Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 16 - Deadlock - full transcript

Ellen and Boomer travel to the Galactica. Saul is entranced at the sight of his wife while Adama puts Boomer in the brig. Ellen is not so pleased when she learns that Caprica Six is pregnant by Saul. Her interference and jealousy leads Six to have a miscarriage. Sam Anders survived the operation but now seems to be brain dead. Ellen is disappointed that the Final Five cannot be completely reunited. By majority vote, the Five agree that they will go off on their own, leaving the Colonial Fleet behind. Adama has agreed to have the cracks in the Galactica's hull repaired using a Cylon living resin.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I started thinking about
damages you can't see.

Hairline fractures
in all the beams.

It's throughout
the entire ship.

It's our baby, Saul.

We'd come to believe
that a lack of God's love

is what prevented us
from biological reproduction.

And our love produced a child.

Let him go now. Take him now.

Saul, stay with the Fleet.

It's all starting to happen.

It's the miracle. Right here.

Stay with the Fleet!


Ellen, you're the Fifth.

What are you doing?

Forgiving you.

Is this gonna work?

I have no idea, sir.

This is the stuff?


Can I touch it? Yeah.

It's gooey.

But it hardens,
becomes like cartilage.

It's flexible and strong.

It's what the Baseship's
made of.

Is this alive?

Heads up.

Heads up, marines. Stay back.

Stay back and everyone
will get their share!

Stay back!

Stay back! Stay back!

Everyone'll get their share.
Stay back!

Hey, Cylon.

I don't want any trouble.

Well, you got trouble.

This better work.

Kid's got a heart
like a kettledrum.

Go on, get out of here. Make
room for some sick people.

I think you should
stay here for the night.

I don't trust that machine.

I know.
The irony is irresistible.

The baby's fine.

Liam is fine.

You know I'd sleep better
at home with you.

Sitrep. Sir,

we're picking up
a bogey on dradis.

Raptor. Squawks Colonial,
but it's not on the roster.

It's one of ours, but we logged
it as lost over a year ago, sir.

Galactica, permission to board.

Raptor 702, your
transmission's all garbled.

If you can hear me,
give me a flash.

Copy, 702.
Galactica, they're receiving.

Red Leader, Red Turkey,

the voice,
I think that's an Eight.

Starbuck, Galactica actual.

Report. Galactica, Red Leader.

Our Heavy Raider buddy's calling
the inbound a "Sharon."

An Eight.

Starbuck, bring it in.

Roger that.

Oh, my Gods. That's Ellen Tigh.


How many dead chicks
are out there?

I can't tell you
how happy I am to see you.

Aren't you gonna help a lady
down off this thing?

Nice to see you again.

This is Boomer.

- Marines.
- Sir.

Take this Number Eight
to the brig.

He wants to
rebuild Resurrection?

He wants us to rebuild it.

I really think Cavil's
completely unbalanced.

It's too much for him,
the thought that the...

The only hope for the Cylon
people is this desperate grab

for procreation, evolution, all that
messy biological trial and error.

Oh, dear.

I'm totally throwing you,
aren't I?

I'm still Ellen, you know.


Does anyone have
something to drink?

Maybe a flask?

So Boomer helped you escape.

Yes. I hope you won't
treat her too badly.

You don't need to
worry about Boomer.

May I see them? The others?

Galen, Tory and Sam?

Imagine, Bill, Laura, imagine

instead of 50,000 survivors,

there are only five.

Five people.

Imagine how close you'd be.

And then to have
all that torn away.

It's all right, Ellen.
It's over now.

How much do you remember?

Not much from before.


Samuel Anders was
badly injured.

He's not responding.

Oh, my God. He's not dead, Ellen.
There's hope.

I want to see him.

I want to see him
and the others.

We'll see what we can do.

I can't believe you're here.

There is so much
I have to ask you.

There's so...

I have to tell you.


You'd better say it fast.

Ellen, wait.

Floor or table?

I don't care.

So this is all that's left
from that first batch, right?

Okay, I think
I already marked that down.

