

Or not.

Even Roslin and Adama must realise the
movement's taken on a life of its own.

It's gonna take them more than
bashing few heads to solve this.

The truth is you're not worth another
confrontation in the Quorum.

You may be drawing more bodies
to your crusade,

but they're from the fringes.

No one of consequence.

Get some clothes on.
They're waiting for you.

- You think you have enough?
- Doesn't matter.

They're not coming to be fed.
They're coming to hear Dr. Baltar's word,

and learn from it just like we did.

The past is written.

Impossible to change.

Why are so many of us
living in the past?

Living with the shame
of what we have done.

When we could live... awe of what we might do.

What we might do.

What will we do?

Spiral endlessly through the heavens
until humanity itself comes to a close?

Or do we look inward...

...and find that strength within?

Can you believe these people
are actually buying into Baltar's crap?

- We need to talk.
- I don't have anything to say to you.

Well, then you can listen.
Come with me.

Unity, life...

I've been cutting you some slack
because of Cally. But that's over.

You gotta pull yourself together now.

Suck it up. Just like you, huh?

Now what is that supposed to mean?

I hear you've been spending some time
in the lockup with the Six.

Remember when this all started?
You said nothing would change you

from the man you want to be.
How about it, Colonel?

- You still the same old Saul Tigh?
- Anything I've done I can live with.

Well, that's the difference
between you and me. I can't.

Tory's got in her head we can be
the salvation of the human race.

All I know is if there is a God,
he's laughing his ass off.

EVA is almost complete, Captain.

Demetrius, Mathias.

I've finished inspection
of the aft section.

- She's a big sucker.
- Okay, wrap it up, Sarge.

- Get back to the nest ASAP.
- Roger that, Athena.

I was getting bored
with the view anyhow.

Hold up.

Got a leak.

Some kind of gas venting
through a crack in the hull.

Something's happening.

Mathias, report.

Mathias, report!

Please. Please don't clap.

What are you all doing here?

The reason that we are all here

is 'cause the old ways
have failed us.

It doesn't matter if you're a believer
or a nonbeliever.

It certainly makes no difference to me.

You are all welcome.

Mr. Tyrol?

Mr. Tyrol?

I know that we have had our differences,

but I am begging you right now
to set those aside.

Come down here and take my hand.

If not for yourself,
then for your wife.

For Cally.

She would've wanted this.

Cally wasn't like me.

She forgave you for New Caprica.

Even read your bogus manifesto,
but not me.

You may have your sheep fooled.

They may be buying into your
message of forgiveness.

But let me tell you. There are some sins
that even your imaginary god

can never forgive.

I have not been talking
about an imaginary god.

I am asking you to take my hand.

Take my hand, Mr. Tyrol.

For Cally.

It's what she would've wanted.

- Get off of him!
- Leave him!

Leave him!

You didn't know her!

I heard an explosion.
Are you all right?

What'd you do?!
Blow the tylium stores?!

- That's the Kara I used to know.
- The Raider's in pieces you motherfrakker!

Sergeant Mathias is dead!

Not that you give a damn!

- You can't think that I had anything to do with that.
- I wasn't even on the deck.

I was too busy believing you
instead of watching out for my crew.

My ship was under fire.
The reactor could've been damaged.

It was a setup.
Say it!

- Hit me, hit me again.
- You used me to get close to the ship.

How many times you kill me on New Caprica?
Don't stop now.

- Frak you...
- Go on, do it.

I won't come back this time I promise.
Resurrection ship's out of range.

Go on, do it. Do it!

It doesn't help.

Does it?

Nothing feels quite
like it did before.

Does it?

What are you doing to me?

All of your life... forced back the truth
by lashing out at everyone around you.

Anesthetizing yourself
with ambrosia and empty affairs.

- You've lost the taste for those petty things.
- I'm the same person.

No, there's a void and emptiness
that can only be filled

by taking the next step
on your journey.

- What happened to me the two months I was missing?
- I don't know.

The mandala, the paintings, my mother...
It had to mean something.

You have to make peace
with your past.

- Why?
- Because that part of you is gone.

I told you when I first came aboard this ship
that you had changed.

I look at you, I don't see Kara Thrace.
I see... angel blazing with the light of God.

