Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 20 - Crossroads: Part 2 - full transcript

The trial of Gaius Baltar enters its last stages and Lee suggests they try to get a mistrial. Lt. Gaeta lies on the stand, hurting Baltar's defense. Lee is called as a witness in an attempt to discredit his father. The tribunal delivers its controversial verdict which does not sit well with everyone. Chief Tyrol begins to hear the same tune that Tigh, Anders and Tory Foster hear. The four of them meet and come to a startling conclusion. Meanwhile, Roslin and Athena realize they have had the same dream or projection and Caprica Six, in the brig, had the same vision. The fleet finally arrives at its destination, the Ionian nebula, but don't seem to have managed to dupe the Cylons. With the trial over, Lee returns to duty and while on patrol is contacted by someone they had all assumed was lost.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

This is it. That's it.
The lonian Nebula.

So what do you think we'll find?
A beacon? Temple?

Signpost to Earth?

How many more jumps
before we find the nebula?

I'm estimating an even dozen.

We're getting close. Still
no sign of the Cylons.

I didn't hear you
nuggets say that...

There. Go back.
You almost had it.

Had what?

That song.
You don't hear that song?

It's in the frakking ship!

This is my son.

I am very sorry for your loss,
but I am not responsible.

I know. He's sick,
and I want you to bless him.

Bless him?

You are saying that the defendant,
Gaius Baltar, ordered your execution

and the execution
of 200 other people?

That is exactly
what I am saying.

This is a death warrant. Have you
seen the names on this list?

Do you have any idea what
they're about to do out there?

Gaius Baltar chose
to side with the Cylons

and to actively seek the
deaths of his fellow citizens.

Madam President, are you
taking chamalla at this time?

Don't answer. I'm putting
a stop to this right now.

Your Honors, if she is on drugs, it
goes to her credibility as a witness.

I am taking chamalla again
because my cancer has returned.

I'm calling you
a liar and a coward.

And for what?

That traitorous piece
of garbage Gaius Baltar.

He doesn't even
deserve a trial.

I will not serve under a man
who questions my integrity.

And I won't have an officer
under my command

who doesn't have any.

Frak me.


Yell at me. I don't
want to get out of bed.

Well, you called the wrong number. I was
just thinking about going back to bed.

You feeling okay?

Says the cancer patient.

Yeah, I'm fine.
I just cut myself.

How are you doing?

I don't want to face them.

I don't want to face any of them. I just
want to stay in bed all day and sleep.

I think I've stopped
the bleeding.

If you still need to be yelled at, I
think I can give you some volume.

Okay. All right.
Give it your best shot.

Get out of that bed!

That's not your best shot.

Get your fat, lazy ass
out of that rack, Roslin!

Yes, sir. Okay, sir.
Anything you say, sir.

Thank you.

Don't let them
see you sweat, Laura.

Come here.

I can't.

Come here.

I've got to go
back to Colonial One.

You don't have to go anywhere.

What is that music? Gods.

What did you just say?


Yeah. I'm coming.

Hey. Why is the door locked?


We should go for a mistrial.

What? What's he talking about?

What are you talking about?
A mistrial? Whatever for?

Because we're losing.

Not from where I'm standing.

We're actually
doing quite well.

We're just about
to break the prosecution.

We've blown two of their key
witnesses out of the water.

What more do we need to do,
for Gods' sakes?

Everyone in that courtroom hates you.
Everyone. Including the judges.

You didn't hear what my
father just called you.

He called you "a traitorous
piece of garbage."

A man who doesn't
even deserve a trial.

He said that?
He actually said that?

Yes, he did.

And I don't think
he's the only one up there.

I agree. Our tactical victories
are pissing them off.

Right. So, now, because we're
winning, we're losing, actually.

Perverse, isn't it? One of the
reasons why I love what I do.

"Forcing a mistrial may seem of
little benefit to either side,

"but in fact, it can be
a boon to the defense.

"The prosecution's shown their hand.
At retrial, the defense has

"all the tactical advantages"

"and the statistical chances
of an acquittal rise by 25%."

"Joseph Adama."

"Trial Tactics
and Strategies," page 273.

