Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 20 - Daybreak: Part 2 & 3 - full transcript

A stripped down Galactica attacks the Cylon's Colony ship in the hopes of rescuing Hera. The meaning of the shared dream in the Opera House on Kobol is revealed. Sam Anders is moved in his Hybrid tank to the CIC in the hopes that he will be able to assist the combatants. Their mission complete, Admiral Adama orders Starbuck to pick a destination - any destination - to which the ship can jump to get out of there. With that, the meaning of the tune and the musical notes are explained. Having successfully jumped, the old Galactica has truly reached the end of it's life. A planet capable of sustaining life is found and Lee Adama makes a radical proposal for the future of humankind. In a flash forward far into the future, Hera's importance to the human race is revealed.


40? I've never paid
more than 30 on Picon.

This ain't Picon.

(CHUCKLES) All right,
you got me there.

This ain't Picon.
All right, 40.

Show him a good time.

I don't want
a lap dance, okay?

Try it!
You'll like it.

Keep the 40,
he deserves it.
Thank you.

So, are you gonna
take the job or not?

Maybe I should
just do it.

Letting my pride
get in the way.

Now you're talking.

I mean, who cares?
It's one hour of
your time,

and then you have
a whole new life,

a life without
midnight watches or
drills or Fleet politics

or the inspections
or any of that crap.

Life! You could be
here every night.

He won't be
here every night.

Can hardly
get him here once.


To retirement?

What do you say?

To retirement.

ELLEN: Yeah!



You're fired up.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Help me up, boys.
Help me up.




Look at that.

She's the finest kind,
my Ellen, the finest kind.

If you don't
participate in the
political conversation,

then you are
giving up your voice.

You're giving up
your right to have a say

in the way that
our society is run.



You've really bought
into all that crap,
haven't you?

I do, proudly.

And so have you,
by the way. Yeah.

'Cause that's what
the uniform stands for.
It's what we train to defend.

Oh, you didn't.
It's true.

No, no, no, no.
That's sad. That's sad.

It's cute,
but it's sad.

Let me guess,
he's going on about voting

and its importance
to a democratic
way of life again.

So, you were listening.

You didn't tell me
that your brother's
an idealistic dreamer.

The sad truth is,
he's not.

Beneath that
romantic exterior

lies the heart
of a true cynic.

Really? This is
going to be fascinating.
Things are looking up.

Yeah, it's one of the
many, many, many reasons

that him and Dad aren't on
speaking terms anymore.

Oh, come on.
Family angst and drama.
I love it.

Come on, boys,
let's open up
some old wounds.

No, let's not.
ZAK: Dad believes
in the system,

believes in the uniform,
believes in something
greater than himself.

Dad believes in himself,

his uniform,
his system,
his way of life,

and if you're not with him
in that tiny little bubble,

then you might
as well not exist.

If you hate him so much,
why'd you follow
in his footsteps?

(EXCLAIMS) Touché.

Service gave me
four years of college.

I gave the service
four years in return.

Simple as that.
See? A cynic.

Right through to that
big empty space that
used to hold his heart.


Honey, I think
I'm starting to
like your brother.


ROSLIN: You must be Sean.

Yeah, I must be.

I hope so.


I'll take these.
They're beautiful. Thank you.
You're welcome.

Do you like
white wine?
I do.

Kind of awkward, huh?

Blind date and all?

No, it's not, really.

It's just that
I have this feeling
that I know you.



There you go, Sean.

Thank you.

So, wait a minute.

You were
one of my students.

Yeah, guilty as charged.

I mean, as soon as
Marcy mentioned
your name I knew,

but I didn't
want to tell her.

And you knew
I was old enough
to be your...

Teacher? Yeah.

But I graduated
some time ago.

Should I go?
Did I say you should go?

I didn't say
you should go.

The night's young.
Apparently, so are you.
Let's see what happens.




Thank you.

You wouldn't do it.

For that kind of money?
Gods damn right I would.

No, you wouldn't.

Look me in the eye
and tell me that
you'd do it,

that you'd do it for
a civilian desk job.

I want to hear it
come out of your mouth.
Say it!

I frakking knew it.


Come on, soldier.

I love you guys.

You guys are my family.


Oh, my Gods.
Oh, my Gods.
Come on.

I love you, brother.
Come on, big boy.

All right. In you go.


APOLLO: You want out?
Please. Thank you.

Well, he never
could hold his liquor.

Unlike his brother.

