Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 7 - Home: Part 2 - full transcript

While Commander Adama tries to join Roslin's team on Kobol, Dr. Baltar's Number Six tells him he's crazy.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

Twenty-four ships jumped away.

That's almost
a third of the fleet.

They're gonna follow
Roslin to Kobol
to their death.

[people shouting]

Cally shot Sharon!

There are many copies.
You'll see her again.

One of those things
put two rounds
into my father's chest.

We have found Kobol,

And when we retrieve
the Arrow, we will open
the Tomb of Athena,,,

and we will find
the road to Earth.

What I need to know...

is exactly how to find
the Tomb of Athena.

I can show you the path.

I don't know how long
the path is, or exactly
where it leads to...

but I can tell you
that you're gonna have
to move very, very quickly.



I want to see
all recon material on Kobol
immediately in my quarters.


I'm putting the fleet
back together.

I'm putting our family
back together again.

The scriptures say
some of us will die on Kobol.

Like a certain Capt. Apollo?

[thunder rumbling]

She could be anywhere.

If we only use
information contained
within the book of Pythia...

which makes sense, given
the president's identification
with that particular gospel...

then the Tomb of Athena
is most likely located

in the mountains to the west
of the City of the Gods.

Let's assume she starts
at the most
easily recognized landmark...

which is the opera house.

They'd be setting down
somewhere right here
in this meadow...

then heading west.

Are you okay?
Yes. I am.

[breathing heavily]

We got to get out
of this ravine.

I don't want us to get caught
in a flash flood.

Raptor One went down...

right about here
just outside
the ruins of the city.

Now we never made it past,
say, here.

But we visually scouted
the approaches
out to the mountains.


Any time.

If this is all
she's got to go on...

I don't know how the hell
that woman thinks
she's gonna find this tomb.

Well, maybe she's seen it
in a vision.

[all chuckle]

I'm serious.

She says she sees things.

Images, prophecies, whatever.

The point is that
she believes in them and so do
the people that are with her.

Sir, with all due respect,
that terrain is so rugged...

I can't imagine navigating it
without a map or a guide.


King of the hill.
Queen of the hill,
thank you very much.

We should take shelter
until the storm passes.

Sounds good. After that?

Then we start the tough part.

Let's go!

The last rescue team reported
no sign of a Cylon baseship...

or a raider anywhere
near Kobol.

We'll set the jump
arrival coordinates
in the upper atmosphere...

just in case.

Sir, that's risky and
it's certainly not possible
with a ship of this size.

I'll be going down
in a Raptor.

I'm not gonna leave
the fleet undefended...

and it's too risky
to try and take all of us.

Send a search party,
for frak's sake.

"And Zeus warned the leaders
of the 1 2 tribes...

"that any return to Kobol
would exact a price in blood."

It certainly did for us.

No more bloodshed,
enough loss.

I'm only gonna take people
who are absolutely necessary.

Don't try and argue
with me, Saul.

Truth is...

I'm the only one
that can reach out to Roslin.

It's always been
between us anyway.

We may have gone down
separately, but we're
gonna come back together.

Hopefully on our feet.

But even in body bags
we're gonna be
coming back together.

I'm gonna contact
the Astral Queen,

See if they can pick us up
until the weather clears.

You're not in charge
here, Tom. All com traffic
goes through me.

Try to remember that.

How much longer
do you want to wait, Tom?

Just keep
your eyes on him.

11:00. 20 degrees elevation.

There's a formation
of twin rocks up ahead.

Yeah, I got it.

I think those
are the Gates of Hera.
You think?

I'm putting together a lot of
pieces from a lot of sources
beyond your scriptures.

If I'm right...

that's the spot where
your God supposedly stood...

and watched Athena
throw herself down
onto the rocks below...

out of despair over the exodus
of the 13 tribes.


I thought the Cylons
believed in the gods.

Yeah, don't get her started.

They believe in one true God
or something like that.

And we don't worship
false idols.

You were quick enough
to come on this mission.

Lead us all to some tomb
only actually mentioned
in our false scriptures.

We know more about
your religion than you do.

Athena's Tomb, whoever...

whatever she really was,
is probably up there.

That part is true.

Madam President,
we won't make it up there
before nightfall.

Let's go, see how far we get.

This is a depressing place.

A part of me is glad
Sharon never made it in here.

You decided to brighten up
the place a little, did you?

Our child will be born here.
In this room.

You're not listening.
Oh, you noticed?

No, I have had enough.

Do you seriously expect me
to listen to you while you
sit around stark naked?

Prattle on about this
mythical baby of ours?