So, if we're gonna... Perfect.

How many of those
do we have exactly?

WOMAN 13 I'm all out.

WOMAN 21 This is great.

Gaius! Jeanne.


Welcome back. I missed you.

Let me look at you.



Go, go. Grab a drink.

We were wondering
if you were coming back.


Of course I was coming back!
Of course I was.

So, what did I miss?

What's been going on?

Well, it got pretty bad
after you left, Gaius.

They'd bring us supplies and men would
come and take them away by force.

It was...

We were very tired, Gaius.

Well, we realized
we'd been abandoned

and we had to take
care of ourselves.


I... How could you...

I wouldn't say that.
I wouldn't say...

Abandoned by God.

That I might...
I might say that.

There were dead men in the halls
with guns in their hands.

So we took their guns.

Now we can protect our food
and we can protect ourselves.

All Of this...

All of this is food, Gaius.

We're taking care
of ourselves now.

I knew if I stayed away
that you'd find the strength.

And you have.

It's one of the reasons why I
stayed away as long as I did.

Hmm. That was wise
of you, Gaius.

The sheep have a new
shepherd, Gaius.

Yes. Hmm.

That's what I call
a big welcome.

Very impressive.

So who'd you frak?


Come on.

You don't think I know your repertoire
after thousands of years of marriage?

It's okay. I'm not mad.

You thought I was dead.


Who was it?

Well, if you really...

It was a Six.

Caprica Six.

We made the Sixes.

We created her. That's just...

I thought of you.


I thought of you.

What do you mean? When you...

Oh! Please do not tell me
I was your mental porn.

That's just sad.

Well, are you still seeing her?


A lot of visitors.

Just don't anybody
unplug anything.

Oh, my-

I never thought
I would see this.

Yes, this is how it was.



All those years.

Oh! The poor boy.

Such bad timing.

We've been thinking.

We belong together.

Join us on the Baseship.

We'll jump away.
Start a new life.

Please consider the offer.
It would mean so much to us.

Abandon the Fleet.
This is your offer?

The priority of
the Fleet is the survival...

The survival of humans.

We're not safe in this Fleet.

Even today,
a Cylon was assaulted.

I agree. This is about the survival
of the original Thirteenth Tribe

in its purest form.

Did you put this
idea in their heads?

It won't work, of course.

The child, Hera, is the hope
for a new blended future.

That used to be true.
But now there is another way.

Caprica Six's unborn
baby is pure Cylon.

We can rebuild
a pure Cylon civilization.

Even if we don't find
a planet to colonize,

we can live indefinitely
on the Baseship.

Look at him.
He'd die over there.

We can take care of
him better than here.

The Cylon family can survive.
We can start over.

Caprica Six is pregnant?

You got her pregnant?

I did. Yeah. I didn't know.

I was surprised.

It was a great surprise
to all of us.

The mating of
an original Cylon.

You are our children.

Can we talk about the offer,
maybe deal with the baby later?

Are we going or...

Of course not. I can't believe
you got her pregnant.

Anders specifically said,
"Do not abandon the Fleet."

So you love her then.
You really frakking...

Last thing he ever said.

What he said?
He's not saying anything now.

I'm going with the Baseship.

Even after you knew...

For frak's sake.

You made us all filthy in this.

You just can't stop
poisoning me.

Poison, more and more of it
until I'm swimming in it!

Please, stop this.

I'm staying on Galactica.
You hear me?

You can go if you're so mad.

Wait. We won't leave with
just one or two of the five.

It has to be all of
you or none of you.

So you need to vote and
the outcome will bind all of you.

Majority rule. It's what Cylons do.
It's a legacy from you.

Fine. So it's a vote?
All right. I vote we go.

Great. That's me and you.

And we don't really know
what Anders would vote.

Yeah, we do. He said he'd stay.

All those years we tried to have
children and we never could.

You must've been laughing

your shiny, shiny head off. No.

It was impossible.

You didn't love me. Ellen.

So what are you saying?

Do you vote to stay or to go?

I haven't decided yet.