Hey, I'm still standing.


Which means
it's time for shots.


Where is Bill?

He took a walk.

Look at
all my rent money.

I will never
have to work again.

Tell me again you're
really quitting this time.

Well, that depends
on the old man.

But you're older
than him, you know.



When are you gonna
strap on your own pair

and stop following him around
like some lovesick kid?

You always have to
go one step too far,
don't you, Ellen?

It's the truth, Saul!
You wanna know something?

That man has ten
times more integrity

and guts than
anyone I've ever met.

And if that is
not worth following,

then I don't know
what the frak is.

Fine. Go ahead
with your real lover.

You'll come back to me,
Saul, you always do.



There's no need to
torture yourself, Gaius.

Just trust in
God's plan for you.

What is God's plan for me?

Well, you're
following it right now.

Am I?

By taking charge of
mankind's remnants

and guiding them
to their end.

End of what?

PAULLA: Gaius.

We're ready to go.
Five seconds, Paulla.

I'm just...

I'm already taken
care of, actually.

I didn't say
it was for you.

A woman of many talents.

With a whole bag of tricks.


Are you thirsty before...

What the hell
are you doing here?

No, I'm sorry,
what exactly is...

What exactly is...

How did you get in here?

Your friend
let me in.

Yeah, I see you've
poured some ambrosia,
thank you, Calvin.

Should I go?
What you should
do is go upstairs,

turn left,
hit the bedroom
and get ready.

Round the mountain
we shall go

We shall go, we shall go

I think you ought to
run along home now,
Calvin, don't you?

You are in big
frakking trouble,
you better believe me.

You don't think I'm gonna
tell your mom about this?

Total abuse
of my respect.

It's very touching.

the neighbor's geek son.

BALTAR: You're intruding
in my home.

He worships you,
you know that?

Look, I think it would be
a good idea if you left

before I inform
the authorities.

Fine, fine.
If that's the way
you want to play it,

then you see,
I'm ringing the police.
I'm dialing.

police department, please.

I found your father
a new place to live.

Yeah, I'd like to...


The Regency.
Down by the wharf.

Very tony address.

Full-time care,
social activities,
medical staff.

And the best part,

they encourage
residents to garden
and grow their own food.

Julius will be
a farmer again.

His things are
being moved this very
moment by the staff.

They'll be set up
in his new room

exactly how he had
them in the apartment.

He loves it.


Once I showed him
around the facility.

Your father's a very
complicated man, Gaius,

but there's
a few simple things
that make him very happy.

The last time I saw him,

he seemed happy.

COTTLE: I'm leaving Ishay
enough for two more
rounds of injections.

That should keep
you on your feet
for another 48 hours.

Two days. Okay.
That should be enough.

You're using up the last
little bit of life you got.
You realize that, don't you?

Yes. You've made that
clear to me several times.


Right. That's it.
You're done.

Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you, Doctor.

I'm just doing my job.


You've done much more
than that. You've taken
a patient who should've died

years ago, and you've
given her a chance,

despite cancer
and the Cylons and her
own obstinate nature.

And you've given me
the little time
I have left,

(STAMMERS) and for
that, you have my...

My heartfelt gratitude

and my thanks.


Well, I don't know
what to say.

No, no, don't, don't.

Don't spoil your image.
Just light a cigarette
and go and grumble.


She's your patient
now, Ishay.

Ishay, I can barely
see straight.

I'm not surprised.

You're so pumped full
of drugs you could
float off this bed.

Okay. Two days?

All right, two days.

The plan's just starting
to take shape, but one
thing's clear.

Raptors get
the toughest job,
as usual.

This will require some
special piloting skills,
and I mean special,

threading a needle
while you're on a
rollercoaster special.

While it seems a little
redundant at this point,

the word's come down
that it's a volunteer
assignment, so...


That's my Raptor

Always looking for new
and interesting ways
to get killed.

I'm not going to lie
to you boys. We are thin
on intel on this one.

The Cylons believe that
the most logical place for
Cavil to have taken the girl

is deep into the
interior of the colony.

Best guess. Right here.

ADAMA: We'll be in too
close for nukes. Same
thing goes for missiles.

No, this is going to be
strictly a gun battle.

Like two old ships
on the line, slugging it
out at point-blank range.

I want the gun captains
to do their job and start
firing immediately

and to continue to fire
until they run out of ammo.

Then, I want them to
start throwing rocks.