Yes, mythical.

Do you have any notion
of how ridiculous
you've become?

The whole turn of our
conversation is completely
shot to pieces.

I'm the father of a baby
who'll be born to me
from my fantasy woman...

who I see solely in my head.

My fantasy woman, by the way,
who stopped being my fantasy.

You're not
my fantasy anymore.

No, sadly now
you're nothing more
than a common tease.

I never said
I would bear the child.

Wonderful! More doubletalk.
More mind games.

All right, then
who is it gonna be?

Who's going to bear
our secret love child?

It's not Starbuck, is it?

Careful, Gaius, you're
in dangerous territory now.

Then I guess
I'm really scared.

So, what's it going to be
this week? What is it?

Don't tell me, I'll guess.

The ship's gonna blow up!

No, damn!

Done that one.
So it's gotta be someone else.

Someone.... Me!

But, of course, me!
I'm gonna explode! God!

God is gonna make me
spontaneously combust into
a great big ball of flame...

and then the whole crew
of Galactica can
celebrate on ambrosia.

Get really drunk.


Okay. Enough,
I can't do this anymore.

You're right.
Game's over you win.

I win?

What did I win?
You don't get it?

Come on, Gaius, wake up
and smell
the psychosis already.

I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Okay. Look...

there's no Cylon chip
implanted in your brain.

I'm not real.

You're not really getting
secret messages
from the Cylons.

You're just crazy.


Very funny.

Hysterical. Do you write
your own material?

You don't believe me,
do you?
No, I don't.


That's great! I love it.
Is it?

Good. I've had enough
of this, all right?

So can we just stop playing
this stupid game?

I'm sorry.

But it's the truth.
There is no chip.

If there is no chip...

then who...

or what are you exactly?

I'm you.

I'm your subconscious
frakking with your mind.

Okay, check it out.

You helped the Cylons
commit genocide
against your own people...

and your fragile little mind
couldn't handle it. So, poof!

I appear and start telling you
how special you are.

How God has chosen you.
Yeah, right!

Well, I don't know what game
you're playing anymore.

But I'm not playing
this stupid game, Sara.
Now you've had your fun.

Why don't you get
yourself checked out?

Go down to sickbay and get
a brain scan. That would
settle it, wouldn't it?

Go ahead. I dare you.

How simple could it be?

Okay, we're in
the North-northwest continent.

Quadrant C,
Sector two, which....

Oh, for frak's sake
let me see if I can make
heads or tails of it.

Look, I marked the terrain
as best I could,
but we're not....

for pansies anyways.

How're you feeling?

I still don't think this is
a very good idea, Commander.

The last time she saw me
she wasn't too happy with me.

She trusts you.
Values your counsel.
She'll listen to you.

I doubt that very much.

I'm her assistant.
She doesn't put any more stock
than what I say--

She thinks you'll be
president one day.

[aircraft engine revving]

Excuse me?
That's what she said
to me once.

That you reminded her
of President Adar when
he ran for his first office.

I don't really know
how to respond to that, sir.

Don't let it go to your head.
Adar was a moron.

This is an intra-atmos entry.

You guys buckled in?

Perimeter's clear!
No Cylon presence!

See? Nothing to worry about.

Having good luck already.

Gives me the creeps
seeing him acting
like that with her.

He loves her. And, yeah,
he knows she's a machine.

He doesn't care.
He loves her anyway.

Frak. How can one of us
get that roped in
by one of them?

We should keep
an eye on him, too.

Helo's a friend
of mine, all right.
He's one of the good guys.


Sharon was a friend
of yours, too.

Feel like I'm back
on Caprica.

No, thanks.
I'm happy right here.


Yeah, actually. Just being
with you and Kara feels
like I've come home.

It's like I'm back
in the fleet.

But you were never
in the fleet.
That was the other Sharon.

I know. I know that.

But I remember all of it.

Like getting my wings.
My first trip aboard
the Galactica,

You know, the memory of being
in a uniform is so strong,
so potent...

it's like, "I'm Sharon Valerii
and this is my family."

That's pretty weird, huh?
It's okay.

I like weird.

Losing that priest
really frakked her up.

She's lost a lot of people.

Friends, supporters.

All she has left
is her young prince.

We're here. He's here.

We know what we have to do.

Terrain's rougher
than we thought.

Don't know how far
until we reach this tomb.

Why are you backing
out of this now?

I'm not backing
out of anything.

Getting blood on your hands
is a lot harder
than washing it off.

Then let the Cylon do it.

What if the Cylon were
to get a weapon
and shoot him herself?

