Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 6 - Torn - full transcript

Baltar learns from Caprica Six of their ability to project themselves and imagine different surroundings which leads him to wonder if he too is a Cylon. He has told the Cylons what he knows...

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I, Sharon Agathon, will carry out
the lawful orders of my superiors

as an officer in
the Colonial Fleet.

Congratulations, Lieutenant.

I'm talking about people
blowing themselves up.

I've got one job here, lady, and one
job only, to disrupt the Cylons,

make them worry about this anthill
they've stirred up down here,

so they're distracted and out of position
when the old man shows up in orbit.

You know the mission.

You should also know there's
only one way this mission ends,

and that's with the successful rescue
of our people off of New Caprica.

Evacuate the entire facility. You should go as well, Gaius.
There's a place for you, too.

Captain? Hi. Who's this?

This is...


Oh, my little girl!

When the Cylons
took her, I thought...

But you saved her.

Gods bless you.


A lot of good people had to pay
the price for what they did,

the choices they made on
New Caprica, like my wife.

That's right.
Ellen collaborated.

She gave the Cylons information on
the resistance and she died for it.

I can't believe there's still
a question of my value.

There will always
be a question.

You're human.

Good to see you.

I far prefer these picturesque settings
for our little interludes, don't you?

I thought you'd abandoned
me to your Cylon comrades.

Would I do that?

You've always
been more unpredictable

than your flesh-and-blood

A man that loves
women as much as you

should have learned
that a long time ago.

I'm a slow learner.

Then take this period
as a time to learn

all you can about the Cylons.

You'll need it
in the days ahead.

Something special
on the horizon?

Cylon psychology is
based on projection.


It's how they choose to see
the world around them.

The only difference
is you choose to see me.

What are you?


You're either connected to
the woman I knew on Caprica,

or you're a damaged part
of my subconscious

struggling for self-expression,
so which one is it?

I'm an angel of God
sent here to help you,

just as I always have been.

We're all part of
one big ecosystem.

Yes, I can feel it. Breathing.

Get used to it.

So, what'd he say?

I haven't asked him yet.

Ask me about what?



it's the Thirteenth Colony.

Do you know how to find it?

Not really, no.

Well, that's unfortunate.

There was a hope, my hope, that
if you knew the way to Earth,

it would justify keeping
you alive a little longer.

Come on, Six.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Now, when I say that I do not
know exactly where Earth is,

that is not to say that I do not know a very
great deal about its probable location.

Honestly, I spent hours, days,
weeks, months and months on a map

that Adama and Roslin
found on Kobol.

And I correlated that with our
astrometric observations.

I doubt anyone here
can make the same claim.

We'll get back to you.

What do you care
about finding Earth?

Because we're looking for it.

You are?

Yes. We've decided that Earth
is going to be our new home.

Ship-to-ship training exercise is authorized.
You may commence when ready.

This is Apollo. Red Team set.

Blue Team set.

Red Team, Apollo.

As soon as we clear the moon
we're gonna be on their dradis,

so keep your eyes up.

They're gonna hit us
with everything they've got.

Stay in formation, Starbuck.
Narcho, you're my wingman.

Blue Team, Kat. Let's show these
lazy fraks how it's done.

Red Team, Starbuck.
I've got Hotdog.

I'm hit!

Red Team, Apollo.
I'm going after Kat.


You're gonna have to do better
than that, Apollo! Come on!

I'll take care of Kat.

Starbuck, you stay in formation.
Narcho has Kat.


Starbuck, you're too close!



A compressor blew. It looks
like it threw a blade.

It severed the fuel line. Cally, check the tank!
Gods this is ugly.

The tank's bone-dry. There's
not even fumes in here.

how'd you land this thing?

Pointed it toward the deck
and stopped when I got here.

"Bone-dry," she says. Landed the
bird without a drop of fuel.

If you want to die, I will
open up an airlock for you.

But you are not taking
one of my Vipers with you.

The "bird's" on the deck.
I'm on the deck.

I don't know what
you're bitching about.

I don't give a frak
what you do, Starbuck.

You're done flying.

I can't believe
you did that to me.


Don't look at me like that.

Oh, my Gods.



Excuse me.
Move ahead, make a hole.

Excuse me.


If I've told you once,
I've told you 1,000 times...

Ellen! I'm right here!

What is this? Let go of me.

Kara! Kara!


Kara! Kara!

Captain Thrace? I'm sorry,
don't you remember me?