They're gonna have every
gun trained directly on us
as soon as we jump in.

If we have any
shot at this,

we're gonna have to
interrupt their fire
control systems.

And just how the hell
is Sam supposed to
help with that?

If we can plug him into
Galactica's dradis,
FTL and C3 systems,

his mind should then be able
to directly communicate
with the colony's Hybrids

once we jump in.

Theoretically, his mind
should still be able to
control their commands

and slow down
their response time.


Let's do it,
I guess.

There's a catch.

Routing hardware connections
from all those systems
all over the ship

into this room is
gonna take weeks.

It's a lot easier, faster
if we just move him
to the existing lines.

Okay, where's that?

Well, the best place
is the CIC.

ADAMA: You're out of
your frakking minds.

It's the best and
fastest way to hook him up.

I'm not gonna hook up
a Cylon into the CIC.

Admiral, it is
the only way.

And that means no.

I'm not crossing
that line.

You had us all cross a line.

Me, Sam, Lee,
the President, everyone.

We are out here on
this crazy-ass mission

because you couldn't leave
that little girl behind.

It is time for you
to cross that line.

This ship,
this precious hunk of metal,

hooked up to a Cylon,
that hits you where it hurts?

It's always
everyone else sacrificing

our blood,
our lives, our honor,

while you stand
there on your high horse
and we bleed around you.

For you.

I'll come back in a bit.


Hook Anders up to CIC.

ADAMA: I need someone
to lead this Fleet

who I trust and
demands universal respect.

So the Baseship and
the Fleet are yours.

Thank you, sir.
I won't let you down.

I know you won't.

And I'll see you
at the rendezvous.

If we're not
there in 12 hours,
we won't be coming.

Yes, sir.

Good hunting, sir.

Thank you,
Admiral Hoshi.


Still not too late
to flush them all
out the airlock.

Take too much time.



I suppose this is
what you could call
poetic justice.

Or what goes around,
comes around.
Either way,

Mr. President.

Thank you, Mr. Adama,
and the best of luck.

Admiral Hoshi, sir.

The "sir" has...
Right. Good luck.

You too, sir.

President of the Colonies,
Admiral of the Fleet,

All right,
last Raptor out, people,
last Raptor out.

Anyone left behind,
your ass belongs to us.

Great. Can we
tuck this in there?


Listen, I'm not
coming with you.

Gaius, please,
Gaius, our people need you.
I've made up my mind.

I don't belong
to you, Paulla.
I never belonged to you.

You appropriated me.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry if
I led you to believe...

They're all yours now,
Paulla. Enjoy them.

you have your passengers.

Gaius. Don't do this.

Maybe I'll see you
in the next life.


APOLLO: Doctor.

This is so frakking crazy
I can barely stand it.

Have faith, Tory.

In what?

Human ingenuity?

Luck of the Gods?
Random chance?

We have to try.

That little girl may
very well hold the key

to the survival of
the entire Cylon nation.

If she can
bear children...

Who gives a frak?

What about us?
What, we're
supposed to die happy

because Hera can have kids
and the entire Cylon
nation can survive?

Come on. What good
does that do me?

MAN ON RADIO: Galactica.
Baseship actual.

Flag has been transferred
to the Baseship,

and our Vipers are ready
to take over CAP duties
for the Fleet.

Roger that, Baseship.
You have the CAP.

Safe journey.
Godspeed, Galactica.

Let's go around the horn.


This is the XO.

All combat stations
prepare to report.


ISHAY: We'll set up triage
here. Just prep the table
the way that I do.

TIGH: Weapons.
MAN 1: Go.

Separate out the wounded.

MAN 2: Go.
Those we can save,
and those we can't.

WOMAN 1: Go.

How will I know?

Take this marker.

Damage control.
MAN 3: Go.

Put an "X" on the forehead
of those who are
too badly hurt,

and you'll know
when you see them.

Main batteries.
MAN 4: Go.

Engine room.
WOMAN 2: Go.

We're next.

Sick bay.

Sick bay to go.

Viper wing.

Assault One.

Assault Two.


Reserve forces.


Com One.
MAN 5: Go.

BALTAR: Caprica.

Com Two.
WOMAN 3: Go.

What are you
doing here?

I don't think
you should be here.

Probably been
in more battles
than you have.

Fair point.
Life support.

MAN 6: Emergency
systems standing by.

Yeah, I suppose the more
pertinent question is
what am I doing here.

What the hell
was I thinking?

