Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 4 - Exodus: Part 2 - full transcript

The attack to rescue everyone on New Caprica begins. The Galactica encounters four rather than the expected two Cylon Basestars. The end appears in sight but they get help from a welcome but unexpected source. On the planet below, Tyrol and Anders lead the attack to free everyone from the prison. Anders finds Starbuck but she won't leave without Kacey. Her successful return to the Galactica results in mixed emotions. Colonel Tigh must decide what to do about his wife Ellen after she admits to giving the rendezvous coordinates to the Cylons. Hera doesn't make it off the planet.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

I have a message for you.

The fruit born
of two peoples is alive.

A child named after

the wife and sister
of the all-knowing Zeus,

Hera, lives.

It's not true.

I don't suppose you're gonna
tell me what this is all about.

I mean, what's so important
about this kid?

She may very well be
the shape of things to come.

The Cylons knew exactly
where we were gonna be.

Well, that doesn't mean Ellen...
I didn't do anything!

This is the map, Colonel!

The map that I drew for you. I
gave this to you in your tent.

You were gonna burn it, but then
your wife offered to do it for you.

But she didn't, did she?

I... I want to explain...

He said he'd kill you...
Who said it?

One of the Brother Cavils.

This is Kacey.

Kacey, this is Kara,
your mother.

Our people are gonna attack the
airbase, the detention center,

power station, and other
critical facilities.

The plan is to sow as much chaos
and confusion as possible

the moment Galactica
and Pegasus arrive.

No Pegasus. Just Galactica.

These are your orders.

Take the civilian fleet,
and wait for me for 18 hours.

If I'm not back in 18 hours,
then find Earth.

You know the mission.

You should also know that there's
only one way that this mission ends,

and that's with the successful rescue
of our people off of New Caprica.

Good hunting.

Hoshi's working on updating
our map coordinates

for the search for Earth.

Civilian captains
want to meet with you.

They have questions, problems.

Talk to me, Lee.

I'm having trouble
accepting this.

I know. But we have
to push forward,

keep the Fleet together,
find Earth.

Right. That's our duty.

There's still a chance
they'll come back.

Your father has pulled off more
than a few miracles in his day.

I know that.

Yet I haven't given up hope.

Yes, you have.

I saw the look on your face when
you came back from Galactica.

Like you were never
gonna see him again.

Am I that easy to read?

Just to me.

He's taking on too much for one
half-strength battlestar to handle.

That's not opinion.
That's a military fact.

He's not coming back
from this. None of them are.

All we can do is make
plans for the future.

We have to survive.

We have to find Earth.

If we don't, there'll be no one to
remember a man named William Adama,

or a battlestar
named Galactica.

That is our charge to keep.

To keep humanity going.

No matter what the cost,
no matter...

No matter who we leave behind.

You can do this.
You can get us there.

You are commander of this fleet
and you will guide us to safety.

And you will do it,
no matter the cost.

Because you're an Adama.

Did I ever tell you how proud
I am to serve with you?

Not in so many words, no.

Well, I am proud to serve
with you, Lieutenant.

And to call you my wife.

Now, let's talk about map coordinates,
meeting with ships' captains...

I lost three men today,

and if that Marine sergeant wasn't on
her game, they'd have killed us all.

I know, Gods damn it! I know!

You don't have to keep running your mouth about it.
I get it, all right?

Do you get this?
If Sharon had been killed,

not only would we not get
the launch keys,

but the Cylons would know that we were
in direct contact with Galactica.

Now, this whole plan... The fate of this
whole city would have fallen apart.

Do you understand that,

I get it.

Good. Hey,

you know what has
to be done here.

And if you don't want
to do it, I understand.

But believe me, Colonel,
someone is gonna do this.

Now, it would be better
for her sake if it was you.

I had to do it, Saul. I had to.

It was all for you.

And I want you to know that I
would've done anything to save you.

I know. I know. It's all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.

No, you don't understand.

I got you out of detention,
Saul. It was me.

I got you out.

I went to see them. The Cylons.

Finally got to
the one in charge.

And I got him to notice me
the way men notice me.

I slept With him.

I felt like puking every time
he put his filthy hands on me.

But I smiled and I faked
it to save you, Saul.

But you listen to me.

I'd do it again.
Frak anybody, do anything,

even give them the map.

I didn't want anybody
to be killed.

I could use a drink.

You've always been there
for me when I need you.

I'm exhausted.

I feel like I could
just curl up here.

There. Attagirl.

I should've listened
to you, Saul.

Should've stayed on Galactica.

Oh, no, don't worry
about any of that now.

You just...

You just go to sleep.

So sleepy...

I love you, do you hear me?

I mean, I've told you
and I've told you,

but to what end?

Too secure in your smug
superiority to listen.

Too comfortable in your
predictions of success

to even consider
the possibility of defeat.

And where are we now?

And more to the point,
where's Laura Roslin?

Where's Tom Zarek?

At large.

Whereabouts unknown, free at any rate.
Probably with Colonel Tigh,

solidifying the insurgency's hold
over the public's imagination.

