Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 4, Episode 10 - Revelations - full transcript

Having accomplished its mission, the rebel Cylon Basestar joins the Colonial fleet. D'Anna Biers distrusts their former enemies and makes it quite clear that she will execute President Roslin and all of the other hostages from the Colonial fleet unless the four of the Final 5 in the fleet are allowed to leave and go to the Basestar. Acting President Lee Adama realizes that if he lets the four go to the rebel ship, nothing will prevent D'Anna from simply jumping away and leaving them behind. A tense stand-off ensues with both sides threatening to destroy the other with their nukes. Tory Foster goes to the Basestar on the pretense of taking Roslin her medication. Saul Tigh finally tells the Admiral the truth and soon the other two are known. Starbuck meanwhile notices an anomaly in the navigation system of the pristine Viper she brought back to the ship. She believes it is a signal from Earth.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I just finished the
post-flight on Starbuck's Viper.

This thing looks like it's been
rolled off the showroom floor.

It's time to get some answers.

Plug it in.


President Roslin was
apparently aboard the Cylon Baseship,

along with Gaius Baltar
and many of Galactica's pilots

when it jumped away.

Waiting alone in a Raptor, while
the rest of the Fleet jumps away,

that sounds
a lot like suicide, Dad.

Why are you doing this?

Because I can't
live without her.

We have D'Anna on board.
We are clear of the hub.

Commence nuclear strike.

So you know about
the Final Five.

I know they're supposed
to know the way to Earth.

I gotta worry about
protecting myself.

I'll tell you when you take
me back to your fleet.

I love you.

About time.

Hey, there, Mr. Prez.

Heard you were here.

Temple of Aurora.

On Earth.

At least the way
Pythia described it.

We'll get there.
Walk those halls together.

Yeah, pretty to think so.

This Roslin's stuff?

It's weird for them
to not be here.

No one sits in his chair.

Tigh can't even look at it.

You know, the scariest thing my mom
used to tell me when I was a kid,

"Your father is waiting
for you in the study."

I'd knock on the door,

make the long walk
across the room

to that desk.

You know, Leoben said
something to me

when he was holding me in that
doll house on New Caprica.

That children are born
to replace their parents.

For children to reach their full
potential, their parents have to die.

You'll rejoin your fleet
in less than an hour.

Then we will return
your Final Five to you.


There are four in your fleet.

Four. Where's the fifth?

I want the four in your fleet.

It would be easier if you
just tell us who they are.

Easier because
you could kill them.

Why would we do that?

They know the way to Earth.
We need them.

She's right. We all
want the same thing.

If we cooperate...

We cooperated on
New Caprica, Brother.

It didn't work out well.

I'm going to hold your people hostage until
the Final Four are safely aboard this ship.

You need to stand down, Bill.

Come on. Trust me.

Stand down.

Pass the word around.

Stack arms.

I've already had
an Eight prepare a Raptor,

so we'll launch as soon
as we come out of the jump.

And, Admiral, you'll be coming
along with me to Galactica.

I'm not going.

Bill, go.

If the Cylons get the four, they get Earth.
You can't let this happen.

Even if you have to
blow this ship to hell.

Gods damn it.

I got it, Felix.

Yeah. Thanks.

Mr. Gaeta, do you
wish to be relieved?

Good to go.

Dradis contact.

Incoming, bearing 1-8-5,
carom 2-niner-niner at 1700.

What do we got? Cylon Baseship.

Another contact, same bearing.

It's a Raptor.

Our people are back, sir.

Maybe she won't be
able to identify us.

Gods, it's good
to have you back.

It's good to be home.

The good news is
that your president,

Laura Roslin, is alive and
well, as are your crewmates.

She wants the four Cylons
that are in this fleet.

She's gonna hold our people
hostage until she gets them.

You don't have to do anything
except stay out of the way.

I'm already in
contact with them.

Now that they realize
there's nothing to fear

and that we only want to
love and protect them,

they should find
a way of joining us.

I just ask that you don't interfere with
any of the shuttle traffic in the fleet.

So your plan is you
take these four Cylons,

and then you head off to
Earth, leaving us behind.

Now that's up to them.

All right.

