Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 3, Episode 14 - The Woman King - full transcript

When a group of refugees board Galactica with a curable illness, it becomes very mysterious when they begin to die after taking the injection they do not believe in.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

We all made sacrifices.

Is that so? Yes, that's right.

Then how come some Cylon lover
is holding down my post?

Hera's alive. I'm her
mother and I'm going to get her.

I'm begging you to do this.

You've put the entire fleet in jeopardy.
Are you aware of that?

I'm not a traitor. I did
what I thought was right.

She'll get Hera.

Let's go.

No! Hold your fire!

Get out of the way!

Throw that thing in the brig.

I demand my rights
as a Colonial citizen

to legal representation
and full due process.

Do you?

So what happens next?
We give him his trial.

Do they really think they can squeeze most
of these onto the starboard hangar deck?

That's why Helo
was transferred down here,

to manage
the civilian refugees.

Sir, we got the breakdown on the Thera
Site's inhabitants coming aboard.

Fifty-one Sagittarons. Oh, boy.

Helo might be
overmatched down there.

So, pretty rough night
last night, huh?

Hey, I said you
didn't sleep so well.

Just a stupid dream. Whatever.

So, you're okay? Yeah.

They're about to increase the population
down there by 300 and you're okay.

Yeah. I don't know
where I'm gonna put them,

but it's not like I'm walking around
taking my own pulse. I'm fine.

Hey. There he is.
If it isn't the Mayor of Dogsville.

Hey. Cut him some slack, guys.

Helo just got a new
shipload of loyal subjects.

Helo, come here, come here.
Listen, I need a favor.

I have a date tonight with
this ripped and ready nugget

that I want to break in,
you know, just right.

Think you can wrangle me up

one of those cute little sexy
cubicles you got down there?

We'll see you around, Helo.

Yeah. You guys know
where to find me.

You're gonna check up on Hera, right? Yes.
Babe, I'm gonna check up on Hera.

Okay. Love you. Love you, too.

I need you to keep moving.
You need to keep moving.

Deal with you
when we get there.

I know, I know. We'll deal
with your concerns. Come on.

You just keep moving.
Keep moving.

Welcome aboard Galactica, people.
My name is Captain Karl Agathon.

I've been assigned to look
after your personal welfare.

We'll get to it soon. I need
you to keep moving right now.

Where are you putting
the Sagittarons?

Living arrangements
haven't been made yet, sir.

I need you to keep moving.
We want to be with our own!

You heard the man.
Get your ass in motion!


I got things under
control here, Colonel.

Yeah. Sure you do.

Excuse me, ma'am? Could I have
a brief look at your son?

No, no, no. We're fine. We're fine.
We don't need a doctor.

I know. I know. Thank you.

Look. We don't need a doctor.

We're Sagittaron. We don't
believe in medicine.

It's all right, ma'am. This is Dr. Robert.
He's our civilian doctor.

He has nothing to do
with the military.

He'll respect your traditions.
You can trust me.

I'm a Sagittaron. It's okay.

It's okay. Okay? Okay?

You feel that?

Would you open your mouth for me, please?
Open wide.

All right.

Look at this.

Okay. Do you feel anything?
How about here?

All right. That's enough.
Thank you.

- Get your hands off me!
- All right, okay.

Just a second... That's enough.
That's enough.

Thank you very much.
Settle down.

Sir... Hey, you just keep
your hands to yourself.

Okay. Yeah. All right?


You brain-dead card cheat.
Still owe me that drink.

Saul, get out of here now. Well,
you're in a good mood today.

Hey, Doc. I don't know, but some
of these people, they look...

Sick. Sick. Yeah.

My God! Medic!

Dr. Robert! Leave, Saul.


No, get your hands off my son!

I got him. No. No!

Where are they taking him?

It's all right, ma'am.
Just walk this way.

So what have we got here, Mike?

Mellorak Sickness.

It originates in the kidneys

and then rapidly attacks the
respiratory and the immune system.