What would you
have us do, Gaius?


Pack up your Centurions and go.

Please go.

And then what?

What would you do if we
really just left you here?

You'd live out
your lives in peace

and never trouble yourselves
with thoughts of us again?

Or would you raise your children
with stories of the Cylon?

The mechanical slaves who once did
your bidding only to turn against you.

Killers who committed
genocide against your race,

and the occupiers of this city
until we just ran away.

Would you tell them to tell
the story to their children,

and to their
children's children,

and nurse a dream of vengeance
down through the years,

so that one day they could
just go out into the stars

and hunt the Cylon once more?

Blood for blood.

It has to stop one day.

Oh, my Gods.

- That was pretty close.
- What are you doing?


Nice job, Anders.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Okay, that's our cue.
You know what to do.

Rally your people and get
them to the evac points.

Okay, remember the drills,
and you'll do fine.

Go with the Gods. Go! Go! Go!

Tory, would you tell Laura
I cannot thank her enough...

Tell her yourself
when this is all over.

Wish we were all as calm as she is.
Get them to their ship. Go!

Yes, ma'am. Go!

Yes, ma'am!

Come on!

Let's move! Let's move!

All right, this is it. We get
to the detention center

and we do not stop until
everybody is out of there, free.

Everybody knows the rescue points, so
let's load up and we move, right now!

Let's move, Connor!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Move it! Head down!

Decoy squadron
approaching launch point.

Okay, this is it, guys.
Stand by.

All Vipers.
Break now, now, now!

Deploy drones on my mark.
Three, two, one. Mark.

Drone signatures match.

Cylons should pick up
the drones on dradis

and read them
as two battlestars any minute.

Transport all the prisoners...

You're authorized to
use deadly force. DORAL: What?

Immediate evac of sector V
as in... V as in Victor.

We could use some
Centurions and warriors...

For nothing.

It's all for nothing.

We'll start over, Gaius. A new
city to rise out of the ashes.

It'll be buried.

Buried like the cities of old.

Consumed by the wrath of God.

Two battlestars
just jumped into orbit.

Adama's back.

Kat, Racetrack. Two
base ships on dradis,

bearing zero-zero-two
carom zero-one-five.

They're launching Raiders.

Red Squadron, Kat.

We've done our part. Kick in the turbos
and let's get the hell out of here!

What's going on?

Insurgents. I'll be back.

You cannot leave us
trapped in here.

It's the safest for you here.


Let's go! Let's go!

Tom, you go that way.
Head to the shipyard.

You're coming, right?

My ship's up there.

You sure have a sense for the dramatic.
Hey, wait, Laura.

Wait. Hey, you,
you were on Galactica, right?

Yeah. I didn't do anything!
No, it's okay, it's okay.

Keep an eye on her, all right? Don't
let her out of your sight. Go!

See you up there.
See you up there.

Jump preparation complete. My
board is green, ready to jump, sir.

Standby to launch
Blue Squadron.

This is the Admiral. All
hands, brace for turbulence.

Base ships just closed
on the battlestar targets.

There's no Galactica,
no Pegasus.



The whole thing's a trick.

Where's Galactica?

Altitude, 99,000,
falling like a rock!

Launch! Launch them all!

Standby, FTL!

Clear for launch.

Well, this ought
to be different.

They're clear! Stand by.


Vipers! Everybody, hold! Hold!

Hotdog, Redwing.

There's two friendlies pinned
down outside the shipyard gate!

Roger, Redwing,
target the guard tower.

I've got the gate.
Pulling an odd!


That's it! Let's go!
Let's go! Go! Go!

Let's go! Go! Move! Move!

Get up!

Do it! Move! Move, move!

Heads up!

Move! Let's move!
Come on, move!

- Move, move, move!
- Hurry up, hurry up!

Fire in the hole!

Fire in the hole!

All right, everybody, let's go.

This way!

Everyone to the shipyard!
Move! Move! Hustle.

No stopping! Move!

Locked doors!
I see cells down there.

Kara. Listen to me.

No. No.

I'll get you out of here.

All divisions make
damage report to Combat.

Main batteries
report weapon status.


Back online.

Cylon base ships are
coming out of the nebula.

Just as we expected. Cylon Raiders are
still scattered to hell and gone.

They're coming after us
without fighter cover.

If we can draw the two base
stars away from the planet,

the colonists might
be able to escape.

Hang on. Two more base ships
just jumped into orbit.

We got four base ships
out there, Admiral.

No. We can't hold off four.

Pass up the cord!

Hold still. Connect the
other side right away.

We've lost
maneuvering thrusters.

We can't take any more
hits to port or we're looking

at explosive decompressions
in sections 36 through 48.

Jump drives?

Then that's it.

It's been an honor.

Galactica, Pegasus. Let us take
some of this work off your hands.

Get your FTL up and
ready and we'll take care of the rest.

All right, fire up
that main battery!

Roger that, sir!

Damn you, Lee.

Keep working on those FTLs!
Get 'em online!

Yes, sir!

The Cylons will redeploy
as soon as they recover.

