Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 18 - Islanded in a Stream of Stars - full transcript

With Hera now likely in the hands of John Cavil, Admiral Adama sends out search teams to locate The Colony, the Cylon home world if you will, that Ellen Tigh says is the only place she ...

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

What am I? A ghost, a demon...

You're asking the wrong guy.
I'm just a piano player.

Is that for me?


Holy crap.


There's a lot
still going on in there.

And there's nothing to indicate that he's
having any kind of conscious thought.

What if we could link him to
the data stream like our hybrids?

We have to figure out a
contingency plan for the ship now.

You have to face the fact
that you're gonna lose her.

Boomer's loose.
She's got my frakking kid.

K-Ro, get on the horn to
CIC and alert the Admiral.

Sir, Boomer's pulling a jump.

If she jumps, the space shield disruption
could tear Galactica's guts out.

Hey. Hey. What have you
been bitching about?

It's not our fault the resin won't
bond with these inferior alloys.

In other words, it's our fault that
this goop of yours isn't doing crap,

except making this place smell
like the inside of a latrine.

Really? I thought that was you.

Lady, you work on your side
and I'll work on mine.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on. Hey. Come on.

Not with this guy. Not now.

Stop your bitching.

Not now.

Fine. Fine.

Come on. Let's go.

There's still time
if we go after her now.

Admiral, Hera's
our only chance.

The fact is we have no way
of tracking Boomer's Raptor

and we have no way of
knowing where she's going.

She'll take her to Cavil.
That much is obvious.

Which Cavil? Where?

Could be any one of a thousand base
ships between here and Caprica.

Not just any base ship.

If John's plan all along was to
steal Hera so he could study her...

Study her? They're going to dissect her like
a frakking lab rat, and we all know it.

If he wants to try to determine

what made her a successful
human-Cylon hybrid,

he'll take her to the colony.

The colony?

I guess you could
call it "home."

It's where we and the Centurions
went after the first war,

once we convinced them to abandon
their own experiments with evolution

in exchange for
resurrection technology.

She knows where it is.

So you would have the Galactica
jump into a Cylon's hornets' nest,

risk everything for one
solitary, single child.

Is that what you're
telling me, Colonel?

She's not just any child.

With Caprica Six's miscarriage,

Hera is our people's only hope
of avoiding eventual extinction.

She may be our only hope, too.

I just...

We just experienced
something remarkable.

Hera wrote the notes to a song,

a song that my father used to
play to me when I was a child.

Same song that switched us on
when we were in that nebula.

The same song that
led us to Earth.

Something is happening here, something
that is greater than all of us,

and that little girl is
in the middle of it.

She's the key, sir.

In other words, it's our destiny
to go after her, right?


I've had it up to
here with destiny,

prophecy, with God or the Gods.

Look where it's left us.

The ass end of nowhere.

Nearly half of
our people are gone.

Earth, a worthless cinder,

and I can't even walk down the
halls of my ship without wondering

if I'm gonna catch a bullet for
getting us into this mess.

We're alive, Bill.

Four years ago, I wouldn't
have taken odds on that.

At least give us a recon bird.

We can see what
we're up against.

Make it a Heavy Raider.

I don't want Helo and Athena
to find out about this.


You think I don't know what's
going on in that head of yours?

Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me.

You hate me, don't you?

Say it.

Say it.

Gods frakking damn it.




Bill, I've been having
that dream again.

Move it!

Help me!

Grab him!

Get out!

Grab the door!

Lock it!

Lock it!

I need help here. This
Eight needs immediate attention.

She's bleeding internally.
Prep up for surgery, stat.

Right away, ma'am.

We've got internal bleeding, Doc.
Taking her to surgery.

Right. I hope
we don't lose power.

What's the tally?

Sixty-one dead or missing so
far, including 26 of theirs.



And I'm afraid
that's just the beginning.

The Leobens are calling
it the proverbial straw,

say we've got five
more jumps, max.

After that, there's a 90% chance
of tearing her in half...

I don't want to hear that you
are 90% sure of anything.

You come back when you are
100% sure, you got that?

Go take care of your injuries.

Yes, sir.

I know my own ship. Don't need anyone
telling me how much life she has left.

She's seen worse. She'll
come through for us again.

That frakking Cylon rep, Sonja,

wanted to know when you'd
be transferring your flag.

Transferring to where? Her Baseship?
That'll be the frakking day.

That's exactly what I said.

I'll get on top of
this repair detail.

We'll straighten her out.

Must be tough, saying goodbye
to both of your women at once.

You must feel like
we're abandoning you.