There'll be a lot
of confusion, stress, panic.

Then the Cylon could
find herself getting
shot real easy.

And how would you propose
such a thing might happen?

This has to happen, Tom.
You know that.

Not until we find the tomb.

How much further?


Farther describes
actual distance,
further is more figurative.

You're a dictionary now?

I'm sorry
I'm smarter than you.

That's okay. The baby can have
your brains as long
as he gets my looks.

Yeah, that'd be
a real blessing for her.


You know it's a girl?


So from what I could tell...

the Cylons have
a plan for Caprica.

They're cleaning up
the bodies...

bringing in
the heavy machinery
to fix the infrastructure.

I understand.

But they haven't
killed everyone.

There's a resistance movement.

Once we find the tomb
and get the map, I think
our first order of business...

has to be planning
a rescue mission
back to Caprica.

Lieutenant, I hope you know
how grateful I am
for everything you've done...

and what you risked...

but right now I can't think
about anything
but finding that tomb.

Thank you.

Can't talk.

Can't move.
Then you...

certainly wouldn't want me
to do this.

Oh for....
I told you not to move.

I'm so terribly sorry, Doctor.
It won't happen again.

All right. Now I have to reset
and start from the beginning.

Now he's got to reset
and start all over again.


Why are you doing this to me?

(No. 6)
Come on, Gaius, even back
when you weren't nuts...

there was always
that little voice
in your head.

That little voice helping you
through the rough times,

I'm just the latest version
of that little voice.

I don't believe that
for one moment.

No, God has a plan for me.

God's plan?

[No. 6 laughing]

Okay. Yeah,
God has a plan and...

there is a God
and he talks to Gaius Baltar.

Shut up will you!

Will you stop going
crazy in there?

I'm not crazy.

Once you find this tomb,
you know he's gonna have
you killed, right?

He's not like that.

He's a soldier,
you're the enemy.
Nothing's gonna change that.

Your twin,
your copy or whatever--
I know.

The other Sharon
shot the old man.

I've heard it
about a thousand times.

Do you remember shooting him?

It wasn't me.

Do you remember?

I see.

What do you think
happened to her?
I don't know.

Probably threw her
in the brig or something.

She was murdered
by one of the crew.

And everyone aboard Galactica
just let it happen.

Think I'm lying? Ask Lee.

They're not gonna
let your child be born.

You think they're gonna let
you raise a potential enemy
right in their midst?

You want to get off this
planet alive, you better start
looking out for yourself.

[plants rustling]



Put down your weapon, Captain.


It's good to see you.

Madam President.


Billy, you have no idea...

what it means to me
to have you here.

It's good to see you, too.

Oh, my gods. Commander!

She's with us, Commander.


Commander, no!

Get off her.

I want you to die.

Commander, please don't.
We need her.

Commander, you got
to let her go.





[Adama groans]


And you ask why.

[Boomer groans]

[Boomer coughing]

[breathing heavily]

Nothing, nothing,
more nothing.

Are you satisfied?

Yes, I am.
Thank you very much, Doctor.


We're absolutely positive,
aren't we, that there's no...

unidentified objects?

You can obsess over these
as much as you like
on your own time.

Freaking hypochondriac.
One on every bloody ship.

You interfered
with a military mission
and you broke your word to me.

It's the second part
that really bothers you,
isn't it?

Laura, I forgive you.

Thank you, Bill.

I didn't ask
for your forgiveness.

You have it anyway.

I can't believe the old man
reacted like that.

You know they killed
the other Sharon?


In cold blood,
not even a trial.




Hello, Chief.

You know who I am?


We haven't met but...

I remember you.

It's good to see you.

So where does this leave us?

Back to where we started.

Under the yoke
of President Roslin
and Commander Adama.

Not if we go back to the ship
with a map to Earth.

And a sad story of how many
people were killed down
on Kobol by the Cylons.

It's over.

Let it go for now.

Lieutenant Thrace says that
there are survivors
back on the Colonies.

There are people fighting
against the Cylons every day.

They're fighting
for their homes,
their future.

I see.

Doesn't give you pause?

Maybe your impulse
the day the Cylons
attacked was right.

Maybe we should've stayed
and fought for our homes.

Maybe the President
of the Colonies should've
stayed with her people.

I didn't come here for this.

I didn't come here
to navel-gaze...

or to catalog our mistakes.

We made a decision
to leave the Colonies
after the attack.

We made that decision.

It was the right one then,
it's the right one now.

So every moment of every day
since then...

is a gift.

From the gods?

From you.

