Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 17 - Someone to Watch Over Me - full transcript

Kara meets a pianist who reminds her of her father. She tries to play a melody she remembers from her childhood, and a drawing made by Hera helps her. Meanwhile, Boomer is to be tried for treason. Tyrol takes her side, and helps her escape.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

Hairline fractures
in all the beams.

Her bones are rotten.

There's something on the
Baseship that can help.

It's this organic resin.

It'll grow into the metal.

It strengthens
it as it matures.

Oh, my Gods. That's Ellen Tigh.

Nice to see you again.

This is Boomer.

Marines, take this Number
Eight to the brig.

If that's me lying there,
then what am I?

What am I?

Reveille, reveille.
Up all bunks and turn to.

Sweep down all compartments.

Empty all trash cans.

Make a clean
sweep fore and aft.

Lay below to the master-at-arms
office for muster.

All restricted personnel.

Attention on deck.

Have a seat.

It's 0621.

Sync with me.

In three, two, one.

Hack 0621.

Our mission is
the same this week

as it was the week before that,

and the week before that.

We'll be flying Viper CAPs in
conjunction with heavy Raider pickets

from the Baseship.

Those of you who just came
back from six-day planet hunts

will get two days local duty
before going out again.

Remember, the first one who
sights a habitable rock

will get this fine
oral hygiene product.

It is the last tube of Tauron
toothpaste in the universe.

Gods know most of you need it.

Our mission is
the same this week

as it was the week before that.

And the week before that.

Planet-hunters, make sure
to draw long-duration provisions.

If those clapped-out FTLs go
down when you're out there,

you're gonna get mighty hungry waiting
for the SAR birds to find you.

As you know, the mutiny
has thinned our ranks.

We cannot give all you
Raptor jocks back-seaters.

Savor this alone time.

But do not whack too much.

We need you to
conserve your O2.

Remember to savor
your alone time.

Wank as little as possible.
Conserve your O2.

Planet search assignments
are on the duty board.

Be advised the
repairs to Galactica

will continue to cause
sporadic power outages.

Six has the color assignments
and your recognition signals.

Engines start at 0710.
Good hunting.

So, the stop-drilling
and the shoring compound

will buy the Galactica

a few more jumps, but not many.

How many?

Impossible to say.
Till the hull caves in.

But we're not ready to give
up on the old girl just yet.

Well, if there's
nothing else. Sonia,

I wanna congratulate
you on your election.

I look forward to seeing
you taking your seat

in the Quorum of ships'
captains next week.

Thank you. But you
should know something.

When we convene, I intend
to formally request

that the Eight you're holding in
Galactica's brig be returned to us.

Boomer? Yes. Sharon Valerii.

She put two holes in me.

I'm afraid I didn't
word that right.

We don't want Boomer set free.

We want to try
Boomer for treason.

Sharon Valerii sided with
Cavil in the Cylon Civil War,

which killed thousands
of our comrades.

And if she's convicted?

Before the civil war,

resurrection made capital
punishment pointless.

But now that
we're all mortal...

You want to kill her.

There's a lot
still going on in there.

Dr. Gerard said these
readings are unprecedented

and, frankly, bizarre.

And they haven't
changed in weeks.

And there's nothing
to indicate that

he's having any kind
of conscious thought.

Well, maybe his brain is
rebooting, reorganizing as it heals.

The last thing we need
is you jerking our chains

with a lot of quack ideas.

So why don't you take
them someplace else?

What if we could link him to
the data stream like our hybrids?

His eyes were closed last time.

Well, that's
not unusual in a coma.

Doesn't mean anything.

You're gonna have to
come to grips with that.

And how am I
supposed to do that?

You need to
get on with your life.

If there's any change, you'll
be the first one to know.

Gods damn it, do you have to continue
to play the same lame-ass song?

Give it a rest.

I'm not playing the same
lame-ass song, I'm composing it.

Been at it for four days now.
It's hell.

So then quit. What's the point?


The point is to bring a
little grace and beauty

to an otherwise ugly
and brutal existence.

Oh, give me a frakking break.

Is that what you
were doing when

the Cylons attacked
the 12 Colonies?

Did your music
stop one missile?

Pretty cynical point of view.

Something happened to you.


I wonder what it could be?

Okay. Closing time.

Drink up and let's go, folks.

I have an observation for you.

You wanna be an
immortal composer,

you better learn how to
play that thing first.

You know, sometimes at work,

I try and conjure up
what your face looks like.

The curve of your lips.

The way your hair falls.
How you smell.

You see my face every day.

Yeah, but not like this.

You know, what we had...
Was nothing.

Nothing. You're
a machine, I'm not.

Well, whatever I am.
I know how I felt.

Software doesn't have feelings.

How many of us ended up with the
people we really wanted to be with?

Got stuck with the best
of limited options.

And Why?

Because the ones
we really want,

that we loved,
were dead, dying.

Oh, no. Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey.

I love you, Chief.

Gods damn it!