Secure blast doors
on all decks.


I think we're
a go up here.

All stations report, sir.

Connect me just
to the ship.


This is the Admiral.

Just so there'll be
no misunderstandings later,

Galactica's seen
a lot of history,

gone through
a lot of battles,

this will be her last.

She will not fail us

if we do not fail her.

If we succeed in our
mission, Galactica
will bring us home.

If we don't,

it doesn't matter anyway.

Action stations!


Start the clock.
Start the clock.

Jump on my mark.

Five, four, three,
two, one. Mark.


We can't take
much of this.



It's time, Sam.

Look through the eye
to know thyself.


CAVIL: One of the
Final Five must be
disrupting our systems.

It's Anders.
Has to be.

He's hooked up to
the frakking Hybrids somehow.

We gotta do this
the hard way.


ELLEN: The colony
Hybrids are offline.

They'll be launching
Raiders any minute.


Launch all wings.

Birds are away.

All ahead, flank speed.
Three, two, one. Hit it!

TIGH: All hands
brace for impact.

Assault One, standby.





Here they come,
let's take them!

APOLLO: Light it up.

Assault team, on me.


You guys scout
me out, okay?

We've got pressure, sir.
One atmosphere.

Assault One,
we got pressure.

Alpha Team,
helmets off.

Move out.

I think we lost Cartwheel.

Dradis is almost
useless out here.

I hope that works both ways.
Any sign they've spotted
our approach?

I haven't looked at
the instruments in
a while.

I don't think you
want me to start now.

Maybe not.

Let's go
weapons hot, Skulls.
We're getting close.

You sure about that?

No, but I don't wanna come
out of this crap with cold
weapons, either.


Nukes are hot.


You know, this reminds me
of that time back during...

Battery Three,
redirect your fire
10 degrees starboard.

Concentrate on taking out
the Cylon batteries.

Hotdog and Ladykiller,

concentrate on taking
out Cylon Raiders coming
in at 084 count...

All right, Galactica.
We got them.

a hard seal. Go.



BOOMER: You're gonna just
keep doing the tests?

Even with the colony
coming down around your ears?

I think you overestimate
their chances.

They may have confused
our Hybrids temporarily,

but we have
superior firepower
and superior numbers,

and in the end,
it's all about mathematics.





Sam. Sam, listen to me.

You're pushing too much
energy through the ACS.

You gotta back off,
or you're gonna blow
the main bus, you hear me?



There are secrets
within lies, answers
within riddles.

Lay off the ACS,
you betcha, Galen.

Open your mind and hear
what your heart wants
to deny. End of line.

You never should
have trusted her.

Trust didn't
enter into it.

I simply miscalculated
her need to engage in
gestures of futility.

We have to assume
that she'll try
to make contact

with the Colonial forces
aboard the colony.

It's time to go
on the offensive.

We must be cautious.
Too much force could
risk killing the child.

Really? You think?

Please continue stating
the perfectly obvious.

It fills me
with confidence.


I'm proud of you.


For doing this.

For being here
when you could've
just walked away.

I don't think I ever said
it before, but I always
wanted to be proud of you.

Guess I always felt
that was the only
thing missing.

NO. 6: All the pieces are
falling into place.

You will hold the future
of Cylons and humans
in your hands.

I will?
I will?

You see them?
You see them?


Reconnect me!

Cylons just blew
a hole into Deck 21.

Frakking Centurions
will be pouring in
at platoon strength.


On me, let's move!


Tell the old man
I owed him one.

Doesn't change anything
you did, though.


We all make
our choices.

Today I made a choice.

I think it's
my last one.

All right, this is really
touching. Can we get
the hell out of here?

You should know
that your Raptor's
been destroyed.

You can't go
back that way.

Yeah, well,
that's not
the plan.

Can you not
tell her the plan?

ATHENA: Right.


TIGH: Missed the trap
seven times in two days.

a new Galactica record.

Regs say that you've
washed out, Rook.

Time to look
for a new career.

What do you want
me to do, sir?

Do you want me to beg
for my billet? Do you
want me to crawl?

I want you to land your
frakking bird without
digging holes into my deck.

How's that, huh?

How about being a pilot,
an officer worthy
of the uniform?

Take your job seriously.
Don't let your personal
life get in the way.

I've read your jacket,
your whole story.

I know that your family's
gone, and I know that you
have no home.

All you got is the
service, and it's
slowly slipping away.