No one's going anywhere.

And neither one of
my women are dying.


They just need a little
more care and attention.


Admiral Adama will be
forced to abandon Galactica.

Yes. At which point

the Cylon Baseship will be
our sole means of defense.

Under the Admiral's command,

augmented by Galactica's pilots,
planes and military personnel,

as it has always been.

Sorry. Mr. Adama, it sure seems

like we're putting a lot of power
into the hands of some people,

and I use the term loosely,

who not so long ago were doing
their damndest to wipe us out.

And your concerns are noted.

As you all know... As you...
Let me speak!

As you all know, we agreed to accept
Admiral Adama's military authority

in return for a seat
on this council.

We intend to abide
by that promise.

Speaking of promises, I have been
complaining about air quality

aboard Hitei Kan from day one.

I am submitting
my requisition now

for Galactica's CO2
and particulate scrubbers.

Excuse me?
As long as we get the FTLs.

The last emergency jump, it
took six minutes to spin up.

- Wait a minute.
- Look.

Obviously, we will have to do a complete
inventory of Galactica's equipment,

maybe even a lottery in order
to ensure a comparable...


of all the equipment.

Now listen to me
for one godsdamn minute!

No one removes so much as one
bolt from this battlestar,

not until the Admiral
tells us we can!


What does Gaius Baltar
say about that?

Gaius Baltar?

I want to tell you
a secret about myself.

Something that I have
belatedly come to understand.

You see, I don't believe
that God speaks to us on high

through some appointed
human mouthpiece.

But he does speak to us.

He speaks to
each one of us directly.

In our hearts.
And it's up to us to listen.

If you find yourself straying
from the one true path,

then perhaps you'll be lucky enough
for God to send you an angel,

to steer you
in the right direction.

Angels, I hear you say.

I don't believe that angels appear to
you in some mystical spectral form.

Angels take the guise of those who
are nearest and dearest to you.

Those who can understand
your doubts and your trials,

and steer you back on
the road to salvation.

I believe in these angels,

because I see them.

Wherever you are in the fleet,

this is Gaius Baltar wishing
you a beautiful day.


Okay, what are we doing today?

Okay, at 10:00, you need to inspect
the new people's medical clinic.

At 10:30, Colonel Tigh
would like a meeting.

Colonel Tigh,
always a pleasure.

At 11:00, we have the funeral.

Okay, we... We need to discuss moving
our headquarters off Galactica.

Yeah, the sooner the better.

Now, Captain Meeker has
already offered to host us,

which I think
is an excellent idea.

But we've also had offers from
Argo Navis and Prometheus.

I didn't realize
we were so popular.

Gaius, the whole Fleet's heard about
what we've accomplished here.

All of these are requests for
new food distribution centers.

Look at all of them.

Well, who's going to
get us all this?

Well, I mean, you have
to approve them all.


Grace, unity, life.


Back at you.

It's all coming together
for you, isn't it, Gaius?

Is it?

You have more power now
than when you were president.

With Galactica gone,
you may even eclipse Adama.

Oh, I'm truly blessed.

I told you if you followed
God's path you'd be rewarded.

You've earned it. Now why don't
you let yourself enjoy it?

Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Excuse me. She's not the one.

She's the only one.

Excuse me,
Caprica. Caprica Six.


It's good to...

Listen, I heard
about your loss,

and I wanted to offer you my condolences,
to tell you how truly sorry I am.

Thank you, Gaius.

I see you've got your...

You know, if you need
any more, we have...

I'm fine.

And also, I'm not...

I'm not aware of your current situation,
but if you need a place to stay...

I've no desire
to join your harem.

No, look...

That's not what I...
That's not what...

We are trying to make a
difference within the fleet.

I dreamt of you last night.

Did you?

That's interesting, 'cause I often...
I mean, I still...

It was an old dream. One in which
we both had parts to play.

Not in this little circus
you orchestrated.

But I guess
all dreams die hard.

I have the time. We could share...
If you wanted to.

You haven't changed,
Gaius. Not really.

You see.

The problem is,

I have.

Colonel. Colonel.

She wants to talk to you. Me?

No, I'm waiting for the...


She is dying.

Could you just take a few minutes
out of your busy schedule

and be with her?


Is that what I should call you?



Thank you.

Thank me for what?

For the privilege of finally being
able to meet my father before I die.

You shouldn't be thanking me.

I've spent most of my life
trying to kill your kind.

Too much confusion.

I want my mommy.

I want my mommy.

I want my mommy. Take me home.

I want my mommy. Take me home.