Smart man, your grandfather.

Yeah, well, I can see
why you want a mistrial.

I'm sorry.
What is that supposed to mean?

Well, that would be
the quickest way, wouldn't it?

For you to absolve
all of your responsibility.

Wash your hands of the whole affair.
You get back to your life.

You get back to
wherever you get back to.

And I get back to a cell, and I have
to go through this all over again.

I can't physically take that!

No more games. No mistrials.

There will be a verdict.

Yesterday marked a surprising turn
of events in the trial of Dr. Gaius Baltar,

when Colonel Tigh admitted
to killing his wife.

Before any of you nuggets can even
think about flying one of my Raptors,

you have to know Systems,
Electronics, Avionics,

Navigation, Engine Controls,

Configuration, Basic FTL Functions,

Autopilot Gearing,
and Propulsion Systems.

The best way to learn that is on a Raptor,
and that means getting your hands dirty.

Move. Come on.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Hey, Sam.

That song you're humming.
What is that?

Oh. Uh...

You know what?
I don't even know.

It's just something
I can't get out of my head.

Some way out of here.

I've been hearing that.

Everywhere. On a boombox,
you know? In the bar.

Come here.

You hear that song?

Yeah. And it's freaking me out.

I hear it everywhere. I mean...
But I can't really hear it.

Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. It's like you can grab
just a part of the melody,

and then it goes away,
like it's something from...



Yo, Anders! Do you need
a frakking invitation?

Move it!

All right.
No reason to get excited.

Well, congratulations. You survived
your first Doloxan treatment.

Talk about the cure being
worse than the disease.

Well, next time, bring a book
or some paperwork.

It would help keep
your mind off of it,

and it would also help keep
your blood pressure down.

Yeah, right.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I do have some other patients.

All right. Go.

Oh, Gods.


What's going on?

You're both freaking out
at the same time?

We need a moment. Take this off.
Get this off me, please.

Will somebody please tell me
what the hell is going on?

You can go outside. Thank you.
We'll be fine. Shut the door.

Yes, ma'am.

I'm sorry about the shackles.

Were you with us a moment ago?

In the lobby
of the opera house?

I'll take that as a yes,
by the look on your face.

I was there, too.
And so was Hera.

That shouldn't be possible.

Add it to the list.

Were you trying to reach Hera?

I don't know.

I just knew that I had to
protect her with my life.

I'm telling you, Bill, they've put the
music in the ship. I can hear it.

I believe you.
I'll look into it.

You'll look into it?

You'll look into it? I am here telling you
there is Cylon sabotage aboard our ship!

Sabotage? With music?

I know, I know. I can't quite understand
it myself, but there's too much confusion.

I promise I'll look into it.

Now, I have to get to court.



You go to court.

There must be some
kind of way out of here.

Do you recognize this
document, Lieutenant?

Yes, I do.

It's a death list issued on New Caprica
by the office of the President.

Who signed this document?

President Gaius Baltar.

Could it be a forgery?


And how do you know
that it cannot be a forgery?

Because I was there.
I saw him sign it.


What are you talking about? You
weren't there! That's a lie!

That's a total fabrication!


I saw him sign it.

Describe the scene, would you?

The Cylons brought the document
to the Presidential office.

They'd already
selected the names.

One of them,
I believe it was a Three,

gave the list
to the President and said,

"Here are the people that are going
to be executed. Please, sign this."

He looked at the list,
he saw all the names,

and then he signed it.

Did he protest?
I mean, did he argue?

Did he offer any
resistance whatsoever?

Sign it!

I won't do it.

You're going to have to salve
your consciences some other way.

Sign it! Sign your name!
Sign it!

No. He never did.

Oh, Felix.

Oh, Felix. What are you doing?

Get that out of my face...

Gaius, it's okay,
we'll get him on cross.

will you control your client?

Look, it's no secret!

Quiet. The whole fleet
knows this man tried

to stab me through the neck!
And you missed! Butterfingers!

Sorry, Your Honors. Shut up.

No further questions.

Your witness, Counselor.

No questions.


What, are you...

The witness is dismissed.

Oh, great.

What the hell are you doing?