Come on, people, you can't draw
your power from the same bus!

You said you
had something for me?

Come in.

I got something that
will cheer you up.

Hey, Hera.

What you drawing? The stars?

They're very good stars.

Thank you.

Recognize any of this?

That's my stuff.

We all thought you were dead.

Yeah, the pilots auctioned it off.
I know.

It took me a while, but I managed
to buy, beg and steal them back.

That for me?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Hey. What about the rest?

Keep it.

Thank God.

I don't know why I'm here.

You know, when I
shot the old man...

The things that you said to me.

The way that you
looked at me...

I thought New Caprica was a
way to set things right.

You can't force people to love
you at the point of a gun.

I know that now.

But at the time
I felt betrayed.

So I wanted to forget you.

And hate you.

Didn't work.

I've thought about you every day since
that moment I died in your arms.

Me, too.

If I had known back
then what I am...

I know.

Galen, it's okay. Really.

I mean, the important thing is
that we both know who we are now.

Let's make the most with the
time that we have left.


What the hell is this?

Our house in Picon.

It's the one that we planned
to build when we mustered out.

Stop. Stop.

Stop this.

I'm sorry. Galen, I thought you'd
be okay with Cylon projection.

The critic returns.

I thought I'd see if you're
making any progress.

You tell me.

It's longer. Lot of notes.

You hate it. I didn't say that.

You were savagely honest
with me the other night.

Why be diplomatic now?

I'm not being diplomatic,
you over-sensitive jackass.

I said I liked it.




Hard to put into words.

Made me think of

someone chasing after a car.

Not exactly what
I was going for.

I was trying to convey
a sense of loss.

That's what I meant.

It's like losing someone
that you care about.

Their car pulls away.
You chase them.

But they're going too fast.

So that's it.

We're just gonna
sit on our hands?

Let our people kill
her for vengeance?

What do you expect us to do?

Issue a formal
decree of clemency?

We can't interfere.

We can't set
ourselves up as Gods.

The rebels are the aggrieved parties.
They have every right

to determine Valerii's punishment.
Can't. Can't. Can't!

Boomer saved your life.

You wouldn't even be here
if it wasn't for her.

And I will testify
to that at her trial.

But I won't try to stop it.

We have to let justice
run its course.

Then they will kill her.

Sure as hell.

We're all in hell.

Thanks for your input, Colonel.

He just lost his child,
for God's sake.

You leave him be.

How long have you
been going there?

A While.

Became my secret retreat.

A way of feeling close to you.

Do you remember

how we obsessed over
every little detail?

That was you obsessing,
I was just


Really? How many floor
plans did you draw?

That's being thorough.


We never had a chance
to build our house,

so I built it in my head.

And I wanted so much
to share it with you.

Are you sure? I don't want
to put you through any...

Okay. We nailed
the first movement.

Now, what about the second?

I got nothing.

It's okay. It's just
the next hurdle.

The key is to,
you know, not panic.

Trust yourself,
something's gonna come.

It's part of the process.

Is part of the process also
stealing from other composers?

That piece you're
riffing off of,

it's Nomion's 3rd Sonata,
Second Movement.

I mean, it's what it
sounded like, anyway.

No, you're dead on the money.

It's pronounced Nomion.

Anyway, he's my touchstone.

Whenever I come up dry, I
look to him for inspiration.

And for somebody who
hates music so much,

you know an awful lot about it.

My dad used to play.


So what's the story?

He forced you to learn?

And he was such a perfectionist,
you grew to hate it?


No, I loved it, actually.

He used to sit me next to him
on the bench when he played.

Smell of tobacco on his breath.

He taught me a few songs.

I used to try so hard
to get them right.

Not because I was
afraid he'd get angry,

but because I knew
he'd be so proud.

There was this one song
that he taught me.

It made me feel happy and
sad all at the same time.

The best ones do.

How is it possible that I
found my body and I'm still here?

I mean, what am I?
A ghost? A demon?

You're asking the wrong guy.

I'm just a piano player.

When I was leading
the Fleet to Earth,

everything seemed so clear.

For the first time in my life.

I knew what I was doing
and why I was here.

Now, I'm just adrift again.


It may feel like hell.

But sometimes lost is
where you need to be.

Just because you don't
know your direction,

doesn't mean you
don't have one.

Madam President.

I'm asking you as a
personal favor to me,

don't sign that.

Don't do that, Chief.

Personal feelings are what
Sharon Valerii preys upon.

You know that.
Better than any of us.

You need to clear your head.

You don't have to kill her.

Leave her in the brig.

No. Uh-uh.

She is a danger in the
brig, out of the brig.

Danger to us. Danger
to our Cylon allies.

This can't be the last option, Madam.

Madam President, please.

We're done here.


You're dismissed.

Somebody check their box.


What? What? That was good.

It's crap.

Well, maybe you need
to take a break.

Get yourself laid or something.

I dissipate the tension.

Is that why she left you?

It's a pretty deep
grove on your finger.