If these four Cylons want to come
to you, they're free to do so.

I will not stop them.

Do you agree
with this, Admiral?


Well, then I will await
them on the Baseship.

Laura Roslin needs
her medication.

And I need to make sure
that she's all right.

I'm gonna go with them.


We can't give them
any more hostages.

The Colonel's right.

I served under Roslin
for two years.

My place is by her side.

Another hostage isn't gonna
change the equation.

All right, go.

Thank you.

I backed your play,
and now what?

Starbuck goes to work on a plan
to get our people back by force.

If we can't stop the Cylons
from reaching the Baseship,

Laura Roslin wants
it destroyed.

Half our guys are over there.

It's your call, Mr. President.

Roslin's right.

We lose those four,
we lose Earth.

If everything goes south, we destroy
the Baseship and everyone on it.

So the prisoners were here,

but D'Anna has to know that
you brought me in on this.

If she's moved the prisoners,

it'll mean a compartment
by compartment fight.

And if they open fire on the
civilian fleet while we're boarding?

They could wipe out the human
race right there and then.

That's why we need
to make sure that

our Raptors are already out there
with their nukes cocked and locked.

There's gotta be other options.

Yeah, those frakking four
could give themselves up.

Brothers and Sisters,
this is a great day for us.

One of our lost
siblings has arrived.

She's one of the Final Five?

I saw her in my vision.

Now she's come home.


There's been something I've
been meaning to say to you.

I wanted to thank you.

For what?

Essentially for
not murdering me.

That can't have been
an easy decision to make.

But I love living.

I love living, and I wanted to
thank you for saving my life.

I wouldn't be so
grateful if I were you.

You should know that I told the Admiral
that if D'Anna doesn't back down,

he should blow
the ship to pieces.

She's in here.

Madam President.



Sit down.

I brought you your medication.

Oh, my Gods.

How did you do that?

I came back with D'Anna

to be with my people.

Because you're one of the Five.

You're one of the Final Five.

D'Anna saw her.

In a vision.

I knew it.

Maybe not on a conscious level,

but subconsciously, I always
knew there was something.

You had no idea. Did you?


Might be worth pondering what
else you've been wrong about.

Tory, wait.

You're right. I'm wrong.


You are one of the revered Final Five, and
as such, the Cylons will listen to you.

Is that not right?

So, Tory, please go to D'Anna

and try to convince her to back
down and release all the hostages.

I'm done taking
orders from you.

Mr. President,
there has been a change of plans.

I've just executed the first
of the Colonial hostages.

Another will follow every quarter
hour until our people come home.

All right, listen to me.

You're not giving this a chance.
We are cooperating.

She terminated
the transmission.

All right then, Admiral, you're
a go for the rescue mission.

If it fails,

destroy the Baseship.

Yes, Mr. President.

All right, put these
pilots in their cockpits.

Check all systems, and let's
put these birds in the tubes.

Got it, Chief. There you go.

APU won't spin up.

There's gotta be a short,
and damned if I can find it.

But I set
some guys tracking on it.

Galen, you with me?

You all know that we have a Baseship
out there with our people on it.

It is our job to
get them back alive.

So speed is the only thing
we have on our side.

They're no doubt expecting us
to try for a breakout,

so we have to get in under their
reaction time, which is damn fast.

Raptor flights two and six under
Athena will be our breaching force.

What's the matter?

I'm hearing it again.

All right.

Anyone know what the frak
we're doing here?

I don't know.
I just felt compelled.

Something about this Viper.

Like what?

You checked every rivet and washer on
that bird, and you didn't find squat.

Yeah, well, something
brought us here.

Something's changed.

I just don't know what it is.

Maybe Kara can help.

She flew this thing
to Earth and back.

Go find her. See what she can tell you.
But hurry up.

A lot of good people
are gonna die.

So where are you going?


Bill, you gotta
scrub this mission.

What the hell
are you doing here?

You're supposed
to be in the CIC.

The Cylons will kill
every godsdamn hostage

before we put one pair of
boots aboard their ship.

Laura Roslin will be
the next to die, Bill.

I'm looking for options.
You got one?


I should've told you when I first found
out, but I didn't have the guts.

What's wrong with you, Saul?