Listen, it's your word
against his right now.

If he's decided to perjure himself, there's
nothing we can do to change that now.

We'll have to adjust
our strategy.

Is the defense prepared
to present their case?

Your Honors.

At this time,
if it please the court,

I would like to offer a motion.

The defense would like
to move for a mistrial.

No! We do not want a mistrial!
I do not want a mistrial!

Gaius Baltar!

Behave, Dr. Baltar.

On what grounds, Counselor?

On the grounds
that one of the panel

has already prejudged the outcome of
this trial and determined the guilt

of the defendant.

That's a very serious
charge, Mr. Lampkin.

Which judge?

That would be you, Admiral.

And to prove it, I need
to take the unusual step

of calling Mr. Lee Adama
to the stand.

You've got to be
frakking kidding me.

Gaeta sunk us.

This is the only way
we're going to win.

I will not testify
against my father.

That is your choice. Either way,
I'm putting you on the stand.

Your Honors.
This is completely improper.

Counsel cannot testify at trial
under any circumstances.

I can cite at least seven
precedents off the top of my head.

Call your witness, Counselor.

Thank you.

Mr. Adama.

Mr. Adama, did you meet with your
father, Admiral Adama, four days ago?


At that meeting, did Admiral
Adama express an opinion

as to whether the defendant
deserved a trial?

All I'm looking for is the truth,
here, Mr. Adama. Let's have it.

I'm waiting.
Answer the question.

You swore an oath
as an officer of the court.

If you don't answer the question, you
hold the entire system of justice...

What frakking system?

Mr. Adama!

I'm sorry, Your Honor.

Please excuse my associate.

All right, all right.
I'll try something else.

Do you believe that the defendant
deserves a fair trial?

As a matter of fact, I do. Why?

Well, aside from the fact that
everyone deserves a fair trial,

I also happen to believe that
he is not guilty of the charges

and should be acquitted.

Your Honors, I must insist
on an exception here!

He cannot testify in this manner.
It's completely improper.

I agree. He can
make his arguments

in closing statements,
not on the stand.

I'm inclined to
agree with the prosecution.

Thank you.

You can appeal to the President if you
feel that this influences the verdict.

But I, for one,

would like to hear
this witness testify.

I would second that.


Thank you, Your Honors.

Mr. Adama?

Mr. Adama!


Why do you believe that the defendant,
Gaius Baltar, deserves to be acquitted?

Well, because the evidence
does not support the charges.

Come on.

Did the defendant
make mistakes?

Sure. He did.

Serious mistakes. But did he
actually commit any crimes?

Did he commit treason? No.

I mean, it was
an impossible situation.

When the Cylons arrived,
what could he possibly do?

What could anyone have done?

I mean, ask yourself.
What would you have done?

What would you have done?

If he had refused to surrender,
the Cylons would have probably

nuked the planet
right then and there.

So, did he appear to cooperate
with the Cylons? Sure.

So did hundreds of others.

What's the difference
between him and them?

The President issued
a blanket pardon.

They were all forgiven.
No questions asked.

Colonel Tigh.

Colonel Tigh used suicide bombers and
killed dozens of people. Forgiven.

Lieutenant Agathon
and Chief Tyrol.

They murdered an officer
on the Pegasus. Forgiven.

The Admiral... The Admiral
instituted a military coup d'etat

against the President.


And me?


Where do I begin?

I shot down
a civilian passenger ship.

The Olympic Carrier. Over a
thousand people on board. Forgiven.

I raised my weapon
to a superior officer.

Committed an act
of mutiny. Forgiven.

And then, on the very day when
Baltar surrendered to those Cylons,

I, as commander of the
Pegasus, jumped away!

I left everybody on that planet,
alone, undefended, for months!

I even tried to persuade the
Admiral never to return.

To abandon you all
there for good.

If I'd had my way, nobody would
have made it off that planet.

I'm the coward.
I'm the traitor.

I'm forgiven.

I'd say we're very
forgiving of mistakes.

We make our own laws now,
our own justice,

and we've been pretty creative at
finding ways to let people off the hook

for everything
from theft to murder.

And we've had to be. Because“.