It's a nasty bit of business.

If you don't treat the first
symptoms within 48 hours,

it'll kill you within
three to five days.

How contagious is it?

Well, it's not airborne,
so we lucked out there.

It's spread through
human contact,

saliva, sexual intercourse,
through the skin...

Right now, it seems confined
to the Sagittarons.

That's good.
They're welcome to it.

It's obviously spreading down
there where we were working.

It's curable? Absolutely, yes.

A shot of bittamusin and you're
right as rain in a day or two.

And sedatives alleviate
the symptoms.

But I don't know how long our stock
of bittamusin will hold out,

so we should probably
conserve it

and only inoculate after
the first symptoms show.

This is a civilian infection,
Dr. Robert, so it's in your hands.

But I want Tyrol and the crew
immunized before they get sick.

I don't need any downtime.

If we disinfect everything and stress
hygiene, some people won't get sick.

And they won't need
the medicine.

Then shouldn't we get
everyone to the showers?

Especially the Sagittarons. We
should make an announcement.

No. No, we don't want to single them
out any more than we already have to.

We'll have a riot on our hands.

Now, if it were up to me, I would say
just get the Sagittarons settled

and then deal with the civvies
that have already arrived.

Well, at least, you won't have to worry about
having enough medicine for the Sagittarons.

Yeah. Most of them
are gonna refuse it.

People are going to die.

For the last 3,000 years,
medicine's been the great curse.

That's because they're a bunch of
stubborn root-sucking jackasses

holding onto traditions
that are 1,000 years old.

Drink this.

Stink enough for you in here? Yeah,
it's a really potent smell, yeah.

That's burdock root. The
Sagittarons use it as a calmative.

Does it work?

Hell, I don't know. They're
all gonna die anyway.

Tell me there won't be a trial.

Gaius Baltar will be tried
for high crimes and treason.

A tribunal of judges will hear
the evidence against him.

A verdict will be read.
He will be found guilty

and he will be finally held
responsible for his actions.

If you can summon up a little
patience, as I have done,

we will get through
this ordeal.

Listen to me.
Baltar will get his trial.

And this is what you'll get,
a hurricane.

The media will descend on you

and watch and scrutinize
and question your every move.

You will have
sectarian violence.

You will have
assassination attempts.

You will have civil unrest
on a scale we've never seen.

Work, labor, everyday routine in this
fleet will come to a complete halt.

This trial is going to
bring this entire fleet down.

Mr. Vice President, we have
a security plan in order,

which includes rapid
marine deployment,

increased CAP operations,
security details...

A hurricane, Laura.

If I were you, I'd declare
martial law during the trial.

You're going to need a lot more
than a little patience to survive.

I'm here if you need me.

Your best friend,
your worst enemy.

I've never seen him like that.

He was truly frightened.

We are not sick.

Sagits brought the sickness with them.
Send them back!

Okay, sir. Where do you
suggest that I send them?

I don't know. Figure it out.

Okay. Your concerns have been noted.
We're going to do the best we can.

Yeah, right you will.

Yes. Can I help you?

My son is dead.

I'm sorry.

It's a soma braid, right?

You Sagittarons believe it's
supposed to bring good health?

Look, I'm sorry.
It's not enough.

If you don't treat the
disease, it's fatal, okay?

This... This didn't
have to happen.

Yes, it did. He was killed.

No. Ma'am, he died. Okay? He died
because he needed real medicine.

He died because
I made a mistake.


Okay. Good. Yeah.
Then, please, tell the others.

I will. I will tell them
not to trust him.

They warned me about him,
but I wouldn't listen.

I didn't want my son to die.

I took a chance.
I went to Dr. Robert.

I let the doctor
give the medicine to Willie.

Ma'am, you waited too long.

Willie had been sick
for less than 12 hours.

He was 19. He is dead.

That doctor killed my son.

We lost another one last night.

Yeah. Willie King.