(SIGHS) All because
you're all wrapped up
in survivor's guilt,

and you're trying to
find a way to wash
yourself out.

The doctor's in.
Check your neuroses
at the door.

A lot of people have died
on this ship. There's a lot
of ghosts running around here.

You don't want to pull
them into your cockpit
with you,

because you won't
come back alive.
Do you understand that?

Yes, sir.

(CHUCKLING) I don't think
you do, but maybe someday
you will.

For now,

make the trap
tomorrow, Rook.


Thank you, sir.
I owe you one.


You and a lot of
other people owe
me one,

but you know what,
very few people
ever pay back,

especially the ones that
owe you their lives.


I'll pay you back
one day, sir, when it
really means something.

You do that.


ISHAY: Okay, get this guy
cross-checked and set
me up a large-bore IV.

I need a set of vitals
on this Marine over here.

I want a CT scan here
on this one, and get him
the frak out of here.

ROSLIN: Here we go.
It's all right.
You're gonna be all right.


He's a goner.

All right, you'll be...
You're gonna be all
right. Okay.

What took you
so long?

Stopped for coffee.

How many other
Raptor teams
made it?

Haven't seen
anybody else.


Okay, back
the way we came.

Guns, point.
MAN: Yes, sir.

We're retracing
our steps.

ADAMA: Say again,

I cannot copy your
last transmission.

This is the XO.

Red stripes to repel
boarders, Deck 21,
portside, frame 10.

APOLLO: We got the prize.
Repeat, we have the prize.

Formed up with Assault Two
and are heading back to base.

Roger that.
ETA five minutes.
Actual out.


Fire! We got
a fire up here!


Connect me to
Command Unit.
MAN: Yes, sir!

Move reserve forces
to guard airlock.

Assault force is en route.
ETA five minutes.

I repeat. ETA five minutes.


APOLLO: We're friendly!

MAN: Hold your fire!

Rangel, Peters, form up!

Sorry about that.

Doc, you did good.
BALTAR: Thank you.

We'll take Hera.
Right. Come on.

Right. Come on.

Come on.
Bring Hera.

APOLLO: Get them out
of here. Get them out
of here.

Fall back. Fall back!


Oh, my Gods. Hera.

MAN: Clear.



STARBUCK: Check his status.

Keep that belt tight on
and get back here!


ATHENA: Hang on.


Hera! Come back
here. Hera!

HELO: Look at me.


No, you'll bleed out.







I'm empty.

Two rounds.




I've been here before.


We're supposed to...

Go into the
opera house.


MAN: This one's
still alive.

Get him the hell
out of here!

They got the girl.

They've got
the little girl!



This makes it
a lot easier.

I just take
the little girl
and I'm out of here.

Not a chance.


Cavil, we won't
let you take Hera.
You know that.

I know nothing
of the kind.

I know I'm going to
watch you chase your
tails across the universe

for another four years.

TIGH: That's not
gonna happen.

This thing is the key
to my people's survival,

and I'm not leaving
without it.

Hera's not a thing.
She's a child,

and she holds the key
to humanity's survival,
as well.

And how do
you know that?

I see angels,

angels in this
very room.

Now, I may be mad,
but that doesn't mean
that I'm not right.

Because there's
another force
at work here.

There always
has been.

It's undeniable.
We've all experienced it.

Everyone in this room
has witnessed events
that they can't fathom,

let alone explain
away by rational means.

Puzzles deciphered
in prophecy.

Dreams given to
a chosen few.

Our loved ones,


Whether we want to call
that God or Gods or some
sublime inspiration

or a divine force
that we can't know
or understand,

it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.

It's here. It exists,

and our two destinies
are entwined in its force.



If that were true,
and that's a big "if,"

how do I know this
force has our best
interests in mind?

How do you know
that God is on
your side, Doctor?

I don't.

God's not on
any one side.

God's a force of nature,
beyond good and evil.

Good and evil,
we created those.

You wanna break
the cycle?

Break the cycle
of birth? Death?

Escape? Death?

Well, that's
in our hands,

in our hands only.

It requires
a leap of faith.

It requires that
we live in hope,

not fear.

If I leave you this girl,
that means the destruction
of my people.

How does our extinction
fit into this picture

that you want
us to believe in?

We'll give you


You give us Hera
and we will give
you resurrection.

But the war
ends here.

You leave humanity
in peace

and give up the pursuit
now and for all time.


How do we know
we can take your
word for it?

You don't.