Ellen. Ellen!


Two to go, two to stay,

and the swing vote is
walking out the door.

We come to Dogsville
more often now.

Hey! We don't feel the need to cut
ourselves off from the rest of the world.

We trade here. Sometimes, we
sell the jewelry that we made.

I mean, that's how
we got so much food.

Yes, Jeanne.

Since you've been gone, we've been
trying to focus on life, you know?

Gaius, come on.



What's your name?


That's a very beautiful name.

And who's this?

Stand up. Stand up.

This is Gaius.

Really? I'm very flattered...

it was his father's name.

To have the same
name as his father.

It's very...

Are you hungry?

Yeah. You look a bit hungry.

He's hungry?

- They're all hungry.
- Are they?

Paulla, we've got
some food, haven't we,

to share with
this lot of people?

Gaius, we're gonna need it
eventually, to eat, to trade.

We can't.

Really, Paulla?

Are we going to enjoy this
food with children starving?

Now, ask yourself
this question, really.

Look around, look at these...

It's not just this child here.

This little Gaius.

I mean... But he is
very cute, this one.

Yeah. I mean, it's all the
children, isn't it? All of them.

And you're putting the food...
Listen to me!

Listen to me!

I'm coming back here.

And if it is
the last thing I do,

I will ensure that every
single one of you are fed

and your children are fed,
as God is my witness!


That's funny. I don't think I've
ever called you a name before.

I think you probably
called me some names.

I haven't had the chance... Well,
no, I haven't taken the opportunity

to congratulate you
on the baby.

I just wondered if everything was
all right with Ellen being back.

I heard about the assault
in Dogsville.

And on behalf of the Fleet,
I wanted to apologize to you.

Thank you.

It's very kind of you.

Caprica, sometimes I
think about the visions

that we shared
and the talk we had.


I haven't had one in a while.
Have you?


Not the whole time
I've been pregnant.

That never occurred to me.

Are you saying that this...


Is this child important?

I think he's very important.

He's my baby and I love him.

He's very important to me.

Of course he is.

Of course, all children
are important. Yes, indeed.


Well, thank you
for asking about him.

You're welcome.

Hey, when'd you get a piano?


You see Ellen and Tigh
on the wing of that bird?

It's like watching
my parents make out.

You go see Boomer
in the brig yet?


You should go
when she's asleep.

I watched Sam until I just
couldn't handle the fun anymore.

There you are.

Look at you.

You haven't changed much.

How did you get the guards
to bring you here?

I thought maybe we
could have a drink.

Where's the booze?

I have tea.

God, no.

I wanted to talk to you.

Things between me and Saul,

it just gets so crazy.

I step off that Raptor and,
boom, we're making love.

And less than a day later,
I'm screaming at him.

But we were always, always,

always like that.

Anyway, I just...

I wanted to assure you.

He didn't tell you
about the sex.



I come here to try
to be good and...


Don't worry.

Seriously. Because you have all the
proof right there that he loves you.

You know, when we were
still trying to have our own,

he always brought
up the name "Liam."

Pure Cylon baby.

If Simon knew,
he'd want it so badly.

I'll take care of this child.

That wasn't a threat, Caprica.


That was a threat.

I don't know why you
couldn't have children, Ellen.

Sometimes love must not be
enough, because he loved you.

Yes, this...

This is rough.

But what can I do?

If I make him choose
between you and me,

I know the best that I could do
would be to tear him in half.


I won't.

You win. The man loves you.

In fact, I'd say there
isn't much he loves more.

Here you go, Gaius.
Here you go.

Here you go.
Take that to mommy.

Here you go. There you go.

The marines tried
this already, Gaius,

and people started
pushing and grabbing.

The marines have assault
rifles, not handguns.

Look around you, Paulla, will you?
Look around.

Can you see anybody rioting?
Can you? No.

There's no uniforms here.

Come, come.

There's no sense of
oppression. It's just...

It's just one soul
touching another, isn't it?

Hmm. Okay, well,
we need the food.

Paulla, when you share your
food, God makes it tenfold.