Because we're not
a civilization anymore.

We are a gang.
And we're on the run.

And we have to fight to survive!
We have to break rules!

We have to bend laws!
We have to improvise!

But not this time. No.

Not this time.

Not for Gaius Baltar.

No. You!

You have to die.

You have to die because, well,
because we don't like you very much.

Because you're arrogant.
Because you're weak.

Because you're a coward.

And we, the mob, we want to
throw you out the airlock

because you didn't stand up to the Cylons
and get yourself killed in the process!

That's justice now!

You should have been killed
back on New Caprica,

but since you had the temerity to
live, we're going to execute you now!

That's justice!

Order. Order!

This case...

This case is built
on emotion. On anger.

Bitterness. Vengeance.

But most of all,
it is built on shame.

It's about the shame

of what we did to ourselves
back on that planet.

And it's about the guilt

of those of us who ran away.

Who ran away.

And we are trying to dump all that
guilt and all that shame onto one man,

and then flush him
out the airlock

and hope that,
that just gets rid of it all!

So that we can
live with ourselves.

But that won't work.

That won't work.
That's not justice.

Not to me.

Not to me.

No further questions.

Your Honors, I wish to
reiterate my strong exception

to defense counsel's testimony.

Exception noted.

Thank you.

Did you want to
cross-examine the witness?

I have no questions
for defense counsel.

Witness is excused.

Do you want to call
any other witnesses?

Your Honors,

I don't wish to
belabor this any longer.

The defense rests.

Very well.

This court will adjourn
to consider a verdict.

What a glorious moment
in jurisprudence.

You did a great job.

All rise!

Before I read the verdict, I'd
like to make one thing clear.

Like everything human,
justice is imperfect.

It's flawed.

But it's those
very imperfections

that separates us
from the machines.

And maybe even makes us
a species worth saving.

The defendant will rise.

Gaius Baltar,

after carefully
weighing the evidence,

this tribunal,
on a vote of three to two,

finds you not guilty.

You earned it. Watch out.

Let's go.

I always knew that I was
going to be acquitted.

The fact that I've been found innocent
shouldn't disguise in any way

that this trial has been
a total pantomime.

Admiral! We've got
to get him out of here!

Down! Get him down!

Get him back!
Get him out of here!

I knew right from the very start that
if there was a way to demonstrate

the sheer... What's the
word I'm looking for?

"Hypocrisy." "Hypocrisy" is
the word I'm looking for.

Hypocrisy of
the prosecution's case,

then, really, the judges had no other
option but to find me not guilty.

Well, your boundless confidence
provided us with great solace

throughout the proceedings.

Look, I want to thank you both.


From the bottom of my heart.
I am very, very grateful

for all you've done.

On a personal note, if I could have seen
the Admiral squirm just a little bit more,

it wouldn't have hurt.
Now, you listen!

Don't push it, Doctor.


Romo, perhaps
we could have a chat.

I've thought about maybe doing
a book tour around the fleet.

And there's the publishing rights.
There are issues about my security,

where I'm going to live,
what I'm going to do.

Since we forged this great
relationship during the trial,

I thought, you know, who better to...
Think about...

Actually, now that the fleet's
legal system is in place,

my not-so-inconsiderable talents
are required elsewhere.

So, I'm afraid this is
the end of our journey.

What? Wait a minute. What...
What about me?

Wait a minute. Wait. Please.

Think about this for a second.

Where am I going to live?
What am I going to do?

How am I going to survive?

Much as I hate to use
a cat metaphor, Doctor,

I think you'll land
on your feet.

Close the door on your way out.

Romo, one thing...

When you put me on the stand,

did you know what
was going to happen?

I knew you were an
honest man, Mr. Adama,

much unlike your grandfather.

Gaius Baltar is innocent.

Just the sound of that
makes my skin crawl.

Not guilty is not
the same as innocent.

Must have been particularly
difficult for you.

What, you just...

You couldn't get the other
two guys to budge?

You voted for his acquittal,
didn't you?

I hate to say it.

Defense made their case.

Prosecution didn't.

Gaius Baltar is a traitor.
We both know that.

Regardless of the
outcome of his trial.