You have to make
a leap of faith.

It's your call, Bill.
I'll back you either way.

I'm losing a lot
of men out there.

I can do something
about that right now.

Give me that phone.

Patch him through.

Hello? Hello,
it's me, Cavil.

Stand down,
all forces!

Cease fire immediately!

Galactica, Hotdog.

They're pulling back.

Repeat, they're
pulling back!


stand down.

I'm as good as my word.

Admiral, Viper wings aboard.
We lost four birds.

Assault forces aboard,
and we've lost seven Raptors.

ROSLIN: What are
they doing?

Each of them knows
part of the secret
to resurrection,

and they're gonna
interact with the
data flow in the water

and... I don't know.

It's a lot of complicated
technical talk about
sharing the information

among the five of them
and then transferring

it over to the
colonies somehow.

Now, for a moment,

we're going to know
everything there is to
know about one another.

I'm looking
forward to that.

There are certain
things that...

That we've all done,
certain things that

people would be
shocked to learn about.

Hey, I don't
mean to rush you,

but you are keeping
two civilizations waiting!

Let's just all
agree that no matter

what we learn
about each other,

we're all Cylons,
and we're all capable
of making mistakes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you're forgiven for
all your dark secrets.

Let's do this.

Any word?

We're getting
the data now.

It looks right.

They're downloading
the resurrection
designs now.


They've broken
off the download!

It's a trick!
Open fire!






We've gotta
get out of here!

Jump the ship!


I don't have the
rendezvous coordinates!

It doesn't matter!

Just jump us out
of here now! Jump!

Just trust yourself.

(PANTING) There must
be some kind of way
out of here.



STARBUCK: I thought that if
I assigned numbers
to the notes...

If that's me lying there,
then what am I?

SAM: I look at you now
and I don't see
Kara Thrace.

I see an angel
blazing with the
light of God. Angel.


You're tempting fate.


If I have a fate then
it is set, and thinking
about it

isn't gonna make it
happen any faster.

Okay. Fair enough.

But flying?

When you're
thinking about dying...

(CHUCKLING) It's a bad
way of doing business.

You're gonna
get scared,

and you're gonna start
second-guessing yourself.

I'm not scared.

You said that you
think about dying

every time that you
get into a cockpit.


Well, hello!


Yeah, but it doesn't
scare me, Lee.

That's what
you don't get.

What, so it's Kara Thrace,
the fearless warrior?





No, I know...
I know fear,

and I get
scared, just...

Just not of dying.

So then, what
does scare you?




Being forgotten.






You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.

TIGH: Sir.

ADAMA: Sitrep.
Damage report.

I'm okay,
I'm okay, go.



Wake the frak up!


You're getting sloppy.


I don't know what
you're talking about.

I'm not an idiot.

Neither is the XO.

Just be careful, okay?

Okay. All right.


I appreciate the heads-up.

You're welcome.

You know, there's people
you can count on
and people you can't.

It's good to know
the difference
between the two.

We're mostly here.

The engines,
life support.

There's red lines
through her lateral
structural members.

She's broke her back.
She'll never jump again.

Wherever we are is
where we're gonna stay.

Where have you
taken us, Kara?

Glad you could
join us, Admiral.

Lieutenant Hoshi
suits me
just fine, sir.

Admiral stars turned out
to be a little heavy.

Happiest day of
my life when I saw

that Raptor jump in at
the rendezvous point.

Well, there you
have it, Admiral.

The most
advanced civilization

we could locate
on this planet.

I can't see them
talking to each other, sir.

Either they
communicate a different way,
or they're pre-verbal.

Judging by the look
of their tools,

which are rudimentary,
to say the least,

I'd suggest that we found
an early, ritualistic
tribal society.

They bury their dead.

I came across a grave
a couple of clicks
back and ran some tests.

Their DNA is
compatible with ours.

Meaning we can
breed with them?

You got a one-track
mind, Doc.

What? Listen, I'm talking
about the survival of the
human race, actually,

not some get-together
with the natives.

You also have no
sense of humor.



Right, I'm sorry.

ADAMA: How is
that possible?

Human beings naturally
evolved on a planet

one million
light years away.

The odds against
that are...

Astronomical, yeah.

One might even say
there was a divine
hand at work.

Well, whoever's
responsible, we're here,

and here's where
we're gonna stay,

with our
new families.

My vote is that we
clear everything back
to this ridge.

There's easy access
to the water down
by the river.