You watch me and you're
going to learn something.

You're gonna want to
step away from those.


And who would you be?

Step away from the supplies.

show this man we are armed.

Do it.

Take it off the safety, Jeanne.

Ours are bigger.


So the five of you
together at last.

Any mythic revelations?

Nope. Nothing to report, sir.


You were born, right, Saul?


You were born.

On Earth. Yeah.

I don't remember.


I wouldn't anyway.

Nature of the process, right?

Not very machine-like of you.

Great Grandpa
was a power sander.

They're putting the stuff into her.

The Cylon goop, you said. Yeah.

If it works,

she'll still be the Galactica
on the outside, but...

She won't know
what she is anymore.

It'll save her.

That along with
Cylons flying CAP.

We need their help.

We need your help.

Laura and Lee know it.

They don't think I see it.

But I do.

I see it.

You never told me that the Sons
of Aries were involved in this.

Well, of course they are...
Did you think they would stay

out of something as valuable
as food supplies?

Well, you didn't want to be
king of the fools anymore.

No, the only thing worse
than being leader of this lot

would be being one of them.

Did you really want
to feed those people?

I enjoyed it, actually.
I did enjoy giving.

I loved it, actually,
the more I did it.

Done it long enough,
I'd have given them my heart.

Well, do you think she's telling
them anything as moving as that?

Do you think
she's giving them hope?

She's not, is she?

What's Paulla
been saying to you?

Has Paulla been saying
that we mustn't help others?


I disagree.

Has Paulla been saying that we can't
help others because we're too weak?

I disagree.


I am so disappointed with you.

I'm disappointed
with all of you.

Here you all are.

I'm gone for three minutes,

and you're lapping up
Paulla's icy pragmatism.

There is a way
to feed ourselves

and the people from Dogsville!

There is a way to bring hope

to the lower decks,

to the whole of this poor ship.

There is a way to win!

She thinks we can't
get what we need.

She thinks we can't
get what we need!

All we need is strength.

All we need is strength!

And strength comes from within.

We can get more guns.

Better guns. Bigger guns.

And guns!

More guns.
Bigger guns. Better guns.

And when we have those,
we will win!

Yeah. Yeah!

Thanks for seeing me alone.
I just...

I have to talk to you.

Of course.


Hate me, I'll take it.

But this is bigger than that.

Galactica needs the Baseship.

Why did you even
make love to me, Saul,

when your real love
was at home?

Did you even hear what I said?

Bill needs the Baseship.

I heard you.

Did you hear me?

Her brush is
where mine used to be.

My dresses are gone.

She shares our bed.

Do you remember,
I got us that mattress?

You went to my quarters?

Not interrupting?

Not at all.
I was expecting you.

You called him?

Good. Come on in.

You too, Caprica.

What is this?

We're joining the Baseship.
All of us.

We can jump away from the
Fleet whenever you're ready.

Thank you.

- It's the right decision.
- No.

No, it's not. No.

The vote is you and Anders
versus me, Tory and Galen.

Caprica, obviously, that
means you have to come, too.

Wouldn't you like to raise
your child where it's safe?

I want him to be safe, yes.

She doesn't understand
what this means.

I used to think Hera
was the only hope for us.

But clearly that's
just not true anymore.


Her baby, he's pure Cylon.

If we go off and make
some pure Cylon culture...

That's what happened on Earth
and it led to disaster.

Pure human doesn't work.

Pure Cylon doesn't work.
It's too weak.

You just don't want to leave
the one you really love.


Talk to me. What is this?

It's petty and vile.

Enough. She's voted.
When's the jump?

We can be ready in an hour.

Well, I'm not going.

We agreed on majority rule.

Well, frak, apparently,
we invented majority rule.

But I don't remember it,
so frak that.

Saul, don't let her...

All right, go. Go.
All of you. Caprica. Go.

Go be pure and safe and whatever the frak.
I'm not going.

Do you see, little girl?

There is something in the universe
that he loves far more than you or me.

And that's Bill Adama.