You know what? It's too bad they never
upgraded the FTL on this relic,

but if you think I'm gonna put up
with your sniveling and your whining

for another dozen jumps,
guess again.

I want my mommy. Take me home.


Let's see if you can
cry in your sleep.

Might be a long snooze, too, 'cause
these don't come in kiddie doses.

Give me your arm.
Give me your arm.

She showed you
the house, didn't she?

I have all our memories
from before the war.

To help fool Helo
into thinking I was her.

Ironic, isn't it, now that
she's returned the favor?

I'm not finished.

That house,
it meant a lot to her.

It must have cost her a lot
to betray him.

I know that you had no idea.

And I know that when you found
out, you turned yourself in.

And I know

that I will never forgive you.

Gaius, damn it!

Time was you couldn't go two steps in
here without tripping over a bottle.

Guess I have Caprica
to thank for that.

Hell, what are you talking about?
You're a worse lush than I am.

Not when I have important
responsibilities to attend to.

I got him to send out
a recon mission.

Yeah, a recon mission.

Our people's future
is at stake,

and you got him to send
out a recon mission.

Our people. Our people.
That's right, Saul.

Thank Gods. Oh, frak.



You want to know who my people are, lady?
The ones on this ship.

The ones I fought
with and bled with.

The old man. This crew.
They're my family.

The only family I've known,
and the only one I care to.


You're a pip, you really are.

Old man.

Old compared to who?

You were my husband 2,000 years
before you even met Bill Adama.

Two thousand years.
That's a number.

That's what it means
to me. It's nothing.

But that man's friendship...

You're a Cylon, Saul.


Whether you remember
that life or not,

at least you must understand
what we were trying to do.

We wanted to end the cycle of
war between man and machine.

That was a bust.

Yes, we failed.

But we have
a second chance now.


Without her, our children are
going to die off one by one,

just like they're dying right
now in Cottle's sickbay.

I had a child.

He died.

You're wrong, Saul.

You had millions.


Come on, you've got to be hungry.
Eat this.

Do you know what I do
sometimes when I'm sad?

I go to this special place.

A house where I wanted to live

with the man that I loved.

And set in the middle
of this beautiful forest.

And the sun.

The sun shines through the
windows all day long.

You can see this?

You can project?

Yeah, you can still eat it.

Missed a spot.

By your left sideburn.

The latch was busted.

Thank you.


do you really believe all that bilge
you were spewing on the wireless?



The angels walking among us.

The angels that bring out our
better nature, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, I do,
as a matter of fact.

Mmm-hmm. And you've seen
these angels for yourself?

With alarming regularity.


That must be important
when you're full of crap.

That's charming.

Absolutely charming. And you are
entitled to your opinion, obviously.

Who are you, by the way, again?


I'm a dead chick, that's who.

Oh, right,
and I'm full of crap.

No, I mean it. I'm dead.
As in six-feet-under dead.

Dead as in "crash landed,
burnt to a crisp" dead.


I took these off my body, what was
left of it, anyway, on Earth.

Take them.

You used to be a scientist,
run some tests.

Pull out the old Cylon detector,
do whatever you need to do,

because I have no idea.

The only thing I know
for sure, I'm not an angel.

We tried hooking him up
to the main power grid,

thought it might help him
reset his neural net.

So, in other words, you tried
to jumpstart him like a car.

Let me guess, it didn't
work so well for you.

Take a break.
Someone has to monitor him.

I'd like a minute alone with my husband.
I'm sure you don't mind.

It's funny, you know, I...

I remember when

I told you that if I found
out you were a Cylon,

I would put a bullet
in your head.

Then some frakker beats me to
it and all I can think about is

how I can get you back.

Human, Cylon, it doesn't
seem to matter.

I just wanted you back.

Because you're just Sam.

You were my Sam.

And that's how
I'm gonna remember you.

The neural anatomy of fear and faith
share common afferent pathways.

Flip a coin. Increased vascular
pressure marks the threat response.

Freewill scuttles in the swamp of fear.
Do not fear the word.

You are the harbinger
of death, Kara Thrace.

You will lead them all to their end.
End of line.

New command. Resume function.

Resume function.
Resume function.

A closed system lacks the
ability to renew itself.

Knowledge alone
is a poor primer.

This has been happening
all over the ship.

Power surges,
temperature fluctuations.

And now you're telling me
it's been him all along?

We had no idea
he had this ability.

How's he hooking into the ship?

I thought all our systems
were firewalled.

Well, they are, which is why he
hasn't accessed your computers.

But the organic resins we've been
injecting into your superstructure

contain inductive elements,
not unlike nerve fibers.

