Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 2 - Precipice - full transcript

As a result of the most recent suicide bombings, some of the Cylons are now arguing that they need to retaliate. Laura Roslin, among others, is in custody and Gaius Baltar tries to get her to cooperate. Tigh however absolutely refuses to stop the suicide bombings. Nighttime raids also leads to Cally's arrest but they leave her baby alone. Sharon Valerii sees what she can do about it. John Cavil meanwhile tells Ellen Tigh she is to provide the date and location of the next meeting of the resistance commanders. Leoben Conoy is still holding Starbuck prisoner but introduces her to her daughter, Kacey, produced from eggs they harvested from her when she was on the Farm. On Galactica, Admiral Adama begins to plan for a massive rescue of everyone on New Caprica. He realizes they will have to obtain the launch keys for all of the ships on the planet's surface. The best way of infiltrating the Cylons is with another Cylon so Adama commissions Sharon Agathon as an officer.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

You kill me, I download,
I come back, we start over.

You're gonna hold me
in your arms.

You're gonna tell me
that you love me.

I don't belong here!
Let me out!

Where are you getting this stuff?
Who's your source?

I have no idea.

The source won't tell me
what their name is.

It's probably safer
for all of us.

Mr. President?
Good morning, Gaeta.

It's a Colonial transmission.
The recognition codes match.

Oh, yeah, we've got
a link to the ground.

We've got a signal.

What's it say? "Have hope.
We're coming for you."

We made contact!

Colonel Tigh has formed an insurgent
group against the Cylons,

and now they're ready
and waiting for instructions

on how to coordinate
the rescue effort.

It's gonna be okay.

What's our next target?

I got these today.

They're security plans
for the graduation ceremony

of the New Caprica
Police Academy.

Our best guess puts the total
police force at around 200.

I wouldn't have
believed there'd be 20 people

who would turn
against their own kind.

I don't like this one, Colonel. I think
we're the ones crossing the line here.

He's a soldier, Chief.

Not the first time we've sent a
soldier on a one-way mission.

Send a message. You work
with the Cylons, you're a target.

No boundaries for the Cylons,
there's no boundaries for us!

We round up the leaders of the
insurgency and we execute them publicly.

Send a message that
the gloves are coming off.

Everyone of importance is
being looked at right now.

You're no exception.

I can help you, Laura,

in ways I cannot help myself.

I can protect you,

but you have to understand
the situation has changed now.

The insurgency has
crossed the line.

Suicide bombings.

It's abhorrent.

It's contrary to everything
that we believe in.

So you...

You and I, we will...

We will publicly
condemn these tactics.

They cannot be legitimized
in any shape or form.

There is something that
scares the Cylons after all.

I should think using men and women
as human bombs should scare us all.

Desperate people take
desperate measures.

All right, look me in the eye.

Look me in the eye and
tell me that you approve

of sending young men and
women into crowded places

with explosives
strapped to their chests.

I'm waiting for you to look me in the
eye and tell me that you approve!

Thirty-three people killed,

and their only crime was
putting on a police uniform,

trying to bring some order to
the chaos out there. Order?

By arresting innocent people
in the dead of night,

detaining them indefinitely
without charge, torturing them...

Now wait a minute. Nobody's been tortured!
...for information!

Tell that to Colonel Tigh.

Nobody has been tortured.

We're done here.

I hope you understand
the severity of the situation

and ask you to obey the
dictates of your conscience,

which is what I've always done.

Of that I have no doubt.

Please give this lovely lady
her shoes back,

then get her out of here.

Curfew is now in effect.

There should be no people on
the street without clearance.

Curfew is now in effect.

There should be no people on
the street without clearance.

Do you understand your orders, Captain?
Everything clear?

Yes, sir. Good.

Don't worry, we have your back.

Did you hear? The Cylons
cut food rations today.

We heard.

How long before the next
Raptor transmission?

Two minutes.

Yeah, they're talking about
shutting down the marketplace.

It's a security risk.

We'll shift targets.

You were gonna
hit the marketplace.

The market, full of civilians.

This is crazy.

You know, we need to figure
out whose side we're on.

Which side are we on?

We're on the side
of the demons, Chief.

We're evil men in the gardens of
paradise, sent by the forces of death

to spread devastation and
destruction wherever we go.

I'm surprised you
didn't know that.


Get ready for the sitrep.

Send it twice,
just to make sure.

Here are the names of those to
be arrested and sent to detention.


I know some of these people.

I'm sure you do.