No one's asking
anyone to forget.

Or to forgive.

But we have to
look to the future.

Mr. Gaeta. Sir?

Commence jump prep.

We're going to
the lonian Nebula.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

Jump coordinates
have been distributed, sir.

All fleet ships show green
for jump formation delta.

Initiate jump.

Aye, sir.

Jumping in three, two, one...


Jump complete.

All fleet ships
reporting in, sir.

Very well, Mr. Gaeta.

Commence dradis scan.

Let's see what's out there.



Sitrep! Sensors
show major power fluctuations.

Checking on fleet.

Guards, two feet over!

Nuggets on me! Nuggets on me!

If you have
a flashlight, turn it on!

Check auxiliary power.

We have negative auxiliary power.
We're on batteries only.

Get ready for
an engine restart.

Gaius, it's okay. Come with me.

Where are you taking me to?

To your new life. Come on.

Come on, let's get
the power back up.

Come on, people, move it
around, you know what to do.

Come on. Get yourself together!

There must be some kind
of way out of here.

Be careful where you walk.

There's lots of equipment around.
It's all live.

Said the joker to the thief.

There's too much
confusion here.

I can't get no relief.

This isn't happening.

Please, tell me
this isn't happening.

So, that's it.

After all this time.

A switch goes off
just like that.


No way.

I don't believe this. I'm
not buying this. This is...

It's a trick.
Come on, we're not...

What is that...

What is that song?

All right! That's
enough, Gods damn it!

Deadbolt that frakking door!

Forty years in the service.

Forty years.

Two wars.


Locked in that dungeon
on New Caprica.


My Gods...

What about Ellen?

No, no, no.

Not after all this.

Not after the Resistance

and the occupation.

Not after watching my friends die, one
after another, for frakking this?

Sam... You stay the
hell away from me.

You all just stay
the frak away from me.


It's true.

We're Cylons.

And we have been
from the start.

Admiral, what's going on?

Some kind of power surge.

Give me a damage
report, immediately.

The power outage
is fleet-wide, Admiral.

It was also simultaneously
restored to all ships.

Admiral. Admiral!

Dradis contact!

Massive Cylon fleet
on intercept course!

Mr. Gaeta, sound action
stations immediately.

XO, I want emergency jump
for the entire fleet.

Sir, all fleet ships were
powered down during the outage.

It will take at least 20 minutes
to spool up the FTL drives.

We just don't have 20 minutes.

Action stations,
action stations,

set Condition 1
throughout the ship.

This is not a drill. All Viper pilots
report to your Vipers immediately.

Inbound Cylon fleet.

I repeat. Action stations,
action stations,

set Condition 1
throughout the ship.

This is not a drill.


What are we going to do?

The ship is under attack.
We do our jobs.

Report to your stations.

Report to stations?

My name is Saul Tigh. I am an
officer in the Colonial Fleet.

Whatever else I am,

whatever else it means,
that's the man I want to be.

And if I die today,
that's the man I'll be.

Where the hell have you been?
I'll tell you later.

Get that bird in the tube! Get those steps off!
Get those steps off!

Come on! All right, everybody.
We're under attack!

Let's go! Let's go!

Arm and load
all nuclear weapons.

Yes, sir.

It's good to see you, Colonel.

Good to be here, Admiral.

You can count on me.

I've never doubted it.

I'm here if you need me,
Madam President.

"There must
be some way out of here."

Said the joker to the thief.

"There's too much confusion."

Alert Vipers are away.

"I can't get no relief."

Who's in Viper 3?

they drink my wine.

"Plowmen dig my earth.

"None of them along the line."

"Know what any of it is worth"

Galactica, Apollo. I'm in Viper 3.
I have a bogey at my 10.

I'm gonna go check it out.

"No reason to get excited."

The thief he kindly spoke.

Where'd he go?

Where the frak did you go?

But you and I,
we've been through that.

And this is not our fate.

Whoa! What the frak!

The hour is getting late.

Hi, Lee.


Don't freak out.
It really is me.

It's gonna be okay.

I've been to Earth.

I know where it is,
and I'm gonna take us there.

All along the watchtower.

All along the watchtower