You don't even want to go.

This is all to hurt me.

Bill Adama, and the ship

and the uniform.
How can you sink so low?

And everything else
takes second place.

Why are you doing this?

I knew I did. But I always
wondered if a baby would.

Guess I know now.

Come here.

Something's wrong.
Something's really wrong.

Get Cottle. Get Cottle.
Get Cottle.

Got to get her to...

You'll be okay.

Never seen anyone get into trouble
so fast, but he's fighting back.

That's all I can tell you.

I didn't mean this.

Yeah, you did.

Here, this may help
increase his heart rate.


You knew how I would
have to choose.

You knew what it meant.

I'm sorry.

Of course, Cylons and humans
need to stay together.

But I always intended...
I just...

I didn't think.

Saul, I only wanted
to hurt you, not her.

You didn't think I would
hurt her if I let her go?

It never occurred to you?

No. No wonder

we had to invent some compassionate
God for them to believe in.

We couldn't have
them deify us, could we?

We didn't invent anything.

Shut up. Just stop!

I'm so sorry. Maybe

I just shouldn't be here.

First intelligent
thing you've said.

Talk to her.
Tell her you love her.

It's what she needs.

It's what the baby needs.

Caprica, listen.

I love you, all right?

Can you hear me?

This is nonsense. Saul...

She knows it.

I don't need to say it.

I shouldn't need
to say it to anyone.

Isn't it enough that I feel it?

Just tell her. I feel it!

For her. For you. For Liam.

I shouldn't need
to spout the words.

I feel it less with words.

Just let me Godsdamn feel it and
I'll fill the frakking room.

His heart rate is dropping.
I got signs of distress all over.

Doesn't look good.

I am so sorry.

Cut him out.
Even if it kills me.

He'll live if you cut
him out right now.

Cylon babies must
be strong, right?

Hera was born early.
Cut him out.

I am not cutting you.
Forget it.

He'll never make it.
Four months? No.


Caprica, listen,

I have to tell you.

He loves you more
than he ever loved me.

You are the mother of his son.

The boy is alive. I can see
his heartbeat on the monitor.

And that's proof,
proof he loves you.

He loves you so much.

It's shining out of him.

You and he can
stay on Galactica.

I'll go away with the others.

And you can be together,
a little family.

I promise it.

That's it. I'm sorry.


No, that was me.

That was me.
I take it back. I'm sorry.

The lady and I have some work
to do here now. TIGH: No!

It's time for you to leave.

You have to go now. Nurse!

No. Nurse.

No. Out now.

Saul. She's in good hands.

The two of you can stay here
and listen to this.

Where are you going?
I'm gonna go to the head.

Do something constructive. A little
project I've been working on.

Listen to me, Admiral.

Just wait.

Explain what you mean.

What you have right now
is starving civilians

with no representation,
no recourse.

They're broken.
They're exhausted.

They've had enough.

That's not a mutiny, Admiral.

That is a revolution.

And you think you
can maintain order?

Listen to me.
Listen. Please, Admiral!

Galactica is slipping away
from you drop by drop.

You are pouring Cylon
blood into her veins.

I see the Cylon pilots.
We all see them.

We all see the Cylon workforce.

Where are they going into the
far recesses of the ship?

When are you inviting
the Centurions over

to join in all the fun
we're having over here?

Of course, when you do that,

that very moment,
this becomes a blended ship,

only half human.

And right now, lam here to
tell you, your people...

Your people are
not ready for that.

Listen to me, Admiral.

I am offering you the last human solution
you will ever be presented with.

Well, Gaius, you did it.

I don't know how, but you did.

I told you, Paulla. I told you.

You do good deeds
and you are rewarded.

You're rewarded tenfold.
And then if you give,

then you receive, don't you?

That was beautiful.


I'm sorry.


His name was Liam.

It's a good name.

Short for William. Yeah.

It's not like Zak.
I know. I know it's not.

I know.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

These are the Cylons that
have died with us since the alliance.

I didn't know
they were doing that. Did you?

It's already happened, hasn't it?