They're all insurgents, Jammer. We
have to break the cycle of violence.

Okay, suit up.

You won't have to wear
those much longer.

Eventually, your people
will see you as heroes.

Not tonight.

Take numbers five through 10.
They're gonna be in tents to the right.

Follow down to the end.

The rest of you guys have
got to keep quiet, okay?

This is the New Caprica Police!

You are under arrest for
colluding with the insurgency!

Don't move!
You're under arrest!

You are under arrest.

This is an NCP raid!
Get your hands up!

Cally, come here! No! No!

This is an NCP raid. Get your hands up.
Let go of me! No!

My baby! No! No, let go of me!


Hey, no, no, no, no.

I got you, I got you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
There you go.

Mommy's coming back.
It's okay. It's okay.

Their numbers
are a little thin.

It says here Tigh commands
1,150 armed effectives.

That's a lot less
than he should have

if you count all former Fleet officers
and enlisted available down there.

He could be taking
heavy losses.

They mentioned
a Cylon crackdown.

We should get a breakdown of available
pilots in the insurgent group.

Somebody's gotta fly
those ships off the ground

if we're gonna pull this off.

Those ships aren't
going anywhere yet.

"The Cylons have removed launch
keys from grounded colonial ships.

"Location unknown."
It came from Tyrol.

Can we manufacture
new launch keys?

Forget it.

The specs on launch keys are
incredibly sophisticated.

It would take weeks
just to do the R and D.

The best option is for Saul
and the people on the ground

to find the original
launch keys.

Assuming they
weren't destroyed.

No. No way.

The Cylons would want
to keep them safe,

just in case they need to use
one of those ships someday.

She's right. The keys gotta
still be there somewhere.

We can make a weapons
drop to the insurgents.

They know the lay of the land,

they've been hitting the Cylons
in the teeth for months.

Give them the tools. They can
find the keys themselves.

No. No way.

The only thing you've got
going for you so far

is that the Cylons reduced their defense
perimeter to just five base ships.

You put heavy weaponry down there,
they're gonna know for sure

that we're in contact
with the population.

They'll call in 10 more base ships,
and then your whole plan is frakked.

Funny. I thought
this was our plan, sir.

Moving on, the military plans you have in
your hands are to be with you at all times.

Why'd they pick her up?
She hasn't done anything.

We've got a baby,
for Gods' sakes.

I don't know.
I'll try to find out.

How long are they
gonna hold her?

The detention is run
by a separate ministry.

They don't give us
any reasons why they...

Gods damn it, Felix!

She hasn't done anything.
We've got a baby.

I know, Galen. I'm sorry.

How do you do it?

How do you help them
day after day?

How do you look
yourself in the mirror?

I gotta get my son.

Cameron's watching him, but
she's got problems of her own.


I'll see what I can do. I'll see if
there's something I can find out.

Why don't you try
and do something?

Hey, you okay?
Jammer, what's going on?

I heard about last night. About
Cally being on one of those lists.

Yeah. I'm really sorry.

Yeah. Frakking
human police, huh?

A bunch of traitors
if you ask me.

Some of those guys
who joined up,

I bet they're in over
their heads, you know?

Especially now
with these suicide bombings.

At first, I bet you they thought they
were doing something good, you know?

Get the Cylons off the streets,
let us police our own.

The police are frakking idiots.

What did they expect?

You don't know any of those guys, do you?
Any names?

Names? No. No, no idea.


What's up with Cally? Why did
they put her in detention?

I don't know. She hasn't
done a gods-damn thing.

I just talked to Gaeta. He says he
doesn't know squat, or so he says.

Gaeta's a good guy.
If he knows something...

He's a frakking collaborator.

You know what? One day,
when this is all over,

guys like Gaeta are
gonna get strung up.

Guys like you and me,
we're gonna be there,

tying the knots,
making them tight.

It's been
a couple of ugly days.

I know you don't care
about that,

but life means something to us.

So I've decided to show you
just how precious life can be,

how, even in
the worst of times,

it can restore your faith.

Remember that
breeding farm on Caprica?

I remember I blew
the frak out of the place.

It wasn't a total loss.

We were able to
salvage certain things,

certain medical samples,
like your ovary.

What's that?

This is Kacey.

Kacey, this is Kara,
your mother.




Admiral's decided to put
some boots on the ground,

wants to send
an officer as a liaison

between us and the resistance elements on
the planet to coordinate the rescue op.

It makes sense.
What's the problem?

It's who he's sending.

He's frakking kidding
with this, right?