An angel eager to lead her people home.

This is bad.
This is really bad.

- She can't explain this one away.
- So you think she's a Cylon now?

Starbuck's racked up more kills
than any pilot in the fleet.

Yeah, Starbuck maybe.

But who the hell knows who got off
that Viper two months ago?

I'm not really very good
at any of this.

We've all come to remember
Sergeant Erin Mathias.

To grieve for our loss.
To honour her.

Mathias is dead because of me.

We've all heard the words, the prayers,
but I don't know what it even means any more.

We want to believe
that she died for something.

But in this war,
people die and it is just stupid.

It's an accident. There's no nobility to it.
There's nothing we can grab onto

that's gonna make it any easier.
They're just gone.

I have to live with that.

You know, I know...

that this has been
a difficult mission, and...

...maybe I haven't...

Captain, we've downloaded
the rendezvous coordinates to the FTL.

We're ready to jump back
to the fleet on your order.

We're not going back to the fleet.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- We came out here to complete a mission!

That baseship has something
to do with it and I know it!

Captain Agathon, lock down the ship.
Prepare to jump.

You know what? Frak her and frak her
little pet Cylon, okay?

- Pike!
- Baseship was never part of the mission.

Okay, one of us is dead now. One of us is dead,
and if we don't leave right now

- we are all going to die, all right?
- Let it go... Just let it go, all right!

If I don't do anything,
we're all gonna die!

- Get out of my way!
- You have your orders Pike, now back off!

- You better choose which side you're on, Captain!
- Walk away.

Walk away and this
doesn't go any further!

You'd be the one to protect
that Cylon thing, right?

Gaius, I just don't understand what you're trying
to accomplish. I mean this man is psychotic.

- My message for everyone, especially the ones who
don't wanna listen. - I just don't think it's safe.

Five minutes, that's all.

Mr. Tyrol?

- Gaius I don't really think...
- There is nothing to be afraid of.

Be careful.

Look, Chief, I...

I'm here to ask for your forgiveness.
About my presumption earlier.

You were right, you know.

I hardly knew your wife.

I'm sorry.

Would you mind if I...


I know it's hard to...

...make sense of things sometimes.

In my own life...

In my own life,
I joined the fleet as a scientist,

as a sceptic,
as supposedly a man of reason.

Only to have fate
turn that all on its head.

But I understand now
that there is a purpose to it.

We change. We evolve.

Maybe we even learn
something along the way.

I have committed...

...unconscionable crimes.

And I have been offered
one last chance of redemption.

Because I chose to accept my fate,
not fight it any more.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Chief.

She was a very beautiful woman,
your wife.

I'm also told, quite spiritual.

You know, I don't expect you
to believe me, but...

...I would very much like
to have known her better.

Thank you.

Action stations, action stations.
Set Condition One throughout the ship.

Are you really gonna do this?

I don't have any choice.

Yes, you do.

FTL's spooled, Captain.

Good. Set the clock.


Captain, I'm asking you to reconsider.

There's not enough time.
We don't go now, we lose our shot.

That's assuming we believe the Cylon,

assuming we believe Leoben's
coordinates are right,

we'll not jump into a nest of baseships
or in the middle of a star...

Galactica's standing orders are clear.

If we miss the rendezvous,
Adama will assume we're dead or captured.

- They will leave us.
- No. Not Adama.

Listen to me,
we can jump back to Galactica.

Okay, if the admiral's for it, we can re-supply.
Send out an armed patrol.

Do not do this, Helo.

I can't allow you to risk
the lives of this ship's crew.

When the admiral put me in command,
told me to trust my instincts.

Find the next marker, see if it checks out.
Lead the people from fleet home.

That is what I intend to do!
Now, prepare to jump!

I'm sorry, sir,
but I cannot obey that order.

Then you are relieved, Captain.

Mr. Gaeta, you are now the new XO.

Prepare to jump on my mark.

No, sir.

Okay, everybody needs to think
about what they're doing here.

They have thought about it, Sam.

They all have.

It's a mutiny.

Captain Thrace,
as XO of the Demetrius,

and acting under article ten
of the Colonial military code...

...I'm hereby relieving you of command.