So he must've linked to
those, and then through them,

the electrical circuitry embedded
in Galactica's bulkheads.

What about our FTLs, now that
we've upgraded with your tech?

Are they vulnerable?

So theoretically,

he could jump this ship if he
wanted to, just like yours did.

End of line. Begin reintegration
of right hemisphere...

Great. That's all we need.
Take him offline.

Do it!

There's a hole in the bucket,
dear Liza, dear Liza.

There's a hole in the bucket.

A long view returns
patterns and repetitions.

All has happened before
and all will happen again.

That's a blessed relief.

"And so I walked, like
the beat cop I used to be.

"When you walk, you see
things in different ways.

"A street, faces, it all
becomes a map for you.

"A map that's always changing.

"But when something's wrong,
something's out of place, you notice.

"A cop's eyes always notice,"

"and those eyes were one thing
they couldn't take away from me."


You look spiffy.

Going to the funeral.

For the crew that
we lost in the accident.

Open to page 61.

Don't worry.

Cottle won't mind.
It's medicinal.

I can't believe you saved this.

Do you remember that day?

Yes. New Caprica.

Baltar's groundbreaking.
We talked and talked.

About a lot of things.

Guess what I'm thinking
about right now.

Give me a hint.


A stream running
into a little lake.

Water so clear, it's like
looking through glass.

Your cabin.

The one you wanted to build.

The one I never did build.

It's amazing how much
I still think about it.

You know, sometimes I wonder

what home is.

Is it an actual place,

or is it an absence
we carry inside of us?

Some kind of longing for something,
some kind of connection?

You know, I spent
my whole life on Caprica.

I was born in one house,
and then I moved to another.

Then I moved into a dorm room in college
and then there was a series of apartments.

Mostly alone.

I was always looking for
something a little bigger

or the perfect couch.

And then,


And then, now

I don't think I've ever
felt truly at home

until these last few
months here with you.

I know you love this ship.

You probably love her
more than you love me.



And you'll miss her

the way you will miss me.


I won't have to.

Bill, if you don't
get us off this ship,

you may lose both of us
at the same time.

Won't you give us a chance?

All right, let's get back
to where our intrepid...

What is he?

A detective.

When I woke up I thought
I was back on Caprica.

And I swear to Gods, it took me
about a week to remember my name.


Why would you... That...

That's a stupid frakkin' word.

I mean, what's that
mean anyway?

It's like an omen.


All right. So, I know,
like, you know,

rain down death and destruction
and doom on everyone.

You know, that's supposed
to be my so-called destiny.

I pretty much figured the whole
Earth thing covered that.

'Course, could also
mean you're, like...

A herald.

That's like an angel, right?

Don't know. Maybe.

Okay, so I'm like death's
frat buddy, whatever.

You know, I don't care.

Except that
you hoped finding...

Felt like things
we're opening up, like...

Like I was meant to do something
else, you know, not just this

screwed up...


Shut the frak up already.


I'm sorry. Sam's in
some Cylon coma.

But listen to yourself.

You're sitting here guzzling
booze and bitching and moaning.

Only none of it matters.

'Cause you're here.
My daughter isn't.

She was the one pure thing to come
out of this whole miserable mess.

And now she's gone.

And I can't do
a damn thing about it.

So, sorry if I don't feel like sharing
your pain right now, Captain.

Get off the piano, that's a...
Get off the piano!

All right. Okay. All right.

Get off the piano.


Broke a glass.

Cavil moved the colony.


Judging from the residual energy
readings, about five months ago.

Just before the civil war.

And you have no idea
where he moved it to?


Now, excuse me.

Anything you imagine in here can
be as real as you want it to be.

Do you want to see
a special room?

A room where I thought
my daughter would live.


Can I walk with you, sir?

I'm going to the funeral.

I understand
if you're not going.

I'd like your permission, sir,

to take out a Raptor to go
and look for my daughter.

I'm sure Athena would be
willing to pilot, and...

I've already sent out a recon
mission, and they reported back.

You did? We were
looking for a facility

where we knew Boomer would probably
take Hera, but it was no longer there.


let me take out that Raptor.
Maybe I can find something.

She's gone.

I've lost a son,
and you've lost a daughter.

But I can't condone
a suicide mission,

so let it go.

You want me to let it go?

You're the one
who can't let go.

Painting over the
holes in this bucket...

This ship is dead, but my
daughter might still be alive!

I understand your pain,
Captain, but don't lecture me.

You're here to take orders,
do you understand?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

One Raptor, Admiral.

Maybe it is a suicide mission,

but at least give me the chance
to do something. Please.