I'm Julia Prynne.
I'm Kacey's mom.

Yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Give me a hug.

We've been staying over in the,

well, everyone's calling
it "Camp Oil Slick."

Part of the hangar deck and they've
put up cots for, you know, refugees.

Yeah. Yeah, I heard.

Well, Kacey's been asking
to see you for days.

And I sent messages and I thought
maybe, you know, you'd come to visit.

You seem like
a really nice person,

so I'm gonna be
honest with you.

The last thing I need
is a two-year-old friend.

And Kacey sure as hell
does not need me in her life,

so do us both a favor and do not
bring her around here again, okay?

Go to your mom, Kace.


Sorry. Don't let us
keep you up.

Sorry, honey, we've got to go.

There it goes.

That's that.


See? I told you,
you could do it.

You did great.

Remind me never to
let that happen again.

You got it, "Slim."


I've been trying to
reassemble President...

Doctor Baltar's work
on piecing together

the Thirteenth Tribe's
path to Earth.

I'm curious. Mr. Gaeta,
what is it that you trust

about Doctor Baltar's research?

How do you know it's not
another one of his lies?

If there was one thing
I learned about Baltar,

it was his extraordinary
capacity for self-preservation.

I think he wanted to find Earth
because he wanted to get there.

How far did he get
with his research?

Well, as you can see, I'm still
hacking through his notes,

but it appears
that he was trying

to correlate our own
astrometric readings

with the map of constellations
we found back on Kobol.

Now apply his findings to certain select
passages within the scroll of Pythia.

Why the scroll of Pythia?

Pythia is supposed to have
chronicled the original journey

of the Thirteenth Tribe
on its way to Earth.

If I can draw your
attention to this passage,

"And the caravan of the heavens
was watched over by a great lion,"

"with a mighty blinking eye..."

"Red and blue."


Exactly what?

We're looking
for a lion's head?

With a mighty blinking eye.


Well, these scrolls,
they speak in metaphors.

Initially, I thought the doctor
might be off his meds as well, sir,

but then I found
this note, here,

where he had written,
"Blinking equals pulsar."

That means a star, right?

Plural, actually. They're the
rotating cores of dead stars.

They emit a blast
of radio waves.

From a distance,
they appear to...

Blink. Right.

The doctor found two in very
close mutual orbit in this sector.

The spectrographic readings that I
found show one will appear to be red

and one will appear to be blue.

Now, these pulsars appear
to be in this nebula.

We have never had
a direct look at this area,

but it is possible with a
couple of eyeballs out there,

they might look at
the nebula and see...

A giant lion's head?

Well, it looks like this is the
best thing we've got going,

so, unless you object, Admiral,
I suggest we go lion hunting.

Navigational markers
you gave us may prove useful.

We've sent a Baseship out
to investigate the pulsars

and look for this
"lion's head" of yours.

Look, this isn't easy for me.

I don't think you fully appreciate
just how difficult this is!

I have very conflicted, very ambiguous
feelings about helping you find Earth.

Funny how all that ambivalence
and conflict seemed to vanish

once you thought your
life hung in the balance.

You should know there's
still a lot of skepticism

about whether you're
being entirely truthful.


Very sorry.

We didn't mean to intrude.

Come on, Gaius.

Are we going around in circles?

Sure it all looks
the same to you, doesn't it?

It'd be hard for any human to navigate
around here, especially without projecting.

Yes. You've used
that word before.

I'm not quite sure
what you're talking about.

It helps you to what, exactly?

Have you ever daydreamed?

You know, imagined
that you were somewhere else?

I do have an
active imagination.

Well, we don't have
to imagine. We project.

We choose to see our environment in
any form we wish, whenever we wish.

For instance, right now, you see
us as standing in a hallway,

but I see it as a forest.

Filled with trees,
birds, sunlight.

Like walks you and I
used to take on Caprica.

The aesthetic is
what gives me pleasure,

not the specific memories.

Instead of staring
at blank walls,

I choose to surround myself with
a vision of God's creation.

Right. I think
I understand projection,

but, it's a bit of
a coincidence, isn't it?

That I could see such... a vivid
reality that I've created

and the Cylon projection
experience seems to be so similar?

Is it a coincidence?

Well, what are you saying?

There's a connection?

What, because of
my experiences with you...

Am I a Cylon?

What was that?

Oh, nothing. Just...
Just talking out loud.

Silly me.