I wish he were.

Mr. Hoshi, I want a Raptor prepped and
ready in five minutes on the hangar deck.

Inform the flagship
I'm coming aboard.

I want a private meeting
with the Admiral.

Aye, sir.

What are you gonna do?

What I should have done
a long time ago.

You can't do this.
She's a Cylon.

Well, I trust her.

Well, that's a mistake.

Well, it'll be
my mistake, won't it?

You are gambling with the lives
of everyone on this ship.

Everyone on my ship.

I don't need a lecture from you about
the responsibilities of command.

We're done here.

I'm not finished. This entire
plan is a reckless gamble.

And yes, you certainly have the right
to risk the lives of the men and women

under your command,
but that's not the issue.

The issue is you are risking the
lives of the entire human race.

I'm trying to save
the human race.

No. No, you're not.

That's what you're not seeing.
Right now, the human race,

well, that's the 2,000 people
huddled in those civilian ships

that managed to get away
when the Cylons came back.

They're the safe bet.

They're the ones who survived
and we should guard,

just like we did after
the attack on the colonies.

Sharon can penetrate
the Cylon defenses.

It's not about her.

The Centurions can't distinguish her
from the other humanoid models.

Did you know that? Admiral...

They were deliberately
programed that way.

The Cylons didn't want them becoming
self-aware and suddenly resisting orders.

They didn't want their own robotic
rebellion on their hands.

You can appreciate the irony.


I know what you're saying,

but we have a responsibility to
the people that we left behind.

Remember what Roslin said.

"Our first responsibility is
to the survival of humanity."

We can't lose sight of that.

Over the last year,

we've lost sight
of almost everything.

We got soft.

But if we go back to New
Caprica now, and we lose,

it's over.

Humanity just stops

and an admiral's stars don't give
you the right to make that gamble.

You're right, Son.

You should make plans for
resuming the search for Earth

with Pegasus and
the civilian fleet.

With Pegasus?
What about Galactica?

I know why we left
those people behind.

And I know that it was their choice
in the first place to be down there,

and I realize that the survival of the
human race outweighs anything else.

But this time,

I can't live with it,
can't face it.

Maybe I'm a coward,
but I'm going back...

Dad, you won't have a chance.

I'm going back, Son.

Once I fertilized your egg,

we transferred it to a human
woman who carried it to term.

She's pretty, funny,

great smile.

You would have liked her.

Although her mother died during
childbirth, Kacey's heart never failed.

I guess she gets that
will to live from you.

I've seen her path.

It's difficult but rewarding.

She'll know the mind
of God in this lifetime.

She'll see patterns
that others do not see.

She probably gets that
spiritual clarity from me.

She'll be hungry soon.
There's food on the table.

You wouldn't let your own
child starve, would you?

It's not my child. I don't
even know if it's human.

Half human. I mean, you know that she's yours.
You just won't admit it.

Where the frak are you going?

Take this with you!

Hey! Don't leave me
alone with this!


I don't know who or what you are, but
I do know this. I'm not your mother.

I don't care that it's effective. I don't
care that the Cylons can't stop it.

It's wrong.

No more suicide bombings,
Colonel. You understand?

What, are you working
for the Cylons now?

I'm sorry. There was
no excuse for that.

You see, little things like that,
they don't matter anymore.

In fact, not too frakking
much really matters anymore.

I've got one job here, lady,
and one job only,

to destruct the Cylons,

make them worry about the anthill
they've stirred up down here,

so they're distracted and out of position
when the old man shows up in orbit.

The bombings? They got
the Cylons' attention.

They really got their attention.
And lam not giving that up.

We are talking about
people blowing themselves up.

You know, sometimes I think that
you've got ice water in those veins

and other times I think you're just
a naive, little schoolteacher.

I've sent men on suicide
missions in two wars now,

and let me tell you something,

it don't make a gods-damn
bit of difference

whether they're riding in a Viper or
walking out onto a parade ground.

In the end,
they're just as dead.

So take your piety and your moralizing
and your high-minded principles

and stick them someplace safe
until you're off this rock

and you're sitting in your nice,
cushy chair on Colonial One again.

I've got a war to fight.

Let's go. Move it.

This way. Offload the rest.

Let's go to isolation. Move!

The detentions are just causing
more resentment and more enemies.

- We're losing ground with the people.
- Let's move! Get going!

I know. We don't
have another option.

We have to send the message that
suicide bombings won't be tolerated.

Excuse me, sir. Can I
talk to you for a moment?