No. A three-year-old girl whose
parents refused to let me treat her.

Willie King's mother
lost Willie King.

It's a shame. That boy was a goner.
You saw him when he came in here.

I mean, he was at least
three days symptomatic.

You explained this to the mother?
Yes. Of course I did.

I mean, what the hell
am I supposed to say to her?

"Sorry, ma'am, but if you would have
just turned the corner a little sooner

"on your superstitious crap,
we could have saved your son"?

Get your shirt off, would you?
Excuse me?

I'm going to vaccinate you.

But I'm not sick.
I thought we were rationing.

You think I'm gonna wait until
you're on your back for a day?

Who the hell else is gonna
help me around here?

Okay. All right.

I talked to Tigh.
He was asking about you.

I told him you were
doing a hell of a job.

I mean, I wouldn't wish
this place on anybody.

Come on. You ready? Yeah.

This might sting a bit.
You're done.


All right, "Hands of Stone."

Put it in the hole, Marge.

Want to know my secret, Connor? I
pretend this thing is your face.

Hey. It's Mellorak Man.
Everybody run.

Relax. The doc dosed me.

I hear it's pretty rough down there, huh?
Only if you're a Sagittaron.

Dying, you know? It just...
it just seems so senseless.

Yeah, well, you'll get
no tears from me.

Bad enough my gang's gotta
sweat through their stench.

I have a feeling, one of these days,
we're gonna wake up in the morning,

I'm gonna be really pissed
'cause we're out of meds

'cause those frakwads saw the
light and now we gotta share.

Will you babble or shoot?


None of those religious freaks lifted a finger
down on New Caprica against the Cylons.

Hey. Chief, knock it off.

Well, a lot of good Resistance
people lost their lives.

I said knock it off. All right?


Sorry, Dee. It's all right.

I have more of a reason to be mad at
them than you do. I am Sagittaron.

Most of them are paranoid,
pigheaded and argumentative.

Yeah, well, they're sure making
it miserable for Dr. Robert.

Medicine's an abomination.
It's a sin against the Gods.

Physicians are spreading disease because
they refuse to acknowledge that the body...

There you go.

And the mind are myths.
Well, this body is no myth.

If I get sick, I'm gonna see Dr. Robert.
You're not getting sick.

Anyone but Cottle.

The near-sighted bastard might as
well use a spike instead of a needle.

So, they're treating you well, then?
Yeah. Well enough.

Take a while to get to the
point, though, don't they?

Look, Six, I want to thank you
for what you did.

I'm still not sure
why you did it, though.


What are we doing here?

How could you possibly throw yourself
on the mercy of these people?

And now you're here. Yeah.

Your best chance of survival
is to work with them.

And that means to help them
expose Baltar for his crimes.

Look, I gotta go,

so I'm gonna look into
getting some clothes for you.

Please, take care of yourself.


Thank you for the visit.

To have some company.
Thank you.

No. I care about you.

Do you think
any of them care about you?

I imagine they don't.

So what are you
doing here again?

I'm still trying
to figure that out.

So you're here
to save him, are you?

I told you, I don't know.

You're here because
you want to be human.

There's a trick to being human.

You have to think
only about yourself.

Okay. What do you think
she's doing now? I don't know.

Though she's talking to something
or someone, I don't know.

I've seen her do it before.

He'll kill me! Stay back!


He'll frakking kill us!

- You can't let him do it!
- No!

Stand back!

- Get off me!
- Get him!

Stay back!

Break it up!

Get off me!

- Stay back! Everybody back!
- Step away from him!

Everybody back!

Get off him! Now!
Move back, people!

Move back! Back away, now!

He killed my father!

I tried to help him,
you ignorant fool!

Get off me!

Okay. Get behind me.

Back down, everybody.

So you immunized the old man,
but he still died.

Buckminster and his father
are fundamentalists.

What made them change their
mind about getting immunized?

Change their mind? Who said
they changed their mind?