So, are you sure you
want to go in second seat again?

I mean, I hear you're
a pretty fair pilot now.

Yeah, well, too many
pilots, not enough birds.

Anything to keep me
flying at this point.

You want me, I'm yours, Boomer.

No, Boomer was...
She was someone else.

Listen up! We need a call
sign for Lieutenant Agathon!

- Chromedome!
- Titania!

- Raptor Adaptor.
- Windup Toy.

Tin Can! Vermin Chaser!

Micro Chick.

How about "Athena"?

"Digital Dame."

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What was that?

You know, the goddess
of wisdom and war,

usually accompanied
by the goddess of victory.

- It works out.
- She likes it.

Athena it is.

- So be it.
- Okay, deal.

All right, you got that.
You want some more?

Hey, Colonel! Colonel,
come have a seat. Over here.

Enough of that to go around?

Always. Oh, yeah.

"Deadman's Chest," cutthroat game.
Not usually your style.

It is now.
And I'm in it to win.

If you don't like it,
find another game.

Now there's some straight talk.

You see the line
up outside the head?

15 civilians standing in
line, picking their noses,

waiting to take a shower.

Frakking civilians think
they run the ship now.

Beats who we had before.
Ship was like a tomb.

You want to know
what "alone" feels like,

try spending a few weeks
in a Cylon holding cell.

Yeah. It was a bitch
on both sides.

It wasn't exactly easy coming up with
a plan to save your sorry butts.

Yeah, you guys
had it rough, huh?

Hot showers,
three squares a day.

Viper jocks didn't even take a
shot until you jumped into orbit.

Hey. We all made sacrifices.

That so?

Yes, that's right.

While you were pinning wings
on your Cylon girlfriend,

our people were strapping
homemade bombs to their chests,

doing whatever they could
to take the bastards out.

So forgive me if I don't get all
misty over your sacrifices.

You seem distracted, Gaius.

I'm fine.

You can rest easy,
at least for now.

Data on Earth's location and
your valiant rescue of the baby

has gone a long way toward
impressing the others.

I used to think you and I
would have a baby one day.

There are only 12 Cylon models.

But in the entire occupation on
New Caprica I only saw seven.

Now, here again,
the same seven.

Who are the Final Five?

I can't talk about that.

Can't or won't? I can't.

It's complicated. But we
don't talk about them, ever.

But you'd know one
of them, wouldn't you,

if you saw them,
one of the Final Five

if they were to
walk past here, right?

Six, we have a problem.

A Baseship, the one we sent to investigate
the pulsars in the Lion nebula,

we've lost contact.

The trouble is, we know almost nothing
about the missing Baseship's status.

We received a garbled
distress call, then silence.

Not surprisingly, their Hybrid
sent us a confusing set of data.

Our Hybrid is analyzing it.

What are these Hybrids
he's talking about?

Be quiet, Gaius.

Our Hybrid's
deciphered part of the data set

that we received
from our scout ship.

This can't happen
to us. It's impossible.

It is not only possible,

it may have been inevitable
once we took human form.

We're not human.
We're not like him.

God has chosen this
time, this place to test us.

Whether we fail or pass
the test is up to us.

What is going on?

The missing Baseship, it's been
infected with some kind of disease.


Yes. It's killing them.
All of them.

If an infected Cylon dies and carries this
disease with them into a Resurrection ship,

it could rapidly spread, potentially
infecting our entire race.

All right. We make sure that the
Resurrection ship is out of range,

then we jump to their location,

send in a group
of Centurions to...

No. The data set indicates that as
soon as their Hybrid was infected,

their Centurions
started shutting down.

We don't know how ours
are gonna be affected.

I assume our Raiders and
Baseships are also susceptible.

Of course. We are all created
from the same genetic pool.

Then no Cylon can board that
ship without risking infection.

Say you'll go aboard
the infected Baseship

and investigate what happened.

You sent them to
that nebula, remember?

Are you mad?

You have to prove to them you can
be counted on in an emergency.

Show them you're
worth keeping alive.

And what if I catch
the disease?

What are the chances that a
human could catch something

that infects
a Centurion or a Raider?

That is, if you're human.
And if you're really a Cylon,

one of the Final Five
you haven't seen yet,

then wouldn't you just rather
get it over with and die?

I'll go.


Yes, I'll go.

Look, I am a trained scientist.
I can go to the Baseship.