In fact, the whole area
is ripe for cultivation.

HOSHI: We should be able to
lay out the preliminary
lines for a city

within a day or two.


No city.

Not this time.

What do you
propose we do?

APOLLO: We break the cycle.

We leave it all
behind and start over.

You're talking
about a little over

38,000 people,
the entire human race,

with nothing but the
clothes on their backs
and some provisions.

It's not the
entire human race.

There are people
already here.


Without language, even.

Well, we can
give them that.

I mean, we can
give them the...

The best part
of ourselves.

And not the baggage,
not the ships,

the equipment,
the technology,
the weapons.

If there's one thing
that we should have
learned it's that...

You know, our brains
have always outraced
our hearts.

Our science charges ahead,
our souls lag behind.

Let's start anew.

ADAMA: We'll land
civilians at various points

around the planet.

Our objective
will be to spread

the people out as
much as possible

to give them the best
possibility of survival.

Supplies will be
evenly distributed
throughout the camps,

and locations
will be documented
and given to everyone.

I have to say, I'm shocked
at how amenable everyone
is to this notion.

I would have thought
there'd be a general
uprising at the idea

of losing whatever
little creature
comforts we had left.

Don't underestimate
the desire for a clean
slate, Mr. Lampkin.

Have you made
a decision?

The Sixes, the Eights,
and the Twos have
decided to stay.

See how we can
contribute to
a world

before we pass
into God's hands.

We'll give the Baseship
to the Centurions,

let them find
their own destiny.

I think they've
earned their freedom.

And what if
they evolve again
on their own

and decide to come back
in a few hundred years
and wipe us out?

It's a risk,

but I think setting
them free may be enough

to break the cycle
of violence.

ADAMA: Then it's
a risk worth taking.

And I agree.
They've earned it.

Now, once the civilians
have been offloaded,

the Fleet will
leave the orbit

and rendezvous
with Galactica.

The course of the
Fleet will be plotted

into the nav computer
ahead of time,

but the actual piloting
will be done by Mr. Anders.

He'll guide the entire
Fleet directly into
the sun.




I love you.



I'll see you on
the other side.

MAN: Is your name
William Adama?


Are you an officer
in the Colonial Fleet?


Are you a Cylon?

I'm sorry, Bill.
We're still establishing
tests for the control.

I need verifiable
yeses and nos.

No, I'm not
a Cylon.

Have you ever
stolen money from
a cash drawer?

Have you ever
stolen money...

Enough of this crap.

Take this thing
off of me right now.
No job is worth this,

no matter how fat
the paycheck is.

I'd rather spend
the rest of my career,
or what's left of it,

in a broken-down
old ship,

than have someone
sit here and
question my word.

SAM: Perfection.

That's what it's about.

It's those moments

when you can feel
the perfection of

the beauty of physics,
you know, the wonder
of mathematics

and the elation of
action and reaction,

and that is the
kind of perfection

that I want to
be connected to.

You're sure this is
what you want, Galen?

Yeah, I'm sure.

I'm just tired of people,
humans, Cylons, whatever.

Last Raptor out tomorrow
is gonna drop me off on
this island that I found

off one of the
northern continents.

It's cold. It's up
in the highlands.

There's no people.

Good luck.

For what it's worth,
if what happened

to Cally had
happened to Ellen,

then I'd have done
the same frakking thing.




I thought Bill was coming.

He's taking a leak.

Oh, nice.

Hey, order me
a drink, honey,
and keep them coming.

Tonight we are
celebrating your

and all the time I'm
about to get to spend
with my husband.

Are you good
with that?


Saul! All I've ever
wanted was to be
with you.

Not just weekend
liberties or a two
weeks' leave a year.

I mean full-time.

You and me, together
in a house, in a tent,

homeless and
on the street.

Just be together.


Excuse me.



Oh! Don't drop me!

To us!


BOTH: Mmm!



There are so many.

Wait, I wanna...

See more detail.





a very beautiful world.

Does it have a name?




It's not Earth.

Earth is a dream.


One we've been
chasing for
a long time.


We've earned it.
This is Earth.

Okay then.


It's fine.


I'm having trouble




Would you like to get
a better look at them?


Yes, I'd love it.

What... What
do you mean?

What? Why?

What are you doing?

Watch me.

What are you doing?
Put your arm
around me.

Can you?


I don't have
much time, Son.

I understand.

What do you
hear, Starbuck?

Nothing but the rain.