I administered the bittamusin on my own.
Without their consent?

Look, it was the middle
of the night.

I was doing my rounds and the
old man was screaming in pain.

I mean, what was
I supposed to do?

Okay, I don't understand.
Aren't we rationing?

It was well after the 48 hours.

Yeah, that's right. But it's not exact.
Everybody's different.

Okay. He was marginal.

Look, I'm not gonna sit here and
apologize to you for doing my job.

Now I got two Picons down there
that are starting to show symptoms.

Now I'm gonna go treat them,
if it's all right with you.

The doctor's version of
when he administered the drug

greatly differed
from that of Mrs. King.

Who? The woman. King.

The one I told you about. Mrs. King.
Her son showed symptoms.

She immediately took him to Robert for treatment.
The boy still died.

In the other case, Robert treated a
Sagittaron without the man's consent.

That's something we probably should have
done to all of them in the first place.

This disease would
have been gone by now.

The only reason we didn't

is we're trying to respect the
customs of the Sagittarons.

But that's the point.
He didn't respect them, sir.

People could be dying
under Robert's care.

People die under my care every day.
It goes with the damn job.

Killing doesn't. Killing?

You are way out of line.

Mike Robert deserves
better than this.

Even if I'm wrong, even if he isn't
treating some of these people unethically,

I'm concerned he's created
a situation down there.

It's bad.


I have the former President of the
Colonies sitting in a prison cell,

a Cylon woman is in custody,

and a population that would love nothing
more than to tear both of them apart.

My ship is overcrowded and I
have an epidemic on my hands.

Now the question is are you
capable of doing your job?

And are you gonna stop making
these unfounded accusations?

Are you?

Yes, sir. Dismissed.


Why don't you
knock it off, Helo?

Get your teeth out of the doc's ass.
It's not doing you any good.

With all clue respect, sir, I think
Michael Robert might be hurting people.

He is the only one who's had
anything good to say about you

in as long as I can remember.

You may as well take whatever
credibility you have left

and chuck it out an airlock.

You seriously want to stand up
for these crazy frakking people?

What is it with you?

You just like being on the
outside looking in, don't you?

I don't quite know
what you mean by that, sir.

Unless you're referring
to my wife. Again.

Mike Robert is a stand-up guy. A Caprican.
One of our own. A man I can trust.

On New Caprica, he worked
with the Resistance.

He patched up my eye.
He fought the enemy,

while you were snuggled up in bed
with your Cylon wife every night...


You Okay?

So you do give a frak
what your friends think.

Good for you.
That's how it should be.

But you know what?
I give a frak, too.

About friends, about loyalty.

You keep soiling Mike Robert's good
name and we are gonna finish this.

How does that sound to you?

Better have the doctor
take a look at that hand, huh?

Sorry, people,
you're gonna have to wait.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Fifteen minutes, people. I'll be
back in 15 minutes. I'm sorry.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Sir, get your hands off me.

Sharon? Helo!

What's going on? How's Hera?

What do you mean, "How's Hera?"

She got sick about an hour ago.
They pulled me off CAP.

What are you talking about?
No one told me.

They sent her to Dr. Robert.

Okay. You know what? I don't
know if she needs this.

Hey, this is serious.
She could die from this.

All right, here we go. Here we go. Okay.
It's all right. Look at this.

Look at this. Here.
Here's your toy.

Good girl. Good girl.

Now, these are a sedative
in pill form. Okay.

Just give her a half every six hours.
Just crush it up.

Okay? Okay?

She'll be okay, though? She'll be fine.
You can take her home.

Thank you, Doctor. Okay.

BYE-bye. Say bye.

Good night. Bye-bye.

Good, we're done. Say bye-bye.


She'll be fine. All right?


Oh, um...

Listen, would you give this to Mrs. King?
This is...

it belonged to her son.
I know she'd want it back.

All right?


Dr. Robert gave me this
to give to you.

He gave you this?

How is your daughter?