I can make observations about the
Cylons, their physical condition,

bring back information about this
disease which now threatens all of you.

We've learned the disease
that's killing the human Cylons

could infect one of
our Raiders as well.

Then don't send a Raider.

Surely, the war's furbished you
with some Colonial vessels?

He's right. We could program one of
our Raptors to approach on autopilot.

All right, then,
prepare to jump the ship.

Make sure the Resurrection ship
knows to stay behind, out of range.

A truly selfless act.

Hey, I could use a refill here.

Here's to knowing

that somebody will
always have your back!

The sentiment's good,
but in my book,

trust is an
overrated commodity.

That one I'll drink to.

Frak you guys-

What is your problem, Katraine?

My problem is you, Captain.

All this
"us against them" crap.

Truth hurts, doesn't it?
Give me another one.

You know what, Starbuck? Whatever
happened to you down there,

why don't you take
it out on the Cylons?

'Cause we busted our ass
to get you off that rock!

Oh, do you think
that means anything?

Every colonist that landed on New
Caprica was loyal to a point.

It was amazing
watching those people

that you thought you knew
go over to the Cylons.

At least, in the end,
we knew where we stood, huh?

Is that so?

Then how come
you are off flight duty

and some "Cylon-lover"
is holding down my post?

Don't kid yourselves. You're
on your own in this life,

each and every one of us.

Why don't you tell
that to the pilots

that died getting
you off that rock?

And Gaeta's briefing Sharon and Racetrack
on the scouting mission to the Pulsars.

You mean Athena and Racetrack.

Word travels fast.

Yes, it does.

I understand that morale's taken
a hit on the flight deck.

Nothing we can't handle, sir.

I'm also told that Colonel Tigh

is spending a lot of time
down in the pilot's rec room.

Both him and Starbuck, sir.

They've been holding court,
second guessing the rescue,

badmouthing the crew that
stayed up with Galactica.

Suddenly, if you weren't in the ground
war, it's like you can't be trusted.

And people are listening?

Their word carries
a lot of weight.

You're right, they're destroying
morale and unit cohesion.

They both know better.

I don't think they care, sir.

Two protons expelled at each
coupling site creates them under force.

The embryo becomes a fish that we
don't enter until eight plate.

We're here to experience,
evolve the little toe, atrophy.

Don't ask me how, I'll be
dead in 1,000 light years.

Thank you. Thank you.
Genesis turns to its source,

reduction occurs stepwise
though the essence is all one.

End of line.

FTL system check, diagnostic
functions within parameters,

repeats the harlequin,
the agony exquisite,

the colors run
the path of ashes.

Neuronal network run 52%
of heat exchanger.

Cross-collateralized with
hyperdimensional matrix.

Upper sensors repair ordered, relay
to zero, zero, zero, zero...

Is it aware of us?

Of course. She's
aware of everything aboard.

HYBRID.' End Of line.

New paragraph-

Reduction occurs stepwise
though the essence is all one.

Do you have any idea
what it's talking about?


Most Cylons think the conscious mind
of the Hybrid has simply gone mad

and the vocalizations
we hear are meaningless.

But not everyone thinks that?

The ones you know as "Leoben"

believe that every word out
of her mouth means something.

That God literally
speaks to us through her.

She sort of controls
the Baseship, does she?

Well, she is the Baseship,
in a very real sense.

A mind gone mad.

She experiences life very
differently than we do, Gaius.

She swims in the heavens,

laughs at stars,
breathes in cosmic dust.

Maybe Leoben's right,

maybe she does see God.

We're wasting time.


There are bodies everywhere.

Others dying.

What the hell is that?
Definitely manmade.

You're severely dehydrated.
You must drink some water.

Kill me.

You don't understand, there is
no Resurrection ship nearby.

You will not be downloaded into a
new body, you will just be gone.

I saw how they died.


Please, I can't bear that.

I'm here to bring help.
All right?

I'm just gonna take some blood samples
for analysis on the Baseship.

And then we will be able to make
a treatment for the disease.

You must breathe, please.

Please, take some water.

You're from Galactica.

No. I'm from a Baseship.

Tell me,

do you know what this is?

We found it floating
at these coordinates.

It must be some kind of

a beacon, a marker.

It looks too old.
It looks very old.

It must have been left by the
Thirteenth Tribe, infected, poisoned,

left by some humans
like you to destroy us.


A human device
filled with a pestilence.

You sent us to this place.

It wasn't me.