You remember back at the nebula when I
told you about that frakking music?

I thought it was in the ship.

I was wrong.

It was a signal.

Some kind of crazy, frakked-up
Cylon signal switched me on.

I can't turn it off.

Switched you on.

Like Boomer.

I'm one of the Five.

The Five.

One of the Cylons
D'Anna's after.

Quit frakking with me.

Colonel, I've known
you for 30 years.

I told you.

I didn't find out
until the nebula.

Think about this.

When I met you, you had hair.

I never heard of a Cylon aging.

Doesn't mean they don't.

Before the attack on the Colonies,
we didn't know skin jobs existed.

Turns out there's another kind
of Cylon we didn't know about,

and I'm one of them.

On New Caprica,
you were in captivity.

They did something
to you, they...

An implant, a post-hypnotic suggestion
that makes you feel this way.

Let's go talk to Doc Cottle...

Listen to me!

It is not a delusion. It is not a
chip in my head. I am a Cylon.

I've fooled you for months now.
I didn't want to, but I did.

Get your hands off of me.

If I'd had the guts to airlock
myself when I first found out,

we wouldn't be in this mess.

But that's the way out.

Not this suicidal attack.

I am one of the Final Five.

D'Anna will back down if you
threaten to flush me out an airlock.


Dad, Dad. Dad, listen.

No one suspected. No one.

Not with his record, what
he did on New Caprica.

His eye, what happened to his wife...
Come on, let's get up.

What have I done?

All the people
I've sent to die.

For what?

For what?

For Earth.

There is no Earth.
It's a frakking joke.

There is no Earth.

Okay, Dad, listen to me.
Listen to me!

Pull it together.

I can't. Yes, you can. Come on.

I can't. Yes, you can.

I can't... I can't kill him. I
can't kill the bastard. I can't.

Okay, okay, Dad. I can't.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

I'll take care of it.

I can't.

I'll take care of it.

You motherfrakker.

Who are the others?

Where's the old man?

Right where you put him.

Mr. President, it's the Cl C.

D'Anna's on the line.

This is the President.

Mr. President.

You're running out of time.

No, you are. It's your turn to listen.
You harm another one of my people,

you so much as blacken one of their eyes, and
I flush Saul Tigh out of the launch tube.

We have no wish
for further bloodshed.

May I speak with the Admiral?

No, you deal with me.

You have 10 minutes
to release my people

or you can kiss one of your
precious Final Five goodbye.

You want to save the Fleet, I need
the others, and I need them now.

It's sitting here the
same way it has been for months.

What made you think
something was happening?

It's hard to explain. You
know, it's just a feeling.

Yeah, I've got a feeling, too.

You're both out of
your frakking minds.

You know, you had a
feeling you could find Earth.

I trusted you. I backed you
every step of the way.

Now I need you to trust ours.

Ensign Anders.
Specialist Tyrol.

Slowly put your hands on your
heads and face the Viper.

Do it now!

What the hell is going on?

They're Cylons,
just like the XO.


Go ahead.

It's true, Kara.

There's something different about
this Viper, something's changed.

- You gotta find it.
- Shut up.

Fall back! Fall back!

Where the hell
are you taking us?

Keep moving, otherwise
we shoot you here.


This is a wild guess.

You told them?

We should've done it day one.

Get the Baseship on the horn.

Mr. Hoshi, we need the Baseship.

What's going on?

D'Anna's about to start
executing more hostages.

Okay, take me to D'Anna.

No, she won't listen to you.

I was the one with her in the temple
when she had the vision of the Five.

Take me. He's right.

Take him, it's good.

Are you ready to come to
your senses, Mr. President?

Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders have
just joined Saul Tigh in the airlock.

They found them.

They're in line for an
express ride into a vacuum.

You want them alive,
stand down.

I know Lee.

Press him and he'll back down.

Target our nuclear weapons
on the civilian fleet.

We'll see if he wants
to play hardball.



Coercion won't work with Lee Adama.
He's too similar to his father.

Lee's bluffing.

He doesn't give a tinker's damn
about those three, not now.

You push him, he'll kill them.

Then the entire human race
will die with them.

Mr. President, the Baseship
nukes just went hot.