She's fine, thanks. Good.

Mrs. King? Please.

I need to ask you something.

If you thought Dr. Robert was
dangerous, why let him treat your son?

I mean, you said
you were warned.

I couldn't believe anyone could
have that much hate inside of them.

But you understand how...
I'm through talking.

Talking isn't going
to bring Willie back.

I think you should leave now.

Mrs. King, I...

I'm sorry.

You seem angry.

I'm not. I'm just... Work.

It's okay that you hate your job.
It's okay to admit it, too.

It's not the job.
I know the job sucks.

I don't need to
be reminded of it.


Then what is it? Look.

It's what I see every day, okay?
It's hard to not see it.

See what?

Talk to me, Karl. I don't
know, I keep doing it.

You know, I keep doing it. I keep ending
up on the wrong side of everything.

You know, maybe Tigh's right.
Maybe I want it that way.

What if I'm flying a desk,
not because I'm good at it,

not because I'm
the right guy for the job,

but because it's the right punishment
for the guy who crosses the line

and everybody knows it?

Maybe I belong in Dogsville.

So, you're saying...

Just leave it.

What does that mean,
"Just leave it"?

It means it's your job
to manage these people, Helo,

and you just gotta do it.

Yeah. You know what?

You're right. It's me.

It's all in my frakking head.

I didn't say that.

Where are you going?
I don't know.


You ought to try a bed, Helo.
You'll get more sleep that way.

He's killing them.
It's right here.

You get your righteous ass
out of here right now,

before I have the old man lock
you up and throw away the key.

No, listen to me. He killed
them, on New Caprica.

Look. Guy goes in for a cough,
he dies of heart failure.

Here. See for yourself!

This one. Woman
had simple appendicitis.

She died on
the operating table.

Of the Picons he treated?
Twelve percent of them died.

Capricans. He likes Capricans. The
mortality rate was six percent.

Sagittarons? Ninety percent. Ninety
percent of the Sagittarons died...

I'm not going to listen to this!
You hear me?

That man has
his hands full down there.

He's singling out Sagittarons!
That doesn't bother you?

What exactly... Doctor,
that doesn't bother you?

What exactly is he doing? I don't know.
I'm not a doctor.

Well, now that's the first
sensible thing you've said yet.

Listen to me. I don't think
he's giving them the medicine.

He's doing something!

My Gods! You're not gonna
let it go, are you?

Please. Can you do an autopsy on
Mrs. King's son to see how he died?

I'll let it go. I will. I promise.
I will let it go. Just check.

I did. I checked King's son.

Mellorak sickness. He had
bittamusin in his system.

All right? NOW that's it.

Now you just leave it.
And get out of here!

Hey, Doc? I don't
really feel so good.

Think I can get
some of that bittamusin?

ATHENA; Who is it?

Hey, Hera. It's okay.

Mrs. King? Your friend,
the soldier, Dualla.

She's sick. She went to the doctor.
She went...

Slow down, slow down. What?
No, you listen to me.

We lost two more tonight,

Sagittarons who let
that murderer treat them.

You have to do something.

Excuse me.
What is she doing here?

There she is! Ma'am?

You're not supposed to be here.
Let's go. Now.

Sorry, Captain. Frakking refugees. I
don't know how she snuck through.

Morning, Sir.

Don't. Don't even think it.
Sharon, it's Dualla.

Dualla went down there.
She has a husband.

Yeah, and he's out flying CAP.

She'll be fine. She'll take her meds.
She'll be fine.

You know what's all over the ship?
You and the Sagittarons.

How you might actually
be listening to them.

That's my job.

They're dying because they're
refusing medication, Karl.

You want me to look the other way.
Is that it? Is that it?

Our daughter's fine. That's
all that matters? No!

Or is it because as long as
everyone hates the Sagittarons,

they'll forget you're
a Cylon for five minutes.

You shut the frak up.

Yeah. I want you
to look the other way.

I have to fight every single day
on this ship to be accepted.