For convincing me
that I should go.

I would be dead.

My son would be dead.

Whatever else the costs...

I won't second-guess
that outcome.


Maybe it's time to go
find this...

tomb of yours.

So Cally kills Sharon...

and the old man gives her
30 days in the brig.

Thirty days for murder.

They don't see it
as murder, Helo.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you.

That's what
you're not hearing.

To him, to the president,
to all of them...

Cylons aren't people.

I'm not a person to them...

I'm a thing.

I won't just stand by
and let them kill you
like the other Sharon.


I believe you, Helo. I do.

But if we're gonna have
any future together...

any at all...

I'm gonna have to take
matters into my own hands.

What're you talking about?

Do you love me?

Do you trust me?


Then don't ask me
what I have to do.

Sharon, what the frak
are you--

Trust me.

Trust us.

Have you had a chance
to think about
our conversation?

Haven't thought
about anything else.

When we get to the entrance,
they'll be distracted.

I'll take the father
and you take the son.

You should see this!

Lieutenant Thrace,
I hope you have
that Arrow handy.

I need you to know something.

I'm Sharon
but I'm a different Sharon.
I know who I am.

I don't have hidden protocols
or programs lying in wait
to be activated.

I make my own choices.
I make my own decisions...

and I need you to know
that this is my choice.

This is one
of the old stallions.

It's not military issue.
Where the hell
did you get this?

It's his.



Take it easy.

Just wanted...

to see you get your due.

You never did listen to me.


Stupid frakking thing
couldn't come with a handbook.

No, because that would just be
too logical, wouldn't it?

"And the Arrow of Apollo
will open the Tomb of Athena."

Yeah, well,
unless anyone sees
a keyhole, or whatever...

then we're either
in the wrong place or
we're just perfectly screwed.

Okay, then why
don't we just....
Helo, come here.

On three. One, two, three!

[all grunting]

There it is.
Oh, my God.


After you.

Helo, you stay out.
Yes, sir.

- Sir.

Guard everybody.
- Yes, sir.

If the Arrow didn't actually
open the tomb...

how do we know
this is the right place?

We don't.

But it's a tomb
all right.

The scriptures say
you need the Arrow
to find the map.

These broken statues,
I recognize them.

The ram, Aerilon.

Gemenon, the twins.

These are the icons
of the 12 tribes,
the 1 2 Colonies.

This is really
where it all began.

We all came from this place.

This could
be Picon, the fish.

I guess, this little lady
could be Virgon, right?

The goat, Caprica.


the archer.

He's missing something.

Where the hell are we?

I don't know.

Tomb of Athena, I think.

I thought we were already
in the tomb.

I think that was the lobby.

Again the ancient symbols.

These patterns...

were on the original flags
of the 12 Colonies...

back in the days when
the Colonies were called
by their ancient names:








The jewels match
the constellations.

This is the map.

This is the map to Earth.


So is Earth in one
of these constellations?

We're standing on it.

We're standing on Earth.

The scriptures say...

that when the 13th tribe
landed on Earth...

they looked up into
the heavens and they saw
their 12 brothers.

Earth is the place...

where you can look up
in the sky...

and see the constellations
of the 12 Colonies.

I don't know what good
it's gonna do us though.

Then what are we
supposed to do?

Search the entire galaxy
for one particular
star pattern?

There. There in Scorpio.
I've seen that before.

It's the Lagoon nebula.

Astro body M8.

That's a long way from here.


But at least now we have...

a map and a direction.


We have struggled
since the attacks,,,

trying to rely on one another,

Our strength,
and our only hope
as a people,,,

is to remain undivided,

We haven't always done
all we could to ensure that,

Many people believe
that the scriptures,,,

the letters from the gods,,,

will lead us to salvation,

Maybe they will,

"But the gods shall lift those
who lift each other, "

And so, to lift all of us,,,

Iet me present once again,,,

the President of the Colonies,
Laura Roslin,

Thank you,

[knocking on door]

I'm okay,

I'm okay, really,


It's just,,,,

I don't want our baby
born in this cell,

Their child?

I told you a child
would arrive.

Told you it would be born
right here in this room.

How could you ever
doubt me?

Boomer is going to bear...

our child?

An honor for which
she is hardly deserving...

but one doesn't
question God's will.

Well, you're not a chip.

That we've established.


Sharon being pregnant
does suggest...

that you are rather more than
a simple manifestation
of my subconscious.

I'm not....


And who...

or what...

are you...


I'm an angel of God
sent here to protect you.

To guide you,
to love you.

To what end?

To the end of the human race.