Yeah, sure, Jammer.
We'll catch up later.


Sir, I don't know exactly
how to broach this,

nor do I know exactly what I expect you
to do about it, but since we were...

Anyway, since we were
back on Galactica...

Yeah, Jammer, just spit it out.

We picked up Chief Tyrol's
wife on the last raid. Cally.

She's in detention.
I think she's on the list.




Hi, Cally. It's me. Boomer.

I wish I had a gun.

Are you all right?
Physically, I mean.

What do you want from me?

Look, a lot's happened
in everyone's life.

But I want you to know... I
want you and Galen to know

that I'm happy for you,

especially since you
started a family.

Something that him and I
talked about once before.

Can you get me out of here?

I don't know. I have nothing to
do with internal security...

Then frak you, Sharon, you
stupid, frakked-up toaster.

How many times do I have
to shoot you, anyway?

If you can't help me, then just
go away and leave us alone!

All human personnel
prepare to present identification

before passing
through security scanners.

Have your IDs out.

Everyone have both your IDs ready.

Step on up. Worker IDs out.

Straight ahead, move it. Hey, you!
Open your bag! Open your bag!

Stop her!

Twenty-three Cylons critically wounded.
Fourteen had to be euthanized.

They had casualties, too.
Four human dead.

Who gives a frak about that?
Pardon my language.

The power substation
is crippled.

Almost half the city
is without power

and our best estimates put
the repairs at two weeks.

You still think we're being too
hard on the human population?

We have a very serious,
very straightforward problem.

Either we increase control or
we lose control. That's a fact.

We think it's time
for stronger measures.

We agree.

We agree.

We agree as well.
How about you?

We agree also.

Most of us do, anyway.


What's this?

This orders
the summary executions

of all the detainees
listed on the next page.

It requires your signature.

My Signature?

You're the President.

Read it later. Sign now.

Just because you've
decided to do this

doesn't mean you need to
drag him into sin with you.

Don't you lecture me about sin.

I'm not the one who
committed the first act

of Cylon-on-Cylon
violence in our history.

What's she talking about?

She crushed my head in
with a rock back on Caprica.

she didn't tell you.

It was something I had to do.
I'm not proud of it.

This is all very interesting,
very edifying. Sign the order.

You don't need my signature.

Well, actually, we do.

We're here as allies and friends of the
legitimate government of the Colonies.

You are the President, so everything
we do requires your signature.

In other words, they're worried
about what God might think

if they commit murder. They're
covering their existential asses.

I won't do it, all right?
I won't do it.

You're going to have to solve
your consciences some other way.

Then we'll find
another president.

Stop this!

This is crazy!

Dear God. She'll be back.

But if he pulls that
trigger now, you won't.

Sign it!

Sign it! Sign your name!
Sign it!

Sign it! Sign it!

nothing you can do, Gaius.

Sign your name on that paper!
It'll be okay.

It's you.

Help me.

You have to sign it. They'll
kill you if you don't.

Sign it! Sign! Sign!
Sign your name! Sign it!

I can't. I won't.

You can't force...

Sometimes you have to do things you hate,
so you can survive to fight another day.

Raise your right hand
and repeat after me.

I, Sharon Agathon...

I, Sharon Agathon...

do now pledge my
faith and my loyalty...

do now pledge my
faith and my loyalty...

to the protection of
the 12 Colonies of Kobol...

to the protection of
the 12 Colonies of Kobol...

and will carry out the lawful
orders of my superiors...

and will carry out the lawful
orders of my superiors...

as an officer...

as an officer...

in the Colonial Fleet.

In the Colonial Fleet.

Congratulations, Lieutenant.

I never thought
I'd live to see the day.

Me, neither.

It looks good on you.
It belongs on you.

This uniform, it means
a lot to me, Sharon.

I know it does, Helo.

It means a lot to me, too.

I won't betray it.

The bird
checks out, Lieutenant.


Can I ask you a question?
How do you know?

I mean, how do you really
know that you can trust me?

I don't.

That's what trust is.

Good hunting, Lieutenant.

That was really something.

I thought you might like that.

But you... You didn't
do the twist this time.

What do you call... What's that
deal you did right at the end?

What do you call that?

You mean the swirl?

Oh, the swirl.

Boy, that's really something.

Well, you said you wanted
something memorable.

How is Saul?


And when is his next meeting
with the insurgents?

No point in denying it, Ellen.
We know he's their leader.

Why do you think
we let him out of detention?

I thought it was
because of the twist.