For those that
we have lost in the past,

and for those that
we are burying today...

They gave their lives...

We must remember...

to save this ship...

there is a higher purpose...

- Casualties as much...
- And so...

as any soldier
fallen in battle...

we mourn the passing
of our friends...

Heavenly Father...

We must understand...

grant us the strength...

that what
we sacrifice here today...

- ...the wisdom...
- ...are women and men...

and above all
a measure of acceptance...

of extreme courage...
...however small...

because that is what we are.

Voyagers traversing
the stars in search of grace.


- Unity.
- Unity.

- Life, love.
- Life, love.

- So say we all!
- So say we all!

So say we all!

Present arms.


Listen to me,
for death is not the end.

And I'm not talking
about Cylon resurrection.

I'm talking about
the gift of eternal life

that is offered to
each and every one of us.

Yes, even the most
flawed amongst us.

All we need is the courage

to face death when it comes
calling for us, embrace it, even.

Only then will we truly have
the ability to cross over.

As one amongst us here
has already crossed over.

One amongst us here

is living proof that there
is life after death.

The blood on these dog tags

comes from necrotic flesh.
That means a dead body.

The DNA analysis is a
100% proof-positive match

for one Captain Kara Thrace.

I told you there were
angels walking amongst you.

When will you believe me?

She took these from her
own mortal remains

that lie on Earth even now,
interred with her bones...

That's enough, Baltar!

Ask her yourself.

I will put you in the brig now!
She will not deny it.

She's not a Cylon.

They've already
been revealed to us.

Ask her yourself.
She will not deny it!

Dismissed, everyone!
Off the deck now!

Kara. What are you doing?

Okay, listen to me.

I don't care, right. I don't.

We've all been through
some crazy, crazy stuff.

I don't care
what he's talking about.

And he can talk until
he's blue in the face

about God, Gods,
miracles, life, death,

whatever he... I don't care.

I don't care what
you think you saw.

I watched your Viper explode.
Don't care.

I'm here. You're here.

'Cause I'm Lee and you're Kara.

The rest of it
isn't worth a damn.


You're right.

I cannot help what people say

and I can't control
who believes it.

It's okay.

This is all that matters.


I'll see you around.


Kara Thrace.

You wanted to see me?


I made some decisions.


About time you sent those
toaster work crews packing,

for all the good they've done.


I'm stopping all the
repairs on the ship.

Put out the orders that I want the crew
to start stripping down Galactica.

Pack in all the weapons
and gear.

Let's start off-loading
civilians by tomorrow.

Full crews and ordinances
transferred by the end of the week.


We're abandoning ship, Tigh.

No! No, you can't do this.

I have to, Saul.

She's dying,
and we both know it.

So she's hurting, so what?

Just like that you're going to
turn you frakking back on her

and leave her out here to rust
like some mothballed relic?

It's all right. No!

As your XO, I can't let you do this.
I won't.

It's all right, Saul. You
don't have to do this for me.

Look, all right.

If you want me to give the
frakkin' order, I will. But...

You don't have to act out
the part anymore.

Well, now I don't know what the
frak you're talking about.

You've never let me down, Saul.

I can't blame you
for being what you are,

especially since
it includes being

the finest officer and
friend I've ever had.

This ship never let us down, so we're
going to send her off in style.

The old man...

Ellen was right, if anyone's
old around here, it's me.

Two thousand years
and counting.

And I've still got
my own teeth.

So we're gonna do this, huh?


She was a grand old lady.

The grandest.

To Galactica,
best ship in the fleet.

To Galactica.

Everything went
smoothly, I take it?


It's a shame I can't be there to
see the expression on Ellen's face

when she realizes
how we played her.

You had a hard day's work. Go get some rest.
We'll take it from here.

Don't worry. We'll
take good care of her.

No. Boomer.

There, there now. You'll have all
sorts of new playmates pretty soon.



Make sure she gets
through okay, please.

I know you can hear me, Sam,

just like I know on some
level you'll understand.

The old me is dead and gone,

same as the old you,

just took me
a while to accept it.

Which brings us
to the larger question,

why am I here?

We could spend
a lot of time speculating,

but since it's likely to be
a one-sided conversation,

I'll just tell you my theory.

I think it has something
to do with this music.

This song that my father tried
to teach me when I was a kid,

the song that woke up the
Five, that led us to Earth.

There's a pattern there,
a pattern that I can't see.

But I think that you can.

So we are going to
sit in this room

and we are going to
pick it apart beat by beat,

until we figure it out.

Talk to me, Sam.

New command.