Thank you, Lee.

They're coming about.
Maneuvering to bracket us.

Steady as she goes.
Take us right into the center.

We won't last long in there.


Put me down! Put me down!

Wait! Wait! Stop, stop!
Put me down! Put me down!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Kara, Kara!

Is it really you?
Yeah. Baby, it's really me,

but listen, we don't have time.

We're going to the ships, and we're gonna
get the hell off this frakking planet.

Okay. Where's Kacey?

Who's Kacey?

Kacey. She's my daughter.

Kara, who's Kacey?

She's my daughter!
Stop, we gotta... Kara, no!

I can't...

Kara! Kara! Gods damn it,
Kara, no!

Out of the way! Come on!
Gods damn it, Kara, no!

We've lost control of the
situation on the surface.

There's a Heavy Raider standing
by, ready to evacuate us.

We're agreed.
Evacuate the entire facility.

I'll stay behind
and set off the nuke.

You should go as well,
Caprica. And you.

I don't think you'll want
to be here after we've gone.

There's a place for you, too.

For me?

Well, you were right
and we were wrong.

There should be
some reward for that.

Gaius, we should go.

I just want
to sit here and die.

You're gonna get
your wish, Gaius.

The ships are getting
off the ground.

Jumping away.
Only a few left now.

FTL's back online!

Pegasus is taking
a hell of a pounding, sir.

I don't think she has a
single plane in the air.

Lee left all of his planes
to guard the civilian ships.

He knew this was a one-way trip.
He'll evac before the end.

You sure? Land our birds!

Let's get the hell out of here!

All wings,
Galactica. Come on home.

Combat landings authorized.
Repeat, come on home!

All hands, all hands!
Get ready to jump!

I believed in you.

Whoa, whoa, Gaeta.

I believed in the dream
of New Caprica.

Gaeta, we all did.

No! No. Not him.

He believed in the dream
of Gaius Baltar.

The good life. Booze, pills,
hot and cold running interns.

He led us to the apocalypse

and I... I turned out to be...

An idealist.

There's no sin in that.

Everything you say about me is true.
Every word.

But you have to listen to me.

The Cylons have a nuke
in this complex.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is getting off
this planet alive unless I stop D'Anna.

Gaius, she'll kill you.

Then she'll kill me.

Or it can be down to Mr. Gaeta.

Either way,
the human race dies with me.


Go ahead, shoot.

What are you waiting for?

Please. Please.

I'm begging you, please.

You have one chance
to put things right.

Do you understand me?

Get the frak out of here!
Stop that nuke! Go!

Gaius, let's go!

Set main batteries to auto-fire, cycle B.
Lock engines ahead flank.

This is the Commander.
Abandon ship, abandon ship.

All hands, abandon ship.

Report to evac Raptors
and jump to rendezvous point.

Good work, and I'll see
you on the other side.

All right, people,
let's move. Out! Let's go!

You, too, Commander.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Kacey! Kacey!

Kacey, honey, where are you?

I knew you'd be back. I saw it.

Come here, Kacey.

Say the words.

Let me take her. Say them.

What words?

You know what I want.

I want to hear you say them. And I want
the rest of it. Just like I told you.

Fine. You win.

I love you.

Say it again.

I love you.

Now the rest.

Was it everything
you thought it would be?

That and more. I'll never
forget this moment.

Neither will I.

I'll explain later. Let's move.

Are you sure she's in there?

Positive. I saw her go in.

Frakking liar.

It's her, Gaius.

The first of God's
new generation.


It's a miracle.

Gods spared her.


Can I hold her?


She won't set off the nuke.
Not anymore.

Come on, Gaius, we have to go.

Let's go. Go. Okay.

All aboard.

Check up front.

All right. I'm ready to go.

All right, people,
let's go, this way.

Stand on the starboard hangar deck
till we can get you to new ships.

Come on, people,
all the way down.

All the way down, people,
all the way down. Let's go!

Oh, my Gods.

Captain? I thought
you were dead.

Yeah, so did I.

Anyway, well, who's this?

Yeah, I was gonna
ask that myself.

This is...


Kacey! My little girl!

Mommy missed you so much.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you.

When the Cylons
took her I... I thought...

But you saved her.

Gods bless you.


Thank you, sir.

Welcome aboard. Welcome.

Welcome aboard.

I guess you didn't
understand my orders.

Never could read
your handwriting.

Permission to come aboard, sir?


Permission granted.

You did it. You brought
'em home, Saul.

Not all of them.

I'm sorry.

Adama! Adama! Adama! Adama!

Adama! Adama! Adama! Adama!

We're still double-checking
the Fleet's manifests,

but it doesn't look like Maya
made it off of New Caprica.

What about the baby?

I was there when the two
guards left to take them to their ship.

I don't know what happened.

I'm so sorry.

I let you down and I know that.

No, you didn't.

It's not your fault.

This is bigger than us.

This is life.

All pilots proceed to gate 14.

Stand by for ship assignments.

All pilots proceed to gate 14.
Stand by for ship assignments.