If any of our fleet
starts spooling up...

They won't have time to jump
before the Cylons fire.

Sgt. Harder, clear the
tube of everyone but Tigh.


Do you really think that God brought you
back from the darkness for this, D'Anna?

Maybe he brought you back
for a different purpose.

To end this peacefully.

They will never forgive us for what we
did to the 12 Colonies, never. Proceed.

Brute force did not work
for you on New Caprica.

It didn't work for you on the Algae Planet.
So why is it gonna work for you now?

Give me the key.

We have weapons
lock on their ships.

What are you waiting for, Apollo?
Do it.

Lee, stop! Stop, stop!

Those three frakking Cylons
just gave us Earth.

Well, it's a Colonial
emergency locator signal.

And no other wireless in the
Fleet is picking this up?

Gaeta's confirmed it.

The channel's empty
except for this Viper.

It's gotta be
a signal from Earth.

You're reaching, Kara.

Come on, Lee, add it up.

I vanish into a storm,
ride this Viper to Earth.

Coming back, I get a vision
that leads me to the Baseship.

Its Hybrid tells me that the Final
Five Cylons have been to Earth,

but we need the missing Three, D'Anna,
to bring them out into the open.

And now we're starting to
get messages from the beyond.

You heard the signal.

The Final Cylons led me to it.

If it's Earth, they've given us
the home of the Thirteenth Tribe.

Just the way the Hybrid
said it would happen.

Like it or not, Lee, something's
orchestrating this for a purpose.

A higher power.

Call it whatever you want, but it seems
to want us to find Earth with the Cylons.

One tiny needle
in the whole Fleet.

Well, you're right.
It's wafer thin.

It's the best I could
do at short notice.

So you're all in agreement
this is the way to Earth?

It's a stretch, but it's the
best explanation we've got.

Which is why we chose to share
this information with you.

We could've jumped away
with it, left you behind.

But that would've led to another
confrontation, another standoff.

All this has happened before...

But it doesn't have
to happen again.

Not if we make up
our minds to change.

Take a different path.
Right here, right now.

You were afraid we'd kill
these four, and yet,

here they are, standing
right behind you,

free to go or stay.

I've granted them an amnesty.

So the question is,
where do we go from here?

All right.

I'll release your crew.

We go to Earth together.

We've projected a course
toward the signal.

It'll probably take some revising as we go,
but this is our destination right here.


So what are your
orders, Admiral?


Are you ready to
take us to our new home?

I don't know.

You don't know what?

What don't you know about?

It's good to see you.


This is it.

This is it.

This is everything that
we have been working for.

I want to see you pick up
that first fistful of earth.

Come on.

Be back.

I see.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you
again, Madam President.

And so is the Quorum.

And I guess I just finished the shortest
presidency in Colonial history.

Yes, well, don't look
so relieved, Mr. Adama.

Because you were dealt a crisis
and you knew exactly what to do.

You faced it boldly.

This Fleet is going to need that kind
of leadership in the days to come,

so you are not
off the hook yet.

Thank you.

You guys just gonna sit here flapping
your lips or are we gonna go find Earth?

Kara and I have been
working on a recon plan...

Frak it. This is
the end of the line.

We've got nowhere else to go.

And if we give the alliance too
much time, it'll fall apart again.

We gotta roll the hard six.

We all go together,

as fast as we can.

Yes, sir.

Fleet in jump formation.
Standing by.

Board is green.

Ship reports ready
to jump, Admiral.

Very well.

Madam President, without you
we wouldn't have made it.

Give the order.

It's been a long time coming.


Take us to Earth.

In five, four,

three, two, one,


Jump complete.

Dradis is clear.

Fleet is checking in.

Nav. Confirming position.

Take your time.

Get it right.

Fleet all present
and accounted for.

Visible constellations
are a match.

Crew of Galactica,

people of the Fleet,

this is Admiral Adama.

Three years ago, I promised
to lead you to a new home.

We've endured
a difficult journey.

We've all lost,
we've all suffered,

and the truth is, I questioned
whether this day would ever come.

But today, our journey
is at an end.

We have arrived at Earth.

We made it, kid.

We did it.

You did it.