Grab your gun and
bring in the cat.

You should go.

You know,
my very earliest
memory of my father

was him flying away
on a big plane

and wondering when
he was coming back.

He's not coming
back this time.

No, he's not.

Neither am I.

Where are
you going?

I don't know.

I just know that
I am done here.

I've completed
my journey,

and it feels good.


You and I,

right here,

right now.

On the table?


I dare you.

I double-dog
dare you.

(SNICKERS) Double-dog dare?

I double-dog
dare you.




All right.





Something's broken.

I guess I better
get going.



It was nice
to meet you,

Lee Adama.

Likewise, Kara Thrace.

So what about you?

What are you gonna do?

Today is the first day
of the rest of your
life, Lee.


I always thought
when this was all
done I would


kick back,


spend the rest
of my days doing

the absolute minimum
humanly possible.

And now that
you're here?

I want to explore!

I wanna climb the mountains.

I wanna cross the oceans.
I wanna...

Gods, I can't believe
I'm saying this.

It sounds so exhausting.
I must be crazy...

Goodbye, Kara.

You won't be forgotten.


SEAN: Laura?
You okay?



Sean, it's been
a lovely evening.

Really lovely.

But what?

But I'm afraid
we won't be
doing this again.

Did I...

No, no, not you.
No, you're wonderful.

Come on, then...

You can show
yourself out.

I'm sorry.





Hello, this is
Laura Roslin.

I'd like you to give
a message to Mayor Adar.

Tell him that I will

be joining
his campaign.

Thank you.

All the way
to the end.

No matter what.

All the way
to the end.

So much


It's a rich continent.

More wildlife than
all the 12 Colonies
put together.


Just looking for
a quiet little place
for that cabin.

Maybe a garden.

I don't have much of
a green thumb,

so I hope that you do...


Right there.

I'm gonna build it
right there, Laura.

HELO: Lot of game
on this planet.

I'm a pretty good hunter,
you know?

Yeah, right.

(CHUCKLING) What are
you laughing at? What?

That buck on Caprica.

come on, now.
That's not fair.

Hey, don't you
listen to Mommy.
Daddy is a great hunter.

No, Mommy's gonna
teach you how to hunt.

No, no, no, no.
Real hunting.


And I'm gonna teach you
how to build a house
and how to plant crops.

Okay, maybe Mommy
will teach you that,

but Daddy's gonna
teach you how to hunt.



Will she be
all right?

She survived
thanks to you.

Both of you.

And that's it?

That's all God
wants of us?

God's plan is
never complete.


But I think
it's safe to say

that from now on,
your lives will be less


I've been thinking
I may be able to help
you out after all,

about that thing
you were asking
about before,

getting a peek into
the defense mainframe.

That would mean
a lot to my employers.

Yeah, well,
I'm not doing it
for your employers.

I'm doing it for you.
How would it make
you feel?

I'd be very grateful.

We'll put that
to the test.

Because if anyone
finds out, I could
get my head cut off.

So I'll count on
your discretion.

The things men
do for love.



Yeah, well...

(CHUCKLES) You know
what I mean, don't you?


Over there,
between those
two peaks,

I saw some terrain
that looked good
for cultivation.



You know, I know
about farming.



I know.

I know you do.

ADAMA: I laid out
the cabin today.

It's gonna have
an easterly view.

You should see
the light that
we get here.

When the sun comes
from behind those

it's almost heavenly.

It reminds me of you.

NO. 6: "At a scientific
conference this week

"at the Smithsonian
Institution in Washington,

"the startling announcement
was made

"that archeologists
believe they have found

"fossilized remains
of a young woman

"who may actually
be Mitochondrial Eve.

"Mitochondrial Eve is
the name scientists
have given

"to the most recent
common ancestor

"for all human beings
now living on Earth.

"She lived in what
is now Tanzania,

"over 150,000
years ago."

Along with her Cylon mother

and human father.

Commercialism, decadence,
technology run amok.

Remind you of anything?

Take your pick.

Kobol, Earth, the real
Earth, before this one.

Caprica before
the fall.

All of this has
happened before.

But the question

Does all of this
have to happen again?

This time, I bet no.

You know,
I've never known you
to play the optimist.

Why the change of heart?

Mathematics, law of averages.

Let a complex system
repeat itself long enough,

eventually something
surprising might occur.

That, too, is
in God's plan.

You know it doesn't
like that name.

Silly me.

Silly, silly me.