This has nothing
to do with you! Okay?

You think that's who I am?
That's what I've become?

That's my defining characteristic?
The guy married to a Cylon?

This guy's dirty.

I think he's a liar and I
think he's killing people

because he's a racist
son of a bitch.

Make a hole!
Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!

Dee? Dee?



No. No, no, no, no!

Dualla. Hey!

Hey. What are you
doing down here?

Dr. Robert, he gave me something
that kicked the frak out of me.

Where's Lee? We're gonna go see him.
Come on.

Come on.
Gotta take you to Cottle.

No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on.

He's got hands of stone.
I know. I know. Come on.

Hey. What the hell
are you doing here?

She's coming with me.

No, she's not. She's in no
condition to go anywhere.

I'm taking her to Cottle,
just to be sure.

What do you mean, be... Hey, hey!
Get the hell out of here!

Get the frak out of my way, Doctor!

Come on, honey. Come on. No.


Agathon, he's lost it. I don't know.
He's hurting one of my patients.

He poisoned her.
I'm taking her to Cottle.

Get the XO.

Leave me alone.

Sir. No. Not Cottle.

Please just leave me alone! No.

Captain, what's going on, sir?
Leave me alone.

Captain! I wanna sleep.

No, no, no, Dee.
Come on, we gotta go.

Captain, she doesn't want to go.
We gotta go.

Sir! She says she doesn't want to go!
Get your hand off me, Sergeant!

You stand down, sir!

Get your frakking hands off me!

Get your gun out of my face!

Cool it!

I don't know what kind of a crusade you're
on or who you're trying to impress,

but it seriously
is not working.

You're killing them, Robert.
I know you're doing it.

Stand down!


You told me he was a flake. You
didn't tell me he was dangerous!

Shut the frak up!

How is she?

She's been sedated.
But she's okay.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You don't believe him, do you?

He's seriously delusional.
He needs help.

Yeah. And we should
have given it to him.


I didn't check Willie's blood
until a couple of hours ago.

I was exhausted, and I'll admit the
Sagittarons annoy the hell out of me.

And I didn't want to go
against my colleague.

But you were right
about their records, Helo.

There was no bittamusin
in the King boy's body.

He died because it was too late.
No, he didn't.

He died of acute
cell destruction.

He was injected
with a toxic bisphosphonate.

Now, obviously,
you got a wrong reading here.

Now I don't know what
else these people... No!

The old man, Mr. Buckminster,
died of the same thing.

There was no
bittamusin in his system.

You killed them, you sick frak.

You ought to be on your knees, thanking
me for saving your daughter's life,

for having the meds
to cure her of her illness.

Now you know how painful
this disease is at the end.

And they don't want our help.

Now, why waste time
and meds and space on them

when all of those resources could
go to those who really deserve it?

Who gets the medication when
there's not enough to go around?

A Sagittaron who won't even raise a finger
to save his own race, or a Viper pilot?

What the hell happened
to "Do no harm," Doctor?

Look, I intervened because someone
has to make the tough choices here.

But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter because, look at them,
they're gonna destroy themselves anyway.

I mean, look at them.
Look at them out there.

They're like worms
crawling on a hot rock.

Remember what you
used to say, Saul?

Aside from a Cylon, is there anything
that you hate more than a Sagittaron?

I'll tell you what I hate,
Mike. Being wrong.

Captain Agathon. Sir.

Arrest this son of a bitch.
Gag him if you have to.

My pleasure, sir.

I didn't harm her.

Right. She's one
of the good ones.

Sir. You wanted to see me?

Yes, Captain. Please, sit down.

There's hate
and there's allowing hate.

Two sides of
the same coin, really.

We're guilty of both.

Somewhere we got lost.

You being the lone voice
in the wilderness,

we were bound to stay
that way for a while.

This is my ship.

And I owe you an apology.

That's not necessary, sir.

All the same,

you still have it.

That'll be all, Captain.