Well, yes, that too, for sure.

But having the Colonel out
and active with the resistance

presents us with
certain advantages.

I don't know anything about...

Let's just consider your
denials as read, shall we?

I want a specific place,
I want a specific time

for a very high-level meeting
of the insurgency leadership.

And if I don't get it,
we pick up Saul again,

and this time,
he'll lose more than an eye.

Tomorrow, the Galactica is going to
send two Raptors, several Marines

and a ground liaison officer is gonna
help brief us on the rescue mission

and help coordinate
our evac plans.

I'll be damned. It's really happening.
Who is the liaison officer?


I hope that's
your idea of a joke.

Admiral Adama has given her
a uniform and a billet.

She is a serving officer, which
is more than you can say

about us, technically speaking.

The old man's lost
his mind all right.

Where's the rendezvous?

They left that up to us.

Okay, here's my suggestion.

If they jump into Breeder's Canyon,
out here in the southern range...


Hey, guys. Hey, Ellen.

Anyway, like I was saying,
if they jump in here,

they won't get picked
up on Cylon dradis.

That's a long way out there, a
lot of ground to cover by foot.

I realize that. I'm gonna meet
them halfway, right about here.

Now, there's good cover from
the air, it's pretty isolated.

I've gotta be sure.

It may be the most important
meeting we're ever gonna have.

Colonel, I'm sure.
This is the place.

The Cylons will not
find them here.

All right, give me the map.

Have you got
the message memorized?

All the wireless freqs?

All right, then give me
the message, too.

I'll do that, Saul.
Don't get up.


Colonel, I've assembled
a team of about six to eight.

We've been out
about half a dozen times.

We have got provisions for a
couple of days if we need them.

We have access
to running water.

I know that place like the back of my hand.
This is gonna work.

Gaius! Gaius!

Did you sign this?

Tell me you didn't sign this, Gaius.
Not now, Mr. Gaeta.

I'm very tired.
This is a death warrant!

Have you seen
the names on this list?

Do you have any idea what
they're about to do out there?

Are you listening to me?

I didn't have any choice.

What the hell's the matter with you?
There are over 200 names on this list.

Have you even
looked at the names?

Look at the names, Gaius!
I've seen them!

I've seen them, all right?

There was nothing I could do.

Let's go!

Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!

And you do triple digits. You can do that.
Let me see.

Laura Roslin?
Come with us, please.

Killing Tyrol's wife will
only embitter him against us.

He's the head of a labor
union, an organized faction...

Come on, Sharon, let's just
be honest with one another.

In your view, you don't think
there's any reason to kill anyone.

Correct? Right.

Well, we made
a decision, all of us,

just like when we listened
to you and Caprica Six

when we came here to start
this new and glorious chapter

in Cylon-human relations.

This has nothing to do with
whether or not we execute Cally.

No one enjoys the thought
of mortal death, Boomer.

But she tried to murder you.
Maybe it's Gods' justice.

Need a lift,
Mr. Vice President?

I guess so.

I haven't seen much of you lately.
Been busy these days, huh?

Well, not much
to do in detention.

How long have you been held?

Four months, I think.

I told Baltar I wouldn't have any part
of collaborating with the Cylons,

and he got a little pissed.

He's a little
pissed at me, too.

Jump complete. Right on target.
Okay, hang on, guys.

We're dropping down
to the landing point,

and there's some
heavy turbulence up ahead.

Follow the river.
Make sure you hug the bank.

Yes, sir.

Okay, once we reach the rendezvous
point, stay back and provide cover.

Go Panthers!

C-Bucks rule!

Hey, Sam, been a long time.

Funny, I... I feel
like I see you every day.

Come on.

Lords, please
don't take her life.

It was my mistake.
Don't punish her for it.

It was an accident,
Kara, nothing more.


Kacey. Oh, my Gods. Honey.

Let them stretch
their legs for a minute.

Yes, sir!

Let's go!
All right, everybody out!

Five minute rest break! Come on, move!
Everybody out!

Five minute rest break,
max! Let's go!

Come on, five minutes.
Everyone out! Let's go!

Tell me something, Laura.

Right up front!

Last year, you tried to steal
an election, didn't you?

Yes, I did, Tom.

I wish you'd gone
through with it.

Me, too.

We'll wait until nightfall
before we go back to the city.

There's a system of tunnels we've been using.
Our levels under...

You hear that?

Down! Get down!

Move, take cover!

Go, go, go!

You, over here.

Run. Run, don't look back. Go!

Let's go.