You knew we'd bring it aboard.

You don't know
what you're saying.

This is the disease...

You knew we would...

speaking for you. Will you calm down!
Lam going to bring help.

I am going to bring help.

You wanted the other
Baseships to follow.

I would never do
anything to hurt you.

You wanted the other Baseships.
You knew it was here.

I am going to bring help.

Be quiet.

Suffer the same infection.

Be quiet. I am going
to bring help!

You want to destroy us all!

It your fault!
You'll lie to them.

Shut up!
No, you'll lie to them!

Shut up!
You'll bring them here.

It your fault! Shut up!

Be quiet! No, let me...

Shut up!

Don't let me... Shut up!

Gaius, do you hear us?

Gaius, do you read? Do you read?
Are any of them alive?

Gaius Baltar, what do you see?

Speak to us. What do you see?
Are any of them alive?

This is Gaius Baltar.

I'm returning to the Baseship.

What do you see?

I see nothing.

Nothing of consequence.

There's nothing
left to do here.

Nobody likes it, but we
have to make a terrible choice.

Do we attempt a rescue and
risk the lives of our fleet,

even our species,
or do we leave them?

The answer won't be found in science
because there is no cure in science.

Well, there has to be.

Look at them. They're so afraid.
Do we just leave them?

Then their quest ended in death.
Absolutely, no.

Even the humans don't
abandon their own.

They must be sacrificed
for the greater good.

There is a greater question.

Yes, there is.

How did this happen?

Well, it's Baltar. It's his
fault, he led us there deliberately.

He been working with
Galactica the whole time!

It wasn't me.

Whatever you think I did,
I didn't do it, honestly!

Baltar, we followed
your coordinates,

and found a disease
with no treatment or cure.

If we leave, they're
doomed, never to return.

Perhaps God would smile
upon us, for our mercy.

Oh, listen to you. You can
barely even speak His name.

We have to agree. We
are not leaving our brothers.


We have to leave.

We have to jump and leave them to their fate.
There is no other way.

Mists of dreams drip along the
nascent echo and love no more.

End of Line.

The Hybrid objects.

She doesn't get a vote.

Jump the ship.


This disease,

it must have
come from someplace.

So what did you notice
on the infected ship?

Nothing. Nothing. I am
just as baffled as you are.

You noticed nothing suspicious
on the infected ship?

Nothing whatsoever.

Admiral on deck!


Give me the room.

Stay in your seats.

Have a drink?

Give me your sidearm.


Your sidearm.

Hey! There's
a live round in that!

Now, one of you,
and I don't care who,

pick that weapon
up and shoot me.

Admiral, I don't know...

I didn't say to talk.

You've done enough
of that already.

I said to pick up
that weapon and shoot.

What's the matter?

No guts?

You don't got a pair?

You're both frakking cowards.

Watch your mouth... Or what?

You gonna turn the rest of my
pilots against each other?

Poison the crew?

You've already done that,
Saul. Both of you.

Yeah, but if you're looking for an
apology, it isn't gonna happen.

You were like
a daughter to me once.

No more.

You're a malcontent
and a cancer,

and I won't have
you on my ship.

So you have a choice.

You can figure out how to become a
human being again and an officer,

or you can find another place
to live off of this ship.

You're dismissed.

Are you gonna kick me
out of my chair, too?

Listen, I know
you've been through a lot...

Don't patronize me.

Say what you came here to say.

You're full of bile. Hatred.

And I know that it has something to do
with Ellen, and I'm sorry for that.

And if you need time, Saul, well,
you take all the time you want.

But I got to run a ship.

The last thing I need is a
one-eyed drunk sitting down here,

sowing discontent
and disobedience.

So I'll tell you
once again, Saul.

You can pick up that
weapon and kill me,

or you can get your ass back
into your quarters and not leave

until you're ready to act like the man
that I've known for the past 30 years.

That man doesn't
exist anymore, Bill.

And you won't be
seeing me again.

Yeah, that's
why I work with him.

Yeah, that's
what I'm talking about.

Grab another towel for me.

Yeah, we got to get up there.

MAN 41 All right.

Oh, my Gods, it's right there.

The Lion's Head nebula
and the Blinking Eye.

Holy crap,
it's the road to Earth.

Oh, my Gods! Let's get
the frak out of here.

I'll start the jump.

When Gods' anger awakens,
even the mighty shall fall.

Frak! Athena, we need
to get out of here!