Had to have been
there for a while.

Too long.

She didn't leave me.
I left her.


She wanted me to quit
playing the piano.

You left her for that?

I was playing steady gigs-

Making decent money.

Then we had a kid.

She said it wasn't enough.

Said I had to get a real job.

I told her I might as
well cut my heart out.

My Gods, you're
just like my father.

You start a family, the going
gets tough, you ditch them?

Did you ever stop thinking
about yourself long enough

to consider what
you did to your kid?

Oh, you got it. Thanks, Chief.

Every time the Godsdamn
power goes out

we gotta go down
and check the locks.

Prisoner still secured.
She slept right through it.

You gonna stay a while?

Word is they're shipping
her out tomorrow.

No. I said all I needed to say.

So maybe what your
old man did was wrong.

But he still left
you with something.

He taught you how
to play the piano.

I never played after he left.

What about that song?
That song he taught you.

The one that makes you happy and sad
at the same time. Play that for me.

I don't frakking remember it.
And even if I did,

I wouldn't.

That son of a bitch
never came back.

He never called.
He never wrote.

So you quit playing
to punish him?

Come on, play me a song.

It won't hurt.
Come on. Come on.

I'll show you.
It's easy. Come on.

Don't make me hurt you.
There we go.

That goes there.

That goes there.

Go ahead.

It's okay.

It's okay. You play. Please.

I'll play. I'll
play if you play.


I hope you're here to
fix the frakking shower.




Hey. I didn't think...

You didn't think
I'd let you go on

a six-day mission in deep space

without a proper
goodbye, did you?

Next flight team's not
suiting up for another 20.

You smell good.

Yeah, I made a trade
for some real soap.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Taste as good as it smells?

Hey, something wrong?

Cottle was right. I never should
have insisted on seeing him.

His eyes were open.
I wasn't ready for that.

The little guy was
looking right at me.

It's all right. I think
you almost had it.

Something's missing.

Well, it's the left hand.

Listen, I'll play down here.
I think I know...

I think I know what you're doing now.
Hang on.

Holy crap.


Play the bottom, okay?

Just come in when you
think you're ready.

Okay? Hmm.

Hey, baby.

Hi. Oh!

Guess what Mommy
brought you? Mmm.

Drink it all, yeah.
Mmm. Good, right?


We forgot all about
our physical today.


Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa.

Let me give you
a hand with that.

Easy, easy, Chief.


What the frak?

That's the song.

Where did you learn
to play that song?

I played it as a kid.
My father...

What are you talking about?

Who did this?

Come with me.

I can't do it without you.

Yeah, you can.

We'll meet again.

There's something
I want you to remember.

All the things that I said

about us.

I meant them with all my heart.

So no matter what happens...

He fired before
he acquired the target.

Gave away his position and
that was the end of him.

So, don't let this
happen to you.

During this exercise
we could have six

or eight ships hitting the
merge where the fight starts.

So keep your head on a swivel,

especially in the vertical.


Oh, my Gods. Athena?


Okay, okay.

In the locker room,
it was Boomer.

Did she get Hera?

Six, get a med team here right
frakking now. Yes, sir.

Get on the horn to CIC and let
them know Boomer's loose.

She's got my frakking kid.

Yes, sir.

ISO, Athena, what's the
delay with my flight clearance?

Please hold, Raptor 719.

Looks like we 're still waiting for
traffic to clear your flight path.

Stand by for instructions.

Come on.

She's not buying it.
She initiated prestart.

Boomer, this is
Galactica Actual.

Return to checkers
red and shut down.

Hoshi, Vector the
CAP to intercept.

Blue Leader,
Galactica Immediate.

Proceed directly to Galactica.

Engage Raptor 219.
Weapons free.

Blue flight, rolling in hot.

If you launch, Boomer,
I will shoot you down.

I don't think you want to do
that while I have Hera on board.

We can't let her
get off this ship!

Retract the flight pods.

Sir, she's spooling to jump.

If she jumps inside the ship,

the spatial disruption could
tear Galactica's guts out.

Retract the flight pods.

Retract flight pods. I say
again, retract flight pods.

Don't do it.

Don't do it. Don't do it.
Don't do it!



I need a team, scaffolding

and shoring compound to the
forward magazine right away.

One Eight looks like another.

How did a three-year-old
girl get by you, though?

What the hell is
going on up there?

Boomer took her kid.

What? She took Hera.

Just walked right
out of the daycare.

How the hell do you let a
three-year-old girl climb into a Raptor?

How does she get by you?

I'm sorry, sir. But
nobody saw your daughter.

That's impossible.
Somebody saw her.

She's a three-year-old child.

Explain to me how
you didn't see her.

Had to be orchestrated from the beginning.
My escape, all of it.

I was just a means
to get Boomer here.

Cavil wanted Hera.
Boomer got her for him.

How can a three-year-old girl
spontaneously write down that song?

She's plugged into something
that's manipulating all of us.

Maybe Anders could help us.

If he ever wakes up.